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Hey look at you, kid! Now in a fandom that has a confirmed, canon, aro ace character.

I bet you are ready to jump into that trash pile of a TV show now! Wait, the writers are queer baiting both the bi, ace, and aromantic community? Well, 2017 is a series of unfortunate events, isn’t it?

You might not know me, I pre-date “THE DISCOURSE” and I know all too well both who keeps certain fandoms alive and who tries to come in to bully binary breakers. If you (luckily) missed out Dragon Age bull shit because you were happily reading comics, I’m here to help.

To prevent assholes from pissing on your enjoyment I suggest the following. Aphobes know what they are doing. This isn’t years ago, where you kindly explain their bigotry, or aggressively point out all the -isms they are doing. They’ve doxed people, they’ve suicide baited, they’ve stalked, so on, and so on. This is 2017. It’s nazi punching season, don’t go into anything thinking you can convince them off their bigoted rock.

If you want to engage, do so. But please mind the emotional wear. If you were using the comics or the show as escapism, don’t pick this battle with them. There are so many battles to be had. I’m not here to demand anything, but I am here to tell you how to avoid the thing you love being painfully and forcefully ruined on you.  

Step 1: No platform the assholes
Don’t engage. They want your attention. They like seeing people hurt. They are in the ace positivity tags because they want to attack you.

Step 2: Block the assholes
Here’s a list. I’m normally the last to block people, but those who uphold oppressive systems attack from all sides. You don’t owe your attention to anyone. It’s far too easy to see 50 shades of bullshit by breakfast.

Step 3: Block nasty anons
If they came into your ask box, they are asking directly for your attention. Deny them it. Tumblr lets you block anons. Do so.

Step 4: Remember that Jughead is canonically aro ace.
They are the ones with the theories. They are the ones without confirmation. They are the ones ripping labels off queer characters to apply their own. Fuck what they say, this character is yours. This isn’t to embolden you, this is a reminder not to fight those who have no power in this situation. If you are in a fighting mood, attack systems, not their people.

Stay safe, I’m rooting for you.

Welcome to the launch of Ladies of Voltron!

A blog exclusively dedicated to the awesome women of the Voltron Universe

The blog is still under construction, but the essentials are there. Feel free to check out the Our Ladies page for a look at who you will be seeing on this blog! 

At the moment there are only VLD characters on the list, but my goal is to expand it to include all the women from previous versions of Voltron as well! To that end: if you’re familiar with the older shows/comics please send me names of characters to add, since I don’t know many of them :P

Secondly, I am excited to announce Ladies of Voltron Week, coming up in September! 

I wanted to choose a date that was far enough away that people would have plenty of time to prepare, and also wouldn’t interfere too much with already planned events. Here are the details:

Dates: September 24 - 30

Prompts: TBA after season 3 airs

Mod: Sedna


  • Tag everything with #LOVWeek or #Ladies of Voltron Week within the first 5 tags so it’ll show up
  • Works must feature at least one of the Voltron Ladies, refer to the tags page to see who is eligible. I’ll allow a fair bit of leeway in terms of eligibility, particularly in regards to alien characters, since in some cases gender is unclear (ex: the Taujeerians or the Olkari)
  • You may include other characters (like Coran, Shiro, Keith, Lance, Hunk, etc) if you want, so long as at least one of the ladies is the focus of your work
  • Shipping is allowed, but as this is a week specifically for the ladies I ask that you stick to wlw ships. All ships are welcome
  • Have fun!!

(more general rules under the cut)

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The T-Shirt - Part 3

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Characters- Sam x Reader
Summary- Sam shows up at the motel, and reader has some questions she needs answered in regards to his drunk phone call.
Word Count- 1,476
Warnings- Angst, mention of drunkenness, language, fluff.
A/N- The third and final part. Be sure to read part one and part two first if you haven’t already. Special thanks to my smol @jpadjackles for getting me excited to work on this part- and I hope you like the ending. <3

Your heart thuds in your chest, blood pounding in your ears. You can’t believe what you heard. You knew it was a bad idea to pick up the phone, the ache that his voice left in your heart too much to handle. The ache that settled further into your chest upon hearing him was worse than you’d expected- his admission spoken in slurred syllables was your breaking point. You had to look him in the eye and say what you needed to say- what you should have said long ago before it’d gotten this bad.

You pace the room, fifteen paces from end to end, counting as you go. It focuses your racing mind only a fraction, so you turn to the only thing that can truly clear your mind.

You strip your gun apart, each piece set neatly on the mattress as you sit cross-legged in the middle. Magazine here, slide there- the whole of your beloved glock laying pulled apart as you clean, fingers slippery and black as you wipe it down. You’re not sure how much time passes, absorbed in your task until you’re pulling the slide as there’s knock at your door.

The special knock.

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Interruptions by a Clown

So this is terrible but I like it.

Here is the summary~~

Jon and Damian have been happily dating for a couple months now.

There is only one problem.

The fucking Joker

Tagging @fishfingersandjellybabies cause I’ve tagged her in the other two and I think she might want to know what’s in store for our two dorks next.


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studyblr introduction

hello fellow students! 

now that my blog is up and ready, it’s time for me to introduce myself to the studyblr community and maybe make some friends! i need buddies i’m very lonely

basic info about me

  • i graduate from high school/the ibdp in 2019
  • my subjects are geography, computer science and english b on higher lever
  • history, math and polish a on standard level
  • for cas i take up norwegian and dance classes
  • my ultimate dream is to study journalism at city, university of london
  • i would love to work for the bbc radio one day

study aesthetics

  • drinking coffee, flavoured, with caramel syrup, or pumpkin spice latte (every single day of autumn not even kidding) 
  • classical music, spotify generated playlists are perfect for me
  • breaks always consist of calling mum and dad
  • daydreaming about laying on the beach under palm trees somewhere far away from responsibilities

random facts

  • when i procrastinate i’m most likely to watch nikkietutorials, threadbanger or simply nailogical on youtube, or friends the tv show (life saver)
  • i run a 1d blog on here and you could have heard about it in early 2016
  • can’t cope with stress too well unfortunately
  • i like to say that i go to concerts often but in reality it’s not that often
  • puppies, kittens, small animals, big animals, they all make me cry
  • the arizona green tea with honey is my unhealthy guilty pleasure

i follow many great studyblrs but tagging the ones that have been inspiring me lot recently and for the past year, i appreciate all of you guys and love your work!!:

@emmastudies  @studyign @studypetals @maryplethora  @busybby @ibmugglestudies @astrnomy @universi-tea @studyingtobeeducated @classicalstudies @booksandstationery @goodgrades-goodcoffee @juniorincollege @revisicn @theorganisedstudent

happy studying!

kat from pumpkinstudylatte ✨☕️ 

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Hiya! I saw your fic rec post and read them all. Thanks for the recommendations. Do you known of any super angsty trimberly fics out there?? Thanks :)

Sorry that I took so long to answer this but I was looking for fics to recommend lol. 

I mentioned a few of my favorite angsty ones in my other post like and I haven’t read too many yet so there won’t be too many here, but here’s a few angsty fics that I’ve read so far (also read tag warnings guys, because some of these might be graphic):

Anything… some action and a lot of angst

Lover’s Lies 

you light me up inside like the fourth of july (whenever you’re around i always seem to smile)

her sweet tooth’s never satisfied

i’m screaming i don’t want you (you know that i do)


So today I hit 2000 followers. Two-freaking-thousand. And I just really wanted to take this time to say THANK YOU.

So, thank you if you take time to read this short little message. 

Thank you to anyone who reads my fics. Thank you to everyone who sees my edits. Thank you to you that like them, thank you for reblogging them. Thank you to you that do both.

Thank you for all the kind comments and sweet asks. Thank you for the moment you spend on brightening my day by saying something nice. 

Thank you for being such friendly people. I was honestly surprised by the amount of good-hearted people on this site. 

Thank you for following me. Thank you for motivating me to keep writing because it’s something that calms me down and makes me feel at peace even if I don’t always realize it myself. Thank you for letting me live out my imagination.

I know that a lot of blogs have gotten further in the amount of time I have had this one. And I know two thousand is just one more than 1999, but it’s just so symbolic. 2000 is unbelievable to me, I can’t imagine that much people, I can’t picture all of you in front of me. 

If I could, I would tag all of you that follow me, because you’re all apart of this, and I wish I could give you all an individual thank you. Know that I appreciate all of you.

I’d thought I’d mention a few out of you :)

@winchesters-favorite-girl @straightasdeanwinchester @daughters-and-winsisters @assbutt-still-in-hell @u-snavi 

Thank you so much, all of you, for reblogging my stuff, for supporting me, for leaving lovely comments, and for just talking to me. Not just now, but during the whole time I’ve had tumblr. I really appreciate it.

There’s many, many more of you I could tag here. I just don’t wanna freak you out by tagging you in some heartfelt message when we, in most cases, haven’t talked that much. But, trust me, I see all the wonderful comments you leave and all of them make me smile. 

If you’re a follower of mine, this is to you. It’s not just for some other people, it for you too. This is a thank you from me to you. And if you’ve read this far, I love you, and you’re amazing. Never forget that you’re awesome.

I could continue on talking about how thankful I am (I’m actually getting a bit emotional over here) but I think I’m going to round it off here. Don’t want it to get too repetitive. But yeah,


It’s been far too long my darlings. I figured that I would come off hiatus with a bang and finally finish Plague. You’ve been left on tenterhooks too long. It was surprisingly difficult to write this because I wanted to get it right and just couldn’t figure out how to do it. Hopefully some extra feel-sy music will help - play this during the final scene in Loki’s room to destroy your heart. :D So many people enjoyed this story that I don’t have space to tag them all here so I will do so at the end. In the mean time, enjoy! 

Plague (Part 9)

Part 8

Loki’s eyes fluttered apart and revealed a shadowed ceiling. He didn’t remember falling asleep but his entire memory seemed to have merged. Images of blood and fire stained his eyelids; he daren’t close them again.
“I hope you are feeling rested,” said a warm voice. Shifting slightly, he felt the gentle touch of a sheet covering his body. A pillow comforted his head from beneath, a head that felt irritatingly heavy when he tried to lift it. How long had he been asleep?

“When did I-”
“The journey back.” Thor smiled. “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you so exhausted – your eyes were wavering for most of the flight, though their focus never shifted. You spent the entire flight by her side.”

“How is she?” Loki asked with sudden fervour. He turned to Thor and saw him, really saw him, in the dim bedside light. Thor’s face was hollow and pale, weighted with lines of worry.
“She is stable, for now.” He said, looking solemn, contradictory to the words that filled his brother’s heart with hope. “A lot of blood was lost and that has left her condition critical.”
“But she is alive?”
“Yes, Loki. For now (Y/n) is alive.”

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♡ ♡  vimpse’s follow forever  ♡ ♡

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and since I’ll be gone for a little bit starting tomorrow (going home to Norway for a bit, yay!), I thought it’d be a fun thing to leave as the most recent post on my blog while I’m away. :)

These 20 blogs are my absolute 100% “follow forever” blogs. Some are inactive, some have moved on to other games, some have announced leaving, some are still posting regularly but all of them are collectively, in my opinion, the gods of TS2 tumblr. The greats. The ones that have had either the biggest influence or been the biggest inspiration to me. So to all of you, whether or not you ever end up seeing this…:

Thank you for sharing your beautiful games with us. I can’t imagine the amount of hours and effort that you’ve put into your games, and browsing your blogs always makes me want to play my own game. There’s even a fairly large chance that, without a lot of you, I wouldn’t even still be playing TS2. From building and decorating to posing and storytelling, you’ve all created such amazing things using nothing but a game from 2004 (and, well… a fair amount of CC and maybe just a little photoshop, but same thing!). I’ll probably never ever stop going back to your blogs and browsing through your tags and old posts, and I’m really grateful y’all exist. <3

So without further ado (and in random order) here are their blogs:

You are all amazing. Really.

P.S. obviously there are a lot of talented people on Tumblr, and I appreciate every single one of you beautiful bastards still playing and posting TS2. Love is all around! <3

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why are these "lgbt" people getting mad in the kaisoo tag acting like every kd shipper is a hetero cis female...? and they're like "stop questioning their sexuality!" "stop projecting!" but don't bat an eyelash when you see all of these "how ___ would treat his girlfriend" nonsense like that isn't assuming he is straight or into girls as well.. so many double standards. and yes as a gay man there are some shippers who push it too far, but not much from kaisoo shippers on here that i've seen.

Honestly me and most of my friends in this fandom are gay, but I think there’s something inherently gross about using your own sexuality as a prop for otherwise hollow arguments. Like, some people might be drawn to shipping because there’s no representation for lgbt people in kpop, and some people might just enjoy shipping culture (which entertainment companies clearly market to, and idols fully expect and acknowledge) but that’s their business and I don’t need to be out here tryna prove how gay I am to these idiots to justify stanning kaisoo. Their sexuality is as relevant to this as mine is, which is to say, not at all

Dan’s eyes are too pretty to not draw

i don’t believe in yoga

read it here or on ao3

summary:  Even Bech Næsheim runs and teaches at Under Vann yoga studio, and Isak Valtersen lost a bet to which the punishment was to go to a yoga class in hot pink yoga pants. Needless to say, this will be an interesting class. Featuring a flustered Isak, and a slightly bitter Even.

notes: this was so much fun to write! thank you so much to the literal angel @lifestooshortnottobewhoyouare


If you would have told fifteen year-old Even Bech Næsheim that in seven years he would be working in a pretentious yoga studio that sold tinctures, nutritional supplements, and teas, he would have had a good laugh. Now, if you told him that he would be the head yoga instructor in that studio and would be constantly sipping all organic, loose leaf, non-GMO green tea…

He would have punched you. In the face. With only a slight bit of guilt.

Truth was, during high school, his bipolar disorder had taken control of his life. He had started to get episodes very frequently because of alcohol and drug intake, and lack of sleep. It was his way of coping with his increased loneliness and pessimism because he had few acquaintances and close to no friends.

In his third year, he had discussed his coping methods with his therapist. She had said that he needed to find a “natural high,” an alternative to drugs, which had sounded like a load of bullshit to Even at the time. To his dismay, his therapist had insisted that he needed to find a replacement for the weed and beer so he could keep chemical balance in his brain.

“Try something active, something that releases adrenaline and endorphins. It will be just as good as marijuana,” his therapist, Kayla, had told him while reviewing her papers.

Even had rolled his eyes so hard it hurt. This is so incredibly stupid, he had thought to himself.

Kayla had handed him a pamphlet with a group of smiling teenagers giving the camera the thumbs up. On the top it had said: Find YOUR Natural High!

Even had started to feel a bit queasy.

“This pamphlet has tons of activities to do to reach a natural high. Try a couple that catch your attention. In next week’s session, we’ll discuss what worked and what didn’t,” Kayla had said with a smile.

He had tried running, which was instantly turned down, painting, playing the piano, origami, and even knitting. (The last hobby would never be admitted to anyone or he would never hear the end of it.) As a last advance on tackling this “natural high,” he tried yoga.

What the hell do I have to lose?

He had looked up a tutorial on youtube, given it a try and… felt completely calm. It had been the most at peace he’d felt with himself in years, and it had turned out to be a great little hobby. He had practiced it first thing in the morning and when he couldn’t sleep. It was one of his favorite things to do. While he definitely didn’t think it was a high, it was calming and made him gain a bit of muscle while he was at it, so that was a plus.

He had no idea that his hobby would end up being his career.


Even was currently standing at the front desk of the studio talking to his secretary Eskild, whose bright disposition

and overbearing personality was pissing Even off a little bit, to be honest.

“Even, I swear, all you ever do is teach your classes at the studio and sleep. No wonder you’re always so agitated all the time! You never have any fun!” Eskild stated whilst looking at Even critically.

Even scoffed and said, “Yoga is fun.”

“Not as fun as this party will be! Seriously, babe, how great can sun salutation be?” Eskild said with an unamused look.

Even looked around the turquoise room, making sure they weren’t bickering in front of customers. “Maybe if you took interest in what I like to do for a change, you would know that it’s pretty fucking spectacular. Eskild, you’re not my mother, just let me live my life the way I want. No parties.”

Eskild rolled his eyes and picked up the phone that had begun to ring. Even turned away from him and took a deep breath. He knew he should be getting ready for his next class. He quickly checked his phone to see what class it was.

12:15 - Beginner’s Yoga

Fantastic. Even thought bitterly to himself. Just what I need. A group of people with no clue of how to do yoga and I will have to spend 10 minutes per pose so everyone can at least get something similar to the correct formation.

Even grabbed the bucket of yoga mats and placed them next to the door of the yoga room for students to grab as they walked in. He took his place at the front and began to warm up before the class started.


“You lost the bet, Isak! I already signed you up, you are going to that fucking yoga class! In these lovely yoga pants, might I add.”

Isak stared at Jonas, trying to portray a look of complete confusion, and exclaimed, “What bet? Who are you? Who am I? I’m afraid I’ve lost my memory, I think I should lie down.”

Jonas shoved something into Isak’s chest as he left the room, calling out, “Amnesia won’t work this time. The class starts in 15 minutes at Under Vann Yoga. I’d hurry.”

Isak hadn’t thought it could get worse, but apparently, he had forgotten that his best friend was the actual devil. He looked down to see the aforementioned yoga pants, which shone in a delightful hot pink.  

Isak groaned and went to his room to change. He slid on the offending yoga pants with minimal difficulty and looked at himself in the mirror.

Not half bad, he thought to himself, and if he happened to check out his butt before he left, nobody needed to know.

He walked into the kitchen where his flat mates Mahdi, Magnus, and Jonas were waiting.

“Happy?” Isak asked with a hand on his hip.

The boys doubled over laughing and Mahdi replied, “Very.”

While wheezing, Magnus said, “Jonas, I bet you 50 kroner that by the time Isak gets back, he’s been asked out.”

“You’re on!”

Isak sighed and looked at his watch.


Well, if Isak was being forced to go to a yoga class, he might as well make the most of it.


When Isak got to the studio, he started to dread ever making that stupid bet about who could down an entire bottle of mustard first. He admittedly should have had a bit more common sense than to agree to participate, but in his defense, it had been between his honor and his burning throat.

The studio had a soft turquoise interior with vibrant couches that had far too many throw pillows on them. They sold books with inspiring titles such as Manifestation and You! and Discover your Aura: Psychic Development. Isak immediately noticed the smell of incense and… cinnamon?  

He reached the desk where a peppy secretary signed him in. “Have you ever done yoga before?” Eskild, according to the name tag, inquired.

“Uh, nope. This is the first time,” Isak said with a distant tone to his voice, still quite anxious for the class. He was not in the mood for small talk.

“So, you’re basically losing your yoga virginity here,” Eskild remarked with a wink. Isak chuckled nervously and said, “I mean, I guess.” He started to make his way to where he presumed he was supposed to go. He grabbed a yoga mat, walked in the room and plopped down on the floor like everyone else was. He scanned the room and –

I’m screwed. I’m so massively screwed. He’s hot. Why is the yoga instructor hot?

The yoga instructor was standing at the front of the room, looking around with a small smile on his lips. He was greeting some people as they walked past to take a seat, and seemed to be fairly calm. His ash blond hair and stunning cerulean eyes made Isak’s heart beat faster. It didn’t help that he proudly displayed his sweatpants and a super loose (almost sheer) shirt.

I am so fucked.

“Hey everyone!” The instructor started, “I’m Even, and I’ll be teaching you today. First off, I…” Even continued to give his speech, and Isak was in a complete trance. His voice is so soothing. Isak shook his head a little and slapped his forehead, without realizing that he just hit himself in front of everyone. He heard a snort and a couple of giggles. Great start, Isak.

Even seemed to be holding back a laugh. “Is everything ok?” He asked. Isak felt his ears burn and gave him a weak smile. “Yep. Just peachy.”

The class refocused their attention on Even and he continued his speech. “Well, without further ado, let’s get started!” Even began to lead the class through a series of poses that he executed perfectly, whilst Isak looked something akin to a failing giraffe.

Halfway through, when Isak was close to falling on his face from exhaustion, Even decided it would be a perfect time to fix everyone’s forms in downward dog. He walked around, pushing someone’s back down or adjusting their feet every once in a while. When he reached Isak he said, “Hey, um… What’s your name?” Isak lifted his head up a bit to look at Even. “Isak,” he grunted.

“Well, Isak, your problem is your hips and feet. First of all, touch your heels to the ground.” Isak obliged and his breath hitched when he felt hands on his hips.

“Your hips are out of placement,” Even explained, and guided his hips back. It was fair to say that at this point, Isak was regretting his life choices by letting his friends force him to wear the yoga pants that he knew Even had to have noticed by now.

“That better?” Even asked. Isak felt himself blushing and muttered, “Uh, yep.”

The class continued without incident (and with Isak happily checking Even out) until “tree pose” came along and Isak nearly toppled into the elderly lady next to him. He saw Even laughing at the front of the room (while in a perfect tree pose, Isak might add) and that made Isak feel a little better.


Even was actually enjoying teaching this class, and not just because he had gotten chocolate before class started and he’d been stealing chunks of it throughout class. The moment Even had seen the boy with those blond curls, he had known he was going to be checking him out for the rest of class. The yoga pants he was wearing were just a plus. Not to mention he looked like a literal angel with his rosy cheeks and dramatic lips.

Towards the end of class came the “class meditation”. Everyone had to lay down while Even awkwardly rubbed their temples with ylang ylang oil. This was the primary reason why he hated beginners classes so much.

Once Even had warned the class of what he was going to do, he told everyone to close their eyes and focus on their breathing. He started making his rounds and once he got to Isak, his heartbeat picked up. Even started to rub his temples and while he was at it, he got a better look at his face.

Isak had extremely long eyelashes with freckles scattered around his cheeks. He had fantastic cheekbones and a jawline that could cut. Even decided right there that he was going to ask him out after class.


At the end of class, everyone picked up their stuff and headed for the door, but as Isak was leaving, he felt a hand on his waist.  

He turned back and saw Even, with a completely serious look on his face.

“Hey Isak, I just wanted to ask you before you left… Did you get those yoga pants on sale? Because at my house, they’re 100% off.”

Isak’s jaw dropped.

Even looked at him with a radiant grin and said, “If you’re not up for my house, how about dinner?”

Isak felt the corners of his mouth turn up. “With pick up lines like that, how could I possibly resist?”

Even smiled even more and they exchanged numbers.


When Isak arrived at the flat, he called out, “Jonas! You owe Magnus 50 kroner!”

i don’t actually think i’ve said this on here before but Mia Thermopolis means so much to me. she’s neurotic and lies too much and is far, far from perfect but she just got me through a lot in my early teens and i will forever be thankful to Meg Cabot for creating her.

A Collection of Vampire Knight Analyses

Hi Guys,

A lot of you requested this, and omg it took me months to do, but I have, somehow, manage to comb through my blog and collect them all here in this post. They range from those made prior to the ending to those made after. I guess you could say this is a master post of what I hope is all of them.

All Analysis can now be found under ‘VK analysis’ tag on my blog.
All Vampire Knight Asks can now be found under the ‘Vampire Knight Asks’ tag on my blog.

Note: Not all asks that have asked me to break down VK have been added to this post as there were far too many too count. Because of this I ask that you please check the ‘Vampire Knight Asks’ tag.

A Detailed Analysis on Vampire Knight’s Volume Covers [x]

A (slightly) in depth analysis of VK’s ending [x]

The Birds Who Forgot Their Song (Chapter Analysis) (another analysis that never made the tag because my account was to young) [x]

The Knight and The King (my first analysis on VK lol before tumblr allowed my posts to tag hahaha) [x]

Yuuki illustration Analysis [x]

From disposable pawn to Vampire Knight: The story of Zero Kiryuu [x]

The Corrupt Black King and the Valiant White Knight: The Anti parallels between Kaname and Zero [x]

Yume Picture Analysis: a connection that exist for eternity and what that really means [x]

Finally Reaching the Preferred Direction - The meaning of the phrase [x]

Moving into Knighthood; The depths of Zero’s character development [x]

Finding Happiness; The light at the end of a limited lifetime [x]

THE Vampire Knight [x]

Each others Light [x]

‘Fated Butterfly Lovers’, The Tragic Love Story of Zero and Yuuki [x]

If you want to hurry, go slow. A comparative analysis of the canon couples in Vampire Knight [x]

Yet another Comparative Analysis; Zero and Kaname anti parallels [x]

Recently added Analyses:

Zeki and Aidori Parallels [x]

The Depths of Kaname’s Manipulations in the Deep Dark Forest [x]

The Wait: Zeki’s Steady Progression [x]

Heaven, Hell and the Purgatory Between Life [x]

Defiant Lovers: Official Artwork Symbolism [x]

Heaven’s Grace Through White Snowfall [x]

The Black King and His Game of Chess; An Analysis on Vampire Knight And It’s Ending [x]

VK’s Tragic Love Story: The Reality [x] 

What if; A Yuuki Kuran {Attempted} Motivations Analysis [x]

Analytical Asks

Rose symbolism [x]

Character Breakdown of Kaname Kuran - it’s not really a breakdown I just list five reasons why I hate him in great depth but I had to add it haha [x]

This post will be continually updated as new Analysis are written up or found. In that case I will reblog it sporadically on my blog with the updates.

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theres so many sheith events coming up omg. going to recap, june 23rd is chris palmers sheith bday, july 20-23 is comic con day and they will release a full length season 3 trailer! july 24-30 is sheith positively week, the entirely of august is sheith month, august 15 is the sheith big bang posting! september is the month that voltron season 3 will be released

AHHHH! I know right?? I’m so excited, the tags are going to boom soon! Ughhh, comic con thooo, its too far from my country so I’ll be sitting here for a while twiddling my thumbs as I wait for someone to upload a vid. I feel like I might die by September… hahahahaha

Fanfiction Master Post

Ok so I think I should make me one of these now. I think more than anything it’ll help me! Lol. But I’d love it if you could check out anything you haven’t read before. If you want to I mean.

I’ve written whether they’re a one shot or multi-chapters, which universe they’re set in (if it doesn’t say, it’s cos I guess it’ll fit anywhere), whether I’ve finished writing them and whether they’ve been uploaded yet, because I will upload them all, even my old crappy stuff I wrote when I was a teenager! It’s also arranged in alphabetical order, not chronological or written order or anything.

I also think this is beginning to reach the stage where it needs a cut because it’s getting kinda long.

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