there are million different important things about this movie

The thing about me, John, and Jade is that we only get upset over stupid things.

We’d never bicker about something important, not in a million years. We have our priorities in check and if an issue ever had any sort of gravity, we’d no doubt be in agreement about it, whatever it may be.

But if we had a family night and watched a movie together and we all had different opinions about the movie, John, Jade, and I would foreseeably get into a shouting match. 

John and Jade both inherited my short temper and therefore Jake is the outlier in all of this, only getting into the mix to tell us to calm down and enjoy the movie, because in his frank opinion, all movies are good. This only serves to make us even angrier.

In the end, it brings us closer together as a family, and we laugh about it the next morning.