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Sensitive Skin (Connor/Evan)

Summary: Evan’s cast is finally off, and Connor is glad to have a new patch of skin to touch. (Inspired by this post and this headcanon I was sent- hope you enjoy!)

Evan was nothing short of ecstatic to be getting his cast off. For months his arm had been practically useless, and it was so freeing to actually be able to do things with it.

Plus, it was a little weird to be walking around with his boyfriend’s name written in giant, black letters on his arm. Connor was a little sad to see that go, joking that it was a way to “show everyone you’re mine” (which had made Evan blush like crazy).

But overall, the lack of cast made things a lot easier. Now they could actually cuddle without the clunky white plaster in the way.

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Reverse Pining AU: Michael Signs Up For The Play

The day had been going as usual for Jeremy, crappy and soul crushing rejection from his peers along with another test he did not study for, only barely finished in time. He walked out of the room to an excited Christine.
“Jeremy guess what we just-oh wow you look terrible, what happened?”
“Life, school. What’s got you so excited?”
“The play! They just posted the sign up sheet! And I think you’re to like this year’s production a lot more than usual.” She gestured for him to follow her as she practically skipped down the hallway until they stopped in front of the sign up sheet. In big lettering was the name Michael Mell.
“M…Michael signed up for the play?”
“Yeah! I saw him this morning and thought well I know a certain guy who’s been looking to have a reason to talk to him forever now. You can finally give him that letter we worked on!”
“Yeah…I kinda tore that up and flushed it down the toilet.” Christine made a face. “It’s still progress.”
“Well this doesn’t require any writing! You don’t even have to think out what you’ll say to him, it will already be written down and then you two can go from there!” Christine handed him the pen. Jeremy nervously noticed Rich and Jake round the corner. They immediately saw him signing up.
“Hah, GAY!” Everyone laughed as Jeremy’s face turned red from embarrassment. Christine angrily turned towards Rich.
“Hey! The theatre is not a laughing matter, and even if he was gay why should you care? I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if-”
“No Christine, it’s alright. I’m used to it. I mean they’re not wrong.”
“That doesn’t give them an excuse to be such assholes!”
“Can we just go get lunch? I’m starving.” Christine reluctantly agreed heading down to the cafeteria and as they got in line Jeremy came to a dead stop, causing Christine to bump into him. Right in front of them stood Michael Mell himself, Christine noticed Jeremy starting to sweat profusely.
“Say something to him!” Instead Jeremy remained frozen until Michael was out of view. By then the people behind the two had started forcing them to move on allowing the boy to start moving again. “If I wasn’t such a romantic i’d say your hopeless.”
“I’m not completely hopeless, I mean I didn’t pass out this time.”
“If I wasn’t standing behind you, you probably would have.”
“That’ll all end today! Play practice will start and I won’t be awkward and-” At that moment Jeremy went to grab a milk when he felt someone's​hand on top of his. Looking up his eyes met Michael’s.

22johnny22  asked:

How about funny otp song prompts??? Or just funny otp things cause I love to draw them out!!! •3•

Fun fact: My dad used to surprise my mum at work saying he was a singing telegram and sing her a song.

Character A: I wrote you a song.
Character B: Awwww!
*Five seconds in*
Character B: Ohhhh…

“You’re a singing telegram sent to sing a love song to someone whose name is a letter different from mine and this is awkward but hey, you’re pretty cute and have a nice voice ;)” AU.

Character A: Be my valentine?
Character B: St. Valentine was not only the patron of love, but also of the plague, epilepsy, beekeepers and fainting.
Character A: B-ee my beekeeper?
Character B: I’m breaking up.

Character A: That’s a lot of flowers.
Character B: Yeaahh…
Character A: Which will not help when I find out how badly you fucked up.
Character B: It was worth a shot.

Character A: Will you marry me?
Character B: No.
Character A: Oh thank god! S/he said no! S/he said no!

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>.> ..... <.< ...... -slips you a $20- ......... is it too late to request some more of that chlonath stuff? (aka, I just came across the chlonath drabbles you've been writing and I love them a lot and if it's not too late to make requests, could you do one where Queen Bee has to save Nathanael from akuma danger and he totally has a superhero crush on her?) If not, that's totally cool, just consider this a love letter because you're awesome <3

Nathanael screamed as an akumatized victim, named Archer, shot an arrow at him. The man had lost an archery championship due to sabotage, creating the perfect victim for Hawkmoth. Although Nathanael had had nothing to do with the competition, Archer wanted to show his marksmanship was better than anyone’s – using people as his targets.

A streak of yellow flew by, scooping Nathanael into her arms. The arrow lodged itself in the wall exactly where Nathanael had been standing seconds before.

“Queen Bee,” Nathan said in relief.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“I’m fine, thank you,” he replied, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. She had never dropped him before, but flying through the air at top speed still scared at him. “You always manage to save me in the nick of time.”

She zoomed across town, much farther than absolutely necessary. “I’m just doing my job is all.” Of course, she went above and beyond her duty when it involved Nathan. The first time his life had been in danger while she was on the job, she thought her heart would be ripped to shreds. That was also the first time she saved his life. Ever since then, he had been her top priority when saving civilians.

She stopped on the roof of the Grand Paris hotel, setting Nathanael down gently. “You should be safe here.”

“Wait!” Nathanael cried, wrapping a hand around her wrist. “Who are you in your normal life? I won’t tell anyone, I swear!”

He looked so cute in that moment that she wanted to tell him right there who she was. Instead, she winked at him. “You’ll just have to keep wondering. Secret identities are secret for a reason.” She leapt off the building, leaving him standing there staring after her.

“Someday I’ll be able to tell her I love her,” he said to the empty roof.

Across town, Queen Bee landed next to Chat Noir. “What did I miss?”

He glanced at her. “I know saving civilians is part of our job and all, but do you have to go that far? He wasn’t even the target.”

She shrugged, trying to look nonchalant. “He’s important.”

Chat Noir seemed to realize by the tone of her voice and the look on her face what she meant. He would do anything to save Ladybug, so he understood the feeling.

“Now, let’s save Paris!” Queen Bee called.
*Slips $20 back, on top of another $20* I hope you liked it! I’m going to have to come up with a better tagline eventually, lol. And thank you so much for the compliment! My anons always know how to make me tear up, lol. And my requests are always open! It’s never too late! Feel free to request as much as you like! :)

Hello! My name is Rae, I’m 17, and I’m looking for a pen pal!
-I’m in my last year of high school (i go to an alternative school)
-i play piano and ukulele
-i collect post cards and sea shells
-I read a LOT but somehow have never heard of most of the books that are popular in Tumblr so rip me
-i write poetry ❤
-and I would prefer to have a snail mail penpal! I don’t care about what country you’re in :3


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For the 3 sentences thing, could you do like, one for each OC with the prompt coming from the first letter of their name off the ABC prompt thing? (Sorry, I know it's asking a lot, I just find these really interesting!!)

Yes!! They’re so fun.

Eno - Embarassed:

“Ira, I just want to go home now, I threw up everywhere… I’m embarrassed… I don’t want to finish the movie,” Eno groaned, his hands covering his face.

The twins were sat outside of the theater, the movie Ira had been waiting on for over a year was at its peak when Eno got sick, Ira glanced back at the door and then back down at Eno anxiously.

“Okay, come on, let’s get you home and feeling better, it’ll be out on Netflix soon enough,” Ira shrugged, pulling Eno to his feet.

Ira - Icepack

“Shit, Ira, you’re overheated,” Liam said, wincing at the sun-poisoned boy sitting on the bench, looking miserable.

They’d just finished a soccer game in which Ira had zero minutes of downtime, and now he was shivering relentlessly, and worse, he wasn’t sweating.

Liam dug around in the cooler for a second and then found what he was looking for, quickly placing the ice pack on the head of the fevered boy who sighed in relief.

Porter - Pain:
“It hurts so bad… please, please stop… I can’t…” Porter coughed as his lungs felt like they were on fire.

Becca was trying to help him take his medicine for his chest infection, but they’d had no luck, taking in deep breaths was agonizing.

His face was contorted in pain and turning red, tears filled his eyes making them misty, she sat the inhaler down, relenting.

Ozzy - Observe

“Ozzy your fever is 103, you can’t go anywhere,” Max said to the sick boy who was desperate to go downstairs, or anywhere really.

Ozzy glared at him, stir crazy, but ultimately knew Max was right.

After the incident earlier, Ozzy knew he needed to lay low, and Max knew someone needed to be observing.

Max - Messy:
Max lurched forward over his lap, no time to rush to the bathroom or even turn over the side of his bed.

Porter had walked in with soup just in time to catch the show, and grimaced at the sounds of it landing in Max’s lap.

Max was covered in sick, his hair was sticking up and his eyes had bags underneath - first things first, Porter needed to clean this mess up.

Liam - Limp

Liam cried out in pain on the field and Vera’s heart sank from the bleachers - she wasn’t sure if he could take another injury.

She watched in horror as Liam grabbed his knee… something was clearly wrong, he was unable to immediately get back up.

When she rushed to his side on the field, he frowned, confirming her fears as she helped him up, Liam limped off the field in agony.

Vera - Vomit

Vera lurched forward again, this time certain it had to be her last time vomiting, she’d been at it all night.

Liam walked into the bedroom, half-asleep still, and unaware of what had been happening, his eyes opened in realization.

“Oh, no, V,” he whispered, the gathered her hair back in a ponytail.

Becca - Blush

Becca’s fever had been steady all day, and she was exhausted, there was no sign of it breaking anytime soon, so she’d worn sweats and a huge t-shirt and camped out on the couch all day.

By the time Porter came over after work, she was running high again, and her cheeks turned red at the sight of him seeing her like this.

“I’m sorry you don’t feel good,” he said, and sat beside her on the couch, he kissed her forehead.

garrisonx56  asked:

I know my siblings will be supportive but I don't know how to ask them to use he/him pronouns and my preferred name. What should I do?

You could try writing a letter and giving it to them. Some people find it’s a lot easier to write it out instead of saying it.

If you know they’re supportive (which it sounds like you do), you could also just say “hey can you call me (name) now and use he/him pronouns for me?”


Homeland snap fanfic No.36 - Max writes to John Jr

“He would rather be silent than lie. And in a game so full of liars, that meant he was very often silent.”

Max is such a good man, I thought that after seeing Quinn’s pictures, he might write a letter to John Jr about his dad, for Julia to give him when he’s older.

Dear John

You don’t know me, but I was a friend of your Dad’s. I guess you didn’t know your Dad, either, so maybe this letter won’t be of interest to you. But I think it probably will. Kids always need to know about their dads, and you’re probably no exception.

You know by now, I guess, that he was in a line of work where people change their names a lot. Your Mom knew him as John, but for several years while I worked with him, he was Peter Quinn.

By now you’ve probably also read about him, how he was a “hero”, and maybe some of the things he went through. I’m not going to write about any of that, because you can read about it, and anyway, none of that was who your Dad really was. And only the people who knew him can tell you that.

He was one of the rudest, most belligerent people I’ve ever met! And I say that as someone who – I only realise this now he’s gone – loved him dearly. He never said anything he didn’t mean – and for a spy, that’s pretty remarkable. His honesty and integrity went so deep that he would rather be silent than lie. And in a game so full of liars, that meant he was very often silent. A useful trait for a spy to have.

He was sharp and intelligent. He could read individual people, and complex situations. He could plan, and analyse, and make the right decision in a split second, even when – especially when – lives depended on it. He always seemed to me to be completely without fear. I don’t know if that’s true, or if he was just great at pretending to be brave. Another useful spy skill that he’d totally mastered.

You might wonder why he wasn’t in your life. I can only speculate, but I do know the life that he led, which was full of risk and danger – and I figure he wanted you to have a settled life, free of worry. If you had known him, your childhood would have been full of fear, wondering where he was, what he was doing, and when he would next arrive or leave. He knew that was not the mark of a good father, and decided to stay away. Probably only you will know if that was the right decision.

What I can tell you is that when he died, he left behind the bare minimum of possessions: A few clothes and one book, Great Expectations. Inside the book there was an envelope of photographs of you, which your Mom must have sent him as you grew. He kept them with him everywhere he went: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Berlin, right through his time in the hospital and into his final home, staying with a friend of ours in New York. In his line of work he would have had many long spells of time when he had to lie low, keep quiet, and wait, and I think he must have looked at your photographs often during those times: Read his book, and looked at his photos, and thought of you.

For the six months before he died, things were tough for him. He was sick, and his brain and body didn’t always do what he wanted. That was hard for someone who had always been so completely capable and in control. But one thing never changed. More than anyone else I’ve ever known, he had an unshakeable moral core. He believed in doing the right thing, and he did it. The right thing for America, first and foremost – he was a patriot, and a servant. But also the right thing for the people around him, and for the people way beyond his sphere, in the wider world. Everything he ever did – both before and after he got sick – came from that morality. It remained completely intact even when so many other things about him changed, and that speaks volumes about the man he was.

I’m sorry that you never got to meet him. But now you know that he was proud of you, and he loved you, and he was a good man, and that’s as much as I can offer. I hope it helps.

Your friend,


I was tagged by @bun-squad (😘 Thanks Maddy)

the objective is to answer 20 questions then tag 20 friends who you want to get to know better 

name: Well, my pen name is May :) 

nickname(s): Mosey, Mimi, Rose, to name a few (these are all actual nicknames that irl people call me. I don’t have an answer for why they’re all so different XD But I’ve never given myself a nickname. I usually just tell people my full name (which, fun fact, is 8 letters and three syllables long) and they generally will come up with something on their own). 

zodiac sign: Taurus 

 height: 5'4″ (debatably 5'3". Every time I get measured they tell me something different) 

orientation: panromantic demi-heterosexual (haaa… still figuring it out. Honestly, who fucking knows) 

nationality: American but ethnically I’m half Mexican, half a whole lot of European, and my last name is Basque 

favorite fruit: guava 

favorite season: gosh, but I love them all. Summer means sunshine and travel and ice cream and tan skin. Fall means the trees will start turning colors and the weather will cool down and it makes me think of scarves and spices and cute boots. Winter means coats and cold noses and hot tea and loved ones and the holidays. Spring means rain and blossoms and slightly warmer weather and delicious air. I love all of those things. 

favorite book: Ho boy, I haven’t read a full book in ages, but here are a few old favorites: 
- The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth by Alexandra Robbins
- The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
- Eragon (well, the entire Inheritance Cycle) by Christopher Paolini
- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 
- I always loved most young adults novels that were fantasy and not a fucking ‘nother dystopian novel (Graceling by Kristin Cashore comes to mind as an example of one I loved). I love being in other worlds.

favorite flower: I… don’t have one. I’ve never really thought about it before, actually. But I guess sunflowers or lily of the valley.

favorite scent: Uh. Varies? If we’re talking candles, I tend to go for either sweet/syrupy scents (which is weird, if you know me well), or fruity smells (peach is a favorite). I’m not usually into floral (just makes me think of soap). Oh and pine scented things  😍 Both boys and candles that smell like pine are extremely attractive to me.

favorite color: rose gold or sunshine yellow (I like warm, happy colors)

favorite animal: any feline

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea in the morning, coffee in the evening. I’m not really fond of most hot chocolate. Too sweet. (Though, Abuelita Hot Chocolate isn’t bad. Mexicans do chocolate well, imo)

average hours of sleep: Probably around 5 (assuming I sleep)

cat or dog: CATS 100% 

favorite fictional character: Uuuuuhhhhhh. Thinking about this made me realize that I sometimes like annoying characters after they go through lots of character development. But not always. Here’s a rough list of some favorites:
Eragon - The Inheritance Cycle 
Emma - Emma (by Jane Austen)
Howard Roark - The Fountainhead (I both loved and hated him)
Percy Jackson - (When I was younger I swore I would marry him - and I’m not talking about the movie version. If you liked that, the door is over there, please leave)
Greed - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 
Decim - Death Parade

number of blankets you sleep with: Depends on the time of year. 2 or 3 in the colder seasons, 1 once it gets warmer. 

dream trip: I looove to travel. I’ve been to Asia (and I’m traveling to more parts of it this summer), so I’d like to visit Europe sometime cus I’ve never been there. Also, Japan because I haven’t been and won’t be going this summer.

blog created: My tumblr use did not start with this blog, but this blog specifically has been around since August 2016 (not even a year yet)

number of followers: >~< Itty Bitty. A solid 110.

I won’t be tagging 20 people either, but I’ll tag @resi-lient-e, @grumpytth, @kimtrain, @mrssuga@bang-tan (you most definitely do not have to participate but I’d love to hear your answers if you do). Also, anyone else who wants to! And if you do, feel free to tag me, I love getting to know you all ^-^ 


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(woah I have to do a lot but I absolutely love getting tagged in stuff omg ily guys)

——— kas’ questions

  1. First letter of your real name  F
  2. Age/birthday 28th November! I’m turning 18 :))))
  3. Favourite season THATS REALLY TOUGH. I’m gonna say autumn because its cold but not too cold y’know? And the fall colors are gorgeous. 
  4. Favourite fruit Oranges! and mangos! And strawberries! Uhhhhhhhhhh I have too many ooops
  5. Do you have short, medium or long hair? I had long until a week ago, but now they’re medium
  6. Hanahaki or soulmate? *googles hanahaki for this* I’m gonna say soulmates, because I like everyone getting at least one person they could spend their life with. (Tbh soulmates irl would be kinda problematic because what if they died? What if you fell in love with someone else? who knows!)
  7. Angst or Fluff? Depends on the mood, but most likely angst. I love love love angst with happy endings. (But then I’ve also read several MCDs when I’m that kinda mood). But I also absolutely loVE fluff because CUTE.
  8. Soundboard (help the writer with ideas) or beta (help the writer with wording/grammar)? Personally I think I’m much better as a beta (because grammar ayeee), but I can be a soundboard too! Idea bouncing is always fun (although tbh I don’t know how good I am at it)
  9. Do you still have an active If yes, link I never had one haha!
  10. Would you trade one of Phichit’s hamsters to bring Vicchan back to life? ……how dare you ask me that. ACTUALLY WAIT. Yes, yes I would. Because you said trade, aka I could trade the hamster to a friend or something and still get to see him everyday. (#lawyered)
  11. Should Victor and Yuuri both wear white at their wedding? Should they? Nah, man, let them wear whatever they want to. (I mean……they’re gonna be naked by the end of it anyways, so does it really matter is the real question)

————- andi’s questions

  1. Spring or autumn? *sweats* I love them both oh gosh. I love autumn weather, but spring clothes and spring also means summer break is coming soon. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Classical music or EDM? *googles EDM to answer this* I like them both! Although tbh I don’t listen to either as much
  3. Morning person or night owl? NIGHT OWL FTW. My average bedtime is 3am
  4. Pastel or punk? I’m a pastel princess
  5. Painting or singing? *sweats some more* HOW ABOUT BOTH. I love singing while painting, how about that. 
  6. Piano or violin? Piano! Although I really love love love the sound of a violin. But like, nothing can beat a piano for me.
  7. Jeans or skirts? I want to say skirts because I always feel so flowery and pretty in them (but low-key I always get hella annoyed with them)
  8. Extrovert or introvert? I thought I was an extrovert for a second. And then I laughed at myself for thinking of such a weird thing. I’m like an Introvert™
  9. Fantasy book or non-fictional book? fantasy yes please. need me some action. some DRAMA (also dragons)
  10. Discovery channel or disney channel? *uses fairy wand to draw disney logo*
  11. Hair up or hair down person? hair down ftw. My hair looks extremely poofy and frizzy when its down and I just get really annoyed with it.

————- adrian aka light of my life’s questions

  1. What’s your favourite planet? Oh man I have so many good answers to this. okay a) Uranus, because I’m a teenager and cannot help it b) Pluto, because VIVA LA PLUTO its such a smol planet that just wants some love (also side note: I was tying smol and my laptop corrected it to smoldering and I can’t stop laughing) c) Neptune, because I love Percy Jackson’s dad Poseidon and d) Earth, because it has all of you lovely folks
  2. Do you speak any other languages? I do! I speak English and Hindi fluently. I can understand and can speak sometimes Punjabi, and I can speak/understand Spanish to a limit.
  3. What’s your dream job? oh mAN. *side eyes all the future career quizzes I’ve taken* Honestly, at this point I have no clue. Something with design preferably. Or a film director! That’d be fun. Yeah idk, just something I would have fun doing :)
  4. If you were choosing a new name for yourself, what would it be? …..that is a good question. I’m gonna say Lily because thats my internet nickname and its really cute
  5. Do you like flowers? I love flowers. Give me all the flowers
  6. Is there a nickname you’d like people to call you but have never asked? Not particularly. I just like when people give me nicknames in general because its like a special thing y’know
  7. What colour would you dye your hair? I just dyed my hair yesterday actually! It’s a really pretty reddish brown. I think in a couple years I might go for some non-natural hair colors like blue or something. (I also love how pretty silver/grey hair looks but alas, I could never pull it off)
  8. What’s the best birthday you ever had? I was going to be cliché and say my sweet 16, but I’m gonna go with my 10th birthday. I had absolutely no idea we were doing anything until I came out of my room and my best friend at the time just pounced on my back. Soon a couple others came and we had a blast. (This was the night before my birthday) And then the next day my mom took us all to go watch a movie. The best part though was when used the wrapping paper from the gifts to hide away umm some provocative movie posters.
  9. Do you play any instruments? I play the piano! But I haven’t practiced in such a long time oops
  10. Can you swim? I used to be convinced I was a mermaid when I was a little kid. I LOVE swimming.
  11. What are you afraid of? Our inevitable doom and destruction and the realization that one day, none of what we do will ever matter because we will be dust. No, I’m kidding. I’m gonna have to say just being completely alone and nobody liking me. Also, lizards.

————- ellen’s questions

  1. Where is wally/waldo if you’re one of those weirdos from Across The Pond *sweats*
  2. favourite tv show theme tune? DOO WEEE DOOOOOOOOOO. Actually I’m pretty sure that isn’t my favorite, but its fun to say.
  3. If you could live in an AU what AU would you write for yourself? One where I am successful and happy and someone loves me as much as Victor and Yuuri love each other. (probably not the answer you were expecting oops)
  4. Which powerpuff girl are you? Blossom!
  5. Which ship in YOI do you think needs some more lovin by the fandom? Sara/Mila haha. (ngl I don’t really have that many ships in YOI other than Victuuri)
  6. How long would you last in a horror movie? .0000002 seconds. Self preservation? What self preservation. I would totally just trip into the murderer’s knife or whatever
  7. leopard print or tiger stripes? and which half of victuuri would you put in which clothes? Hmmm I’m gonna say tiger stripes. I feel like they could both rock either, but in the end it wouldn’t even matter because somehow those clothes would end up in Yurio’s closet.
  8. how much would you pay kubo-sensei for the down low on the YOI movie? one corn chip (sorry oops I was just thinking about memes) Probably nothing because I don’t like spoilers. (but then again, I do like knowing more than other people so who knows)
  9. favourite type of sky? (e.g. sunset, cloudy sky, overcast etc) A clear night sky when you can see all of the constellations glittering down on you
  10. why did the chicken cross the road? It wanted to get hit by a car after those ap exams. (actually did you know “To get to the other side” was supposed to be a joke about after life because I never got that until recently)
  11. if you could send a message to all creators with your newly acquired psychic powers, what would that message be? “GIVE ME STUFF. ALSO YOU ARE AWESOME AND MAKE GR8 STUFF (but you need to totally give me all the stuff)” because I’m a selfish butt

OKAY, now for my questions. Let’s see.

  1. What is your favorite part of the day? (This can be a time, like the morning, or an action, like seeing your pet)
  2. What is something you’ve always wanted someone to do for you, but never told them?
  3. If you could do something for the rest of your life without fear of going broke/getting hurt, what would it be?
  4. Can you describe the color blue without using the word? (I’m so ready to hear these responses aye)
  5. Best compliment you ever received? 
  6. What is your favorite au trope?
  7. What is your favorite memory?
  8. What is something you’ve always secretly wanted people to compliment you on?
  9. Hogwarts house?
  10. What is your favorite song at the moment? (Or your #1 played song on your phone if you don’t have one)
  11. Do you cry during movies/tv shows/while reading books/fanfics?

FFFFFF I don’t even know if I know 11 people and most of them either a) already tagged me, or b) have already done this. But anyways

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(1/3) I remember at the start of an american class, there were two exchange students, me and a Chinese guy. The teacher asked how to pronounce his name (which was really nice of her) but not mine. It's as simple as "Sara" or "Betty", but since I'm not English it's pronounced differently (different enough that when I say the real pronunciation people stop for a minute and guess a completely different name). Names aren't just about spelling, even individual letters can have different sounds.

2/3) And some people have a lot of trouble with pronunciation (including myself. I’ve tried to learn English, German and Spanish and all the teachers complained about the same thing. I have massive troubles with pronunciation). I do agree though that teachers should make an effort to learn people’s names if they’re going to know each other for a while, and that forcing someone to adopt an English name is extremely disrespectful. But it’s not an european vs everyone else issue.

(3/3) And lastly, a lot of these people assume that people are pronouncing names like Schwarzenegger and Dostoyevsky right. Hint: they don’t. Heck, even a simple name like BJÖRK is butchered constantly (and let’s see someone pronounce her last name, Guðmundsdóttir). And what about french names? Nobody get’s our names right so we’ve given up on correcting them all together (However I will admit that at least not giving the pronunciation a try when asked is a little rude).




I’ve done this before and it was lots of fun so I thought why not to try it again!

So hello, I’m Nea and I’m a 16 y.o girl who lives in this cold ass place named Finland and as english isn’t my mother language, I apologize if my english is bad

I don’t know how to describe myself in this “letter” so you just need to get to know me :) I’d love to have long lasting friendships with people all over the world and I don’t mind at all if you’re female, male, something in between etc. Race, sexuality and those things don’t matter at all either, I don’t judge anyone in anyway! I would prefer someone aged 14-18 but it’s aaalso not that big of a deal :)

I leave my social media accounts below if anyone wants to chat!

sc: dontbe_lasagne

ig: trashatlas

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Didn’t your mother tell you not to trust the girl you found in the middle of the sea? She called her a tempest but you called her beautiful, different, mine.

You were wrong about that.

She gives you a saltwater smile and you’d like to think that you’re drowning, not that you mind in the least.  There’s seaweed in her hair.  She slips through your fingers when you reach out.  You grasp at air and whisper her name, but only the lapping currents answer.  Each night you come home with sand between your toes and a heart that is still learning to understand. Your father scolds you at the door for bringing home yet another seashell, what do you think you’ll do with that, boy?  But you don’t listen.  You never do.  Each day, there’s another broken piece, carefully scrubbed clean and dropped into a jar in your room.  

Each day, you drown a little more.

She finds him at the same place each week, the same corner, same sad smile, boots knocking dismissively against the pavement.  Hey, James Dean, she tells him with a laugh.  There’s crumpled napkins and hotteok gone cold in one hand and the night air ruffling her hair.  She keeps him company, he pays her in silence.

Tell him. Ask him.  Which one are you, the land or the sea?  

(She’d say: i loved the sea once.)

Tell him.

(She can’t.)

Day number five: same routine, different corner.  Hey James Dean, silence, her cigarette a flush of white in the sea of black beside his.  “Y’know, i’m starting to think you live here.” 

Music taggy thingy

Rule: With each letter of any of your bias’s real (or stage) name, put a song starting with that letter that either remind you of them or how you feel about them.

tagged by @1chahakyeon (thank you for tagging me!!)
(I’m gonna cheat a little and use some songs I really like because there aren’t a lot of songs that make me feel/remind me of hyuk lol)

Sweet & Easy - Wonder Girls

Another World - NCT 127

No Rush - Brave Girls

Good - EXID

Habits - DAY6

You’re My Angel - BTOB (rap line) ft. JOO

U&ME - HyunA

Keep on Doin’ - Luna

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1. You woke up naked next to the last person you texted, what would you say?

I would go the fuck back to sleep it’s too damn early. Like if he was awake I’d say good morning but then I’d go back to sleep.

2. What’s going on between you and the last person you kissed?

He… it’s complicated. I like him a lot. He likes me a lot. We’re not dating. See previous ask.

3. If your boyfriend or girlfriend was into drugs, would you care?

See previous ask

4. Is your last name longer than six letters?

See previous ask

5. Was your last kiss drunk or sober?

I don’t drink, so, sober.

  • Iron Bull: So Cole, you're polite, you're good in a fight, and your heart's in the right place.
  • Cole: It is? Good.
  • Iron Bull: I've got a plan. I think this could get you sorted out, get both feet on the ground.
  • Cole: I have to lift my feet, or the rocks make noise when I walk.
  • Iron Bull: Yes.... When we get back, you're going to spend an evening with a nice lady named Candy.
  • Cole: Can I lift my feet?
  • Iron Bull: She's gonna lift a lot more than that.
  • ───────
  • Iron Bull: So how was Candy? You two have a good time?
  • Cole: Yes. She danced. Then I untangled the hurt that made her angry at her mother.
  • Cole: I helped her write a letter to send back home. She said I could call her Marguerite, the name didn't hurt anymore.
  • Iron Bull: Well, THAT was five royals well-spent...
Mistress LOVE

this was posted by foulfoulstories who is now Deactivated… I thought it seemed fun so I voiced it tonight while I was in the studio as a FREE tease for My Tumblr followers… I call it BLINK… and the script for it is below… I hope you like it… there are lots of longer hypnosis files at My page on under the name Mistress LOVE… thank you also for all your letters and following Me here… you are one of over 12,000 people that give Me the encouragement to do these files and create the posts I make… I can’t believe all the followers… and it KEEPS GROWING everyday as more people find Me… so be sure to re-post this so others can add Me… never be shy about emailing Me… My email is … I may not get back to you right away… sometimes the emails get a little deep to wade into… but I always reply somehow… if you have scripts that you think would make a good session with Me… let Me know… and here is BLINK


written by foulfoulstories and done unabridged by The Mistress LOVE for Tumblr

That’s it, just blink, just once, just for me. As slowly as you like, don’t rush it, you can do it, just one nice blink, nothing to straining for you.

There you go, I knew you had it in you. Now think - but not to hard, wouldn’t want to strain yourself - about the direction your life could take. You are, of course, far too clever to fall for anything that might leave you in any way doe-eyed or docile. Of course you are.

There is no way that, one day, you might accidentally read or see something you shouldn’t and find yourself dealing with certain new, interesting ways of thinking that you might not have encountered before. You’re far too much of a smart girl for something like that to happen.

Pretty, clever girls like you laugh - or, rather, giggle like you should right now, right this second - at the kind of silly, dumb bimbos who let their brains get scrambled and re-arranged like that. You’re better than them, you just giggle at them. You just giggle.

You watch them as their minds get all emptied out and wiped and then see them sink down to their knees - like you’re doing, but for completely different reasons of course, you’re not like them - ready to be used like the dolls they’ve been turned into. With their mouths open. Like yours. Open wide.

You see them spread their legs wide as they’re kneeling. You just did that too, but they’re probably just copying you. Just a coincidence. Nothing to worry about. You’re too much of a clever girl for anything to happen. Clever girl. Pretty girl. Good girl. It’s fun to just giggle at the dolls. Just giggle.

Good girl. Not like them. You’re special. You wouldn’t get naked and kneel, legs spread, mouth open, waiting. You will though. Because you can, not because you have to. You just want to. You really want to. It’s all by choice. Not like the dumb girls. The bimbos. The dolls. You’re smart. You want to do these things, you want to be empty; they just have to be.

So don’t worry about it. Just giggle and spread those legs a little wider; you’re not like them. You’re not like them at all.

Letter for Travelling with Testosterone and Needles Template

Today I got a letter from my endocrinologist so I can travel with testosterone and needles in the future. If anyone is looking for a similar letter and there doctor is unsure of what to say here is what this one contains: 

To Whom it May Concern, 

RE: William [last name] 
DOB: April 11th 1994 

This is to certify that Will has an endocrine (hormones) condition. He must therefore carry medication, needles and/or syringes in his possession at all times while travelling for the administration of his medication. If you have any questions about the validity of this medication, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic. 

Thank you for your attention 

It’s a simple letter but will do a lot of good when travelling across country borders.