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#25WeeksPregnant! A good week! Been feeling really up, spent time with LOTS of people, worked hard, joined the school PTA, filmed with friends (collabs with Zoe, Dan and Phil coming soon!), had a blissful date morning with Liam. Baby Girl has been on the move!! Wriggles and kicks and lots of time swirling. The very lower part of my back on the right side is hurting a LOT but that makes for a good excuse to have a lot of Lush baths!! This weekend Liam’s working so I’m using it to catch up on writing, filming, editing and sitting down!! 15 weeks to go!! 💁🏼💖👶🏼 ps- is this the best bump shot yet??

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Hey, so I saw the ask you answered from yesterday about the crossover. Do you have any idea why it's anti-Semitic? (Asking from a place of ignorance here because I'm completely unfamiliar with the storyline, not any attempt to justify the material)

(I have another post about this here from last night, which was mostly me ranting, but this one will go into detail, i guess).

I’m not the best person to answer questions regarding antisemitism because I’m not Jewish, but the issues with the storyline are pretty overt. So I’m going to answer this publicly and encourage anyone who is Jewish to correct me if I go wrong anywhere.

The basics of it are that the crossover is based around and helping to introduce this new CW Seed (CW’s online platform) cartoon “Freedom Fighters: The Ray”. This show is set on “Earth X”, an alternate dimension where Nazis won WW2

That alone is an antisemitic premise, creating a world based on Nazis winning. Because while some people try to argue “all elseworlds are equal” and that Nazis in charge is no different than any other dark mirrorverse, it is antisemitic (and honestly a lot more than just antisemitic) to afford Nazism that power in any universe. To say they took over the world and continued to grow and develop is just… really shitty to all the people who died because of them and who died fighting them. 

Beyond that, premises such as these increase this “mythic” aggrandizing of Nazism that far too many (white, western) people do anyway, elevating them a disturbing status they ought not be. A ~fascination~ with anything to do with Nazis to this extent is basically a banner that screams “I care more about the aesthetic of military fascism than I do about the damage that has wreaked and continues to wreak in the world and on human life.”

Like, would it be that hard to create an elseworld with a new dictatorship regime that’s arisen instead, one that doesn’t come out of Germany? One that is evil and compelling from a narrative perspective without literally saying “so the Nazis are all-powerful basically”. As an aside, it also wreaks of American Exceptionalism because of ‘Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters’ and legitimately feels like propaganda to me just reading the summary.

(This is coming from someone who is very vocal about being against censorship in fandom, for the record. But if you’re gonna write something fucked up and air it on TV for profit, you need to think about the implications of what you’re writing. Media has power.)

Anyway, that’s just the premise of the world itself. It gets worse. On Earth X, many of our beloved DC CWTV heroes are… literal Nazis. Barry, Oliver, Kara? All working as “New Reichsmen”, basically the Nazis’ own little hit squad. Which is probably the worst part of all of this. In case you’re not aware, the character of Superman was created by two Jewish men, and the entire Super-family are highly alluded to as being Jewish, both canonically and as a metaphor/allusion. So making Kara – a character who is, for all intents and purposes, Jewish – into a literal Nazi??? The antisemitism is pretty big. If Ray Palmer ends up being another one of the Reichsmen (which is rumored), they’re taking a literally canonically Jewish character (which I know the CW already erases but Ray is Jewish) and making him a literal Nazi too. I really hope I don’t have to explain why that’s Bad.

So… that’s what the crossover is about. Introducing that CW Seed cartoon and that Earth X world across all 4 shows, somehow. Y’know, interrupting the westallen marriage with literal Nazi bullshit and snartbaiting us while they’re at it because these writers can’t seem to come up with a single storyline that doesn’t eventually invoke literal Nazis or Nazi allusions in some way eventually… ugh.

TL;DR  - it’s shitty, lazy storytelling based on a shaky and antisemitic (and racist and xenophobic and homophobic) premise made all the worse because even though the Nazis are the villains, many heroes we’ve come to know and love are on the Nazi side.

Crazy ~Pennywise Imagine~

Summary: You’ve been growing crazy.And it was all because of Pennywise.

Author’s Note: A lot of you wanted a part two so here it is guys! This imagine can get pretty dark so just a heads up for all of you guys. 

Warnings: Suicide Attempt, Going Mentally Insane, Drowning 

Part One 

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Everyone was now worried for you. It’s been almost a week and you could still see him. He was everywhere for you. A knock came from the door making you jump.

“Y/N, it’s Bill,” You hear. 

“Come in,” you said, emotionless. 

Bill walked in to see you in your bed. It looked like you haven’t moved since the last time he saw you. 

“Have you even gotten out of bed?” Bill asked, sitting at the edge. 

“I did. Then I just come back here. I fell more safe,” You tell him.

“What even happened?” Bill asks you.

“I saw the clown. I saw what was eating the children,” You tell him.

“You saw what?” Bill asked. 

“Please don’t make me repeat myself. It’ll make it worst,” You tell him.

“Okay. Okay. Look, call us when you feel better. Okay? We’re all worried about you,”Bill tells you. You nodded as he left. 

It was now night time and you covered your windows and locked them. Your mom came in to check up on you. 

“Sweetie, don’t be afraid to wake us up if you need anything,” Your mom says. you nodded as you closed your eyes. 

You saw him again. You saw Pennywise there standing before you. 

“Stay away from me,” You said, starting to cry.

“Please let me talk to you,” Pennywise begged. 

“No. Please leave me alone,” You tell him.


“I can’t do this anymore,” you said. 

“Y/N, please. I’m sorry,” Pennywise said. 

That’s when you started to force yourself awake. You started to scream and try everything.

“Y/N. Stop it,” Pennywise said, grabbing your wrists. That caused you to wake up. 

You got out of your bed and put on your shoes. You ran to the backyard and went to the woods. You ran to the lake, where you stared at it for a while. 

“I can’t do this anymore,” You cried. You heard a twig snap making you look over. You looked back at the water and started to swim in it. You went underwater and closed your eyes. 

Pennywise watched from afar as you went underwater. He went after you and pulled you out. At this point, you were out cold. Pennywise didn’t know what to do at this point. He shapeshifted into his human form and transported you both to the hospital. 

“Help! My girlfriend isn’t breathing,” He tells the doctors and nurses. One of the doctors and nurses came over with a rolling bed. He placed you onto the bed before they wheeled you away. 

“Sir, can you tell me what happened?” One of the doctors said. 

“She went to the lake and went underwater. I tried to call her earlier but she didn’t answer. So I found her alone in the lake by her house and she started to drown,” Pennywise semi lied. 

“We’ll let you know how she’s doing,” The doctor tells him. 

This is all our fault, Pennywise thought.

If it wasn’t for you possessing me, this wouldn’t happen, Bob Gray thought back. 

You had to fall in love with her, Pennywise thought. 

This is our fault now, Bob Gray thought.

You woke up to see your friends and your family around you. 

“Y/N!” Your mother said. She hugged you tightly and so did everyone else. 

“What happened?” Your mother asked you.

“I think I had a mental breakdown,” You tell them. 

“Can we have a moment please,” Your father asked your friends. 

“Sure,” Bev said before all of them left. 

“Sweetie, we were thinking of sending you to a mental hospital. We’re just so worried and we just want you back to normal like before,” Your mother tells you. 

“I’m not going to argue with that. I want out,” You tell them. 


You were now alone in the room. You saw someone walk in making you look up. You saw Pennywise in his human form. He closed the door, making you tear up again. 

“I want to say I’m sorry,” He said. 

“If you eat children, go ahead and eat me,” You tell him.

“I didn’t tell you the whole truth,” He said. You stared at him. What was the point now? You were going to a mental hospital within the next two days.

“What?” You asked him. 

“The reason why I can change into a human form is because I possessed him. He and I share a body. He saw you and we stalked you. He fell in love with you and I grew to love you as well,” Pennywise told you. 

“This doesn’t change anything anymore. It would’ve a while ago but now, thanks to you, I’m going to a mental hospital,” You tell him.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. We really did love you,” Pennywise told you. 

“Go away. Please,” You tell him, silently crying again. And he did. 

to anyone curious about josef who hasn’t seen it already, i’m in the process of translating the whole story from the novels about him and roberto! they obviously cut out a LOT and changed a few things (especially josef’s appearance!?). i have a little over half translated so far

here’s part one and part two! feel free to message me with any questions about josef as well!

also, to everyone who’s upset that there’s no more vkc every week (like me): after translating where the sun shines, i plan on posting a summary of fandango (a story related to galdoune with julia at the end), and i also just ordered the apostles without original sin (robehira go to japan) and the cross of paradise (robehira on a cruise ship)
i may also buy the novel that has symphonia (about ryouta, and the title of the last ep) and the witch’s soup (what the OVA will be based off of) in it. so you’re stuck with me and vkc for quite a while

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Damian Wayne attic

What is the character afraid of?

That he will have to go back to living with the League of Assassins and his mom 

How do they deal with bad memories?

Going into a fictional world, whether it is a book or game or tv show. Something for him to escape reality for a bit

What is this character’s role in a horror movie?

The loner

How do they hide their secrets?

By deflecting when he is asked and not having any physical evidence of them

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins does the character relate to most?

Wrath. He knows he has a big temper and he knows that it gets the better of him a lot of times but he is also young and part of growing up is learning to deal with with his anger

Nessian Multi Chapter!!

Hey everyone! So I answered an ask about a nessian au, and I’m currently working on a long multi chapter one! I’m not sure when it will be up, but it probably won’t be in the next week, possibly the week after too just because of schoolwork and stuff! I want to post the 1st part after I finish the 4th part, just so if I don’t have time to update at least I’ll have them done!

Basically, Nesta has lived in an NYC apartment for almost a year, and Cassian ends up moving into the one right next to her, which makes her irritated since they’re always running into each other and stuff haha. It’s gonna be a slow burn, and I really want it to be at least 10 parts! The whole Inner Circle is going to be involved as well, and I’m almost done with the first part right now! 

A lot of people wanted to be tagged, so if you were interested just reply to this post so I can make a list! I’ll try giving everyone a better summary closer to when I post it, because I still need to decide on some things :))

Thank you guys so much! I love you all!😊💜

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how does shinji flirt (answer: easily.) but like w someone he's interested in actually pursuing? and if the person flirts back, hits him w shit like, "you talk kinda funny...'Scute.."

I apparently have a lot of feelings on this subject, because I had to cut myself off.

  • Shinji’s a massive flirt. It’s just part of who he is. So his style is gonna pretty much stay the same. He approaches all romantic relationships the same way, generally, but if he’s in deep there’ll be a few key differences
  • He’ll knock off the ‘first love’ crap. If he’s serious about you, he’s not going to be brushing you off as something in the past from day one.
  • He’s not going to be flirting with anyone else. Casually, he’ll flirt with anyone open. Sometimes simultaneously. If he’s focused, he ain’t looking for anyone else.
  • He’ll make a real effort to get to know you. He’s kind of a ‘live and let live’ guy, all about letting other people live their lives around him and not asking for the details if he doesn’t need them, but if he cares about you he’s going to want to know everything. Any information you give him is appreciated and treasured. He’s more willing to tell you things in return, too. It’s all very give-and-take.
  • Your dates, if you say yes (and why wouldn’t you??), are going to be actual dates, not just two AM runs for take-out after a night of sex. Maybe you’ll stay in and talk, listen to music and just kind of laze around. Maybe you’ll go to that strange Thai place down the alley, or to that cafe by the bookstore. Maybe he’ll make you go swing dancing with him. But they will be dates.
  • Also, his flirting once you’ve started seeing each other is much more personal. Fewer cheesy pick-ups and basic compliments, more honest expressions of affection.
  • “Ya make me glad you’re mine.”
  • “Listening to this album with you makes me like it even though I hate it.”
  • “I like when you stay the night. The bed smells like you in the morning. Makes me happy.”
  • You immediately begin to blush twice as much in any given day.
  • If the person flirts back, Shinji has been baited and caught. Any open show of attention or interest is a great start.
  • “You talk funny… ‘s cute” is the kind of thing that will make him blush. He’s good with the brazen stuff, the outright propositions and the stuff that requires confidence, but once you start saying sweet stuff about him he loses his grip a little
  • Equally powerful are complimentary things like “I like your smile.” or “I like confidence,” or, perhaps the most dangerous, “you make me feel safe,” said in a quiet, kind of shy tone. Anything that lets him feel like you can be vulnerable with each other is his kryptonite.
  • Literally, just be honest and nice, and he will die.
I need ideas!

I am thinking that for my giveaway, the grand prize (for U.S. resident’s only because shipping is bananas internationally) I’m going to do a blanket made by me, and a couple of DVDs. The blanket would be yarn you choose out of a brand that I work with, and for DVDs, I was wondering what type of movies or tv shows people watch and don’t have on DVD? If I have a lot of people wanting the same thing, I will probably add that as part of the package, so…what do you babes watch and want to own?

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What are some good tips for someone starting out in granblue? •w•?

  1. find a fun crew. at least 80% of the reason I’m having so much fun is bc I’m in a crew with loads of friends. this is the most important part. granblue is officially a mobile game but it’s pretty close to an mmo in that aspect.
  2. don’t use your beginner’s draw until you already have a team or 2 going and know what’s still missing and/or got to meet a bunch of characters through the main and event stories so that you know who you want to bang enough to spend a minimum of 25 dollars on them
  3. try to learn how weapon skills work as soon as possible because they’re really hard to get a grip on
  4. there will be lots of people out there telling you what classes to play and what characters to use. don’t listen to them. play whatever class you like and use the characters you think are cool. until you reach rank 100+ (and trust me, you won’t unless you actively & seriously play for months) and start participating in that content it won’t actually matter much what classes you bring to raids so you should try different things and do whatever you want
  5. the grind will be hell. this is normal. if you ever feel like it’s becoming a chore just stop doing it. its a mobage and it should be fun.
  6. leech 

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Hiiiiii Kauuffffiiiiieeee!!!! It's me again. I'm kinda hyper sorry. Have you done Sex with KGiii? Sorry I just lovvveeeeee himmmmmm so muchhhh- Nervous Smol bean

Hey! I know I’m super late, but I haven’t yet so here we go:

It’s rough and rather kinky.

Being King he doesn’t get too much spare time with you and especially not alone, but mornings and nights you’re all his. He loves fucking you in bed, under covers, on top of covers. You’re probably rolling around a lot, so it doesn’t really matter.

It’s a rough pace from the start. Intense and heated foreplay is a big part of the sexual experience with the King, he’s already got you dripping by the time actually fucks you. The sex can be kinky, blindfolds, handcuffs; he wants you in garter belts and love making you beg for everything.

Hickeys are one of his specialties, he gives you them everywhere! He also likes it when you display them. It’s a big turn on for him. He’s very grabby and loves to squeeze your sides, thighs and ass. Adoring every part of his Queen!

Side note: compliment him, it’ll boost his ego!


Firstly, I would like to thank @captainceranna for allowing me the absolute privilege of playing with her characters and her own story of Ostwick’s Circle. Laneda is a wonderfully done character, and I wish I could have put more of her in this, but that will come at a much later time. Please go check her and her amazing OCs out. Her Trevelyan will be making grand appearances throughout parts of this fic as well.
Also, THANK YOU to those that have stuck with me throughout this fic! I don’t say it enough, but it means so much to me. I don’t think this would still be going without all of your kind and encouraging words.
Here’s to updating sooner rather than later! :)


It is hard for him to sleep at night.

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Jeffrey’s Hill (M) Part Nineteen

SUMMARY: “Don’t go to Jeffrey’s Hill,” he warned. “A lot of shit goes on there. Even the police ignore crime reports that surface from there.” You rolled your eyes. “What is everyone so afraid of?”  

Your brother sounded grave. “The power of the Chimera.”

GENRE: violence, angst, a little bit of humour (because it’s me) and the occasional tonsil-hockey.


PARTS: intro | 1  | 2  | 3  | 4  | 5  | 6  | 7 | 8  | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19

A/N: super duper close to the end!!!

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You glanced up from your laptop to look at your father. He had a small smile on his face as he sat down opposite you, holding a piece of paper. “I know you’re handling some important information, but can you spare a minute?”

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happy birthday you ray of sunshine!


Today, on September 23rd, I take enormous pleasure in wishing @ninelittledevils aka Anshika an incredibly happy and beautiful birthday!!!

I hope you have an absolutely gorgeous day and eat a lot of cake (or whatever the hell you want to because it’s your freakin’ day!)

So go on and wish her guys!! She deserves all of it and more♡♡

Also her aesthetics give me life??? Like omg??? Check them out now??? She’s also a crazy active part of the fandom and deserves all the love in the world♡

So Happy Birthday and I hope you have an incredible day (and life, obviously) you absolutely gorgeous ray of sunshine♡♡

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I actually really enjoyed this week’s episode! It was a nice break from all of the stress of the Tenpei Cup, plus there was a good balance of plot and exciting pro dancing.

The dancing itself was really well done. Sengoku and Chizuru definitely got a ton more dance time than any of the couples in previous episodes, so hopefully this marks a shift towards having more fluid dancing and less flashy lines in future episodes. Now that things are ramping up, there’s definitely a lot more opportunity to include those tiny, technical details that Tatara started to incorporate into his dance.

The new opening is great but also makes me wonder if there’s going to some kind of manga-divergent moment with Tatara and Chinatsu dancing in the rain together. Totally not complaining if that’s the case, that animation looked great! Also, loved seeing all the new characters get animated. The part with Kugimiya and Idogawa walking off the floor with everything blacked out around them looked so. cool.

Ending was different from the regular style, and also brings up the question – if they’re already making references to “the door that she opens,” how far is the anime going to go in the next 12 episodes??

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don't you think joon's dancing in the music bank version of go go improved a lot compared to the first stage? idk in the first one it was still fun but it looked a little stiff on his part but in music bank he really seemed to be feeling it. i'm curious on your opinion

comeback showMUBANK

in general, his dancing has improved a lot. i thought GO GO would be a tough dance for him to execute bc it’s so slow and he has trouble filling up the counts, but he did really well w this choreography. 

the only difference between these two performances is his costuming. MUBANK had looser dancewear, which is why it helped extend his movement and made him look less stiff. he was wearing tight clothing in the comeback show (first stage) and that didn’t help lol. it’s great for studio rehearsals so that corrections can be given, but for a style like GO GO, it didn’t suit the choreo well 

the stiffness you’re seeing is him being tired. he didn’t crack a genuine smile in either performance, and it seems like he doesn’t have enough energy to dance full out. i hope he’s eating more and taking care of his body bc it’ll only go downhill from here….he’s lot a lot of weight for this comeback and it’s definitely not bc “they’re practicing so much”

I know I’m not on Tumblr much but I just wanted to check in I guess 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ LuLaRoe business is going amazing. I seriously love it so much. It takes up parts of my day but I like that. I stay busy a lot. I don’t leave the house much but I like that too 😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️ I get to spend all my time with Ellie and it’s amazing. She’s chatting and starting to walk and is feisty AF tbh. Her birthday is coming up and we’re going to WDW for her birthday. We’re going to be in MK for her actual birthday! That being her first time in WDW is so special to me! Next month, I’m going on a trip to meet internet friends and I’m way too excited and nervous about it. I think that’s all really going on in my life. Business, Ellie, that’s pretty much my day. I love it so much🖤🖤

4 more pounds down, 17.5 down in total.

Also, here’s a photo of Salvatore.

Had a lot of sequential and bizarre bike issues that tried to keep me down, but I kept exercising as best I could. A whole lot of googling, part-buying, and tuning later, it’s finally good as new — today’s ride was an hour and a half, 1.3k calories.

It doesn’t feel like some massive, monumental change yet, but I AM still at 226.5 pounds… progress is good, but 17 pounds off doesn’t magically make me thin. That’s what makes weight loss so hard… it’s slow and abstract, but food is concrete and immediate.

Just gotta keep going. I’ll beat this #@&$ing thing yet.

TMNT 2012

I can’t believe it actually is over. 

I have a lot of mixed feelings in regards to the finale itself, but right now it’s bizarre for me. This show, as crazy and up and down I felt about it, got me through a lot.

It was one of the first shows my boyfriend and I watched and bonded over when we first met, it got me through bad days, and just TMNT in general has been huge to me. We both talked a lot about the mixed finale responses, but the biggest part for me was that…this is it. 

My gut really thinks the 2018 reboot is gonna be awful, like Teen Titans Go awful. And I really feel terrible for assuming the worst- and hoping to be wrong!

TMNT 2003, 2007, 2016-2017 and now 2012 will still be close to me. I still will continue writing for TMNT, but I also hope to share and get to know more of you! A huge regret, and hope, I have is to get better at sharing my writing and thoughts with you all and making more friends!

I follow so many awesome TMNT people, but usually I find myself staying to the shadows. I want to try to open up more. I’ll do my best.

Thank you all for your time and sharing!

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Book Fair

I was so thankful when my boss asked me to have an art demo inside the area of National Bookstore at Manila International Bookfair. It means I can roam around the venue before the opening of the book fair and which also means I can go to cashier without waiting in line.

There were a lot of great deals and here are the goodies I bought. The bookmarks I designed at the fourth photo were part of the promotion in our booth. It’s a DIY bookmark our customers can have once they avail any of our item. It also comes with a calligraphy name request and they all loved it! I went there by Saturday and there were so many people! I also met one of my Tumblr Sisters, @perkyjessie there! So glad to see her!

It was fun. I enjoyed writing their names and meeting so many bookworms and art lovers. I also appreciated those who joined my little doodle art demo. It was a great experience!!

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AU idea: Ruby wants to be a Huntress not because she wants to be a hero but because she doesn't want to be a villain. This one would get rid of her more bubbly personality and give her a sadistic one instead. She would be afraid of it and tries to do her best to fight that dark part of herself going after grimm because "they are grimm, no one cares how bad I hurt them." With the help of her sister and the other members of RWBY she might have a shot.

Ooh I like this idea a lot. Exploring a more cruel, sadistic Ruby would be a very interesting twist, and it would be fun to explore how her interactions with other characters would drastically change. Very nice.  ☆