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YES keep going this fuels me


starting off with a fav of mine, Meaty Yogurt. This particular artist has been a favorite of mine since I was like 14, and one of their other stories, YU+ME, was the first queer story I ever read. The protaganist of Meaty Yogurt follows her as she desperately tries to get out of the town she’s cursed to die in. 

Vattu is one of the most unique webcomics out there, in my opinion. The setting is otherworldly, the story keeps me on my toes, and the art is GORGEOUS. I spend a lot of time lingering on practically text-less pages just to stare at the art, and the COLORS. 

Not Drunk Enough is a horror webcomic, which is unusual for my list lmao. The protaganist, Logan, is trying to find a way to escape a monster-infested laboratory. NDE has a SUPER strong graphic art style and beautiful color sense. If it looks familiar, it’s made by the same person who used to make Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name, which I still own a t-shirt from. Good times.

changing moods a lil, you should also read Cucumber Quest!! i’ve only read through this once, since it’s a little new to me, but it’s SO gorgeous and cute and soft. i find myself p much immediately getting attached to the characters, and the colors are so… so pleasing. 

Blindsprings is another new addition to my comics list, and holy shit you guys, it’s… So beautiful. It reads like a fairy tale, and if you like conflicts between the magic and the modern (which i do), you’ll love blindsprings. the art genuinely makes me want to pass out. there’s some queerness in the comic too, don’t go thinking there ain’t.

Johnny Wander is written by ananth and illustrated by yuko, both of which are people i would die for. it’s a slice-of-life journal webcomic a lot of the time, but sometimes they put up short stories, which have a modern fantasy feel of their own. The art is just so strong and pretty. reading it genuinely just makes me feel like i know and love these ppl.

Dumbing Of Age is another slice-of-life webcomic I like- it takes place on a college campus and most of the time takes up the life of a comedy comic, but it touches on a lot of serious themes that actually hit v close to home for me

I’m looking through my list and I think this is most of them!! I hope yall enjoy!

Strength of Spirit- Part 2

Dean Winchester walks into your laundromat looking very much like your next one night stand. Instead, tragedy strikes, and you end up in the middle of a nightmare, with only Dean (and his brother Sam) to help you navigate it.

Part 1

Summary of Part 2: Dean gets you to safety. You find out what he really does for a living.

Warning: none for this chapter

Word Count: 1850ish

A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve done a series that wasn’t just smut. I’m hoping we’ll all have some fun with it! XOXO

Your whole body was numb as you moved, not feeling the steps beneath your feet as Dean pulled you down the stairs of your apartment building and out onto the street. He didn’t let go of your hand until he dumped you in the passenger seat of a car.

That’s when the panic set in.

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Female golf course employee

This isn’t a golf course story, its from my second job in the “medical” setting.

So I am working the floor, my coworker is on the desk, which means she deals with payments/insurance and scheduling appointments. The last patient of the day is being walked around to the desk by one of the docs and they’re talking about how she has to go back to work for about 4 more hours (at this time, its around 5:30 pm) because her office is understaffed and work needs to be completed.

She says, “I need to get this work done, so I’m going back in and volunteering my time.”

He (the doctor) replies, “That’s the kind of work ethic we don’t see any more. These lazy millennials wouldn’t put in extra work on their own time. They won’t work if they aren’t getting paid!”

At this point, they’ve reached the front desk and he asks my coworker if it is true that millennials are lazy. WE ARE BOTH MILLENNIALS. She counters with, “If I care enough about the cause, I have no problem working for free.”

My boss is seriously complaining that we expect to be paid for our labor in his business. Like…. wtf…..?

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you have a lot of well-developed ocs !! do you come up with their designs first or their personalities? and do you have anyone besides kii that you just draw for the sake of drawing rather than putting them in a story?

Thank you so much!!! Hmm it’s a mix of both, sometimes I come up with the general personality and draw a design according to it. After I have the set character design, that’s when I expand more on the personality haha. And hmm– I do have a lot of side characters, but I don’t really draw them that much! Usually when I make ocs, they go towards my main story haha. Kii is the only one I draw consistently who doesn’t have a set story about him.

But I did use to draw this couple (but not really couple, more like platonic friendship) oc pairing that I have with one of my good friends a lot! haha

The boy’s name is Ni and the girl’s name is Ro! Ni is super tall and Ro is super short and they just do a lot of stupid shit together in different AUs. Our description of them is that Ni is incredibly tall and pretty chill, but he only answers to his master, Ro, and Ro is just a dominating bitch so yeah. LOL (high-key these ocs were based off of our looks at the time when he had vibrant blue hair and when mine was pink-ish LMAOO)

Procrastination Station: Iselmyr

I was really surprised when I popped on to tumblr after finishing Pillars of Eternity and started to browse through Aloth’s tag. Not only did most people choose to have Aloth embrace Iselmyr and learn to get along with her, they couldn’t even imagine how anyone could choose the option to have Aloth take control of her. That was not at all what I’d expected. By their verdicts I had chosen the answer that people thought was monstrous, and I couldn’t understand their revulsion any more than they could understand my choice.

So I’m going to try to explain it, because while I don’t think repressing Iselmyr is the better choice, I don’t think it’s an amoral one, and I wanted to share my thoughts on why.

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TWINCER IS HERE YALL LETS GO. I feel SO bad for aria omg. Emison twins 😭😍💕 if the baby daddy isn't Jason I'm confused as to how they're blonde but okay.


YES wtf! Blonde babies from Wren and Emily. I know anything is scientifically possible but it would’ve been nice to see a slightly more realistic set of twins.

“...With Her.”

Requested by an anon. I don’t what I have just written. I am sorry. I’m not even proud of this. 😫I have no clue where the hell I was going with this. I hope this is somewhat close to what you expected. 

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“Yah! That’s not fair! I saw her first!” Dabin shouted at Christian. “I’m older!” Christian screamed back. “Why are you to fighting again?” You questioned. They looked over to you and their eyes widened. “Y/N!”

You met Dabin first. The two of you were the same age. You remember exactly how the two of you became friends. You were on the swing set all by yourself. You were around seven at this time. You hated it here. You recently moved to Seoul. One thing you truly hated more than the preppy little girls, the outfit. It wasn’t really the whole outfit, it was the skirt!

Dabin walked up to the swing set and sat in the swing next to you. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “I hate it here. I wanna go home.”

“I do too. Maybe we could keep each other company.”

“Sure, I guess.”

You talked with him until it was time to go back to class.

“Thank you for hanging out with me today. Same time, tomorrow?” He asked.

You nodded. He turned around and began to head toward his class, then it hit you. You didn’t know his name.

“HEY! WAIT!” You screamed after him.

He turned back to you. “We never told each other our names!”

“Dabin! Hong Dabin! You are?” He said loudly to make himself heard because you were quite far from him.

“Y/N! Y/N L/N!”

The two of you became the bestest of friends. The two of you became such great friends, he wanted you to meet his friend who was two years older than him. You were excited to meet him.

You walked with Dabin to the local playground. When you got there, there wasn’t that many people. Just mothers and their little babies. Then there was one kid who was bigger than the rest. Dabin ran out up the kid. “Christian!” “Dabin!”

They shared a hug. Dabin pulled back and looked back to you. “Come on! Don’t be shy.”

You walked up to the two of them.

“This is Y/N? She’s pretty.”

You felt your cheeks warm up at his compliment.

“Well, Y/N this is Christian. Christian this is Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you.” You said before you bowed.

“Nice to meet you too.”

The three of you were the bestest of friends. You couldn’t be separated. Your family said you hung out with them too much and that you were starting to act like a boy. You ignored it and continued to do you, like the amazing person you were.

As all three of you grow up, things were changing, but all of you were still close. You were even closer than ever. Christian became a musician turned director and founded his group, DPR. Dabin became a rapper and went under the stage name, DPR Live. Then there was you. You had become an actress. A well respected and loved actress if I say so myself.

As the older you grew, something changed about you. And both Christian and Dabin saw it. When they were kids, they didn’t think it would happen, but it did. Dabin and Christian were both had feelings for you.

You never felt that way about either of them. Even if you had doubts, you had to stop yourself because you loved and cared for the both of them as brothers. You knew it would ruin your friendship to date one of them.

Today you were catching with them. It had been awhile since you were busy staring in movies and dramas. You treated them to a nice lunch at a nearby cafe from your agency.

“It’s so nice to be hanging out with the two of you again! Just the three of us! I’ve missed the two of you so much.”

“I miss you too!” The both of them said at the same time.

You couldn’t help but giggle.

“I’m gonna go get some Boba. You guys want some?” You asked.

“HONEYDEW!” They answered together before staring each other down.

“Whatever, weirdos.”

You walked over the counter to placed an over with three large sized Bobas.

“Yah! Why are you flirting with Y/N?!” Dabin asked Christian.

“Because I like her.”

“What?! I like her!”

“Step off Dabin. I’ve liked her since we were in high school. She used to come to me for help with her homework since I was two grades above the two of you. I clearly deserve a chance with her.” Christian sassed.

Dabin scoffed. “Yah! That’s not fair! I saw her first!” Dabin shouted at Christian. “I’m older!” Christian screamed back. “Why are you to fighting again?” You questioned. They looked over to you and their eyes widened. “Y/N!” They both said shocked.

“How come you guys are being so weird and saying everything at the same time?” You questioned before giving them their Boba.

They stayed quiet and took a sip.

“Now you guys wanna shut up. Something is up with the two of you. How about we go to playground after this and just swing for a bit, you know like we used to?”

“Yeah, that sounds nice.” Dabin spoke up before taking a sip from his Boba.

After the lunch, the three of you walked to the playground. Christian sat on the last swing to the right. You sat next to him. Dabin sat in the swing to the left of you. It was silent for a bit.

You looked down at the ground. Dabin looked over to you with soft eyes.

“Is there something wrong?” He asked you.

“I just I fear that, one day we won’t be friends. We’ll separate and go our own ways. I have dreams when I sleep. Dreams that start off good, but end with the three of us not being friends.”

Dabin put his hand on your shoulder. “Don’t think like that. We’ll always be your friends, Y/N.”

“Can I ask you something?” You questioned.

“Of course, Anything.”

“There’s something up between you and Christian. You two aren’t acting like the old you. The two of you were the bestest of friends. But today something is up with you, the both of you. Tell me. What is wrong with the two of you? Is it me?”



You turned your head to see Christian looking at you and Dabin.


“It is you. Dabin knows it’s you too! The reason we’ve been acting like we have is because both of us have feelings for you.”

Your eyes widened. “What?” You repeated clueless.

“I thought it was obvious. Especially the way Dabin showed his affection, he was the most obvious.” Christian added.

“I’m the reason behind it?”

“If I could have stopped myself I would have, but I couldn’t. I don’t wanna ruin our friendship, but I also don’t want to see you with anyone else. Not even Christian!”

Christian scoffed. “As if she’d want to be with someone who’s as much as a pushover as you, Dabin.”

“Shut it!”

“Enough you two! I love the both of you, as friends and brothers. Nothing more, nothing less. I just want all of us to be friends forever. I don’t want to choose between you. Remember the plan for my wedding we made when I was younger?”

“Yeah, I remember like it was yesterday. We agreed instead of bridesmaids, you’d get us in suits standing behind you as you got married.” Dabin said.

“Yes. That has been the plan since we were kids. I want the two of you behind me, not just one. What happens if I date one of you? The other will hate each other. I can’t fall for either one of you. You guys are the brothers I always wanted, please don’t do this to me.”

You were on the verge of tears. Dabin looked over to Christian and mouthed the words. “Look what you did!”

“ME?!” Christian mouthed back.

“Y/N, please don’t cry.”

You stayed silent.

Christian looked up the sky. “It must be around eight. The sun is setting. The sun set used to be our favorite thing to look at when we were kids. We’d lay in the grass. Y/N would always be in the middle. Hell, we didn’t even know what feelings were. Those were the good days. Those were the good times.”

“Could we do it again, for my sake?” You asked.

“Of course.”

The three of you stood up and went into an empty grassy plain. The three of you laid down in the grass. Christian on the right, you in the middle, and Dabin on the left. It was silent, but you enjoyed the silence.

You couldn’t hide the involuntary smile that appeared on your face. Christian turned to his side to see you smile.

“See I knew the sun set would make you smile. You okay now?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“I won’t fall in love again for a while.” Dabin said aloud.

“Same here.” Christian admitted.

“I’m sure there are two lovely and beautiful women out there who would be dying to fall in love with you. But you guys won’t let them come in between us, right?”

“Never.” They both say at the same time.

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I’m on vacation, yay!

For the next three weeks I’m completely off from work, and perhaps more importantly, I’m not going anywhere this year (except for three days this weekend), which means I will have lots of time for Rebelcaptain and Rogue One edits!

I was considering doing a giveaway, but I decided instead to just encourage you all to send me your requests, so I’ll hopefully have a lot of good suggestions to get to work on over summer :)

Have you thought of an AU? Is there a certain scenario or scene from another movie you’d like to see a rebelcaptain manip of? Gif-sets? You can see all my previous work here, and read a few notes on requesting here.

So send me an ask or reblog this post with your request.

Happy rebelcaptain summer, everybody!

How I gif and sharpen (DETAILED) || Tutorial

So this is pretty straight forward and it’s probably fair to say that there are a handful of tutorials just like this. However, this is how I make my gifs and the only requirement is that you have Photoshop.  Also, I believe anyone can make gifs if you just practice. It’s cheesy af but it’s true. I’ve made this very easy to follow so don’t be scared to give it a try! If you make a gif using this tutorial feel free to tag #teylors to let me see it! Happy giffing :)

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Fashion 0006-40 by Steve Given

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />This image is from a set called &quot;What's That You're Wearing&quot;.

The photographs in this set were produced from negatives serendipitously discovered in my other collections. The ordinary to exceptional choices of personal fashion through the eyes of the family camera.

Please go here to see more images from “What’s That You’re Wearing”

Produced from the original negative in my collection.

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i've been doing research on owning a pigeon. it'll be a few years before i can get one but i'm wondering, how would you go on vacation when you have a hen? i haven't found anything on leaving your pigeon for an extended period of time and i'd be worried about the emotional affect it would have on a hen

For a week or two leave them in the care of someone you trust with all your heart, more than that it’s best to find a way to take them with. If that’s impossible then be sure to set up a skype/video chat system that auto answers or with their babysitter to answer for them (although you can very well teach a pigeon to answer), pigeons are particularly great at recognizing images on screens and they will certainly know it’s you.

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“You look so comfy, and cuddle-able.” with Jungkook?

Request a fluff prompt + a BTS member!

     It was rare to see you up this late, but even as the clock struck three, your eyes were still wide open. Warm honey-filled drinks, the cool air of the fan, and a large, soft sweater had done nothing to bring the sleep you so desperately craved. Wondering if your boyfriend felt like this every night, you opened yet another book, hoping that it would finally aid you.

     The words you read slowly blurred together, bringing out a sigh. Tired eyes weren’t going to help you with anything other than more frustration. Regardless, you were willing to try, so you dimmed the light and curled up under the covers. Before the inevitable disappointment of continued wakefulness set in, light from the hall slowly seeped into the room. After hours of fidgeting in the home office next door, Jungkook was finally coming to bed.

     “Nice to finally see you,” you whispered. He gave a small smile before moving across the room to the closet. It was rare that he had much to say this late at night, with his habit of not coming to be until thoroughly exhausted. You never did mind though, as the comfort level with him never wavered, shown clearly through how he was unapologetically changing into pajamas directly in front of you.

     “You look so comfy, and cuddle-able.” The words came as a surprise, but mostly due to Jungkook facing away from you. He turned towards you with yet another soft smile before crawling under the covers as well. Despite not getting a response, he turned off the bedside lamp and wrapped his arms around your waist. As you finally drifted off into sleep, you remembered that it was the comfort you always needed before bed, not necessarily the sleepiness. 

Sokka X Male!Reader - adventure.

Sokka X Male!Reader
warnings: none really
he/him pronouns used for reader
*no i am still not over avatar
**set after the series aye

When Suki left to go back to Kyoshi Island, Sokka was left to himself.

He wasn’t sure what the future held, where he was going or what he was going to do from this day forward. The easiest thing to do would be to follow his sister and her new avatar-boyfriend, but was that really what he wanted? To follow his baby sister wherever she went? No, not really.

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   It was 8:00 at night and Nani’s shift at the shack was finally over. Normally she would be frantic to get home to Lilo, she hated leaving her alone or with a neighbor but she had no other choice. Thankfully her boyfriend of sometime now, David, had agreed to watch over her. That was a weight lifted off of Nani’s back, or so she thought. She trusted him and he got along with Lilo well so she didn’t see any issues. 

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What Is Your Hogwarts House Percentage?
Even the real Sorting Hat isn't this accurate.
By Ellie Bate, Paul Curry

Here’s my result:

I am 33% Ravenclaw, 33% Hufflepuff, 23% Gryffindor, and 11% Slytherin!

“You definitely belong in Ravenclaw, but you have a kindness that sets you apart from most. While some Ravenclaws can be seen as slightly haughty or intimidating, your Hufflepuff side means you are more approachable, and therefore have an easier time making friends. Despite your softness, you find it easy to detach yourself from emotional situations and give objective viewpoints, making you the perfect person to go to for advice.

Your slight compatibility with Gryffindor house hints at an underlying desire for adventure that may manifest itself in a love of travel or trying new things.”

Let me know what yours is! :D


Fashion 0008-42 by Steve Given

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />This image is from a set called &quot;What's That You're Wearing&quot;.

The photographs in this set were produced from negatives serendipitously discovered in my other collections. The ordinary to exceptional choices of personal fashion through the eyes of the family camera.

Please go here to see more images from “What’s That You’re Wearing”

Produced from the original negative in my collection.