there are few faces i hate more

a few underrated klance moments that i like a lot:

“shut up and trust me”

lance: ooooh are u scared?
keith: with u at the helm? terrified.

lance (to keith): i did something ~cool~ and you can’t handle it.

keith (to lance during the training): just concentrate on keeping me safe
me: lenny face

“you still going keith?” “you know it. you?”
“going? i’m speeding up!” “oh yeah?” “you getting scared?” “i’m not scared!” (like you cannot tell me this wasn’t flirting)

lance (softly): i…actually don’t hate you rn

keith (skeptical): what was that noise?
lance (smug): laser guns

one of my personal favourites:
allura scolding keith for being so eager to get lance out of the pod. “how much better do you think he’s gonna get in a few more ticks??” *pouts*

keith: *huffs and crosses arms after watching lance flirt with allura* classic.


*lance tells his idea to keith looking smug af*
keith: that actually….is a better idea

Things I didn't like so much.

- Rory cheating yet again. Do Amy and Dan hate her? Do they like cheating? This show has a long history of cheating. I mean Lorelai did it a few times, and Rory has cheated on all of her partners except Jess, but she did also kiss Jess while still with Dean. So. I just feel like cheating shouldn’t be how Rory and Logan were together. I would have been fine with it if Logan was casually dating a few girls, the same way he was when they first met. That would have been just as good of a storyline as any other. Why choose more cheating? Did Rory not change in ten years? She did the same thing with Dean and she saw how that blew up in her face. And why wasn’t Lorelai more “hey kid cut it out. This will only end badly” I hated that storyline and it really made Logan into the man he no longer was. Remember how bad Rory felt when she felt as though he had cheated on her during their break? And yet she’s doing that to some other girl?!

- Emily’s storyline in the end. It didn’t make much sense to me. It felt like Emily was an afterthought almost at some points. She moved with a maid she doesn’t even understand and can’t communicate with? I know that might have seemed funny in 2006 but now it just seems really silly? And kind of rude how she didn’t even try to communicate with her properly in some scenes she was just like “I don’t understand her. But I think those are her kids” I didn’t like a lot of that part of Emily’s story.

- The way Lorelai treated her mother still. Sometimes I really do think Lorelai can prevent a lot of the tension between her and Emily, but she always has to muddle things up. And I know that’s just typical Lorelai and everything. But I really fee like in 9 years maybe she would have tried a tiny bit harder. Especially after she lost her husband.

- Lorelai and Luke not having changed at all. They’re still the exact same, I mean it didn’t take them very long in the first series to decide they wanted to live together and then be engaged. And in nine years they never spoke about children or marriage or moving forward again? I don’t believe that. I mean I know Luke isn’t the greatest with communication and Lorelai isn’t great with change. But you’d think they’d at least talk about it ONCE in 9 years? What even happened in the last 9 years? Because it doesn’t feel like much actually did.

- I hated the way everybody treated Paul. No offence but if you’re dating someone, or your daughter is. Take the damn time to remember that person exists. It’s not cute or funny to constantly be like “oh Paul exists!!” Like it’s really shitty? And I don’t understand how that was a funny concept? Maybe in a sitcom, but not in a show like this where the characters have grown so much over the years, and by grown I don’t think I should mean that Rory has grown into a person who is so unlike her 16 year old self and in a bad way.

- Jess pining over Rory. I know that people have made theories that Jess is Rory’s Luke. But why should the show make that mistake again? The mistake of making these great guys wait and watch the girls fall for the wrong guys? It’s not fair. I don’t want that for Jess. I want Jess to keep thriving and moving forward. Not heading into his mid thirties, still pining over a girl he may never have again. He knows he messed up with her, he knows that and he is still being written as a guy who will never get over her? I love Rory but what’s so special about her? What’s so special about her that she has 2/3 of her exes still wanting her? I shipped both ships until the cheating thing happened, and then again this “I’m over it” he says while not being over it BS. I wanted Rory and Jess so badly but not like this.

- The LGBT parade and “how selfish are they for not letting us have their gays” like I know that was meant to be funny or something but I don’t really get how that’s funny? It made it feel like they were just trying to make the show look like it is progressive while still not making a good enough effort.

- The whole Michel and Lorelai being bffs. I know they’ve always respected each other and been kind of friends. But they pushed that so hard because of the absence of sookie and it was like they were trying to replicate that kind of friendship. They made michel share about his husband, and kid situation. Which sounded a lot like Sookie and Jackson once upon a time. I love Michel and I loved his storylines but it just felt weird that even Luke knew all about Michel’s home life? When he’s always been a private guy?

- the musical. I hated it. I actually skipped through it because it was long and boring and I was tired and didn’t want to watch it.

- the fact that Lane and Zack had children, but they were seen less than other people’s children. We watched Lane go through her pregnancy and having her baby boys come into the world and then we don’t really see those boys at all? (Low key same with Gigi though)

- Paris and Doyle getting divorced. They were like the only couple who made sense out of all the young couples to still be together? Doyle was like the only man who could keep up with Paris’ antics. I mean I liked Doyle’s storylines outside of the divorce but that just took me my surprise and I didn’t see that as their future. Them having children was cute, I didn’t expect them to be so young!

- At the swimming pool with the overweight man? I don’t get that scene at all. That’s not even funny? He’s fat so what? What’s with all the “incoming!” And “back fat” I don’t really like that scene.

There’s probably more but I’m running on four hours sleep after this. I even started dreaming of GG when I did finally sleep

hi this will probably be one of the very few times I voice my opinion on specific topics but jesus, it’s hard for me to remain silent when it’s being thrown in my face over and over again

ship wars and series hate.
wtf is wrong with all of you.
i absolutely understand frustration at a certain series that has a more popular ship or more recognition than a series you feel is more deserving
but jfc
i need everyone to step back.

blacklist the shit that you don’t want to see. go ahead. it’s easy.
also, live and let people fuckin live.
problematic ship? in the case of pedophilia, absolutely call that shit out.
abusive? fetishist? I need you to step back and understand the people who ship it. more often than not, abuse-survivors use these ships as a means to cope and work through their own suffering.
those who are gross about it however? cool. fine. call that shit out as well.

completely generalizing an entire ship into one giant group and calling out fault for everything? good god please stop.
some people who ship are children, some who ship are adults.
when you scream and yell at someone you find fault with, calm down and assume that maybe the person you’re calling garbage is a child who’s still learning and growing up.

if you’re a fucking adult, act like it. pave the way and be the better example.

i’m so tired.
i’m so upset that this even needs to be said.

Holy moly, it’s been a while since we had a really nice background like this.



Okay that’s better.

Look at Eyeby’s face.

Steven I…

I don’t think that’s how signal works.


Also what’s wrong with your eyebrow.

Yep, indeed she came to Earth for the same reason as Jasper, to get revenge in behalf of Pink Diamond.

A lot of people (most of which will appear in my askbox I’m sure) would think that this is reason enough why Rose shouldn’t have shattered her.

Well I’m sorry but the freedom of an entire planet is worth more than the sadness and anger of a few soldiers.

Man… I fucking hate Jasper but Eyeby is kinda making me sad here.

Also… she actually looks old. Like… she has lines on her face.

Please stop...

I’ve seen countless posts in this fandom portraying the straights as the bad guys. “The straights say it’s platonic love”, “In your face straights” and many more. STOP, because it’s not okay!! It’s not the straights who hate on Victuuri, it’s the homophobic assholes. I have quite a few queer friends who actually aren’t quite convinced that Victuuri are in a romantic relationship . But I also have many straight friends who are genuinely happy because Victuuri is canon. Believe it or not but this is pretty offensive. YOI NEVER, not even once has it mentioned anyones sexuality in the show. Why? Because that’s not what’s important. The deep and meaningful relationship Victuuri has is important! Please, don’t post things like that because it can really hurt someone’s feelings. I’m hurt too when hardcore fanboys call queer people disgusting for shipping a male x male or female x female pairings in anime. Please don’t make this about someone’s sexuality. Thank you.
(before you get offended by this post thinking that another straight is offended, let me tell you that I’m a bisexual myself)

Thankful to be INTP!

With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, I thought I’d like to share some of things about my personality type that I’m thankful for. (After all, that’s what we’re all about here on this blog.)

~ Thankful for the fact that it’s easy to think deep thoughts. I take this for granted so often, but being able to slip into a reverie without trying in the least bit is a blessing. I just love being able to think!

~ Thankful that I get to be a nerd. Because, let’s face it. No one really hates a nerd. It’s practically impossible not to like a gruff, absent-minded person. And no one is gruffer and more absent-minded than an INTP.

~ Thankful that I’m naturally curious. What would life be like if I didn’t have an unquenchable thirst to know

~ Thankful that I have to work at emotions. I prize the few deep friendships I have because I know they don’t come naturally and working at them has developed me enormously.

~ Thankful that my type gives me an excuse to be different. Imagine trying to be a totally anti-social nerd and not having MBTI to blame it on!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was tagged by @saturday-nite-special and @petro96 , and likely a few others a while ago to post a selfie ✌

My hairs still taking forever to grow but I should have it where I want it soon enough

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Hurricane (Baekhyun x You)

Baekhyun/you, rated M, nsfw

A highschool love/hate AU bc everyone love hate/love smut, right?

I led the revolution in my bedroom and I set all the zippers free.
We said, “No more war, no more clothes!
Give me peace.
Oh kiss me!

„Truth or Dare?“

„…Dare.“ The answer came reluctantly, as if the girl wasn’t sure which one of either would be worse. Judging by the look on her face, both.

The boy who had spoken was grinning mischievously, tapping his chin to make a show of thinking about something for the girl to do.

After a few moments his face lit up, a glint in his eyes that made the girl seemingly uneasy.

I dare you to kiss your crush.“

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Everything is Going to be Okay - Kaldur x Reader

Requested by ArtyNerd23 - Can I get a Kaldur fic where he learns you are pregnant with his child? Especially when he thought it could never happen?

“My love, are you well,” Kaldur asks through the bathroom door. He tried the doorknob only to find it locked. When you had sprinted from your shared bed into the bathroom, he didn’t know what to do. 

After some gagging, you answered, “I’m fine, Kaldur.”  You were about to say more, but more of last night’s dinner decided to reappear. 

“Let me in, (Y/N),” Kaldur insists, rattling the doorknob again. Shaking your head, you finished with tears steaming down your face. You hated throwing up. Taking a few deep breaths to make sure you wouldn’t hurl again, you opened the bathroom door to see Kaldur’s worried face.

“I’m fine, honey. I just need to lay down,” you say, feeling Kaldur’s hand on your forehead. 

You brushed past him, going to lay back down on the bed. Kaldur did not look happy as he follows you to pull the blankets back around you. “You’re not fine, love,” Kaldur reprimands. He placed his hand back on your forehead. “Should I call a doctor?”

“No, it’s food poisoning,” you argue, closing your eyes to enjoy the feel of his hand on your clammy skin. “Don’t call a doctor.”

He hummed, not believing you, but he dropped it. “Perhaps I should stay home today,” he suggested, not liking the pale pallor on your face.

You shook your head. “No, the team needs you. I’ll be fine,” you say, taking his hand from your forehead to bring to give it a gentle kiss. A small smile slipped onto Kaldur’s face as he gazed at you with such love and adoration, you wondered how could you get so lucky.

“Alright, but I’ll be home early,” he gave in, placing a soft kiss on your forehead. You smile tiredly at him as he rose to get ready for the day. 

You were suspicious to say the least. This last week you had been sick to your stomach only to feel better by noon. Luckily, you were able to hide it from Kaldur since the first day, but it was getting harder. You noticed that you were more tired lately, your breasts were tender, you were peeing a lot more than usual, and you were having dizzy spells. It wasn’t until you were late did you realize what your symptoms were.

Of course, you had to have a weird version of the flu or something. You couldn’t be pregnant. Due to an accident when you were younger, you knew you could never have kids. It wasn’t possible. Deciding you couldn’t wait any longer, you bought a home pregnancy test. You mentally prepared yourself for the one pink line, knowing it was going to be there. 

Except you saw two pink lines instead.

You almost fainted from shock. When you recovered, you made an appointment with your doctor, having to make certain it was true. The pregnancy test could be wrong, it could be broken. 

However, the doctor only confirmed the test. 

You were happy to know you were pregnant, but Kaldur and you weren’t ready for this kind of responsibility. The two of you only started living together about six months ago. He was working on leading the team and you were busy going to school. You knew Kaldur would love the child no matter how inconvenient it’s arrival would be, but the timing was so wrong.

Initially, you thought about some cute way to tell him, but you were so tired. The doctor warned that the pregnancy may be more difficult than most due to the accident in your younger years. You had laid down to take a five minute nap, only to wake up three hours later to Kaldur’s lips on yours.

You feel him smile against your lips when you kissed him back. When you two broke apart a few minutes later, you were wide-awake.

“I didn’t expect you back so early,” you say, glancing at the clock to realize how long you been asleep. “Oh, I slept too long.”

“You needed it, love,” he soothes, running a hand through your hair. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine,” you response, sitting up in bed. Kaldur studied your face before letting you get away with the lie. He knew from how red your eyes were and how pale your face was that something was wrong, but he didn’t want to push you.

Sensing he was dropping the subject, you moved to stand up. “We should…” you start to say before you collapse with black swarming your vision. Kaldur caught you before you hit the floor and carefully lay you back on the bed.

“(Y/N), are you alright,”he asked sternly, not liking the fear that iced his heart when he saw you fall. “Don’t lie to me this time.”

Rapidly blinking your eyes, the black cleared from your vision to see the fear and concern in Kaldur’s face. “I’m…,” you begin before you voice breaks. You clear your throat to continue. “I’m not as well as I used to be.”

“What is it,” Kaldur insists, gently taking your hand. His fears clearly written on his face.

“I didn’t want to tell you like this, but it’s unfair to make you worry so much,” you explain, gazing into his gray eyes. You squeeze his hand. “Kaldur, I’m pregnant.” 

Kaldur’s mouth dropped open as he stared at you with wide-eyes. “How,” he gasped, his eyes drifting down to your stomach.

“I think you know how it happened,” you tease gently, trying to bring a strained smile to your face. Kaldur gently placed a hand on your flat belly. 

“You said you couldn’t have children,” he stated, looking back into your eyes for your answer.

“I thought so too, but the doctors must have been wrong,” you explain as a grin broke out on Kaldur’s face. “Kaldur, are you okay?”

Tears began to fall down Kaldur’s face, making you cry as well. “I’ve never been so happy. When you told me you couldn’t have children, I put that wish aside, but now,” he breaks off to wipe his tears. “I never realized how much I wanted to have a child with you.”

His words break your heart. You begin to sob with joy from his words, sitting up to wrap Kaldur in a hug. He buried his face into your hair, breathing in the scent of your shampoo. 

You stayed like that for a long time until you pulled away from him, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. “I need to eat,” you say, feeling your stomach growl with hunger. 

“That you do,” he reply, scooping you up in his arms to carry you to the kitchen. 

“I can walk, you know,” you remind him playful, enjoying being held in his arms.

“I know,” he presses his lips into your hair. Somehow, you knew everything was going to be okay. 

SnapChat: Sebastian Stan

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

“Babe!” Sebastian’s deep voice called as a deep chuckle followed in suit. His large hand held his phone as he pointed it at you.

“Stop!” You yelled trying to push it away.

“But babe you look so good.” He teased as he took a few more pictures. You glared at him crossing your arms. You were in nothing but his shirt, your hair messily tied up as a clay mask dried on your face.

“Why’d you put it on your story?!” You asked horrified making his laugh even more.

“I want the world to see my beautiful girlfriend.” He said with a smirk as his large hands rested on your hips pulling your body against his.

“I hate you Stan.” You mumbled as as he leaned down placing a kiss to the top of your head.

“No you don’t.” He said knowing fully well that you loved him, not nearly as much as he loved you but close enough. 

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Zutara Week 1- Dragons

During their bedtime stories, Zuko once again learns that firebending is not just destructive, but can bring joy and light. He makes the fiery dragon dance for Hanabi’s amusement. Katara relishes in reliving their adventures when she tells their daughter about them (and maybe exaggerating just a little bit…)

Sorry, this is super crappy and hurried but I did want to submit something because I really want to participate in ZK week. (The longer I look at it the more I hate it, so I’ll just throw it out there before I chicken out.)

I have sketches for all prompts, but I have a dragon of my own to face this week so I hope I’ll manage to upload them. Probably won’t have access to a scanner or Photoshop in the next few days. In the worst case I’ll just upload a phone picture of my sketch- I’ll work them out later, for now I just want to prove that I do participate!

Prepare for lots of Mom!tara and Dad!ko with my OC steambaby Hanabi, because they give me feels.

It felt like a fight. Sans retaliated. “she calls you the bad voice.”

A bitter laugh. “Ha! You think I’m still ‘the bad voice’? Not anymore, Sansy, you took care of that. Didn’t you know, after you had sex with her and you left us, I was the only one she had left? She asked me how to kill herself.”

A chill down his spine. His sins on his back. And Chara seemed to notice, because their laugh started to become more cruel and genuine. They stood up to face him. “She hated that she slept with you. We both did. But you’ll always use her, won’t you—You sick freak? Well. Lucky for Frisk that I was there, or there would have been a few more Resets. You didn’t even notice she cuts herself.”—what?—“You don’t even care. I told her you don’t care and still she’s in the bad place because she wanted to Save you and, really—”

Creep by @kenyaketchup

Wew, kinda missed doodles like that. I don’t know but that sentence came in my mind when I read the passage first. hahah

RIP our cutie little cinnamon bun Frisk. </3

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“Thank you. You did a wonderful job with Lennox” Nova said putting an arm around her sister “I don’t think I’ve thanked you enough for taking care of him.”

“With luck you’ll get a few more years with him and the others,” Elara said giving her a squeeze.

“I hope so,” Looking straight at Elara she asked “will you be able to cope with Juni? She looks so much like Fr…”

“Don’t say that monster’s name,” Elara spat her face twisting in hate.

“I use his name to make him human” Nova explained “It makes it easier to see Juni as a sweet little girl instead of monster spawn. She’s too sweet to judge her on her appearance.”

“I know. I’ll try,” Elara leaned into her “I promise I’ll try.”

sweet-coffee-jelly  asked:

Ship/character thing! Ship: Samsteve. Prompt: MALL.

“I still don’t know why you dragged me here.” Sam complains. If there’s anything he hates more than the entire state of New Jersey it’s going to a mall in New Jersey. 

“Because I saw a sign for a Joe’s Crab Shack a few miles back on the highway.”

Sam stops dead in his tracks. Steve, who’s not paying any attention, slams into Sam’s back. Sam whips around to face him. “You’re telling me that you are exposing me to all this white awfulness to eat bland, old seafood?”

Steve’s brow furrows. “Their food is not bland.”

“It’s not fresh either.”

Steve gives him a shrug, “Better than anything I’ve had before.” 

Sam sighs. He looks up to the lord and then down to his feet. There, he notices Steve’s dumbass boots. The one’s he’s been wearing for about two years now. The ones with the actual heel that make him look more like a cowboy than anything else. 

“Tell you what,” Sam says, “buy some real shoes and maybe we have a deal.” 

Steve just blinks at him. 

Barely There

Originally posted by jeffreydeanmorganlove

Pairing: John x Reader
Word count: 771
Warnings: Fingering, swearing, daddy!kink

Part 3 of Dirty Little Secret

John was gone for a couple weeks before you saw him again. As soon as you saw him, your eyes went wide. “What the hell happened?” You asked him, worried.

He waved it off. “I’ll be fine, sweetheart. Just a few cuts and bruises here and there.”

“A few? There’s a few on your face alone. I hate to see what the rest of you looks like.”

He smirked and shook his head. “Here I was thinkin’ you wanted that.”

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astrvl-enigma  asked:

do you think mallgrabs are as bad as people make em out to be or do you think its just a way to hold your board and its not that serious?

it’s not that bad but, aside from mongo, it’s one of the few things in skating that there’s some consensus on. i did some mallgrabs in my early days, exploring what skateboards were about, but then i realized it just doesn’t feel as good.

i’m grateful that i didn’t know about the hate for mallgrabs or else i might’ve done them just to spite the haters. ultimately tho, they get your hands dirtier & it’s more awkward to throw your board down whilst mallgrabbing

i mostly carry my board grip facing out - i used to find that awkward but i’ve gotten used to it & prefer it now (bonus: no shredded clothes)



     so romulus set this in motion? willingly putting the lives of not only his pack but all this in altolusso on the line for what–to kill margot? why not aaliyah too? he hid his tracks well, at any rate; having a handful of vampires attack himself and aaliyah while still at altolusso was a nice touch, no? 

     i’d hate to be the one to insult romulus’ intelligence (to his face, anyway)….but could he really have planned this all by himself?

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