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As Harvey, the largest rainstorm in the history of the continental United States, floods homes in Texas and Louisiana, many Americans want to send money for relief efforts.

The need for that help will be enormous: FEMA Administrator Brock Long has saidmore than 195,000 people already have registered for disaster assistance.

Many reputable organizations already are delivering food and care to those in need. But experts on charitable giving say donors need to be wary: con artists are also after your money. Scam charities raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the aftermath of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, and they are likely to try it again now.

Don’t Fall Victim To Harvey Flood Scams

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Uganda’s Bidi Bidi refugee camp

Children from South Sudan outside the Bidi Bidi refugee. Uganda is struggling to cope with massive influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees who continue to flee violence in South Sudan and neighboring countries like Burundi. As a result, this camp and others across Uganda can’t provide enough shelter, food, water and medical care.  

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Trump Allies Allege Mueller’s Obtaining Trump Transition Emails Was ‘Unlawful’

Opponents of special counsel Robert Mueller ramped up their attacks over the weekend with a new claim that he improperly collected thousands of emails from President Trump’s transition team and is using them as an illegitimate basis for much of his investigation.

Mueller’s office said his team has obtained all the evidence it’s using in its investigation properly. And Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed him, told Congress last week that he monitors Mueller’s operation closely and has seen nothing improper.

This weekend’s dispute is the latest chapter in an ongoing campaign by Trump’s Republican allies against Mueller and his team.

The anti-Mueller camp raised the stakes on Saturday by charging that Mueller had improperly obtained tens of thousands of emails from as many as a dozen accounts associated with the Trump transition, and investigators had been using information they contained in their investigation.

At issue is how the special counsel obtained the materials.

The emails were stored with General Services Administration (GSA). It’s a government agency that does a range of things like providing office space for federal employees. It also hosted the incoming administration’s email system, which ended in “” – or presidential transition team.

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As night fell recently over the Spanish city of Toledo, Hanukkah candles lit up empty streets outside the medieval El Transito synagogue.

Folk songs in Ladino — a blend of Spanish and Hebrew — wafted across the garden of the synagogue, which is now the Sephardic Museum.

Sefarad means Spain in Hebrew, and the term refers to Jews of Spanish descent.

But not a single employee of Toledo’s Sephardic Museum is actually Jewish.

Spanish Jews today number in the low tens of thousands — a fraction of the Jewish population in France, Germany or the United Kingdom. But Toledo’s cobblestone streets were once home to one of Europe’s largest and most vibrant Jewish communities.

“A 13th-century poem describes Toledo’s Jewish life — with eight to 10 synagogues, and a Jewish library,” says historian and museum director Santiago Palomera. “Tax records show this was the most important Jewish enclave — like New York and Silicon Valley combined, in terms of contributions to medieval Spain’s culture and economy.”

After 522 Years, Spain Seeks To Make Amends For Expulsion Of Jews

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