there are letters with a lot of names in Re

okay so i’ve seen a lot of great headcanons about the trevelyan family and clan lavellan and the valo-kas company

so why does no one ever talk about the dwarf from cadash’s story??

cadash’s war table missions always come from letters from a dwarf named lantos that refers to them as salroka and is generally affectionate

lantos warns cadash even when they’re still a prisoner without real power and after they have power, lantos goes out of his way to make sure cadash’s new “business” is running smoothly

lantos has potential


I was tagged by @evaienna ! Thanks so much and I will try my best. I just found out you tagged me, so it might be late, but oh well… (I’m also new to this and I have no idea to make bold letters)

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Name: Just call me Sierra, my name is really long. So it’s a short version.

Blood Type: I don’t know

Nickname: CC, Natsumi, Ace Lover, Crazy, Sir Rosa, or Sierra

Relationship Status: Single

Pronouns: she/her

Favorite TV Shows: Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Kill La Kill, and a lot more.

Height: 5 ft 4 in

Do you have a crush on someone: In real life, no.

What do you like about yourself: I like my eyes (they are big green eyes and almost cat like, my pupils are kinda big. But when they are dilated, I look like a cat high on catnip) and my freckles.

3 Favorite Colors: turquoise, red, orange.
Eating: I just ate dinner…. But I have a cookie.

Drinking: nothing

I’m about to: Read Wattpad, Draw, listen to music, and bother the crap out of friends.

Last thing You Read: Year of the Griffin by Diana Wynne Jones ( it’s a really good book, it’s almost like the Harry Potter world and I relate a LOT to Elda in the story)

Listening to: Wishery by Pogo

Kids: none


Career: Freshman (for now)
Drink: Water

Phone call: what?

Song you listen to: together by High School Musical (those were the dark days)

Dated Someone Twice: no

Been Cheated on: I never had a date so NO.

Lost Someone Special: Ace, but in real life my grandma

Been Depressed: I really don’t know… But I think so

Been Drunk and Thrown Up: too young

Kissed a Stranger: no

Had Glasses or Contacts: I actually have both, but I am wearing my glasses right now.

Had Sex On The First Date: I never had a date, and ew no.

Broken Someone’s Heart: I don’t know, I think.

Turned Someone Down: no, I don’t remember anyone doing that. I think I’m more like Luffy when it comes to that.

Cried when Someone Died: I actually had to force myself to cry at my Grandma’s funeral. I am dry to even cry, but I cry mentally. I also cried when Ace died.

Fallen For a Friend: A little bit, but then they opened up saying they were gay (i have no problems or anything against sexualities)
Made a New Friend: Three actually

Fallen Out of love: what? I guess not for my favorite character, Ace.

Met Someone Who Changed You: Yes

Found Out Who Your True Friends were: yes, and it was very shocking for me and depressing.

Found Out Someone was Talking About You: oh YEAH! And it was not in the nice way!

Kissed Someone on Your FB List: um…no? I’m sorry but what is a FB list again?
HUGS OR KISSES: depends on the situation, but hugs.
TROUBLEMAKER OR HESITANT: I don’t know really.
SENSITIVE OR LOUD: sensitive (but I’m a pretty loud person)
Best Friend: The one I grew up with in my neighborhood.

Surgery: I guess for my ears, but other then that no.

Sport I joined: Swimming and KARATE

Vacation: Florida, Orlando Universal Studios.
Yourself: in most time or things

Miracles: Sometimes

Love at first sight: I guess, sometimes

Heaven: I guess
How many people from your FB list do you know IRL: like I told you before, I don’t know WHAT THE HELL IT IS SO I DON’T HAVE IT!

Do you have pets: yes, four cats, two dogs, one lizard, one hamster, and 19 fish. But I mostly grew up in a zoo for most of my life.

Do you want to change your name: oh Heck no! My name has a lot of meaning and I like it.

What did you do for your last birthday: stayed home, ate cake, and a few family members came over. Other then that, it was sad.

What time did you wake up today: 10:45am

Something you can’t wait to for: starting a new chapter in my life by going to a new school. Also going down the shore with my cousins.

Last time you saw your mom: this evening, I’m still under age and need a guardian.

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: my body weight or size.

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: who is that? No

What’s getting on your nerves: my weight and size, how my first day in my new school is going to be like.

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I also don’t know if this was 82 truths, but oh well!

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So I've heard you're not supposed to share your spirit companion's real name, but I've not heard why that is. So, three questions. 1) Why is this? 2) What else is advised against when it comes to sharing details about companions, and 3) Will referring to my spirit by the first letter of their name or an alternate name still put them at 'risk' for whatever the answer to 1 is?

Okay well let’s just say there’s 3092340923842304 different opinions on this.

Here’s mine.

There’s a lot of belief that ‘the name is a spirit’s power.’ This is an ANCIENT belief because often the name of a god or goddess was used to invoke said god or goddess. Somehow along the line this idea got dragged through the mud and slapped up as a law stating “share the name of your spirit and they can get spirit napped and used by another keeper!”

Spirits are not invoked in the exact way that Gods are. Spirits act on a more personal level of choice.

Let’s say you are in a bar and this obnoxious dude you used to date is calling your name across the bar… He has your name… and you hear it…

You can choose to respond…or not. 

If you’re there with a guy, you’re not going to go screaming across the bar all “I’m here at your service oh powerful name-utterer”

Spirits and Entities work in this way. They may go to that person, but they cannot be trapped against their will unless it is karmically just for someone to do so, and only if they are not priorly bound and bonded. 

The powers that be will not allow that to happen. Spirit ‘stealing’ is not something that easily happens. Even if the wrong person grabs a vessel and claims it as their own, many sellers have a disband clause in their binding contract that if someone else tries to ‘own’ the spirit without both the spirit and the owner’s consent, the spirit will be instantly released.

When it comes to spirits, a lot of humans have this misconception that they are all-powerful.

This is dating back to the age of Solomon and far beyond that.

The truth is that our power is that we are incarnate. We have a lot of untapped abilities to dig into earth chi and really get in there – also it takes a lot of energy and a very strong spirit to be here incarnate. Not just any spirit can do it, as you require a lot of energies to reach this vessel, activate all of the chakras, and have a present mind-space. 

This does not mean we have a cosmic lordship over entities.

It is a partnership, and it is all about consent. When we bind a spirit, it is one that comes forward, they offer a ball of energy, a ‘cell phone’ sphere if you will, which is connected to the person or the vessel in question. 

The actual entity is not bound, trapped, or being held hostage, and therefore cannot be jacked by another person who is interested in a piece of your spiritual pie. Not only that, but if they try, there are several higher beings who will reign down the wrath of “oh no you didn’t’ on them. 

Metatron being one – those who try to mess with the energetic balance of entities and their relationship to one another may find themselves feeling rather lonely and disconnected via a certain angel. ;)

There is no risk that your entity is going to be scooped up by someone else.

It is poppycock and honestly it is a bit of a harassment technique. 

Much like the belief that “____ told me that he is an ancient magi from the ____ lineage and he could take away my power if he wanted to.”

Well, M’dear, in that case, _____ needs to evaluate who in his grand lineage was the narcissist who gave him the idea he could impose his inferiority on others. 

Spirits are not fragile. 

Spirits are incredible, rubbery, dynamic, shape-shifting, creative beings (all of us) who are able to adjust to any conditions. Nobody can take from that. Some can become parasitic, but none of that damage is permanent, even if you leave this earth. We are all a part of source, and that means that anything taken must eventually be given back. You are safe, Your spirits are safe… what you should worry about most is the people who feel they can make you feel endangered. 

A spiritual power trip is a dangerous thing, and that bullying needs to be put to an end. Remember, those who scream their power from the rooftops are in fear of running out. 

Hello Dearlings!

I hit 600 followers yesterday? oh my goodness? thank you all so much, this community has been very kind to me!

As a thanks, please send me a name and which you want, and I will

-Write a short poem inspired by it

-Write an aesthetic

-Or make a short playlist with a song starting with each letter of the name

I’ll do this until about 2pm central standard time, maybe later if I get a lot of requests?
I hope you’re all having a wonderful day <3

I got tagged

@evaienna Eva-chan tagged me a while ago, sorry that I took a while doing this. Life is always getting in the way. 

RULES: Once you’ve been tagged you’re supposed to write a post with eighty-two truths and then tag twenty-five people.
Name: Mai. Andersen Mai.
Blood Type: O + , did you know that that letter O is actually a zero? It means you don’t have a fucose configuration in your cells that’s the one that gives you your letter. 
Nickname: People tend to call me just Mai so I don’t think so. You can give me one if you come up with one, I would love to get a nickname.
Relationship Status: Taken~
Pronouns: she/her
Favourite TV Shows: I like One Piece A LOT but my fave is Yugioh.
Height: around 5'2" or less. I’m small but deathly, rawr,  .
Do you have a crush on someone: Sabo, Law, many husbandos.
What do you like about yourself: My lips, they are full I love lipsticks, or my hands, they are small but strong, just like all of me!
3 favourite colours: Purple, black and Aqua Marine.
Eating: Not right now.
Drinking: Caramel macchiato from Starbucks. *bling*
I’m about to: Reply to Okami 
Last thing you read: Bounded by TheLittleBrownLegacy at Wattpad
Listening to: Panic at the Disco - This is Gospel
Kids: 2, A boy and a girl
Get Married: around the age of 25 after I travel the World
Career: Biomedical Engineer in process.
Drink: Coffee
Phone Call: Mom
Song you listened to: Panic at the Disco - Emperor’s new clothes
Dated Someone Twice: Perhaps, it was complicated
Been Cheated On: Yes, twice
Lost Someone Special: I’m glad to say no but I fear time will change that.
Been Depressed: Most of my life, I’m really anxious
Been Drunk and Thrown Up: I don’t drink
Kissed a Stranger: Ewww, why would I?
Had Glasses or Contacts: I don’t need either but I use special glasses to look at screens and prevent needing real ones.
Had Sex on the First Date: Raise your hand if you are like me and believe in being a virgin until marriage *raises hand*
Broken Someone’s Heart: Yeah…
Turned Someone Down: Yes…My bff.
Cried when Someone Died: Of course! Every life is worth crying for! even fictional.
Fallen for a Friend: That hurts….a lot.
Made a New Friend: Heck Yeah!
Fallen out of Love: No, I have been in love with someone for a year now. 
Laughed Until you Cried: Yeah, simple things can make you cry out of happiness, like being accepted by Cheese-senpai ( @shevoj1207) and Brit-senpai( @malcolm6) as kohai. (( love u)
Met Someone Who Changed You: I would say Yes, in a good way I hope.
Found Out Who Your True Friends Were:
Found Out Someone Was Talking About You: I fear so
Kissed Someone on Your FB List: My boyfriend?
Lips or Eyes: Eyes
Hugs or Kisses: Hug!
Shorter or Taller: Taller, …thou everyone is taller than me most of the time. LOL
Hookup or Relationship: Relationship, I believe hookups are empty. I don’t want that. 
Troublemaker or Hesitant: Hesitant
Sensitive or Loud: Both? 
Best Friend: I have three~ my childhood friends.
Surgery: Thanks god no
Sport I Joined: Ballet is a sport? if not, then basketball.
Vacation: We went to visit family at USA to see a whale, lovely.. I don’t remember anything else.
Yourself: Not really, at exams  I doubt in myself, that’s why I suck
Miracles: Yes
Love at First Sight: Love is a strong word, maybe ‘like’, but If I fall in love with someone it’s to what they are not what they look like. 
Heaven: yes
How many people from your FB list do you know IRL: I know every single one, I don’t add strangers.
Do you have any pets: Yes, a Pomeranian named Bebe, feast your eyes.  

Do you want to change your name: Nah, I’m good.
What did you do for your last birthday: Nothing, I went to visit family and…that’s it
What time did you wake up today: 7:40 am
Something you can’t wait for: Vacations so I can go see my dog.
Last time you saw your mom: Two weeks ago when she drove me to university and left me here.
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: My laziness and  insecurity, those two are the main problem of my issues.
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Tom? Nope.
What’s getting on your nerves: my lack of social interaction and awkwardness with people. 

I tag: @blenheims , @okamidemon and @one-piece-gif-imagines and…everyone who would like to do it. BTW, guys you don’t need to do it if you don’t want to.


Some work doodles!

I named my jester/bard! His name is Riad (well, his full name is Citriad but only his family can call him that. It’s pronounced like ree-add)

I’ve been messing around a bit with his design… he and his sister (the girl, I’m still working on her design and name. I know I want it to be monosyllabic and four letters) are half-siren. I’m trying to decide whether to give them feathers (the way sirens are described in mythology) or scales (the way they’re more often depicted in more current art). Either way they’ll hide those parts, I just want to know.

I know a lot about Riad and kinda wanna talk about him but I’m not sure where to start, and I’d love to answer questions about him and his sister because that’s the best way to get me to figure out more! (Also any name suggestions for his sister. I’m going for made-up/fantasy names but if you wanna suggest real names I can use them as a starting point)

Lady Knight - who I also haven’t really designed yet - also needs a name. Why are names so hard?


So at some point i decided i would not transfer any magikarp until I had enough to evolve. I also decided that they would all get a name. Unfortunately it’s getting kinda crowded amongst my Pokémon and we’re going to this place tomorrow with lots of lures so I have to kick some of my beloved magikarp T.T

Still i wanted to document them here. The names were supposed to be all puns on fish types (German and English) but mostly they are just fish types with one letter different or so.
Also some fish names i left unchanged cuz they were already so rad.

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//Since there are a lot of other blogs that play the Canon muses so well im just going to stick with my OC: Neil Jack Walsh [which is a muse here and on my side @ladyjusticesbutler ]

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Rose (name), brown hair, dark brown eye, 5'7, Sweet but can be sarcastic at times, Phillip Hamilton's childhood sweetheart

Dear Rose,

It took a lot of courage for me to put this letter together. I know we’re getting older and things are changing, with my dad working so closely with the government to keep building our nation, and the two of us attending school and working on our studies states away. I know things are changing, but I know one thing that hasn’t ever changed, and I finally managed to put together the words to say this.

I love you. I know we always talked about stuff like this when we were children, how we would get married so that we could always stay together, and I just want to say that, even though I didn’t really know what we meant when we were younger I really do feel that way now. I want to be able to court you, to prove to you that I am worthy of becoming your husband.

This may all seem sudden, since we haven’t seen each other in so long, but I really do mean what I say. I haven’t really been able to get you out of my mind since you left. You’re all I can really think of. You’re so wonderful; kind and beautiful, absolutely amazing. I miss you so much, honestly. Please believe me when I tell you I want to see you again.

I hope this letter finds you well enough to respond, and I anxiously wait for your reply.

Your friend since childhood,

Philip Hamilton

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for the name thing: krista !!

krista_ diamonds, parades, lantern festivals.

Anonymous said: Suma for the name, please (^^)

suma_ summer, oreos, those cute japanese and aesthetic looking milk cartons

Anonymous said: Mathilde please! :) I know you must have a lot of names to do so just take your time Missy! Thank you so much for doing this for your followers <3
((thank you, lovely! <333 you’re so sweet huhuhu))

mathilde_ sunrises, maroon drapes, leather sofas.

Anonymous said: Rei and George, if youre still doing it? Thank you so much <333

rei_ a red dragon, a phoenix, a crescent moon.

george_ unread letters, a television remote, a baby blue, two-seater sofa.

Anonymous said: Tiki (it’s a nickname I swear! 😂😂)

tiki_ cute keychains, adorable pickup lines, quotes on notebooks.

Anonymous said: heyoo ~ I’m Lidiya and I love your blog to pieces

lidiya_ caramel apples, fireworks, holding hands for the first time.

one name three things

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(ftm,15) I don't know how to email my principal about my name & pronouns. I already emailed my counselor and she told me to discuss it with the principal so they could help me out with it. (I'm really stuck on how to start and finish it) thanks!

When emailing your principal remember to state your legal name and grade as there’s a lot of students and a principal can’t remember everyone. In the letter simply state that you’re trans and this is your way of coming out to him. If your state allows for a person to use a different bathroom based on if they’re trans, etc., then he’ll most likely allow you to use it and you won’t be able to get in trouble for it either. On ending it, I think the best way to do that is by using your preferred name under sincerely or whatever you decide to end it with. That way, he’ll know what to call you. :)
Stay Positive!

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do trolls NEED themes? if so, why?

I suppose they don’t but it’s kind of something you see in canon- their names, weapons, stuff about their appearances… etc… all relate to a common theme! It doesn’t mean they are their themes or anything, but they’re fun to have, and I recommend people use them. Like, I really do. 

It’s sort of a Homestuck-y thing, too? Like when you ask why kids have 4 letter names or trolls have 6 letter names- it’s not because all kids actually have 4 letter names, but it’s just sort of a Homestuck Thing.