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Pocketful of Sunshine

Pairing: YohaMaru
Words: 11,720
Summary: When most people looked at her, they didn’t see bright, silky hair and slender legs that went on for miles. They saw eyes dipped in sunshine and a smile bright enough to perish any darkness. The warmth in her voice could melt an unsuspecting heart, and Yoshiko could affirm that. Hanamaru was beautiful, and everyone knew it but her.
Notes:  LLuminati Secret Santa 2.0!! I got @qllvllp this year! Not gonna lie, I was kinda stuck at first and in the end I settled with YohaMaru after running all over asking people for help LMAO but I did have fun(even tho it was difficult for me), and I hope you enjoy uwu Merry Christmas ding dong!

Diary of a Fallen Angel
Friday, July 21th

How do I even start these kinds of things? Zuramaru is a much better writer than I am. The Great Yohane’s talents lie more in the dark arts(which are probably more useful, if you ask me), but she still insisted that I take this diary and write in it every day. Why, you ask? Well, I asked that too– still don’t have my answer, but maybe I’ll find it soon. Summer break begins tomorrow, so I’ll have more to write about then; I’m planning to perform a large scale summoning soon. There’s something that’s been bothering me, and I think someone like Dantalion would be able to help. Hmm, maybe I’ll use this thing for notes too.

For later:
†ut pararent se ad gays kiddos. Ego litteram iustus dani hoc tibi, et numquam aliter scribere sole.†

• Pick up fake blood
• Zuramaru is coming over tomorrow, start the ritual early

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What if mikasa at some point in canon asked carla/ grisha about where babies come from uwu. bonus if it's before bedtime or during lunch~ eue

I debated on who I wanted to handle the topic with, but ultimately I went with Carla because the image of Carla talking to little Mikasa about babies made my heart melt a little. Plus I never really write anything that’s just Carla and Mikasa so this was so much fun to explore. Carla loved that little girl so much ;-; I’m not crying you’re crying.

“Mikasa!” Carla called from somewhere downstairs, and Mikasa was on her way, bare feet hitting the wood stairs. She had been cleaning her and Eren’s rooms like Carla asked, but Mikasa was always willing to take a break.

Carla was standing in the kitchen, wiping her hands on the apron and looking like she was thinking about something but what Mikasa wasn’t sure.She straightened her dress as she walked the short distance from the stairs to the kitchen, eyes looking up at the woman who only a few months ago was a complete stranger. It was a little strange, Mikasa never knew the Jaegers before that night, but now it was like they were always a part of her life. They warmed up that cold part in her heart.

“There you are,” Carla said with a smile when she saw Mikasa standing in front of her. “Would you do me a favor and run down to the market and find Eren and Armin? They’ve been gone for too long and they’ve probably gotten themselves into trouble.” She rolled her eyes. “Eren’ll be late for lunch if he doesn’t hurry back.”

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Fic: Baby Love

anonymous prompted (literally months ago so sorry!):  daddies!klaine where all their friends and family are over all day to meet their new baby and give them gifts and then finally everyone leaves and they just get a moment alone w/ their baby and they love their lil family so much uwu

~1300 words, G.

Blaine wasn’t sure he’d ever felt happier in his life - excepting the day he and Kurt got married, of course. All of their friends had cleared their schedules for a weekend to come to the city to celebrate the birth of their daughter.

Their daughter.

A squall from his arms distracted Blaine from his reverie.

“Hey, princess, it’s okay,” Blaine cooed, jiggling Ella gently. “I know it’s loud. You get used to it, I promise.”

“Is my goddaughter crying?” Sam asked, practically running over from the doorway. “What did you do, Blaine?”

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In summary of previous events, Karkat and Gamzee are both famous and imperially-sanctioned pale porn stars, one of them on the papped end and one of them on the papping end, and their agents finally got together to have a great big collab project.  They’re both seriously intense method actors, like, they get into the role so hard they forget who they are and just think of themselves as their characters.  Or in Gamzee’s case it’s not even that cerebral, he just…is pale for them.  

But after this shoot the pale haze is for some reason going to persistently not lift, and there are going to be some very uncomfortable truths to figure out about themselves and their feelings for their competition. UwU  I’m having a lot of fun.  Here have a segment and HAPPY BORTHDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL WINNER YOU.

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For the head canon thing how about ; Draco/Harry? :)


  • Who’s more dominant: they’re both pretty dominant but they can feel when one needs to be the one in control, but mostly it’s pretty even
  • Who’s the cuddler: draco. harry has never been good with cuddling and it took a long time for him to be comfortable with sleeping with draco, especially because of his nightmares. over time he has come to like cuddling but it’s always draco initiating it
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: draco is a spoilt brat and steals all of harry’s warmth (seriously how his body can be as warm as a furnace draco will never understand) but when harry have had a really bad nightmare then draco will give him all of the warmth back and curl up around harry and protect him
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: flying of course 
  • Who uses all the hot water: draco. “beauty takes time potter. not that you’ll understand that” “BUT TWENTY MINUTES IN THE FUCKING SHOWER DRACO”
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: harry forces draco to wear socks when sleeping because his feet are so freaking cold and draco is not happy about it. oh and how much the dog sheds. fucking longhaired dogs
  • Who does most of the cleaning: harry, his dog his mess, draco forces him to vacuum the entire house every second day “how a dog can shed that much is a mystery”. cleaning also often calms harry down so he doesn’t care that much
  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: 
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: draco because harry will never realise it with how warm his body is in the first place. draco gets cold pretty easily
  • Who leaves their stuff around: draco is pretty bad at it but get’s pissed if harry does it. harry has learned not to take it personally. draco still isn’t used to not having a house-elf, or maybe he just assumes harry is actually a house-elf, it can be hard to tell the difference sometimes
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: harry, always always harry! if there aren’t milk to draco morning tea then harry will die. it has happened before it will probably happen again but harry will do everything he can for it NOT to happen. a draco without milk to his tea is not a draco you want to be near
  • Who remembers anniversaries: both of course 
  • Who cooks normally: they’re pretty good and making it even, they also help each other pretty often
  • How often do they fight: every day twenty times a day about everything and anything. it’s mostly small fights though. the big ones are moslty when harry’s forgotten the milk
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: miss each other terribly. is amazing how addicted you become to someones touch and warmth
  • Nicknames for each other: potter and malfoy tbh they only do the nicknames like honey and babe when making fun of themselves or to annoy homophobes
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner: draco, it’s just a thing he likes to do (it also means he gets to chose the restaurant 99% of the time)
  • Who steals the covers at night: draco because he’s cold and harry just pushes them off anyway 
  • What would they get each other for gifts: always something useful and something they know the other one will love. harry likes to give draco something embarrassing when they’re with their friends because he likes how draco blushes uwu
  • Who kissed who first: draco kissed harry first, he was very nervous even though it was their forth date
  • Who made the first move: harry was the one who started flirting but it was draco who made the real first move and asked harry out
  • Who started the relationship: hmm depends how you want to define that. it wasn’t like one of them send them a note with “do you wanna be boyfriends yes no maybe” but after dating for 12 weeks they just kinda looked at each other and said “is this official? are we really like what? together? boyfriends, partners whatever?” “hmm everybody already knows so why not” “great” and that was it
  • Who cusses more: definitely harry, how can you not when living with a brat named draco malfoy
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: they would want to kill the person(s) who hurt the other, but mostly they just hold them and tell them everything is gonna be okay and that they love them, always will, and then they’ll watch movies for an entire night and have slow tender sex
  • Who is the dirty talker: non of them is actually that much into dirty talk, rough sex hell yeah but dirty talk nah
  • A head canon: Harry get’s horrible nightmares after the war not just about the war, but also about his childhood with the Dursleys. Sometimes they get really, really bad, so bad that he gets panic attacks and can’t sleep, so Draco stays up with him and tells him that he never has to see or meet those horrible people again. Harry goes to a psychiatrist about this but certain things can trigger his nightmares e.g. a parent hitting their child or shouting at it. Harry have a lot of psychological consequences from living with his abusive relatives. 

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15 minkey :)

15. moving in together

(also thank you to taentyou for helping me figure out what to write uwu)

Kibum yawns and stretches in an attempt to crack stiff joints and ease aching muscles. It had been a long, hard day full of hauling boxes and furniture around, dealing with possibly missing items, furniture delivery and three hours on hold with the cable company just to get the Internet activated and actually working.

The idea of moving with one’s boyfriend into a new shared apartment only seems romantic until you actually have to go through with it, Kibum reflects sourly. In reality, it’s just so much fucking work.

He arches his back to ease the soreness there and frowns at the bookshelves. There are a lot of bookshelves, because he and Minho both have a lot of books. There are, in fact, boxes and boxes of books, stacked inconveniently everywhere, taunting Kibum with the knowledge that they must soon be sorted through and shelved so that he and Minho will be able to walk through the apartment and get to all the other boxes without climbing over them.

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