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Blasphemy! A Compilation of Chuck Smut!

This is a list of my absolute favourite Chuck Shurley x Reader smut fanfics because I’m procrastinating :)))) Writer to writer these are the ones that hold a special place because these are so frickin’ good!!! 

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Prophet-sitting by @theinsandoutsofcastiel - I think this was the first EVER Chuck Shurley fanfic I’ve read when I first dived into the tag, so this holds a special place in my heart <3 

Terry Cloth by @the-pri-experience - First full, in-so-much-detail smut I read about Chuck, and honestly, still one of my favourites… <3 

Make It Up To Me by @sammyxorae - Okay first of all, angry god!Chuck does SO many things to me you wouldn’t even KNOW…second, it’s Sam, they are literally just so amazing at writing, so <3  

I Knead You by @kittenofdoomage (un-taggable :( ) - Angstiest, cutest, smuttiest A/B/O Chuck…love it so much! <3

Oh My God and Oh My, Chuck! by @soberrnatural - Words can’t describe how much I LOVE these two! <3 

Wrathful by @rewritetheendingoftheplay - Another one of those angry-god!chuck-smut I seem to love so much…also, if you’re not squicked out by RPF, check out her Rob fics too! <3 

And of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without the goddess of Chuck-smut writing, @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll! Here are my favourites <3 

About Time  - God!Chuck jacking off in the shower had me whipped and the rest of the fic was so so good 

Consequences - Holy fucking. All I can say is that.

Fearless - Angry. God!Chuck. Smut. Need I say more? 



No work for me.

Infusion this morning. I’m now there 30 minutes longer because I was getting insanely itchy ( like… just chop off body parts itchy) when they would speed up the drip so I have to get slow drip the whole time. Remicade not coffee. But coffee would probably be equally as effective

I came home and napped
Cancelled GOTR…. rain…
watched 13 reasons why. ( my one thing about that show is how many tattoos these “high school” kids have. Love it but I’m pretty sure kids don’t get tattoos? Am I wrong? Whatever. Anyway really good series.

25 minutes of upper body in my slippers

NOW– shower and more tv.

Hopefully Scott will bring dinner home 😴


The women are the strong sassy ones, truly. - Part Three.

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i legit could never bring myself to hand over fenris, so i decided to watch a youtube video of it, and i couldnt do it, i had to stop the moment you saw fenris' face, im tearing up

It’s honestly a heartbreaking moment????? Like he doesn’t even fight it and it’s horrifying. Also if you fucking have Anders with you he GAINS APPROVAL IF YOU HAND FENRIS OVER AND I JUST….

I don’t care how much you can argue than Anders is a good person or if he was right in what he did to the chantry, just that onE ACTION. I will never like Anders for many reasons but bitch. That’s numero uno as to why.

Anonymous asked: I just recently started on T (gonna be three months) and I was wondering if you or anyone had come across good acne products? I’ve struggled with acne for months now and it’s only gotten worse since the start of HRT, so I’m just wondering if anyone had found something that works for them (I’ve tried several products and haven’t found one that seems to work)

First of all, congrats! Sorry you’re dealing with acne; I know that sucks. I’ve suffered from very bad and painful acne for many years, and these are the products that I’ve found help me the most, in order of importance:

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I just noticed that I’ve officially lost over 50 pounds since my highest weight back in 2013!

It’s almost not fair to count most of that weightloss, because I did so much of it without really trying. I weighed 263, my long-time boyfriend had moved away and broken up with me, and I wanted to look better so I could make one of my good friends into my boyfriend.

I just stopped eating so many tasting menus and cut out as much bread and sugar as I could and slowly but surely got down to the 223-ish I was at when I started this Tumblr. You hear people talk about lazy keto, but this was beyond lazy. I wasn’t tracking anything, and I cheated as often as I wanted. I almost feels like my body just wanted to be in the 220s on its own.

That friend did become my boyfriend, and now he’s my fiancé! We just realized that he started dating me when I was at my highest weight. What a guy.

Here’s to the next 50 pounds!

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At first, when I got into kpop, I was okay w/daddy kink & stuff. But after reading so many fics with it, I became tired/disgusted of it. And on top of that, there isn't many femdom fics. 😭😭

Okay, two things.  One that’s lowkey kinkshaming and not cool.  We no kinkshame as long as it’s legal and non-deadly.  And secondly…


That’s not entirely true.  Lily had a FemDom in Break Down Part 2 and Hands Off and two male subs in Peaches & Cream.  Can’t forget Good Enough to Eat, a dinner party of FemDom rappers written by our dearest Lily.

It’s out there, you just have to look.

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Hoe story: had my first threesome last night with my ex and his boyfriend in my best friends older brothers bed n the whole time they made it abt me?? Like they treated me like I was a fucking goddess,, they didn't even get off, they just wanted me to cum (I did, so many times) n there were so many sex toys?? and it was one of the best nights of my life,,, goddamn

sign me up for this good shit, glad you had a good time bb!!

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SOMEBODY fucking said it omfg i thought everybody in the hp fandom were so ignorant about younger voldermort like hate snape all u want be dont come and tell me he's the only horrible character just bc u find the actor hot in the movies

omg yes!!! i feel like the younger version of voldemort is romanticized for that exact reason and in fanon, i think people sometimes forget how horrible he actually was??? like i don’t care if they do that, that’s their own choice but i just hate it when they glorify other problematic characters and then hate on someone else for liking snape???? snape wasn’t a good person, but his character was great: there are so many problematic characters in those books and yet snape is the one blamed for everything??? yeah he made bad choices but so did practically everyone else??? i find it amusing that people are still using the same rhetoric about snape when he wasn’t even the worst character in the books, like hate him all you want, just don’t hate on others for not agreeing with you, that’s all i ask of you

I was tagged by @utopia9000​~ Thank you :D
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Relationship status: I love my chickens and my chickens love me, so all is good in the world~
Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. I only own like one lipstick and that’s only because my mum bought it and then immediately decided she didn’t like the colour anymore and gave it to me .-.
Last song listened to: SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now) XD Lol, only because my bro and I were discussing it earlier today :P
Last movie watched: Uhhh, ‘The Road to El Dorado’ and ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’ ^ ^ I was at my neighbour’s place for a movie night and she and her friends hadn’t seen either. If you haven’t seen ‘The Road to El Dorado’ you are seriously missing out!! My bro and I love it so much we could probably do a two-man reenactment of the entire thing. Go watch it now!!
Top three fav TV shows: Hmmm, three random picks from many: ‘Shadow Raiders’‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Westworld’
Top three fav characters: Again, three random picks from many: Naru Kotoishi (Barakamon), Draco Malfoy (HP) and Yuri Katsuki (YoI).
Top three ships: Again, again, three random picks from many: Hakona (AnY), Kyo x Tohru (Fruits Basket) and Anna x Cas (Anna Dressed in Blood).
Book I’m currently reading: *glances at the 10+ books on her nightstand* Yeah, a lot ( .__.)

I tag: Anyone who feels like doing this ^ ^

i was teaching my little cousin how to play Pokemon today in his Pokemon Sun version (he was struggling a lot) and I just felt so good teaching him the ways and beauty that is Pokemon. It makes me happy whenever the little ones start getting into Pokemon because I grew up with the amazing pocket monsters all my life and to be able to help out a little one figure out how to play, just made me feel so many feels of happiness. I’m glad I was there to help him get started. Pokemon is great and also how it brings people together socially. It’s just so…pure.

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Omg who is Mary? Tell me about her pls! 💖

Mary is one of my best friends^°^ she’s super sweet and caring~ she is passionate about so many things and is just somehow nice to everyone^^ she is very funny, pretty, and spunky~ she has good fashion sense and an amazing heart and smile!! She loves flowers as well! She’s just honestly amazing!!💙💙 100298373/10 would recommend

I have to stop punishing myself for mistakes I make. Not that I should just let myself off the hook for making mistakes, of course, but I should be less…harsh? on myself for occasionally making errors. If I make one mistake, one completely accidental, unintended mistake, I immediately beat myself up about it and convince myself I’m a terrible, intolerable person who shouldn’t be trusted and whose perceived kindness and desire to be a good, loving person is all a front. I’ve always been this way, it’s probably why getting shouted at for something at school always terrified me into silence for days on end.

But like, sometimes I will make mistakes. Sometimes I will be wrong or I will (inadvertantly) do something shitty. And I guess that’s okay? I’m human so of course I’ll make human errors occasionally. I’m not perfect. But what’s really important, what should define me, is how I react to my mistakes. How I try to mend them. Because I always do try to figuratively clean up after myself, and that should be what drives me through.

On the other hand, one day, I’m convinced all my friends will get sick of the amount of mistakes I make and will inevitably make and just conclude that I’m a bit of a twat tbh. I don’t know if this is a self-confidence thing, but I have to be loved by everybody, I have to be accepted as a likeable person by everyone, especially people I admire. And if I keep making mistakes, I won’t be. I have to be the very essence of affability at all times, otherwise I’ll lose everyone.

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top 5 pink cures

5. Whip. I love Ichika so much already. I think she’s a great pink, even if she hasn’t quite come into her own as a leader yet. 

4. Flora. Haruka is such a good character. It takes her a while to realize that despair is just as much a part of life as dreams are, and I thought that was really interesting and nice.

3. Dream. Nozomi could be pretty forceful at times, I’ll give you that, but she always had good intentions. She goes about a lot of things the wrong way, but I think thats one of the many reasons I find her character so interesting. 

2. Happy. Miyuki is an overly optimistic character, but its one of the many great things about her. She always manages to make things seem brighter, which is why seeing her depressed and sad is so painful. 

1. Melody. Hibiki is my favorite cure overall. I think she’s has such an interesting story, and I loved watching her mend her relationship with Kanade, and greeting Ellen and Ako with open arms. I just love Hibiki so much.  

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Hi! Can i get an NCT chain ship? I'm 5'2, with really short brown hair and light brown eyes. I'm very outgoing and social, but i love spending time alone and i don't have many friends, just a few close ones. I am very gullible and funny and in most friend groups im the baby. I LOVE fashion and makeup, and im not afraid to experiment. I love going out and doing new things #neverhome. i also sing pretty good and i try to dance but im not very good 😅. I think thats everything, thanks in advance 💕

Boyfriend: Johnny

How long you two are friends before dating: 2 years

How He asked you: he used one of his stupid pick up lines as a joke, you thought he was being serious so when you said you would he looked at you surprised and said “wait, really?”

How long you date before he proposes: 4 years

How many kids you have: 2 girls

Ex: Taeyong

How long you two dated: 3 months

Why you broke up: neither of you liked each other like you thought you did, not to mention you found someone else

Jealous of your new boyfriend or no: Yes/No

Best Friend: Jaehyun

How long you two have been friends: 3 years

Did you know him before or after you met your boyfriend: yes

How close are you: Not so close/Closer than you think/Like Siblings

Who Secretly Loves you: Yuta

What he loves about you: how adventurous and down to earth you are
How long he’s known: a couple of months
Does he tell you: Yes/No ( you remained friends when you told him you weren’t going to leave Johnny and that you didn’t feel the same way about him.

harunnn replied to your post “i closed my ask box so i could try to answer the 400 or so MHA asks…”

Aw feel better Sai! If there are asks you’ve answered (like probably covered the same topic?) before I guess you don’t need to answer those? Unless there are none of those

ahhhh no worries!! i feel better now, i guess i was just not doing too good after waking up, but i’m good now <3

and i’ve… answered so many asks that it’s hard to remember which ones i have answered

and a lot of them are meta-type questions where they want me to write an in-depth meta and stuff like that honestly takes a lot of energy, but a good 30% of the asks are about that

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After reading all the recent asks (SO many good ones!) I got very excited for two things and I hope they show up in PoA or flashfics (soonish?) 1. Teenage Will. Getting into trouble. His relationship with Oliver and Felicity. With his siblings. Anything. I can't wait to see some teenage Will!!! and 2. Olicity as Empty Nesters. You're right, they haven't had any time just the two of them! I can't wait to see how that plays out! Thank you!

Added those both to the ever-growing list, anon! Thank you! 

i have seen SO many people say stuff about how mcelroy content helps with their depression or how supporting and accepting the environment is and all that and just how it’s really this very positive and good thing for everyone so i swear to GOD if any of you ever try and turn it into some “”“cringy”“” interest or try to make people feel bad for enjoying it i will never fucking forgive y'all