there are large pieces of metal in my mouth

“Act your age!”

Warnings: Swearing - Blood - Violence

Pairing: N/A

Words: 810


Hi there, I love your writing. Could you do an imagine where you’re the youngest member in the Avengers like 16 or 17 and you can control the elements and are really good at fighting(ALMOST as good as Widow) During the Civil War airport fight you’re teamed on Team Iron Man and you fight hard, an explosion happens bits of rubble fly everywhere, a sharp piece of metal pierces through your stomach. After the fight you’re lucky to have survived but you are in a coma. Who knows when you’ll wake up.

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“Don’t do this. Go home (Y/N).” Captain said to you sternly. You let out a grunt before getting back onto your feet. “Screw you.” You twisted your arms with concentration, water was forming from your fingertips and turning into ice shards. “You’re just a kid.” You were small, tiny compared to Natasha, but you were just as deadly. You were, probably around 5 or so, when you obtained your powers. You had control over the elements, but yet, you still were uncontrollable. When you got angry, everyone braced themselves because it was sure you were going to destroy something. Even as a child you were considered the most dangerous avenger out of all of them.

Being the youngest avenger was always hard. You were never allowed to fight and was left out of most of the planning. But not this. They were fighting over the stupidest thing and you couldn’t take it anymore. The family you had grown to deeply love was breaking apart, piece by piece. Your feet left the ground as you hovered above everyone. “Stop! Stop fighting, please!” It didn’t matter what you said, you were nothing but a kid in their eyes. Everywhere you looked was chaos, the airport was destroyed and everyone was trying to rip each other’s throats out. You landed with a thump and screamed again, “Stop!” Once again, you were ignored. “Peter!” You screamed out as he flew by, “Sorry (Y/N), I have to do this for Mr. Stark.” If they weren’t going to stop. You’d have to make them. The ground below everyone began shaking as you tried to call as much rock and dirt to your hands as possible. Large chunks of earth began forming while you turned your head, “Hey asshole!” You whistled getting the attention of Bucky, your body twisted using both Air and Earth bending to send a huge boulder at him. He flew backward, scratching the concrete with his metal arm. Wanda ran towards you, dodging stray pieces of Earth you had thrown. “Go home (Y/N) This is no place for children.” You shook your head, “I’m sorry Wanda, but you aren’t listening to me! You are hurting each other, and.. and I need you. I need you. I’m sorry.” A large puff of hot air slipped from your lips as you formed a large ball of fire. With a shriek, you let the fire scorch the Earth around you, and everyone else. Wanda cried out, “You are a small child in our eyes. You do not understand why this is happening. Do not hurt yourself. You still do not have control over your powers!” Her accent rang through your head but you shook.“Until you all figure out why this is all so bloody stupid then I’m not fucking leaving! So stop fighting and act your damn age!”

Your attention snapped to the plane, it was creaking loudly and it was smoking heavily. Small sparks grew near the spilled jet fuel, you had to think quick or everyone around you could blow up. You held your hands up and breathed in deeply. Cool air filled touched your arms as you whipped your arms creating a large gust of wind blowing everyone who was near you a hundred feet away from each other, and out of danger. The plane combusted no less than five seconds later sending you back in the air. The world around you became grey with dust and soot as you hit back into a car feeling your back dent the side of the metal. Your head lolled back, blood filling your mouth. A sharp pain stabbed your stomach and you couldn’t seem to place what had happened. Groans left your lips as you spit out a mouthful of warm, blood. Your eyes began to lull shut before seeing Natasha’s face hover over yours. “I-I.” You cried out. “Oh. Oh my god. Oh my god.” She put her hand down somewhere on your lower stomach. You couldn’t see where she was pushing pressure, but it was immensely painful. “Call. Call the.” It was unlike Natasha to lose her words but she couldn’t ignore the large piece of scrap metal that stuck through your stomach. Wanda cried out before running to your side. The hero’s stood in shock watching you try to keep your eyes open with blood pouring out of your center, “a-are you done now?” 

With a temporary agreement on peace, the group you’ve called your family, sat around your pale body. Usually, you were bright and full of colour, but now you seemed drained… unable to breathe for yourself. Wanda sat closest to you stroking your hair with her delicate hands. The Avengers, who had been just fighting and arguing, were dead quiet. The words the doctors had muttered was stuck in everyone’s head… they didn’t know if you would wake up.

BBS Monster AU (Chapter 2)

Time is nine twenty seven at night.
Place is the Back Way Woods.

Lui swiftly puts the sharp end of his scythe around the Adlet’s head and jumps up. The end curves around the Adlet’s neck and Lui lands behind it. He flung it to the side, getting the small amount of blood of the metallic piece and watch as the head slides off, the body hitting the floor and blood squirting everywhere.
“ Alright you little shit biscuit! Give me my gummy worms!” Lui exclaimed, his face changing from serious to a childish, pouty face.
Brian threw the bag to Lui and watched as Lui opened the large bag of diabetes, taking ten in his mouth.
“ Job well done everyo-”
“ I did it all!!!” Lui interrupted Brian.
“ Job well done, Lui. Let’s take the head and head back to HQ,” Brian grabbed the head and started his way back to their headquarters.
Lui put his Scythe back into his brief case, closed it, and ran after them, dropping a few gummy worms on the way. He caught up to Marcel and Brock, who were behind Brian. He offered them some gummy worms, but they declined his request. He just shrugged and threw them in his mouth.
When they got into the city area, a few people looked at them in horror, but the rest cheered as they saw the Adlet’s head. The boys just smiled and kept heading to HQ. They just got next to the water fountain out front, before they heard a familiar voice calling Brock’s and Brian’s name. They all turned and saw a certain brunette standing next to a bench, not noticing the head.
“ Hey there, Craig!” Brock yelled to the brunette.
Brian tossed Marcel the head, and asked him to put it up for them. Marcel grunted and him and lui walked into the base, the automatic doors closing behind them.
Mini did notice the head that time. His eyes got wide and he gulped, thinking about what could happen to him if he showed them that he was a monster.
Brian and Brock walked over to Mini, gave him a pat on the shoulder, and greeted him.
“ What have you been up to, Craig? I haven’t seen you around for a while,” Brian smiled and sat down.
“ Oh, ha ha. I’ve just been busy with my job, and stuff. Nothing to worry about,” Mini scratched the back of his head and followed Brian.
Brock sat on the other side of Mini and sat his suitcase down, “ where did you work again, Craig?” Brock asked him.
“ An amusement park. I get paid pretty good there,” Craig started sweating bullets, “ sorry about the sweat! Just been running around all day!”
Mini looked up at the night sky and saw a air balloon just over the nine story HQ. He’s been in there once and does not want to go back in there. Ever.
“ Hey, um, I have a question. If the MHA doesn’t want the monster and you don’t have to kill it, what do you do?” Mini asked, in a worried tone.
“ Well that’s pretty out of the blue, but we head hunters decide their fate. And only the head hunters can, ” Brian explained, “ for instance, head of sector 3, Felix, took a merman as his pet. I’ve seen his aquarium. It’s huge.”
Mini looked at Brian, not sure on how to feel about the ‘pet’ thing. It seemed inhumane to keep a monster as a pet. He’d rather be killed then be a human’s servant. Mini flenched as he felt Brock touch his shoulder lightly.
“ Craig, are you ok? You look a little pale,” Brock asked, sincerely concerned.
“ Yeah! Just thinking of something when you were talking about you guys deciding their fate,” Mini laughed, “ well it’s getting pretty late. I think I better head off now, if I don’t want to get attacked.”
“ Oh ok! Here let us take you back home,” Brock piped in, standing up, grabbing his suitcase.
“ I mean, you don’t have to. I’ll be fine.”
“No no no. We’ll take you back because we want to see you again, alive, and not in a grave or coffin.”
“ I…if you insist. I’ll let you two escort me home.”
Brock smiled and Brian put a cigarette in his mouth, lighting it, and taking a quick puff.
They started their way to the Creeptacular Amusement Park and passed a few children on the way, asking for autographs from Brock and Brian. Of course, they gave it to them, but that delayed their escort mission. Eventually, after passing a hell of a lot of cars, they made it to the bright front entrance. A few of the creepy clowns came hobbling out and gave them a toothy grin, laughing maniacally. Brian frowned and Brock flenched, gripping his suitcase tighter.
“ Alright, friends. This is my stop. I’ll talk to you guys sometime on Friday or Saturday,” Mini said turning his back from them.
“ Alright, Craig! Have a nice night,” Brock said, smiling, waving to Mini.
Mini turned around, smiled at them both, and waved back, strutting his way through the entrance. Once they were out of view and gone, Mini sighed, a heavy weight getting off his shoulders. He slumped, slightly, and passed all the happy, scared, and down right horrified humans, passing one or two monsters on the way.
The Creeptacular is an amusement park, completed on July 17th, 1907. It was always a amusement park for creepy stuff, but was once almost twice as big. A fire spread on the now abandoned part of the amusement park and nobody cared to fix it, so they threw some trees in between and let nature take its toll. One day, in 1957, the owner of amusement park adventured out to the abandoned part to find out monsters lived there. They weren’t there to harm anyone, just to find a home. Due to that, the owner and the monsters signed a document agreeing that the monsters owned the abandoned part, but only if they didn’t harm any customers or workers. Ever since then, it’s been passed down to the boys the workers all know and love.
Mini continued his journey, now in the woods. Looking around to make sure he was alone, he transformed into a metallic orange creature, with wheels as feet, to help him get home quicker. He beeped a little and zoomed through the forest, braking any twigs or branches in the way.
When he got to the abandoned side, he transformed back and looked up to see Ohm sitting on the carousel, watching the east side of the park. Ohm looked over at Mini, yawned, and then looked back to the gross and foggy area. Mini want inside the gigantic clown head, and looked at the bundles of clothes stacked in a pile that he called his bed. He jumped on top of it and looked through the patches of the eye missing, the moonlight reflecting onto his face. He slowly drifted off to sleep, cuddling into the soft articles of fabric.

Time is eleven thirty seven.
The place is the MHA HQ.

Marcel sat in his office, stacking some papers on top of each other. He looked out the window of his seventh floor office, at the bright lights down a head. He sighed and stood up, pushing in his chair, and grabbing his suitcase.
He locked his door and headed down the hall. He leaned against the wall next to the elevator and yawned loudly. He was getting tired so he hurried his ass up and started acting pissy. Once he got down to the main floor, he clocked out and walked out the building to his slick, black Lamborghini. Rushing he tossed his brief case in the back and started the engine.
He headed off onto the highway. He had a thirty minute drive to his house, and picked up a bit of speed, just going fifteen miles over the speed limit. He looked at the road and down at the steering wheel. His eye lids growing heavy and his head started to bob a little. His exhaustion took over him as his head dropped and he fell asleep. His foot pushed against the gas, causing him to go twenty five miles over the speed limit. His steering wheel turned to the left, and his car went straight into the other lane. An eighteen wheeler driver honked his horn, as he suddenly braked. The horn woke up Marcel. He hit the brakes and his car skidded, the truck hitting the passenger side, causing Marcel’s car to flip over and roll over three times. He landed upside down and hit his head against the window, causing the glass to brake, and cut his skin, and fracture his jaw. He passed out instantly, blood dripping down his face. Sirens could already be heard in the distance.

Words (1487)

I have braces and micro pins implanted in my mouth for my orthodontic treatment, and I just bit into a piece of cut apple too hard and it displaced one of my implanted pins. Now that piece of metal that’s implanted in my mouth via surgery can freely move around, sending excruciating pain all the way to my ear. I can’t find anything online because it’s a relatively new procedure but I’m looking up jaw anatomy just to make sure that piece of metal won’t hit my nerves X____X

This isn’t the first time I regret having braces in the first place because my teeth were fine before, just a large overbite that wasn’t that obvious. 


Written by Liri (buckmeinthebarnes)
Characters: Bucky & Reader
Words: 2.396  Rating: E (explicit smut) 
Warning: unprotected sex, light spanking, nsfw content

Prompt: Bucky has never shopped online before, but he’s a fast learner.

I’m all alone, spread out on the couch, warm and fuzzy, laptop on, when keys rattle outside and in comes Bucky. His hair is ruffled by the non-stop blowing wind out there, hence the covers in my lap.

“Hey,” he says while taking his shoes off by the door. “I brought soup!”

“Hi,” he gives me a kiss. “How are things outside?”

“Let’s just say I’d rather be in here with you,” Buck says as comes back from the kitchen and sits by me, putting his right arm over my shoulder and covering himself up. I smile and relax by his warm side. “So, what are you doing?”

“Shopping,” I tell him while looking for a nice new dress. Bucky gets very intrigued by it, his eyebrows furrowing.

“Shopping? How?”

I tell him how online shopping works and let him get the laptop to test it out. He chooses that new dress with me and purchases it with a credit card, as I just teached him. I start showing him all sorts of websites and things he can shop for, books, clothes, furniture, basically anything he could ever need.

“You’re too nice to me, you know?” He says, putting my hair behind my ear and kissing my lips really tenderly while his own hair brushes my cheeks.

“Well, I do what I can.” He directs those kisses into my neck and soon enough, Buck’s on top of me. And that always ends well.

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The Knife Game

Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Rating: T for slight vulgar language

Description: loosely based on this otpprompt: Imagine Person A of your OTP loses a bet (either by a friend or Persons B/C) and for them losing they have to play the Knife Game. You can decide if they complete it unharmed or they cut their fingers.

A.N.: Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for your support with my other fanfiction. But for all of you out there that aren’t into angsty stuff, I made a short little story based on that prompt above. It’s not much, I know, and it’s probably not that great ^ ^’ but it’s lighter than my angst writing and a bit fluffy. So I hope you all enjoy.:) I’ll see you all at the end. (Also I apologize in advance for any bad grammar)

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail or it’s characters.


Why did I bet?! I never gamble! Why did I bet!?  I stare down at the sharp knife in front of me on the worn table.

It had been unintentional. I’d simply said “I bet Erza couldn’t eat the whole cake before Cana finishes her keg.” I hadn’t meant it like a bet, just an observation really. It just came out sounding that way.

It’s a figure of speech I always try to avoid for this very reason, because this is Fairytail and as soon as I’d said it, everyone was in on it- and betting against me.

Turns out Erza can eat a whole cake before Cana can finish a keg of beer and I lost my accidental bet to most of the people in the guild.

Fortunately for me no one had stated the stakes so my rent money was safe.

Unfortunately for me everyone demanded an alternative payment.

Which brings me back to the knife sitting in front of me. It had been decided that I had to play the Knife Game.

“Go ahead Levy.” Lucy nudges the knife closer to me a smile on her face. I look up at the rest of the crowd all smiling at me. Even Jet and Droy are grinning like fools. It’s not every day that I bet and it’s even rarer that I lose, so everyone’s just enjoying the moment.

I don’t think anybody realizes the amount that I’m shaking. The Knife Game is hard to do as it is but with everyone watching I don’t know if I can do it.

Trying to conceal my nerves, I lift my right hand and grab the knife, grasping it in my fist. I lay my left hand down feeling the soft wood grain on my palm. I hold the knife above my hand and take a deep breath trying to steady it before I descend it between my fingers.

A large hand grabs the blade of the knife and pulls it out of my loose hold.

“The hell you using this piece of rust fer?” All the eyes in the room transfer from me to the hands owner. On the other side of the table, Gajeel place the knife in his mouth, chewing and swallowing it in one bite.

“Hey metal breath! We needed that!” Natsu stand up from his spot on the bench, opposite me. With a flick of his hand Gajeel pushes him out of the way and sits down in his spot.

“If ya need a knife use a proper one, not that sorry excuse fer a snack.” He holds out his hand and it changes to iron scales. Natsu pouts but, surprisingly, doesn’t object further. I guess my losing a bet is entertaining enough to make everyone a bit passive on the detail of my punishment.

My eyes go wide and meet his when his hand transitions into a sharp blade. He grins and winks at me in a way that I’m sure is supposed to be reassuring but only serves to make me feel incredibly unnerved. I swallow hard and drop my right hand into my lap but I leave my left hand on the table.

“Ready?” He asks. I take a deep breath and nod.

He won’t cut me. I don’t know anyone with a steadier hand than Gajeel. Which is good because he’s literally going to be stabbing the table between my fingers with his hand. I trust him but my stomach knots from anxiety anyways.

I watch his hand lower to the table and bounce between my fingers. He does the first few jabs slowly then it speeds up. His eyes stay locked on my fingers and soon he’s going so fast I can’t even see where he’s hitting.

“Quit yer shaking” He mumbles under his breath. I hold my breath to try to stay still. Then he stops, finishing the game, and leaving his hand stuck in the table. Everyone stares, silently at first, then a few cheers go up around the room. I let out a breath and relax, staring at my hand and Gajeel’s dagger hand beside it.

The guild quickly becomes interested in the next spectacle going on within the hall. I sigh out a deep breath again when all the eyes are off of me, quietly thanking the short attention span of the guild. At least, most of the eyes are off me.

Without looking up I can feel a pair of red eyes still looking at me and I know the reason why.

A small thin line on my pinky side of my ring finger fills in with red and a small teardrop of blood forms in the cut.

He cut me.

It’s small and insignificant but I know that he knows that he cut me. His iron blade reshapes back to his hand and lays flat against the table beside mine.

“I told ya to quit yer shaking” He grumbles and reaches for my hand. His rough calloused hand lifts mine from the table surface, bringing my eyes up with it. His face hardens as he examines the tiny cut on my finger. His nose twitches and I can tell he’s got the scent from something, likely my blood. 

His eyes cloud over and I have a feeling I know what’s going on in that thick iron skull of his, as he holds my wounded hand.

“Hey.” I smile at him and his eyes focus a bit, but the emotion doesn’t leave.

“I’m okay. It doesn’t hurt. You didn’t mean to and you probably saved my hand from worse damage. If I had done it, I’d have worse that a tiny cut.” I keep smiling at him trying to keep him from sinking further into the guilt that’s so clear on his face. An idea pops in my head that simultaneously makes me want to giggle and my cheeks burn.

“If you’re that worried about it, you could kiss it better.” I grin with only slight colour touching my cheeks. His already un-moving body freezes at my comment. After a moment of tension filled silence, he leans forward, unexpectedly pulling my hand closer to his face. I let out a tiny gasp.

My intention was to fluster him, make him embarrassed or anything to pull him back from his depression. It never occurred to me that he’d actually do it!  

My heart stutters in my chest. His lips are softer than expected and warm against my skin. It doesn’t last long and he lets go of my hand as soon as his lips are removed from my skin.

Without looking at me or saying anything he gets up and turns away from the table. He walks briskly out the door, but not so fast that I don’t catch the red that’s burning in his cheeks. A small smile hits my face and I look at my hand.

Suddenly the cut doesn’t feel so small or insignificant.


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