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Ok so, I’ve spent all the easter festivities reading fanfiction, especially Yuri On Ice’s! ( ´ ♡ ` )

So I thought “What about giving credits to these AMAZING works of art and write a little recommendation post on tumblr?”

Because of the enormous amount of ff I decided to divide them in categories: the first part will be about 


So if you doesn’t feel comfortable about mpreg, and AOB dynamics pass this post! And  always read the warnings before the ff (ι´Д`)ノ! Some of them will analyse sensitive theme that can offend or triggers someone!  


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All eyes on me by Kizuna_Auri  

(Ongoing) Vikuuri

Yuuri, under the username of Eros, is a size queen omega who most certainly does not have an obsession with fellow camboy and legendary silver-haired alpha Aria. Just like Phichit is not the most meddlesome roommate known to man.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) OK THIS FF IS AMAZING, I didn’t know I needed a CamBoy + AOB ff until I read it! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
There is a lot of Smut, really! But even a lot of feelings and cute dorks, they really are obscene and cute at the same time. Totally recommended!

Seventh Heaven (The Lion and the Eagle) by NinjaMatty

(Ongoing) Viktuuri

The war is over. Katsuki Yuuri just wants to go home and forget about it all. But his heroics brought him the unwanted attention of the Emperor of his nation. As a thanks for his bravery, he is gifted an Omega barbarian. He tries to be positive about it, but the present ends up being a poisoned gift indeed. Is keeping Viktor worth the trouble?

I LOVE IT. Really, this mixed a Royalty/war Au with the Omegaverse dynamics without be boring and repetitive!

Panta Rhei by Kashoku

(Ongoing) Viktuuri

This was a mistake. Viktor needed to somehow pry Yuuri off of him and leave the room immediately. Viktor was drunk, and Yuuri was so far beyond gone that there wasn’t even a word for it. But the alpha in Viktor was having an incredibly difficult time resisting the pungent scent of cherry blossoms and ocean that filled his nose. Viktor snapped.

They had been reckless.

Totally recommended! It’s full of Drama and cuteness at the same time!

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You Can’t Plan for Everything by RivDeV

(Ongoing) Viktuuri

Yuuri forgets that he has a scheduled heat coming up until it’s just a couple weeks away. He scrambles to get everything ready in time, including deciding whether he’ll spend it alone or with someone. Victor only wants to help.

Ok this fanfiction doesn’t need to be recommended because EVERYONE knows it. And actually it’s one of my favourite at all!!

Shared Gravity by PhoenixWaller 

(Ongoing) Viktuuri

Yuri Katsuki doesn’t advertise his alpha status, in fact he’d rather it be relatively unknown. He feels that he’s never fit the stereotype, and is much happier blending into the background. However, much to his dismay, his alpha instincts are awakened one summer morning. 

At first he’s angry, believing that his new coach, Victor Nikiforov, has brought back an omega in heat for a day of passion. But when he intrudes to order the couple to a safer location he learns the truth. Victor, the most decorated male figure skater ever, has his own secret. From there an inexplicable gravity grows between them, their shared secrets pulling them together in ways that both learn to cherish.

Well this fanfiction is very particular and emotional! I’m really enjoying it.

Someday by Heyitsrah

(Almost Completed) Viktuuri / Otayuri

A now-retired Victor and Yuri suffer the loss of their first baby when Yuri miscarries, and when the time comes for them to try again, they learn that patience really is a virtue.

The best things in life do not come easily.

This is fuckin emotional guys, It’s just that is a very sensitive theme and it totally breaks my heart  

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My Sanctuary 

(Ongoing) Viktuuri

Omegas are rare… like super rare… Male omegas, even more so. Yuuri is one. How is he going to tell Victor? 

Love it… Oh, a lot of shit is going to happen here, embrace yourself!!! 

Not your usual love story by arcsinx

(Ongoing) Otayuri

Baranovskaya’s new face, Yuri Plisetsky (22), who shot in Venice for Vogue’s last edition, was seen accompanied by Otabek Altin (25) as they left a coffeeshop in St Petersburg yesterday. The DJ and voted 2017’s hottest musician, Altin was in the city to compose for Victor Nikiforov’s (30) new movie production. The couple met at the Paris Fashion Week after-party(image) and have been appointed to be secretly dating ever since. An intimate friend claims Altin to be completely besotted with the Russian beauty, having even gifted him a $35,000 diamond collar necklace!

For every Otayuri shippers, this is beautiful!

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Not Alone by DazzledGhosts

(Ongoing) Viktuuri

Katsuki Yuuri has been training alongside Victor in St. Petersburg for a while. He has been so careful for no one to know that he’s an omega. But while skating one day, Victor notices something different. What’s that smell coming from Yuuri’s neck? Without realizing it, he finds a scent suppressant patch on Yuuri’s neck and curiosity wins the better of him. He tugs and is hit directly with that smell of cardamom and honeysuckle.

Victor’s never experienced a such a rut before. And all he knows is that he only wants Yuuri. Not because he’s an omega, but because Yuuri is…. well, is Yuuri. And the Russian refuses to hurt him. To the point where he will bite and hurt himself in the place of marking the other unwillingly. But of course the younger skater is unaware to Victor’s affections.

Unaware to the desperate need and love of Victor Nikiforov.

If you like how dynamics works, this is the fanfiction for you!!!

For now that’s all!

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 I really enjoyed reading these ff and I want to share them with you all. These fanfictions update really fast and are really amazing! (≧ω≦)

Let me know if you have read them yet or if you’re going to enjoy them!

´ ▽ ` )ノ  Lia  


My Chemical Romance - Tour Collection - Limited Edition -Lot of 20 Signed Prints  (from ebay)

Offered is a signed limited edition portfolio of 20 exclusive prints featuring images of My Chemical Romance on the 2005 Warped Tour. Catch intimate never-before-seen glimpses of the band both on-and off-stage. Only 50 portfolios will be made, and none of these images will be offered as single prints anywhere else. This is a new museum quality archival pigment print, signed and numbered on the front by the photographer.

Pictured: My Chemical Romance

Print size: 8.5 X 11 (20 prints)

Shoot date: 2005

Location: East Coast Warped Tour


some quick recolors with the new palettes i made here! these are just for fun & i didnt spend a lot of time on them but i hope someone likes them anyway

my goal was to make the colors less eye-hurting but still fairly vivid/interesting! not sure if i achieved that but yea, here they are anyway!

im tagging the blog that first inspired me to make my own su critical sideblog in the hopes that maybe theyll enjoy these ! ;;;; @disappointedgreg

gearstorm  asked:

Could you show how you did the stars and clouds on that piece of art? So beautiful!!!

Okay sure! I’ll make a quick tutorial of how I did it. 

First step is to look up references. For one just looking at rad galaxies and stuff is super awesome, but it also gives you a good idea of a lot of different effects you can do so here is a good link to like 25 rad pictures just as an example 

start with figuring out the colors of your sky, darkest at the top and lightest at the bottom, this changes based on where and how late into the night so references!

then get a nice and big blur tool and even it out. After that you’re gonna start with the stars. Most drawing programs come with a brush or spray you can use for this with lots and lots of dots where you can change the density and opacity. i stay at 100% opacity and set the layer to Add (Glow) ((some programs have lumosity)). Density of stars change per image

you can make stars using white or blue or red, mix it up, have some fun, make lots of layers with different brightness and if you want a few slightly bigger stars pop out the pen, lower it way down and make a custom dot

Okay this part ^^^ is a little tricky and time consuming. With your refs in mind pull out a soft air brush and lay out the colors in the general area you want the galaxy. Then, I take a rough edged water color brush (you can tool around with brushes here to get what you want but something soft yet jagged edged is a good bet) then you set it to negative. I dont know what its called, but 

this little checkered bit beneath the active colors, this essentially makes whatever brush you have into an eraser, then go to town on your galaxy. Don’t be afraid to nearly erase it completely, then lay on more color and erase the edges again. Use alot of layer, erase edges, combine them, and so on to get sort of this whispy cloud kind of shape. Overlay some more bright stars through the middle and tweak to get it just right. Soft brushes, negative watercolor brushes, lots of layers. Even here im not happy so keep playing with it

I edited it a bit more, fudged with the brightness a little and also broke up the background gradient a little to make it not feel so artificial, adding imperfections and things can help with the overall image. This is okay as is, but if you want to do the reflected water look like i did then heres a few more steps. 


Make a selection of a strip across and copy and paste it onto a new layer. Then once selected, select Transform and flip it vertically and slid it down the that bottom strip to replace the lightest part of the horizon. This will leave a very small strip of that bright color that is now the horizon above the water of the lake/ocean. If the edge is too hard then take a small blur tool and lightly run it along that edge to make the fade a bit nicer.

then over the top of the reflected space set a layer of black (or dark blue or whatever color works best just a dark color) then lower the opacity to make it look like dark water. blur the hard edge just a touch until it looks good and maybe add a lighter color towards the middle and smooth it out. 

I didn’t have clouds in this, but it essentially the same as the galaxy effect. Soft airbrush, negative rough edged watercolor brushes to erase the edges and blur tool. Hope this made sense and was alright! Thank you for asking ^u^ 


i was inspired by @turianosauruswrex to make my own shitty contribution to the comic sans fallout valentines, unhindered by the boundaries of good taste or my own lack of an image editing software better than ms paint

hey! ever wanted to make a cool psychedelic looking background for something?

something like this?

Well im gonna show you how to make one! I’ve noticed a lot of tutorials online show how to make one for Photoshop, but since not everyone can afford photoshop or doesnt want to risk getting a virus from a cracked version, we’re going to be using a free online photo editing program called Pixlr Editor! 

Now you’re gonna create a new image…

it can really be any size, but i went for a square shape just because :)

once you open it up you’re going to want to click the blue rectangle icon right below the eraser tool. this is your Gradient tool.

once you click on the gradient bar, it will give you a menu and a variety of gradient defaults. click on the one that has the amount of colors you want, as you can edit them by clicking on the little squares below the big gradient bar and then clicking the color box. You can also move the squares around to get the right distribution of colors you want. :)

now that i’ve got the colors i want, you want to go to the mode bar and select Difference. 

Once you make your gradient by dragging your cursor across the canvas, it will first look like this (if you selected Radial type first)

But what you do to make it more psychedelic is you make different sized gradients across the canvas over and over again, and after a few times it will look a little something like this!

pretty cool already! also after doing a 2nd gradient you will notice the colors invert because of the difference mode. but once you make another gradient on top the colors will switch back! You can switch between Linear and Radial types too for added effects~ And eventually you will get something that looks like this!

pretty cool!

So someone asked me a question on my ask Yuri blog about Victor reading I was watching through the DVD’s again to get some screencaps and I noticed something about Victor’s room.

Other than being a very well read man (I think that it may be canon that he likes to read because he has a pile of books next to the sofa and a tonne of books on his shelves), I wanna take a look at the new layout of his room.

As a lot of you might know the producers literally took this room originally from a pre-existing room design but had to change because of what we assumed to be legal reasons.

The thing I wanna note is the lighting of the room in all the images.  Fair enough after the DVD edit (the first image in this post with all the books in the background) they had to change it so there’s less light in the back but look at the light in the front of the picture on the ground and then take a look at the real life image.  If you look at the real life image, the lighting at the front is broken and quite small, this indicates that in the real photograph that there are small, thin windows with wall in between them that are obviously either covered in some kind off blind/curtain or have segmented panels/frames.  But if you look at Victor’s apartment, the entire thing is just one, big block of light.

From this, you can deduce that there are no breaks in the window, nor are there any curtains or panels in the window, nor is there anything outside casting a shadow in.  That means that the window that Victor has must be a full wall window, bigger than a three person sofa, small chest of drawers and small side table combined (and continuing) and high enough or far away enough from things that would cast shadow into his room.  And if you aren’t aware of how much full wall windows are, they’re expensive.  Obviously depending on the sizing and area. they can be anything around £22k, sometimes a lot more sometimes less..

So, even though we know that Victor is pretty extra and likes to buy really expensive cars, brands, first class aeroplane tickets etc, we now know that he has either bought or is renting a really expensive apartment too.

It wouldn’t surprise me if those bookshelves and that table in the corner were solid oak wood as well….

|^| Original |^|

|^| My edit |^|

New artwork for my fic! The original is up top. It’s, of course, a depiction of Belle and (Adam?) or just Beast really lol, at the end of the movie. This image has been going around and it’s not hard to see why. It’s breathtaking and shows Belle in her famous golden ballgown and Beast (I’m just gonna call him Dan Stevens in this whatev) as well in his blue suit with gold trimmings, but human. I love this depiction a lot, especially with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens faces and roles so exquisitely portrayed. 

The first thing I noticed about the art was the proportion of the two main characters. It’s definitely out of proportion, with Belle being much too large around the waist, shoulders, and bust. Dan is a bit out of proportion too, but I think it suits him better. He was a beast, after all, haha. But I’m using these proportions to my advantage and putting this as the new cover image for my own fic: I Have Done It All for You.

Scarlett’s waist in my fic is around 23-27 inches so she would’ve looked something like this. Also, Raphael is a bit brawnier. I changed the color of her dress. I added a bit of rose-gold in there. Tbh, I’ve always hated Belle’s dress. I can’t stand the color yellow, so I added my own touches for Scarlett. I also gave Scarlett her signature brunette hair and blue-green eyes. 

I’m so glad the lovely person who created this piece of artwork realized that Dan Stevens in his natural look is so much hotter and sexier than with that God-awful wig! He looks like Ashley Wilkes! Gross! I always hated (Adam?) in the original movie when he transformed. The red hair didn’t suit him at all. I thought they would let Dan be himself, but apparently not. This artwork is great because it fixes that and lets Dan go natural. This is great because Raphael has dark hair, and Dan Stevens’ original look is what Raphael looks like really. I didn’t even have to do anything to Raphael except make his eyes a bit bluer. “Like sapphires,” as described in my fic.

Overall, I’m proud of how my edit turned out and I enjoyed the new movie thoroughly. So many new followers on the BATB section of! My story’s getting much more popular!

Thanks so much to the original artist of this:!


Are you not caught up on the manga? Are you wanting to watch the anime again, but aren’t able to find it anywhere? Do you want to find all that juicy, extra Loveless content like special editions, interviews, and official images? Oh boy- do I have something for you! 

You guys are part of the Loveless fandom. And if you’re part of the Loveless fandom, a couple problems stick out to you- for one, it’s dying out. Two, there’s not a lot of new content. And three, the content that is there is very hard to find and/or not translated. After being in the fandom for more than 10 years, I can tell you that these three problems are related and are very frustrating. The fact of the matter is that Loveless is very hard to get into because the content that is out there is so spread over the internet and the manga has been going on for so long that many of the sites previously used to host content are broken or dead.

I’m here to remedy this problem.

About a month or so, me and a friend of mine ( @septimalmoons ) began an archiving project. We decided that we were going to find every piece of official Loveless content on the internet or our hard drives and upload it to a place that would never break or go down- namely, Google Drive. That’s what I present to you today. This drive has been organized to the best extent I can organize it. Currently, every chapter of the manga (131 of them, 13 volumes) has been scanlated and put up onto the drive. The entire anime, both dubbed and subbed, is also on there. There’s every translated special edition up to volume 11 on there, including an official short story written from Soubi’s perspective. There’s interviews. There’s all the drama CD’s I could hunt down and every translation I could hunt down. There’s even every official image (non manga) that I could find on there.

I hope this is of some help to people, particularly to people who are behind on the manga or haven’t seen the newest chapters. I encourage everyone to take a look at it, since it has 10GBs worth of content on it.



So I started making this a few days ago and managed to finish it early. But man, making the gif was a pain. xD I do have high res-images that are much brighter than this, but I’m refraining from posting it for now :)

I want to thank you all for such an amazing year everyone. It’s been amazing and am glad thay I got to meet many of you and befriend lots in this fandom. I thank God for all of you.

2016 was rough, I’m sure most of you agree. So here’s to 2017 for a happier days and wiser times :D


EDIT: eehhh what the hey. I’ll post the brighter pics too. Not high-res tho.


UHm…//sweats as i nervously slide back in

i would be surprised if any of u guys still remember who i was… but anyways a few thousand years late responses to the asks \o/

aa <3 thank you guys so much TT i didnt know there was a jaehee x mc week but a late contribution to it /o\!

AHAHA// im imagining it in a college AU laughs 

thank you!! TT im surprised u still remember me..but it’s my honor to receive such positive feed back on my works!! ;q;)9

1. Aww that sounds really cute i dont think its bad! dont let others opinion affect u on what ever makes u happy …!

2. LOL I MEAN ive been kinda in and out on this fandom…o)–< 

3. paps zenny//….i have drawn him before but ww ill keep in mind in the future to draw him again 

1. Aww thank you! im glad you like this pairings too ^^)9 new season is out so im excited to draw them again +___+ !!!

My reposting policy is simple, as long as you credit me AND link ur image back to this page i allow it. However, you may not sell/edit/claim my works as yours. 

Nothing too bothersome has affected me so far regarding reposting but it may change…thank you for asking though! a lot of people have been asking me whether or not they can repost but please refrain from reposting on tumblr/twitter!

 Aww thank you! I hope everyone has a nice day too <33 

Boyfriend Vernon (Seventeen)
  • Alrighttt I actually never thought I would be doing this ???
  • A mess okay here we go…
  • I think he’d be a pretty shy one ?
  • At least at first
  • & he would be anxious to text you, but he wouldn’t want to text you too much, so he would give you excuses to text him first
  • ”Oh yeah text me when that show starts” “hey do you know this person?” *Sends memes as excuses as well*
  • He’d turn into the meme he is after a while of dating
  • Everyone already knows how much of a meme he is and he will definitely get worse just to mess with you
  • He’ll know you love his dorky meme-y ways
  • So he’ll always bring that side of himself out to you

This is the second time attempting to do this alright 😂 

• I really think Vernon’s pretty goofy when it comes to dating someone 

• Like he swears he’s super cool and chill but no 

• He’s always dying inside around them so he makes all these dumb jokes to make himself seem ~cool~ 

• I don’t see him doing a lot of skinship at first honestly 

• I see him holding hands with his s/o and putting his arms around them but not much until they’re really together 

• Then he will be more open with the fact that he wants to be with his s/o all the time and wants to be as close to them as possible 

• I see him and his s/o having a lot of deep conversations late at night (whether they be in person or on the phone/texting/Skype/FaceTime…) 

• This couple will definitely be best friends and supporters of each other before anything 

• He will go to his s/o with any worry or difficulty he’s having in his life 

• These two will be each other’s lifelines 

• Expect a LOT of laughing 

• I do feel like he prefers speaking Korean to English but there will be random English phrases while speaking to his s/o 

• And they will mostly be meme-y phrases like “shrek is love shrek is life" 

• I don’t I see him as much of a kisser? 

• Like he loves kissing you but he may be more of a chill dude who just likes keeping his arms around you 

  • The kind of boyfriend with simply the occasional sweet cheek kiss 

• I mean there will definitely be kissing, but it won’t be that much 

• He will try to act sexy and like a "sangnamja” sometimes but no 

• Mostly as a joke 

• Would share his earphone with you all the time 

• The type of boyfriend to send new songs and playlists when he finds a GOOD SONG 

• You see Seventeen a lot, even though he was really embarrassed to have the guys meet his s/o 

• Mostly because of the inevitable relentless teasing 

• Gets embarrassed when you play his songs 

• “Babe, please, no. Not again” (he says through endless giggles and an extremely red face) 

• He just loves hanging out with you 

• Even if you don’t do anything at all 

• He still loves just being in your presence 

• It’s comforting and helps him relax especially when he’s anxious

Now it is my third time editing woopsie

  • I really like the image of him lovingly staring at his s/o because he can’t believe how beautiful you are
  • You would bring up his videos from when he was a kid
  • “Vernon, hey, hey Vernon. Guess what”
  • “What, babe”
  • “Kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege” 
  • “Get out”
  • Ugly selfies from both of you
  • Laughing all night at weird filters
  • and LOTS of dumb jokes/puns
  • He would trust you completely
  • I don’t see him as someone for PDA no matter how far you two are into the relationship so~
  • Would prefer to date someone who is passionate about something and would work hard to reach their goals
  • He would looove for you to get along with his family
  • It would be his favorite thing
  • He would definitely worry about you all the time, even if he doesn’t show it too much
  • The type to attempt to make one of those romantic middle of the night adventure things
  • and fail
  • because you just want to sleep
  • Random texts when he’s busy or abroad telling you he loves you/misses you/asking if you’re okay
  • Calls you dude/m8/man 
  • bc memes man
  • I’d say he’s into those cheesy dates
  • Like an amusement park/beaches/parks
  • He’s a total blushy mess when you compliment him
  • o r if you let it slip that you love him
  • He would act like :O but when you turn away he’d be *//U\*
  • He would probably be too shy to call you his gf at first and would TOTALLY BLUSH WHEN SOMEONE ASKED ABOUT YOU
  • Someone: *Sees a picture of the both of you as his background* “Is that your girlfriend?”
  • “Umm…haha..Uhh-Well-Yeah…haha…” *//U\*
  • Singing along to songs badly together
  • Weird nicknames as contacts in each other’s phones
  • Whoever sees your phone when he texts would be very confused
  • BluSHES when he compliments you
  • The type to ask for a selfie/picture of how you’re looking today and hype you up like you’re the most exquisite creature on eaRTH
  • He’s not the kind of person to take hints
  • Like you have to tell him specifically what you waNt because he doesn’t take hints
  • omg I’m so soft for Vernon
  • He totally gives a ton of backhugs
  • all the time
  • That’s probably the most he’d do for PDA
  • Would never do anything to hurt you

I think I’m done for now but I’ve had so many bursts of inspiration that I may just add more pls enjoy :D

itsfuckenpinkbitch  asked:

how much overlap is there between ginger and confetti? i just got confetti so i wanted to double check how much new content ginger has before i buy :)

i know they seem similar but my print sketchbook (confetti) and my sketchbook PDFs are totally different animals!

confetti is a compilation of art from multiple sketchbooks from 2015-2017. every page in it was scanned and reformatted at a much higher resolution/quality than the PDFs and i did a lot of editing that you probably wouldn’t notice if you were just flipping through it but you would if you saw the original pages!

this page looks totally natural, right?

but these images are actually on two totally different pages and were worked together. each page in confetti, as best as i was able, has a “theme” and confetti as a whole is much more curated than my sketchbook PDFs, which contain everything, including a lot of ugly mistakes.

confetti was also sent to be printed before i had finished my most recent sketchbook so there are about 16 pages of new content in the PDF that weren’t available for confetti, plus some rougher sketch pages/sketches that i decided didn’t fit the print book.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just began learning bokmal and I'm so overwhelmed...I don't know whar to do... I want to learn grammar but even words and i dunno where to begin. Should I buy a grammar book? Can you help me and give me some advice please? I really hope I dont bother! Tusen takk!

Hi! Thank you so much for your message! :)

Don’t feel overwhelmed! It’s true that when you begin to learn a language you always want to understand everything in a short period of time, but in my opinion these first days when you learn the most basic things are the most fun ones!

I know this is something very obvious, but I think that the most important thing is that you get immersed in the language – that is, listen to music, watch series and films, etc. That way, not only you get used to it, but also you passively learn vocabulary, especially if you watch TV series or films with subtitles in your mother language.

In order to learn the most basic vocabulary, you could also try with post-its – especially in order to learn the words for furniture, etc. Since you’d be exposed to them all the time, you’d end up learning them very quickly! Another thing that may help is keeping a notebook where you write every single new word that you learn. Making vocabulary lists is also very helpful with me, especially edits with images, since I associate the image with the word.

I’m not really fan of platforms such as Duolingo and/or Memrise: it’s true that you learn a lot of vocabulary, but to me it seems like it’s very artificial and you don’t really learn that much. However, I guess it depends on the type of person, so you may find them helpful!

Something that I find quite helpful is browsing Wikipedia articles in Norwegian from things I know or am familiar with. This way, since you’re making a greater effort, you can remember more words.

As far as the grammar is concerned, I guess that the only efficient way to learn it is by learning it by heart, although it can be tedious. This course from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is one of the most completes that can be found online – and it’s free! It has audio and everything. The book can also be downloaded for free here.

You can also download a ton of Norwegian grammar books here. I have the one entitled ‘Teach Yourself Norwegian’ and I’m very happy with it, it’s very intuitive and perfect to self-study!

However, the most helpful (and least tedious) thing you could do to improve your skills is talking to natives. I’m sure that you’ll find plenty of them here in the langblr community that are willing to help you!

I’m linking you to some posts that can be of help:

And also, check out some blogs like @offisiellenorskblogg, @letslearnnorwegian, @language-hoe, @studyingboookworm, @whatlanguageisthis and @jeglaerenorsk (and many more for sure. Is there something like a Norwegian langblrs masterpost?), who sometimes post resources and vocabulary lists!

Anyway, hope this helps! Lykke til! :)

(If anybody has more tips for Anon, feel free to add them here!)