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hello, could you do a hc for Law, Robin, Hawkins, Mihawk, Rocinante, Drake, Sanji, Chopper, Sabo, or any other characters you would like to add. What's on their journals/diary, who is usually did wrote a random stuff? a silly drawing? a poet? a bunch of quotes? ^^ thank you. 💖 by the way i'm about to write some of your hcs into my journal book 😁✌

hello my sweet daisyflower! I hope the wait didnt bother you^^


  • three words
  • Shitty. Doctor’s. Handwriting
  • keeps his crew’s medical/physical conditions on check, like when Shachi had the flu, he wrote it down there
  • as well as special pills or herps he needs to get or buy again
  • oh and he likes collecting coins right? that’s why he keeps track on all the coins he already obtained
  • the journal looks like a hardcover book with his jolly roger printed on the tettered brown leather
  • the inside doesn’t look all that good either, he doesn’t take the best care of his journal even tho it’s very useful to him


  • ohhhh beautiful handwriting and neatly kept journal comes in
  • a small purple book it is
  • she uses it for all her historical, linguistic and archeological research
  • so you will find all things about the void century and poneglyphs Robin was able to lay her fingers on
  • also drawings of birds and some drawings of her crew, they don’t look as good as Usopp’s stuff but still very nice
  • and photos of her crew, she likes to look at whenever she cannot really sleep
  • Robin keeps her journal with her most of the time


  • Hawkins keeps a very mysterious looking journal with him all the time
  • its always there in his coat
  • he puts a lot of his cards in there and has some sort of spells, I mean dude idk how this guy and his magic works
  • very, very, very pretty handwriting, he writes stuff about the places him and his crew have been to 
  • oh and he uses his journal to check on the crew’s fortune since he’s also the quarter master besides being captain fortune get it? coz Hawkins haha..bad joke
  • his journal is very well kept


  • a kind of log book, he needs to keep track for the marines after all
  • and write down everything he and his comrade faced off against already
  • it also functions sort of like a personal diary
  • he would often write down that he misses his parents and his home but that he’s happy he has a new family
  • also keeps track on Doffy and his crew of course
  • there are so many dumb photos of his friends from the marines there, photos made in their quarters, on night outs or in the canteen


  • beautiful drawings of the sky and constellations
  • oh and of course of the animals he comes across
  • his journal also functions as a logbook, means he meticulously writes down every single event since he and his crew entered the grandline and then the new world with date and location
  • there are no silly doodles in Drake’s book
  • he does draw animals and the night skye pretty toroughly but it’s less for aesthetics and more for his own researches
  • also his journal is plain black


  • Sanji has very very nice handwriting
  • you guessed it he writes down all the recipes he is about to use or he is kind of experimenting with as well as the favorite sorts of food of his crew
  • also not bad looking doodles of pretty women dammit Sanji
  • on the very last page he has glued a photo of Zeff
  • his journal has a lock for this very reason
  • the other being his dumbass love poems


  • is the only doctor in the world who doesn’t have shitty handwriting
  • he has different kinds of pens that he uses because he thinks it looks much better when everything is colorful
  • all the strawhats allergies and blood types are written there, as well as other medical conditions from his crewmate he needs to be up to date on
  • he asked Usopp to draw some cute stuff into his journal that aesthetically matches with every page, like test tubes for chemical equations or flowers for a photo with him and Kureha


  • silly dragon doodles and bad drawings of other animals he likes a lot like eagles or hawks
  • his journal is dark blue and pretty tattered already but damn he would not dare to throw it away
  • out of this bunch he along with Chopper and Robin and Law cares the most about his journal or takes it the most serious
  • he writes down little stories to all the places he’s been to already
  • his handwriting somehow got worse over the years and you can actually see the evolution from decent to spidery in all his journals

Vans Girls’ Catskills Moto Diaries // Babes Ride Out: Virginia Hall 

Hailing from the outskirts of New Jersey comes Babes Ride Out East Coast manager, Virginia Hall. With a big smile, and an even bigger heart, this one-of-a-kind hardtail-scooting gem has easily become one of our favorite girls in the moto scene— and with good reason! Her humility and genuine nature have earned her a spot on our list of “top people to travel with,” and let’s face it… there’s something pretty rad about a woman who has built her own bike. As we pulled up late into the campsite, we sat and chatted with Virginia (clearly she was someone we were eager to hang out with)  about the highs and lows she experienced while building, and the life-altering moments that can only be encountered on two wheels.

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