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Uganda’s Bidi Bidi refugee camp

Children from South Sudan outside the Bidi Bidi refugee. Uganda is struggling to cope with massive influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees who continue to flee violence in South Sudan and neighboring countries like Burundi. As a result, this camp and others across Uganda can’t provide enough shelter, food, water and medical care.  

(📸  Dan Kitwood, Getty Images) 


The Beatles rehearsing for and appearing live on Top Of The Pops, and posing for publicity photographs, BBC Television Centre, London, 16 June 1966.

Photos © Mark and Colleen Hayward, Mirrorpix, Robert Whitaker, Chris Walter/WireImage, Cummings Archives, Ron Howard, Getty Images

“The more fame and that we got, the more people who came about to see us, and it got into the time when there was just thousands of girls everywhere and everybody making a noise, and so that nobody could hear us anyway. So over the last two years nobody’s heard us on stage, so consequently, our performances have deteriorated to such an extent now that, you know, really our stage shows are terrible. But, you know, they can’t hear it, and we can’t hear it, and that’s why it’s terrible.” - George Harrison in an interview with Kenny Everett, c. August 1966 [x]