there are many kinds of terror in this world

things anthony has said to me:

“That’s true. I am an undefeated wrestler. That is pretty awesome.”

“I’m not completely inept. I’ve put together a book case.”

“Don’t call me Bernard when you get mad at me.”

“I’ve only plucked out one eye. That’s only one more eye than you’ve ever plucked out.”

“Are you using me to learn the illuminati secrets? Don’t forget that I’m a “gatekeeper” also for covering up the Kennedy Assassination. You’re dating a gatekeeper.”

“Antigone sounds like my Hollywood Power Couple name if I was dating an iguana.”

“Congratulations on being internet famous.”

“I definitely won’t hit you with a chair, though. Even for the WWE Championship.”

“Please have an intervention if I am an etsy jewelry maker. I’m asking you to step in if that ever happened.”

“Obama/Biden are undoubtedly the most ice creamiest President and Vice President in history.”

“I’ve never been caught for killing someone.”

“Insultingly superior Anthanie is the best power couple.”

“For discreet, professional murdering needs, Call Anthony.”

“I am capable of sitting in darkness.”

“I totally forgot the gate code to the old storage unit. What is it? I only have room in my head for so many numbers. You wouldn’t want me to forget Millard Fillmore’s birth date, would you?”

“I am in fact aware of the continuing existence of China.”

“I only date girls with professional weight-lifting form.”

“Are you going to the gym tonight or just coming home to shoot people?”

“Bones kind of set the rules for the rest of your body.”

“Dragons are not relevant to Presidential history. I promise.”

“We can’t let the cat go terrorize the world. He’s our little terror.”
The greatest terror a child can have is that he is not loved, and rejection is the hell he fears. I think everyone in the world to a large or small extent has felt rejection. And with rejection comes anger, and with anger some kind of crime in revenge for the rejection, and with the crime guilt - and there is the story of mankind. I think that if rejection could be amputated, the human would not be what he is. Maybe there would be fewer crazy people. I am sure in myself there would not be many jails. It is all there - the start, the beginning. One child, refused the love he craves, kicks the cat and hides his secret guilt; and another steals so that money will make him loved; and a third conquers the world - and always the guilt and revenge and more guilt. The human is the only guilty animal.
—  East of Eden by John Steinbeck

One of the most upsetting images I have seen in my life time. It speaks for itself a million word. It says how humane you can be. A normal kid who didn’t commit any crimes except for being a Palestinian. 

A Palestinian child the only survivor from the fire set into his family home by extremist Israeli settlers killing both his parents and little brother leaving him scarred for ever. The settler is free. Ahmed holds his best mate’s face tight close and expresses his mixed feelings of happiness to see his Neighbour friend and a sad feeling which reminds him of what was a normal life with his family and neighbors like all the other kids around the world. Palestine is a sad story Palestine had suffered for decades and Ahmed in this photo is one example of many other stories created by the only democracy in the Middle East as the west claims called Israel. Apartheid Israel. 

One of the worst inhumane and most hideous apartheid that existed in human kind history. Belgium, Paris and all other terrorist attacks are condemned but who will condemn this act of terror which deprived this beautiful kid from the most precious thing in life called family. Sad…

Rami Abusamra

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of 'disaster,’ I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers - so many caring people in this world.
—  Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)

Summary: Your mission is to kill is infamous demon, Yoongi.
Genre: Angst/Fluff/Demon AU
Member/Band: Yoongi BTS
7 Days of Halloween
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You layed on the couch, cuddled up with Yoongi. You could feel the heart radiating off of him as you buried your face deeper into his chest. You sighed heavily, remembering the day you met him.

Your boss had assigned you to kill a well known demon around the world. He was around for hundreds, even thousands of years. There were myths about the ruthless demon who terrorized villages, cities, children. Many had took on the challenge on killing him and not a single soul came back alive.

You walked through an abandoned building, it was rumored this is where he currently resided. Your boss said that the electricity was still running, which was important for a electric manipulating or thunder kitsune. A kitsune is a fox spirit and there were different kinds of kitsunes but too many to name.  

You started to feel weaker as you walked deeper in the building, your hand stayed on your sword as you as did so. You finally came upon a gate. Reaching your right hand out, you tried to push the gate open but instead you felt a sharp burning sensation in your hand and you screamed out in pain.

“Mountain Ash?” You screamed out painfully. Mountain Ash was a type of substance that does allow Kitune’s or Werewolves to pass.  

You heard a menacing chuckle come from behind you and you turned around while gripping your right hand in your left one. Unfortunately for you, your right hand was the one you wielded your sword with. You were now face to face, with the iconic demon. He was cuter than you expected. Actually he wasn’t what you expected at all. His black hair fell over his forehead and besides his short stature, he looked more intimidating than menacing.  

“I haven’t been face to face with a Kitsune is a few hundred years. This should be fun.” He spoke as his eyes turned the darkest shade of black.

“I didn’t some here to talk, I came here to do my duty and kill you.” You spoke after you wielded you sword.

You swung your sword at him a few times but he just simply stepped backwards and dodged it with an annoying smirk. This was going to be as hard as people said it was. You ran towards him a full speed with your katana in the position to stab him but, you ended up flying against the wall. He wiggled his eyebrows at you and a boyish grin. He wasn’t taking this a seriously as you were, almost like child’s play. This continued for a while until you the last time you hit the wall, you looked up to find an abundance of electrical cords. You held onto them as you absorbed a large quantity of electricity into your body. For some reason after you did that, you fox’s fiery aura appeared around you and you blacked out.

You don’t remember what happened between Yoongi and your fox but after you woke up he was taking care of you. You felt a connection towards him. He tried to apologize and prove himself to you, but you still didn’t understand what was happening and why you were feeling love towards a complete stranger. A demon. A vicious demon. But your fox told you to stay.  Every time you asked him about what happened, he said look it up.  

Remembering he said that you pulled yourself out of his sleeping grip and called your mother. She answered on the second ring.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” She answered.

“How did you know there was something wrong?” You asked with a giggle.

“I’ve been around for 900 years and I have a mother’s instinct. Now tell me what’s wrong.”

You began to explain your situation and how you met Yoongi and she only replied with a girlish giggle, “Ma! stop giggling and tell me what happened.”

“Y/N, like werewolves, every kitsune has a mate. A soulmate. And yours just so happens to be a demon. I don’t know how that works but it just does. Look, I have to go. Your brother is trying to summon Oni again.” She ended the conversation.

You heard Yoongi’s voice from behind you, “How could you not know about soulmates?”

“My mom never told me…”

Yoongi shrugged and pulled your body against his, “Take a nap with me.”

“You just woke up from a nap!” You giggled. He groaned and turned away from you, drifting back into his nap.

Darcy Stark and the Hydra AU Part 5

Continuing on from the background, part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

She looks up at him and wrinkles her nose at the blood on him but he smiles and holds out his hand saying “Come on Doll, let’s get outta here.”

Being away from Hydra is terrifying. Darcy’s spent so much time inside, surrounded by walls, seeing only the same handful of agents and lab techs, that the first time she has time to look around (which isn’t for three or so days), she has to sit down and take some very deep breaths. Beyond the simple (or not so simple) changes in environment, there’s also the terror that Hydra will come after them and find them.

James isn’t much help. While he’s more able to handle different places since he was sent on assignment all over the place, he has his own difficulties remembering how to be a person, not a weapon. But he does teach her how to run and hide, how to cover their tracks and blend in.

Once she gets past the first terror, Darcy finds all kinds of things to explore and enjoy.

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If I have any French followers:

I am behind you one hundred percent. Too many countries have recently been subjected to terrorism and are well aware of what kind of sorrow that kind of an attack can inflict on a nation.

And don’t allow American teenagers on the Internet with a narrow-minded world view and no clue that humor is subjective from nation to nation, who don’t understand that Europe isn’t an extension of America, make you feel bad for mourning the loss of someone who dared to speak for themselves.

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This little moment will forever break me down completely. 

Because, after a really long time, he’s holding the object in his hands again that, for him, embodies the guilt he carries with him every single day. And in a single second, he gets catapulted back to all of it and it hits him like a ton of bricks. It’s a sadness, it’s memories, it’s guilt, it’s grief, it’s a strange kind of sense of nostalgia he’ll never be able to explain to anyone, and it’s probably something he doesn’t fully understand himself either.

That picture represents everything involving the island. And Laurel is a big part of it, and it holds so much more than that too.

It’s about what kind of person he was. How - before the shipwreck that changed all their lives indefinitely - he was just a stupid kid, having absolutely no idea yet what kind of person he wanted to be, unaware of what the world had in store for him. Trying to run away from fake fairytales about white picket fences in all the wrong places, living in a world full of flashing extravaganza and stubbornly trying to keep pretending not having a care in the world about anything. 

How, with one single decision in rebellion to all of that, he got thrown into a world of terror and loss. Not only loss for the people in his past, which it seemed so many times he would never see anyone from Starling City ever again, but losing people on the island after he let them in to that big heart of his he tried to hide for so many years. Having to see those people die, disappear to God knows where or turn into monsters. Getting to understand the injustice of the world, in a cruel place of living hell. How every single year, he was pulled into the darkness a little bit more. How the picture was a memory of home in the blackest of moments there, where he got scarily close of becoming a monster himself, too.

How, after 5 years he came back to his home, wanting to fight the injustice there, but having completely lost what he thought he knew about himself in the process. And coming home to a place that, naturally, had changed so much from what he held on to in those 5 years. How the people changed, how the relationships changed, how he changed. How being home didn’t mean he wouldn’t lose people anymore, something he got reminded of in cruel ways.

How he had to find a new way to live his life along with his mission, and while trying to discover that, he found new people to become his own family.

How he has acknowledged a long time ago that the way he was going was not the right way, and he’s trying so hard to hold on to this different path, but the guilt over everything is still eating him up inside.

And to then seeing that Laurel - of all people the one person who burned the most alongside of Oliver’s journey, held on to that picture, just like Oliver did all those years ago, and was able to see it as a memory of how it shaped her life. And how, in the end - everything else that happened in her life after The Gambit went down - she could all give it a place and was happy with how it formed her. How she was glad that it all played such a big role in her life, because in the end, it all gave her the possibility to feel alive inside, finally. And how she’s implying that she was able to forgive him for everything along the way, because she understands what he’s been through, and she’s implying that it’s okay for him to give that guilt a place and he should forgive himself too, because he deserves to be.

That’s just so heartbreakingly beautiful, I could burst down to tears.

If anything, I’m so incredibly glad Oliver and Laurel were granted this moment, because it was needed. To show how much Oliver and Laurel have grown from before The Gambit, to show what kind of camaraderie and maturity had finally formed between them.

 And it’s a push Oliver needs to be able to, slowly but surely, let go. 

To people who are like “ why are we talking about this, we didn t even hear of {insert other tragic event at convenience}”

Actually, I had heard, thank you very much, I watch the news, read various countries’ newspapers (internet is a convenient invention) and don’t just wait to be spoon fed information. Plus, the people who say that kind of thing only bring up events in other parts of the world when trying to delegitimize the suffering of someone else. Have you noticed how few spoke of Beirut’s terror attack amongst your western friends until they used it to spit in the face of those mourning Paris? It happened TWO days before, two whole days in which mostly no one talked about it (once again, amongst my western friends, i de like to note that many media did relay the information). And then Paris attacks and suddenly everyone s very concerned. hypocrisy 

Also hypocrisy from all these people who condemn the French for needing to gather and mourn and yet will never organize a gathering for any of the “other issues we really need to be speaking about instead”

Algy has been horribly shocked and deeply saddened by the terrorist attack in Brussels. It is impossible for a fluffy bird to understand how some human creatures can be so heartlessly violent and cruel. But as he perched beside the sea, wondering - like so many of his friends - how such things could happen, the sun suddenly emerged from behind a black cloud and lit up the dark rocks. In the burst of light and warmth, Algy thought of all his wonderful friends, and realised that the majority of humans were really good and kind. So Algy sang a fluffy bird song, praying that the good and kind would triumph and there would be far more fluffiness instead of violence in the world…

Maybe it’s bad timing that I’m doing this right after the world has been shaken by yet another terror act, but maybe, just maybe it’s the fucking right time because I wanna spread some LOVE tonight.

I’ve recently hit a very important follower goal of mine and I thought I’d do another follow forever to mention the people who always, ALWAYS brighten up my dash. To some of you I haven’t talked, but many, many of you have literally saved my life. You’ve always been there for me when I was in a bad space and you continue to support me and shower me with affection, kind words and compliments. I have no idea how I deserve you and that you just were by my side during the hella wild ride that was 2016 so far. Thank you for every message, like, reblog and just know that I love you endlessly and feel hugged and kissed ❤ ❤ ❤

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I really, really hope I’m not forgetting too many lovely people *scuttles back in cave*…I LOVE YOU ALL  ❤ ❤ ❤

I don’t care how many people hate the prequels, they were the movies that really got me into Star Wars. Now, of course I love the originals and think they’re fantastic movies but the prequels showed me the world of Star Wars. The backstory of these characters, their government, how the world became so fucked for the originals, and most importantly, the wonder of imagination. These movies are what showed me that anything is possible. Padme especially showed me how to be brave but kind and gentle. Padme showed me how to be myself. These movies always make me feel better. They show the terrors of war and how it breaks people, while showing strong people trying their best. Star Wars is what made me want to have film production as my major in college. Star Wars helps me when I feel depressed. Star Wars has shaped my entire life. The prequels especially helped and as a kid showed me wonder and were the center of my world. When people bash them to such extremes sometimes I feel like they’re attacking me as a person. The prequels don’t deserve as much hate as they get. Now, are they the best movies ever, no, but they made a whole new generation of kids become Star Wars fans much like the sequels are gonna do now and that in itself is enough to show the prequels aren’t as bad as people say.