there are innards here

© The Spotted Pig

Travel Tuesday: Chef April Bloomfield’s cozy New York City gastropub, The Spotted Pig, is best known for its char-grilled burger—topped with pungent roquefort cheese and served on a homemade (and also grilled!) bun—but her perfectly crisp shoestring fries are essential supporting cast members. They’re super thin, but still maintain a balance of shattering outsides and creamy innards, and they’re served in an enormous haystack. Here, more of the best french fries in the US.

Cute Foraging Gremlin

Kaladesh is full of many wonders, however there are none more precious than the energy eating gremlins. We see one here devouring the the innards of a broken thopter. Quite the hungry little guy.

After seeing the previews this past weekend, I instantly was smitten by these little buggers. I stopped everything so I could scribble this cutie and no regrets! Hopefully, a gremlin will be voted cutest card by MtACast so I can be ahead of the game.


[ @sassysubject13 ]

Disgusting! Disgusting rotten filth, you should burn in hell and ROT, ROT to your very core, letting the maggots devour you, your OWN KIND!” Alois screamed as he brought the knife down to Maria’s stomach, grinning as he heard the all too familiar sound of flesh being pierced down to the inner muscle, along with that familiar gasp. The screams goaded him on, prompting Alois to slide the knife down Maria’s stomach, raise it up, and do the whole process again. Oh, how he would make a mess of her innards, like the ghouls that roamed around here. But no, this was man made, and this stupid girl’s fault in the first place. Why the hell would she ever have harmed him?! 

The blonde loved 13 so much. No, not platoniclly, he was romantically in love with the male. He didn’t care that he was a ghoul, or that one day he may wake up without a lover because the CCG would have killed him, and then all the hell he would have to go through once they charged him for helping a ghoul. Alois truly loved him, more than this dead bitch Maria ever did, lying and cheating on him about once a week. She told him while trying to make a move on him, so he killed her. Ripped her to shreds. God, 13 deserved so much better than her. The blonde always stood by his side, helped him, always there to talk to. That’s why he gouged Maria’s eye out with his finger - to protect the one he truly cared for.