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…this is the most cutesy thing I’ve done in a while but maybe that’s just me HA dun mind me or all the Redbubble spam lately.

Peter Cushing on whether or not he really gets into the roles he portrays. (x)

Cushing was always known to portray his characters with absolute sincerity and detail, so much so that when he played the role of Dr. Frankenstein he went to his doctor to ask him what was the most convincing way of dissecting a brain, etc. The man always had the utmost respect for his audience and has stated that, “You cannot make a film […] without integrity. To make the audiences believe in you, you must believe utterly in what you are doing.”

i know people feel like they messed up how magnus showed alec his cat eyes and ruined another first for malec or whatever but i completely disagree i love that it was shown in the way it was with magnus being in charge and just showing the lightwoods and being like “this is who i am” and alec’s little peak of interest… loved it

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What's with the Will is smol tweets? :D Is this not about height cos he and Mads are similar in height and Mads is not short. This is so confusing, like, is it a body frame thing? Ahh

I think it’s a combination of Hugh being shorter and slighter than people thought as well as him being very cute and pretty and generally adorable. All this adds up to Hugh being very smol.

(Also, he’s standing next to Bryan Fuller a lot and Bryan is very very tall.)

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-Original writing

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-Almost any broadway/off broadway musicals (specifically Newsies, Hamilton, Heathers, Fun Home, Spring Awakening, Something Rotten, and Falsettos)

-Other theatre-related things

-Mother Mother

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-Gravity Falls

-Forest, grunge, space, holo, glow, or 90s aesthetics


Brendon’s Speech Philly - YouTube

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Any blog recommendations?

there’s so many more people i’d mention (maybe in a ff if i ever do one?) but here are some of my faves

@danthesoftestnerd @articulatehowell @petalphan @dantlers @energeticwarrior @fringecringes @demonphannie @gloaminghowell @ivorylester @philester @wispyphil

also a couple of close friends who are actually the best @kindalovephan @6foot2tallmanchild

and can’t forget these phan blogs😍😍😍 @danisnotonfire @amazingphil

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Okay yeah it's a good photo but where are they sitting? Like, they're on their couch... but it looks like there is a piano in the background??? Am I missing something? Help me!! (You're awesome by the way xx)

idk i’ve never really focused on anything but the sleeping angel and his lil grabby hands and the blanket that has been so carefully draped over him


Van Halen first live Japanese TV appearance in June 1978

You Really Got Me & Interview at the end

@loveittodeath this is pretty rare