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a/n: The pack going to Disney World and Derek meets his soulmate who works there.

warnings: none

“Why are we here again?” Stiles complained for the thousandth time.

Lydia huffed,
“With all of the bad things that have happened to us in the last year I figured we could use a day at ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’.”

Stiles groaned and Derek had to refrain from smacking the crap out of him. In all honesty he agreed with Lydia, they needed to get out of Beacon hills for a little bit. But Disney Land? Out of all places she had to pick Disney Land.

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Artyom is not an Athletic sim.  He could take or leave soccer.

… I’d just have rather he had not picked THIS.  xD  (And he picked it at least once more later.)  My straight male sims are usually forbidden from eating hot dogs and fudge popsicles*, and honestly I would have stopped him but he got there before I noticed and… well… fuck it.  xD

No one asked you, Tapioca.  :|

So sad.

I would have mentally sat and thought about the odds of either of them winning, but it would have been for naught anyway.  xD

* - Don’t ask, ‘cuz I dunno.  It’s a weird mental hangup.  xD

I just realized that not many asari has brown eyes.

Looking at PeeBee (the asari in the upcoming mass effect andromeda game) has brown eyes. The only other asari that i can remember and see that has brown eyes is Matriarch Lidanya (the commander of the Destiny Ascension, year 2183) I thought that was a indication of a human bondmate. Or possibly a bondmate outside of the asari. I dont think that Lidanya couldn’t of had a human father because she is a Matriarch and humans have only been in the galactic community since 2157 (First contact war started) so its very unlikely that Lidanya would have a father who was human. However i believe that other races has more diverse eye color. So its entirety possible that she would have a krogan, turian, etc father. What i believe is that the most common eye color for asari is blue. Peebee looks like to be young so it is entirely possible that her father could be human or a another species other than asari. Since asari can pick and choose traits favorable from the bondmate it is entirely possible that brown eyes and other less common eye color was picked from a bondmate a long the line.

Thats just my opinion and hypothesis. Lemme know what your guy’s opinion.

All That I Am — Part 2

a/n: i’m so glad people have liked this so far! i wasn’t planning on posting this until i was halfway through with part three, but i’m super excited about this part and i really just wanted people to read. the other parts will probably take a while before they get written/posted because i have rehearsals coming up this week. comments welcome!

Rating: T

Word Count: 4,638

Part 1 

Elain’s first day with Lucien in the gardens was nothing like she had expected it would be. He didn’t force her to say anything and he hadn’t spoken much either. Elain had scrounged up a more comfortable outfit, loose trousers and a top that flowed off her dainty form. She’d realized begrudgingly that she’d picked something more akin to what she had worn during her time in the Night Court and less like what she would have worn at home.

She didn’t work up the courage to ask him about anything of importance, and she didn’t think he trusted her enough to tell her anything yet, anyway. Mate or not, they still had no relationship at all.

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My mental health and my schedule has become completely non-accomodating to running the shop anymore.  I took the time this morning to refund all outstanding orders that I have never touched.  Some of them were from an embarrassingly long time ago - I apologize to those of you who were negatively affected by my poor performance.

That being said, I have two orders - one from January and one from February - that were for receiving a spirit’s vessel that I had already spoken to them about. Those orders will be honored and I’ll try to get them both done sometime in the next week.

While it lasted, it was a really great time and I felt like I made a huge difference for a lot of people!  But this chapter of my life now has to close.  I’ve been pushed by my Netjeru Fathers to pick myself up, do the refunds, and get this overwith.  I think now that I’ve done this, I’ll feel a lot more free and a lot less anxious.

It’s kind of funny - I sometimes wonder if I was cursed by a handful of customers who were particularly nasty to me back in the summer, but that just feels ridiculous.  It’s myself I have to hold accountable, and I am holding myself accountable.  I let myself become overwhelmed and I became the shop keeper I never wanted to be - someone who wouldn’t respond to emails, messages, etc.  I have a crippling anxiety attack whenever I look at my thedragonslibrary email, whenever I log on to storenvy, whenever I log on to tumblr.  Sometimes the feeling lasts for days.  I don’t want to have that feeling anymore, so this is something I have to do.

I am permanently closing The Dragons Library until further notice.  Maybe one day I’ll want to do it again, but today is not that day.

Thanks for your continued patience and support!  

stubbornessissues  asked:

Ayyo, so, Freewood, take your pick of romantic or platonic or anything in between, in FAHC and comfort/safety or something in that area of feelings

this got a tiny bit outta hand bc uh its freewood but i like it


It’s a good thing Ryan doesn’t sleep a lot. He hasn’t been able to for years. He would’ve been far more irritated at the sound of someone knocking on his door of the penthouse if he had been asleep.

“Who?” he grunts, sitting up and taking off his glasses. There’s a soft noise from behind the wood.

“Gav… Can I come in?” And he sounds kinda wrecked. Ryan stands completely, opening the door. It’s been awhile since they removed each other’s masks, since they kissed and never talked about it. Ryan still thinks about that.

“Jesus, you look like shit, Gavin,” he says, stepping aside for him. Gavin looks small and utterly terrified, his eyes bloodshot and breathing a little frantic.

“Jus’ about had the worst bloody nightmare of my life!” Gavin laughs nervously, running his fingers through his hair as Ryan shuts the door. He approaches Gavin slowly, running two fingers down his back gently when he stands behind him.

“What do you need?”

“You,” Gavin spins quickly. “Because you died there, Ryebread, and I never gotta tell you because I’m a mingin’ awkward idiot, and you died and I didn’t tell you.”


“Christ, you make it hard,” Gavin titters again, his hands shaking as they lay on Ryan’s chest. “Ryan, I love you, Ryan and I really shittin’ need you right now.”

Ryan pulls him to the bed, and holds him close. “I love you too… I do, and Gav, I’ll do my best to stay right here with you. Always.”

10 sentence prompts?

Season 9 - Ep 13 - Sneak Peek

Written by: @thebazilelord and @rickcastlefromthailand

“You know, Kate, if this case is too exhausting, you are the captain. You can take a step back,” he reminded her gently as he guided her weary body into his chest.

“Yeah, just… all this… working these cases? It’s for her now, too,” Beckett murmured, picking up his hand and moving it to rest on her stomach. “I want her to grow up in a safer world.”

“She will, Kate. Because of you, she will.”

His wife didn’t reply immediately and Castle could see that her eyes had closed so he assumed that she had fallen asleep, worn out after a stressful day. But, as usual, she surprised him by running gentle fingers over his hand that was still on her pregnant belly.

“How are you doing?” Her voice was nothing more than a tired whisper and yet it wrapped itself around his heart all the same. “Is the case bringing up any triggers?”

“Oh, okay,” he responded on a sigh. “Even better because I have you and our little one. Haven’t felt any of the usual symptoms.” He wiggled the tips of his fingers against her skin and he could feel her squirm slightly against him.

“You both make me want to get better.”

It was dark but he knew she was smiling. He swallowed quietly, feeling both grateful and guilty that she was too tired to hear the slight hesitation in his words. When he said he was okay he hadn’t been lying, per se; he could never lie to his wife. The fear, the hypervigilance still pricked in the back of his mind, however. He just hoped the case would be over before he truly wasn’t okay.

hopefully Moonlight gets picked up by more theaters now because back when I saw it in November, it only had one show time that entire day and it was at 11PM

Hello everyone, this is tree’s older sister @lightning-cross​ here

Thank you for sending so many loving messages to her before her passing. My family and I are truly grateful for your kindness and support. My mother and father are very, very happy and surprised to see the love their daughter has received, as they actually didn’t know about her Tumblr life, and only knew that she was close friends with sai.

I’m not sure how much she could read them, but I want you all to know that she went peacefully, and with a smile. To everyone that her light had touched before, I ask that you do your best and share that light with everyone else. Her kindness, her love, her enthusiasm that she picked up from her role model, please spread it because the world needs more good.

I will most likely not be returning to Tumblr for a while, maybe not at all, as the only reason I made an account in the first place was to see what the fuss was about Emorock, which she never stopped talking about. haha. But I am still an admin and I should probably come back for responsibility. I’m not as enthusiastic as her when reblogging or commenting on stuff, but I will try my best.

I’m not sure what to do with this account, but I will be sending her login details to sai to keep/use as she wishes.

I’d also like to ask that if possible, please support sai during this time and not worry about things over here. I have friends and family with me irl to get through this, and I’m very sure sai doesn’t even have a shoulder to cry on while she’s cooped up in her room. Send her lots of love for us.

Stay beautiful.


STARTING APRIL 11TH.      but i’m putting this up now.    my job will be fuel systems apprenticeship after bootcamp,  but i also formally requested that if something higher on my jobs list pick came up that i be plopped into that.   my recruiter informed me that security forces pops up a lot, so if it does, the deal was that my shipping date will change.   meaning that if i randomly disappear from the face of the earth,  i had to rush around to get ready to leave for bootcamp earlier,  i.e. move all my stuff into storage,  buy everything i need for bootcamp which at this point is just more sports bras and a new loofah.   in case it isn’t known,  i will absolutely not have access to a computer for leisurely reasons and the only time i’ll have access to my phone is sparingly.   during those times, i’ll have to make it a priority to get in contact with my mom before anything else.   in short,  i will absolutely not be around for at least the two months of bootcamp. 

ellen ripley has actually been a piece of inspiration for joining the airforce,  the other inspiration is my mom’s best friend/the woman who’s like an aunt to me.   i’m using this to learn a valuable job skill when i become a civilian again,  along with a hopeful stepping stone to nasa. ellen ripley will always mean something important to me,  so i hope that when i return and when things slow down after it all,  i’ll be able to come on and see y’all again.  maybe even lend valuable information on gun handling or fuel systems in a big fighter jet.

also,  due to my college education i’ll be stepping into bootcamp with an e-3 status which means that i’ll be an Airman First Class,  opposed to an Airman and if i wish i’ll be able to move up in ranks without having TIS (Time In Service) first.

most of all i hope you’ll remember that i’ll always be a friend,  no matter what.

stay happy and sane everyone. 

The lovely @a-million-chromatic-dreams tagged me! <3

Name: Jemma

Nicknames: Jem, Jemmy, Pines (from friends on here)

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Height: 5′1′’

Orientation: I’m actually…not sure right now? So…questioning. I think it’s more a matter of labels and if I feel comfortable using them…

Ethnicity: From my mom’s side Italian, from my dad’s side Russian Jewish.

Favorite fruit: maybe blueberries…

Favorite season: Hmm,,, i think the springtime, when everything starts growing again.I also love fall though.

Favorite book: i guess the Last Unicorn, that book also moves me.

Favorite flowers: Daisies!

Favorite scent: I love the smell of rain on ground, of the ocean air, and of campfire.

Favorite color: many. lots. ALL??? if i HAD to pick a color, forest green.

Favorite animal: gosh, probably wolves? maybe because they are close to doggos. but i love learning about different animals.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: right now, tea. it is a soothing thing.

Average Sleep Hours: i need approximately 8 hours otherwise i cant function.i have no idea how people can pull all nighters bc if i get only six im a zombie.

Cat or Dog person? Doggos. I like cats but i cant live without my dog.

Number of Blankets you sleep with: I always need at least one, but i will usually sleep with the comforter even if it’s hot outside?

Favorite Fictional Character: Grunkle stan of course

Ideal trip: I’d love to  one day take an American cross country roadtrip, see all the landmarks and tourist traps and national parks. I also want to go to Japan one day..

Blog created: Dec. 2014? so long ago…  I didn’t go on it until months later though.

Number of followers: 5,285 O_o thank you guys

I tag: @artsymeeshee, @skillfulstudio, @fexalted, @digikate813, @peekabooitsmiko, @silver-stargazing if you want to do it!! And anyone else who wants to

A Heart in two (KaiSoo)

Again. It’s ringing again. He tried calling me again. I didn’t count but I think it was already more than twenty times but I didn’t pick up the phone once. Why? Because I know what will happen. He will end it completly. Why I am so sure about this? It’s because I fucked up big time, I did something you can’t just look over and say nothing happend. I lost him through my own dumb actions. Nobody should be treated like that. Nobody should experience this pain. I didn’t have a reason to just straight up ignore him and hide everything we have or had. He probably felt that I didn’t love him at all. Yes I wanted to hide our relationship because some might think it is wrong. That wasn’t even the painful part. I left him alone just because my brother found out. Because he said I shouldn’t date him. That nobody will accept us. At first I didn’t care, all that mattered to me was that I love him and nothing can break this but when he threatened to hurt Jongin I couldn’t do anything than to him. I can’t let anything happen to the person I love the most. He means everything to me. And because of that I left him alone. Broke all contact we had just like that and with that I broke his heart and mine. The moment I said it was over I literally heard my heart shatter and his sobs didn’t make it any better, so I just hung up the phone and changed numbers. He somehow still got my new number and is texting and calling me nonstop. I didn’t pick up one call or read one text. If I did I would just break even more. I am broken. Really broken. I don’t even know how I am anymore. It feels like I’m just an empty shell that somehow tries to survive even if it has no reason to live anymore. The only reason I keep on this painful life is him. He’s my only reason. He’s my only one. I hope he moved on and lives his life. Without me. Without a burden that stops him from living freely. Yeah right I’m just a burden nothing more. It’s not easy being in love. Two hearts unit to one. Both want to love the other and also want to be loved back or else it wouldn’t make sense. It would just be a one sided love. Unrequited love. But sometimes one wants more of this love or expects more love. It’s basically like you have one heart for two people and the other wants more than a half of this. If both want this it is not possible. It leads to complications. To problems. What these problems are can differentiate from couple to couple. Our problems lead us to a breakup. Unwanted by both. And this breakup lead to two broken hearts. One surely can’t be healed again no matter how hard they try and with the other heart I don’t know. I really hope he can fix his broken heart. He deserves it, he deserves everything good actually. And I. I deserve everything bad there is. Funny how I’m still not dead. Should I try? Is it worth it? Probably. But still, something holds me back from attempting suicide. Two weeks. It was two weeks since all this happened. It seems like a short time but it isn’t. Two weeks of plain torture felt like months. My brother won’t leave me alone. He says I did the right thing. Yeah sure the right thing. So me being broken is right? Probably. The days dragged on slowly. In these days I tried to at least do something. So this is the day were I will finally go out again. Not really to interact with anyone but to just get out of this suffocating house I once called home. It really isn’t anymore. So as I was outside I listened to some music. “Avere un cuore in due non è facile” It was a song I recently listened to and it fits so well to all what happened the last few weeks. As I walked I didn’t look at my surroundings at all. So as I crossed the road the car that was heading towards me did go unnotices until it hit me. I didn’t scream. I didn’t even feel the pain. I was too shocked. Shocked that I just got hit by a car. Shocked that under the bystanders was him. His eyes went wide. I saw his mouth open and close but heard no sounds. As I hit the road evrything seemed to go in slow motion. He came running to me. Holding me in his arms while crying and everything that left his mouth was a garbled mess through tears and the fact that I really didn’t hear that much of what surrounded me. Surrounded us. Someone probably called an ambulance because a few minutes later I was brought to a hospital by one. Jongin begged to drive with the ambulance. To be with me. If I could I would have smiled but even this was to painful right now. When was the last time I smiled? I don’t know anymore. So as I was in the ambulance Jongin finally got them to let him drive with me. This whole drive he held my hand and cried, telling me to stay awake. To stay with him forever. I just looked at him. No sound leaving me. Everything that happened afterwards seemed to go really fast. I was brought to the Emergency Room. There I fell asleep or the medications made me fall asleep. So the moment I woke up I was confused to find myself in a normal hospital room. So I survived? There was a sound from the door and a nurse walked in, shocked to see me awake. Was I out that long? Seems so. She walked out of the room and got the nearest doctor. “Do Kyungsoo right?” he asked. “Yes that’s me. Why?” he looked at me. “A mild concussion but nothing serious like amnesia.” he mumbled to himself. “I’m Doctor Yoo.” I just nodded in response. “You have a few fractured ribs, a mild concussion and a broken leg. We gladly could stop the inner bleedings you arrived with. If it wasn’t for the person who came with you, you would be dead right now. He gladly did a blood donation so that we could save you.” he said. I let the information sink in. “What person?” I asked. Who came with me again? I seriously can’t remember. “He said is name is Kim Jongin.” Jongin? He really donated blood to save me? To save a person who broke his heart? To he person he should hate? At this moment the door opened again. This time it was him. A tear left my eyes. Why is he here? He walked inside and stood beside my bed. The doctor just said a few other things and then left the room, so I was alone with him now. For a few minutes there was silence. Nobody dared to speak. “What are you doing here?” the words came out harsher than they should. I really am glad that he is here. “Can’t I visit you? Can’t I visit the one I love when he got hurt. When there was this chance that I would lose him forever? Kyungsoo do you seriously think I would leave you alone at times like this?” I just stared at him speechles. He still loved me? “Why would you still love me? After the things I did. Why would you still care about me? I’m not worth it Jongin.” “You are totally worth it Kyungsoo. I don’t care what happend. All I care about is you and that you are safe. That you aren’t hurt. I still love you no matter what.” Tears ran down my face. This were the words I longed to hear. But that this would become real was something I didn’t expect. “Please Kyungsoo. Please try again. I want you back. You are the only one I want. Ever. I don’t care what others say or think all I want is you and you alone.” I cried even more. “I still love you too. So much. But I had to do this. My brother…h-he treathend me that he’ll hurt you. I couldn’t live with the thought that you get hurt because of me. But that is clearly what I did. How could you still want me?” “It’s love Kyungsoo. That’s the reason I still want you. We can work this out together and nothing will stop us.” “I don’t know Jongin. I don’t want to risk losing you again.” “You won’t because I wouldn’t let you. I can’t live without you. So please let’s try this again. Aand this time we are stronger than before. This time we’ll fight.” “Okay. Just let’s not start it here. Let’s go somewhere else. Where no one can find us.” “If that is what you want them we’ll do it” he smiled and kissed my forehead. That was the first time in a long time I smiled. It felt nice to be happy again. He is my happines. The only thing that I need to keep going. He intertwined our fingers and smiled at me. The most beautiful smile on this earth. I smiled back at him. It was sincere. It was meant for him. With that he kissed me tenderly. After our kiss he pulled a chair next to my bed and sat there the whole time talking to me until he had to leave with the promise of coming again. This whole time our fingers stayed locked together in a not to tight grip. With that our love story began again. This time it will be better than the last.

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So a couple of days ago my levelling roulette put me in Titan normal with the other three players being new to the instance. I gave an explanation of the mechanics, and off we went.

They were honestly the best party I have had for anything. Titan jumps? They stay out or the red. Landslide? They’re out of there before you can decipher the screaming in the BGM. Granite Gaol picks me? All three of them are there basically instantly.

We clear it first attempt with no deaths, all three of them thanked me and I left with three comms and more pride than I went in with :D

Even in a dream, I’ll go beyond time to meet you (WMatsui) - Chapter 1 “Nice to meet you”

Rena woke up from her sleep, finding herself back in her room. She looked around confused, not remembering when she had gotten home. She slowly got up, rubbing her eyes.

“That was one weird dream…” she mumbled before feeling something near her hand. She looked down and saw her phone lying near the tips of her fingers.

She picked up her phone and checked the time.

10:01 AM

“Uwa! I’m late!”

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vesperlord  asked:

(OOC) Hey, branch heads, if you had to pick someone else to take over your branch, who would it be?

“I think I could trust Kin-chan with the position, but maybe also Kamisaka-kun, since this is more than just the branch for therapy patients to come to.”

I feel like Mitarai-kun would be able to do well as the branch head.

Either Makoto or Byakuya, I feel like they could both handle the responsibility well.

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Name: Joe

Nickname: I don’t really have one

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: like 5′11?

Orientation: ?who knows? but v gay

Ethnicity: English

Favourite Fruit: idk probably banana or pomegranate

Favourite season: Winter!

Favourite Book: I have a lot, anything by Michael Grant or maybe the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini

Favourite Flower: idk I like lilies

Favourite Scent:  maybe like you know when you go to a forest or somewhere nice and green you know that smell, i like that or probably coffee i really like

Favourite colour: like a burgundy or deep purple

Favourite animal: idk maybe a koala

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: all! but if i had to pick then probably coffee

Average sleep hours: like 6-7?

Cat or dog person: Both but maybe dogs a little more

Favourite fictional character: Ah there’s a long list idk

Number of blankets you sleep with: one or two

Dream trip: I want to go EVERYWHERE! But mainly like Iceland or New York i think

Blog Created: like a year and a half ago? idk

Number of followers: on this blog, 325 <3

I’m going to tag @silent-sn0wflake, @yaynessdude, @hamiltonsitdown, @northrn, @officialshrektrash, @the-gone-series, and @anyone else who wants to do it idfk

I’m so mentally and physically fukt after the weekend. My sewing machine broke and I was too busy cooking and cleaning to do any sewing anyway. People wanted to pick my brain, I had a sinus headache, and I felt so… alone and scared as a fat lady. I don’t do a lot of socialising and people always assume I want to engage in diet talk.

As the dinner maker on these retreats I always serve myself last, and get to the dinner table last. On more than one occasion I’ve been left with a seat in a tight spot. On the first night this weekend I stood my ground and said “I literally will not fit in there”. Non fat people don’t get it until a fat person physically performs the limitations of space for them, which is humiliating.

I so rarely join the world these days. I’m so tired of not fitting in.



Tbh, Sundays kinda suck and I’m not prepped like at all for tomorrow and I’m not done with grades yet. So let’s focus on the positives, shall we?

-I have now been alive for ¼ of a century
-Robert surprised me by taking the day of work. He actually got it off two weeks ago and just pretended like he still had to go to work until I woke him up because he was “late”.
-I got kisses and snuggles and breakfast made for me.
-Robert drew me my favorite book of life character for my card and bought me a copy of the first Studio Ghibli movie I ever saw (because I still didn’t own one).
-after working much more than I wanted to, we went to the mall were I got the second part of my surprise. Robert took me into barnes and noble and said I could pick out anything I wanted for $20. I got the Beauty and the Beast mystery mini (Lumiere) and this book. It looks to be in a similar vein as The Night Circus and is not one I’d heard of.
-we wondered around the mall and I bought these buttons and Robert a pop figure (Reaper).
-Robert took me to dinner and I got my favorite drink ever.
-we watched Spirited Away because Robert had never seen it.

I have a package coming from Robert’s parents and probably some cards from my family. Also, Barnes and Noble is running a promotion where you get a $50 credit for trading in an old nook, which would make the one I’ve been eyeing $100, and I’m seriously considering it. I currently have the nook hd, and really it works fine, it’s just really slow. Should I upgrade? What do y'all think?