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gayspacejew said: Please…i need details??

I mean I am always happy to go off on “what the fuck even was dragon age legends?” so sure. Its a flash based game that was originally available on facebook, around the time da2 came out. It got shut down because it was Terrible and is now available to download for free online. I never played it when it was on facebook but from what Ive heard, it was Even Worse back then. You have a large party of companions to help you fight countless enemies on map after map and apparently, when it was a facebook game, you were only allowed to use them once before they went on a long cooldown, and the rest of the time you had to get your friends to help you fight. I can;t imagine playing it back then because Id rather not lose all my friends, and honestly? constantly trying to get your friends to play dragon age legends with you is a recipe for losing all your friends.

Anyway the actual game is primarily a turn based combat game as you travel to save this guys son from, idk, something I guess, and occasionally make decisions which have no lasting impact on anything along the way. Also sometimes the game tells you “well if you go one way you can save that village, if you go the other way you can rush onwards” or whatever, but?? doesn’t actually tell you which way is which?? But the vast majority of the game is just fighting through maps that get bigger and bigger, with more and more waves of stronger and stronger enemies. Which like, on the plus side, almost every time  plot comes up it breaks lore or contradicts canon but I really cannot stress enough quite how long and tedious this game is.

I mean, look. I expected to get through this game in a couple of days at most. And I enjoy turn based combat so that was cool. And since theres not that much plot I can turn on music while I play! After many hours when it was getting really tedious and I realised I still had a Lot more I began listening to the audiobook of Harry potter and the order of the phoenix while i played. And then to Half Blood Prince. By the time i finished Deathly Hallows, the end was almost in sight. It took maybe ten more hours to get it finished. And I gave up completing 100% of the maps somewhere in order of the phoenix.

So, moving on to the premise of the game, I guess. At the start, theres a little video of a boss fight against the Viscount of the city state of Kaiten, who turned out to be an abomination, that happened 12 years ago, with the main characters of the game. And like. I am fairly certain that these characters started off as someones rpg party, and then they went and made a flash game out of them. These characters are:

  • Ravi. The nephew of Viscount Abomination Guy and the current Viscount of Kaiten. Hes a templar, apparently. Except he never uses templar powers, despite that being a specialization in the game and shows zero interest in ever controlling mages. Several of the  party members are mages who just have their own little castles and towers, and at least one is canonicaly an apostate. Also Ravi is meant to be your mentor, which I didn’t realise until a character said it  part way through the game.
  • Iselle. A Dalish blood mage who is dating Ravi. Like, he was dating her and then decided to become a templar and?? Ravi do you actually understand what templars are meant to do?? I have no idea what they saw in each other at All. I think the writers just wanted them to have a Forbidden Romance. Anyway, Iselle is the only member of the original party not to appear in the game because she got fridged and died giving birth to Ravis son. Shes also the only woman in the original party. Their son Eiton is tranquil from birth, which is Not A Thing in dragon age. (It turns out later that theres more going on than being tranquil, but spoilers if you’re ever actually interested in playing this hell game. The stuff going on still breaks Dragon Age lore though.)
  • Sendis. The one good thing about this game; Sendis spends all his time snarking about Ravi and I love him. Hes Iselles brother and spied on her and Ravi to make sure Ravi wasn’t hurting her, because he is aware that humans suck and templars in particular suck. When you first meet him, you have to kill his possessed clan, because apparently “genocide a dalish clan” is the one bit of Dragon Age “canon” Legends did decide to stick to. Sendis reminds you these are his family and friends you’re killing, but theres no option to actually stop or like, comfort him at all. Also neither he nor Iselle have vallaslin. The random dalish elves you have to kill do, but not the two main Dalish characters.
  • Lukesh. The Wise Old Mage Mentor stereotype, complete with long white beard. He lives in a hut in the wood with Eiton to keep him save. Why did Ravi decide his son would be safer living in a hut in a forest rather than his big defensible castle, with only a mage whos probably an apostate Ravi should have arrested by now for company? Fuck if I know.
  • Tovez. Tovez is a ginger dwarf who fights with a two handed axe, has the battle cry “meet my axe!”, loves alcohol, is a bit of a dick but a good guy Deep Down, is disliked by a lot of Orzammar, and is the only person there who wants to go to the deep roads to find a missing paragon who went to find the anvil of the void, which they became obsessed with. I honestly dont know how bioware even let Legends do that.

Other companions sometimes get introductions when they turn up and sometimes just appear in your party with no explanation. They include a friendly talking darkspawn called the prankster and who I can only assume is Avelines evil twin, who is pretty much identical to her but left the Kirkwall Guard because she was too Edgy or something, and now hates them. Also if you buy rooms for them in your castle, you get Morrigan, Shale, whitewashed Isabela, Barkspawn, and a Drake as companions, and the downloadable game gives you default male warrior hawke. Theyre all just?? There for some reason.

Later in the game it turns out that the city state of Kaiten is???  part of the city state of Kirkwall. And Im fairly sure someones castle teleports. Theres another Circle in Ferelden thats full of Dragon cultists. At the start of the game, you get two potential companions who want to kill each other (one might be based on Sebastian??) and you have to Choose One, but later on you just have them both and they just?? snark at each other a bit. Some companions are always just several levels above others so theres no point ever using some of them. Theres a load of Novelty costumes your character can find or buy with in game money, like “dress in a gorilla suit” and “just fucking go into battle with a darkspawn sitting on the shoulders”. Idk man, this game is a fucking trip.