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Today I read something about a modern singer being prized because his song played 100 million times on spotify. So? Now the number of times a single fan listens to a single song (for free on repeat) is worthy a prize.. no one has asked me how many times i’ve listened to twist and shout or bohemian rhapsody before spotify..

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Aren't scorpions essentially just land lobsters?

More of land shrimp. They first came from the sea hundreds of millions of years ago but they taste more like a shrimp with slight almond than Lobster

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i dont think its fair that you say abuse is embedded in iraqi culture, i dont think its fair for you to judge a population of more than 35 million in saying theyre all abusive. Like i fully understand where youre coming from and how youve been affected by it but its truly not like that in every single household. when someone says "not all iraqi men are like that" i understand why you may not believe that because of your experience, but there are good people out there.

I’m Iraqi. I have every right to drag my own culture. Firstly, there are no adequate laws in Iraq that protect women against domestic violence. Secondly, it is legal in Iraqi law for a male relative to murder a female relative if it’s an honour-based crime - if you don’t believe me, look it up. The Iraqi government doesn’t care to protect female victims of domestic and/or public violence and even kidnappings of women by gangs. A high percentage of Iraqi women attempted suicide because of domestic violence. So yes, Iraqi culture IS inherently patriarchal and abusive, and normalises those values.

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ive said it a million times and ill say it again: we need more furry art of romantic relationships. while im still a fan of fuckin, there def needs to be more cute couple art.

while i completely agree I dont know what prompted this and i dont know why you sent me this but thank you for sharing your opinion 

u are valid

The first four!!

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imagine if the baker street boys epilogue was narrated by mrs hudson
  • Mrs Hudson: I know you two; and if you come back and live in MY house, I know what you could become. Because I know who you really are. A junkie who solves crimes to get high and the doctor who never came home from the war. Well, you listen to me: who you really are, it MATTERS, I've been trying to tell you all these years. There are two men sitting arguing in a scruffy flat, like they’ve always been there and they always will. The best and wisest men I have ever known. My Baker Street boys. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.
  • Mrs Hudson:
  • Mrs Hudson: Well then? Get on with it, I'll officiate the wedding

your fave is problematic: Dr. Leonard H. McCoy

  • can cure a rainy day
  • once got super stoned and cried because he doesn’t like to see people get hurt
  • best smile
  • didn’t get flowers for his ex girlfriend which made her pretty salty
  • told spock to shut up because he was trying to rescue him
  • once injected himself with a drug that could have killed him just to see if the cure worked
  • wears a ring
  • often says ‘medically impossible’
  • way too good with children they all love him
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda, sitting on a giant pile of cash, safe in the knowledge that his show is sold out for a year, a person who has always been able to access theatre shows: Stop The Bootlegs I Don't Like Them
  • Poor People: [stare into the camera like they're in the office]
yoi instagram fancast

since i’ve had so many ppl ask (including in the tags, cause yes, i do read those haha….. i love compliments in them) about who i cast in my yoi instagram edits, so here it is! this will be updated as i complete edits. under read more, cause it’s long and i included pic references haha

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12th Day, Month of Songs

I finally come to realize it ain’t enough just to have a tattoo. A tattoo is nothing but a pretty picture put in your skin. That’s all.


I remember reading a post about Hera and the crew when they got sick… And the one with Ezra… It was perfect.

Give me Hera and Ezra moments goddamnit.