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Would you be willing to write MC having two young children from a previous relationship (the father is no longer in the picture) with RFA and the Minor Trio?

This is a warning to all of you, if you ever request something including the RFA and friends with children, I’m going to make it long! I’m s sucker for parenting headcanons so I really loved this request! So I hope that you enjoy and thank you for the request!! ^^


  • Yoosung was stunned when you introduced your little son and daughter to him
  • He knew that you had a relationship in the past that you didn’t like talking about, which he understood, but you failed to tell him about your two tiny kids
  • Any fears that Yoosung had when it came to bonding with your children faded
  • Yoosung turned out to be an amazing father figure for your children
  • He would help your son with his school work, your son said that Yoosung was the best teacher which made Yoosung’s heart melt, and would reward him with loads of encouragement and even teaching your son how to play video games
  • When it came to your daughter, Yoosung would teach her about all kinds of animals and would always be there to hold her in his arms when she was sad
  • The four of you went of lots of little bit fun family outings, the best one being when you all went to the zoo and Yoosung showed off his animal knowledge to your kids, who were amazed at his skills but you rolled your eyes
  • Even though they weren’t related to him biologically, Yoosung adored your children and promised that he would always treat them as his own kids since he truly did love the three of you


  • Zen had mixed feelings of surprise and sympathy when he first met your little son and daughter
  • He was completely unaware of your children but felt a sense of sadness since the two little ones didn’t have a father
  • So Zen made it his personal mission to be as best of a father figure as he could be
  • And he truly did become the best father to your two children who simply adored him
  • Zen would teach your daughter all about dancing and fashion, he would totally be a model for her when she wanted to put an outfit together, he also taught her the importance of being modest when with others
  • He taught your son how to be a proper gentleman, scolding him when Zen’s own narcissism started rubbing off to your little boy, but Zen also taught your son how to sing, especially when he was feeling sad
  • Your children loved going to see Zen perform on stage, the three of you would always sit in the front row, your son and daughter would clap extra loudly when he performed
  • After the show, Zen would have your son and daughter go up onto the stage and dance with them, you were in charge of taking videos and photos so that Zen could always cherish those moments
  • Zen had a newfound love for your children as well as being a father, he would make sure that he would always make his queen, prince, and princess happy


  • Jaehee felt a bit uneasy when she saw that you had a little son and daughter from your precious relationship
  • She was worried about how your kids would react to you dating another woman
  • But it turned out that her fears were for nothing because she became an amazing mother
  • Jaehee would teach your son the importance of hard work by making him do some simple chores around the house, she would often pitch in and help him since he did work hard, and reward him with fresh baked treats
  • She would show your daughter some self-defense judo moves to use on anyone who made her feel uncomfortable, your daughter once said that Jaehee was her role model and this woman cried on the spot
  • The four of you always bake homemade treats on the weekends for working hard during the week with school for the kids and work for you and Jaehee
  • Your son and daughter would happily stir the ingredients while you and Jaehee helped make sure that they didn’t make a mess everywhere
  • Jaehee felt truly happy to be a mother figure for your son and daughter, she always tried being the best mother that she could


  • Jumin kept a cool and calm exterior when you first introduced him to your little son and daughter
  • But on the inside, Jumin felt anxious since he wasn’t the best around children and he truly wanted to make a good impression on them
  • Turns out that Jumin would become an excellent father figure for your kids
  • He loved teaching your son about business skills but in a fun way, such as using toys or drawings, while your son loved visiting Jumin in his office, he would always greet Jumin with a huge hug
  • Your daughter was obsessed with Elizabeth the third so Jumin taught her how to properly care for and treat his beloved cat, he felt his heart swell with adoration when your daughter would take naps and have Elizabeth the third cuddled up next to her
  • The four of you went on tons of family trips together, some more simple while some were extravagant
  • Your son and daughter loved visiting the beach with you and Jumin, your son and Jumin would always challenge you and your daughter to a sand castle making contest
  • They loved it when the four of you would make a campfire and roast s'mores over the fire, your son and daughter usually ended up falling asleep in Jumin’s arms
  • Jumin never would have thought that he would be a good father figure but the love he received from you along with your children made him become the best father out there


  • Seven is actually really excited when you first introduce him to your little son and daughter
  • He’s been wanting to start a family with you ever since the two of you started dating so this makes things quicker!
  • Basically, Seven is like your third child although you admit he’s amazing when it comes to your kids
  • He loves teaching your son about outer space and decorated his room with stars everywhere, when your son gets his homework completed Seven will take your son into his arms and make him feel like he’s flying in the air, you can always hear both of them giggling
  • Seven notices your daughter’s interest in his robots so he shows her how to make some simply ones, your daughter also is a Honey Buddha Chip addict thanks to Seven and he usually has to pry his precious Chips away from her but will give her some when she’s been good
  • The four of you have story nights on the weekends, you noticed your children have become much more imaginative thanks to Seven
  • Seven loves reading fairy tale books to your kids before they go to sleep and you better believe that this man acts out all of the parts in a variety of voices
  • Your kids absolutely adore Seven, making him thank you with tears in his eyes as he has finally found true happiness in his life


  • V would be very nonchalant when he first met your little son and daughter
  • Even though it isn’t his fault, he feels sad for your children since they no longer have a father to look up to
  • So that’s when V steps in and basically becomes the best dad ever
  • V saw that your son gravitated more towards art so he taught him how to paint and take photos, V cried when your son gave him a handmade messy but sweet painting of the four of you for V’s birthday
  • Your daughter adored plants so V taught her all about cacti as well as other plants, the two of them have a flower bed in the yard where they will spend hours planting and admiring the flowers
  • The four of you love being outdoors and surrounded by nature so family time is typically outside
  • V loves watching your children explore the outdoor world and will take plenty of photos to document their experiences
  • Wanting to see more of you and your children, V finally get the eye surgery and cries for hours when he finally sees his family clearly for the first time
  • V doesn’t mind that he isn’t related biologically to your children, he loves and cherishes you and your children as if they were his own because he feels nothing but love for the three of you


  • Saeran was terrified when you first told him that you had a little son and daughter
  • This boy was not ready for kids, he was scared that he would become like his mother and scar your children
  • But with time, Saeran became an amazing father for your kids
  • He once yelled at your son for accidentally breaking a picture frame but seeing the look of fear in your son’s eyes made him realize that he was being a terrible parent so Saeran made a sincere apology to your son and took a new photo with your son to put in his room as a reminder of how much he loves him
  • Saeran noticed that your daughter had a sweet tooth so one day he offered to share some ice cream with her, although she was scared of making him upset at first, but the two eventually became friendly with each other and now half of the groceries you get are ice cream tubs
  • The four of you go to simple places for family time such as the park or the ice cream parlor since Saeran still isn’t completely comfortable with crowds
  • His favorite thing to do is have the four of you lay out in the backyard and stargaze while listening to your kids talk as they curl up next to him
  • Your kids have grown so attached to Saeran that you’ll find your son and daughter in bed with you two in the morning, they’ll say sleeping with Saeran always makes them happy
  • Saeran still doesn’t think that he’ll ever be a good father for your children but he promises to always try his best and will always make them feel loved


  • Vanderwood was fairly calm when he first met your little son and daughter
  • He wanted to track down and use his taser on the father of your children for leaving you alone but you reassured him that he didn’t have to
  • So Vanderwood decided instead to be a good father for your children
  • He taught your son how to deal with idiots by taking him to see how Vanderwood dealt with Seven, your son watched eagerly as Vanderwood threatened to use his taser on Seven multiple times and even showed your son a little bit of hacking
  • Vanderwood wanted to make sure no one would ever touch your daughter so he taught her self-defense skills, he even took her over to visit Seven so that she could practice her skills on him
  • The four of you tried to spend as much family time together as possible since Vanderwood was usually out on missions
  • He would always come back from his jobs with souvenirs for your son and daughter and tell them all about his trip, although he usually left out the killing parts
  • You’ve never seen him smile as much as he does whenever he’s with your kids, it always makes your heart soar
  • Vanderwood may not be the best father around but you wouldn’t want anyone else raising your kids with you

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hey tay :) can you write a fic where the distance between you and josh is too much while he's on tour so you guys break up? and then somehow you end up back together? thanks :)

hopefully this was kind of what you were thinking?? sorry i haven’t been so active in the past month. im still here though!! love you all - tay


“I know you’re mad, so just let it out.”

You sigh heavily, “I’m not mad,” you protested. “I’m just saying, you could’ve called me back, like you said you were going to.  I feel like we just don’t talk much anymore.”

“We talk everyday!” Josh argues back. 

You sigh, “Yeah, I know. But you just said you’d call, was all.  And you didn’t. And that kind of sucked.”

“I know, and I’m sorry.  We just get so busy, I lost track of time.”

You bite your lip, still frustrated, but you hold back.  Fighting with Josh was not how you wanted to spend your short phone call with him tonight.  “It’s fine, I understand.”

“What time is it there?” Josh asks through the phone, still buzzing from ‘post-concert vibes’, as he called them.  

“Like 2—“ you held your phone out to check the time, “… 3 am,” you corrected yourself as you squinted at the bright screen.  

“You should get to bed, babe,” he whispered through the phone.

You shook your head, “No,” you grunted, “I wanna talk to you.”

Josh’s quiet laughter rings through the phone.  “Me too, but you need sleep,” he lectures.  “I’ll let you go, okay?”

You blame the sudden wave of emotion on the exhaustion, but the idea of Josh hanging up brought instant tears to your eyes.  He’d been away on tour for six, grueling weeks now, and you cherished the few moments on the phone you got with him.  Ending that early because Josh was concerned with your sleep schedule was enough to warrant the sudden sob that escaped your lips.

“Y/N?” Josh’s voice turns serious.

You hold your phone away from you for a moment, clutching it tightly to your chest as you try not to sob again, or at least hoping Josh won’t hear it if you do.  But you hear his voice calling for you.

“Baby-“ you can tell he’s worried, so you try to hold it together.

With a bitten lip and stuffy nose, you speak, “Please don’t hang up, I miss you—“

Josh sighs.  “I know.”

You wait quietly on the other line, exhausted and sad and overwhelmed by the intensity of how much you craved his touch.  

“Just gotta make it a few more days.  Then I’ll be home.  I miss you too,” he says after a few moments.  “So much.”

“Please don’t hang up,” you whisper again, feeling pathetic and needy.  

“I won’t,” Josh promises.

When you wake the next morning, you’re clutching your phone against your chest.  Josh stayed true to his word.  His name was dimly lit on your screen, the phone call lasting a total of three hours and twenty four minutes.  You listen on the line, hopeful you might hear his steady breathing sleeping on the other end of the line, but there’s just a faint humming noise.  You sigh.  

“I love you,” you whisper before hanging up.  

You leave the light hanging over the kitchen table on before heading out for the day, flicking off the rest, a new habit. Coming home to a dark and empty home over the past few weeks is worse than the work week you’ve been juggling; at least when you’re at your desk, you can focus on the endless piles of paperwork instead of the ache you know you’ll feel just after you stumble in over the welcome mat, no one else to be found.

You grimace when you catch your reflection in the mirror beside the closet on your way out the door.  The bags under your eyes are swirled shades of green and purple.  You sigh, shrugging on your jacket.  It’s raining, the weather complete and utter shit. You can’t be bothered to put any real effort into your appearance, not when it’ll be ruined just four or five steps off the curb, courtesy of the wind and rain steadily whipping around outside.  It’s a bleak Wednesday, late and damp during the middle of a work week.  And you’re miserable.

You drum your fingers repeatedly along your desk, staring at the desktop that now had pictures from your screen savor floating around, too lost in your own mind to be efficient.  

You’d signed off on two discharges and managed to nibble your way through half a bagel, but that was the extent of your productivity thus far.  

Your eyes kept wandering towards your phone, sitting kitty-cornered on your desk, screen up.  Josh had the day off, which meant he could be asleep for hours more.  It drove you crazy going this long without talking to him.  This isn’t what you wanted. None of this is what you wanted.  And while you agreed that distance couldn’t break you two apart as he went out to pursue his dreams, you couldn’t ignore the nagging fear in the back of your mind that it just wouldn’t work out.  That fear grew louder as the phone calls grew less and less consistent.  Days like yesterday, where Josh wouldn’t ring until the night was in the single digits, made you wonder how long you had left.  But Josh was right.  You just had to make it until Friday.  Then he’d be home, and things would be just as they always were.

You send Josh a quick message at 3 pm your time.  It’s nothing much, just wishing him a restful day off.  The fact that it goes unanswered speaks louder than the text.  

You eventually get engulfed in your work, losing track of time, and working well past five.  By the time you’re packing everything up, it’s dark outside.  Street lights reflect off the wet pavement and you make your way home, checking your phone again.  

There’s a snapchat from Tyler.  Nothing from Josh.

You open the notification, waiting for a moment as the video loads.  As soon as it does, you feel your face fall.  You barely register Tyler’s voice narrating the video.  He says something sarcastic about what great company he had as the camera points at Josh sitting on the couch, scrolling through his phone.  You frown, immediately going to your messages.  Your text wasn’t even opened yet. It was becoming routine for Josh not to answer you or call you back. You take a deep breath and throw your phone back into your purse, making a vow to yourself not to check it again.

You spent the entire walk home feeling like you might scream out in anger at any minute.  But by the time you walked through the door to your apartment, you just felt empty.  

When you laid down that night, the loneliness curled up in the pit of your gut, like a fox in its winter den. You felt small - smaller than you’d ever felt.

You finally sat up on your bed at 3am, not able to fall asleep. You sent Josh a goodnight text three hours ago, but the truth is you never slept well without him by your side. And the sad part was, you were starting to think Josh didn’t feel the same anymore.

At 3am, you allow yourself to think about the fact that you might not win. You might lose Josh, and soon. The thought of living without Josh in your life is what creates the tear stains on your pillow case, and the muffled sobs in the shower.

When your alarm goes off at 6am, you’re groggy and exhausted.  There’s a text on your phone from Josh.  A simple ‘goodnight x’ is all.  You sigh and open the message.  

One more day, you tell yourself.  Just one.  

For a few hours, you’re hopeful.  You swing through the airport, your heart racing as soon as Josh came into sight, and you barely get the car in park before you’re flinging off your seatbelt and rushing to the curb.  

You launch yourself into his arms, ignoring the suitcase that falls to the ground, as you wrap your arms around his neck.  

He inhales deeply, his hands locking around your body as he hugs you tight.  

“God, I missed you,” he whispers into your hair.  

You feel at home the entire way back to the apartment with Josh’s hand in yours.  You watch the road, and he watches you.  And things just feel good.

It was nearly 2am and you could still hear the smash of the dinner plate against the wall.

You and Josh just stood there staring at one another, the crushed china leaving a mark on the wall and dust at your feet. You were both silent, out of breath from the argument you’d just had.

But you were tired. You were so sick and so tired and you absolutely despised everything right now.

You don’t even remember what had started the fight – You’d brought up the distance, like an idiot, and Josh immediately got defensive, claiming you were suffocating him, and he needed space to pursue his dream. All you knew was that you started shouting at him, animating your arms as you usually did. Josh wasn’t much of a shouter, he just stood there.

You stared at the broken plate, tears starting to fog up your vision as you realized you were turning into someone you definitely did not want to be.  “I’m done,” You finally said, sighing heavily.  “I don’t want to fight, I’m sorry.”

Josh nods.  He retrieves the dust pan from the closet and starts cleaning up the shattered glass.

“Let’s just go to bed,” he suggests.  

You nod, your chest finally deflated.  You notice the distance between you two as you crawl into bed that night.  You thought you’d sleep like a baby with him back, but instead you stare at him in the darkness, realizing you spent the one night you had together this month screaming and fighting.  

And you knows you’re avoiding the inevitable, but you just can’t imagine going one day without Josh.

You choke on the air, it’s hard to breathe.

You drop Josh off at the airport the next afternoon.  

And your eyes are flooded but you shake your head.  You hate leaving things like this, so unresolved and up in the air.  Josh hugs you tightly goodbye.  He kisses your cheek before whispering, “I love you.”

You say it back, but it feels more like a routine at this point.  

“Are we okay?” he asks, holding you out in front of him.  He scans your face.

You offer a forced smile.  “Yeah,” you lie.  

You always had so much trust in Josh and your relationship.  And you always just had faith, that despite the distance and despite the pain, things would work out.  Because you and Josh were meant to be.

But that’s the thing that you finally realized. This world is not a fairy tale, and Josh was not Prince Charming.  He was just a man who you gave your entire heart to.

You parked your car in the driveway after the fifteen minute ride home and looked in the rear view mirror to see your face was dry.  No more tears.

It’d been thirteen hours since you’d heard from Josh.  He should have landed hours ago, but you hadn’t heard from him yet.  You dial his number, worried.

“Hey babe,” he answers on the forth ring.

“Hey-“ you say, acknowledging his upbeat tone. “You made it okay?”

“Yeah,” he says, “sorry, I forgot to call.  I landed at six.  Just getting used to the time change again.”

You sigh, “I’ll let you go then.”

“Sounds good,” he says.  “Talk to you later.”

You make an oath not to text or call Josh first.  Just to see how long things will go before he’s in touch.  On the third day, you make your decision.  Your heart hurt too much to continue on.  

You just can’t do it, you feel like you’ve suffered for so long, long enough.  You both had.  And someone needed to put an end to both of your suffering.

“This isn’t working.”

“What?” Josh asks, sounding like he was multitasking on the other end of the line.  

“I can’t do this anymore.” You say sternly.

“Oh.” Is all Josh can say.

“We haven’t talked in three days.” You tell him, cause you’re sure he isn’t keeping track like you are.

“Do… Do you want to break up?”

“Yeah, that’s what I want.”

For a moment, you wish you could take it back.  Go on pretending it was all okay.  You didn’t want to say goodbye to the best thing to ever happened to you, but damn it, you had to. Maybe in another universe you and Josh worked out.  But you were slowly dying inside.  

“All right then, we’re over, done, broken up, splitting ways, whatever  you want to call it.”

You sighed.

“Bye Josh,” was all you said before hanging up the phone. You didn’t want to fight.  You were too exhausted to keep fighting.  

*four months later*

It’s a Tuesday evening when you hear that there’s a show in town. It’s poor timing, really; you have precisely a million and one stacks of paperwork to catch up on for work, your apartment needs a desperate cleaning that you’ve put off for weeks, and you’ve been fighting off a cold since Friday that finally seems to be winning.  You stare at the band’s flyer posted online - a bleak announcement that they’re back for one night only at their old stomping ground, a shit time slot right around midnight - and you give it about 30 seconds before you’re leaping off the couch, looking for your wallet.

You know it’s a terrible idea to revisit the band that you spent so many nights swaying to alongside Josh, music you’ve kissed and danced to, music that quickly became the soundtrack to your relationship. Music that was mediocre at best, but it was yours. It’s all you can think about every time you hear the tinny beat pulsing through your headphones. It used to be soothing. Now, it breaks your heart.

You go, anyway, driven by a force you can’t explain, needs to be immersed in the band you once shared and loved together. Just for tonight, to feel like you’re okay.

By the time you arrive, your shoulders are damp from the rain.  

“Nice weather,” the man at the entrance quips.

You force a smile. “Yeah, I’m soaked, and I only live three blocks from here.”

“Oh, you’re a local.”


“I thought you looked familiar. You come here often?”

You shrug. “Not as much as I used to.”

“Sure, sure. Well. Enjoy yourself tonight. Heard the band tonight is fairly decent.”

You quickly make your way up to the bar, weaving in and out of the people starting to make their way inside, puddles beginning to form on the floor from the weather. You lean up against the counter.

You take your drink and situate yourself up against the back wall, leaning against it, surveying the crowd. There’s probably about 300 people present - more than you thought would show up - and when the lights dim, a restless cheer goes through the room. The band walks out on stage, taking their usual positions at their instruments, and when the first strum of the guitar echoes throughout the space, you exhale deeply.

It’s around the third song that you realize this might be the worst idea you’ve had in your entire life. You were hoping hearing these songs, being enveloped in these melodies, would feel like closure, would bring some peace or serenity or happiness. Instead, your mind is a whirlwind of memories - some bad, mostly good - and the pit settling at the bottom of your stomach is growing with every lyric.

This isn’t what you wanted.

You want to go home, but you feel glued to your spot, the plinking of the piano keys simultaneously keeping you frozen and wanting to run away.

And then you spot something - someone - out of the corner of your eye, and it’s not just the alcohol making you nauseous anymore.

You don’t move. You’re too afraid to. Instead, you pray Josh doesn’t notice you, is engrossed enough with the group he’s with to leave you as the invisible girl. You eye the exit, cursing under your breath when you realize you’ll have to walk directly by Josh to escape. You desperately try to plot a route to get the hell out of here when you pinpoint the exact moment that Josh sees you. It’s like he’s just seen a ghost, his entire body going tense, the smile dropping from his face. you watch as Josh’s friend - why does Josh have friends that you don’t know, god dammit - keeps talking, gesturing with his hands, but Josh’s expression makes it evident that he isn’t listening. He’s focused on you, and just like always, it makes you squirm.

Josh isn’t blinking as he approaches you, and your mind is screaming fight or flight, fucking pick one. Your heart is racing, vision blurry, and you don’t get to decide what to do or where to go or how to calm himself the fuck down because then Josh’s there, right in front of you.

“Y/N,” he whispers, his voice low enough that you have to strain to hear it over the music. “God, how’re you?”

You swallow, your throat’s somehow dry. “Hey. ‘m good.”

“You look good,” he says, like he’s agreeing.

You resist the urge to laugh uncomfortably.

“It’s been a while.” He says.

You nod back.  

You both stand together awkwardly for a moment or two, Louis doing his best not to stare at the new tattoo on Josh’s forearm. You don’t know what it is or when he got it. The pounding in your temple intensifies.  You look up and attempt to match Josh’s gaze, but it’s hard.

“So, who’re you here with,” you ask. You try to come off as casual but you know it sounds weak. “Anyone I know?”

Josh shrugs, looking back over at his group. “I don’t think so. Some guys from tour.”

“Oh.” The band starts up another song and you have to close your eyes. This one hurts. You do your best to block it out. “You’ve been good, yeah?”

“Yeah,” he replies. He looks down at the floor when he says it. “Been busy.”

“I bet.  You’re a proper rockstar now.”

He smiles at that, a full blown smile, and you have to grip the brick wall behind you to remain standing upright. You’re seen that smile so many times - over breakfast, in bed while you trace lazy shapes across Josh’s skin, visiting family, shopping at the center, listening to music at this same fucking venue for this Goddamn shit band - and you’ve been missing it for four months, so much, you think you could start shaking.

“Yeah,” Josh says eventually, gaze back on the floor, “I’ve been trying.”

You hum, flicking your hair out of your eyes.

You want to shout. This isn’t what this should feel like. You shouldn’t be strangers.

You hardly notice when the band wraps up their set and the lead singer hops off stage.  You’re mostly focused on Josh’s eyes, Josh’s lips, Josh. The noise level quiets immediately, the crowd starting to flood out onto the street, and a knot forms in your stomach when you see one of the guys from Josh’s group gesturing at him to come with.

“Listen, Y/N,” Josh starts, and you put your hand up.

“I gotta go,” you say. Your voice sounds unfamiliar, even to yourself. You can feel yourself starting to unravel. “You take care.”

You watch Josh’s face fall, his expression unreadable. “Alright. You, too.”

It’s extreme to say you feel like you’ve just been tortured, but your entire body aches and your head is pounding and if you stop moving for long enough, you’re going to have to bend over and throw up right on this street. It’s still raining - harder than before - but you make no attempt to hail for a cab. Instead, you walk the entire way home, each step away from Josh ripping you further and further in two.  

You don’t bother taking off your soaking wet clothes before collapsing onto the couch in a puddle of tears.  Your sobs wrack your entire body, making you heave and shake and shiver.  

You’re in the middle of your breakdown when you hear a knock at the door.  You don’t bother asking who it is - though you really should - before pulling the door open.

“Hi,” Josh says, rocking back and forth onto the balls of his feet.

You stare back, heart hammering in your chest. “What’re you–”

“I can’t stop thinking about how much I hated tonight.”

You feel your face burning. “Josh…”

“You looked at me like you hated me,” he continues. “Or didn’t know me. I don’t know which one is worse.” He pushes in through the entryway like he still lives here, like he gets to make himself at home. “I miss you so fucking much, I feel like I can’t breathe half the time.”

The door slams shut behind you and you wince. You can’t form words, just murmurs, “It’s not, I’m…” You make a face. “Josh, I don’t know what you want me to say.”

Josh drags his fingers through his hair, clearly frustrated. “I want you to say that breaking up was stupid and that you miss me, too, and we’re done fucking around. That we’re doing this for real this time. No backing out. I’m in this. I’m never going anywhere again.”

“Jesus.” Josh’s staring at you in that intense, soul-baring way of his, and you feel dizzy. “But you–”

“I know,” he interrupts. “What I’m saying now is I’ve missed you every single day for the past four months and it’s not getting any easier. It’s gotten worse . It’s…” Josh takes a step forward to circle his hands around your wrists, and just that minimal contact has your eyes tearing up. “It’s hell, is what it is. We should never have done this. We should have worked through it.  I shouldn’t have pushed you away or gotten distant. I’m tired of not arguing with you. I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of missing all the things I thought I used to hate but as it turns out, those are the things I love the most. I don’t care about the band anymore.  None of it means anything without you.”

You don’t try to shake Josh’s grip away. It feels so easy, this. Too easy. Like it always has been until suddenly, it wasn’t. You don’t say anything, though, just let Josh keep touching you, staring at him.

“Y/N,” Josh whispers eventually, thumbs brushing against your wrist bones. “Am I completely out of line. What’re you thinking?”

I love you, you think. I love you and I don’t know how to stop. “I’m thinking…” you pause to swallow. I’m thinking that I hated being apart from you. I’m thinking that I miss having all your clothes lying around. That I miss your shampoo and drum set and dirty dishes. That I miss waking up with you. That nothing feels right anymore and I don’t know how to fix it. “I’m thinking that I can’t believe you saw me drunk and soaking wet in the bar, and that was the moment you decided you couldn’t get over me.” It’s not what you meant to say, but you somehow already feel a million pounds lighter.

Josh huffs out a laugh, his shoulders slumping. “You looked like my Y/N.”

You try to roll your eyes, but instead, you find yourself taking a step closer. “Unbathed and shit faced drunk?”

“Beautiful,” he corrects simply. “Just. Everything.”

“Are we really gonna do this again?”

“If you’ll have me,” Josh says quietly. “God, I hope you’ll have me.”

You’re already nodding. “The right way this time.”

“Whatever way you want,” Josh confirms, already pulling you into his arms. He buries his face into your neck, his breath hot against your skin, and you start to feel yourself unravel, yet again. This time, it’s okay.

Josh leans back after a minute - maybe two, maybe 10, you can’t tell - and doesn’t say anything else before he dips in to sweep his lips across yours. It’s unbearably sweet, achy, almost, and your hands are trembling against his back before you can figure out a way to stop them. Josh doesn’t mention it, just deepens the kiss, hands sliding down to your waist.

You really want to ask a thousand questions, want to sit and talk and reassure the finally lessening pain in your chest. Wants to make sure you’re both on the same page and that you’re both ready to work through this, to save what you couldn’t lose again. But then Josh is murmuring promises against your lips, his fingertips hot against the small of your back where your shirt has risen up, his body and voice so familiar that you can’t think about anything else, doesn’t want to. Instead, you force yourself to pull back, slides your hand into Josh’s, and guides him to your bedroom without another word.

You wake up in the middle of the night with a kink in your neck, your body angled awkwardly all night as the result of Josh laying pressed up against you, no room to breathe. But for the first time in months, it doesn’t feel like you’re suffocating.

Fan Account

Request: Ooh I got a long request 👀 Shawn and Y/N are in a relationship but they’ve kept it away from the fans. Y/N has a fan account on it and she interacts with fans as if she were one, one day Y/N and Shawn get caught being with each other and the fans go crazy, she puts her fan account on private and all her internet friends are going crazy!!

A/N: I deleted this by accident, sorry!!


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- - - -

“How long do you think it will be before people find out about us?” You ask Shawn curiously, intrigued to find out what he thinks. To be honest, you’re surprised that still no one knows yet. It has been so hard to always stay out of the pictures and videos that Shawn and all of his team take daily, and all you want to do is post a cute couple picture on Instagram or something of you both. That’s what people normally do when they’re in a relationship right? But with dating Shawn, these are some small sacrifices that you know you need to make in order to keep your privacy… for now at least.

You have your own fan account about Shawn, where you talk to loads of his fans about him and his music. They all think that you’re simply just a fan too, and it’s really fun to have that big secret from them – how you don’t only know Shawn personally, but you’re his girlfriend. Most girls are big fans of Shawn’s face above all for the majority of the time, and you can’t help but sometimes feel quite jealous and a little bit territorial. It’s weird to think that millions of girls have a crush on your boyfriend, and it’s also quite hard to deal with too. You have to constantly remind yourself that he’s yours and you’re his, so it’s not the end of the world that other girls feel this way too about him.

You’ve made some closer friends though through having this fan account, whom you Snapchat and text on a regular basis. It’s truly amazing to see the community that Shawn has brought together unintentionally. But you do feel guilty a lot. You know that so many people that you talk to daily would actually kill someone for a chance to get a picture with Shawn, or even just for him to smile at them and say hi.

Somehow you’ve lasted for 5 months dating now without any fan suspicions whatsoever, but you’ve known Shawn for over a year. You don’t mind being almost hidden away like this most of the time, because Shawn constantly tells you that he doesn’t want you to ever get hurt in any way and it’s probably for the best right now. Some fans can be very brutal, and you dread to think of what a select few of them would post and say about you everywhere online.

Also, you sometimes hear Andrew and other people in Shawn’s management talking about you to each other when they don’t think that you’re listening. They started off being sweet and kind towards you because they knew that Shawn was developing feelings for you, and overtime you have become very close to them and have good relationships with them just as Shawn does. But they do talk about you, and you can’t pretend to not hear it and shrug it off all the time. They say Shawn should pretend that you don’t exist, as it appeals more to his fans if they think he’s single and ‘available’ for their taking.

Again, you completely understand it and see the benefits for Shawn and his career if he increases in popularity. Most of the time you’re alright with it; other times it hurts you deeply. Like when you hear Shawn have to answer the same sort of question in every single interview – “Do you have a girlfriend?”, “Are you seeing someone right now?” and, “All the girls want to know… are you single?”

He just has to either laugh it off or keep a straight face not to give anything away and reply with a simple, “No I don’t have a girlfriend.”, “No I’m not seeing anyone.” and, “Yes I am single.”

You’ve always wondered if this pains him too, but I guess if it does he tries not to show it to you. He’s a great person, although sometimes quite difficult to read and completely understand how he’s feeling.

“Honestly, Y/N? I have no idea. Hopefully just for as long as possible until…” Shawn replies and then pauses, playing with the ring on his middle finger.

“Until…?” You repeat to him, prompting him to continue what he was saying.

Shawn thinks for a moment, and a lock of hair falls over his left eye, “Until… we’ve been going out for longer obviously!” He says laughing, and he pulls you in closer on the sofa in the tour bus. His giant arms wrap around you like a blanket giving you comfort, and he puts his head in the crook of your neck so it feels to you like he’s smelling your hair. He probably is. You try and turn to look at him, but you’re unsuccessful considering how close he is to you.

Struggling, you initially fail to break your arm free from Shawn’s warm hug, “Come on, Shawn.” You say giggling now too. One arm manages to escape, and you reach up onto your own shoulder where Shawn’s head still rests, to massage and stroke his head with your fingertips.

You could stay like this for hours – just you and Shawn in his tour bus with all of his team out elsewhere, just watching Netflix together on his laptop. But you know that soon Shawn has to get up and get ready for his day full of interviews promoting his new song and music video. You always say that he works too hard, because this is the sixth day in a row that he’s been doing this. Why can’t time pause just for a minute?

He moans miserably, and you know he feels the same way as you, “Don’t worry, Shawn. I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be right here ready for you to hug when you return. I’m all yours.” You tell him lovingly, still stroking his head and playing with his curly locks of hair.

Reluctantly, he kisses you tenderly on the cheek which makes you blush slightly, and gets up off of the sofa and out from underneath the navy blue blanket that was wrapped around you both. You turn Grey’s Anatomy off on his laptop and log out, before putting it away on his bunk for safekeeping. Luckily, it’s located right next to the sofa you sit on, so you don’t even need to get up.

You swear this tour is making you lazier and lazier. Shawn’s team have told you that it’s best if during the day when you really have nothing to do, for you to just stay in the tour bus or close by. They tell you it’s because then straight after Shawn’s finished in whatever city you’re in, they can quickly start heading to the next destination with no hesitation. You really want to believe them; but you can’t help but think that’s not the real reason at all.

A few hours go by, and you’ve got dressed, finished your makeup and eaten both breakfast and lunch alone. Out of boredom, you decide to watch a film all by yourself on the lonely sofa to try and make the hours go by faster until Shawn returns from doing promo. Midway through the film, you go over to the small mini fridge in the tour bus to get a drink, and see that there’s nothing at all to choose from. Unfortunately, the water supply is also running low in the tour bus, so you don’t want to drain it even further because you know people will need showers and more later on.

You grab your phone from the sofa and text Shawn, even though he won’t probably see it until about 10 minutes before he’ll return to the tour bus anyways. But you don’t really want to text anyone from his team, even though you have all their numbers, because you know what their reply will be before you even send the message.

“Hey we have nothingggg at all to drink here, so I’m just gonna go out to the little shop I saw on the street as we were driving up to this parking space, ok?” You type quickly, and then send it without hesitation. You then doubt yourself as to why you sent that message like it was a question with a debatable answer. You’re literally just going out to buy juice and fizzy drinks, and that’s that. It’s not a big deal at all because you’ll be back in approximately 15 minutes, and you can then resume watching your film.

The keys to the tour bus are on the table on your right, so you grab and pocket them before you leave and forget them – which would lock everyone out of the tour bus, including yourself. Quickly, you put on your trainers and tie up your shoelaces, and then you head out of the door and in the direction of the shop.

What you weren’t aware of before you left the tour bus, is that there’s a group of around 20 girls across the road that look like they’re camping out to see Shawn. Every single one of them is wearing his merch, and as soon as you step out of the tour bus they scream.

You understand that they probably thought and assumed that you were going to be Shawn, and then you hear them calling out loudly across the road, “Who are you?” When they realise that you aren’t him and they also don’t recognise you as a part of his team.

That attracts even more attention from people who are just simply going about their days. Suddenly, you are unsure of what is the best move. Do you go back inside the tour bus, or do you continue heading for a quick trip to the shops?

You think now about how this is exactly what Shawn’s team meant, and what they were weary of and didn’t want happening. You could easily be mobbed right now and you’d have absolutely no protection. Bravely, you decide to continue walking straight ahead and just think of the goal ahead of you. You can’t help thinking too how you would love to be able to prove them all wrong.

However, the girls start picking up their bags and coming towards you, which you really didn’t expect because you’ve never been subject to something like this before. Sure, you have seen it happen to Shawn many times. Sometimes he hasn’t even been able to walk down the street because there have been so many fans getting so excited over him and wanting to catch a glimpse.

“Hey!” They call out collectively again and again, gaining volume each time.

You choose to ignore them. Not in a rude way, but just because you feel like if you respond, they will start talking to you and asking many personal questions that you don’t want to answer. They have no idea who you are, but if this carries on then they may find out soon enough.

Moving your legs faster and faster, you nearly trip up a curb, which stuns you and makes you realise that you need to focus more on where you’re going. You know without even having to turn around and look that the group of intimidating girls are gaining on you, and that you may not be able to ignore them anymore. Finally, you reach the shops and search quickly through the isles for the drinks so that you can pay and leave without stopping for too long. Reaching out, you grab Shawn’s favourite juice and as many other drinks as you can carry, and head over to pay. You get out your money to pay for the drinks after the cashier has scanned your items.

“How do you know Shawn?” A girl asks you impolitely, tapping you heavily on the shoulder to get your attention.

“I’m… um… just visiting him on tour for a while.” You stutter, attempting to stall for time to think of an appropriate answer that’s not complete lie, just a slight bending of the truth.

The girl looks you up and down with a hint of disgust, “Yeah, but how do you know him? Are you family?” She can surely see the look of fear in your eyes, but she doesn’t acknowledge it.

Your legs start involuntarily shaking and you stare down at the ground trying to compose yourself and get ready to start acting. “Yes actually I am family.”  You reply, plastering a large grin on your face. Swiftly, you take your bags filled with drinks off of the counter and pray that it signals ‘goodbye’ to the group of girls standing behind you, almost prying on you.

But, they follow you out.

Never before have you felt fear like this and felt so unsafe too, doing such a simple task like going to the shops. “Hey girls, would it be okay if you just let me head back to the tour bus on my own now? It was lovely meeting you.” You tell them, being more polite than you were even when you met Shawn’s parents for the first time. It’s important to be as convincing as possible so they will leave you alone.

They simultaneously sigh and cross their arms, and another girl that you haven’t spoken to yet says, “Sure. What’s your name though before you go?”

“Why?” You say a bit too defensively and harshly to be passed off as a casual reply.

“Just so we can find you and follow you later on Twitter and stuff.” She says smiling widely back at you. She pulls her phone out of her pocket so that she’s ready to make a note of it.

They seem sweet and innocent right now, but you wonder if they really are plotting something deeper that you’re unaware of. You have to think really hard to decide whether you should reveal your real name or tell them a made up one. “My name is Y/N.” You say hurriedly, “Nice to see you!” You add, and you begin fast walking back towards the tour bus to safety.

Stopping only to get the key out of your pocket out-of-breath, you unlock the door and dump the bags of drinks on the table before jumping on your stomach onto the sofa in despair. Why did I have to do that?

You must’ve fallen asleep, as suddenly you’re startled by the sound of loud knocking on the door. “Who is it?” You call out, now knowing that you have to be cautious and can’t just let anyone in.

“It’s Shawn.” Shawn replies.

Somehow, you can hear through the door that he sounds upset. So adjusting your hair and trying to look at least a little bit presentable, you get up and open the door. “Hey.” You say smiling, happy to see him again. However, you soon see his look of disappointment and this makes your heart stop momentarily, “Wait, what’s wrong?”

He climbs up the steps to get into the bus and points you in the direction of the sofa to go and sit down.  Neither of you speak for a moment, which makes you even more nervous than you were when you first heard Shawn’s voice.

“Y/N, everyone knows.” Shawn blurts out suddenly. He was obviously scared to say it, so he wanted to just get it over and done with quickly but you barely understood what he said.

Raising one eyebrow, you ask, “Know what?” But you believe you already know the answer to that. You didn’t want to check Twitter or anything like that when you got back from the shops, because you were afraid of finding out the truth about what the fans know, so you just sat there staring at the wall.

Shawn gives you a look reads ‘stop lying to yourself’, and then says, “About us.” He always does that. He always has to be polite and reply to you even when he feels like it’s unnecessary and a stupid question, which is another thing you love about him. He doesn’t wait for your reply; he just pulls you in tightly for a hug, and then gently kisses the top of your head. You both sit there for a while, consumed in your own thoughts and wishing that you could read each other’s. Shawn rubs his calloused hands up and down your arms whilst you try to think about how you feel about this situation.

You hold one of Shawn’s hands, and the other continues to rub your arm. Looking up into his eyes, you state, “There’s nothing we can do about it now.” It sounds depressing but it’s true, and you both know it. You wonder if you should make a public announcement about it or not, but firstly you check Twitter to see what’s being said. Just from one quick search, you stumble upon a hashtag that’s now trending ‘#Y/NMendes’. “Well that’s a bit immature isn’t it?” You say to Shawn with a deep sigh, feeling quite deflated. Scrolling further through the hashtag, you see there are countless very unflattering pictures that come up of you wearing the same clothes as you are right now, walking to the shops.

Of course it would be those girls.

Instantly, you regret ever telling them your real name. You’ve gained thousands of followers, and there are so many confused people messaging you. They probably can’t believe that Shawn would date someone who literally has a fan account about him and constantly tweets things about him to loads of people.

Shawn doesn’t say anything as you look through your snapchats from the friends that you have made through the fan account. He just looks at the blanket next to him on the sofa and plays with his ring absentmindedly. They’ve sent you picture after picture with long captions all in capital letters of them freaking out over the news.  Clicking through them, you read messages such as, “Y/N, WHAT THE HELL WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US.” And, “I HATE YOU SO MUCH UGH I’M SO JEALOUS BUT HOW COULD YOU KEEP THIS FROM US? HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON?”

“I can’t do this, Shawn. I don’t know what I’m supposed to tell them… I’ve just been lying to them this whole time and they didn’t deserve that. I never expected that this would happen so soon.” You tell him. Your hands are shaking, and you have to put your phone down because you are freaking out so much.

“You’re going to have to stop talking to them, Y/N. I know they may seem like your friends, but now that this is out, they may start to use you. It’s horrible to think about I know, but I’ve seen it happen before with my own eyes.” Shawn replies with a serious tone. “But don’t worry, I can help you private your accounts quickly before more and more people find them all if you want.” He adds, smiling at you now.

Thinking carefully, you can now see that Shawn feels more confident about this situation. He knows what he’s doing because he has experience. At the end of the day, it makes you upset but you know that the people you’ve met through the fan account much prefer Shawn over you; and you know that they would definitely choose him over you if they had to decide between you both for anything.

“Please, do it.” You state plainly, and hand him your phone.

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How Glass Castings are Born (and how I killed a baby unicorn and accidentally made abstract sculpture in the process)

I’ve made a number of posts which hint at what I do with glass/the sort of art I make, but the process I usually work in - know as casting - is long and confusing. This is a ramble-y/technical post with lots of pictures, so I’m adding a ‘read more’ line so as to not clutter up anyone’s dash too terribly… But I will leave one hovering above that threshold. 

…Meet Frank.

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No More (Mark/Dark x Platonic! Reader)

A/N: This is a request that was pretty fun to write. The reader isn’t in a relationship with Mark or Dark, but they watch as Dark takes over via a YouTube video. Hopefully this is good enough!

After a stressful day, all you wanted to do was lay in bed and watch YouTube videos. Settling down with a cup of tea, you wrapped yourself in a pile of blankets and scrolled through your subscriptions. Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier - all with new videos - but you decided to pick the one with the interesting title: Dark.jpg. Markiplier’s latest video title piqued your interest, and soon enough the video loaded and you relaxed.

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Reacting To Youtubers Instragram

Laying on the bed, scrolling through Twitter, I quickly grew bored with the same old tweets I had reread again and again. But just as I went to pull up Instragram, my phone beeped with a new text.

The device slips from my hand and I turn my head quickly, wincing as it hits me in the face.

“Ow.” I mumble to myself, picking it back up and switching over to check the message, wondering what Marcus wanted.

Just posted a new video that you may want to check out ;)

Raising an eyebrow, I sent a quick reply back to him: What did you do now?

Just go watch it, Y/N.

Rolling my eyes, I reach over the side of my bed to grab my laptop, quickly pulling up YouTube and loading Marcus’s channel.

“Reacting to Youtubers Instagram…oh gods, you did Joe, didn’t you?” I say to myself as I click play.

“Hello everybody!” Marcus waves to the camera, and I settle back against the pillow, watching as he introduces himself and explains how he’ll be going through another Instagram today. “Now, you are all probably wondering who I chose, because I kept it out of the title and thumbnail…so drumroll please!” I chuckle as I watch him tap on the table I know is in front of him. “We are doing Y/N!”

“What?” I exclaim, even though I know he can’t hear me.

“Who is Y/N, you ask? She is the girlfriend of Joe Sugg, yes that Joe Sugg. Sorry ladies, he’s taken. For just over a year now, actually. But anyways, she has done YouTube for a while, and I’ll leave her links below. Go subscribe and check her out. She makes pretty good videos, although not as good as me.” Marcus winks at the camera and I let out a small laugh. “Let’s check her Instagram now, shall we?”

My mind quickly darts to what I’ve posted, but before I can remember, he’s already got it on the screen.

“Isn’t this just adorable?” He coos, glancing at the camera. “There’s so many photos of her and Joe!” I blush at that, not having realized before just how many pictures I’ve posted of me and my boyfriend. “Oh look, another photo of them. And here we have a cheeky photo of them kissing. More than what Zalfie has given.” Marcus smirks at the camera and I laugh again, agreeing. Joe and I had been a little more open about our relationship compared to his sister, and the fans loved it.

He goes through a couple more photos, pointing out one that he had actually taken while we were all attending a Gleam function.

“Let’s see if we can find the first photo of them together…” He trails off and begins to scroll. I watch the photos pass by, smiling at the memories they bring up. “Here we go! Look at little Joseph.”

It was a simple photo, us back in Wiltshire visiting his dad. It was also the photo that revealed we were dating.

“In all seriousness, and I know you’re watching this Y/N, I’m happy for you two.” Marcus grins at the camera. “These two are both good friends of mine, and I’ve watched their relationship grow into what it is. It’s nice to see Joe finally have a girl that makes him smile the way Y/N does. Also, they take much cuter photos then some couples…” He trails off, but its obvious he’s joking. “Anyways, that is it for this episode. Because lets be real, no one wants to see the photos on her feed prior to Joe.”


“And calm down, Y/N. I’m joking.” Marcus laughs. “I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, make sure to give it a thumbs up. Also, remember to subscribe! And I will see you beautiful sexy people tomorrow.” He waves before the video ends.

Shaking my head, I reach for my phone again, sending a quick message.

You are such a dork. But thank you xx

Any time. Just, stop flaunting your happiness all over social media ;)

You’re one to talk. Have you seen your snapchats recently?


i’ve been trying to unclog a toilet for seven hours. that’s longer than it took for me to be born. i could have been born twice in the amount of time it’s taken me to fail at unclogging this toilet. 

so the toilet clogged, right? you can use your imagination. it’s like the superhero origin story. we know how it started, show me what happens next. so what happened next was i started to plunge. and plunge, and plunge. and usually i’m pretty good at plunging. i mean, it’s simple, right? it should be one of those simple machines you learn about in school. pulley, crank, lever? right? plunger is like their weird cousin on their dad’s side. anyways the plunger wasn’t working and i started to ask myself, “maybe i’m doing it all wrong, maybe all those other times were flukes and i have no idea how to use a plunger.” so, living in the information age that we do, i searched on my phone, “how to use a plunger” i also had to leave the bathroom to do this because, and you might find this hard to believe, i’ve never in my life used my phone in the bathroom. i just stare straight ahead when i’m in there like a crazy person i guess. i don’t think my phone even knows what bathrooms are. it’s like how your cat doesn’t know what the garage is, or the supermarket, or the ocean. 

anyways i was searching for how to use a plunger and i loaded up this video and i had to watch an ad first. and this is the wonder that is targeted advertising at work, because before i could watch a one minute long video on plungers i had to watch a 20 second long commercial for steak. just like, steak in general. steak as a concept. “hey you freak trapped in the bathroom, why aren’t you buying steaks right now?" 

"steaks can’t help me,” i thought. and then the video started and boy oh boy do i know jack shit about plungers. really? no, i know everything you could ever know about plungers. i was making insightful comments the lady in the video wasn’t even mentioning. like how you should always hold the plunger with toilet paper wrapped around the handle because it’s gross. the gist of the video was, “there’s the stick, the other part, you add the plunge, and it’s a plunger. can you believe steak bought ad space on this?”

so the plunger wasn’t working and i had blisters all over my hands from working it too hard so i gave up. or at least i wanted to. i mean i kind of did. like you know how sometimes you can clog a toilet but it doesn’t look clogged? and you’re like, “it looks fine! it looks fine, but i’m its prisoner. let me go! i pass the curse onto the next person who unknowingly uses you.” i walked out into the living room just to get a feel for what the real world used to be like and i was so done with the toilet i was in super denial about the future of all toilet use in the apartment. “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” i thought, “god knows when that’ll be.” but i felt bad, so i called my mom to get her opinion. i didn’t lead with the toilet. i was like, “hey what’s up, anyways i clogged this toilet and i tried to fix it for an hour and i’m tired so i’m just going to leave it for the next person to discover isn’t that great and moral and okay for me to do anyways how are you doing?” but she didn’t think it was great, she told me to go out and buy something to fix it, which is what i was going to do anyways, i just didn’t want to. so i got dressed and walked to the train and the whole time i was like, “i can’t get murdered. i can’t let a clogged toilet be the butterfly effect inciting incident catalyst that ends up with me dying on the pavement.” since you’re reading this now, clearly i made it so i’ll have to save dying over a toilet for some other night.

i got to the store and found what i needed. liquid, gel, drain whatever. the stuff where on the bottle the clog is depicted as this golden honey colored substance like it’s ambrosia, food of the gods, and not literal shit. so i picked that stuff up and also a pint of ice cream. because why not. 

when i got off the train i was kind of in a super panicked rush to get back home. one, because i didn’t leave a note like, “don’t use this even though it looks fine, please read the toilet’s aura first,” and two, because the ice cream was melting. so i ran off the train and, well, okay if you’ve never used the subway before there are two kinds of turnstiles you can exit through, the regular kind that you can probably picture where the bar is right at dick or phone-in-front pocket smashing height, and this other kind that’s like a revolving door only instead of segments divided by glass panels it’s like, metal bars. like a big spinning cage. i got in line behind all these other people and i was in such a blind rush to get through i fucking, i’m cringing as i write this, i fucking followed somebody too closely and got trapped in their segment with them. like literally trapped in a one foot wide space. and you can’t go backwards in those things either it’s just one way, and like i said it’s not a smooth glass panel you can push against, it’s like, bars of a cage. so this lady, she couldn’t even turn around to be like, “the FUCK??” i just kept going, “i’m sorry! i’m sorry!” as we shuffled forward in a weird, torturey, too close conga line formation. 

so i got out and i ran to avoid letting that lady see my face and as i was opening the door to my apartment guess what i heard, guess what i heard. did you guess my roommate flushing the toilet as i was opening the door? because that’s what it was. i’ve spoken to this roommate twice. i said hi when she moved in a month ago, and i explained tonight, through heavy, labored breaths, how i clogged the toilet and ran home to try and fix it before anyone else could find out. i literally ran up to the bathroom door as she was watching the water rise and held up the bottle of drain stuff like it was a bottle of expensive wine i had just pulled out of a paper bag. “let’s celebrate this night. what do you mean you’re going to your boyfriend’s place?”

so, yeah, i was back in the ring with the toilet, but now i had a piece of broken glass hidden in my glove, so to speak. i started to read the instructions on the back of the bottle of drain stuff and it said something like, in case of ingestion, do not induce vomiting, drink a glass of water or milk. which i’m sure makes sense, milk is like, basic or acidic or neutral or something like that, but it just sounds so…culinary. “for a creamier poison control, use warm milk instead of water.” like that’s what you use to neutralize poison when you want to treat yourself. 

so i’m bored with this story that’s been the past seven hours of my life, and i’m sad to say it’s still going on. because the drain stuff didn’t work. and the tank keeps filling up and i was going in there every 15 minutes to check on the water level like a new parent peeking in at their baby in its crib before i just remembered i could turn the water off. i guess i’ll call the super or buy a snake or, i don’t know. i’m eating ice cream right now that was in the same bag as the drain stuff. am i going to die? ice cream is dairy, maybe i’m good. you know this is going to sound like i’m just saying it, but i kind of want steak.

“The Pencil”

REQUEST (by @stantasticstan):  Can I request an imagine where the reader and Peter go to school together and at some point she sees him on the street (as Spider-Man) and he bumps into her or something and to make it up to her he swings her all around the city and it’s super sweet?

NOTE: Thanks for requesting, I’m always open to requests!

    It was 8:10 on a Tuesday morning, almost time for the bell to ring signalling three minutes before the start of homeroom. You were sitting on the floor in front of your locker, leaning back and doing your French homework. Your friend that usually hangs with you in the mornings was gone on an art field trip, so you were left to struggle alone. Groaning, you stared at the page of your text book, shaking your head in confusion. Your teacher was going to kill you when she saw you hadn’t finished.

    Sighing, you gave up and slammed your textbook shut. The halls were starting to fill up with people, the noise becoming too distracting anyway. At last the bell rang, and you stood, taking out your books for your first class. Suddenly, hearing a commotion down the hall, you turned to look. 

    The one and only Peter Parker came barreling down the hall, ducking out of the way of his fellow classmates. 

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Flush of Fate - Epilogue

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Multi chapter, humour (I hope)

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden, Erza Scarlett

Summary: Have you ever been stuck in a room with someone you hate? Try being stuck in a bathroom with that person…while the party of the year is happening downstairs.

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 |Chapter 11 | Epilogue |

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Valentine || Hayes Grier

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hayesgrier06: Hey can you do an imagine with me and Hayes please? ❤️ thank you btw my name is Katelynn 😉

Happy Valentine my dears!
Sooo, who has a valentine this year? 😊😉 I don’t… But that’s fine, I have my dog 😄
No, okay. But seriously tho. My readers are my valentines 😇❤

Katelynn, I hope you like the imagine and enjoy it 😉. And of course every other Hayes girl, enjoy reading!

Xoxo 💋


I slowly woke up and opened my eyes to see that the other side of my bed was empty. I frowned. Then I saw the breakfast, standing on my desk and I smiled. Maybe he had to rush for his appointments again. But wait… He never told me he had an appointment today. I just shrugged and smiled at the sandwich with a heart drawn of Nutella on it. I let out a little noise, all softened up. I caught a little note on the side of the tray. I took it in my hands and began to read it. I had to look on my phone… i quickly grabbed my phone, unlocked it and opened my messages. A new video loaded and Hayes’s face showed on the screen. A smile grew on my face and I laughed when I heard him talking.

“Goodmorning, love,” he smirked with a wink. “I hope you enjoyed the breakfast I made you. If you will dress up now I’ll tell you what you have to do. So get dressed and in the meantime I’m letting you hear this beautiful song that made me think of you.”

Little Things from One Direction began to play and I laughed softly. He knew me too good. I didn’t have to shower because of the shower I took the night before. So I run to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I quickly got dressed in a white summer dress with my denim jacket on top. I hopped in my cute white flats and did a simple french side braid with my hair. For the make up, I just kept it simple, but I still wanted to ‘blow’ Hayed away. So I made a light pink smoky-ish eye with a thin line of eyeliner and some mascara. I put on a light pink lip balm and I was ready to go.

I took my phone in my hands. Hayes was now playing Kiss You, also from One Direction. I wondered how he knew all those songs, he never listened to them. He began to talk again.

“Okay, I hope four songs playing is enough time for you to get ready.” I chuckled and watched the video while I walked down the stairs. “So, I’m gonna show some pictures here and you gotta find me.”

I groaned softly. “Why, Hayes? Why?” But then I began to laugh, he knew I always wanted to do that. I told him a few years ago, when we weren’t dating yet. And he still remembered. How cute.

“Go outside and please take care of yourself. You’re probably laughing right now, but seriously take care. So here’s the first step. Go to this place.” He showed me a picture of the flowerist and I frowned. Well, up to the flowerist then.

Once I was at the flowerist, I showed the man of the flowerist a picture of Hayes, asking if the man has seen this boy earlier.

The man nodded. “Yeah, that kid showed up here yesterday. He told me I had to give you something.” The man walked away and returned a few minuted later with a red rose with a little card on it.

A smile grew on my face and I blushed, taking the flower the man gave me.

Congratulations Love, you found the rose! Keep looking Princess

“Thank you very much,” I thanked the man from the flowerist.

“Good luck with searching your boyfriend. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

I waved and walked away with my phone with the video and Hayes’s rose in my hands. I started the video again and Hayes showed me another picture. Hmm, the book store. I headed towards the book store and showed the girl behind the counter a picture of Hayes. She confessed that he was there the day before and that she had to give me something. She returned after a few minutes and just like the man from the flowerist, she returned with a gift.

“I had to give you this book. Your boyfriend told me you always wanted it, but never had the time to actually buy or read it,” the girl smiled. I took the two books from her. If I Stay and Where She Went were resting in my hands and my little, polite smile grew wider.

“Thank you so much,” I smiled.

“Don’t thank me, thank your boyfriend,” she laughed. “I wish my boyfriend would do something like this to me. But he said he’d take me on a surprise date tonight. I’m so excited and this probably bores the heck out of you.”

“No!” I said quickly. “I love to hear it. Besides, you had to give me something from my boyfriend too.”

“It’s okay, I guess he’s waiting for you somewhere so go,” she grinned happily. “Good luck with finding him and have fun sweetheart.”

“You too! If I ever see you again you have to tell me how your date went,” I smiled.

“Then you have to tell me everything about your date too.”

“Deal!” I agreed. “You know, I just give you my number so we can text each other. I’m way to curious for your date to wait until the next time we see each other. If we see each other again.” I gave the girl, Jenna, my number and then said bye to her.

“I’ll text you tomorrow Katelynn,” she smiled. I gave her a thumbs up and walked out of the store.

Next place: the music store.

I headed towards the music store and walked into it. I showed the man a picture of Hayes and he confessed that Hayes was there the day before. He told the man to let me listen to a song. The song had the next clue in it. It was Tenerife Sea from Ed Sheeran. I knew where Hayes was and I couldn’t wait to find him there.

I thanked the man, who had to give me Ed Sheeran’s album with Tenerife Sea on it, and quickly ran out od the music store. Luckily the beach was near the music store so I could just walk to it.

And there was the moment I stood there. With my gifts and still not seeing Hayes anywhere. I started the video again and Hayes told me to go to the rock a few meters away. With my stuff in my hands, including my shoes, I walked towards the rock. I saw a red blanket sticking out on the corner of the rock and I began to run. There, on the rock, sat he.

“Hayes!” I yelled over the wind.

“Katelynn!” he yelled back. He quickly stood up and helpend me with my stuff. “You found me,” he smiled.

“Of course I did,” I giggled, a bit proud of myself, “I will always find you when you’re not with me.”

Hayes’s smile grew even more and he took me in his arms. He pressed a soft, sweet kiss on my lips. He took me to the other side of the rock. A pick nick was set up and I happily took a seat on the red blanket. Hayes took a little box out of his pocket.

“I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day, Princess,” he whispered in my ear before opening the little box.

I softened all up and hugged him tight. In the box laid a beautiful, fine necklace. A little hart with a pink littke diamond in the corner of the right half and an H on the left half of the heart. “It’s beautiful,” I whispered in his ear. “I love you so much.”

Hayes pressed a soft kiss on my lips. “I love you even more, baby girl.”


Hey guys! Long time no talk. Here’s my first story in months and I’ve actually been writing this for over a year? I’m sorry if its sloppy, still trying to get used to writing again :P 

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Setting: Long Distance AU

Pairings: NaLu; Natsu, Gray, Gajeel and Loke BROTP

Summary: Gray, Gajeel and Loke were determined to help Natsu find out who this ‘Lucy Heartfilia’ truly was.

“Alright boys, time to crack another case today.” Gray announced, rubbing his calloused hands together. He walked over to the desk where his computer full of emails from awaiting fans to get their ‘Catfish’ case solved. His two accomplices, Gajeel and Loke, followed in suit behind the dark haired man.

“Geez, I can’t believe this many people think their being catfished.” Gajeel said, propping an elbow up on the desk. He watched as Gray scrolled through the thousands of emails they had received.

“This one sounds… intriguing.” Loke stated, pointing to the computer screen at an email entitles ‘Princess and the Pauper’.

“Alright let’s see…” Gray drew out his words, clicking on the email. When Gray seen the name of the person who sent the email, his eyes grew wide. “Oh my Mavis.”

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We Get So Disconnected

obliviousluke whispered: Can you do a Calum imagine where you go on a date to ikea Haha xoxo

(a/n: This can also be found on 5sos-oneshots, where it was requested! This made me so happy because I love IKEA and Calum’s not bad either;) this gave me serious feels! I’m thinking about doing few other parts to this, like moving in and what not, as long as it’s okay with the girls! Feedback is always appreciated, and I hope you guys like it!)

“So,what time do you think you’ll be home dear?” I asked opening one of the gorgeous oak cabinets, taking out a glass.

“Probably around five, as long as the traffics not too bad. Maybe I’ll pick up take out on the way?” Calum smiled from across the marble island.

“Sounds great honey, maybe chinese tonight? I’m feeling some pot stickers!” I laughed, leaning over the counter to give him a quick kiss.

We were interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

“Mommy, why are they kissing?” a small child asked his mom, tugging on her sleeve.

“I’m not sure, honey,” she said, sending us eye daggers, before shuffling him away, “let’s go look at the kids rooms!”  

Calum and I looked at each other a began laughing hysterically. He was always creative with dates, even after a year and half. He showed up at my door at around three o'clock, declaring that he was going to take me on a date that I’d never been on before, and he kept his word.  I could truly say that I’d never been on a date to IKEA, a giant home furnishings warehouse, before.

“Let’s move scenes before the staff catches up with us!” he laughed, coming around the island and flinging an arm over my shoulder.

We moved through the store at a fairly slow pace, due to the fact that we both kept getting distracted by things we found amusing. At one point Calum was running around with a white, fluffy, faux fur rug over his head, declaring that he was the abominable snowman. I was no better, acting out a scene from How I Met You Mother with one of the fancy swivel chairs.  

After about an hour we came to the section where they kept the models of bedroom sets. I’d loved getting inspiration from whatever the designers had pieced together. We came to a set with gray  walls with white trim and beautiful soft lighting. There was a rustic looking head board that looked like it was made out of an old glass door with a small shelf on it. Everything was accented with dark gray or black. On the bed, a gray fluffy comforter and a ton of huge pillows all different shades of gray and white. A small, simple chandelier hung in the center.

“This is seriously the perfect room.” I said in awe, plopping down on the bed, “like the colors, the style, everything.”

“I figured you would’ve like the bright blue room over there.” he laughed, sitting down next to me.

“I do, don’t get me wrong,” I shook my head, “but when I get an adult place with someone else, I’d like something a little more elegant but still a little rustic, like this. Plus, you can add different colored accent things if you felt like it!”

I came out of my fantasy world to find Calum looking at me with adoration in his eyes and a huge smile on his face.

“What?” I said, feeling a little self conscience that I’d gone into la la land  about a freaking bedroom.

“Nothing,” he smiled, “you’re just adorable is all.”

He gave me a peck on the cheek before pulling me up.

“Let’s go look at some other stuff!” he giggled before running towards the kids section. I rolled my eyes at the fact that my boyfriend was five, but followed happily after him.

We came to the lower level of the store where they kept all of the individual items that were sold, all of the little things that were in the rooms upstairs. We seemed to wreak even more havoc down there than up stairs, because now we could find even stranger things to play with. I chased him around the kitchen utensils section with an odd looking egg beater at one point. We played with the stuffed broccoli and carrots that were in the section labeled “toys”. I’d even picked up a few things that I actually wanted to buy;  a new set of wine glasses, a little desk chair and a few organizing things.

As Calum pushed the cart and I hopped on to the opposite, a very familiar guitar riff filled the air.

Life’s a tangled web of cell phone calls and hashtag I don’t knowsss. And you,”

I hopped off of the cart grabbed the nearest object to me and used it as a microphone as  pointed at him dramatically and sang along.

you’re so caught up in all the blinking lights and dial tones”

He crossed his arms and pinched the bridge of his nose, laughing as people stopped to stare at my weirdness.

“Come on, Cal!” I giggled, handing him a wooden spoon, “this is your band, you know the words!”

A few girls stopped when I said this, taking out their phones to takes pictures and videos.

I flung my hands dramatically around in the air.

“Tune out the static sound of  a city that never sleeps, here in the moment on the dark side of the screen.”

“Hit it!” I yelled, pointing at him again.

Instead of being thoroughly embarrassed like I thought he’d be he took my hand and spun me around while pretending the spoon was a mic.

I like the summer rain, I like the sounds you make.”

He pointed at me for the next line, a small crowd forming around us.

“We put the world away!”

“We get so disconnected.”

We continued on with our little impromptu concert, dancing and laughing and singing together, until the closing “ohhh's” of the song. The small crowd that had formed erupted into applause and laughter as we hooked arms around each other and took a bow.

“Thank you, thank you! We’ll be here all week!” I joked, patting Cal’s chest and he looked down at me with a smile.

“Excuse us?” a young girl said tapping on my shoulder, her group of friends behind her, “You two are adorable, can we take some pictures with you?”  

“Of course!” Calum laughed.

“I’ll take the picture for you!” I offered. I was used to the fans by now, and as the girlfriend I felt it was my duty to be the honorary camera person.

After each other girls took their turn, they turned to Cal one more time.

“Can you take a picture of us now?” she said gesturing to me.

“You want a picture with me?” I asked in shock, because that was something had never happened before.

“Of course!” one of the girls friends said with a smile, “You and Calum are totally our OTP!”

“Well, okay then!” I beamed.

After we said our goodbye’s, we headed towards the check out lanes to pay for my stuff. As we waited Calum pulled out his phone, scrolling through Twitter.

“Y/N,” he said, stifling a laugh.

“What’s up, babe?” I asked.

He turned his phone to show me what was now trending, Y/N&CalumsIKEAconcert. There was already even a video of us singing online.  My phone starting beeping over and over again. I laughed at a mention that I’d gotten.

“What is it?” he asked.

I simply turned my phone.

@Luke5SOS: @Y/T/N @Calum5SOS why wasn’t I invited? #leftout

@Ashton5SOS: aren’t they just adorable? Love you guys!  @Y/T/N @Calum5SOS #Y/N&CalumsIKEAconcert

@Michael5SOS: @Y/T/N @Calum5SOS this is why you two aren’t allowed in public together -.-

He laughed out loud as I finished up paying, handing me back my phone.

“Well, at least we know that the fans like you too!” he said, pulling me closer to him by the waist, “Apparently they ship us!”

I shook my head, “The fact that you know what shipping is, frightens me, but you’re totally right!”

After we loaded everything into the car we headed to get food. We stopped at a Steak ‘n Shake, picking up burgers to go and heading back to his apartment.  We spread out our food on the coffee table in front of the television.

“Hey Y/N,” he said, holding his burger and never taking his eyes off of theTV.

“Yes'um?” I mumbled with a mouthful of food.

“Do you wanna move in with me?” he said casually.

I nearly choked on my fries.

“Repeat?” I said in shock.

“Do you wanna move in with me? We’ve been together a while and I think we’re both old enough, and you’re here most of the time anyways, and I’ve got the room.” he finally turned to smile at me.

“Are you sure?” I questioned, “ya know, you can’t kick me out if you don’t like my weird domestic habits.”

“I know all of your 'weird domestic habits’ already, and I love them very much. Yes, I’m positive.” he smiled, wrapping an arm around me.

“What do you say?” he asked, “we can eve decorate our room like that one from IKEA that you loved so much.”

“That sounds wonderful Calum.” I grinned, kissing him softly.

A Music Affair - Chapter 4

Here it is! Thanks again for the comments and saying how much you want the next chapter, it really means a lot. And, obviously, thank you @jia911 for being such an amazing beta reader!

Link to Chapter 3

First month

Owen was the first to send a text. He knew it sounded needy to be the first one to do it, but he couldn’t take the waiting any longer.

Hey, how have you been?’ He sent, a week after seeing her for the last time.

Amelia replied four hours later.

Hey, famous Owen. I’m great, what about you?

I’m great too. Just heard your new single on the radio, it’s amazing!’ Owen replied.

Thank you! :D I think it might be one of my faves. And how is your album going?

It’s going really well, yeah. It’ll probably be finished sooner than I expected.

Great! Can’t wait to hear it :)’ She said.

Owen realized he didn’t have any more subjects to talk about and decided to wrap things up before it got awkward.

Hey, let’s go out someday. You’re here in LA too, right?

Yep. We totally should. Anyway, I have to go now. Talk to you later, bye!’ Amelia answered.

Owen typed ’I miss you’, but deleted it and sent a ’Bye, Amelia’ instead.

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