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The idea that Mabel is being selfish in The Deep End is even more absurd. 

Mabel’s whole story in that episode is about doing what’s best for the person she has feelings for even when it’s not what’s best for her. The selfish thing to do would be to not help Mermando, so that she could visit him in the community pool and be with him. Instead she helps him get back to the ocean even if it means never seeing him again.

Dipper witnessing this is important for his story as well, because up until now he’s been doing the opposite with Wendy. His interactions with her have been about trying to do what will allow him to spend more time with her, not about what she wants. About getting her away from Robbie even if she wants to date and be around him.

Then there’s Mabel’s line near the end: “don’t you know what it’s like to fall for someone? Even though you know in your heart that it’ll probably never work out, but you’d do anything for that person?” 

Not only does that line draw a direct parallel between Mabel’s feelings for Mermando and Dipper’s for Wendy, in this sentence Mabel defines love not as “doing anything to be with that person” but as “doing anything for that person” even if it means not being with that person.

And this is important, because the next two episodes that deal with Dipper’s Crush on Wendy are Boyz Crazy, (where Dipper is called out and confronted with the fact that he hadn’t been considering Wendy’s feelings) and Into The Bunker (which begins with him realizing he made a mistake, and deciding to just not tell Wendy about his feelings towards her at all.)

The Deep End is not only a story about Mabel being selfless, it’s about Dipper beginning to realize that he has been selfish when it comes to Wendy.

catgrantknows  asked:

okay but the boss with the febreeze? was Cat Grant

i see ur cat grant i raise u vasquez. pls consider two facts: fact 1: cat doesn’t do anything herself unless it’s super important she loves other ppl doing things for her case in point (a) Kara her assistant & (b) the look on her face when she got james to answer the phone for her even tho she was right there. fact 2: vasquez could be all over making everything more efficient like keep an eye on how much ammo u use agent danvers im looking at u. we are a SECRET organisation ppl & our budgeting is intense

Spirits #1: Sensing and Recognising

In this post, I will give you:

A forewarning.

Ways to recognise when a spirit is around.

Exercises to help you sense them.

Grounding Methods

Herbs for Psychic Powers/Tea recipes

Gems for Psychic awareness/powers

A Forewarning:

It’s easy to convince yourself that everything is a spirit. I’ve seen a lot of beginners and even more experienced people do so. There’s also the placebo effect. Your friend says they saw a spirit and now you start seeing that thing around you. It could be because you’re giving it energy, but it could very well be a type of placebo effect. So be careful. Not everything is a spirit…

… and not everything isn’t.

Now, here I will be giving out information I have gathered around, however, take it with a pinch of salt and add what you wish to it.

Finally, remember that grounding yourself is also very important. I’ll expand upon that in another post.

Recognise a Spirit:

There are ways to recognise a spirit through all five senses, and for some, even the sixth one.

There are spirits with higher frequencies, “good” spirits, if you will. And some with lower frequencies, “bad” spirits, as some will call them. I am of the mindset that there are no good or bad spirits, just like there are no good or bad people.

Please note: I am not talking about demons, here.

Spirits with higher or lower frequencies will feel or be sensed differently.

Again, here’s a strong disclaimer. Not everything is a spirit/ghost. Especially if you suffer with a mental illness, please be cautious.


  • Shadows: Shadows are an easy way for spirits to manifest themselves. They’re not fully manifested, but you can see them. There’s a difference between shadows and shadow people, you’ll immediately feel the change in energy.
  • Partial Manifestation: Although rarer, spirits can fully manifest parts of themselves, such as eyes, face, hands. They’re often a whitish hue or even full colour. These don’t last long due to the tremendous energy it takes.
  • Full Manifestation: A full body manifestation is very rare and doesn’t last long, because for a spirit to fully manifest itself, it takes a lot of energy. Some people can help a spirit stay manifested longer, but I’ve seen it take an awful toll on those people’s health. I don’t suggest you try it.
  • Peripheral Vision: Seeing people or shadows out of the corner of your eyes.This is the most common way to see a spirit.
  • Air Distortions: Distortions in the air where there’s no reason to have any. Can be a sign of a spirit either trying to manifest itself or simply there.
  • Orbs: Orbs are small balls of light that are usually captured when taking a picture with a flash. Though a lot of them is just the flash catching dust or pollen, there are also “ghost orbs”, or spirit energy. There are even orbs that you can zoom in on and see faces/shapes.Orbs have also been spotted just floating around.
  • Light Distortion: Sometimes, when a spirit is of a lower frequency, the light in the room seems to be drained, lights can spontaneously go off, candle flames dwindle without a cause and so on. But when a spirit is of a higher frequency, lights seem to shine brighter and candle flames can burn high.


Hearing is the most delicate one since I have, in the past, suffered from insomnia induced psychosis for several months, and know what it is like to hear voices. Please don’t assume that the voices you hear are spirits. And even if they are, don’t let them tell you to do bad things. They have no power over you unless you give them power, whether they be real or not.

  • Tinnitus: So this one is rather nebulous, but a few of my psychic friends/acquaintances claim that often, when they hear a sharp ringing in their ears, it’s a spirit attempting to communicate, but either they aren’t ready to hear what they have to say, or the spirit isn’t capable to getting their message across the veil.
  • Zaps, Bangs and odd little sounds: Sometimes, a spirit can try and get your attention through odd little noises only you hear, and seemingly come from nowhere.
  • Footsteps: Footsteps in a room when nobody’s home, or on the walls or ceiling. Your house is making more noise than usual without any causing.
  • Tapping: Little knocks at your door or on your wall through which you can even communicate. Sometimes doors slam without wind.<
  • Buzzing: Your ears may buzz loudly when spirits are around.
  • Whispers: Hearing whispers when there is no reason to.
  • Voices: Hearing voices around you when there is no one. This is a delicate subject matter. Don’t trust the voices without being 1000% sure. Don’t trust the voices if you are currently in a bad mental place (unless it’s trying to cheer you up and help you, in that case, even if it’s a hallucination, at least it’s pretty positive) and don’t trust the voices if they’re telling you to do something bad. Or something that could lead to something bad. However, it is a way for spirits to communicate.


  • Odd Tastes: This is an odd one and I only know two people other than me that have that reaction to spirits, but it’s basically when certain spirits give you tastes in your mouth, such as blood, dirt, sugar, spices and more.


  • Good Smells: A spirit can manifest itself with good smells. Smells that remind you of a deceased loved one or something comforting.
  • Bad Smells: Just as similarly, some spirits come around with bad smells like rotting flesh or blood.
  • Other: Sometimes, a smell that has no reason to be there just appears. Like the smell of roast beef in the middle of the night, wafting from your kitchen.


  • A gush of Warm/cool air: You randomly feel a breeze when there shouldn’t be one.
  • A stroke: You feel as though someone is touching you, stroking you, often in a loving way, or sometimes, in a more uncomfortable way. It gives you goosebumps or shivers.
  • A Blow: A full on blow to your body. This is rare and more often happens in dream/while you sleep, while real life physical consequences.
  • Marks: Odd marks on your body. For example, I had a hand shaped mark on my inner thigh, in a way my hands couldn’t have done it, it was outlined with a white line, but was not a scratch. Don’t assume every bump/scratch is a spirit.
  • Hands: You feel someone touching you. Not really like a stroke, just a hand on your shoulder, or around your throat, or on your cheek. Sometimes a hand holding yourself.
  • Change in Air pressure: The air around you feels lighter, or heavier, depending on the vibrations.
  • Pressure on Chest: a very common one I’ve heard is the feeling someone or something sitting on your chest, most of the time, in a very oppressive way.
  • Electric Shocks: Some people, like myself, feel electric shocks down our spines when close to spirits.
  • Skin: Your skin crawls, or goosebumps suddenly erupt for no reason, you feel dirty.


Extra sensory perception, possibly the most common way to feel a spirit.

  • Anxiety: Unexplained anxiety, stress, fear, panic attacks, depression and such.
  • Joy: Euphoria, happiness, confidence, comfort, compassion, good emotions that come out of nowhere.
  • Empathy: Suddenly feeling emotions that aren’t yours when you, yourself aren’t an empath.
  • Paranoia: Sudden feelings of being watched, being in danger/vulnerable, feeling you’re not alone.
  • Intuition: Sudden increase in intuition, like someone is telling you something.
  • Dread: Your stomach drops,a feeling of dread, tight throat, unexplained sadness.
  • Dizziness: Dizziness, nausea, motion sickness, you just feel queasy and wrong.

Become more Sensitive:

I don’t know if someone who isn’t naturally sensitive to spirits can become it, though they probably can, I wouldn’t know the methods. So here, I’m going to list ways of increasing already existing sensitivity.

  • Always Start by Grounding: Grounding is incredibly important. Everyone has their method. Mine is to walk barefoot in the earth or to just stand up and feel my feet. You can meditate, use crystals and so on. I’ll list more grounding methods later.
  • Meditate: Meditation is an effective way of becoming more receptive to subtle things around you. Everyone has their techniques, but I like doing Anapana before expanding into consciousness projection.
  • Just get yourself into a spiritual state: May it be through music, walking in the woods, cooking, anything that gets you spiritual, it’ll increase your sensitivity.
  • Herbal Infusion: Make a herbal tea that favours psychic powers. I’ll give recipes later.
  • Open your Third Eye: Everyone has their method, but the third eye is a very effective way of doing so.
  • Work with Crystals: I’ll give a list of crystals later.
  • Get Spirit’s Attention: Again, many methods that I will list later, but you can find your own.
  • Channel: Play a good game of Ouija, or do some automatic writing, maybe use your pendulum or any methods of channeling you use. It can get you going.

There are many other methods. Find your own!


  • Walk: Take a long walk in nature, barefooted preferably, and just feel the earth beneath your feet.
  • Trees: Hug trees, meditate under trees, just be around trees, imagine yourself rooting yourself in the earth. Can work with house plants, just dig your hands into the earth and feeling your energy going deep.
  • Dance: Dance around, stomp your feet, rock the world, just get in touch with your physical body.
  • Meditate: Meditate. Just concentrate in your breath, your body. Then, you can try and expand your consciousness, but instead of reach up, go down, into the earth.
  • Massage: Massage yourself or get someone to massage you. Nothing airy. A nice, deep massage. Rub your limbs and pat yourself down. You’re here, in your body.
  • Exercise: Do physical exercise. Yoga in particular (I don’t recommend Kundalini or westernised Yoga Pilates/etc, but actual Indian yoga. Something grounding like standing poses, especially Tadasana/Mountain Pose.) and Qi Gong
  • Animals: Spend time stroking your dog, cat, horse, earth animal (not birds, or aquatic animals)
  • Earth Spirit: Ask earth spirits, such as trolls, gnomes and others to help you be grounded.


Herbs for Psychic Awareness:


Taken from Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. Feel free to do your own research.

  • Astral Protection: Mugwort, Poplar, Dittany of Crete
  • Mental Powers (Strengthen): Caraway, Celery, Eyebright, Grape, Horehound, Lily of the Valley, Mace, Mustard, Periwinkle, Rosemary, Rue, Spearmint
  •  Psychic Powers: Acacia, Althea, Bay, Bistort, Bladderwrack, Borage, Buchu, Celery, Cinnamon, Eyebright, Flax, Grass, Honeysuckle, Lemongrass, Mace, Marigold, Mastic, Mugwort, Peppermint, Rose, Rowan, Saffron, Star Anise, Thyme, Uva Ursa, Yarrow, Wormwood, Yerba Santa
  • Spirituality: African Violet, Aloes Wood, Gum Arabic, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood

Tea Recipes:

  • Meditation: 6 tsp English breakfast tea, 2 tsp Chamomile, 1 tsp Rose hips, 1 tsp Elder flower
  • Psychic 1: 6 tsp Rose petal, 4 tsp Thyme, 4 tsp Yarrow, 2 tsp Cinnamon, 2 tsp Clove
  • Psychic 2: 1 tsp mugwort, 1 tsp Lemon Balm, 1 tsp peppermint, 1 tsp yarrow, ¼ tsp ground cinnamon, ¼ tsp ground clove,

There are other recipes, or make your own!


I am not listing them all since there are a lot. Feel free to do your own research.

Increase Psychic Awareness:

  • Azurite: It vibrates at the level of the third eye chakra, for clairvoyance, crown chakra, for heightened spiritual connections and throat chakra for psychic communication.
  • Angelite: Used to communicate with Angels and higher frequency. It helps open you up to new information and spiritual senses.
  • Amethyst: Opens higher chakras, helps strengthen psychic abilities, protects and good for meditation and dreams.
  • Bloodstone: This one is really known to strengthening psychic abilities of all kinds, especially clairvoyance. It also protects from lower frequencies.
  • Carnelian: This one helps heighten/develop intuition, clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts. Used to transfer living to the spirit realm and vice versa.
  • Fluorite: Offers psychic protection, from negative energies and psychic vampires. Helps strengthen intuition, psychic abilities, connection to spirits and spirit guides.
  • Herkimer Diamond: Especially known for having magical properties, the Herkimer Diamond helps with telepathy, connections to spirit guides, past life and enhancing psychic abilities.
  • Kyanite: Great stone to use in meditation, to aid lucid dreaming, astral projection, connecting to spirit guides and Intuition. (Do use with caution since it’s really strong)
  • Sapphire: Helps open communication lines with the spirit world, helps give clarity, open the third eye and enhance psychic visions. Also aids with out of body, telepathy, precognition and intuition.
  • Turquoise: Enhances clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, strengthen psychic powers and balance chakras.
  • Quartz: Quartz is the most powerful stone for psychic abilities, and the most accessible. It enhances psychic vision, understanding messages from the spirit world, opening communication with it and balancing chakras.

Psychic Protection:

  • Labradorite: Good for protection against negative energies and very powerful psychic protection.
  • Tiger’s Eye: Also amazing to keep you safe from negativity, it helps mostly with more human bad energies. Still very good.
  • Black Tourmaline: Black tourmaline helps ground you and keeps you incredibly safe from negativity. Like a pillar. My personal choice.
  • Emerald: Emerald is incredibly powerful psychic tool and keeps you safe from negative energies.
  • Most of the crystals mentioned above are really good for protection too.
  • Most black stones are good for grounding/protection/Absorption of negative energies, such as: Apache tears, Black tourmaline, obsidians and more.

Finally, a disclaimer. I don’t know everything. I may have made some mistakes. Please take care of yourself when working with the subtle and please don’t force yourself into doing something that frightens you or that you don’t feel ready to do. If you are mentally unstable, first look into healing yourself before going into spirit communication, since spirits can trick you, just like humans.

Please take care, but don’t be afraid either since fear is food for spirits with lower vibrations.


yknow what will be really fucking awesome? if there’s an episode in season 3 where the paladins are fighting but someone has got to sacrifice themselves to do this one thing that could save them and amidst all the debate and fighting, lance just rushes forwards and does it and when the rest do realise it’s too late. then the convo goes like ‘laNCE wHAT ARE YOU DOING’ ‘shiro you’re the leader, keith you’re our best pilot, pidge and hunk you’re our engineers…and i…i’m just a boy from cuba’ (tHE LINE THAT JEREMY WAS TALKING ABOUT) and then lance just smiles wistfully aND HE’S GONE
then while the paladins mourn his loss and all, it’s revealed that mY BOY LANCE is actuALLY ALIVE!!! and that sOMEHOW HE’S WITH MTFKING PRINCE LOTOR AND THAT’S HOW HE’S INTRODUCED BAAM

if you were to fix SU

so, obviously there’s a LOT to fix here… but if you guys were to fix SU, what would you change or where would you rewrite it from? here’s a tentative list i have in no particular order of importance:

  • nitpicky but?? i wanted Peedee to be there more often, i want him to be constantly doing a protest against the capitalist hellscape he lives in and go on a campaign to end child labor in Beach City against Mayor Dewey (make this an on-going thing throughout the series) 
  • make Pearl a villain; i think that she could “get away” with having this horrible abusive stuff she’s doing, if it was more clear that she isn’t right– i would make her ambiguous at first and then reveal other characters are uncomfortable with her actions, reveal Pearl as the abuser she is
  • change Sugilite’s design to better reflect Garnet and Amethyst and then make Coach Steven sympathize with her 
  • less Pearl-centered episodes, more Garnet ones– she’s essentially the leader, i want to see more arcs of her like how Teen Titans focused on how mysterious Robin was as a leader 
  • KEEP BISMUTH!! make Bismuth a main-stay character who lives in the forge and serves as a foil to the idolatry the CGs place on Rose, someone to say “it’s not that simple" 
  • focus more on Amethyst’s jealousy and issues of comparison and then resolve that by making Bismuth her mentor 
  • change up the dynamics: first off? have Amethyst leave the CGs and fuse with Jasper, it’s a much more cohesive abuse narrative that way– i envision it being a spiritual successor to the Terra Arc of the Teen Titans
  • i don’t want Lapis to be a terraformer, i actually like the idea that she was a reporter trapped on Earth in the mirror– i want PEARL to be the one who traumatized her and kept her there– i 100% want to change her design, i did design what i would do if she was a terraformer but i think it fits better if she was a reporter/data analyst working under BD
  • make it so that Rose wasn’t ready to go after the Diamonds, not that she didn’t want to, but that she was afraid of them retaliating 
  • CHANGE SOME OF THE DESIGNS??? Rose, Sugilite, Lapis, Peridot, Rainbow Quartz, Famethyst, a buuunch of designs I’d change
  • make Uncle Andy a guy who is upset about not being close to his family anymore because he’s gotten older and doesn’t have kids of his own, and resentful of Greg for that?? instead of a racist?? make him feel jealous that Greg’s made a new family and feel like he’s not important to him, a much more internal struggle about wanting to be close to someone but not knowing how to be 
  • i think it would be cool if Connie was half japanese 

i’m barely scratching the surface of what i’d personally do here, but there’s some changes that i’d make, feel free to reblog with your own! if you have any episode ideas or designs or anything like that, i wanna know!

Protector - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

Originally posted by knightlley

Warnings: mentions of abuse

Requests: Anon 1: Number 4 with jughead please!
Anon: Numbers 4, 14, and 18 for juggie jones from the prompt list please?
@samiloves2sing: Could you please do a 1 and 4 with Jughead from Riverdale that ends up with y/n and Jughead being together cause they both have crushes on each other
1. “You’re the only thing left that is important to me now.”
4. “You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”
14. “I promise that I’ll protect you.”
18. “I think you’re worth much more than that.”

Summary: Jughead and the reader are at Veronica’s party and Jughead talks to the reader about their abusive father.

A/N: To the 2 anons and @samiloves2sing, I hope you all don’t mind but you all had similar requests so I thought that I could combine them and create an imagine that could have a part 2 with the final prompt? Let me know if you guys want a part 2. I hope you enjoy it, it’s one of my favourites!! Xx

Mask - Noun: a covering for all or part of the face, worn as a disguise, or to amuse or frighten others. Verb: to conceal (something) from view. It’s almost fitting that you should be at a masquerade party, for you are both covering your face as a disguise and concealing something from view. The former being a symbolic foreshadow to the latter.

Veronica insisted on having a party to release all of our emotions as Riverdale’s tragic downfall increases. Her theme is almost poetic. A masquerade. Whether she realises it or not the theme is a metaphor for Jason Blossom’s murder as his murder could be hiding among us. Hiding behind a mask of lies every waking moment of the day.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only one hiding something. Your father, a well loved council member, abused you behind closed doors. Your mother had passed away during childbirth and your father had never recovered. 4 years ago you had turned 12 and your father came home drunk. Up until then he had been a good father but the 12 years of bottled up resentment had finally burst. You took the beatings and after he had passed out you would tend to your wounds and escape to Pop’s, where your dark haired crush and best friend would be waiting for you.

You never told Jughead what happens but after a few meet ups where you had consistently shown up with multiple bandages and (at times) casts, he put two and two together. Most of the times he would distract you from the day’s events and let you read and give your opinion on his novel, but there were the days where he would take you to the twilight and cuddle with you while you watched movies. You knew he wasn’t one for affection or physical contact so knowing he was fighting his natural instinct to shy away from those things, helped mend the emotional and mental issues you had accumulated.

And so its with a knowing look that Jughead greets you with that you know that he knows what it’ll cost you to show up at Veronica’s party. You look away from the brooding writer to try and forget about the impending doom that will befall you when you leave the blissful chaos you’re currently in the middle of.

“A beautiful mask for the beautiful mystery in black,” you hear your crush comment behind you. You turn around, a blush tinting your cheeks and your heart skipping a beat at the compliment.

“And a simple mask for the perceptive writer,” you remark, locking eyes with him and conveying all your emotions through your eyes.

“Should we get you a drink m'lady?” He obnoxiously bows with a wink.

“As long as it’s not alcoholic,” he grins and starts to make a reply only to be interrupted but a certain, drunk, redhead.

“Oh (Y/N) have a little fun! It’s a party after all,”

“Archie I-” he shushes you and shoves a drink in your hand.

“When I come back, that drink better be gone,” he grins walking away with a sway in his steps. As soon as he’s far enough, Jughead, who you hadn’t noticed had left, came back with a drink in his hand and swaps it with the one Archie gave you. Smiling at him gratefully you take a sip. Lemonade. He always knows what to do. You skull the drink as Archie turns around to look at you and you flip your cup, showing an empty cup. He grins nodding before going back to…you don’t even know what he’s doing. After a couple of hours, you and Jughead escape into a room and lock the door, securing a quiet and peaceful escape.

“(Y/N), are you alright?” He questions as you both sit down next to each other on the bed.

“Yea, I’m alright, just tired,”

“You know I’m not talking about the party,”

“I know but I can’t give you an answer you’ll be satisfied with,”

“(Y/N), how about you come stay at the twilight with me tonight? Nothing will hurt you there,”

“Juggy, no. I can’t,”

“I promise I’ll protect you,”

“Jug I’m not worth your protection. You need to be focused on someone else. I’m a lost cause,” you pause a while before smiling, “I’m a lost girl, soon I can go to Neverland.” You make a reference to your favourite childhood story knowing your raven haired confident would understand your hidden message.

“(Y/N),” he frowns, “ you know I think you’re worth much more than that. I’m not letting you go so easily” You breath hitches at the implications of your crushes statements.

“Jughead, you can’t protect me. It’s too dangerous and you’re the only thing left that is important to me now. Please don’t put yourself in harms way for someone like me.” He stands up, takes his beanie off and runs his hand through his hair in frustration. He then quickly turns around, grabs your head and crashes his lips to yours. Your eyes widen in shock and the force and passion of his kiss takes your breath away. You quickly recover and kiss him back with just as much passion.

“I’m not letting you go back there,”

“You can’t stop me, my father is the only family I have left,”

“(Y/N) you have me,”

“I know I do but letting you protect me would only hurt you. It’s like letting you stand in front of a gun that’s gonna fire towards me regardless of its obstacle.” He sighs giving up.

“Fine, but I expect to see you at Pop’s at 9 tomorrow morning and not in Neverland. Understand?” He tells me in a firm and commanding tone. I notice the fear in his voice and hug him tightly.

“Thank you Jug.” We pull away and I look at the time.

“It’s really late, I should go home before it gets worse,” he looks at me worriedly.

“Ok, let’s go,”

“You’re not coming with me”

“I’m going to walk you home, and you cannot say or do anything about it.” You both walk out of the room, find Veronica and thank her for the party. You both then start making the doomed trek to your house. Halfway there Jughead grabs your hand and squeezes it reassuringly.

“I’m not gonna let anything happen to you,” he says.

“Ok,” you simply reply, getting tired of the constant circle the conversation is going in.

When you’re two houses away you stop, let go of his hand and turn around to face him.

“Juggy, thank you for everything but now you have to let me go,” he grabs you by the waist and kisses you again, softly this time. You wrap your arms around his neck and you hold each other tightly, afraid to let go. When you both break away for air, you peck him one more time and then walk to your house. Giving Jughead one last look you walk inside to face your father.

“(Y/N)! Your finally home,” he spits at you with disdain. “I told you not to go to the party,” he gets up from his chair and starts coming towards you, backing you up against the wall. He takes another swig of his beer and raises the bottle behind his head. He goes to take a swing at you, when the front door bursts open and your dad is knocked to the ground. Your knight in shining armour, Jughead, steps in front of you.

“You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”

A/N: part 2 anyone?

Y/N = your name

Uruha’s Blog ー TRACES VOL.2 

Today it was finally released. 
I think, there are people who have listened to it already; this time we approached the making of this work with the goal of creating something that people wouldn’t think of as…merely a best-of. It wasn’t just about dragging out songs from the past but about the feeling of wanting to once again make them something valuable and worth doing and by putting all of these feelings and thoughts into it, we created this best-of album.
This time, it’s an album on which we could freely approach all the things we wanted to do, so it turned out to become this extremely pure album regarding the amount of information we wanted to convey, or more precisely, the intentions of the members are very pure which I’m very proud of.
Of course music is what we do so comparing past and present works and deciding which is better than the other is in itself meaningless. What’s important is that you can enjoy the existing songs once again regardless of merit, and for that, I do believe, we handled our past work very delicately in respect of the new techniques and arrangements that aren’t in the old versions or the changes that we made sure were within an acceptable range.
I’m proud that through TRACES VOL.2 I’ve been able to contribute to making these past GazettE songs shine once more. 

About that ending - 6x12 meta

Needless to say the sensation of deja vu that I had last night when an episode we were so looking forward to ended up with a bitter sad taste (remember 3x17? Remember 4x04?)

But while it was shocking and sad, and also frustrating and made us really angry to see once more A&E increasing the levelness of Hook’s viciousness in the past in an unnecessary way, I also see something good coming out of it.

When the season started and we learned in episode 6x02 that David father’s death was different than what he thought, a strong theory was that indeed Hook killed him. And back then although it was an upsetting theory (which sadly ended up being true), it did make sense to me that they would do something like that, but not only to “spice things up” “plotly” speaking, but also because this could be an important step for Hook’s redemption arc and the evolution of CS as true love.

Let me explain what I mean here. 

Well, the way I see it, it is much much much easier to forgive someone for things he did to others. Emma knows what Hook was, she said she will always choose to see the best in him. And while it is one thing to say it about things he did to Ursula, or things he did while being controlled by the DO’s darkness, it’s an entire different story to follow these words when it comes to hurting first hand someone who she loves very deeply.

Hook eventually was the reason David grew up without a father. True, if he wasn’t there he would have died anyway, but he had a chance to save his life back there, to bring little David back his father. And he didn’t because darkness was eating him from the inside at that moment. It was actually the first crime we saw Hook makes that wasn’t out of passion but pure cruelness…

But as always with these things, the past is coming to slap him in the face 50 years later. Hook is learning again and again that no matter what he does, how he redeems himself, his past actions will always have consequences. And now it’s a big test for him. On one hand, no one knows! He can take it with him to the grave! David found peace, he gave him his blessing to marry Emma, things are better than ever with David, and stably perfect with Emma. But as we saw in the promo, Hook can’t just hold something like that back. He is a completely changed person and he has never since the beginning of his redemption disowned his own past actions and he always took responsibility over them. And as many times before, he came back to the place where he feels unworthy of her.  

That horrible familiar place for him that he finally was able to overcome, sneaking up on him again. 

This point where Hook is at now, is maybe the most challenging part of his on going redemption arc. Because unlike all the other times that he owned his past actions, this time doing the right thing might get him to lose the person he loves most, rather than to get her closer to him. I think the only time Hook was in that same place, where telling the truth may lead to Emma pulling back from him was in 3x05/3x06 when he decided to let the gang know that Neal was alive. He just kissed Emma and had the possibility of starting something with her when he learned her “big love” was still alive. Back then he chose to tell the truth at the cost of losing the opportunity to be her new love maybe, and it ended up causing the exact opposite because she admired his actions back then, and eventually the love she felt for Neal wasn’t as strong as he thought and she ended up repeatedly choosing him instead.

Now it’s even harder, because while back then Emma was a “potential love” here she’s already his completely, in a sacrifice my own heart for you kind of way. He can lose it all if he would choose to do the right thing here, or live with the guilt and the familiar sensation of being unworthy of her for the rest of his life. This is maybe the most significant point in his redemption arc than, and by the things we saw in the promo, seems like once more, our beloved pirate will indeed choose to do the right thing, which is another big incredible step in his redemption because it’s one thing to do the right thing when you know people will admire you for it, and a complete different thing to do it, while you know it may cause people to never look at you the same again, or even leave you.

As for Emma, I think this is also a big test for her love for him. Again, it is one thing to forgive over things he did to others than things he did to someone she loves. But as always, I’m sure she would once more surprise him here. It may not happen during one conversation, like when he tells her what’s wrong and she end up forgiving him during it, she may need to take some time, maybe having her own session with Archie about it (which btw, it’s amazing and good that he went to him with it!), but she will forgive eventually. Charming will forgive him eventually, too! But this would be the biggest test of accepting Hook as a changed man.

One thing for sure, I don’t doubt that this horrible thing will end up making their relationship even stronger.  

People come back for the characters. You could ask your average Supernatural fan to explain the mythology of a season and they’re gonna explain it in terms of the characters they respond to. Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley, whoever they’re into in whatever combination. I think that’s the important thing. So as long as we can keep these characters vibrant and developing, and move toward more serialized storytelling that TV in general has done and that we have done, allows that. I think we can keep going for a while. I think what’s going to stop us ultimately is at what point do Jared and Jensen decide they’ve played the roles for too long, or at what point do we get to a point where we feel like we’re repeating ourselves, or we feel like we can’t take some of the bigger swings – whether they work or not – that we’ve taken in the past. So for me to give an end date, I couldn’t do it. I think we’re all really hopeful of getting to Episode 300. We think that would be a really awesome milestone. Could it go beyond that? Creatively, yes, I think it could. But just because something could doesn’t mean it should.
—  Andrew Dabb in “How Long Supernatural Can Last, According To The Showrunner,” CinemaBlend (February 10, 2017)
The Fall Outs and Fly Offs of Confessions

When Lena confesses her love to Kara, Kara thinks ‘this is it, I’ve ruined another friendship by not loving them back.’ 

Because she knows that she likes guys, even if she hasn’t liked the ones she is friends with.

And when Lena stops by less and less, when Jess the receptionist tells her “this is actually a really important meeting” more and more, Kara is crushed.

So it’s isn’t until she brings it up to Alex and Maggie at the bar after a bit of alien ale, that she remembers.

“Well, actually,” Maggie says gently, one hand resting on her sister’s arm, “you technically could like girls too. Not that you do, but ‘I like guys’ isn’t really an argument. Has to be that you don’t like the other thing.”

Kara wants to be able to quickly say ‘well, I don’t’, but she hasn’t really thought about it. She came to Earth just as she was beginning to experience romantic feelings, and Earth has always made it seem like boys were the only option. She didn’t feel anything for any humans when she landed. They were too different, and she had too much going on.

In fact, other than celebrity crushes, when has Kara experienced feelings for anyone on Earth?

Have I loved anyone?

Oh. Yes, of course, she remembers.

On Krypton.

She had crushes on many people, just before it died.

As Kara cycles through the people she had a crush on, a boy from her lessons, one who lived across from her, a flash of long, jet black hair, the blue sun of Casador and a girl whose family was in the same tourist group as hers enter her mind.

She leans back suddenly. Alex and Maggie are mildly startled.

“I like girls.”

She stands up, knocking against the table and nearly spilling all of their drinks. 

Alex and Maggie are thoroughly startled. 

Kara stares at them intensely, not really seeing them. They exchange a quick and confused glance. 

Kara practically flies into the ceiling.

“I like Lena!”

Kara heads immediately for the door, almost crashing into a yellow fella, a table, and the waitress trying to clean it up, before she finally just super speeds out of there. 

They laugh and Alex reluctantly pulls out ten dollars and hands it to Maggie.

“I bet they’re together by the end of the week.”

Alex shakes her head. “Today.”

“You’re on, Danvers.”

That Ti moment...

Instructor: You will now get 30 minutes to write an essay over which is more important: Adhering to societal norms or doing what is right.

Me: *writes about how in most cases, societal norms and doing what you think is right could be the same thing due to growing up in that certain environment and how different environments affect each person’s moral compass. Also who even gets to dictate what’s right? The ‘right thing’ is merely what YOU view as correct. Another person could think that completely wrong. So wouldn’t it be better if you phrased it: “doing what you think is right”? The question also assumes that societal norms are always wrong, when that is not necessarily the case–*

Instructor: Time’s up! Hand in your paper!

Me: Shit, I didn’t even answer the question asked…

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I liked the houses as Ron quotes. Would you mind doing the same but with Hermione's quotes?


“Books! And cleverness! There are more important things — friendship and bravery and — oh Harry — be careful!”  


“This sort of thing is exactly what Dumbledore was talking about. You-Know-Who’s only been back two months, and we’ve started fighting among ourselves. And the Sorting Hat’s warning was the same — stand together, be united.” 


“I mean, you could claim that anything’s real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody’s proved it doesn’t exist!”


“Yes, Harry, but all the same, there’s no point pretending that you’re not good at Defense Against the Dark Arts, because you are. You were the only person last year who could throw off the Imperius Curse completely, you can produce a Patronus, you can do all sorts of stuff that full-grown wizards can’t.” 

Love Yourself: Build Confidence

So you might have seen earlier, but for those of you who missed it here’s an Ask I got earlier that I wanted to address in a bit more detail:

I could’ve just given a brief answer, but quite frankly, and I don’t think I can state this enough, confidence is such an important thing for crossdressers and Trans* people alike.

Story Time

When I started out this blog, and for a good year afterwards, I was extremely shy. Just think of me as some kind of hermit crab, happy to do anything within my shell but far to retiring to be seen outside of it.

I didn’t really want to draw attention to myself and I certainly didn’t like the idea of people just stumbling across my blog and recognising me. Which is why I covered my face for a lot of my first posts (give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve been around long enough to remember this).

Yeah, just like that.

So what happened? How did I go from a cheap crossdressing imitation of The Laughing Man to the Jessica Blaise we all know and (hopefully) love today?

Well… I’d be lying if I said alcohol wasn’t involved, but the real key was to put myself out there. If you’re constantly hiding away then you’ll never be in a position to be yourself.

For me, it was about taking small steps. When this picture was taken I had a few friends who knew about Jess (she didn’t even have a name back then) but it was a very close-knit circle of people I knew well and trusted. I didn’t truly build confidence until I let other people in.

My neighbours (while I was at uni) came over one day and I, without thinking, had left a picture of Jess on my PC for the world to see. After a few minutes of general conversation, one of them eventually asked “Who’s the girl?”

Now I won’t lie here; my heart jumped out of my chest. My metaphorical hermit crab had been caught outside of its shell wearing heels and bright red lipstick. I froze for a few seconds, but rather than trying to lie I thought about how I could use this to my advantage.

“You don’t recognise her?” He took a closer look but just shook his head. He didn’t have a damn clue that he was looking at the same person he was talking to just wearing a different gender.

I told him it was me, but he straight up didn’t believe me. I even had to call a housemate in to confirm that the girl on the screen was me.

Moral Of The Story

So, as heartwarming and Oscar-worthy of a tale that was, what difference does it actually make?

Well, for one, it made me realise that all these faults and similarities I can see between myself and Jess aren’t as obvious to everyone else. I like to think I know my body and face quite well (we’ve been together for 24 years now, it’s quite the inseparable relationship), and that means that I will always see features of my guy self in Jess. Others will not see them, or at least nowhere near as much as you do.

Secondly, and this one I think is a bit more important, it taught me how to make less of a big deal out of crossdressing. We didn’t have a long heart-felt conversation about it, I didn’t have to speak with him in privacy and tell him everything in confidence. He simply found out and that was that; he would’ve reacted no differently if I had told him I enjoyed archery.

Obviously I didn’t go from shy little hermit crab to Crossdressing Superstar overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was my confidence, but once I had broken my shell and realised I didn’t need it as much it became a lot easier to tell others. Every single compliment from a friend or stranger helped to boost that confidence, and I found that insults/hate dissolved quickly and that my friends would always be there to defend me, verbally or otherwise.

I’m gonna leave it there for tonight. I could go on forever about confidence building techniques, but those are the most important ones you’ll need. If you want more 1-to-1 advice please feel free to message me with your situation!

And, as always, here’s a picture for your time. It’s an old one but I think it’s quite apt for this topic.

Remember to like and reblog! The notes I get on these posts really help to tell me whether you ladies are finding them useful or not, and if you have any ideas on what else I could write about then send it over in an ask!

- Jessica Blaise x x

  • Me: gotta do a bunch of stuff tonight, rly important that I get at least THESE things done - rly important
  • Brain: make a list abt it
  • Me: k, did it, awesome, good list
  • Brain: make another list abt it
  • Me: ...k, if it'll make u happy, I'll make ONE more list abt it
  • Brain: make another list abt it. make a list of other lists to make
  • Me: no, the stuff on this list for tonight is rly actually important, i have plenty of time to finish it all if i can just get started
  • Brain: make a detailed schedule of the times and order in which to do all the things on this list
  • Me: no i just gotta get started and it rly won't be that hard to get thru
  • Brain: but make an agenda. make a list. make different agendas for each possible way u could organize ur time tonight or order the tasks
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: make a list of things to do tomorrow. make several possible agendas
  • Brain: make a list of things to do this weekend
  • Brain: make a list of everything that needs to be done by the end of the month
  • Brain: make a schedule of important dates and events for the rest of the year
  • Brain: make a budget. make a budget and detailed plan for saving up for a vacation
  • Brain: plan a vacation. include literally every detail of every possible thing that will happen during the vacation.
  • Brain: organize gas receipts in a spreadsheet. make a spreadsheet. make several spreadsheets
  • Brain: look at different phone plans. compare plans and factor into a budget. make several budgets for different plans. look at new phones. make spreadsheets for the phones and plans
  • Brain: price compare for ur meds. organize ur meds. make a schedule for taking ur meds and a spreadsheet to track them. make different spreadsheets to put in different locations
  • Brain: make tracking charts for brushing ur teeth. taking a shower. doing ur laundry. doing cat litter
  • Brain: compare different brands of cat food. make new budgets for each option
  • Brain: make a list of all these things to do. think of other things to do to put on the list. like vacuuming the couch. vacuum the couch
  • Brain: 😊 I'm so helpful wow 😊 what a good brain 😊 don't ignore me 😊 I'm not gna stop until u do all these things 😊 wow good brain yea 😊 yw ❤❤

okay so I just realized I never talked about “Change” bc I forgot to but I’m so proud of Namjoon, the lyrics were amazing, he’s always been so brave about just saying hey here’s my opinion, like when he and kook released “I Know” and included both genders !!!! in their lyrics which is so important and the fact that Namjoon rapped in English is so impressive to me bc he could’ve very easily said I’m gonna rap in Korean but he went that extra step and I love the song so much, it’s got a lot of meaning to it

one thing I’ve always loved about BTS is that their lyrics have meaning to them, they do have some more fun songs like Fun Boys or Converse High where it’s more about just jamming out to some good music but they also have so many deep songs that just hit you in the heart like Yoongi with “The Last” that was so raw and emotional and all of the boys’ solo songs were so personal and real this is why I love BTS they share the good and the bad times with us

I just also wanna add that to all of the fans in the recent concert who were cheering “we love you” for Namjoon during his solo, I wanna say thank you so much to every single one of you bc that obviously meant so much to him and I nearly cried watching it, I’m so happy for him and when he changed the lyrics to “yes I do love myself” it was so powerful and this entire post is really sappy but I’m just so proud of Namjoon and the boys

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i am actually so full of spite and love for fairy tail that I'm actually considering just. straight up rewriting the series while keeping the elements that have always made fairy tail so dear to me. i?? am most likely not the most qualified person but I'm doing it anyway

I’ve considered rewriting FT completely, but I just don’t have the time or energy for that. Maybe I could during the summer, but I don’t even know if it’s something i’d want to touch.

Things I would do to rewrite FT:

  • Have F!Lucy’s death actually be addressed after the GMG arc. Make it have some affect of those who saw it. 
  • Give Natsu actual development and have his flaws be addressed.
  • Not introduce so many characters that aren’t important.
  • Rewrite Zer.vis in a way that doesn’t creep me out + no baby.
  • Less SPRIGGANS, make them better opponents.
  • Give Lucy more fights.
  • Not have Erza be a deus ex machina.
  • Utilize the thunder god tribe.
  • Instead of having FT disband and there being a time skip that leaves Lucy and Juvia emotionally damaged, have a callback arc to the beginning of FT. Have the core four (+ Wendy?) go on a mission. Something lighter in between what’s to come. Have Gray’s “betrayal” and him joining Avatar be a bigger focus.
  • More Cana/Lucy friendship.
  • More stuff, but I have to reread the manga first.

little ways to help you feel happier :

1. eat healthier foods and try to drink lots of water. i’m trying to eat enough to keep my body going all through the day. it’s okay if you feel uncomfortable eating a large amount or unhealthy foods, just break it into smaller portions of nutritional things that give you energy and help your recovery.

2. keep your room as light and tidy as possible. in the winter it can get really gloomy and oppressive so it’s important to let light in and not stay in the darkness. i try and make sure my room is really tidy because honestly it helps my anxiety a lot and makes me feel more in control.

3. if you feel uncomfortable doing something, or if it is making you feel bad, don’t do it !!!! it could be as simple as sleeping with your door open or as complex as talking to someone you love, if it isn’t helping you, just don’t do it. it’s not worth it, and chances are if it’s a big thing and it affects other people they will understand and give you space.

4. try and get up and shower and get ready for the day every day !! it’s okay to have days where you feel so down you don’t want to do anything but on most days try and make sure you aren’t letting your depression keep you tied down.

5. talk to your friends and spend time with them !! honestly they care about you lots and lots and you may find venting to them or telling them some of your problems helps you out a lot. it can be really good to let your friends know a basic outline of what you’re struggling with at the moment, and things they can do to help make it easier. meet with them, invite them round, just spend time with them because they love you and you don’t realise how lucky you are to have them.

6. learn to love yourself. it’s really difficult to do and i still struggle with body image, but try to see the beauty in your body and accept your flaws. buy yourself nice underwear and body glitter and things because you’re beautiful and the sooner you realise that the better things will be.

7. put your feelings out there. don’t keep your bad thoughts in your head whatever you do because they cause more trouble than they’re worth. i like to write and also paint, but other people have different ways of putting out their feelings and i know some things don’t work for everyone.

8. just try and feel hopeful that you will be okay. it’s really tough and some days you feel like you’re back on square one but honestly it will all be worth the pain once you feel happier and more in control of things. you will only start to feel happier if you believe you can, and if you constantly think you are never going to be okay, you probably won’t. i’m not saying you can just do it, but your attitude and mood towards recovery affects it a lot.

9. it’s 100% okay to ask for help. whoever and whatever makes you feel a bit better is completely okay and counselling or medication are options that can save lives. it can be hard to get help and i get that, but it’s so worth it. seeing someone even once a month can help you feel less alone and speaking to someone who has good strategies and ways to help you can really make a difference.

10. your feelings are 100% valid. never think you “aren’t sick enough” for something, and if you feel like you can’t face something because of mental health, don’t push too hard. at the same time, don’t act like you’re okay if you’re not. it won’t help you, you can’t trick yourself into thinking you’re okay if you aren’t. accept how you’re feeling and think about how you can change that. remember every time you feel a little bit better it matters! it means something !

getting better is something that takes a long time and it is one of the hardest things you will have to do. some days you will feel like you’ll be stuck like this forever, and other days you will feel like you’re completely okay. it’s important to remember that even when you’re better, there will still be tough days, there will still be triggers, there will still be things you have to face, but that doesn’t make you weak or your happiness any less valid. everyone has bad days and good days, and i promise you one day there will be so many happy days ✨✨ xx

from a comrade

When you regard a demonstration, protest, or uprising, which does not incur physical violence, as violent, I urge you to ask yourself why. Why is the destruction of material things violent? Objects do not feel pain, as persons and animals do. Broken windows and burning trash cans are not violence. Cops shooting steel bullets coated in rubber at protesters, that could be called violence; cops beating people half to death, that could be considered violence; cops protecting those who see me and others like me as subhuman, that is most certainly violence. But that wasn’t part of the demonstration, merely the reaction to it. Is it because we view property as more important than human lives? And the free speech of fascists more important than the welfare of those they wish to kill?


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