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I own a marketing agency and a client of mine decided to open up a youth focused charity based on positive thinking. I loved the message and reasoning behind her charity so we offered to help.

The problem - she had already picked and trademarked the name for the charity. It was a cute mash up of the word positive and another word. It was difficult to pronounce, say, and read - however even more important it was one autocorrect away from a porn site and several porn topics.  

This is why you hire the marketing agency FIRST. 


Requested by anonymous (edited into an imagine)

The lost boys watched in disbelief as Oeter graciously accepted a bunch of flowers you had picked for him.
“Thanks [Y/N] I love them” he said smiling at you. You grinned back at him and ran off to find him some more wondrous plants.

The lost boys murmured at the unusually sight. Peter never acted this way around anyone accept you, his sister. You were the one person who could bring out The now rather cold bus soft, kind side. Admittedly it was quite a strange thing for the boys to witness.

Peter, hearing the hushed voices turned and spotted the group of boys hiding in the distance. Watching him meekly. He glare dangerously at them causing the group to scramble away.


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All my loving hc of reddie please??

(I have already sort of done this but it’s cute so here’s some more)

~Richie was an ass. Eddie was scrunching his eyes closed so tight that he was beginning to see swirls of color. His stomach suddenly ached with anxiety and fear. He wanted to kill Richie.

~Richie picked to break the news to Eddie in public, without much notice. He’d be leaving Derry in less than a week. He had thought it would be best this way but as he felt the eyes of interested strangers behind him, he realized his mistake. 

~Eddie let out a large sigh, taking his hands off his face and sliding them down his cheeks and into his hair to ease himself but give easy access to pull at his hair in case of irritation. 

~Because he wasn’t good at words, Richie leaned over to press their lips together. Only Eddie raised his palm between them and dared him to do anything. He stood straight again, stuffing his hands into his pockets. 

~The restaurant they were currently in was a mess of 60′s memorabilia, Eddie was leaning against the jukebox as if his legs were to wobbly on their own. 

~”It won’t be that bad, Eds. Long distance relationships work out all the time-”

~”Yeah but I just have this terrible feeling you’ll forget about me.” Eddie wasn’t sure why but his gut was telling him so. Richie shook his head to tell him he was ridiculous. 

~Richie droned on and on about how he was going to write to Eddie and call him every frickin’ day. He used to collect stamps when he was little so he’d never have to worry about splurging 50 cents again! 

~Eddie was a talker when he was nervous. He tried desperately to speak up on the problems but Richie just didn’t let him. He kept talking with that grin on his face. When he was fed up, he just scoffed “Can I get a word in here?”

~Richie did stop speaking, only to press their foreheads together. “Just because I’m away, doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop loving you.”

~Eddie opened his mouth but Richie kept on

~”I’m gonna miss you so fuckin’ much, now close your eyes so I can kiss you and memorize what it feels like for when I’m gone.” Richie smirked and Eddie let his eyes flutter closed. 

~Eddie felt like a child, arms wrapped around Richie’s neck with his fingers crossed, thinking: ‘Please, let this work’ but that bad feeling never went away. 

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I just had the idea of IwaOi carving pumpkins with their little ones and it filled me with absolute delight, because I think it'd be so cute! <3 Plus Iwa making sure, that he is the only one heaving the heavy pumkins on the table! *thumbs up*

[AO3 Link]

*There was so much more I wanted to do with this, but I just had to write it immediately b/c this idea was so cute and hopefully this little bit does it justice. :’)*

“Kiyoshi! You can’t pick that face! Pumpkins are supposed to be scary!”

The timid boy squirms in his seat at his sister’s words, folding his hands together in his lap. “But…I don’t want my pumpkin to look scary. I want to put the kitty face on mine…”

Two small hands slam on the table. “You can’t! It has to be scary!”

“Hotaru,” a soft voice chides, “don’t raise your voice to your brother. He can put whatever face he wants on his pumpkin.”

“But mama!”

Tooru tuts at her, “Don’t you ‘but mama’ me. You can make your own pumpkin scary and Kiyoshi can make his pumpkin a kitty. They both are still going to be very wonderful pumpkins.”

It’s obviously not the answer she’s looking for, especially by the little scowl that turns up on her lips, but Hotaru drags her hands off the table and sits quietly back in her chair.

The omega mother doesn’t miss the little peek of tongue that pokes past her lips though. ]

“Hotaru.” He scolds.

She jumps at the call of her name, turning and giving him a regretful look. Tooru gives her a pointed stare, gesturing with his head to Kiyoshi. Hotaru takes the hint and immediately faces her brother. “I’m sorry for sticking my tongue out at you.”

Kiyoshi smiles, “It’s okay. I’m sorry for not making a scary pumpkin with you.”

Hotaru shakes her head, “No…you don’t have to be sorry for that. Mommy’s right, both of our pumpkins are going to be great even if they aren’t both scary.”

The younger boy looks really pleased with her response and nods once. “Yeah.

It’s with pure fondness that Tooru smiles down at both of his kids, happy to see them both in agreement. He reaches to pet both of their heads. “I’ll go get the pumpkins. You two sit tight.”

He turns to go towards the kitchen where they had been leaving the two pumpkins since they’d bought them the other day. There was a big one and a medium sized one both sitting on the counter, the biggest being Hotaru of course, and the omega could already feel the grief his back just at the sight and realizing he’d have to move this all the way to the table.

Honestly, the things a mother would do for their child.

“Well I won’t get there any faster by staring at it…”

Tooru wraps his arms around the giant fruit, bracing himself so he didn’t throw out his back trying to pick this thing up.

“What do you think you’re doing?” A sudden voice cuts into the room.

The omega startles, letting out a small “Eek!”

He spins around quickly only to find his husband being the voice standing in the doorway. His jacket is removed, with his tie loosened around the collar, shirt sleeves pushed up to his elbow as a signal he’d been home at least for a few minutes without any of them hearing him. Hajime’s eyeing him standing there, arms crossed over his chest, and Tooru smiles at him when their eyes meet.

“Welcome home.” Tooru tells him in their familiar greeting, smiling even more when his husband simply steps forwards to take him into his arms, giving him a kiss as his own form greeting.

Hajime keeps a hand around his hip, looking over his shoulder to the counter. “You guys about to carve the pumpkins?”

Tooru nods, “The kids were getting impatient. I figured it was either me or the pumpkins they were going to carve today.”

His alpha laughs at that, “Well let’s hurry and get these to them then. I’d like to keep you fully intact if I can.”

“Oh how kind of you.” He returns playfully, pushing away so he could grab one of the pumpkins to help carry that way.  

Only his husband decides to side steps in front of him suddenly, getting in the way of him trying to grab as he put himself in front and carefully nudged him back. “I’ll carry them. You just go and start helping the kids.”

The omega gives him a narrowed look, arms crossing over his chest. “Don’t think I can handle carrying them, alpha?”

“No,” Hajime smiles, expression honest, “you’ve just been looking kind of exhausted and I figured this is the least I could do for you.”

Tooru smiles at the gesture, patting his alpha on the shoulder and planting a quick kiss to his cheek, “What a considerate man I married.” He informs him knowingly.

There is an eye roll from Hajime as he leans over to pick up the heaviest pumpkin, following behind Tooru as they made their way back to their dining table. They have matching smiles when they see their two kids faces as Hajime sets down the first pumpkin in front of Hotaru.

She quickly hugs around his waist. “Thank you Daddy!”

He pats her head, “You’re welcome baby girl. Let Mommy help you cut off the top while I go get Kiyoshi’s pumpkin, okay?”

Her little head nods and Tooru assumes the position behind her, taking one of their kitchen knives and carefully cutting and almost perfect circle into the top. Hajime disappears and reappears with the second pumpkin in arms, bringing it to the youngest Iwaizumi and helping cut a hole into that one so he can start reaching in to scoop out its guts. Hotaru’s starts squealing when she finally reaches into hers.

“It’s so gross feeling!” She’s got the biggest grin on her face.

“It’s also gross to clean up too.” Tooru laughs, “Try to make sure you get it all on the newspaper.”

Hotaru nods, looking oddly determined for a child simply de-gutting a pumpkin. She takes her scooper tool and goes at it, very careful to put the pile on the laid out paper in front of her like her mother had just told her.

Kiyoshi’s looking at his pumpkin with a bit of hesitancy after Hajime’s done cutting and pulls off the lid. The alpha decides to reach in and scoop a little out, just to prove there was no harm in it. “It’s just a little squishy feeling, nothing bad. If you pull out all the seeds from here, we can even cook them in the oven and eat them later if you want.”

The young boy perks up at the mention of that. “We can eat the seeds…?”

“Of course we can. You can help me clean them and put them on the tray later if you’re up for it.” Tooru tells him and Kiyoshi nods eagerly.

It takes a little while, but after both kids are done scooping out all the mess inside, Tooru and Hajime help them put on their stencils, letting them use their little kid-safe toolkit to start carving out their faces. Kiyoshi needs a little more help than Hotaru does, but Hajime’s behind helping them each time they ask for it, leaving Tooru to simply watch with a big smile as he separated seeds from the guts into a bowl.  

They end up with two slightly crooked but very adorable pumpkin faces.

“Our pumpkins are going to be the best looking on the block!” Hotaru exclaims when they are finished and Tooru’s trying to put the lids back on properly.

It makes even quiet Kiyoshi let out a shout of “Yeah!” in excitement, making their parent share a look with matching grins.

“Why don’t we go put them on the porch so everyone can see them? We’ll put candles in them when we take you out in your costumes so that they can light up our porch.”

Both of them are thrilled by the idea and while Hajime ends up being the one to carry them again, the two young kids get to arrange them outside just how they prefer, even getting to put the little thing of pumpkins Tooru had also bought around them to make it even better.

The omega leans into his husband as they watch the two try to place everything just right. “This was a good idea to let them do this.”

His alpha nods, “Turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I was expecting someone to lose a finger.”

An arm gets throw around Tooru’s waist and he smiles, “I’m happy you could be here with us to do it. It’s always better when we do things like this as a family…”

He trials off, suddenly bringing a hand to his stomach as a quick bout of nausea washes over him. It vanishes just as quickly as it came but Hajime still picks up on it.

“You okay…?” He thumbs carefully across his hip.

Tooru nods, resting his head on the other man’s shoulder, “Just felt like puking for a second. Maybe playing in all of those pumpkin guts got to my brain.”

“Do you want to sit down?”

He shakes his head, “I don’t want to ruin the fun. Just let me lean on you some more, I’ll be alright.”

Hajime tucks him closer, “You better not get be getting sick on me. I’ll smack you if I have to take these kids to get them candy all by myself.”

“You wouldn’t hit a sick person.” Tooru tells him knowingly.

He squeezes his hip. “Yeah, but I wouldn’t give you any get-well-soon kisses and we wouldn’t share any of the candy with you either.”

The alpha pressing a kiss to the side of his temple, obviously joking.

“I guess I’ll just try my best to stay healthy then.”

“You better.” Hajime presses another kiss to his head.

Tooru smiles, smoothing a hand over his stomach once more.

He wonders how excited his husband will be when he finally tells him about the little pumpkin growing in there.

‘H’ again... cracking me up (this time, with his unpolitical-correctness)

This morning on the way to school (let me make something clear, ‘H’ walks to school unless he ‘gets up late’ - he’s been getting up late with more and more frequency lately… I’m on to you ‘H’!): I’ve been up for maybe fifteen minutes and had no coffee yet!! He asks me something about the paving our street (it’s an ugly ongoing battle with the city, someday I might tell you all the gory details!). I’m trying, feebly, to explain where I’m talking about, which house had caused all the problems. That’s where we pick up our story…

H: “…the house next to Karen and Al’s?”

Me: “No the one across the street. The ‘Sad House’.” (there’s a story there)

H: “Oh you mean the one the hillbillies just moved out of?”

Me: *trying not to show my laughter and failing* “Don’t say hillbillies. It’s just as offensive as other terms. *’H’ looks at me incredulously* “Okay, not as offensive, but still not nice. And remember, you’re Appalachian too.” (parenting before coffee should be illegal!) 

H: “All right. How about redneck?”

Me: *once again not ready and not able to stop my early morning giggles* “No! That’s no better.”

H: *without missing a beat* “Okay, I’ve got it! What if I say: crimson esophagi!?”

And that’s when I lose it! Nope, no parenting this morning. I tried! 


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He knows what he’s supposed to do. He’s made up his mind. But why does it hurt so much?

Word count: 597

Author’s note: @/anon omg you picked the most heartbreaking combination, I swear! But I had fun writing this, and I hope you enjoy it! I may turn this into a series? Not sure yet.

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You know, to find how real life always is able to find space in C’s works is easy… that wise and smart man is able to serve it to us on a silver plate. Despite the fact that we use to analyze D’s life because of beard a lot, in his case is more difficult. Being  able to witness “Cough Syrup” at Elsie Fest 2017 i had confirmation of how “personal” was D performance of the song on Glee.

Yes, there’s the K’s outing story line but… why pick Blaine and make him do a very felt rendition when he’s the out and proud kid etc..? I have to be honest, i had the feeling that the song was more personal for D than what we thought even when i was not a cc. Anyway, in my opinion two are the things: D doesn’t hate Blaine, Klaine, Glee etc (i’m still laughing at some attack to us from m/iarrens before Elsie) so he decided to imitate “him” or we had, years ago a Blarren that was more D than Blaine.

In any case, Elsie’s Version was spectacular. ;)

Yay! I finally got around to doing some GoChi stuff. School’s been riding my butt and I haven’t had time or motivation to draw that much. Hopefully, I can get around to doing more drawings and other stuff soon.

I took inspiration from the scene when Goku wakes up from the heart virus, it’s one of my favorite, if not most, scenes from DBZ. I just love how Chichi’s so happy that Goku’s alright and Goku picks up Chichi, spinning her around. I just love it!

(P.S. I can’t do clouds)

divineimpediment heeft gereageerd op je bericht: Itty Bitty Askie Thingie

I thought a “ship” was a large watercraft and was hoping you would tell us what your favourite sailing vessel is.

Tumblr lingo can be terribly confusing. I checked on what people actually mean, and ‘ship’ had an entirely different meaning than I thought when I initially answered. Oh well. The literal ship question is way more fun, so I’ll happily answer that one :)

The Nautilus
The Flying Dutchman
and there has to be a 17th century warship in this list, it’s a tough call but I’m picking The Seven Provinces

I Am Whole

“Any news, Dr. Ziegler?”

Angela gave a slight jump at the sound that cut through the quiet of her office. She turned in her chair and smiled up at her assistance nurse who had been helping her for a while now, ever since Overwatch was recalled. She was middle aged, tan skinned, with long black hair that was picked up in a bun at the very top of her head. Angela stood from her seat, tapping her fingers on the back of her tablet.

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Ok so for ur football game headcanons, I love it. But Eddie wouldn’t be a trumpet bc trumpets are l o u d and annoying. They overpower the band and being near them gives everyone a headache. He’s more like a mellophone bc he’s not v popular and is more quiet and forgotten

Ooohh interesting take on it!! I had more hc on him being in band than what his specific instrument was, so that works too!! When I picked trumpet I was actually coming from the opposite angle; I don’t think that Eddie is very quiet at all (and he has the tendency to pick the loudest and most annoying thing to put all his attention to cough* richie *cough) he seems to me to be one of the loudest of the kids in the movie, and one of the most attention drawn, so I went off that!! Everyone has different ideas of characters though so mellophone is just as awesome!!


[Red Robin #9] 


[Superboy [I] (2011) #6]


[Teen Titans (2003) #92]


[Teen Titans #24]

[Teen Titans #14]


[Young Justice (1998) #19]

C o n n e r?

[World’s Finest Three (1996)] 

happy birthday @hollywoodcassiecage, have a baehee 🙌
i saw u post about having a bad bday so i was hoping to cheer u up
also sorry its kinda sloppy and grey, i had to rush the shading and all that bcs time runs goddamn fast and for the first time in my life i was swamped

Happy ‘Suicide Squad’ Day!!

It’s officially been a year since Suicide Squad came out. So let’s relive some of the best Joker, Harley, and Joker x Harley moments shall we? 

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