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I'm having a "Harry is fucking gorgeous" meltdown help meeee

Friend, you have made a terrible mistake in asking me for help because I have a tendency to be a little shit and will just make things worse for you. So, here goes!

gor·geous /ɡôrjəs/

  1. beautiful; very attractive. See also: Harry Styles

Harry is beyond gorgeous.

Harry is breathtaking

Harry is stunning

And striking

A Botticelli cherub

A modern day Dorian Gray.

 A true living, breathing masterpiece.

Made of porcelain and gold

So, uh, how’s that meltdown now? 

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Question 26 and 37.

26. You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, but you have to leave immediately. Where are you going to go?

Australia! I have always wanted to go there since i was a little kid. Definitely on my list of places i have to go before i die.

37. Have you ever built a snowman?

Yes I have, although there was a long period in my life where i didn’t see snow, so when i saw it for the first time in a long time, i definitely went out and made one, despite being a little old for it. Wait…i think i have the picture here somewhere….

hmm… that’s a little bit more terrifying than i remembered…

Thanks for playing! 

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you (Traveling Edition)
  • Who always gets the window seat on planes:
  • Who is in charge of the radio during road trips: 
  • Who over packs: 
  • Who initiates car games: 
  • Who, without fail, accidentally leaves something important at home: 
  • Who takes all the free things (shampoo, soap, shower caps) from the hotel: 
  • Who gets searched at the airport for looking ‘suspicious’: 
  • Who wakes the other up at 7 AM to go eat the complimentary hotel breakfast:
  • Who insists on using a map to guide them around an unknown city: 
  • Who is in charge of keeping up with the passports and other important documents:
  • Who buys the most novelty gifts for friends/family back home: 
  • Do they go on more adventure type vacations or somewhere they can relax:  
  • Who takes pictures of every single thing: 
  • Who is the first to try the local cuisine: 
  • Who forgets to put on sun screen and gets burned to a crisp: 
  • Who uses packing/vacation checklists and who just wings it:
  • Who says “I want to go back” the moment they get back home:

(Sorry tumblr isn’t letting me tag you for some reason so hopefully you’ll see this regardless) even if she knew him which I have a hard time believing but if she did, I’m not saying she didn’t, she/he could have handled things more maturely and politely. Even if your angry for a good reason it’s still not an excuse to kick and scream. I was hesitant on removing the pictures just because she was accusing me of things I didn’t do, like stealing it from her blog and she was extremely rude. Even if i was stealing from her which is insulting id never do that she could have been more polite.I found the pictures somewhere else, not from her blog. I would have loved for us to have gotten along she could have even helped us with our blog but instead she wanted to claim the information for herself. She might say we could have credit her to you but she never said that once to us, she just kept telling us to take it down but if she asked I would have given credit. I’m not an asshole or unreasonable, quite the contrary, I just like to be more mature when i handle my disputes which is uncommon on tumblr I noticed.


The video for my 2000 followers special is being a butt, so instead – 

Let’s talk a little bit about my Scotland, maybe? A lot of you guys have written to me complimenting him and telling me I’m a good cosplayer - and I appreciate every, single message. They make me very happy. 

But I didn’t start out like that. All my earliest cosplays were simply thrown together by whatever stuff I can find in thrift shops and in the beginning I would sew absolutely nothing unless it was absolutely necessary.

You can see how the jacket and the sashes sack on me from being too big and the fabric being too soft. Neither did I know how to wear a wig like Scotland’s - I kept pulling it down in the front to try to hide my giant forehead, which meant you could see my hair sticking out on the backside. Through the entire con. I didn’t know until I saw it on a video afterwards.

Also, wig styling? You could just as well have been speaking Russian to me! 

Scotland was my third cosplay, and that was back in august 2013! . Hell if I knew what I was doing. 

Apart from the wig, (which I later on spent 8 hours styling because I didnt know what the heckie I was doing,) absolutely nothing is the same as when I started out. (And I am working on replacing this horrible wig too.)

By now Scotland is the cosplay which I’ve improved the most and the one that makes me the proudest - even though I know I can still improve more!

We all begin somewhere. We all improve.


This is the problem with Steve Rogers currently being - as several people have so eloquently put it - “itty bitty adorable.”

Tony started it.  Pepper sealed the deal.  Natasha approved.  Rhodey phoned in to tell them that #ittybittyCapAdorable was trending.  Sam promptly died laughing.  Bruce joined in the act.  Thor was confused, per usual, but was silently protective of Steve.  To Thor, Steve’s temporary status “did not diminish him in strength or courage."  And then Thor said something about Steve being "the uncrowned King” and that Steve would always have the friendship and allegiance of Thor, which kind of had all these weird Middle-earth-y undertones to it and nobody wanted to think about it too much.  

Jane sheepishly showed them her Tumblr dashboard where she was tracking the tag.  Darcy dragged Steve off for a quick shopping expedition for his temporary wardrobe, since he wasn’t about to start borrowing from Tony’s closet (Tony predictably hollered that he was not that short, thank you very much).  Said shopping expedition caused even more pictures to get out and for Tumblr to shut down – again. 

Somewhere in the depths of the Tumblr offices, staff was offering prayers to the Old Ones in protection against Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Bucky Bears and those two dudes named Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie who were apparently causing an epic Squee Apocalypse at some comic convention.  All of them were notorious for crashing Tumblr these days. 

But we digress. 

The world still needed saving.  Steve Rogers still led the Avengers.  Even if he happened to be all of five foot odd adorable and ninety – (Bucky, I’m a hundred and ten, for Chrissakes) pounds soaking wet.  Even if he was already doing a commendable job of running ops behind the scenes. 

Coulson had tears in his eyes, by the way.   Agents had remarked that Steve’s style was remarkably like Coulson’s - calm, cool, collected and infinitely reassuring. 

But Bucky could see the strain in Steve’s eyes, even as he tried to curb every impulse that wanted to scoop Steve up, find some nice deserted tropical island and shoot at anyone who tried to get close.  Steve absolutely hated being useless - even if what he was currently doing was anything but. 

So when Natasha said she needed bait for an op she was running, Steve was happy to jump in.  Getting rid of the red in her ledger, she said.  Also, the guys she was trying to take down apparently had ties to the Red Room’s Winter Soldier program and HYDRA.  Of course Steve wanted in. 

“So why didn’t she ask you?” Bucky grumbles at Clint, who is, in all fairness, Nat’s usual partner in crime for things like these. 

“My ass looks fat in the dress Nat wanted me to wear,” Clint shrugs.

Dress. What. 

Because Life, Fate or the Giggling Clouds of Doom apparently have it in for him (seriously, why was he being blamed for the Sebastian Stan Incident That Crashed Tumblr, he didn’t even KNOW the guy), Bucky turns around to find Steven Grant Rogers in –

He was going to kill Natalia for this. 

Ever since she heard about the “Steve in a Dress” story, she’s never been able to let it go.  And okay, Bucky knows drag - he and Steve had drag queens for neighbors way back when and Ms. Vida Boheme ruled the fifth floor at Bag End Apartment and was often a safe haven for “young queens finding their way to utter fabulousness."   However, Steve isn’t dressed for a drag show, which, of course, demanded a certain level of theatricality. 

He looks beautiful, elegant and this is what going to set Bucky’s teeth on edge - he looks sweetly innocent as well.  Perfect bait. 

Steve glides forward on his heels and - shit, how could he have ever forgotten that walking in heels was a hidden Steve Rogers talent, all thanks to Jilly, may that lady rest in peace - runs a hand up his abs to his chest and says, in a throaty voice, "Like what you see, soldier?”

“What I’m seeing is a punk in a dress,” Bucky manages through a suddenly dry mouth.  He cupped the back of Steve’s head, because he wanted, so very, very badly –

Nat’s voice cuts through Clint’s outraged squawking.  “Don’t mess him up just yet, Yasha.  We still need to get through the op first.”

“I want in,” Bucky growls.

Nat rolls her eyes at him but yeah, apparently he gets to come along.

Their target apparently had a yen for pretty boys in dresses, which was why Steve ended up being dragged into this. 

What they didn’t expect was that the target had fangs. 

Natasha swears something particularly filthy in Russian, moving in to extract Steve and Bucky is already lining the asshole in his sights, finger on the trigger, because the sight of Steve on his back with a hungry vampire about to rip his throat out isn’t going to fucking happen while Bucky has anything to say about it. 

But then Steve somehow manages to flip the asshole over and brains him with a heavy crystal ashtray.  It doesn’t keep the guy down for long but it does take him out of Bucky’s line of sight for a few terrifying moments.  Steve doesn’t hesitate.  He grabs a wooden chair, introduces it to the Vampire’s gut, moving as fast and as strongly as he’d ever done when he’d been a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier and –

Bucky has the shot.  He takes it.  The vampire’s head explodes just as Steve manages to ram that chair leg into the guy’s heart. 

All things considered, the op is a definite success. 


Apparently, the Serum was beginning to kick back in for Steve Rogers. 

The strength and the speed are definitely back, the healing factor is catching up and Steve’s Captain America build and height aren’t going to be far behind.  Steve had at least known he could function within normal human parameters when he’d said yes to Natasha’s op - they’d all noticed that part over the past week or so.  He didn’t expect he’d get that extra boost when push came to shove though. 

But then, as Steve had quietly whispered into Bucky’s ear when they’d finally had a moment to themselves, he wasn’t about to let some bloodsucker take him like that. 

“Not when I’m yours,” Steve murmurs between soft kisses to Bucky’s jawline, the corner of his mouth, a brief, teasing nibble to his lower lip. 

Bucky manages to deepen the kiss and it won’t be long until he’ll sink his fangs into Steve’s sweet flesh, stake a claim and be claimed himself.  It doesn’t hurt, Steve tells him - it never hurts when Bucky needs him like this, which is less about feeding and more about being being his mate.  His own. 

Yours, Bucky will tell him then. 

He’s still not going to be letting Steve out of his sight for the next twenty four hours or so.  But judging from the mischief in Steve’s eyes, who actually hadn’t protested when Bucky had literally carried him off after the debriefing was over, still in his dress and heels, he figured Steve wasn’t going to mind one bit. 

Bucky does send Natasha her favorite Russian tea as a thank you gift later.  A lot later. 

- end -


- Bitty!Steve kicking ass is my catnip. 

- Vida Boheme is my Queen. 

- As I am a Giggling Cloud, Bucky Barnes is Doomed.  But what a way to go. 

- No, what do you mean Bucky looks like this Sebastian Stan character.  Don’t see any resemblance.  Not one bit. 

- Steve has not been reblogging Sebastian Stan pictures from the Philly Con.  What are you talking about?


the son you always had

(or: four lives william scully didn’t have, and one that he did)

I. 2016

There’s only one picture of his dad. Well, there are more pictures somewhere in the house, but there’s only one that hangs up in the hall and stares Will down every morning. He sees how his mom’s eyes mist over sometimes, sees how they dart between the picture and Will’s face. She doesn’t say you look so much like your father, but Will knows he does.

When his school pictures come he holds one up to the photo. The similarities are obvious: dark hair, big nose (his mom calls it prominent or distinguished, but Will doesn’t see it that way). Will is tall - at fifteen he’s already five-ten; he outgrew his mom the summer before seventh grade - and in the picture his dad towers over his mom. They’d be a ridiculous-looking couple, honestly, if they didn’t also look obsessed with each other.

Most parents hate each other, as far as Will can tell. At best, they display a cool indifference. He wonders if that would be true of his parents, if his dad were still around. Somehow he doesn’t think so. It’s obvious that his mom’s love has survived fifteen years of his dad being dead, so it probably would have survived fifteen years of raising him.

His mom doesn’t even date. He’s never asked her about it - God, that would be mortifying - but he hears her talking about it with his grandma sometimes. He’s overheard her saying things like I still don’t think I could love anyone else, and when he was a kid he thought that it was gross and mushy, but now it just makes him really, really sad.

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Recent events Maksyl Observation

So this Maksly observation is just a quick (tried to make this short and failed so this is kind of long) glance of the past couple of days and the key points, which means thoughts are a bit jumbled just because there has been so much going on, so here it goes…

Someone brought up a good observational statement that I want to mention and then go further into because I absolutely agree with (I wish I remembered who mentioned this, so I am sorry that I can’t give the appropriate credit). When Maks says no one understands what they have, it is not what people think. That can be taking in a couple different ways. Whenever Maks takes a photo with a female other than Meryl, it is a date or someone he wants. With the Italy trip, the person with him was a fling. When he did that photo shoot with all those younger looking models, some took him to be “look at me surrounded by women, this is the life” I have seen people say whatever this is with Meryl is not real, using it to gain something or leading her on or people on. So by Maks saying this is different than what people think, he could be saying what he has with Meryl is not a simple fling, hookup, phase, etc. (it could also be pointed at the ‘shippers’ that what we secretly all hope is not true, and this is a real possibility of only friendship and I think the majority of us would be okay, although sad, with that because we are fans of both we just want them to be happy). A couple of quotes to think about as you read this:              {“The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation. The hand is the cutting edge of man.” ― Jacob Bronowski… “Lips and tongues lie. But actions never do. No matter what words are spoken, actions betray the truth of everyone’s heart.” ― Sherrilyn Kenyon Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement. ~Alfred Adler}.

A simple friendship would not go out of their way to meet up and hang out with an already hectic schedule to fit in even more events (Maks went further to say he would agree to do anything that gets them together again). I was just exhausted looking at all the traveling and events they did within a week or so. From the rehearsals in New York, the meet and greet and VB, the show in Illinois, then immediately flying to New York for two shows the next day and then flying out the next morning early to Vegas for yet another show… just crazy insane. I mean look at sway, a bigger production and he added a new day with two shows because she wanted to dance in it and he wanted her to dance so they worked and had the dancers in agreement to make that happen. By the tweet sway or dance with me made, it took a lot of planning and negotiating to get that day and also Zendaya’s day to happen. It seemed to me they both wanted her to do more than one day but could only fit in one day (which can also attest to why Meryl’s dances weren’t longer, since it was sort of a last minute add or was in the works but not for sure enough to add longer spots, compared to the show itself). Her parents seem like the type that cares deeply for their children and the last thing they want to see is them hurt, so when I see that photo of Meryl arm and arm leaning on Maks talking with her parents looking content and happy  (look at both Paul and Cheryl and their hands and face, that is not a fake have to play nice, that looks like genuine happiness and acceptance) tells me they are okay with whatever the two of them have. I would think if this is anything but something, they would be a bit more protective of Meryl or apprehensive but I see none of that. They owe us no insight to whatever they may or may not have. If they want to show more in public and on social media, that is okay but they still don’t have to say anything other than what they have been saying. Remember this is not what everyone thinks; the media wants a hot, steamy fling type deal that will be hot and heavy for a while and then onto the next thing. Is this just friendship? Could very well be, would I be fine with that, yes. Would I be jumping up and down when or if we ever find out they are seriously together? Hell to the yes. But I seriously don’t see any problems with them not saying to the media either way or it being truly either one. What they have is what they have, friendship either more or less. They are both private people, they share what they want and the rest with family and friends. They don’t owe anyone else anything so what we get to see is a treat in its self.  The family and friends of Maks seems to fully accept and include Meryl into the family. I even think Peta does as well. People were commenting on the face Peta was having all night, but look at the first photos of the group (the one with Meryl in the leather dress) Peta seems happy in those, from what I recall. I seriously think her demeanor had more to do with the hot, crowded room and two shows on top of the room conditions. I know when I am kind of exhausted and then the room I am in is hot and stuffy, the last thing I want to do is hang around because everything annoys me until I am cooled off and to be there, even if I enjoy that event and people, can be hard. Honestly if you look back to the photo of the switch up during week four, there was a photo of Val, Charlie, Meryl, and Peta but Peta does not have a “happy face” on.  Yet she said she really enjoyed being with them (enough to defend Meryl and couldn’t believe she did not get all 10’s. The interview was with abc with Peta and Charlie). I have what people call the resting bitch face sometimes. So I guess I can kind of connect with Peta in some ways (not saying she has this, just putting prospective out there) and if I am caught off guard or thinking of other things, but people can say I look not happy when I actually am happy just not in that same moment or a random photo. From accounts from different people who attended the late show meet and greet, the room was crowded, hot, and not run well. So after doing two shows that day, having more shows throughout the weekend and having a hot stuffy room, with other dancers not too happy with being there at the moment due to conditions, I don’t see the big issue here. I don’t buy the whole Peta dislikes Meryl, the reason? Look at the other photos during the beginning of the day. The first press line for the first show, the behind the scenes before the show and, the biggest reason…Peta re-posting on instagram a picture from Meryl’s account does not scream dislike to me. I saw a picture from that night of just Sharna, Jenna, and Peta… so if she really did not like Meryl, wouldn’t she pick that photo instead of going on Meryl’s instagram and re-posting a picture from Meryl of all four of them with an added caption of <3 <3 <3? Don’t really think so. I loved hearing everyone’s experience and little interactions that kind of seem unconscious to me. Some key things (which is basically everything) but a few major things that stick out to me at this moment. The three photos of the coat hug, Joslin comment about the Davis’s on her instagram photos, Meryl wearing Maks hat on the plane, the final bows on each show, the car ride snapchat, and the end of the meet and greet. Do any of those scream best friends only? Not really, not to me anyway. It seems that her parents and Maks’s family and close friends… are close, familiar, and comfortable with each other. The fact they (the Seed family) drove to see Maks dance one short dance and then fly to see him at sway, seems like it was an important event to hit, now we do know that Joslin likes Meryl, and I don’t think she has every seen her perform at a skating show. The amount of time and sacrifice her parents made to attend both shows. I read somewhere that her parents have not attended one of those shows before is kind of telling (if my information is correct, please correct me if I am mistaken). Now again this could be more of a favor so that Joslin can see the show and have a guide but I did see Charlie’s family was also there so I am not sure if there is a connection to importance there or not. What I liked about some of the maksly ship getting to talk with her parents is that you can get a sense of what kind of parents they are. To be uncomfortable in the lime light and wanting to support but not take away or be in the focus is a testament to them. You know what Meryl does is because she truly enjoys doing it and knows she has support behind the scenes. The sway meet and greet from the night show is also telling. For Maks (now I am only building my observation of photos and accounts of what people saw, I can not confirm how accurate it may be but this is what I can gather) to be protective when he was either made aware or noticed Meryl is some sort of distress (I have a feeling it was from the kind of meet and greet, the heat, and the long endurance days) and not leave her side until he could get her away to privately assure her well being.  Also, to be that comfortable to be arm and arm in the way they were instead of a more obvious just friend pose. If his arm was around her shoulders and her arm was a little higher, it could pass more like “yo, that was a cool show, how’s it going over here, aight cool, and walks away type embrace” the way those photos look, make it look like, I don’t know, more intimate. Someone pointed out how they both were leaving (or heading to her parents) at the meet and greet, instead of him leading and holding hands to not loose each other, they were side by side and that made it a bit more ‘awkward’ to get through the crowd (there’s a picture of this somewhere). After hearing that Meryl might have been is some sort of distress (not feeling well, tired, etc.) I like that moment so much, he took the position of the protective friend who will go at any length to ensure that persons safety.  The snapchat was so solid. I do not think it was staged, Maks was not aware of the video being made, I don’t think he even looked back that direction) it was one of the most honest actions we have seen. I say that because no one knew the video being taken until after we saw those actions of Maks squeezing Meryl’s leg in time with the music, and then Meryl asked if that was a video, sort of like she thought it was a simple picture, so everyone’s guard was down. Now I never experienced a friend going to that length to do that in a safe setting, he had to reach back and over people to reach her and she made no move to stop him. Peta was just a person over in the same row. They were in a protective setting with people Meryl has met and pretty much friends with, so I think I can rule out that he was trying to comfort her or make her calm, or give her reinsurance that she is okay and not alone with strangers.  In one of the most honest and closed off moments he would rather be in contact with her in a sort of a boyfriend manner. Now I am solely basing this off of my own experiences, my friends and their experiences. I can only say this, I love how protective and there he is for her, and to make sure she is okay and is having fun (remember from the sway video, he says it is not about the fun… but at the show he seems to make sure she is having fun? hmmm, with the words again saying one thing but yet doing the opposite). After the bows on sway, she does move back (my guess is two things, she does not have shoes on and two, she feels like this is his show and she wants him to be acknowledge for the great show and feels to be in the background to give him that just like she did with the mirror ball win). The moment he realizes this, he moves back and dances with her, I noticed when he pulls her close with an arm around her waist, he whispers something to her (think this was at the first show) and she looks up with a smile and shakes her head.  The moment with the hug at VB was simple content on both faces. It went from Meryl’s huge smile when he first walks up and hugs her and wraps them up in his jacket, the next is simple content like this is where we belong and the last is normal, that is where they both feel comfortable and it’s the norm for both.  Meryl seems to be making a habit of taking Maks hats (and also Val’s hat, the one photo with Val in front of Meryl) or him giving it to her, he will do anything she asks of him. From the salsa video to now the plane, I think its cute…speaking of cute, on that one picture on Meryl’s instagram where her friend (think this was confirmed a real friend of Meryl’s) commented cuties, not one of my friends has said that to me in front of others when they know the guy is just a friend, like really.  Anyway, I leave this semi-brief/long singular observation with a quote that comes in two parts both by Ralph Waldo Emerson… “What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say… Who you are is speaking so loudly that I can’t hear what you’re saying”. Maksly on and shake it off cause haters are gonna hate and I want the guy with the hella good hair haha

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How do you blend colors? Is there a tool and any tips for the right color for shading? Thanks :)

Hehe, there’s a default tool in Paint Tool SAI (assuming you happen to use that) called ‘Water Color’ that I often use!

And these are my usual settings for it!

(Though, I do often mess with the density, depending on just the right consistency of blend I may need!)

And in terms of colors for shading, I’d say it depends on the mood of the picture! If there’s a more sad, dull scenario taking place, being somewhere in the blues at a slightly more gray hue could do! If more vibrant and happy, reds/oranges/yellows could do!

It also depends on the environment at well (day, night, raining, sunny; that sort of thing)! It also doesn’t help to experiment! (I’ve even seen people give tips that using a color that’s opposite of a character’s overall color can give interesting contract! Like, an overall character with blue shading/lighting, a pink with green, etc.) :)

It’s usually just fun to mess around with your settings and see what happens to work best with your shading methods! At least in my book! <3

Tumblr dude, its like I joined this place because I passively liked the shows Sherlock and Doctor Who and wanted to see if there were any like-minded people.

My journey was like:Oh this place is cool I think I-



*creepy voice from somewhere behind you*: Watch Game of Thrones, you will like it.


[Supernatural gifs appear out of nowhere]


BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH.DID YOU FUCKING HEAR ME? I said: Our God and Ruler Lord Cumberbums.

Iron Man goes NYOOM

[Hannibal fandom reaches out from the pits of hell and pull you down into a realm of flower crowns and SWIGITY SWAG ITS THE NIGHTMARE STAG]

And now the weather…

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well hello first time here but, already infatuated!!! was thinking more wishing Derek coming back with the rest of the hale pack ( cora isaac jackson maybe a long lost hale cousin from europe+ someone else they picked up on the way back) reclaiming everything that it's his cause his a Hale (and stiles) and for him to be what ducalion wanted to be the alpha of alpha(with purple eyes instead of red) cause as always he sacrificed himself 4 something... so yeah one can dream. long life sterek!!!!!!!

I love the idea of Derek rebuilding the Hale pack!! I think he would be an amazing alpha, especially now that he’s grown a little and managed to work through some of the issues he had going into season two.

I always picture him settling somewhere else now that Scott has more or less claimed Beacon Hills as his territory – because while I think Scott and Derek could be strong allies at this point, I can’t ever picture them really being each other’s pack. That’s why I’ve really settled into the idea of “Derek reclaiming ancestral Hale territory.” That way he can still be nurturing his family’s legacy while Scott has Beacon Hills.

But I definitely wouldn’t object to the idea of Scott going off to college/settling somewhere else while Derek returns home with his rebuilt Hale pack.

And of course Stiles stays with Derek because while he and Scott are brothers, he and Derek have always belonged in the same pack.

and each others’ beds


And homegirl was walking down Regent Street on New Year’s Eve so no I don’t feel sorry for posting the pictures. If she was somewhere a little bit more quiet or less populated then I would have chosen not to. End of story.