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ghost stories dub starters

change pronouns when needed!

  • ❛❛There’s nothing to be afraid of, [Name]. Monsters only get evil people like Republicans, and we’re not old enough to vote!❜❜
  • ❛❛Oh, nice cat!❜❜
  • ❛❛When a stronger spirit appears, the weaker spirit cowers. But ALL evil spirits cower before Jesus!❜❜
  • ❛❛What the fizzity-up was that?❜❜
  • ❛❛Thanks a lot, man.❜❜
  • ❛❛Are you sure you’re not gonna die?❜❜
  • ❛❛Yes, the sports festival. That’s what this episode’s about.❜❜
  • ❛❛So, you are [Name]. You’re an ass!❜❜
  • ❛❛Oh, [Name], let’s sing! Jesus loves me - COME ON, YOU KNOW THE WORDS!❜❜
  • ❛❛Drop the Krispy Kreme, [Name], we need your help here!❜❜
  • ❛❛My BS detector’s goin’ ‘DING!’❜❜
  • ❛❛I can read! Not well, but I can read. AND THOSE LETTERS ARE…BACKWARDS!❜❜
  • ❛❛You see, the Internet was…a blessing from the lord Jesus!❜❜
  • ❛❛Well, looky there. Would’ve been nice to know 30 minutes ago!❜❜
  • ❛❛Wow, that doesn’t look threatening at all.❜❜
  • ❛❛Hell, no, I don’t wanna run!❜❜
  • ❛❛And in the movies, this is the part where I foolishly trust you not to kill me.❜❜
  • ❛❛What’s haps on the craps with snaps?❜❜
  • ❛❛You two-timing son of a bitch!❜❜
  • ❛❛It’s the chick from ‘The Ring!’ I…mean…’The Grudge!’❜❜
  • ❛❛Even funnier if [she/he/they] wasn’t dead.❜❜
  • ❛❛Oh, wow. I can’t even comprehend how inappropriate this is.❜❜
  • ❛❛This school is haunted!❜❜
  • ❛❛You know what I hear? I hear the sound of you shuttin’ the fuck up.❜❜
  • ❛❛What the FUCK are you talking about?❜❜   
BTS and Pet Names

Kim Seokjin

Jin had always have something with your name. He never called you something that wasn’t that. The identity that came along with the letters you were given at birth meant, somehow, a lot for him. He found one and a thousand ways of re-saying your name so it would always be different: he had also fallen in love with it.
But that night, his kisses were tingling on your skin as he thrusted softly into your body. The athmosphere was heavy, and his hot breath mixed with the cold sweat dripping down your back. You wanted something different, so you managed to end on top of him, sucking and kissing the skin of his chest while caressing his body. His moans then became loud and needy, as he let you take control while embelished by your body. So lost was he, he even forgot your name to call you something else.
When the word angel left his lips in a whimper as he gripped your hips tightly, you were both lost in the moment. The way the vowels escaped his lips as he remind you how good he felt, was enough to drive you both to your orgasm.
And he would not forget it. Maybe your name was beautiful, but the way you blushed each time que soflty purred “angel” by your ear, was worth every one of his seconds.

Min Yoongi

He never got the point of it. Why would it matter? He didn’t need to call you something in concrete to know you two loved each other. On the other hand, you were different. One thousand and one pet names fell from your lips each time you saw him, causing him to roll his eyes one thousand and one times a day.
“But why, y/n? It’s ridiculous.”
“It’s not, babe.
“‘m’kay then. You prefer pumpkin?”
Your constant fights around those stupid words were starting to tire him as you only enjoyed more and more his annoyance.
He snapped one night, after spending hours working on a track that just did not worked. Somehow you went from giving him some coffee to be between his legs, sucking him of harshly.
Yoongi’s grunts echoed in the room over your moans and the still playing track, hands tangled in your hair as you bobbed up and down his length. Only then he really payed you attention: his old shirt slipping from your shoulders to reveal the collarbones, the messy hair, the need in those big needy eyes that were yours.
“Such a beautifull doll for me. C'mon, hurry your pretty mouth so i can fill you up. And maybe if you’re a good dollie, i will let you cum”

Jung Hoseok

He would be so into them. He was used to use them with his friends, so using them with you was something he would not think twice.
The first time he called you “sunshine” over the phone, before hanging, you blushed uncontiously. And when you saw him that night and he asked “How was work, sweetheart?” the pink on your cheeks would be impossible to hide, making him laugh and hugly tightly, feeling happier than ever.
It didn’t take you long to get used to those nice and sweet petnames he choosed. So used you got to them, that when he opened his mouth that morning, you almost forgot how to breath.
Hand going up and down his shaft, heavy breaths in each other necks, his finger buried inside your body. Your small whimper where cut suddenly as he increased his pace making you clench and almost shout. That’s when he looked right into your eyes, dark orbs creeping into yours.
“That’s right sugar. Scream for Daddy,”

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon liked inventing stupid names for you. One day you were his Monster-babe, the next morning his Rapping Goddess and maybe someday you became his Favorite Disaster. But there were some names that never changed, names that appeared each time his lips attached to your neck and his kicks managed to close the door.
You still got wet from remembering the first time he asked if you liked how Oppa fucked his Prince(ss). After that amazing date, he had let playing some instrumental jazz as he slowly undressed you. Each one of his touchs were measured, being gentle but also seductive in a way you had never imagined. Somehow, his skin never left yours, always touching, kissing, hiting, biting, licking. And when he was pounding fervoursly into your body, those words left his lips in a slip, and you knew you had lost (or maybe, won a lot). When he softly whispered in your ear about you being the best royal disaster he could ever wish as you ride him slowly, you realised you were starting to like it. Namjoon loved to let you know you were his fucking Queen/King, specially when his hand were roamming down your body. And those hands felt so good, you didn’t need a castle to believe each one of his words.

Park Jimin

There was something about those old school pet names that made him crazy. Darling, dear, honey, love. So cheesy. So perfect.
But he didn’t know if you liked them, though. He wasn’t sure if you would feel comfortable, or if those were the kind of pet names you liked. So, shy as he was, he would keep his mouth shut. You didn’t call him names either. He had never called you anything, and you did not want to rush.
When that morning he woke you up with gentle kisses on your shoulders, a small smile creeped onto your face. His arms wrapped around your wasit and though he didn’t say anything, you knew what he was craving for. Slowly turning to face him you met his lips, gently sucking on the lower one to earn a sublte moan from his side.
Your hand slipped though his chest to his crotch, soflty plaming him as the kid smiled. Hiding his face on the crook of your neck he bitted and kissed the skin, trying to give back a lil’ bit of what you were offering.
When your hand slipped into his boxers and the pad of your thumb caressed the head of his dick, a cried whimper left his body.
Honey, please. More.” he would ask, a whimpering mess under your hands as you started pumping him quickly. “Ah, like that love.” He’d let the words slip and blush, just to find your subtle giggle
“Don’t worry darling. I’ll take care of you.”

Kim Taehyung

You knew Tae was a ball of happiness and energy. You also knew he was kinda like a kid, and that meant he was curious. Very, very curious.
Still, you were surprised when he asked if you guys could try that.
A few day later you agreed, and there you where, kneeled on the bed. The lingerie he had picked for you, was beautiful and made you feel exposed in some kind of nice way. And then he came into the room, red briefs only covering his body. Your lips crashed hungry for themselves, and it wasn’t long until all the clothes were laying somewhere in the floor.
You had almost forgotten it. Everything seemed so normal and sexual that your mind wasn’t thinking about the business. But then, you scratched his back in the middle of the action, and he flipped you until you were on four, smashing into you harshly and making you moan loudly. His back was burning, but he couldn’t stop his laugh.
“Moan for me kitten. Let me her your meow. You owe me for those pretty marks.”

Jeon Jungkook

One night stands were something he could handle right. He knew what to do, what to say, and how to use a condom.
And it was normal, because there were really beautiful fans out there, and doing them instead of a hired hooker, felt way more better than it should.
It started with his number on your notebook and a rushed phone call. Before you knew it, his hotel room had it’s door closed and your mouth were fighting each other for the power.
And Jungkook could handle it, he could. But you… you were different. You tasted sweeter than anybody else.
That’s why he couldn’t stop his “Just like that, babe” when your mouth wrapped againts his crotch. And the soft whimper that left your lips when you heard those words was not helping him at all. You have never heard someone say babe, baby, or bae so many times in such an erotic way. Especially erotic when he came all over you.
Three years later, those words were still present and your mouth still tasted sweet. And luckily for him, those words made some parts of your body taste even sweeter.


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fave fenhawke headcanons
  • tight, tight hugs
  • forehead kisses
  • petty bickering over household chores during battle
  • reading to each other by the fire
  • snarky jokes during sex
  • the couple that judges together stays together
  • battle couple
  • comfort after waking from nightmares
  • glowing elf night light
  • cute chuckles at all of hawke’s lame jokes
  • “have you met my partner? they’re amazing!”
  • small love letters in child-like handwriting
  • tracing lyrium tattoos with fingertips
  • cuddles. lots of cuddles. 
  • whispers of ‘I love you’ in Tevene?
  • casual conversation while looting dead bodies
  • nicknames? please?
  • fenris taking hawke’s name >o< 
  • candlelit dinners 
  • romantic dates killing slavers 
  • raising rescued slave children 
  • soft home clothes for fenris 
  • becoming each other’s shadows 
  • casual touches, kisses, smiles 
  • retiring to live normal, happy lives 
  • just so much love

some small V/MC headcanons:

-mc likes to put jasmine flowers and mint leaves in his water bottles bc it makes the water taste nicer and its also to remind him to drink water bc he always forgets
-Jihyun always smells like really light lavender and mc can’t figure out why bc he doesn’t own any perfume or cologne that is lavender scented 
-mc likes to leave little love letters for him here in there, like in between his books or in his shirt pockets that are personalized with dried flowers or tiny watercolor paintings that arent professional but they mean the world to him
-they have matching polaroid cameras and like to take photos of each other to remember their favorite moments whether they are small or big
-they have made a really overflowing scrapbook of things like this that document their time together and its super messy but is a treasure to them
-they do a lot of random diy projects together like the cloud lamp one
-on the weekends they often take super short road trips to obscure places and stay in crappy motels but they dont care bc they’re together and that makes it a good time
-jihyun slowly re-learns what love is (and isn’t) actually supposed to be like
-mc made him one of those children’s bracelets made with alphabet bead letters that spell his name (jihyun) and random little pearl beads for fun once and now he wears it all the time and only takes it off when he takes a shower
-they live in a really neat little home that is somehow always spotless and filled with houseplants and pretty paintings and strings of lights and an aquarium, everything is in pastels and no one knows how they keep it like that
-they have a tiny pet hedgehog and sometimes when they’re not busy they also raise butterflies
-once jihyun was feeding the birds and a hummingbird landed on his hand and stayed long enough for mc to take a picture and since then she’s convinced he’s a real disney princess
-he likes to spend his time like an old man (just like jumin) and he and mc often walk to the park together bc he likes to feed the pigeons and squirrels
-mc likes to make flower crowns for him bc they just suit him really well.. almost too well 
-jihyun actually likes bath bombs a lot, he thinks they’re really cool
-MC is extremely protective of him especially in the beginning bc he accidentally flinched once when she touched him innocently and it BROKE HER HEART
-jihyun likes to do MC’s makeup and paint her nails for fun sometimes and she lets him bc it makes him smile and laugh. she’s surprised later on when it actually looks really nice on her
-jihyun calls mc his anchor, and eventually gets one tattooed on his wrist when their relationship became more final. sometimes he also calls her “lady bug” when he feels really affectionate. most common is “my darling” 
-one of their fave pastimes is watching movies together, and jihyun really likes studio ghibli. he liked the innocence of my neighbor totoro
-doing any activity with her even trivial stuff like grocery shopping is fun and special for him bc its something he’s not used to

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Hey admins I really like your page&tnx for your commitment,hope you'll be active for a long time as we all enjoy reading these awesome fanfics~~ My first req is can u recommend me some new&good heart aching fanfics with happy endings?/second is some new smut, bdsm or hardcore or group with bottom kyungsoo/and last can u perhaps find me this kaisoo fanfic the name is king precious slave i can't find it bc asianfc deleted it so i was wondering if they posted it anywhere else?

He dear; 

Lot of request u’ve got there but we got u 

Heart Aching fics with happy ending 

New ones (it seems that the age of angst has finished. Just kidding there’s a fest but with no happy ending)

Old But Gold Ones 

more angsty fic with happy ending here 

New smut, bdsm, hardcore sax fics with bottomsoo

As for your last reuest, sorry but couldn’t find it too

We hope you’ll enjoy your reading 

-Admin N

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Nero@Honey: "Oh my Gods-Honey! You're okay! I w-was worried, I wrote letters b-but they kept coming back unread. The Pe-pelipper Mail couldn't find you! Are you alright? Do you want to talk?"

Honey: You look like you’ve been through a lot too… Will you, um, will you stay for a bit? J-just to catch up! I’m sure you’re busy…

I love when you get a player’s name on your shirt that isn’t that common or popular, because you can appreciate and love players who don’t just score lots of goals or are the star player and men really think it’s because you think they’re hot, as if paying for those overpriced letters is somehow related to hotness and not sentiment

Custom lettering for weddings

Fandom Table Signs for L & J’s upcoming wedding! I love how creative they’re being with this idea of using names of places from their favourite pieces of fiction instead of regular table numbers! 

It’s been a lot of fun lettering these wooden signs and now I can’t wait to see how they’ll be styled on the big day 💕

ID #67545

Name: Andrea
Age: 16
Country: Canada

Hello! My name is andrea and i live in Toronto, Canada. I like pretty much any sports and any music. I play guitar and I really wanna be able to find someone to write to! I’ve usually got a lot of stories to tell and I’m also a good listener so I just want to become friends with someone who won’t flake and will actually value our friendship. I don’t have a preference for where in the world you’re from, I just wanna make sure we hit it off! If you’re homophobic or sexist or anything along those lines than please don’t waste your time on me because I won’t tolerate that. Anyways feel free to hit me up

Preferences: Someone over 15 years old
preferably a guy but i’m down for anything

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"Kakashi why is there a pigeon on ur head? "idk iruka, why does one breathe?"

Iruka stared back not sure how to even answer. Team seven had been through their fair share of idiotic pranks and silly adventures, but none had this level of silliness.

Then he saw it. The little note tied to the bird’s leg. “It won’t let you take the letter will it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, sensei. The bird is just a friend.”

“Uh huh,” Iruka rolled his eyes. The proud jonin wouldn’t admit his low level mission was going poorly even though the snickering genin behind him said it plenty.

Iruka smiled. It said a lot about Kakashi’s character that he wouldn’t kill the carrier pigeon just for a D-ranked assignment. “A friend? What’s his name?”

Kakashi crossed his arms as if indignant. “How rude, sensei, pigeons are also female.”

“My apologies.” He looked at the three genin near hysteria. Naruto’s eyes were watering. “She is a lovely bird and I’m sure the message she was meant to deliver that you have intercepted is in good hands. Or rather on a good head.”

Naruto lost it, falling back, clutching his stomach.

Kakashi’s single eye closed, clearly irritated but holding himself together. The bird on his head was making a comfy nest out of his hair. The three brats laughing about it. This whole assignment was a joke. Their client had sent a letter to their lover to end their relationship only to change their mind right after releasing the bird. At this time Kakashi was only glad it hadn’t been a messenger hawk.

“Here,” Iruka offered and reached into the bag he kept on his shoulder to carry his student’s assignments from school to home and back again. He had what appeared to be a small bag of seeds he had been planning to eat for a snack. He held out a small handful to the bird.

They jumped from Kakashi’s hair to Iruka’s arm in a small little flutter and allowed him to take the note with very little protest. Iruka held it out to the team leader but retracted when he went to take it. “You know, since I’m helping team seven with their mission I’m entitled to something.”

“It’s a D-ranked mission, Iruka-sensei…” Kakashi argued.

“Still,” he looked over at the genin again. “You all can get me a bowl of ramen. I’ll call it even,” he turned back to Kakashi, giving him the letter.


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Hi love. Hope you're doing well :) May I get a BTS (yoongi focused?) one shot/scenario (whichever you'd like) to meeting an older (30's-40's) really well dressed fan at a fansign?? The older male would have sent them lots of encouraging letters under an alias and secretly bought them meals whenever he could. It would be their first face-to-face meeting. Please and thank you! <333

Pairing: Min Yoongi/ (Male) Reader

Genre: Fluff, Sad

Words: 1.7k

A/N: (C/N) = means characters name.

I hope this request was what you were expecting, this one was quite the challenge…..

Also please note that this story is a very touchy subject and I hope it doesn’t offend anybody :) 


“Good show.” Their manager greeted the boys as the made their way back stage.

“Come on Jimin.” Yoongi shouted to Jimin who was sneaking glances out towards the crowd watching them leave. He turned around with a big smile on his face.

As they made their way to their dressing room the atmosphere turned quiet quickly. The boys were exhausted from this nights show. The fans absorb more energy, they thought, but they loved every second of it.

“Did you see the poster that the fan held Jungkook.” Hoseok laughed.

“Of my face? Yeah?” Jungkook answered.

“They think you’re a meme.” Namjoon spoke.

“They think we’re all memes.” Yoongi corrected.

“Ok guys here you go.” The manager handed over each member a bunch of fan mail they received.

They each sat down and took the time to read each letter their precious fans had the generous time to write.

When Yoongi opened his letter he noticed something quite familiar.

“Dear Min Yoongi,

I’m writing to you once again to thank you for all you have done for me. You may not have know this but I get to come home everyday to see my family because you have help me stay strong, you have helped me find purpose in my life and I have never been more grateful. Your music has touched me in so many ways that I don’t know how I would ever repay you. It’s nice to know that we all have each other and that you choose to share your deepest thoughts to inspire so many people. If only I was brave enough to show you my face to say thank you in person. Hopefully some day I can be as brave as you.

Stay strong and healthy, like you made me…

Sincerely, non-spoken letter”

The letter that sat in Yoongi’s hands has once again made him tremble. Brought a tear to his eye like every other letter. Yoongi had has been getting these letters for it seems like six months now. Every letter was so touching in every way. Like he was some therapist listening to every story this anonymous had to say. Between him telling him how his day was or his past nightmares. Just the little things.

Also every letter would thank him which Yoongi was of course honored to hear how a fan is doing well. Yoongi wouldn’t tell the other members because the letters were focused on himself but he sometime would fight with himself to not share because this poor fans life story wasn’t their business, but he felt something different for this fan, he felt a bond.

“Hey you okay?” Yoongi heard Jin ask.

“Yeah.” He hesitated. “I just really love our fans.”


Later that night, the boys were settling into their hotel rooms. Yoongi was rooming with Jin, as Namjoon was rooming with Taehyung, and Jungkook, Jimin, and Hoseok were all rooming together.

“Can we please order-” Before Jin could finish his sentence there was a knock on the door. They both figured it had to be one of the other boys bothering them. Yoongi got up and went to reveal the mystery behind the door. Once he opened it a young lady walked in with a cart full of food.

“Food order for Min Yoongi?” She said.

“Either you’re psychic or this is a mistake.” Jin looked back and forth between Yoongi, the lady, and of course the food.

“Sorry we didn’t order anything.” Yoongi apologized.

“Yet.” Jin pitched in.

“Nope no mistake, it’s all here and paid for.” She started to head out. “Oh almost forgot.”

She turned back. “The order came with this letter.” She handed over a letter to Yoongi.

“Min Yoongi,

Its me again, I hope you don’t mind all these letters but I just wanted to at least show my gratitude with a little treat. I wish I can give you more as much as you given me.

Sincerely, Non-spoken letter.”

“What does it say?” Jin started to get up.

“It’s from a fan.” Yoongi said speechless.

“What? How would a fan even know what hotel we are at, which room we are in?”

“Can you keep a secret?” Yoongi finally wanted to release.

Jin nodded as he sat back down. “I’ve been receiving these letters….and they are very deep and touching and I thought that they were just regular thank you letters but there is something different about these ones.”

“Like how?” Jin asked.

“Well for one, they are all from the same fan….and how much I helped him fight against depression and suicide.” Yoongi’s voice soften.

“Wow.” That’s all Jin could say. He was taken back from the confession.

“I’m very grateful for every letter but now he is sending food….do you think he’s going over board?” Yoongi asked.

“Nope.” Jin pushed the cart to the table. “It’s free food.”

“Yeah but I can’t help but feel bad….I’m happy I’m helping fans but I don’t expect to be rewarded. I don’t want it.”

“Why don’t you send a letter back?”

Yoongi stared at Jin as he dug into the food. He never even thought about it, yet would even get permission to allowed to.

“Theres a return address isn’t there?”

There is…

“Okay.” Yoongi simply said.

As the other members were past out asleep, Yoongi stayed up all night writing his letter. This fan meant a lot to him so he wanted to prove it.

The next few nights the boys actually had off so he didn’t mind staying up.


“Daddy….we’re home.” (C/N) heard his two girls walk through the door.

They came up to his desk. “You got mail.” His youngest daughter said handing over his letters, which were most likely bills.




“Huh?” He stared at the letter that was clearly different as the addresses were hand written instead of stamped on.

He opened the letter and a note slipped out with 4 tickets. He gasp as he read that the tickets said: BTS fan sign: November 16th 2017 @ 4:15pm.

Then he took the folded piece of paper and straighten it out.

“Min Yoongi.” He whispered.

He wrote back….

He thought that this was a dream. The person to help him through his troubles actually responded.

That means he reads my letters…..

He could feel tears falling from his eyes from the first sentence.

“Dear, Non-Spoken Letter,

Thank you so much for all the letters, I’m glad I was there for you when you needed it, even though it was only in my music. I’m glad we have a lot in common and that my words can show you that the future is always bright and that you should never let your deepest darkest thoughts take control. I honestly enjoy every letter and every word of how you are doing and how your day was. I also appreciate the kind gifts you have showered me with but unfortunately I don’t need it. I’m just grateful for your letters and don’t need you to repay me, I’m just happy to be here for you when you need it. Take the time and spend a little money on yourself and your family because you deserve it by staying strong.

I really wish to meet you because I’ve never been so touched by a fan. Please take these tickets and come to our next fan meet. And I would want the honor to receive your next letter in person. Please be brave.

Sincerely Min Yoongi.

“Hey Hun.” (C/N)’s wife walked into the room. “You okay?”

He looked up at his wife stunned. “He wrote back.”


“Yeah.” His wife took the letter and carried on reading.

“Wow.” She said as she was finished. “He cares.” Her face flushed.


“Do you think he’ll show?” Jin whispered as the stage crew was setting up the tables on the stage.

“I hope so.” Yoongi replied.

An hour past and Yoongi and the rest of the boys met tons of diverse fans. They loved how almost every fan had different personalities. Yoongi couldn’t figure out which fan was his anonymous. There was some male fans that have passed and didn’t seem quite off or had letter so he figured none were him.

As he almost got distracted later into the fan sign he heard a shy clearing of a voice.

“Excuse me Min Yoongi….I believe you told me to drop this off.” He slide a letter in front of him. Yoongi finally looked up and saw the mystery to his ‘non-spoken letter’. He was an older fan maybe 30’s or 40’s and was dressed very fancy. He noticed that there was a women with two kids behind him.

He was definitely not what Yoongi was expecting. He figured he was some teenager but he realized that no matter what age you are or what currency or even family. Anybody could be struggling, everyone had a story.

“You are brave.” Yoongi stood up and reached over the table to embrace the fan into a warm comforting hug. Yoongi could feel the fan shaking from nervousness.

“Thank you for writing.” Yoongi said.

“Thank you reading.”

As soon as Yoongi pulled away he could see the viable tears in his eyes. Yoongi felt his eyes water as well.

“Is this your family?” Yoongi asked.

The fan nodded. His wife came closer with the kids. Yoongi reached out and shook her hand. “Thank you….you saved my husband.”

She didn’t hesitate to bring him into a hug as well.

“Last thing I need to know from you.” Yoongi looked at the adult fan.

“Anything.” He said.

“Your name.” Yoongi smiled.

Let’s just say that was a day to remember.

Some people could think it’s ridiculous that a man his age could be fanboying over an idol of some boy group but most people tend to judge before they know the real story. This man has changed his life. This man understood how to live through horrible thoughts that could mind control you and make a difference on how to fight it. Most people are lucky, they could carry on with a happy life and have no troubles but some are suffering, some are struggling, and some aren’t so lucky.

Thats why it’s important to ask for help even if it’s through one song.



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greetings greetings! i do sincerely apologize for this since i understand you're probably getting a lot, but do you have any gender nuetral nicknames for salem? i get sally and em a lot, which feel a bit too feminine for me, thank you! have a wonderful day ❤

hey there!
uhh maybe Lem, Lemmy, S (like Es, you know? i just like one letter nicknames), Sam, Sem, Al, Alie, Ale, Aly? hope one of these fits!

- mod Yenisey

Snippet of Moonbyul’s fancafe letter to fans on 171011

“I want to become a good persion. I want to hear ‘that’s a good person’ when people recall the name moonbyul. I’m still lacking in a lot of aspects, but i want to fill those empty holes and become a good person.

I want to share as much love as i’ve received, and express it. Also, I want to receive as much love as i give. whether it’s men or women, they’re all the same people. they’re people you can love and you can’t say one or the other is wrong. People simply have different thoughts, they aren’t wrong.” (cr. ch0sshi)

While moonbyul’s letter best confirms it, I believe that this is a sentiment shared by all mamamoo members based on past observation:

That they genuinely care for their fans as people. The industry has a culture of dehumanizing that even fans are guilty of seeing their idols as non-human and forget that their imperfect human beings as themselves. in the same way, i wouldn’t be surprised the idols can sometimes only see their fans as a mass of blurred faces.

it’s easy to forget that there’s more to a a group, and more to a persona, than what is sensationalized in news.

With a heart like what is displayed by moonbyul here, why would i ever unstan them?

*victory dance* I got taaaaagged! I got taaagged! Uhm… getting to the point: I was tagged by @turtlesnook thanks a lot!! Yay!
Name: Helena but my friends and family call me Lena and everyone else calls me ‘Hey you over there’
Gender: female
Sign: cancer
Height: 5.6
Sexuality: I think I might be asexual (like 95% sure)
Favorite animal: Sloths (they’re literally me. I’m a sloth stuck in a human body)
Dream trip: London (two of my friends’ve been there and it sounds like a lot of fun), New York or Tokyo
Dream job: Teacher at Hogwarts (but if that doesn’t work out, meaning that if my letter doesn’t arrive, I’d like to work in publishing)
When and why I made my blog: Somewhere in august 2017 because two of my friends have fanaccounts on Instagram and they kept going on about how great it was and since I like to be a rebel (I’m terrible at being one but I’d like to) I made this blog
Followers: like 30-something. I keep telling the 30 000 followers fanaccountfriends to get up to my level
Reason for my url: I’m trash, this blog is trash. Yeah… trash
Favorite music band: fob, tøp, Imagine Dragons
Tattoos: I think I wouldn’t want to go through the pain. I’ll just draw on my arms (I once had the Dregs logo on there for a week). Favorite emoji: 🍪 or 🖕🏻 or 😑

Would you rather be exceedingly rich but unhappy, famous but somehow with little money or happy and wealthy but in ill health?
I wouldn’t want to be famous because that seems stressful. So I guess would I rather be happy or healthy? I’m gonna go with the last one because if I’m rich I can buy medicine and stuff and maybe I just have floo or something
Do you have any piercings that aren’t in your earlobes?
What kind of exercise or sports do you play?
I take dancing class but I’m kind of bad at best. My school is pretty big and has a lot of stairs. Does that count as exercise?
Can you sing well enough that you wouldn’t get booed off a karaoke stage?
I think that depends on the crowd. My friends say I’m pretty decent at singing. My brother on the other hand says I’m terrible and my tongue should be removed.
Can you cook any meal from scratch?
I can make eggs and cook pasta. My brownies are pretty good but I need a recipe for those. I wouldn’t starve to death if I was alone for a couple days but that’s about the extend of my cooking skills
Describe in 5 words the last person you had a serious crush on
I have never had one
Android or iPhone?
I have an iPhone at the moment
Have you ever broken a bone?
No. I bump into lots of things and I trip every ten minutes but I guess I have strong bones
What’s the one song you can listen to an embarrasing number of times in a row? Why do you listen to it on repeat?
I have phases where I have like 5 favorite songs that I keep listening too. At this point the last constanly-on-repeat-song is probably My Shot because we had to run 7 miles during PE and that song is such an amazing pump up song
What’s the last book you read that wasn’t TSC?
I’m reading Cress at the moment

I don’t know who already did this or who I should tag in general. So if you see this: YOU’RE TAGGED (unless you’ve done it already) there’s no escaping you’re tagged. DON’T IGNORE ME YOUNGLING! Ok I’ll stop but you’re still tagged

Connection Time: The Three Orders Mentors Correlate to Wizard of Oz

Tybalt Leftpaw & The Cowardly Lion: Lion based feline characters that wish they had courage and learn it through the encouragement of the main character.

Sieran & Strawman: Airhead and fun-loving plant based beings (with names that start with the letter S) who learn responsibility through actions and trials they face with the main character.

Warmaster Forgal & Tin Man: Cold and hardened “war machines” from past tragedies that (re)learn kindness and tenderness through the actions of the main character.

I’M NOT SURE WHAT I SAW BEFORE but I remember there was a wizard of Oz post with Trahearne as Dorothy. But if Dorothy was your character, then this would make a lot of sense.

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You’re so cute hjakajs 💖✨ thank you for make my day better, I already adore you lots!! I hope you’re having an amazing week ♡

ahdfajjdhfdd pls ur the cutie here omg :’-( ur so sweet!!!! i’m glad i was able to make ur day better and i hope u continue to have an amazing and wonderful week as well, angel!!!!! 🌟🌸💗💛🌸🌻

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hiii. my name is Cassie. can I have a love letter from Glenn Rhee? I’m 5’5, long blonde hair, dark blue eyes. I’m really shy when I first meet people, and open up rather slowly. I have a lot of social anxiety. I’m a selfless person though, who through my struggles, I always try to put the people I love first. I’ve been feeling really sad, lonely, and hopeless lately and some words from Glenn would make me smile💗

My Cautious Cassie,

    In this harsh world, you’re the one who reminds me that good still exists.  The things your been through, and the way you still put others first inspires me more than you can understand.  The only reason we are apart is because I won’t put you in any unnecessary danger.  You’re the strongest person I know, but let me bare that burden of responsibility for you, at least this one time.  As soon as I return I’ll fall into the wadding pool of your blue eyes and be lost to your whims all over again.  For now, let me be your knight in shining armour. 

Always yours,


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Mistress LOVE

this was posted by foulfoulstories who is now Deactivated… I thought it seemed fun so I voiced it tonight while I was in the studio as a FREE tease for My Tumblr followers… I call it BLINK… and the script for it is below… I hope you like it… there are lots of longer hypnosis files at My page on under the name Mistress LOVE… thank you also for all your letters and following Me here… you are one of over 12,000 people that give Me the encouragement to do these files and create the posts I make… I can’t believe all the followers… and it KEEPS GROWING everyday as more people find Me… so be sure to re-post this so others can add Me… never be shy about emailing Me… My email is … I may not get back to you right away… sometimes the emails get a little deep to wade into… but I always reply somehow… if you have scripts that you think would make a good session with Me… let Me know… and here is BLINK


written by foulfoulstories and done unabridged by The Mistress LOVE for Tumblr

That’s it, just blink, just once, just for me. As slowly as you like, don’t rush it, you can do it, just one nice blink, nothing to straining for you.

There you go, I knew you had it in you. Now think - but not to hard, wouldn’t want to strain yourself - about the direction your life could take. You are, of course, far too clever to fall for anything that might leave you in any way doe-eyed or docile. Of course you are.

There is no way that, one day, you might accidentally read or see something you shouldn’t and find yourself dealing with certain new, interesting ways of thinking that you might not have encountered before. You’re far too much of a smart girl for something like that to happen.

Pretty, clever girls like you laugh - or, rather, giggle like you should right now, right this second - at the kind of silly, dumb bimbos who let their brains get scrambled and re-arranged like that. You’re better than them, you just giggle at them. You just giggle.

You watch them as their minds get all emptied out and wiped and then see them sink down to their knees - like you’re doing, but for completely different reasons of course, you’re not like them - ready to be used like the dolls they’ve been turned into. With their mouths open. Like yours. Open wide.

You see them spread their legs wide as they’re kneeling. You just did that too, but they’re probably just copying you. Just a coincidence. Nothing to worry about. You’re too much of a clever girl for anything to happen. Clever girl. Pretty girl. Good girl. It’s fun to just giggle at the dolls. Just giggle.

Good girl. Not like them. You’re special. You wouldn’t get naked and kneel, legs spread, mouth open, waiting. You will though. Because you can, not because you have to. You just want to. You really want to. It’s all by choice. Not like the dumb girls. The bimbos. The dolls. You’re smart. You want to do these things, you want to be empty; they just have to be.

So don’t worry about it. Just giggle and spread those legs a little wider; you’re not like them. You’re not like them at all.

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6, 14, 21, 23, 29, 34, 44, 49, 82, 83, 102

6. have you ever wanted to have someone but you messed it up? So many times 

14. If you could go back and change something in the past five months, would you? Yes i would

21. Have you ever kissed someone with a name that starts with S? YESSS, I USED TO HAVE SUCH A CRUSH ON SOMEBODY THAT STARTED WITH THAT LETTER 

23. Is there a person you cannot stand? YES I WORK WITH THEM 

29. do you think you’re old? Yes I think I’m old, but still so young 

34. Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you? Not anymore 

44. Does anybody disgust you? Sometimes 

49. Has somebody recently told you something you didnt want to hear? Always but tough luck 

82. Do you still talk to the first person you ever kissed? Nope gutting 

83. Are you closer to your mom or dad? I used to be closer to my dad, but over the past years I’ve realised im closer to my mum

102. Name your favourite kesha song. dancing with tears in my eyes