there are individual persons that i like

I really hate when right wing men expect feminists to celebrate the accomplishments of right wing women.

I remember after the election I saw lots of online posts and memes and things like “Why aren’t feminists celebrating Kellyanne Conway? She’s the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign!” but like… she did something that was REALLY bad for women.

This is the problem with Western individualism- we’re expected to celebrate someone’s accomplishments just because that person is a woman rather than celebrating women’s accomplishments which actually help women.


The boys all got matching necklaces that form into their got7 symbol😭 that is the purest thing I have ever seen in my whole life I can’t believe the 7 of them invented love and friendship and family and sincere bonds. Okay and Like each individual pendent represents who they are as individuals but then they all come together perfectly, all of their individual personalities and talents and passions,  to form the one Got7 BINCH JUST BEAUTIFUL💚and the heptagon cant be complete unless they all together but when they are apart they are still their individual special unique piece of the 7😩 They have so much love for each other and for what they do together as got7 BINCH my heart is just full okay FULL💚

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How do i know im really trans??? I need something more specific than "youre trans if you FEEL like you are"

Heck Anon, this is a tough question to answer but let me take a jab at it. Being trans is incredibly individual but one thing that seems to be very common is the occurrence of dysphoria. Personally, I think dysphoria is way more common than trans guys seem to think it is. See, most people think dysphoria is something that stops you from getting through the day and involves your body, and really really hurts (which for some of us it is) but it’s a little more than that. Dysphoria is that feeling of wrongness. That strange tingly, bizarre feeling that you’re different. Some may get it while hearing their pronouns. Some may get it while showering. Some may get it based on how society views them. These things don’t make you trans but they are a very good indicator that maybe it’s something you should look into. Do not try to force yourself into an identity, I know you’re sick of hearing it but trust me, you’ll know when you’re ready. Let yourself relax in the questioning stage for as long as you need, and when the answers are available you will find them. Take it easy, you don’t need to label yourself anytime soon. 

- Micheal

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um hi! i dont mean to bother you but,,i was wondering if you could give some tips for writing connor/evan/jared? your fanfic is good at staying away from being ooc and do u .. do it;..."?? are you god??

dndnddns hi!! ok so if im misunderstanding this ask im sorr but i think it means how i write each individual character as opposed to sincerely three so! i’ll do that

(also Disclaimer™ this is not thr One Tru Way to write them,, this is just how i characterize them nd ofc their fharacters are open to interpretation!)

ok so evan,, a fallacy some writers have when writing evan is that they make his whole personality Stutter Boy. like, yes, evan talks w a stutter at times, but there are also times when he gains a fair bit of confidence and can speak unimpeded. he also sometimes goes off on tangents (a good example: in the beginning of the show when he’s writing his letter to himself, and veers into talkin about his sweaty hands, etc) which showcases an aspect of his anxiety without being overbearing!

what i’d say is most important about evan is to give him a personality outside of his anxiety (and the tree thing, for the love of god, blease dont overkill the tree thing) because his mental illness isnt all that he is!

ive made a few posts about connor so ill keep it fairly brief. connor is a very complex character, and he can be tricky to portray accurately. big things to avoid would be reducing him to his mental illness(es), and writing him as being explosive and angry without cause, which we know from canon he isnt.

i personally see connor as fairly open and eager to make friends, but peoples idea of him gives him trouble with that. he tries to be kind, and makes an effort not to be awful, but something always seems to get in the way of him making a genuine connection.

something to be aware of is the fact that connor is not the person evan made up! actual connor is paranoid, distant from his family and has his guard up most of the time, and while underneath that hes fairly open, its important to recognize the fact that he is totally different from the connor that evan created.

and jared, my favorite!! ive seen some really good characterization of jared (highlighting his arrogant and crude persona that he uses to cover up some pretty big insecurities) and some really bad (showing him as an abusive, heartless ass for the sake of it and making him pretty one dimensional.)

jared makes a lot of jokes (not all of them in good taste), and overcompensates a /lot/ when he feels his confidence is threatened. hes a pretty closed off person when it comes down to it (its canon he lies a lot), and id bet that thats a cover for a lot of hidden issues on his part.

jared is a complex character, just like everyone else, and making him one dimensional is a disservice to his character. yes, hes nasty at times, but hes also insecure and willing to help evan through a lot, even if he masks his true intentions.

to write all of them, i’d say whats most important is to not gloss over their negative + ugly features and simply focus on only the “good” aspects of them. evan will lie about a lot of serious things if it benefits him, connor is reckless and absolutely awful at times, and jared is rude and obnoxious.

but at the same time, dont focus just on the ugly! a huge point of the show is that every person has good and bad in them, and we shouldnt take things at face value. all of these characters have immense potential to be great, and if you can work well with the source material, you can produce some pretty incredible content!

i hope this helped you!! 💜💜

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Would you ever date a white girl

Personality is really the biggest thing to me, not color. In times like these I think its important to remember that every single INDIVIDUAL is their own person & we shouldn’t be classified into subspecies like animals. Were all human. Racists and bigots just happen to be the worst types of humans. With that said, yes.

I’m a mod of a medium size BJD group and there’s something I wish to confess. My personal opinion as an individual may not always match my moderation and posts as a mod.

As an individual, yes, I privately agree with you that member so-and-so is a dickwad or that user123’s posts are annoying and dollfan5 definitely has a giant, splintery stick up their arse.

As a mod, my obligation is to the rules of the group and to fairness for all, even the dickwads. Much like a debate moderator, I’m not here to tell people how to think and my personal opinion takes the back seat once I need to intervene. Making accusations and assumptions about members and their posts is not something I can do. I cannot automatically take my friends’ sides either (as much as I want to). Until dickward5 or annoying person97 break rules, I have to allow their posts and work to guide and diffuse situations with impartial language, not provoke or prolong them. This means that sometimes controversial posts will be allowed to run their course and some people (including me!) might be uncomfortable. As long as it’s not outright hate speech, I place a very high value on letting people say what they want, even if I think their words are stupid and don’t want to hear them. (Bonus though: When people go full-idiot on a group, I know who I’ll never sell to/buy from!)

I’ve considered quitting. It’s not an easy job trying to be firm but polite with grown ass adults who have probably never been told no in their lives. It’s not fun having people assume shit or outright insult you because you don’t mod how they want you to. I still do it because I enjoy helping others and want to be a positive, encouraging force in the hobby. Many people use the hobby as an escape and a relaxing activity. I want to support this with all my heart.

So I just want to ask, if you have a friend who mods something, please remember they can’t do you special favors or treatment (even if they want to). Our duty is to side with group rules, not to side with people.

If you’re a member of a group with active mods, please remember they’re people too. They’re there to help and guide. But sometimes you won’t always like the nature of the help (the way a kid may not like to eat their veg, even though it’s good for them). If you get a mod involved and you don’t like their answer, please just walk away from the computer for a bit and play with your dolls to take your mind off of it.

It’s no fun for the mods to break up fights, and there’s probably something much more positive and fun you can do with the time you spent fighting. You don’t need to have the last word at all costs; it’s ok to let it go. Your life is too wonderful to waste it dwelling on a silly dolly disagreement. If you are still unsatisfied, I highly encourage you to search for more groups that might have rules and atmospheres that are more to your liking.

Have fun and doll on in peace everyone


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tumblr's not a source. fuck your personal, lived experiences, you liars. where are all the studies abt you, group who is basically invisible? also, for the few studies there are abt you, /you're/ the one who has to provide them for me. what is google? what is effort? if i looked around for information abt a-spec ppl, i might actually learn things abt them. that could lead to me seeing them as ppl, like, individuals with feelings and shit. and we can't have that, now can we?


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Could you please explain the "help me" in the bottom of the groom's shoes and how it's a joke/poking fun at/is an example of toxic heteronomativity?

So I dunno if y’all have seen this, but I’ve worked a lot of weddings in my life and  there’s this super funny (/sarcasm/) thing where the groom will write “help me” on the soles of his shoes, so that when the couple kneel down at the altar, everyone will see it and laugh at the fact that this poor man has been trapped into the sanctity of marriage.

Sort of like those cake toppers where the groom is attempting to run away or is being forcibly dragged to the altar with words like game over on it cause he no longer gets to have fun with his life or something because he’s getting married:

Or quite literally, a ball and chain:

Basically the whole “help me” thing? Is a continuation of the idea that there are definite gender norms, and that those genders are in direct conflict with each other, and therefore predispositioned to eventual resentment and hatred. 

It’s the snarky sitcom hetero snide comedy where the wife is always nagging the husband who is the put upon joe average who had life and dreams until he got married and had kids, who now wants to just be left alone to read the paper while his wife looks after his home, his kids, his general emotional well being, and is still cast as the shrew for wanting something more from him than his dispassionate resentment that she won’t coddle him like one of the offspring.

Cause haha, it’s so awful spending the rest of your life with the person you are profess to love and adore…imagine that…imagine losing your freedom, your individuality and quite possibly your own autonomy to another person through a societal convention… *everyone not born male and white looks into the camera like they’re on the office*

Also consider, if a woman knelt down at the altar and had “help me” on her shoes? How drastically unfunny that becomes because we know, we know the way marriage is set up to give one partner the advantage over the other…

It’s just icky. It’s an icky not funny joke which I wish would die out.

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This is my first time on your blog buddy and im not criticizing you for a blog but about posting random shit about your life, is there something lacking that creates the need to share pointless events with strangers? Also, blogging publicly opens you up to comments. I commented, from the rest of your blog you don't seem immature unlike that tag. Its pretty on par with "mess with me and my daddy will sue you" "hit me and I'll own your stupid school" What would you actually have done to the school

This seems to be your first time on the Internet. Welcome! The particular website you are on is Tumblr dot com, a “microblogging site”. A blog is a series of separate, updated posts by one individual or organization, typically informal, often written as a kind of journal. Some blogs have particular themes, while others may contain content that is only loosely related. Blogs usually describe the sort of content one can expect from them in an “about” section, with phrases like “This is ultimately a personal blog - I post about my life and things that interest me.” It is reasonable to expect that the owner of that blog will likely post about their life and things that interest them.

If that sort of content alarms or upsets you, do not despair! There are many other types of websites. There are forums on which you can discuss a single subject of interest to you with strangers, sites and apps for browsing beautiful photographs, and wikis that contain publicly-editable encyclopedia entries on a nearly unfathomable breadth of topics. There are even countless websites devoted to hosting pictures, videos, and fiction broadly considered sexually arousing.

With a few exceptions, all of these websites are accessible to you to visit at your leisure. Chances are you’ll find something you like - if you’re having trouble, search engines like will help you find content relevant to your interests by searching for key words or phrases. And if you don’t like the content you find on one site? Leaving is as easy as closing the page. This freedom of passage means that interpersonal interaction is entirely voluntarily, so, if you were so inclined, you could have exclusively constructive or meaningful conversations with people.

If you decide that blogging is something you like and wish to spend more time on Tumblr dot com, you’ll eventually encounter other individuals constructing posts exclusively using words. These are called “text posts”. Even if you follow a blog, you don’t have to read these unless they interest you. If you * do* decide to read them, you should know that humans use certain writing conventions to convey ideas and feelings through typed words. They may employ common devices such as hyperbole, sarcasm, and rhetorical questions to express an emotion or make a point. You can almost always discern whether these things are meant literally using context clues. For example, because time seems to move in a linear fashion, it may be understood that a statement akin to “you wanna fucking go?” in reference to a subject that is not present or in the intended audience of the question, in response to a situation now in the past, is not a literal invitation to a violent physical contest.

Dramatic overstatements and absurdity are used on the Internet for comedic effect. For example, other bloggers might make comments like “call my goldfish cishet and I will literally throw you into the sun”. This is, of course, not meant to be understood literally - humor is derived from the preposterous imagery. If someone were to respond to this statement by unironically and hostilely explaining that goldfish do not have complex theories of gender and the original poster would not have the strength to throw someone forcefully enough to break Earth’s gravitational pull, that would be humorous for a very different reason. Someone would likely make a second response using a photograph of the character Dwight Schrute from the American television series “The Office”. Another example of absurdity-as-comedy you might encounter on Tumblr dot com is someone jokingly taking an insincere and aggressive question at face value and answering with a lengthy, overly-detailed explanation.

The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.

Can Conscious K-Pop Cross Over? BTS & BigHit Entertainment CEO ‘Hitman’ Bang on Taking America

On April 2, BTS played the fifth and final date of a sold-out U.S. arena run, performing to the shrieking fans who helped the group’s second full-length album, Wings, become the first K-pop project to crack the top 40 of the Billboard 200 in 2016. Since debuting in 2013, the seven-piece boy band has become a commercial behemoth in its native South Korea while continuing to make inroads within American pop culture. “Change,” an English-language hip-hop collaboration between BTS member Rap Monster and U.S. star Wale, was released three days before the kickoff of the stateside run.

“Change” touches on topics like voting rights and online harassment, while some of BTS’ biggest hits have addressed mental health. “Worldwide, our young generation shares the same issues socially and politically,” says BTS member Suga. Although K-pop music generally steers away from controversy, Rap Monster says that remaining outspoken “is important to us. And the bigger the voice we get, the more powerful our words become.”

A new BTS album is already underway and more U.S. dates might be on the way later this year. Bang Si Hyuk, the CEO and Executive Producer of label/management agency BigHit Entertainment who is better known as “Hitman” Bang, hints at “special features” designed for international listeners but thinks BTS will continue playing to its base.

“I’m not a believer in releasing full English songs to the U.S. market, like many K-pop artists have,” Bang tells Billboard in his first-ever interview with American press. “We must focus on what we do best as K-pop artists and producers and maybe add some special features to which international or U.S. music fans can feel attached. That is the best way for me to put K-pop into the mainstream U.S. music market and, in that regard, BTS will participate and perform in a way that is not much different from what they have been doing in the last three years. We’re adjusting and improving the way we do shows on the tour to meet the international or global level and expectations so that anyone, regardless of their culture and background, can enjoy BTS music and performances.”

Bang is sure to add that the group will be “very active and responsive in releasing new songs that would come out of collaborations with international artists, like 'Change.’” And, looking ahead, both the CEO and band see their most recent accomplishments as inspiration to achieve even more in the future.

“I’m so excited and thrilled at the response to the U.S. tour,” Bang says. “It’s still overwhelming and unbelievable at some point. I even further feel responsible for producing better music and production for fans around the world and I’d definitely think harder on what makes fans enthusiastic and passionate about BTS music and the band.” Meanwhile, the ambition within the group is perhaps best felt when member V winks that the group has “grander goals”; as if arena shows are just the beginning of what he and his band mates plan to accomplish around the world.

Below read on for an extended interview with BTS held before the tour kicked off. All member answers are taken via a translator except for Rap Monster.

With five arena shows, this tour is so huge and I think the main reason for that and why you guys are doing so well in America is because you sing about personal topics. Why is that so important to talk about in your music?

​Suga: Worldwide, our young generation shares the same issues socially and politically. I think that young people feel the same way about similar issues and BTS wants to cheer them up with our songs and talk about our feelings and social issues.

Rap Monster: These topics, like you said, they’re important, right? They should be told by someone. Someone should talk about it. And if someone should talk about it, then it feels like we have to talk about it. It’s very much an honor that we get power and attention from our fans them when we use our voices more. It’s important to us and the bigger the voice that we get, the more powerful that our words become.

These topics – loneliness, mental health, bullying – you don’t hear about in K-pop or even Korean culture much. Or, really, in American pop music either. Have you ever worried it might get a negative or opposite response?

​Suga: There are people who think negatively and there have been people who react negatively towards BTS’ music. But I think it’s way more important to make music with those issues because I think it’s important to encourage people to fight for those issues and, through the music, have a resolution for those issues. But I’m going to continue to talk about those issues through the music anyway. [Laughs]

Do you think K-pop needs to get more personal to gain a wider audience? Would you like to see that more in future?

Rap Monster: We still need some party songs, we still need some light love songs. I love to listen to them and feel the vibe from that. Everyone has their luggage and their shadows, but it’s up to everyone’s own [devices]. But we’re us. I think if we talk about it and if it gets more voice and attention, then maybe there are a lot of people in the world that accept us start to talk about those issues. I think that’s the change.

I thought “Spring Day” was a really big musical moment for you guys. Not only did it do really well on the charts, but this time you were showing a progression in thinking and a message of hope. The idea of recovering and winter moving to spring. Was that a conscious decision?

Rap Monster: It’s just like what you said, that was one step further. We’re always talking about the crises, the sorrows and youth’s feelings of getting lost. In many [television] programs, when we’d introduce our new album, I’d always talk about the word “recovery.” Like you said, it’s all about the recovery. Winter going to spring. The middle of the winter going to the spring. You got that.

​Suga: In addition to being what we are as BTS, we wanted to bring some changes and we actually wanted to evolve as a group. We wanted to show our many colors, but we still want to console others and give hope to others.

Something that was unique was all the solo songs on the Wings album. You’ve done mixtapes, but instead of full-fledged solo or unit releases, you got to show your different sides of yourselves. Why was that necessary?

Jin: The solo tracks were important because it was personal, an individual story and it was represented in the way that we are good at it. We worked a lot on each track and that’s why it was important to each of us.

Rap Monster: When I get questions about why is K-pop is so popular; I always tell them K-pop is like a great mix of music, videos, visuals, choreography, social media and real-life contents. Making the solo tracks on the album was quite a venture, but it’s connected to the concept. Like, when you watch the “I Need U” video, everyone has their own crises and characters. It’s kind of connected to our real personalities and characters, but the solo songs have their own characters and personalities. It’s all connected. It’s a mixture and that’s why people get interested in the concepts.

Speaking of solo songs, “Change” recently came out. Rap Monster, you and Wale are talking about different-but-similar issues when South Korea and America are both having interesting political times. Did you guys have a chance to discuss your different viewpoints?

Rap Monster: We didn’t have the time to get into it deeply, but I’m always watching the news about Trump and America; I always watch. When he first suggested a collaboration, I was like, “What should we do?” We could just do you know, a common hip-hop song, but I wanted to do a little more special. We have our political situation in Korea and the students are very angry. So, I think, if we talked about what’s going on, then we’ll have a real special collaboration. I think my guess was right and it became special.

Do you see or feel your influence among other groups in the industry?

​Jungkook: When we debuted back in 2013, we were influenced by our sunbaenim [Korean word for “senior”]. Over the years, as we watched other younger groups, we know they talk about us, they cover us and they follow us. I think they’re saying in interviews that they learned a lot from us and that makes us feel great. Being a sunbaenim, we want to be a good influence and be a better role model to other groups.

Last question, are you happy?

V: For now, we are very happy as we are, as a group, together. And I think we are happy because we are walking on the same path, walking the same direction. We wanted to get Daesang [Best of the Year award], but we have it already so our goal is to make great music, to share it with our fans.

Rap Monster: And a worldwide, stadium tour. That’s the goal.

V: We have grander goals.

© Jeff Benjamin @ Billboard

This life is such a beautiful experience. Full of joy and love as well as pain and sorrow. Each is essential to our growth. Both physicality and spirituality are a part of the whole. When one is broken, we aren’t quite whole. Luckily we have other beings here specifically to help us.

Yes, we have our own goals and lessons to learn, but still here to help Me. Some for a moment, some for a lifetime. Each individual is precious and oh, so helpful.

Because of the abuse I experienced when younger, I have struggled with physical interactions. In addition to that physical experience, I am a very private person and don’t like showing my vulnerability or growth.

Finding others who are patient, accepting, and loving is such a miracle. Healing and Growing is accelerated. What a beautiful experience.

I like Alec, because he is a sort of misguided young person. He has a lot of concerns and he is always concerned for the wellbeing of others. He spends a great deal of his time thinking about his family and his friends and not a great deal of time thinking about what he wants. So he is a very benevolent individual; however he suffers the consequences of that sort of missing what he needs and wants, and as a result he is this kind of closed off leader who thinks he is doing the right thing all the time but doesn’t realize that a lack of inward reflection leads to poor decision making.

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Do you think it's fair to start a relationship with someone if you're depressed?

This is a very interesting concept. I realize that at the inception of a budding (or potential) relationship with someone, it is best practice to showcase your most refined and flawless self. You want to the person of interest to think you’re perfect, you want them to like you. People are inherently flawed, however. The nuance between individuals makes us exactly that; individual. One’s allergy to peanuts, phobia of heights, reluctance to anything spicy (me af), susceptibility to depression, everything about us makes us who we are. When gauging the morality of a decision, especially when it’s not exclusively your emotions being weighed in the equation, I’m not so sure I have enough information to answer the question you’re asking. What I do believe is true in life, is love is the most beautiful thing we as humans do, make and feel. Without love, life would be utterly meaningless. We need it for purpose. We need it for passion. Love makes colors more vibrant, sounds more euphonious, food more delicious. We as humans have been able to manufacture a great many things, like clothes to keep us warm and drugs to make us “happy”, but something we cannot develop in a laboratory is love. It is something we cannot buy, it is something we cannot cheat. True love is the most precious and authentic display we can gift this world.
So, do I think it’s fair or unfair to start a relationship with someone if you’re depressed? I think it’s selfish to deny yourself and the world the opportunity to love. Be honest with your partner. Relationships take work, but love is in fact the most beautiful thing in this life.

I had fun designing the boss for my campaigns first adventure, giving him spells that I knew would mess with each individual character. For dealing with the gnomish cleric I gave him Reduce Person, which he used, making the character Tiny.

Druid (who’s wearing the skin of an orc he killed like a disgusting, horrifying onsie): I’d like to cast Summon Nature’s Ally

DM (me): a wolf like usual?

Druid (really I can’t tell you enough how gross he was. He rolled pretty low of the skinning so the orcs hands were still inside the skin): mmmm… nah gimme a monkey

(Next turn)

DM: your monkey appears in a flash of light

Gnome (who’s currently just over 1 foot tall): I RIDE IT INTO BATTLE

DM: You… ride it into battle

And I’ll be damned if that duo didn’t take down the sorcerer

Two types of Shippers on Tumblr

Person A:

Ship 1: Love the shipping, wants to see more art of it.

Ship 2: Doesn’t really ship it, but somehow supports it and still adores the art of them together. (Not always)

Ship 3: Doesn’t really like nor support the ship, just stays out of it and doesn’t say something bad about it cause he/she is not an asshole and thinks its okay for someone to have different opinions.

Person B:

Ship 1: love the ship, worships it like if it was a religion.

Ship 2: doesn’t ship it, gets annoyed when he/she sees fan art of that shipping.

Ship 3: doesn’t ship, like nor supports it, hates it with all it’s might that he/she has to post shit about it and piss off the other individuals who like the ship.

((It’s not gonna change anything but at least i said it what i see in my point of view))
Breaking Down the Breakup

There are plenty of challenges I am currently untangling. One of them is my recent breakup. Two weeks ago I parted ways with my girlfriend of a year and a half. 

It hasn’t been easy but I now have the opportunity to practice the many things I advise others going through a breakup. I figured why not share this experience with you all. Maybe you’ll find something useful in it. 

Things that I am practicing:

  • Coming back to myself. Relationships get us accustomed to being one half of a whole. We are used to saying good morning and goodnight to someone. There is a constant other presence there. When that is gone, it can leave us feeling rootless. 
    • Coming back to yourself helps us to forgive, let go, and be grateful. 
    • This act of greater self-presence and self-remembrance aids in centering and reorienting ourself in our naturalness. 
  • Reclaiming energy leant out. There are parts of our energy that we invest in our relationships. If that relationship ends, the lingering energy can get us stuck in certain cyclic experiences and habits. Calling back that energy helps both parties to move on. 
    • How exactly to accomplish this abstract practice is a matter of personal discovery. 
    • Art, energy work, and breathing techniques are a good place to start. Also burning things. 
  • Reorienting my intentions for the future. It is time I re-evaluate why I would seek a romantic partner and what I would seek in such an individual. 
    • At the moment, I have my focus on my studies anyway. I am not actively seeking anything or anyone. 
    • Priorities, standards, and desires should be examined and accounted for. 
    • I am not controlled by the need for emotional validation, sex, or possession over another person. As such I can use this time to gain a clearer vision of what my ideal relationship might be like. 

There are moments I still feel a sadness. But where I feel that sadness also reminds me of where my heart is, and that it is still working. And for that I am grateful. 

Namaste my friends. 

Me: All I ever wanted in a boy group was that they all sang beautifully, could all dance, write their own songs, were all uniquely handsome, each have individualized personalities and styles that make them stand out in their own special way, and have the best teamwork and synergy.

Monsta X: Hi


i love hearing about the likes and interests and personality quirks of individual animals

‘my cat loves the smell of lavender’

‘my cat insists on following people into the bathroom and meowing at them until they are done’

‘my cat prefers to be carried to her food. she is, after all, a princess’

i can only think of cats atm but you get the idea