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Ok so, I’ve spent all the easter festivities reading fanfiction, especially Yuri On Ice’s! ( ´ ♡ ` )

So I thought “What about giving credits to these AMAZING works of art and write a little recommendation post on tumblr?”

Because of the enormous amount of ff I decided to divide them in categories: the first part will be about 


So if you doesn’t feel comfortable about mpreg, and AOB dynamics pass this post! And  always read the warnings before the ff (ι´Д`)ノ! Some of them will analyse sensitive theme that can offend or triggers someone!  


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All eyes on me by Kizuna_Auri  

(Ongoing) Vikuuri

Yuuri, under the username of Eros, is a size queen omega who most certainly does not have an obsession with fellow camboy and legendary silver-haired alpha Aria. Just like Phichit is not the most meddlesome roommate known to man.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) OK THIS FF IS AMAZING, I didn’t know I needed a CamBoy + AOB ff until I read it! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
There is a lot of Smut, really! But even a lot of feelings and cute dorks, they really are obscene and cute at the same time. Totally recommended!

Seventh Heaven (The Lion and the Eagle) by NinjaMatty

(Ongoing) Viktuuri

The war is over. Katsuki Yuuri just wants to go home and forget about it all. But his heroics brought him the unwanted attention of the Emperor of his nation. As a thanks for his bravery, he is gifted an Omega barbarian. He tries to be positive about it, but the present ends up being a poisoned gift indeed. Is keeping Viktor worth the trouble?

I LOVE IT. Really, this mixed a Royalty/war Au with the Omegaverse dynamics without be boring and repetitive!

Panta Rhei by Kashoku

(Ongoing) Viktuuri

This was a mistake. Viktor needed to somehow pry Yuuri off of him and leave the room immediately. Viktor was drunk, and Yuuri was so far beyond gone that there wasn’t even a word for it. But the alpha in Viktor was having an incredibly difficult time resisting the pungent scent of cherry blossoms and ocean that filled his nose. Viktor snapped.

They had been reckless.

Totally recommended! It’s full of Drama and cuteness at the same time!

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You Can’t Plan for Everything by RivDeV

(Ongoing) Viktuuri

Yuuri forgets that he has a scheduled heat coming up until it’s just a couple weeks away. He scrambles to get everything ready in time, including deciding whether he’ll spend it alone or with someone. Victor only wants to help.

Ok this fanfiction doesn’t need to be recommended because EVERYONE knows it. And actually it’s one of my favourite at all!!

Shared Gravity by PhoenixWaller 

(Ongoing) Viktuuri

Yuri Katsuki doesn’t advertise his alpha status, in fact he’d rather it be relatively unknown. He feels that he’s never fit the stereotype, and is much happier blending into the background. However, much to his dismay, his alpha instincts are awakened one summer morning. 

At first he’s angry, believing that his new coach, Victor Nikiforov, has brought back an omega in heat for a day of passion. But when he intrudes to order the couple to a safer location he learns the truth. Victor, the most decorated male figure skater ever, has his own secret. From there an inexplicable gravity grows between them, their shared secrets pulling them together in ways that both learn to cherish.

Well this fanfiction is very particular and emotional! I’m really enjoying it.

Someday by Heyitsrah

(Almost Completed) Viktuuri / Otayuri

A now-retired Victor and Yuri suffer the loss of their first baby when Yuri miscarries, and when the time comes for them to try again, they learn that patience really is a virtue.

The best things in life do not come easily.

This is fuckin emotional guys, It’s just that is a very sensitive theme and it totally breaks my heart  

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My Sanctuary 

(Ongoing) Viktuuri

Omegas are rare… like super rare… Male omegas, even more so. Yuuri is one. How is he going to tell Victor? 

Love it… Oh, a lot of shit is going to happen here, embrace yourself!!! 

Not your usual love story by arcsinx

(Ongoing) Otayuri

Baranovskaya’s new face, Yuri Plisetsky (22), who shot in Venice for Vogue’s last edition, was seen accompanied by Otabek Altin (25) as they left a coffeeshop in St Petersburg yesterday. The DJ and voted 2017’s hottest musician, Altin was in the city to compose for Victor Nikiforov’s (30) new movie production. The couple met at the Paris Fashion Week after-party(image) and have been appointed to be secretly dating ever since. An intimate friend claims Altin to be completely besotted with the Russian beauty, having even gifted him a $35,000 diamond collar necklace!

For every Otayuri shippers, this is beautiful!

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Not Alone by DazzledGhosts

(Ongoing) Viktuuri

Katsuki Yuuri has been training alongside Victor in St. Petersburg for a while. He has been so careful for no one to know that he’s an omega. But while skating one day, Victor notices something different. What’s that smell coming from Yuuri’s neck? Without realizing it, he finds a scent suppressant patch on Yuuri’s neck and curiosity wins the better of him. He tugs and is hit directly with that smell of cardamom and honeysuckle.

Victor’s never experienced a such a rut before. And all he knows is that he only wants Yuuri. Not because he’s an omega, but because Yuuri is…. well, is Yuuri. And the Russian refuses to hurt him. To the point where he will bite and hurt himself in the place of marking the other unwillingly. But of course the younger skater is unaware to Victor’s affections.

Unaware to the desperate need and love of Victor Nikiforov.

If you like how dynamics works, this is the fanfiction for you!!!

For now that’s all!

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 I really enjoyed reading these ff and I want to share them with you all. These fanfictions update really fast and are really amazing! (≧ω≦)

Let me know if you have read them yet or if you’re going to enjoy them!

´ ▽ ` )ノ  Lia  


some quick recolors with the new palettes i made here! these are just for fun & i didnt spend a lot of time on them but i hope someone likes them anyway

my goal was to make the colors less eye-hurting but still fairly vivid/interesting! not sure if i achieved that but yea, here they are anyway!

im tagging the blog that first inspired me to make my own su critical sideblog in the hopes that maybe theyll enjoy these ! ;;;; @disappointedgreg

Arrow Washboard Wednesday - Torturing Us With Pretty Edition

Howdy! It seems like it’s been ages since I turned out a new Washboard Wednesday post. Thanks for your patience! Happily, some new images for you this time. 

Cargo shorts. Yum.

Happy and shirtless. And black and white. Works for me. 

He’s dreaming about the potato chips he gets to eat on hiatus. 

Intense color. 

You’re welcome. 

Well, gang. That’s it for Washboard Wednesday, Arrow-style. I hope you had nice little respite of happy place here. 

On Thursday, look for a silly little project from me. In the meantime, I hope your week is going well! 

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how much overlap is there between ginger and confetti? i just got confetti so i wanted to double check how much new content ginger has before i buy :)

i know they seem similar but my print sketchbook (confetti) and my sketchbook PDFs are totally different animals!

confetti is a compilation of art from multiple sketchbooks from 2015-2017. every page in it was scanned and reformatted at a much higher resolution/quality than the PDFs and i did a lot of editing that you probably wouldn’t notice if you were just flipping through it but you would if you saw the original pages!

this page looks totally natural, right?

but these images are actually on two totally different pages and were worked together. each page in confetti, as best as i was able, has a “theme” and confetti as a whole is much more curated than my sketchbook PDFs, which contain everything, including a lot of ugly mistakes.

confetti was also sent to be printed before i had finished my most recent sketchbook so there are about 16 pages of new content in the PDF that weren’t available for confetti, plus some rougher sketch pages/sketches that i decided didn’t fit the print book.

|^| Original |^|

|^| My edit |^|

New artwork for my fic! The original is up top. It’s, of course, a depiction of Belle and (Adam?) or just Beast really lol, at the end of the movie. This image has been going around and it’s not hard to see why. It’s breathtaking and shows Belle in her famous golden ballgown and Beast (I’m just gonna call him Dan Stevens in this whatev) as well in his blue suit with gold trimmings, but human. I love this depiction a lot, especially with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens faces and roles so exquisitely portrayed. 

The first thing I noticed about the art was the proportion of the two main characters. It’s definitely out of proportion, with Belle being much too large around the waist, shoulders, and bust. Dan is a bit out of proportion too, but I think it suits him better. He was a beast, after all, haha. But I’m using these proportions to my advantage and putting this as the new cover image for my own fic: I Have Done It All for You.

Scarlett’s waist in my fic is around 23-27 inches so she would’ve looked something like this. Also, Raphael is a bit brawnier. I changed the color of her dress. I added a bit of rose-gold in there. Tbh, I’ve always hated Belle’s dress. I can’t stand the color yellow, so I added my own touches for Scarlett. I also gave Scarlett her signature brunette hair and blue-green eyes. 

I’m so glad the lovely person who created this piece of artwork realized that Dan Stevens in his natural look is so much hotter and sexier than with that God-awful wig! He looks like Ashley Wilkes! Gross! I always hated (Adam?) in the original movie when he transformed. The red hair didn’t suit him at all. I thought they would let Dan be himself, but apparently not. This artwork is great because it fixes that and lets Dan go natural. This is great because Raphael has dark hair, and Dan Stevens’ original look is what Raphael looks like really. I didn’t even have to do anything to Raphael except make his eyes a bit bluer. “Like sapphires,” as described in my fic.

Overall, I’m proud of how my edit turned out and I enjoyed the new movie thoroughly. So many new followers on the BATB section of! My story’s getting much more popular!

Thanks so much to the original artist of this:!



So I started making this a few days ago and managed to finish it early. But man, making the gif was a pain. xD I do have high res-images that are much brighter than this, but I’m refraining from posting it for now :)

I want to thank you all for such an amazing year everyone. It’s been amazing and am glad thay I got to meet many of you and befriend lots in this fandom. I thank God for all of you.

2016 was rough, I’m sure most of you agree. So here’s to 2017 for a happier days and wiser times :D


EDIT: eehhh what the hey. I’ll post the brighter pics too. Not high-res tho.


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Hi! I just began learning bokmal and I'm so overwhelmed...I don't know whar to do... I want to learn grammar but even words and i dunno where to begin. Should I buy a grammar book? Can you help me and give me some advice please? I really hope I dont bother! Tusen takk!

Hi! Thank you so much for your message! :)

Don’t feel overwhelmed! It’s true that when you begin to learn a language you always want to understand everything in a short period of time, but in my opinion these first days when you learn the most basic things are the most fun ones!

I know this is something very obvious, but I think that the most important thing is that you get immersed in the language – that is, listen to music, watch series and films, etc. That way, not only you get used to it, but also you passively learn vocabulary, especially if you watch TV series or films with subtitles in your mother language.

In order to learn the most basic vocabulary, you could also try with post-its – especially in order to learn the words for furniture, etc. Since you’d be exposed to them all the time, you’d end up learning them very quickly! Another thing that may help is keeping a notebook where you write every single new word that you learn. Making vocabulary lists is also very helpful with me, especially edits with images, since I associate the image with the word.

I’m not really fan of platforms such as Duolingo and/or Memrise: it’s true that you learn a lot of vocabulary, but to me it seems like it’s very artificial and you don’t really learn that much. However, I guess it depends on the type of person, so you may find them helpful!

Something that I find quite helpful is browsing Wikipedia articles in Norwegian from things I know or am familiar with. This way, since you’re making a greater effort, you can remember more words.

As far as the grammar is concerned, I guess that the only efficient way to learn it is by learning it by heart, although it can be tedious. This course from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is one of the most completes that can be found online – and it’s free! It has audio and everything. The book can also be downloaded for free here.

You can also download a ton of Norwegian grammar books here. I have the one entitled ‘Teach Yourself Norwegian’ and I’m very happy with it, it’s very intuitive and perfect to self-study!

However, the most helpful (and least tedious) thing you could do to improve your skills is talking to natives. I’m sure that you’ll find plenty of them here in the langblr community that are willing to help you!

I’m linking you to some posts that can be of help:

And also, check out some blogs like @offisiellenorskblogg, @letslearnnorwegian, @language-hoe, @studyingboookworm, @whatlanguageisthis and @jeglaerenorsk (and many more for sure. Is there something like a Norwegian langblrs masterpost?), who sometimes post resources and vocabulary lists!

Anyway, hope this helps! Lykke til! :)

(If anybody has more tips for Anon, feel free to add them here!)


Are you not caught up on the manga? Are you wanting to watch the anime again, but aren’t able to find it anywhere? Do you want to find all that juicy, extra Loveless content like special editions, interviews, and official images? Oh boy- do I have something for you! 

You guys are part of the Loveless fandom. And if you’re part of the Loveless fandom, a couple problems stick out to you- for one, it’s dying out. Two, there’s not a lot of new content. And three, the content that is there is very hard to find and/or not translated. After being in the fandom for more than 10 years, I can tell you that these three problems are related and are very frustrating. The fact of the matter is that Loveless is very hard to get into because the content that is out there is so spread over the internet and the manga has been going on for so long that many of the sites previously used to host content are broken or dead.

I’m here to remedy this problem.

About a month or so, me and a friend of mine ( @septimalmoons ) began an archiving project. We decided that we were going to find every piece of official Loveless content on the internet or our hard drives and upload it to a place that would never break or go down- namely, Google Drive. That’s what I present to you today. This drive has been organized to the best extent I can organize it. Currently, every chapter of the manga (131 of them, 13 volumes) has been scanlated and put up onto the drive. The entire anime, both dubbed and subbed, is also on there. There’s every translated special edition up to volume 11 on there, including an official short story written from Soubi’s perspective. There’s interviews. There’s all the drama CD’s I could hunt down and every translation I could hunt down. There’s even every official image (non manga) that I could find on there.

I hope this is of some help to people, particularly to people who are behind on the manga or haven’t seen the newest chapters. I encourage everyone to take a look at it, since it has 10GBs worth of content on it.

So I get asked a lot about wanting to get into psychology/neuroscience and what books I would recommend, so I’ve made a list for you all to look through! I’ve separated into leisure reading and academic texts as reading Oliver Sacks would be much easier to read on the train for light reading, than a full blown anatomical textbook!

Books – Leisure

These are books worth reading that are not purely academic. A lot of these are your bog standard Oliver Sacks books but I cannot recommend his works enough!

Oliver Sacks – The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

This is the first book that’s always suggested to anyone going into Psychology and for good reason. It covers the weird and wonderful feats of the human brain, and how damage affects it. Full of case studies, notes and facts all wrapped up in a little bundle!

Nathan Filer - The Shock of the Fall

This is probably my favourite book. It’s fiction, but based on a very real disorder. Written by Nathan Filer who was once a nurse on a ward, he looks at psychosis and writes it in such a beautiful and accurate way that you actually almost feel as if you understand what psychosis is really like. For those who have actually suffered from psychotic breaks, this really illustrates it in such an accurate and yet simple way, it really is the best book I’ve ever read. It touches on death, mental health, loss, love, and everything in between. I won’t say much more because it would be considered as a spoiler but it really is a great insight into one of the most misunderstood psychotic disorders out there, and working on a ward myself, it really is as well written as it could be.

Sam Kean - The Tale of the Duelling Neurosurgeons

So this book I haven’t finished, I’ve only read the first chapter and have been too busy to continue reading it but from what I’ve read, this is a valuable resource for anyone going into neurology/neuroscience/psychiatry. It goes through the history of how we came to understand the human brain as it is now, and is written in a fluid and fun manner, so you’re not as bored as you would be reading an academic text book. It almost dramatizes the historical events that happened which makes it a fantastic read. It looks at key figures in the history of neuroscience, key events, neuroplasticity, delusions and much more. It’s fantastically written from what I can tell so far and has a lot of great info for anyone wanting to get into the fields of psychology/neuroscience.

Bruce Hood – The Domesticated Brain

This one’s an easy read and a very good one. When I first started my undergraduate degree I hadn’t really don’t a lot of preparation – in all honesty I didn’t even plan on doing psychology, so I hadn’t done ANY reading or prep prior to my course – So I found this book in a Waterstones before I got my train back to London. It’s not as easy to read as Sam Kean but easier than Oliver Sacks, so it’s something good to pick up between assignments. Its main focus is on how we are social animals and how evolution has changed the way we behave as well as the biology, so not quite as well rounded in all areas of psychology but a must read if you’re particularly interested in our evolutionary biology and social psychology.

Academic Texts

Purves et al. – Neuroscience

My Fundamental Neuroscience Module was pretty much based on this text, it’s got EVERYTHING you need to know about the mechanisms of the human brain on every level, molecular upwards. It’s comprehensive and pretty much has been my saviour throughout this degree.

Crossman – Neuroanatomy: An Illustrated Colour Text

I cannot praise this book enough. It has EVERY anatomical detail down in an easy to read, easy to study from, easy to do anything with form. It’s one of the few books I’m actually buying to keep at the end of this year just because it’s the perfect book to reference for your neuroanatomical needs. Without this, I would’ve seriously struggled with learning about optic nerves, cranial nerves, cranial nuclei, the skull, everything. It’s a saviour and a necessity if you plan on doing any kind of psychology. I promise you wont regret this one. Plus, it’s not too expensive either.

Diamond – The Human Brain Colouring Book

This is just fantastic. It’s a great resource for stress relief AND learning. It’s self-explanatory really, an excellent resource to have at home for when you can’t be arsed with assignments or doing anything and fancy a bit of colouring while learning about things! Plus it’s a great aid if you’re a visual learner.

Carlson, Martin, Buskist – Psychology

This was basically my hero for my entire undergrad. It was the recommended text for the course and the only one I actually bought, 100% worth it. It covers everything in a really easy to understand way, with fantastic diagrams and images. It doesn’t have too much detail but it’s not really necessary since you really only need the basics to understand a theory or concept. There’s not a lot of difference between the editions, I currently have the 4th edition and it’s still relevant and since the new edition has been published the one I paid for has dropped to only 1/4t of what I paid for it. So definitely worth getting if you’re going into undergrad psychology. For higher degrees I’d recommend this if you’re coming onto a psychology course and are not from that background. If you’re going into neuroscience or something more biological then this might not be the best investment, I’d recommend the Purves textbook instead.

Nolte – The Human Brain in Photographs and Diagrams

Not so much a wordy textbook but a necessary resource if you’re doing neuroscience. This will be your second bible (after the Crossman text) throughout your learning journey. It’s FANTASTIC. The human brain looks VERY different to what it does in illustrated diagrams, trust me, and this will be your hero especially if you don’t have access to real brain dissection labs. It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to be able to label a photograph of the human brain when all you’ve been looking at is illustrations or rendered models, the actual human brain is really… well, not very distinctive. If I didn’t have dissection class, finding the blood vessels would have been almost impossible, as well as the internal structures, they’re VERY subtle so this book will really help you in the anatomical aspects of the course.

I hope this has been somewhat useful in helping people prepare for a psychology/neuroscience degree and if you have any questions I’m only an ask away! ♥

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for short story writing? I'm currently writing one right now but not sure how to bring my story to a close as well as incorporate enough detail without it being too much. Very appreciative of you and your channel!😊

I do! I searched through my blog for some posts I’ve already made on short stories, so I’m just going to post them here as a comprehensive short story writing thing.


My process for stories looks like this:

First I draft, which is not always linear. Meaning if I’m halfway through and I realize I needed a scene earlier on, I jump back and write it. Mostly I do write in order, though. I also go back and edit a lot as I’m drafting.

Once the first draft is done I attend to any large plot issues I see. The story has probably been edited several times by this point since I edit as a go, but we’ll call it one draft even though it’s more like three. Plot issues sometimes involve adding/removing scenes, but this also involves going back to scenes that are severely under written since I am an underwriter.

Then, I usually do two drafts on the computer looking at line level stuff. Basically just reading through the story and cleaning it up.

After that I start printing hard copies. This is also for line edits. My focus is everything prose here (if I notice more plot/character issues I’ll fix them though). Grammar is usually fine except for the odd typo or comma splice (my first drafts are generally grammatically pretty clean). Mostly I’m focusing on editing for economy, meaning cutting every word that’s not adding something and arranging sentences to be as economical as possible. And, I’m focusing on strengthening the prose which involves: cutting -ing verbs, cutting -ly adverbs, using the strongest possible verb/noun/word, removing cliches and familiar phrases, fixing monotonous sentence rhythm, removing repetitive word choice, fixing repetitive noun + verb constructions, removing ‘to be’ verbs, removing filters, removing passive voice, fixing convoluted phrases, enhancing patterns or making them more subtle if too obvious, cutting weasel words, removing unnecessary telling, varying vocabulary and enhancing diction, adding specific details and removing vague ones. And more! Also on those printed copies I have a strong focus on expanding description beats (or dialogue beats) that were underwritten in the original draft, as well as trying to make every image or analogy original and interesting. Basically, I’m trying to make the prose as clean and interesting as it can be.

I generally do that 5-7 times. Each draft has two parts. First editing on the hard copy, then going back into the document. I usually edit on the hard copy in the evening, and then the next morning go into the document. Each half of the process takes over an hour. Sometimes two for earlier drafts, but the time gets shorter with each one.

Then it gets handed in to my workshop, and it’s generally on draft 7-9.

After the workshop I do all my plot edits first. Then, I go back into the line level, except this time referencing hard copy edits from my prof and peers. I’ll have around 13 hard copies with edits, although some people in my workshop don’t do many line edits so there’re usually only 5ish with a lot written on them.

Post workshop is going to be another 7 or so drafts.

After I get my final grade from my prof I’ll do another few drafts based on her final comments. I think for Melting Point I did like four drafts after getting my final grade, but they were quick drafts with very few line edits. Just adding some new stuff and final polishing.

So in total a short story is looking like 15+ drafts, probably over 20


I think one of the biggest misconceptions from people who don’t write short stories (including myself before I started writing short stories) is that the medium is restricting.

Yes, you have less words to tell a story. But, it’s not restricting. The short story form is so free. There is no one way a short story has to be. There are stories that only capture a single moment in time, there are short stories that span decades. In fact, in the short form, you can do cool, experimental, meta stuff that novels don’t accommodate as well.

It is very hard to get started in short stories when you’re used to writing novels, but I think the best thing to do is read some short stories, and jump into writing one. Once you’ve had more experience writing short stories, it’ll get easier and easier to determine what ideas function well in the short form.

I always like to make it clear that I never wrote short stories until I had to for school. I had a time restraint, and so naturally I had to get the thing done. I had to force myself to keep the ideas small. I’d suggest you impose similar rules on yourself. Refuse to go over a certain word limit, and make yourself contain the idea. Once you’ve done it once, it’ll be easier each time.

There are lots of ways to get started with a story. You can start with a character, determine their goal and subtextual goal, their want and need, and work from there. You can pick a setting that feels vivid to you and drop some characters in. You can start with a concept you want to explore. I like to use photographs as inspiration as a sort of prompt, building a story around the feeling of the image.

With short stories, sometimes it can be fun to just wing it. I am a plotter with novels, but often with short stories I don’t know where it’s going at first. I’ll get an idea for an image and just start writing. It feels like less of a risk because short stories are much easier to revise than novels. A lot of my short stories start with the first line. I write a few pages to feel it out, and the story usually clears up around the 3-7 page mark.

My biggest advice would be to just start. You don’t even have to know where it’s going. The more short stories you write, the easier they’ll be and the more adventurous you’ll realize you can be with the form.


When it comes to short stories, first I would go through this checklist:
1. Is the inciting incident clear and not too late in the story?
2. Is the climax clear and not out of the protagonist’s hands?
3. Are all the events in the story causally related?
4. Are all flashbacks needed, and described rather than explained in an expository way when they necessitate in-depth description?
5. Have you physically described your main character? Other characters?
6. Does your protagonist have an external and subtextual goal?
7. Does your protagonist face internal, interpersonal, and societal conflict?
8. Does the protagonist surprise us? That is, act in a way that reveals new complexities and facets of their personality? They are not one-dimensional.

Once you’ve dealt with all of those, I would recommend printing your story and doing line edits. When I’m revising a short story I print the story every evening, and read it through and make notes all over. A lot of notes. My most common notes are ‘sw’ which means ‘stronger word’ or ‘add one/two sentences/clauses to image’ which is basically just me wanting to carry an image more fully. But, I look for tons of things. Then, the next day I go through and apply all my edits. I repeat that for usually around seven drafts.

But, I would also recommend finding some betas of CPs to make sure you get outside feedback.


1. The economy and the skill of the language is key in a short story. I wouldn’t read a boring novel just because it had gorgeous writing, but I honestly would read a boring short story if the writing was amazing. Stay focused and be as economical as possible.

2. Cut the ‘connective tissue.’ All events need to have clear causal relation, but you can trim all the stuff around the edges.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You don’t get this luxury as much in a novel. A heavily experimental voice or form might not be able to sustain itself for 80 000 words, but it can for 5000. If it benefits the story, don’t be scared to try something like second person or a really unique voice. It could make the story.

4. Every character should have an external goal (what is wanted) and a subtextual goal (why the goal is wanted). This applies to novels as well, but in a short story there isn’t time to ponder the goal, change the goal, discover the goal. Establish the goal and explore it, and make sure it’s clear.

5. Make sure your inciting incident isn’t too late. This has been the downfall of so many short stories in my workshop (including mine). Place it as early as possible.

6. Make sure the ending involves a character’s choice, and is not deus ex machina. This applies to novels, but I think it happens more in short stories. With so little time it’s easy to make the ending a coincidence or something outside the protagonist’s hands. Avoid this at all costs.

7. Compress the timeline as much as possible. Why have events be spaced three months apart if they could happen on the same day? It’ll make the story feel tighter and more cohesive, as well as reduce confusion.

8. Cohesion. Every aspect of the story should feel as if it is a cohesive part of the story.

9. Be careful about withholding information. I made this mistake in my first  story, because I was used to writing novels where the rate of reveal is slower. You’ll run into mad clarity issues if you’re revealing important details late in the story. Be clear as early as possible.

Sabrina’s Icon Tutorial

So you wanna learn how to make simple icons, and make them fast? This is the post FOR YOU. I constantly brag about my 1,500 icons for each of my muses, all simply edited and edited fast with minimal effort on my end.
(Note, this tutorial ISN’T how I edit my icons, but how I make editing them easier on myself.)

For this tutorial, you will need:
Photoshop! I use CS6 and while these features might be in earlier versions, I suggest getting CS6 to make things easier on yourself!
Icons to edit! Make sure you’re allowed to edit your icons if you download them from someone else’s icon set. 

If you are cropping your icons yourself, try to save the image with the artist’s URL- that way, you can credit the artist if someone asks for it, and you can delete the icon if the artist comes and asks you not to use their art.
If you didn’t crop your icons yourself, don’t worry about it, but please remember to be respectful if an artist approaches you and asks you to stop using a certain icon that uses their art! If they say to stop, stop using the icon and delete it like they asked you to.

That said, let’s get right into this! If a part has confused you, please don’t be afraid to head to my inbox and ask me for clarification!
Also note that this is MY METHOD of making icons- there is no Right or Wrong way to make icons. This is simply how I do them, and how I edit 1,500+ icons in a matter of 10 minutes.

Image-Heavy tutorial below the cut!

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I been debating whether or not I was gonna post this before I actually drew something for this blog but fuck it. For having never tried to do manipulations like this before, I’m pretty proud of how this came out even those half assed clothes. So been playing a lot of school of dragons lately and it’s got me full back into HTTYD even tho I don’t have anymore quests to do without getting a membership ;w; (I’ll probs crack and get one soon). TBH for a while I was only doing Hiccup’s quest cause I’m trash so of course I had slap the self insert with him at least once yes I edited his face because I’m not a fan of his new hunk square face so don’t expect any drawings of him to look accurate

So yep! Httyd oc: Iona (Nona) the thoughtful. Basically just my avatar in SOD. Currently working on like, a full timeline throughout all of the movies n shows. 

I made the mistake of not keeping track of the parts I used and getting rid of pictures as I used them so all I can remember is that it was definitely Moana’s body, Heather’s eyes, HTTYD1 Hiccup’s boots and a lot of google images. This shit is so much harder than it look y’all I thought this was gonna be easy peasy small project I got a lot more respect for the ppl making these for like crossovers n shit.


How I usually edit my pictures.

_a tutorial by londerlaand.

I wanted to show you guys my newest baby and took the chance to try to write a little tutorial since a few of you asked me how I edit my pictures. 

This tutorial assumes that you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop!

(also sorry for the wall of text. As I’ve said I am not very good at explaining things. Anyway I hope this helps a few of you guys and please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions!)

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Avengers Preference 21 - Proposal

Thor Odinson

He was of course, now familiar with the idea of the wedding proposals, though he wanted to do it in the most perfect way possible. So, he took you on an evening picnic, candles, wine, the lot. At the very bottom of the box, there was a small box, which he got to first, before getting down on one knee, holding both of your hands gently, and asking you to make him the happiest man alive.

Steve Rogers

Steve did it right; he did it in the sweetest way possible. Whilst away one day, he got many photo’s of the both of you, edited into polaroid images. Each one had a different title underneath, such as ‘First Date,’ or ‘New Home.’ And, at the very end, was a beautiful, diamond ring, with the words gently written underneath ‘Marry Me?’

Tony Stark

He kept it calm, and small. So much of his life was advertised, and you were the one thing he wanted to keep to himself. So, when waking up one morning, he left a small box, and a tiny note next to your bedside table. When you woke up, you saw the box, lifting up the note, which said ‘You know what I’m asking…’ And, a grinning Tony Stark at the doorframe, as you ran to hug him.

Bruce Banner

He again, wanted to try and keep it low key, but changed it a little. With the help of his ‘Science Bro,’ he managed to book out your favourite place, for you both to go to privately. After the perfect evening there, he kept fumbling in his pocket, until you asked what on earth he was doing. That, was when he got down on one knee, and promised you he would love you forever, if you wanted him to.

Loki Laufeyson

It was at Christmas, in front of your family. He did this because he needed to feel accepted, for once in his life. So, when the Gift Giving began, he gave you a present, and when you opened it, he took your hands, and recited how much he loved you. And that, was when he asked you to always be his. You were silent for a moment, before grabbing his face and kissing him, to which your family applauded.

Clint Barton

You didn’t think he meant it - he came home from a mission, and as you helped him off the Quinjet, he fell into your arms, asking if you would marry him. But, when you went to see him later, he pulled himself up, hospital gown and all, and told you he was serious. So, he asked you to look in his jacket on the chair, and you saw the box, as he gently got down on one knee, and asked you to marry him. 

Bucky Barnes

It took him ages, but for you, it was worth it. It started with a letter on your bed when you woke up, and from then, he took you around the city, to all of your favourite places. From the place you first dated, to the time you punched a guy in the face. Eventually, he got to where you had both first met, and there he was, waiting on one knee, to ask you the most important question in his life.

Pietro Maximoff

It started off when you came home - your apartment was filled with Balloons, and Pietro told you that in one of them, was your birthday present. So, you spent most of the evening, going around and popping them, before something heavy fell out of one of them. He was first to pick it up, before getting down one knee, and asking you to marry him, which was the most nervous he had ever been, bless him.