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Avengers Preference 21 - Proposal

Thor Odinson

He was of course, now familiar with the idea of the wedding proposals, though he wanted to do it in the most perfect way possible. So, he took you on an evening picnic, candles, wine, the lot. At the very bottom of the box, there was a small box, which he got to first, before getting down on one knee, holding both of your hands gently, and asking you to make him the happiest man alive.

Steve Rogers

Steve did it right; he did it in the sweetest way possible. Whilst away one day, he got many photo’s of the both of you, edited into polaroid images. Each one had a different title underneath, such as ‘First Date,’ or ‘New Home.’ And, at the very end, was a beautiful, diamond ring, with the words gently written underneath ‘Marry Me?’

Tony Stark

He kept it calm, and small. So much of his life was advertised, and you were the one thing he wanted to keep to himself. So, when waking up one morning, he left a small box, and a tiny note next to your bedside table. When you woke up, you saw the box, lifting up the note, which said ‘You know what I’m asking…’ And, a grinning Tony Stark at the doorframe, as you ran to hug him.

Bruce Banner

He again, wanted to try and keep it low key, but changed it a little. With the help of his ‘Science Bro,’ he managed to book out your favourite place, for you both to go to privately. After the perfect evening there, he kept fumbling in his pocket, until you asked what on earth he was doing. That, was when he got down on one knee, and promised you he would love you forever, if you wanted him to.

Loki Laufeyson

It was at Christmas, in front of your family. He did this because he needed to feel accepted, for once in his life. So, when the Gift Giving began, he gave you a present, and when you opened it, he took your hands, and recited how much he loved you. And that, was when he asked you to always be his. You were silent for a moment, before grabbing his face and kissing him, to which your family applauded.

Clint Barton

You didn’t think he meant it - he came home from a mission, and as you helped him off the Quinjet, he fell into your arms, asking if you would marry him. But, when you went to see him later, he pulled himself up, hospital gown and all, and told you he was serious. So, he asked you to look in his jacket on the chair, and you saw the box, as he gently got down on one knee, and asked you to marry him. 

Bucky Barnes

It took him ages, but for you, it was worth it. It started with a letter on your bed when you woke up, and from then, he took you around the city, to all of your favourite places. From the place you first dated, to the time you punched a guy in the face. Eventually, he got to where you had both first met, and there he was, waiting on one knee, to ask you the most important question in his life.

Pietro Maximoff

It started off when you came home - your apartment was filled with Balloons, and Pietro told you that in one of them, was your birthday present. So, you spent most of the evening, going around and popping them, before something heavy fell out of one of them. He was first to pick it up, before getting down one knee, and asking you to marry him, which was the most nervous he had ever been, bless him.


Meet Joshua

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esteare  asked:

Omg I love your edits! Do you have any tips for people redrawing/cleaning up images? I use photoshop a lot and I've been trying to figure out the complexity of after effects haha.

I do all the cleaning/redrawing in Photoshop!  After Effects is solely for the animation part.

Here are my very bad tips:

1) Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool, not the Eraser

Eraser can get very time consuming with trying to get the edges and corners. I use the polygonal lasso tool to outline the character (if you mess up on a line, just press Delete and it’ll delete just that one line), then I just right click > layer via cut and delete the background layer.  If the image is very large, I just go in sections around the character while deleting the background.

2) Use the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush

I’m pretty sure anyone who does cleaning/redrawing often already knows about this but if you don’t, get to know them now!!

Watch/read tutorials on them and get to know how they work.  That way, you don’t need to redraw from scratch or crop out something because you don’t know how to get rid of that damn speech bubble covering half the character’s face.  Also helps a lot with redrawing screentones and gradients.

3) Something big you gotta redraw? Duplicate!!

So, in this edit I did, I had to redraw this damn sleeve (and the stuff the text is covering but we’ll focus on the sleeve here) because she was going to be in the center and a cut off sleeve would look weird

 Welp. Duplicate the other sleeve, reverse, change the size, and apply the clone stamp where it is needed, erase around, then merge the layers once happy!  Think of clone stamp in this case as something to ease in the choppy transition – sorta like fixing the blemishes

I like to use duplication when the redrawing involves something that is an object, is large, complicated, etc.  Something that a clone stamp can’t really do without going through more trouble than needed.

Another example:

So in this edit I did, Juuzou has this damn box covering the pattern of this strap so I gotta get rid of that and redraw the pattern but ain’t no one got time for that.  

Soooo, after I remove it, I just duplicate one of the already present triangles, angle it and boom.  I do the same thing again, switch it vertically to change it up a bit (because who is gonna notice tbh), and boom again.

Finally, don’t stress over small details

No one is going to notice probably especially if it’s a motion manga gif moving around like crazy.  Maybe more noticeable if it’s just a still cap but don’t stress over small details I still do it though I spend hours on dumb details no one will notice. So if that clone stamp ain’t cloning the right shade or pixel or whatever, don’t worry.  Just get the general image of what you’re cloning down.  No one is gonna notice that one wrinkle is going the wrong way unless they’re a bitter critic then good luck

Hope that helped! We need an appreciation day for all people who clean/redraw manga……

anonymous asked:

hi. you use pen tool to cut out images right? im new to making graphics and wow, cutting out using pen tool really takes lots of patience and time. like hours if you're making a set. just wanna say thanks for taking so much time to share your edits :)

hi, yes i do! and I KNOW :’((( i don’t think people get how much time it takes to cut out 10 pics at once just for 1 post.. so thank you so much! ♥♥♥ :((( it means a lot to me, because no one really cares about that part.. (my fingers usually hurt a lot after cutting out so many pics at once tbh) 


- I really can’t stay
- Baby it’s cold outside 

Sorry for the lack of activity but let’s celebrate Christmas, New Year, the return of the DGM anime and my +600 followers (wow but really thank you) with this Allen x Lenalee fanart o/ 

I have a lot to say so click on the read more if you wanna read some more babblings + a bonus sketch


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djs-lacrimose  asked:

Okay, so you're really good at Photoshop and tbh I really don't have the means. I was wondering if you could please make a Sabine phone wallpaper like you did for Hera? Lmao if i could ps half as well as you can, i would have done this already. 😅

Well, I’ve posted lots of Sabine edits in the past that could be made into phone wallpapers, I just don’t know which one you like best. 

If you find an image I’ve already started you want me to work from, you can look under my “swr photo edit tag. 

Or I could make an entirely new one, with you choosing a new Sabine image from the site I find them from, It needs to be a pretty clear image, and preferably not too dark. I’d have to see what you pick and let you know if I can. 

You can message me over the tumblr messenger feature about it if you’d like.

(Click the thumbnail for the full sized image.)

A lot of people ask how I make my sprites. Well, as of now, I create all of my battle sprites from scratch using Paint Tool SAI. My goal is to move away from sprite editing to give Inverted Fate a unique look, though Overworld sprites are still edited for the most part.

Some new sprites include Alphys’ battle sprite (subject to some change) as well as a custom Asgore, Papyrus, and updated Undyne and Sans.I actually have a few new sprites that aren’t shown here,as I want to keep the next miniboss a surprise.

I plan to get started on IF Part 8 tonight, once I get some more spriting done. On that note, I’ll just clarify for a recent ask.

How do YOU and Storyshift creator made a your own screenshots and sprites? Do you edit sprites or just made your own? I am really curious.

Screenshots are made using Undertale itself. I use alt + print screen to cap just the game window, then edit out extraneous objects in paint/photoshop. New objects are made in paint as well, while battle sprites are created in Paint Tool SAI using the binary tool.

I must stress, though, that it’s best to work at 50% the size of the images in the game. So, if you plan to do background editing, I would first take your caps and reduce them by 50%. Similarly, sprite size should be based on the in-game assets at half the size you see while playing, with the exception of enemy projectiles, which are displayed at full resolution.


What Wast Taken Project Statement:

I explore themes around the social constructs of identity and trace how race, class and gender factors in one’s perception of self. “What Was Taken” is a photo-­series that spotlights the communal effects of trauma, depression and the mythos of the “strong black woman” in communities of color.

Following recent incidents due to police brutality, I began to reflect a great deal on the mothers of the slain. How do you stand strong in the face of tragedy?

As Women of color, we carry the burden of being “Strong.” It looms eerily above us in times of trial and tribulation. We are forced to tuck away our feelings: our grief, our hurt, our pain for the sake of moving forward. But, what are the cost?

In recent studies, it was found that 63% of African Americans believe that depression is a form of weakness. Due to the racial and ethnic disparities in and communal stigmas associated with mental health care in communities of color, many are reluctant to seek help.

In this exploration of “self” and “other”, I  examine how our socio-political constructs limits the personal experiences of marginalized and historically stigmatized people. As confidence… depression… anger are privileges wielded only by the politically, economically and socially advantaged majority, are we, as women of color, entitled to own such feelings?”


do u know how much time i wasted on these assholes???? 

lots, i have no idea how to use gimp at all


My current work in progress and the reason I’ve been sorta quiet around here lately. I’m giving Bridgeport a makeover. :D

I know it’s hard to see the difference, but if you click the images to enlarge and/or open them in a new tab and toggle back and forth it really helps! Pictures one and three are the “before”, and pictures two and four are the “after”.

These shots show my new (edited) terrain paint textures and the world’s new layout (not my work). I actually started this project a couple of months ago when I began redoing some of Bridgeport’s default rabbit hole lots, but it’s such slow going! So far I’ve made over about 40 lots in the downtown and uptown districts, mainly adding the Roaring Heights rabbit holes to the world, emptying the shell buildings to remove those obnoxious routing black holes (as well as editing the buildings’ exteriors and changing the lot types to “No Visitors Allowed”), and finding/downloading other people’s lots and tweaking them to fit the world’s aesthetic. I haven’t taken any pictures of that yet because I’m not done and I don’t want to bore y’all with too many WIP pics. However, I do intend to export a partially finished version in the next week or so to use for my story temporarily, so *hopefully* I can get back to regular updates soon!

Just as a side note- The more I work on this world, the more I want to show you guys what I’m doing, so I may post some more unpolished/unedited WIP images (similar to the ones above). If you don’t want to see the ugly the tag to block is “Port Newhaven”. :)


And some pics of the excellent edition Image Comics’ made!

New design logo, same book format as the latest “I Kill Giants” edition with flipped speech balloons (not the art though).

And also- how does it compare to it’s cousins, the japanese original edition (far left) and the spanish (center)?
Cooked with lots of love!


“Henshin” is a short story collection by Ken Niimura, artist on the acclaimed and award-winning graphic novel I Kill Giants (written by Joe Kelly).

It will be in comic book stores on January 14 and in bookstores on January 27. It is available for pre-order now.


Last year I photographed an image library of a lot of tunneling sites in Colorado, both very large and very small, for Brierley Engineering and I had a lot of fun doing it. I also got very dirty and traveled through spaces I never thought I’d fit in everyday for over a week. 

I’m finally starting to work on an edit of this project for my website, which will be up along with some other new work soon. 


Images Jem #5

mooncalfe and idwcomics would guys ever think about a Jem artbook?

In covers alone you have something to start with. While something as classy as an Artist Edition style book might be too over the top for this (and too costly in this fandom), a nice HC with some exclusive art and behind the scenes peeks could do well. Maybe something along the lines of the Art of IDW’s Transformers (2008) with more words (a lot more words, so many more) and more new art. (Bonus if you can include even a look at the original art for the show and dolls. Also glassy paper.)

The comic seems to be selling well and the number of printings on #1 keeps rising. Given that the TPB and movie both release in Oct., the market for an art book with some information seems reasonable.  

Is the prospect even interesting as an exclusive kickstarter book? 


Check out these amazing new images of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko by the ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft.

The top row are images edited to enhance the view of the new streamers flying from the comet as it approaches the Sun.

The bottom show the comet’s images as taken by Rosetta’s NAVCAM.

As Comet 67P gets closer to the Sun, it’s going to continue putting on a crazy light show that’s only going to get more wild. Heat from the Sun will turn much of the ice on 67P into a hazy atmosphere called a ‘coma’ and the solar wind will ionize lots of the gas on the comet as well as blow the dust out, eventually both will become prominent cometary tails.

By the way, this weekend on February 14th the Rosetta spacecraft is going to do an up-close flyby of 67P’s surface. The images are going to be remarkable.

(Image credit: ESA)

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Man Face Monday - Holy Moly Edition

So, some of you are aware that I just posted a new chapter of my latest fic, Magic Words, and I’ll tell you, that installment took a lot out of me. So today I am enjoying Amell photo therapy. It’s kind of like coloring. Only much better. I hope this collection of edits help you get through Monday. I know how it is.  

One particular image really worked for me this week, but I couldn’t decide whether is was better in color or black and white. So at the risk of annoying you, I am including both as bookends. 

The eyes are not only the windows to the soul, they are the sharp lasers that can stare right into you and blast away your ovaries. Yep. 

Yeah, this one screams…he’s so pretty when he’s thinking. 

Angry Bratva Oliver face ahead. 

Tough guy face again! Just love tough guy face. 

And finally, the bookend I promised. It’s kine of arty but the man is a masterpiece, so I just had to…

So, that’s it for today. Treat yourself gently this week. You are the only fabulous you we know. 

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