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This Was The Perfect Vlog

so Jaspar, Zalfie, Janya, Sean and Poppy, Niomi, Marky, and a few others all went to Tulley’s Farm and pretty much everyone vlogged but Caspar’s….aw Caspar’s

he and Joe are going to play a lot of I Spy on the tour 

Joe and Caspar literally went through the haunted house together HOW CUTE IS THAT

Joe and Caspar both really like that side of the car and so Joe said that they’re going “to have to spoon” 

Caspar’s poor ear was still blocked but he got it to feel better

they played a game where you had to bring something to camp that started with the first letter of your name and it had to make sense

….jaspar went to a haunted house together and there were mentions of spooning

jaspar is so not dead you guys 

attention people who use runes (esp. the elder fuþark):

if you work with or have done research on the Elder Fuþark runes, you may have noticed that there are lots of variations on the names. & i mean LOTS, e.g.:

there are a couple of reasons for this:

  • HOWEVER, most actual runic inscriptions in the Elder Fuþark are actually in Proto-Norse, the intermediate stage between Proto-Indo-European and Old Norse. A lot of the discrepancies between the attested names & their names in other Germanic languages (i.e. Gothic and Old English) is due to this fact (Orðstírr has a good intro to Proto-Norse sounds especially re: runes)
  • modern English is missing many of the sounds and letters that existed in early Germanic languages, so variant spellings are different ways of rendering them in our limited 26-letter alphabet
  • many sources on runes come from magickal writings from many decades ago, and because language science is constantly evolving, so has our reconstruction of Proto-Germanic. thus, many of the names are based on outdated reconstructions.
  • most magickal writings on runes are not written by historical linguists who study ancient Germanic languages

luckily i regularly study & use Proto-Germanic, & based on our most recent & accurate reconstructions, the names for the Elder Fuþark would have probably taken the following forms (text in /slashes/ is IPA phonemic transcription; where names are different, this is due to differring names in the different attested langauges, or variation within Proto-Germanic dialects):

ᚠ    *fehu /ɸexu/ “wealth, cattle”

ᚢ    *ūruz /uːruz/ “aurochs”

ᚦ    *þurisaz /θurisɑz/ “giant, monster” OR  *þurnuz /θurnuz/ “thorn”

ᚨ     *ansuz /ɑnsuz/ “deity, mouth”

ᚱ     *raidō /rɑi̯ðɔː/ “journey”

ᚲ    *kēnaz /keːnɑz/ “torch” OR *kauną /kɑu̯nɑ̃/ “ulcer”

ᚷ    *gebō /ɣeβɔː/ “gift”

ᚹ    *wunjō /wunjɔː/ “joy”

ᚺ    *haglaz /xɑɣlɑz/ “hail(storm)”

ᚾ    *naudiz /nɑu̯ðiz/ “need, distress, force”

ᛁ    *īsaz /iːsɑz/ “ice”

ᛃ    *jērą /jɛːrɑ̃/ “year”

ᛇ    *ēhaz /eːxɑz/ < *īhwaz /iːxʷɑz/ OR *īwaz /iːwɑz/ “yew”

ᛈ    *perþō /perθɔː/  “?pear-tree, ??game-box (uncertain)”

ᛉ    *elhaz /elxɑz/ OR *algiz /ɑlɣiz/ “elk”

ᛊ    *sōwulą /sɔːwulɑ̃/ OR *sōwilą /sɔːwilɑ̃/ “sun”

ᛏ    *tīwaz /tiːwɑz/ “the god *Tīwaz (Norse Týr, Anglo-Saxon Tíw > Tue[sday])”

ᛒ    *berkaną /berkɑnɑ̃/ “birch”

ᛖ    *ehwaz /exʷɑz/ “horse”

ᛗ    *mannaz /mɑnnɑz/ “human, person”

ᛚ    *laguz /lɑɣuz/ “water, sea, ocean”

ᛜ    *ingwaz /iŋʷgʷɑz/ “the god *Frawjaz (Norse Freyr, Anglo-Saxon Fréa)”

ᛞ    *dagaz /dɑɣɑz/ “day”

ᛟ    *ōþalą /ɔːθɑlɑ̃/ OR *ōþilą /ɔːθilɑ̃/ “ancestral home”

if you would like more in-depth explanations for each of these, HERE is a good source (where we differ, i’d note that this source leans heavily on the Norse variants because our oldest attested uses come from Proto-Norse)

Dear Anyone:
This is a letter from one anyone to another anyone, no names required, because nobody really knows anyway. Names don’t make a hell of a lot of difference. The world is made up entirely of strangers. Millions and millions of them. Everyone is a stranger to everyone else. Sometimes we think we know other people, especially those we supposedly are close to, but if we really knew them, why are we so often surprised by the shit they do? Like, parents are always surprised by what their kids will do. They raise them from the time they are babies, spend each and every day with them, think they’re these goddamn fucking angels, and then one day the cops come to the door and say hey, guess what parents? Your kid just bashed some other kid’s head in with a baseball bat. Or you’re the kid, and you think things are pretty fucking OK, and then one day this guy who’s supposed to be your dad says so long, have a nice life. And you think, what the fuck is this? So years later, your mom ends up living with another guy, and he seems OK, but you think, when’s it coming? That’s what life is. Life is always asking yourself, when’s it coming? Because if it hasn’t come for a long time, you know you’re fucking due.
All the best, Anyone
—  Linwood Barclay, No Time for Goodbye
gf theory: dipper’s real name

after watching ‘dipper and mabel vs. the future’ i am 99.89% sure that dipper’s real name is megrez

like i am so sure of this holy shit

if we’re following the initial theory that the pines twins have names starting with the same letter (following the theme of stanley and stanford pines, alex and ariel hirsch) then logically dipper’s name has to start with an m because of mabel

since there’s a lot of mystery surrounding his name, of course it’s got to be something weird and/or obscure - so, yeah. that’s a tick in the box for ‘megrez’

and then, in ‘dipper and mabel vs. the future’ when dipper is scanned by the U.F.O. we see this:

the machine projects an image of the big dipper into the air. not only this but it highlights a specific star.



this episode was full of reference to the big dipper, and dipper’s birthmark also had a ton of emphasis put on it in close-ups as well

of course, this seems like a conclusion almost too easy to come to, so it could just be a red herring. I’M NOT RULING IT OUT, THOUGH.

While I think that all the headcanons about Weasley jumpers with letters on are really sweet, they also annoy me quite a lot - in the books (I can’t remember about the films) they don’t always have a letter. Harry’s, for instance, once had a dragon on it. And the whole “Gred and Forge” thing came about because the twins said “You don’t have a letter on yours - I suppose she thinks you don’t forget your name. But we’re not stupid. We know we’re called Gred and Forge”

Put a Number in my Ask

1)Is it easy for someone to make you smile?
2)Tell me why you like the last song you listened to?
3)What color are your eyes?
4)Where was the last place you fell asleep other than your bed?
5)How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?
6)What would your name be without the first three letters?
7)Last thing you touched not computer-related?
8)What colors are you wearing right now?
9)You currently in a fight with someone?
10)Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew?
11)Do you have an older brother?
12)Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?
13)Do you look at the keyboard when you type?
14)What are you listening to right now?
15)Do you laugh a lot?
16)Are you ticklish?
17)What always makes you feel better when you’re upset?
18)Have you ever been on a boat?
19)Last person you gave a hug to?
20)Tell me about the shirt/shirts you’re wearing?
21)When you are home alone do you still close the door when you shower?
22)Do you have plans for today?
23)When is the last time you took a nap?
24)What was on your mind most today?
25)Do you talk about your feelings or hide them?
26)What instant messaging service do you use?
27)How long does it take for you to fall asleep at night?
28)Do you have any siblings? Do you get along?
29)What are you drinking?
Honestly, if you could go back 8 months and change something, would you?
30)Do you know what you’re wearing tomorrow?
31)Do you know anyone who smokes weed?

animal crossing is really good for self-esteem.

the other villagers are most often very friendly to you and even give you presents just because they feel like it. they like to compliment you a lot. they want to come hang out at your place or have you over all the time. they get upset when you don’t talk to them for a long time. your villagers genuinely enjoy your company.

I think, for me, the thing that gets me the most is the letters.
villagers will often send you letters, sometimes out of the blue. and a lot of these aren’t just a casual hello. just look at some of these letters that your villagers will send you:

“Yo, [player name]!
The best thing about letters is you can get out the things you can’t normally say. So anyway, I want to say I think you’re irreplaceable! I hope we’ll always be pals!
-[cranky villager]”

“Hey there, [player name]!
I have no idea why, but all of a sudden, I felt like writing you! I think you’re the most dependable person I know, and that means a lot coming from me! You rock!
Countin’ on ya! -[big sis villager]”

“Hi, [player name]!
I’m trying to tell my friends how much they mean to me. My life is better because you’re in it! Oh, and if you get a chance, can you mow my lawn for me? Ha ha!
Thanks a lot! -[jock villager]”

“Hi, [player name]…
Know how it can be easier to write something in a letter than say it face-to-face? Well, I want to thank you for being my friend! You’re the only superstar in my sky!
-Embarrassed [peppy villager] <3″

“Oh, [player name]!
I had this really scary dream last night. You disappeared from our town! [player name], promise me you’ll never leave. You have to stay here forever!
Promise! From [lazy villager]”

your villagers very obviously like you and aren’t afraid to let you know that. (sometimes villagers such as the jock in this example are real comedians in their letters…but they still like to show you affection in their own way.) and there are WAY more nice letters that you can receive than just those.

also, bummed out because you didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day? well, you get a letter on this day from a villager who is your good friend, with chocolates attached! you also get one from Isabelle, which reads,

“To Mayor [player name],
I tried baking you a cake because you’re my very precious mayor! Please eat it when you get the chance! Enjoy it as you think of me and [town name]!
-Your Secretary, Isabelle”

–with a cake attached that you can put in your house! Isabelle cares about you a lot, because not only did she send you a letter for Valentine’s Day, but she made time to bake you a cake, despite how busy she must be at town hall. heck, “tried” implies that she doesn’t bake very often or possibly isn’t good at baking, so making this cake for you was a real effort for her. and if you still think it’s strictly professional, she even says that you’re precious to her! how much clearer can you get? Isabelle is an especially good example of a character in this game that will make you feel good–she just thinks you’re the greatest no matter what you do. (not to mention she’s the most adorable thing ever)

your birthday is a very special day in animal crossing. your villager friends will throw you a birthday party, complete with a huge cake and a birthday gift. oh, you also get letters on your birthday…

“To [player name],
I’m so happy…I thank the stars you were born into this world. Well, maybe I don’t thank the stars. But I do thank your mother! Be sure to thank her as well!
From [smug villager]”

look, I know none of the characters in animal crossing are real. I know they don’t have actual thoughts and feelings. but seeing those things, getting compliments, feeling like someone cares about me, even if it’s not real, makes me feel a little bit better about myself. and I think it might do the same for other people who play this game.

letters from wherever.

another tour means another round of letters & on this tour there have been quite a few. it’s a lot of reading for me, but probably the coolest part about what i get to do because people write me some really, really cool shit.

first of all, the letters are all very, very nice. they’re actually so nice that it’s almost a dangerous exercise in ego. fortunately, there’s just enough ‘you dress like a moron; mustard is for hot dogs’ to keep me grounded.

second, & more important, people are super interesting, & they express it in the coolest ways. i get to read poetry, & short stories, & true stories, & insecurities, & social observations, & ideas. i get asked questions that make me think about myself. i get asked questions that make me re-evaluate our music.
i got to read someone’s 10-step process for handling her most anxious moments. i got a collection of letters to be read over the next year.

i read every letter i’m given. if your question is, ‘did you read my letter?,’ the answer is ‘hell yes & thank you so much, & on behalf of all that is good & holy, never stop writing.’

this blog provides a nice opportunity to respond to the ones with topics that i feel like writing about. sometimes they’re conversations that i think are worth having with more than just one person. sometimes they’re just a sly opportunity for me to throw in some self-deprecating humor

but when i write these responses, i’m writing to all of you. thanks for writing back.

dear j.f.p. —

thank you so much for listening.
that music video is in the sanctuary of the church where my dad is a pastor. & he let me jump around on the pews like a goddamn monkey. you wanna talk about some weird acceptance? he had to accept the fact that his son is part-gerbil.

i’m so sorry you felt isolated by your church community, & so glad that you’re starting to find some of that welcoming. even more glad that we could be the soundtrack to that.

religion & morality are confusing, right? for the most part, the message of christianity (& most every spirituality) is a message of radical love & acceptance. & the bible is full of exactly that kind of wisdom. ‘love your enemies,’ ‘the kingdom of heaven is within’ - i think jesus christ is the 2nd most tumblr-quotable figure in literary history (behind john green).
but some religious organizations have gone on to prescribe much more specific ideas about what is moral / good / okay / heaven-worthy, & what is not. & those ideas sometimes conflict, between different subsets of the faith & within the text.
(how are you supposed to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ while you’re putting him to death for failing to observe the sabbath?)

a friend (who’s actually of the baha’i faith - wildly interesting shit, look it up here: recently told me he viewed the rules of his religion not as punishment from a stern enforcer, but rather as ‘lights of loving guidance.’ not definitions of what morality is or isn’t, but rather suggestions that force you to choose what it is to you, & what it’s not.

the way that i understand that idea is this: if your motivation to do good things & help people (& to not do bad things & not hurt people) is fear of punishment, then what you’re doing is not morality, it’s conformity.
part of being a good person is the agency you have to choose what being a good person is.
if there are elements of a worldview (from christianity to the democratic party) that you disagree with, then challenging them & reaching for a greater understanding of them just brings you closer to your personal truth.

i guess the simpler point is this:
doubt doesn’t prevent truth, it creates it.
you get to decide what matters to you.
loving yourself, everything about yourself, doesn’t bring you further from god (or whatever you call it), it brings you closer.

glad we got to sing together. see you next time,


dear k.n. —

your english teacher doesn’t understand or appreciate our need for visual flow. he can enjoy his capital letters while you & i are over here looking cool as hell in lowercase.

this tour has been great. i’m a dead tired, but i get a little rebirth every night, so it’s a good cycle.

tell sam the bunny that i say hi & that i love him (her?). he (she?) won’t react, because he (she) is a bunny, but on some deeper level, he’ll (she’ll?) understand.


dear n.s. —

your handwriting is insane. literally, insane. how do you write so much without screwing up? there aren’t even hesitation marks! 

yes, yes, yes - let’s talk about how everyone asks everyone, ‘how are you?’ & everyone responds ‘fine’ in every conversation ever.

i don’t think, at face value, that it’s a very big deal. probably good that we have a common starting point. but i think it represents a greater problem: we hide behind social convention. & we don’t really talk to each other that often.

i’ve been doing a little personal social experiment (whenever i remember that i’m doing it): within the first twenty seconds of meeting a stranger, i try to ask them a personal question that demands a thoughtful response. social convention says, ‘don’t ask this person you just met about their last romantic relationship,’ & to that, i say, ‘let’s talk this shit out.’

the approximate* (*very approximate) results are this:
5 people didn’t really respond.
0 people were offended.
15 people answered, & usually they laughed first.
8 people asked questions about me in return.
5 people became friends.
95% of the time i felt better about myself.
11% of the time i felt uncomfortable.

am i saying that you should ask everyone personal questions all the time? probs not.
am i saying that thoughtful conversation is better than thoughtless conversation? probs yes.
we’re all human beings, we’re all basically the same. we should start talking to each other like we know each other. we should get to caring about each other quicker.

so yes, the next time someone asks me ‘how are you?,’ i’m going to answer it for reals. with how i am. 
thank you.

also, thank you so much for building me that home in your heart; you’ve got a condo in mine as well.


more later.

We're hosting our very first Book Exchange!

We are so delighted to organize our very first Book Exchange Program! It’s just very fitting to launch it in the month of love since book-swapping is an awesome way to express our love for books.

It’s an idea of a friend named Din, who is also a literature major, and is now part of the little team that we have (we are currently four lit majors delving into the wonderful world of letters and sharing them to you), and we are based in Manila, Philippines. We will be posting about ourselves pretty soon, we’re just waiting for uhmmm to finish doing little surprise!

We are planning to organize the swapping from time to time. Right now, we are seeing a lot of potential to the project. In fact, there are already many interested readers sending us requests to join.

They are from all over the world.

If you are inclined, It’s not yet too late. You can register until February 20, 2015 for the first batch of the Book Exchange.

We will be notifying you for the next steps. Please refer to timeline of the Book Exchange in the poster above.

Remember to read our guidelines before filling up the form and sending a request via e-mail, so everyone will end up happy!



Inseong Fancafe Update 160627

Hello~~~ I’m not writing this letter because I’m bored … I was thinking about Tinkerbells in the car so i’m writing this letter ㅋㅋㅋ I’m thinking about our fanclub name “Tinkerbell” and how well it fits, the small fairies protecting the big people.. he he Thank you to Seungjun’s brain ㅋㅋㅋ Seungjun’s brain you’re really working hard ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Our tinkerbell since it’s Monday, there are Tinkerbells who are going to school, Tinkerbells that are going to work, all the Tinkerbells in the country and all the overseas Tinkerbells who cheer for us I just.. I want to see you all… When riding in the car I have thoughts like these a lot, when i was a trainee I had lots of thoughts like “How will I debut?” now I think about “What kind of music should I release next?” I’m always saying that the road of being a singer is long and hard but will I be able to do it? I have lots of thoughts like this. To be honest when we debuted I wondered if I could actually do well? I have a lot of worries but even when I don’t do well, because Tinkerbells would say “You did well” I have more confidence and also think that I can do well too. When i talk like this Tinkerbells say to me “This guy who lives for food can talk like this too” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ When I write a letter I feel like I have to be serious ㅋㅋ Because i’m always joking around, here I should be serious right?? he he Ah our fancafe has 6,000 people now, will we be together even for 60,000 people, or even 6,000,000 people? he he Today too have strength and look at the present I gave you guys earlier to take care of your monday sickness, I’ll love you guys for a long long time ~~ From Inseong

Inseong’s Present:

Translated by fy-knk

Okay time to fess up: I adore soul mate au’s. Especially soulmate au’s where people got tattoos that represent their soulmate instead of names. But I’ve been thinking: there’s more than romantic soulmates. So what if you had tattoos for all your soulmates, platonic and romantic? People destined to change your life for the better. 

And when they die? The tattoo goes grey. 

So, let’s apply this to a fandom. In this case RVB.

-As a child, Carolina is comforted by her mother because she has so many tattoos. States that run down her spine. Random pictures and symbols on her arms. The greek letter for Epsilon over her heart. “You’re in for a lot of love, baby” Allison would tell her before she left for a new mission. “Never forget that.” Years later, when most of the states are grey, Carolina thinks the world is full of the worst kind of irony. 

-When Wash is implanted with Epsilon, the state of Washington tattoo on Carolina’s spine goes grey. There’s more than one way to die. Meanwhile, as the boys sit in basic, they look at their own state of Washington tattoos and wonder how you can have your life changed by someone who’s dead.

-(When Carolina falls off the cliff, everyone’s North Carolina tattoo goes grey. The Director mourns. Because while there’s more than one way to die, the grey  army cap on his back has taught him that’s he’s never lucky)

-Tucker has a tattoo in alien script that perplexes him from a young age. It is only when he is stationed in the desert that he is informed that it mean’s father. One of Tucker’s greatest fears is seeing that text go grey.

-When Grif falls off the cliff, and Simmons sits there, Sarge peeks under his armor and takes a look at his wrist. The orange shading on a tattooed warthog is still there. And he allows himself to laugh.

-(he does not laugh when the pink cornstalks on his other arm begin to fade color and that’s how he knows something is terribly wrong)

-When the Meta dies, Tucker is the one who decides to give Wash Church’s armor. The other’s protest, “it was probably another Washington” but Tucker sticks with it. Months later, when the Washington tattoo begins to regain some color, Tucker doesn’t brag about it.

-(There may be more than one was to die, but there’s more than one way to come back to the living)

-When Wash walks in on Tucker naked to find the state of Washington branded on his right hip in full color, he can’t help but wonder if the alien sword on his back right calf is worth something. 

-(He soon discovers that all his tattoos not yet grey might be worth something too when Simmons smirks at a line of poetry on his arm and informs him that it’s a line from on of Grif’s favorites.)

-When Carolina shows up, Wash looks down at his North Carolina tattoo and wonders if his friends can restore color in this one too. 

How to Adult: Cover Letter Edition

So I have several followers who are working on applying to jobs right now, and by far the most common concern is “what even is a cover letter??”  Now, while this post is funny and accurate, it’s not super helpful if you’re looking for specifics.  So I figured I should show you mine.  Now, without further ado, allow me to provide to you:

~*~ The Cover Letter of Destiny ~*~

[Address Line 1]
[Address Line 2, etc]

[Right Justified - Date]  (This is just standard business letter stuff)

To Whom it May Concern, [Or Mr/Ms. Hiring Person’s name, if you can find it.] 

I’m delighted to submit an application for the [Job you’re applying to] position at [Company/Institution/etc].  After reading the job description I’m certain I would bring a solid combination of  [Skill 1], analytical thinking [or whatever Skill 2 is], and communication skills [This is always my Skill 3] to this position.  I’m particularly attracted to this position because I believe it will utilize the skills I have gained through my industry [or research or whatever] experience, and allow me to apply those skills in new areas. 

In my role with [Company] as a [Most Relevant Position Here], I managed a project [to do some stuff - flesh out your most important/relevant job responsibilities here].  I specifically focused on [a thing that is the most explicitly relevant to the job posting.  In fact, I creatively copy/pasted some of the job posting into this sentence, that’s how relevant it is.].  I was also responsible for [A couple of things that maybe were mentioned in the job posting, or at least show increased responsibility over time].  This gave me the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of different team members [to achieve a goal]. Through these and other job duties, I have gained excellent listening skills and the ability to carry out self-directed tasks in the context of a larger team. [i’m not joking. use this phrasing it’s so great just copy it idgaf]

 In my current role as a [Current Title] with [Company], I have continued to build strong skills in project management [or whatever] as well as clear oral and written communication. [Maybe this sentence describes the types of communication (or whatever skill) you do.]   [This sentence describes briefly the less-relevant work you do].  [This sentence ties in your less-relevant job to the job you are seeking].  These experiences have prepared me well to succeed in a role as [Name of Position you’re applying to].

Thank you for taking the time to review my materials and consider my application. I am excited at the prospect of applying my skills to a [Name or category of position] with [Company], and I feel that the knowledge and skills I have gained through my experience will be a great benefit to the team. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions as I would welcome a chance to discuss this opportunity more. [After all, they want to hire you after reading this]


 [First Name Last Name]

I hope you find this helpful in your job search!  Just remember to focus on skills you learned rather than specific experiences or titles you’ve had.  Don’t be afraid of inflating it too far, either.  There are real useful skills underlying every job task if you look hard & get creative with your phrasing. 

Feel free to send me an ask if you want any specific advice on how to spin your education/work history into the job you want, or if you want a proofreader or cheerleader or whatever.  Job hunting is a bad game designed by and for a certain type of person.  It’s dehumanizing and horrible even at the best of times, so I’m more than happy to help anyone find a way to beat the system.  <3 <3 

IU’s letter to Mistershin (a fan photographer)

(Of course, it’s probably alright for you guys?) Anyway, I’m really sorry that you’re spending time on me when you could be doing better, more fun and more useful things. So however short the time may be, I try to show my gratitude, crack jokes and memorise your names.. Now we’re no longer a fan and a singer, but grown attached to one another, so even when the going gets tough, or when we’re annoyed, we’re loyal towards one another, I guess.. I’ve thought a lot about whether me expressing my thanks could turn into a source of burden for others too keke. Of course, when I say this, you’re saying it’s fine because you’re doing what you like, but if you feel burdened or pressured deep down, because of me, I’m really sorry about that. I want to tell you that it’s alright, you don’t need to feel that way. The fans… 

(Note: IU wrote this letter to Mistershin before he left for national service.)

Translated by squishy with love, with permission from mistershin

On Writing A Letter to the Court

August 2014,
I am asked to write a letter to the court
for reason against my mother gaining custody of the only two stars
in my sky.
Two years after
I am 2,000 miles from the split houses and shared weekends,
and five years since I’ve started referring to my mother by her first name,
I’m asked to spill every bottled nightmare
across the court floor.

To whom it may concern,
it’s a lot harder to channel yourself
from a decade away, but I will try my best.
My mother is a dark alley
with pink painted walls;
you can barely tell there’s danger
if you’re not looking in the right place.

I remember, one January, asking for help,
not sure how to use the phone,
and hearing her footsteps climb down the stairs,
knowing full well
how her nails feel under my skin;
the blackouts after birthday parties I shouldn’t have gone to,
the way my short fingers would tunnel into my throat
and empty every word I wanted to say,
just to show her I was too sick to take her on tonight.

It’s hard to remember
what your brain saves you from.

But your honor, I can tell you all the times
I forgot where the floor was,
how she’d reconstruct the Egyptian pyramids
out of shoeboxes,
the laundry she’d never get done, spilling out the mouth
of her closet,
the monsters that weren’t hiding in the basement,
but the dust-covered tags from binge shopping sprees that were.
We could have gone down
like a straw maze in a forest fire.

Dear Justice of the Court,
There are reasons I can’t remember the majority
of 16 years of my life.
I have repressed every day, been more mother
than these girls had ever known
so that they could brush off things they could barely understand
as nightmares.
I am 20 years old, baring my bruises to you,
and ready to give a lot more
if it means saving my sisters
from ever repeating history.

Unless your name is Tim Gunn, please STFU.

Anonymous submitted:
A recent letter to our Director criticizing one of our public programs included the following unsolicited commentary:

“You look very good, by the way. We are not in this part of (this state) much, so haven’t seen you for a while and we noticed you have lost a lot of weight, and you’re lookin’ really good. Keep it off. And get some less bulky clothes (Artists pay attention to modern style - read ELLE or Vogue).”

Thank you, dear patron, for your very helpful and useful criticism about things that really matter.

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no one tagged me but i wanted to do this with a letter to myself a year ago

Dear Grace,

You’ll lose friends. You’ll lose a lot. You’re gonna move, but it’ll be okay. You will begin to hate your name. You will begin to question a lot of stuff. You will bring back things that you’ve been pushing down for years. You will remember when you were five and you voiced very loudly that you wanted to be a boy, and you will remember how your mom said that boys were gross. You will think about how much more comfortable you are with a bare face and you will long for short hair. Your mom won’t be mad when you cut it. Your father will not look at you differently. Your brother will teach you how to style your hair. You’ll stop hating yourself so much. You’ll be okay.

Love, Everett.

@outlandishnotebook requested one of my stories about the equipment room guys and this is the first one that came to mind. It turned out a bit long but I hope you like it :))

Before I start I’d like to say I sit behind these guys in a lot of classes and I’m not really good friends with them but we’re at the exchanging notes and homework (it’s not cheating it’s teamwork) level of friendship. I’d like to not ruin that yet so I’ll shorten their names to the first letters, H. and M., instead of giving out their names on the internet.

Let’s get to the story.
So they’re not really dating ( I don’t think) but they both have a great “fuck-your-no-homo-attitude” attitude. This is the story of the one of two times they’ve kissed in class.

A few weeks back we were in history class and this other history teacher that isn’t our teacher walked in to get something from the cupboard in the back.
I don’t know anything about this teacher apart from that he’s a dick.
We’re not really paying attention to him anyways.
So one of H’s friends did something, I don’t remember what but the point is he was apologising to H. and H. said to him: “it doesn’t matter, I still love you.”
So this random history teacher was just walking past H’s desk but he stops in his tracks and asks him: “why did you say that? Is he your boyfriend or something?” I don’t know if he thought it was funny or what but H. replies, with a perfect poker face, “No, but what would you care if he was?” Now that’s obviously not something you say to a teacher. The teacher was kind of shocked by this too but he just says: “you really can’t take a joke,” and then “what, are you gay or something?”
That’s when the class got silent because at this point we all knew shit was about to get real.
H. is still keeping an almost perfect straight face but I can see his eyes narrow ever so slightly as he says: “what if I was?”
The teacher just says: “you’re not.”
So H. might be this lean athletic teenage white guy with a big attitude but he’s having none of your hetero normative bullshit.
M. is throwing some pretty great death glares at the teacher by now.
“You don’t know that.” He says and you can hear his voice shake ever so slightly, meaning he’s getting pretty pissed off.
The teacher raises his eyebrows and literally tells H. “you’re not gay.”
H. raises his eyebrows and you can just see the slightest tinge of a smile growing on his face. That shit’s dangerous.
H. just turns around in his chair to M., who’s sitting next to him, and kissed him square on the mouth.
M. is, obviously, somewhat surprised by this but he just goes along with it.
While snogging M., H. puts up his fucking middle finger at the fucking teacher. He actually did this without getting suspended it was incredible. So they pull away from each other and both smile up at the teacher. The teacher at this point obviously doesn’t know what to do with himself so he just pushes his hand through his hair and fucking WALKS OUT.

That was the last time I’ve ever heard that teacher say something.

No one in that class believes that was something that actually happened to this day.

It was fucking incredible.

Whistleblower docs: Wells Fargo was opening fake accounts in 2005

Dennis Hambek was a Wells Fargo branch manager. In 2005, he found Wells Fargo employees creating fake accounts in their customers’ names (in order to meeting the company’s punishing sales quotas and avoid being blackballed across the industry). He sent a certified letter about the practice in 2006 to Carrie Tolstedt – the bank exec who oversaw the fraud and retired weeks ahead of the scandal with a $125,000,000 bonus – and held onto the receipts.

There are a lot of pissed off, chewed-up, spat-out ex-Wells Fargo employees who were hounded, fired and blacklisted for blowing the whistle on fraud. They’re are a lot of Wells Fargo customers whose lives were disrupted and even destroyed by the fraud those employees were coerced into committing. There’s going to be more of this.