there are feels and there are feels


So many things come to mind. The smell of the air just before it rains. The way the sun shines through trees on a beautiful day. The feeling of making someone laugh. Love lives in all of it, in all of us. But just like rain turns into thunderstorms and tears entire cities apart, just like the clouds take away the sun, just like laughter ends, so too can love. But a few fallen trees never stopped a city. A few clouds never stopped the sun from shining. A few sad days never stopped the laughter. And a few heartbreaks shouldn’t stop the love.

Ok so we all know Viktor has a slight complex about getting older (probably because of the worries of an athlete wondering how many years he has left, the way he has to present his image, maybe even a little bit of vanity). I imagine he spends a lot on hair products and skin care and he takes care of himself well and he’s always worrying that he’s growing too old and he’s always a little bit more savage when Yurio calls him ‘Old Man.’

And one day, he notices Yuuri looking at himself in the mirror, fiddling with his hair. He notices that Yuuri has some silver hair. 

And before he can launch into a panic (”Don’t worry Yuuri, I know where we can buy the best hair dye, oh, and I can pluck those white hairs out for you”), Yuuri just turns to him with watery eyes and says, “Look Viktor, I have hair like yours! We’re growing old together!” and sounds so damn happy that Viktor just melts.

Cue hugging and make-outs and cooing.

And then when people ask Yuuri in the future, why he doesn’t dye his hair, why he leaves it salt and pepper, that’s his answer and that always guarantees a glomp from a faraway viktor ok

My skin breaks out and flares up, resentful of my poor bone structure, perhaps. My hair tries to fly away from my scalp, unruly and untamed. My body aches and creaks insolently. My hands gesticulate wildly, trying to fly from my wrists. My eyebrows raise frequently, wanting to distance themselves from my eyes, I suppose. Why is my physicality so rebellious, contrary carnality? It’s in protest of my insides, foolhardy heart and cutting mind.
—  I’m failing at feeling beautiful

Okay though, SERIOUS NOTE,
She’s like ready to pounce on him, and he’s kind of ginger with her and he’s like “baby are you sure you’re ready for this?” And she’s like “yes ” or something along those lines and here are my questions

Is this the first time that they you know, were about to do adult activities since she’s been better!?!?!?

Because I get two vibes from the question like yes this could be the first time since she’s been healed and finally gotten a good night sleep and she’s in the mood and she’s just feeling like herself and Deeks just wants to make sure all their Ts are crossed and their is are dotted

Or is he just being funny when he’s like “you ready for this” like a playful are you ready for all the Deeks you’re about to get