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On Monday my husband and I are off on our delayed honeymoon to Japan for a few weeks, so there unfortunately won’t be new posts for a while, but I will set the queue to post some reblogs, and hopefully we can all tackle 2018 feeling a liitle more buoyant ⛵

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A/N: Holy crap this is long! This is for @caplansteverogers​ song fic challenge based on the song Womanizer by Brittany Spears.  It’s probably really bad and i hope you enjoy it and I apologize for any mistakes.

The Winter Solider, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes was sitting at your bar. Normally you wouldn’t care, but this man was a local superstar and as with any local superstar the women were all over him. You watched the scene in front of you with a knowing look. Barnes was playing innocent drawing more women to him, it was a classic womanizer move, one you’ve seen countless times.

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hey friend!! since you seem to be the resident dice analyst around, i was hoping you could help identify this d20? i got it at a convention last year from some gaming booth but i was hoping to find a full set somehow if you could help! :) it’s a periwinkle blue with a sort of green glitter and has a sort of shield shape for the 20? i’ve never seen similar pips but i’m guessing it’s more of a MTG or other ttrpg dice rather than d&d

That’d be a Dragons of Tarkir MTG spindown! Well guessed :D Unfortunately that means it doesn’t have an exact set to go with it, but Chessex sky blue borealis is close-ish.

He’s entertained by the many rumors circling about him and his Riverdale costars.

“The core four of the Riverdale [cast] are now engaged in dating scandals beyond our wildest anticipation,” Sprouse says. “Everyone has something to say about one of us dating our costars, I’m rumored to be dating KJ, Cami [Mendes], Lili, Madeline [Petsch], everyone on this show. And I am flattered! If I were to talk to my own self about this it would be like, ‘No way.’ Lili and I are constantly talked about in the public eye, and for me I think that it is being deeply informed by the love of the characters and wanting to see us together. I think that in many ways it’s offensive and an invasion of privacy, but it’s also a badge of honor because it means you’re creating a chemistry onscreen that is so understandable that people want to see it in real life, which is flattering from a professional perspective.”

He has a direct answer for those wondering about his relationship with Reinart.

“No comment,” he says. “Because whether you dismiss those rumors or whether you encourage those rumors, it’s giving people who are in my opinion are a bit entitled to your personal life more power, and you have to have spaces for reverence in the industry. Going to college made me realize you have to have real spaces of privacy and you have to establish those early. [Ryan] Gosling is a perfect example. Gosling has been in a much more sexual or romantic side of the industry than many actors have to be, and his marriage is not publicized and talked about and beaten over people’s heads because people respect that he set those boundaries early. And that’s the same thing, the more you let people in on that, the more people feel entitled to it and the more it becomes problematic with whoever you end up being with in the future, so I take that very seriously. So I just never talk about it because it’s not anyone’s right to know. People can speculate all they want, people speculate me with every member of the cast practically, but it’s really no one’s right to know. It’s also sexy, these parts of the relationships that are just yours.”

Offensive. Invasion of privacy. No one’s right to know. Exactly what I was thinking. Everyone speculating is pretty much being rude to Cole and his private life. Let the dude live and if/when he’s ready to say who he’s dating, he will. He wants privacy and as his fans, we should give it to him.

A Bit of Madness (pt. 10)

Part 9

Dark pushes himself up off the floor only to find himself in his own void. Markiplier stares down at him with a smile. “It’s not fair, is it?”

“Very funny,” Dark growls.

“Good to know you still have a sense of humor after all these years.” Mark grabs Dark’s chin and tilts his head from side to side. “Why are you so desirable to the House? Why does it want you specifically?”

“Experience,” Dark says, jerking his head back out of Mark’s hold. “Was I always this annoying?”

Markiplier laughs until a strange expression passes over his face. His features contort and twist as a strangled noise is wrenched from his throat. Dark takes a step back as he falls to the ground, presumably dead. In his place, a mirror image of Dark stands still smiling—the house’s aura. “I was growing tired of him, too flashy.”

Dark looks down at Markiplier’s body and frowns. “Years and years of searching for revenge…”

“And the end result isn’t quite what you were hoping for? Of course not. You lost site of our objective in order to satisfy your lust for revenge, and what has it gotten you?” The aura smirks. “I can make you so much more powerful when we work together.”

Dark shakes his head. “What do you want from me?”

The aura tilts its head to the side. “Take his place,” it gestures to Markiplier before stepping over him, closer to Dark. “Gain me more puppets, and together, we can make sure we’re remembered, that we live forever. It’s what you’ve always wanted.”

Dark grits his teeth and leans away from the aura. “Maybe I’ve changed my mind…”

The aura reaches out and cuts off Dark’s air. He struggles against it, gasping and falling to his knees as panic sets in. Dark shakes his head, pleading with his eyes, with his thoughts, anything. The aura laughs and leans over him. “You don’t have a mind to change. Your mind is mine. Your body is mine. It has been for years.” The aura releases its hold on Dark’s breathing, and Dark slumps against to the floor.

“Some of our guests have a plan to burn this house to the ground.” The aura drags Dark up by his hair. “Go kill them.”


“Mare!” Peevils throws her arms around his neck and hugs him. “Please, please no more of this. Let’s go home.”

Wilford hugs Amy. “I should’ve gone after you. I never should’ve let you out of my sight.”

“It’s ok, Will.” She rubs his back and kisses his cheek. “I’m alright, see?”

“We have to move quickly if we’re going to do this,” Mare growls. He looks over at Mad. “And we’ll have to carry him out.”

“What about the Detective, Dark, and Google? Or the Butler and the Chef?” Damien asks. “We have to find them and make sure they get out, too.”

Celine blinks and tilts her head to the side, “Mark and Wilford should carry Mad out of the House. You and I will go to retrieve the others, and Amy, Peevils, and Mare can make sure the place is ready to burn.”

“No, I’m not leaving Amy alone with…” Mark glances over at Mare and Peevils who both smirk.

“Something wrong, love?” Peevils reaches out and traces her fingers down his cheek. “I’ll take good care of her for you.”

“Then Wilford will go with them, too,” Celine offers. “You and Damien can carry Mare, and I can surely induce the remaining guests to leave the building on my own. Ok?”

Mark nods. “Alright, alright.”

They part ways, but a certain shadow follows them, watching carefully, waiting for a chance to strike.

Carved Hearts Part 3

Pairing: Reader / Jungkook ft. other members

Genre: summer love au; Fluff / Slight Angst

Length: 1.6k words

Warnings: mild language

Summary: You spend your summers at Camp Oakwood with Jungkook and his friends. After years without seeing him, he returns to cause even more chaos in your life. Only, this year is different; how would your deeply buried feelings for him come into play this summer?

| 1 | | 2

( not my gif )

“Paddle, woman!”  Jungkook shouted with a laugh.

“I am! You’re the one not paddling! That’s why we’ve been going in circles for the past ten minutes,” You retorted. You were both in a canoe attempting to paddle around the small lake at the center of the campground. The sun was nearly setting and the boys high-fived Hoseok for his romantic plan.

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joufancyhuh  asked:

I stopped watching the show around season six. Are there any fics set in-verse during that season or before worth reading? I feel like everything I try to find on my own is set in the more current seasons or an AU. Not that I have anything against AUs.

We’re answering this on the blog because, with the show going on for so long, there’s a lot of fans who have either stopped watching at some point or new fans who haven’t caught up with the latest seasons but still would like to read some fic. So, we are here to help and explain how to use our blog.

First of all, please start with our Tags Page. All canon fics are tagged with SU (supernatural universe) tag.  We also have season and some episode tags

There’s several older fic compilation posts on these tags for search convenience. Please note that these posts list fics recced until the post was made. For more recent recs you’ll have to look through the tags.

Some fics are tagged with both, SU tag and AU tag which means that canon elements are really strong but also AU stuff happens. Season tags are decided on content, ie season 6 tag will be added to a fic that has canon elements from 6x01 and onward, but not to the fic that is about post 5x23 events. Some fics has only SU tag but not season tag. It means there’s no distinct canon element to pin the season down or it’s an old review written before season tags were introduced. More info about tags on this post .

Since you asked for fics we would recommend, here’s a few of our favorite canon fics that are set prior to season 7.

All links go to our to our reviews or submitted rec posts.

I. Canon favs from seasons 4-6. 

II. Alternate meeting (not like in 4x01) favorite fics. The stories vary from being really close to canon events to alternate settings where Dean is still a hunter but Cas is a either civilian, non-SPN angel or a creature. Please read the reviews and tags to see how far from canon these fics deviate. We tried to arrange this list from most canon compliant to least but, well, it is an exercise in YMMV notion. 

III. Our favorite fix-it-fic Master Post. All fics have a note about seasons they cover and subvert. We think that all fics up to and including alternate season 7 fics are enjoyable for folks who have seen most of season 6. 

Redemption Road requires specific mention here. At a time when Destiel and Cas fans were at one of their lowest points, this group of writers said “Bite Me” and created this 650K superepic fix it for the mess that was season 7. The fic goes canon divergent after 7x01.

IV. The last resort

This blog started in August 2012, shortly after the end of season 7, so if you made it this far and are looking for older fics, go to the very first page of our SU tag, page 36. Most of the fics recced during first year are about older seasons. Summaries, reviews and fic posting dates will help you to determine the season even if the review is not tagged with it. You can also search first wave destiel authors from this post (all links are broken, please use your google fu!)

Note: After five years and nearly 1500 reviews and recs, this is by no means an inclusive list - that is what our tags page is for!  Instead, these are a selection of favorite fics that in our opinion fit the ask.

I Know This Game | Six

Pairings: Bucky x Foster!Reader 

Summary: In which you’re betrayed in the worst way possible, by the people you least expect it from.

Warnings: Language, vomiting, dark and scary places, friends acting sketchy, oral sex (f/r), unprotected sex (a terrible idea), unwanted voyeurism (?)

Notes: We’re finally discovering the shit that went down! I was so excited to write this chapter but in all seriousness…I’m traumatised, having written it. Brace yourselves.

This chapter has received substantial edits since when it was last posted. 

IKTG Masterlist

The hallway seems to stretch endlessly in either direction. Nondescript black doors are evenly spaced along both walls. The only sources of light in the otherwise darkened corridor are the bare bulbs dangling from skinny wires attached to the ceiling; they paint sickly yellow circles on the floor. If you squint your eyes, you can make out a darkened silhouette in the distance. 

You decide to head towards it.

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In Another World

While visiting Storybrooke, Alice struggles with seeing the life her father could have lived and wonders if he would have been happier without her.

Notes: So I’ve succumbed to the world of Knightrook and I REGRET NOTHING. So here’s Knightrook with a dash of Captain Swan. In terms of timeline, I’m going to say that for Captain Swan, 3-4 years have passed since the left Henry, Regina, and Wish!Hook. Obviously, this is set post-curse.

Alice pressed her face against window, watching as the world around her sped by. Maine was full of trees, and it reminded her a bit of where she came from, only this time she would have the ability to explore this place more. She’d done quite a bit exploring over the past few weeks. Not too long after the curse had broken and the villains defeated, she and Papa had decided to take a trip around the States to see all of the sights. They’d plotted over maps and researched the different places they’d like to visit, and – oh – how wonderful it had been.    

The Grand Canyon had been her favorite. It was so large and vast, and it appeared to be somewhere someone could go easily find himself or herself lost. And the scenery was so different! The colors were all reds and oranges and brown, and the flora was nothing like she’d seen before. She and Papa had gone hiking, and she’d reveled in how she could stretch her legs and climb to high places and end back up on the ground again. They’d taken so many picture, she and Papa, his arm draped around her shoulder with twin smiles on their faces.

It was fantastic.

And now she and Papa were on their way to Maine to visit Papa’s other self, the one in Henry’s book. No, the one who inspired the character in Henry’s book. It was so strange to imagine two versions of her father, but it wasn’t the maddest thing she’d seen by far. Regardless, she was eager to meet the man that shared Papa’s face and much of his history.

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Winter Wonderland - Finn x Reader (Holiday Fic Extravaganza!)

REQUEST: can you do one where finn takes you skating for a fun winter date??? 

I’ll do you one better reader and have Finn take you on a skating date outside in a winter wonderland! This is the first of many in my Holiday Fic Extravaganza (ya thats what I’m gonna call it!)

NOTE: I know that Finn isn’t old enough to drive but let’s just pretend for a moment okay?!

PLOT: Finn takes you on the cutest winter date!


Christmas was quickly approaching and you couldn’t be more excited! Your tree was set up by December 1st along with the rest of the holiday decorations. You were sitting at home in the cozy chair that was next to the fireplace drinking some hot chocolate to keep you warm. There was plenty of snow outside meaning that it was definitely going to be a white Christmas this year. A cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie was playing in the background but you were paying more attention to your phone since you were messaging Finn.

There’s so much snow outside! I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!’ you sent.

‘I know! I love waking up and seeing all the snow!’ Finn replied. You started to reply but he sent another text first. ‘What are you up to tonight?’

‘Nothing really. Mostly watching cheesy holiday movies tbh’

‘Okay, so I’ll pick you up around 7 o’clock then?’ Finn asked.

In the few months you and Finn had been dating, he often liked to surprise you with little dates, not telling you what’s happening but only the time in which he’ll pick you up.

‘Can’t wait!’ you sent back and went back to watching your movie.

A few minutes passed before your phone buzzed again. ‘Oh and dress warm!’

It was 6:55 and you were standing in your foyer lacing up your winter boots when the doorbell rang. Knowing that it was Finn, you shuffled over and let him inside.

“I just need to grab my scarf then I’m ready” you explained. You had at least five layers on plus thick socks, a hat, mittens, and now a scarf. You were definitely prepared for the cold winter night.

“Perfect,” Finn replied. “That hat looks cute on you, by the way.” He added with a wink.

The two of you headed outside to his car and Finn opened your door for you. After thanking him you climbed into his truck before Finn started it up and pulled out of your driveway.

“So,” you started, “where exactly are you taking me this time?” You asked.

Finn smirked, quickly glancing to you then refocusing on driving. “You’ll see,” he answered, “I promise that you’re going to love it!”

You couldn’t help but wonder what it was that the two of you were going to do but you were excited either way. The drive took about thirty minutes and soon Finn was opening your door to help you out.

“Now will you tell me where we are and what we are doing?” You asked Finn with a hopeful tone.

“Sure,” Finn said, taking your hand in his and leading the way, “we are here and we are walking right now!” He answered with a grin, knowing that it wasn’t the answer you wanted.

“You’re the worst!” You laughed.

The two of you kept walking. You realized you were in a park in the city, surrounded by trees that were all lit up with colorful lights and decorations. It was snowing lightly and you could see a pink tint on Finn’s cheeks.

“Here we are!” Finn announced as he stopped walking. In front of you there was a skating trail all lit up that ran through part of the park. “We’re going skating!”

“It looks amazing! Finn this is great!” You leaned up on your tip toes to give Finn a kiss, his warm lips on yours.

You both rented some skates and helped each other lace them up tight. Once ready, you both shuffled over to the ice and hopped on. You started out slow, a little rusty from the last time you ever skated. Finn was apparently a great skater. He held your hands in front of you while he skated backwards to help you balance.

“You’re doing great, Y/N!” Finn cheered, “You’ll be skating circles around me in no time!”

“Wait, I wanna try on my own!” you said as you let go of Finn’s hands. You slowly pushed yourself forwards, skating on your own.

“Keep going, keep going!” Finn said enthusiastically and you kept skating. “Try going a little faster now.” Finn was still skating backwards while holding his hands out in case you needed him for balance again.

Moving your feet faster, you picked up a bit of speed. “Hey, look at me go!” You said, surprised at how well it was going. You tried increasing speed and everything was great until all of a sudden, the ice became uneven and you scrapped your pick on the ice, digging in and causing you to fall forwards. Finn seeing that you were going down, reached out to grab you but it all happened so fast that he got dragged down too!

You were laying on top of Finn in the middle of the rink, people having to skate around the two of you.

“Oops!” you said blushing, embarrassed that you just fell. “Guess I’m really falling for ya!” you laughed.

Finn smiled back, “I’m glad I was there to break your fall! Are you okay?” He asked helping you stand back up.

You brushed some snow off your jacket, “I’m okay, are you all good?”

Finn looked down at you and kissed your cheek. “Never better. But I think you should hold my hand from now on, you know, for safety reasons.” He winked at you with a smile.

“Of course!” You accepted and grabbed his hand in yours.

The two of you continued skating (free of anymore falls) until you couldn’t feel your toes anymore. You returned the skates and put your own boots back on. Seeing you shiver, Finn had an idea.

On your way home, Finn made a quick detour to the Tim Hortons drive thru, ordering two peppermint hot chocolates. The hot drink helped warm you up and it wasn’t long until you were back at home, Finn following you inside. You made your way to the couch grabbing all the blankets nearby and plopping down onto the cushions. Finn cuddled up close to you as you turned on the TV and chose a cheesy Christmas movie for you two to watch.

Finn wrapped an arm around your back, pulling you in nice and close. “Thanks for coming skating with me.” He said before kissing your head gently.

“Thanks for planning a perfect night” you replied leaning into his side.

“Anything for you, Y/N.”

You smiled knowing that the best Christmas present you could wish for was already yours and he was sitting next to you making you happier than ever.

Basics of Witchcraft

in case it isn’t clear, this is a shallow, broad overview of a beginner’s guide to witchcraft! if you’re just starting out, this is the place to be. this is a pretty long post, so i’m putting it under a read more!

here is a link to sun’s witch academy database, where you can find more in depth posts on many of the topics discussed here! (a work in progress)

a letter to witches;
take everything i say with a grain of salt. i am not the Ultimate Expert on all things witchcraft!! things that are important to me might not be to you, and we’ll probably see things differently. that’s okay! your path is your own.

do your own research as well, and always check what you find against other sources as well as your own knowledge. be smart and use common sense. ultimately, YOU decide what you believe! (keeping in mind that some things in witchcraft are common knowledge/should not be disputed. this mostly is pointed at cultural appropriation. that doesn’t mean that they aren’t disputed, but they shouldn’t be.)

have fun, and love yourself!
~ sun

a note: if you don’t understand something i’m talking about in this post, chances are it will be explained more in depth in another post from the database, or even farther down on this post! just be patient <333

who can be a witch?

you. you can be a witch.

in fact, simply by saying “i want to be a witch,” that’s it. you are a witch.

the moment you say, “i don’t wanna be a witch any more,” you’re good! you don’t have to be a witch if you don’t want to.

it doesn’t matter if you don’t practice that often. it doesn’t matter if you have to keep it secret from your family, because they disapprove or would think you’re “crazy.” it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy, or if you’re gay or transgender. it doesn’t matter if you’re black, asian, latinx, indigenous, or anything else. it doesn’t matter if you’re christian, buddhist, atheist, jewish, or anything else! you are you, and you are a witch. so continue! onward and upward!

what is magic?

magic, in my opinion, is like energy. i won’t get too deep into my personal view of the world on this post, but that’s what i believe. and witches use different methods to tap into that energy and manipulate it. magic can help you focus better or recover from an illness faster. it can help you get better sleep or learn more about yourself through astrology. it can’t, however, make you fly, turn invisible, or defy any basic laws of science. in my mind, magic works alongside science. they’re most definitely different things, but science can’t break the laws of magic any more than magic can break the laws of science.

what are the laws of magic?

no clue.

so let’s go!

starting out

there are a few things you should do when just beginning to look into witchcraft.
firstly, research! learn about different topics and what interests you most. if you aren’t sure, just try a few things and see if you like them. don’t stress too much, if you decide you don’t like a certain path you can always change it!
secondly, learn how to protect yourself. witchcraft can be dangerous. it shouldn’t be something to worry about unless you’re purposefully sticking your nose into dangerous places, but you should still know how to keep yourself protected just in case. learn how to ward and shield yourself, your space, and anything else you want to keep safe.
finally, experiment! ultimately you need to jump into the deep end, try a spell or two! the purpose of researching and learning protection before this is so that you’re diving in with some floaty devices and someone watching to make sure you don’t drown. but if all you ever do is research, you’ll never get anywhere.

now i can help you get started out with research and protection! experimenting will be up to you ;)

track your progress

a common question asked by new and even intermediate witches is: how do i know when i’m no longer a beginner?

honestly, it’s up to you. if you feel that you’ve truly left the beginner stage and become an intermediate, or even an expert, only you can really decide that. however, there are some helpful indicators that might point you towards the right experience level. remember, everyone learns at a different pace!

this post was made by my amazingly talented spirit worker friend fox. it’s written for spirit work, but it shouldn’t be too hard to apply it to witchcraft! (keep in mind the warning at the top - this is a loose guide and you could have a different perception of things!


(basic definitions! check the database post to find more in depth explanations.)

  • intent - what you want your magical energy and power to do/accomplish.
  • warding - a method of protection; can be physical, energetic, or astral
  • cleansing - a method of ridding yourself, an object, or a space of negative, harmful, and bad energy (useful when you’re feeling sick, gross, or bogged down)
  • grounding - a method of connecting yourself to the energy and the world around you; a method of rooting yourself in the physical present. (useful after meditation and when you feel disconnected/distracted)
  • centering - focusing all of your core energy into the very center of yourself, and releasing any excess or negative energy (useful for calming or focusing)
  • meditation - allowing yourself to simply exist and take in the world around you. your focus should not be on anything happening in your life other than what you feel, hear, sense in that very moment. can be used to achieve deeper trances.
  • programming - channeling your intent into an object: i.e., programming which direction a pendulum should swing to indicate a specific response
  • charging - filling an item (or yourself!) with magical power/energy
  • shielding - a method of protection specific to you and your body
  • correspondences - things that you associate other things with; for example, salt being associated with protection. correspondences can often be slightly different or even completely unique when compared to another person’s correspondences for an item, and there are often more than one for any given item. just because correspondences are different doesn’t mean they’re wrong - it just means that you use the energy in different ways/for different things

simple magic

there are some things that are easier to start with. depending on your interests, i would suggest practicing some of the vocabulary (the ones that are actions, anyhow) and looking for little ways to integrate magic into your life. what you do kind of depends on what you want to accomplish! but some of the easiest magical stuffs to start with include:

  • making sigils
  • using crystals/gemstones
  • knot spells
  • basic pendulum divination
  • shufflemancy
  • paying attention to nature and energy around you (like lunar cycles)
  • astrology 101 (more advanced astrology is super complex)
  • lighting candles and incense
  • short and easy incantations
  • start/work on a grimoire!

moving forward

once you’ve begun exploring a little more, you’ll probably want to learn about just how many different kinds of witchcraft there are. holy moly, there are a lot. even the list i include here isn’t all of them: this is a bare bones sketch of some of the most common and well known. i believe i’ll be making a separate post going over more of them :)

general ways to use magic: spells/charms, curses, amulets, sachets, sigils, etc

types of magics/crafts: arts/crafts, astrology, cosmic, divination, dream, elemental/sea, green/garden, hearth/kitchen/cottage, lunar, music, pop culture, solar, storm/weather, tech/science, urban*

types of witches: solitary, coven, eclectic, hereditary/traditional, wiccan**

* i didn’t include hedge witchcraft on this list as i believe it to be similar to spirit work, which is an entire other topic of itself. however, i intend to research hedge craft more in order to learn whether there are key differences that would call for me to move it back onto the list.

** wicca is technically a religion, and would go in the religion section, but such a large population of witches are wiccan that i believed it would fit here.

wicca and witchcraft

there is a common misconception in the witchcraft community that wicca=witchcraft and that to be a witch is to be wiccan. this is not true! i don’t think even most witches are wiccan. wicca is a religion, a set of beliefs, that can work alongside witchcraft. you can be wiccan if you want, or not - just understand that not all witches follow the same beliefs that wiccans do. some people have a hard time understanding that.

fun stuffs!

there are a lot of different things you can use in witchcraft! witchcraft doesn’t require physical tools, but some people prefer them. likewise, your tools don’t have to be super fancy and cost 500 dollars. you can use cheaper alternatives or even replacements! ingredients for spells especially are really easy to work around: you can use this thing called a taglock, which is like some other object that is meant to represent the object you wanted in the spell. a taglock can even be a piece of paper with the name of an object written on it! but i’m getting a little off topic.

  • BOS/ Grimoire (a book/collection of knowledge you like! lots of people even have a digital grimoire, like a blog on tumblr.)
  • Altar (a place to dedicate things to deities or spirits, or a place to do spells)
  • Herbs (Mortar and Pestle) (used in spells and have certain correspondences)
  • Crystals (used for their energy and in spells! have certain correspondences)
  • Wand (used as a focus for energy - totally not necessary!)
  • Athame (it’s like a knife. if you get one, please be careful and DON’T use it to harm yourself.)
  • Poppets (typically used to represent a person in a spell that you want to affect them. similar idea to a voodoo doll ((but don’t use a voodoo doll, voodoo is a closed practice!)) and is often used in curses.)
  • Candles/Incense (have correspondences with their scents and colors)
  • Broom/Paintbrush (paintbrush can be used as a mini broom! used to represent keeping your space clean. use it to cleanse!)
  • Cauldron (used for potions and elixirs. be careful, don’t drink anything you make that isn’t safe. clean your cauldron extensively.)
  • Bells (traditionally used to keep away unwanted spirits!)
  • Essential Oil (correspondences for their scents!)

getting deeper: cultural appropriation

so now that you’ve looked at some different types of simple magic and have an idea of where you might want to go from there, let’s talk about cultural appropriation. don’t try to work with spirits or practices from a closed culture. please. just… don’t. learn terminology that is okay for you to use, and learn what isn’t - like native american smudging, for example. i believe chakras and third eye are also terms you should avoid; use things like energy points and mind’s eye instead. if someone from a closed culture tells you to stop using their stuff, listen to them. please. admit your mistake and move on. there are so many paths in the world, you don’t need to follow this closed one no matter how strongly you feel called to it. just don’t do it. respect the culture.

speaking as a white person, it is not your place, or my place, to decide whether or not cultures are closed.

speaking as a white person who has spoken to people who practice closed cultures, it is unspeakably disrespectful to ignore the wishes of those within closed cultures.

not only is it disrespectful, it is dangerous. some spirits and beings from closed cultures will kill any outsiders who attempt to interact with them. i know this because i have spoken to people with experience. i’m begging you, listen to me. consider this thoroughly before you act. please understand. you were not born into this culture. if they say it isn’t yours, it isn’t.

there are so many options for you. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRACTICE FROM A CLOSED CULTURE. IT IS NOT NECESSARY. IT IS DISRESPECTFUL AND IGNORANT. find another option. please.

of course, i understand if you appropriate by honest mistake - not knowing that a culture was closed. however, once you learn your mistake please respect the culture and move on. you made a mistake. it’s okay! it’s not the end of the world! in fact, the rest of the world is out there, waiting for you to explore it.

speaking of, let’s get exploring.



Call It What You Want

“You’re going to have to be faster than that if you want to beat me!” Taylor screamed, nearly miles ahead of her boyfriend.

           “See, love, I planned this out as a romantic excursion, not as a competition!” Joe reciprocated breathlessly. “My arse hurts, and this horse is looking for the nearest river to throw me into!”

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'Agents Of SHIELD' Season 5 Premiere Is Scary According To Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker
The upcoming fifth season of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will bring not only some of the [...]


The upcoming fifth season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will bring not only some of the biggest adventures the series has yet to see, but also brings some of the scariest moments, according to star Elizabeth Henstridge. When speaking with at New York Comic Con, the actress promised that the premiere will feature plenty of frights.

“It’s so scary. Be careful when you watch the first episode, because it’s jumpy,” Henstridge shared.

The show’s more startling moments aren’t the only change from previous seasons, as it’s set to include more cosmic and outer space elements.

“It just allows, I think, everything to be new and different,” Henstridge said of the new directions this upcoming season will go. “The show is just aesthetically very different, and I think the characters, we see them in crisis, so they all react differently.”

“The show’s really reinvented itself and it will be the biggest switch in style that the show’s ever done,” co-star Iain De Caestecker added. also spoke with Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s Head of TV, who echoed how big this upcoming season and, specifically, the series’ 100th episode would be.

Thanksgiving Tips

Smile and nod. Try to be nice even if you have to strain it through it tight, artificial face. No one ever remembers cranky people as having had a good point on Thanksgiving. They’ll just say you were an asshole.

Compliment the chef. Be sincere. Point out what was great to you and tell them they did a great job. Be early with your compliments and do not stop. Space them out, distribute them throughout the meal. Don’t be afraid to thank your chef or host with hugs. You may zoom to the top of the favorites list of even the crankier curmudgeons out there. Chefs and curmudgeons are people, too!

Find a way to connect. Asshole grandma? Find a way. Racist uncle? Navigate around it, keep it brief if you have to. Build bridges, folks. You will regret it someday if you don’t. You’re going to remember this as both a memory and as another layer of iridescent memorystuff lacquered over your idea of Thanksgiving, holidays, and family. Make no mistake: I’m not asking you to be a subservient altruist here, this is for your benefit.

Help clean up. If you’re young, you will elicit pride and the possible perks that go along with that pride. If you are older, you should know better anyway. If you are old, you will help set a good example and, besides, younger people will quickly shoo you out of the way.

Find something in your life to be thankful for. Express your gratitude. That’s why you’re getting together in the first place.

With family? Compromise more than you have to. You’ll look great. With friends? Do the same. Life is negotiation and relationships. Take that idea, get proactive with it, and you will benefit just from the experience of having tried it.

If you’re with a large group, mingle a bit before you retreat to one part of the crowd. Even if you’re shy or introverted or unsure how to pull this off, it’s part social obligation and part strategy. Mingling can buy you time alone or with a smaller, less stressful subgroup.

Smile, wink, nudge, and high five any small children that are about. Let them know you see them and like them even though they are short and live under totalitarian rule. Take whatever utterances they make, no matter how boring or unintelligible, for what they are: their attempts to connect to someone. Just by paying them attention, you’ll be the world’s coolest superhero.

If you’re an atheist (like me), join in on saying grace. Think of it as saying peace instead of you have to. Show respect and involvement. If you are asked to say something, step up and do it. Be grateful, avoid soapboxing, and try to include everyone’s sensibilities. You’ll look nice. If you’re a devotee of any particular faith, try to reach out. Be inclusive. Show how warm and loving you can be. Who wouldn’t like that?

Have fun. I mean actual sincere fun. You are in charge of your own fun. If you think for a moment that you can add to someone else’s fun, do it. Act in the moment, be spontaneous.

Drive safely. Don’t drink and drive. Never mix overindulgence with bravado. There are plenty of cabs in this world. Bum a ride. Don’t die.

Be good. Do well. Be well, do good.

I wrote this a few years back.  I’m just going to reblog it every year.  I think it’s still solid advice.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I wish you all the best.  

Ethanol Tears

Was it requested: Ya, find it here

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston/reader

Rating: Your gran’s gonna ban me from drinking Kopparberg.

Warnings: Swearing, drinking. 

Summary: [request itself] love! can you write a tom one where he’s being a right pillock when drunk and the love of his life leaves and on set the next day he can’t stop crying and worring, but they work it out!!!

Tagging: @internetoverdose01 @amazing-aleena

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alta verse because of course I had to do it to ‘em

  • Satya is, predictably, a waterbender. It just fits everything about her so well tbh, and she already moves in very graceful ways with her dancing & flow emotes and such.
  • Hailing from the Northern water-tribe she was originally from a rather poor family before her talent was noticed and her schooling paid for by a powerful family who ran a prosperous business. Of course, they were partners with Varrick Global Industries.
  • She uses ice quite a lot and makes sculptures with them, which is her “primary” source of income. Satya is known as an artist and runs in very dignified circles. In truth she was also something of a spy, working for the powerful family that patroned her & brokering shady deals for the expansion of their company and the like.
  • Also if I’m setting this in LOK a lot has changed in the Northern Water Tribe - specifically, the role of women. There’s no way Katara wouldn’t push hard & fierce & would not rest until women could be taught to utilize all aspects of their bending the same as men. And as old-fashioned as the family who patroned Satya was, they realized the virtue of having her trained in combat. Which she is very skilled at.
Vocal Profile: Ailee


Vocal Fach: Light Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: D3-A5-C7
Supported Range: G3/G#3-E5/F5-Bb5/B5
Vocal Peak: Now

Ailee may be better known in the Korean world, as the K-pop diva who can belt party jams to heartfelt ballads, but it doesn’t mean that she’s lost the East Coast in her. Born in Denver and having lived in New Jersey until she was 20, Ailee’s trademark powerful pipes have a lot of American influence- something that sets her apart from the rest of the Kpop industry. However, her well developed and well rounded voice is also to credit. It’s clear Ailee has put work into her voice, and that only proves to be rewarding in the end.

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Elyxion Chronicles: Masterlist


All Members

Contains nine separate series. All from the same universe, each with their own story. Recommended to be read in chronological order.

*Highly inspired by @kollectionn‘s Other World Chronicles*

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combatdonut  asked:

I just want to say that Unstable looks completely amazing. I was super excited for it when it was announced, and seeing the full set just makes me want to play it even more. Between personal purchases and holiday/birthday gifts, I’m going to be getting multiple boxes. Thank you very much, Mark.

You’re welcome. Always happy to hear people like what I’ve done.