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Septima Poinsette Clark (May 3, 1898—December 15, 1987)

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Septima Poinsette Clark was a civil rights and education activist. Originally barred from teaching in Charleston, SC schools because she was Black, Clark petitioned for that right in 1920. She won. And she did it while teaching children during the day and adults at night in a nearby town. MLK Jr. refers to her as “The Mother of the Movement”. 

Mae C. Jemison (October 17, 1956)

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Mae C. Jemison was not only the first Black woman in space, she was the first Black female astronaut for NASA ever. She launched in the Endeavor in 1992, just 25 years ago. 

Maria Weems (1840—?)

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Above is Anna Maria Weems, a woman who escaped slavery by posing as a male. With a $500 reward for her capture, Weems spent over two months on the road until she found freedom in Canada. This art comes courtesy of the Smithsonian Libraries’ (@smithsonianlibraries) yearly celebration of BHM, which includes stories, art, personal histories, and lots more from their massive collection.

Follow these too:

  • Black Women Art (@fyblackwomenart​) has been around since 2012 (!), giving anyone who follows them a regular dose of art featuring Black women.
  • Badass Black Women History Month (@bbwhm​) is a brand new Tumblr celebrating badass Black women every day for Black History Month. Hell yeah.

There are more in the search results, of course. More Black women in STEM, in music, in sports, standing up for their rights, and have you read up on the Motorcycle Queen of Miami? One thing to note: some of these posts aren’t just highlighting women from 10, 20, 30, 100 years ago. They’re also highlighting Black women today, because Black women are still making history. 

Man Face Monday - Beautiful Birthday Mayor Face

Hey Face Lovers! 

So, I feel a bit in the dog house because I didn’t post a Washboard Wednesday last week. I got behind the eight-ball with some work projects. But rest assured, this Wednesday is already in process. 

Who else is excited for the finale this week? Last weeks positive Olicity vibes were just the right note I needed to feel like next season will find things right with the world again (even if there are a few more bumps in the road). I cannot wait to see how things sort out with Adrian Chase. Lots of opportunity for epic feels in terms of symmetry with the pilot. I have speculated in another post with respect to how I think things could end up, if the writers don’t want to let me down, that is! 

Let’s get busy with some face, shall we? Because Oliver Queen looked as scrumptious as his birthday cake last week. 

First, this gorgeous smile appeared because he might have a date. 

Oh, the pillow mountains and the leather jacket and the hair and the eyes…

Another smile because he was adoring at that moment.

Some badass black and white sexiness here. 

Someone else has commented on this pose. Oliver Queen, after everything he has been through, clasping his heart at this moment is a fascinating move that I hope gets asked about at a future HVFF panel. Is he relieved because he thought something happened to Felicity up until then? What he surprised by her appearance pointing a gun? Or is this a reference to the flashback in some way - to Kovar sticking a needle into that very spot? I am dying to know. In any case…the man is beautiful, the jacket is HOT. 

Okay, I am working on my gifmaking capabilities again. Here’s an early experiment because I adore that smile we see so rarely from Oliver Queen. I’ll keep at it!

Dimple. Fucking dimple. And eyelashes. Gaah.

And there we have it, gorgeous people! This dude had one handsome birthday. I hope this sets your week off on the right foot! Lots more pretty to come. 

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do you have any recommendations for books that focus on girl-girl friendships, girl-girl romances, and/or strong female leads?

Hi! Around international womens day, we reblogged loads of posts about strong female leads and f/f friendships, so I’ll just link you to some now. 

x x x x x 

Now I’ll give you some recs for some more specific ones in terms of f/f friendship and romance:

No Good Deed (Voiles)

Voiles Week Day Four: Benevolent!Void. Three times Void tries to be nice and no one believes him (except for Stiles), and one time they do.

Author’s Note: Okay, so I’ll keep this super short, just posting this because I want to promote Voiles some more. (At a later date I may revisit this idea of mine and expand it a little. Or a lot. Depending on my mood.)

Thank you, bxdcubes, for giving this a quick read <3



In was the middle of December and Beacon Hills had already seen an unusual amount of snow. Stiles was sure that something supernatural was going on–a yeti camped out in the woods, Doctor Who’s snowmen terrorizing innocent bystanders, or even Elsa the Snow Queen going on a rampage–but like it had happened so often in his life, nobody listened to a word he said.

After several days of his constant whining, however, Kira and Scott finally decided to patrol the woods just to appease him.

When they returned, they were dripping wet with gleeful grins lighting up their faces, claiming that there was no trace of any snow monster in the preserve.

Stiles really didn’t want to know what the two of them had ended up doing in the woods by themselves.

Whatever it was, though, resulted in Kira succumbing to a terrible cold.

Apparently kitsunes’ weren’t immune to every illness after all. Bested by the common cold, what a shame, Stiles thought.

Scott, on the other hand, seemed to be perfectly fine–if you ignored the headless way in which he ran around to make sure his girlfriend had everything she needed.

In the days that followed, the pack could usually be found beleaguering the Yukimura household, trying to cheer Kira up in any way they could. It was during one of those afternoons that Void suddenly appeared out of nowhere, pushing a mug of tea into the kitsune’s hands.

“It will restore your health,” Void said with a grave voice and an unblinking stare.

Kira blinked at him in astonishment while the rest of the pack stared warily at the stoneware mug in Kira’s hands.

“For the love of God,” Stiles muttered, rolling his eyes, and grabbed the offending item filled with steaming-hot tea.Scott looked at him as if he had grown another head, or two.

“He just wants to help,” he grumbled and put the mug against his lips, taking a sip to prove that it wasn’t poison.

“NO, DON’T!”

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Not only was the sixth episode awesome (ERMEHGERDMOONSTICK), but we were given some cleanup artwork in the opening sequence!  The most notable was Queen Serenity.  GORGEOUS!

The opening sequence as a whole was also softened a bit, as you can see in the comparisons above.  The lines are not as intense.  They also fixed the shadowing in the umbrella section.  The final few shots were also fixed.  Usagi is made to look a little more serene and the Ginzuishou is much more brilliant and defined.  The anatomy in the final shot looks a lot better!  They also increased the moonlight on the Senshi and changed Mars’ pose.

Overall, impressive changes.  Toei is really stepping it up in things that I didn’t think needed a whole lot of improvement.

Note: I did watermark the Queen Serenity images since it took some effort to make them whole!  Please reblog this post or link back to me if you use these images anywhere else.  Thanks!!

ficlet: Advance Notice (Olicity, rated T)

Advance Notice (856 words) by callistawolf
Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak, Ray Palmer/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, John Diggle
Additional Tags: Speculation, Angst, Introspection, Jealousy

Summary: Some post-3x15, pre-3x16 speculative fic. How does Oliver find out about Ray and Felicity?

Author’s Note: A lot of people have been wondering how Oliver finds out about Ray and Felicity’s relationship. This is just my take on that question.

Read at Ao3 or after the jump

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So I finally decided to do a Summer Tumblr Awards, hooray! If you want to compete read the rules/instructions below :)


  • Mbf adore-elegance aka me
  • Reblogs only, liks will only count as bookmarks

Higher chance;

  • Have a clean and nice blog
  • Be nice to people in general
  • Reblog this multiple times (Max. 5!)
  • Tag a post with #celinestw telling me a little bit abuut yourself and your blog


  • All blogstyles are free to compete (if lots of different kind of blogs compete, I will make sure to add some categories!)
  • Banner is made by me (hey, I tried).
  • I will add/remove some categories, and add more winners to each category, depending on the notes
  • I’ll choose the winners when I’m happy with the notes (must reach at least 50+)


  • Blossom Queen (winner overall)
  • Logan Lerman
  • Dylan O'brien
  • Tom Hiddleston

  • Best URL
  • Best sidebar
  • Best icon
  • Best theme
  • Best posts
  • Best light luxury
  • Best personal
  • Best fandom
  • Nicest blogger
  • Favourite blogger
  • Blogs worth a follow (5x)
  • Lucky winners (5x)

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them here

Love you all, and have a wonderful summer! x

A different perspective, a positive one.

As some of us have become understandably cynical after a whip-lash inducing PR fest that seems intent on bringing critical minds back into the fold while simultaneously telling them to ‘relax and enjoy the Hook-Hood show’, as cast and creators bombard us with hot and cold, rude and kind (subtext, dismissal, ignoring, sweaters – keepwatching, nohate?) there remains a need to have some sense of our own agency as viewers. Hegemony is a flawed theory if there is no resilience among the oppressed? Either way, there still are some of those who manage to steer clear from all the PR/cast/fandom dramarama, of all the blame-placing and feelings of betrayal, hurt and deception. Some of them just watch the show and interpret it in their own way. Because there is no such thing as ‘misinterpretation’ in a show that is solely left to our own interpretation – so whatever we all see, feel and want… is individual, and just as valid. Listen to your audience. Someone (we think it was the drunk guy passed out in a hammock in our meta-backyard ;) said that once.

What follows is someone else’s perspective. Resilience, Agency and Audience Interpretation—might be the title. Or, ‘Subtext does still matter and don’t throw the dirty human out with the dirty bathwater’? Let’s call it that. 

- your TTMC staff presents you our tumblr-less friend.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ok. So apparently I am NOT “an intelligent viewer”. Because I have a parallel universe interpretation, of…well, everything?   

It is not easy being a lone alien. The more I studied the show, the further I found myself drifting in my alien pod from Planet Fandom (I feel like Henry, circa S1—you think I’m crazy?!). And the more I hesitate sharing my ‘delusional version’.  I didn’t get my own tumblr because the more I learned about the fandom, the harder it became to maintain a clear perspective of the onscreen drama and I realised, without a doubt,  if I became more inserted in the fandom, I would NOT be able to come up with what I have. Because everything about the media/PR/fandom is deceptive and contradicts everything I have been able to garner from watching the show (closely).  And it is only in refusing to let those distractions blind me that I have been able to see the love story hidden in plain sight (along with in no small part, my appreciation for the genre—because that is the key).

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queen—i-z-z-y tumblr messed up and ate your message instead of saving it, but here are some blogs that post feminism and/or classics (note that a lot of these blogs post other things as well as classics/feminism so some might not be to your tastes)

Blogs that post feminism and classics:

Mostly classics:

Mostly feminism (and other social issues):

Other lovely blogs:

I know I’ve missed lots of people so feel free to add your url if you post feminism and/or classics

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Is there an easy way to find all of the links to google docs that have been posted on IRC?

you wanna tussle, i’ll tussle, i’ll tussle in all the links right here, be prepared to be WQ’d

For those that don’t know, WQ is an entity that has been visiting IRC quite often, ever since the channel opened. Other entities are King__, Protector_of_Ruby, and Editor. IRC events are not necessary to understand the story, however they do shed some light on the background conflicts between entities and often reveal valuable hints.

It’s a lot to read, so I may make a post summarizing it at some point.

Notes 1 - Important notes & Earlier logs

Notes 2 - Glynda & Glynda & WQ & King

Notes 3 - Dubcue & Queen

Notes 3.5 - Queen & the world outside (GM log)

Notes 4 - Protector of Ruby, Dubcue & WQ, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN

Notes 5 - Stars and Gears

Notes 6 - Dreams, Birthdays, and Fuckups

Big thanks to yollm for recording these! She is rad <3