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A long distance relationship doesn’t have to be draining. It can be motivating, inspiring, incredibly romantic and still feel as meaningful as any other relationship. It can be filled with adventure and be a lot of fun (even without traveling).

I see far too much negativity on the ldr tag and it makes me really sad to see so many couples suffering. You guys need to remember why exactly this relationship is worth the extra effort, and if you can’t find enough reasons then maybe this relationship isn’t meant to be. 

Chin up, LDR fam. We can fight the distance together. We are all here to talk to each other and support each other through difficult times. I doubt any of us assumed a LDR would be easy ^-^;; 

Fight with love and be passionate.

Anyone that is always open to talk to someone in need of advice, please comment on this post. Let’s show how caring the LDR community is.


So I was tagged in this I guess?

Tagged by @whimsicalbanana7105 to do this thing, so here goes:

Name: Egg
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: Really not sure (over 6 foot I suppose)
Orientation: Mostly heterosexual I suppose
Ethnicity: Greek/ Canadian
Favourite Fruit: Melons (A good watermelon/ honeymelon is like nectar from the gods)
Favourite Season: Summer
Favourite Book: Far too many to pick from, it really depends on recent reads/ mood.
Favourite Flower: I don’t really have one, I suppose violets and tiger lilies are great.
Favourite Scent: Sea breeze mixed with pine. Can’t be beat.
Favourite Animal: There’s so many good ones, I guess hedgehogs.
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: I don’t drink coffee often so I guess tea. There’s so many varieties, and cocoa has its place cemented as a winter/ rainy day drink.
Average sleep hours: Around 6.
Cat or dog person: I assume it’s cheating to say both, but since I have both as pets and both are very good in different ways, I’ll do it anyways.
Favourite fictional character: It’d really depend on the work of fiction that they’re in. There’s so many good ones though.
Dream trip: Somewhere like China, Africa or Cambodia would be really cool. Or Hawaii.
Blog created: Sometime in 2016, recognized several few weeks ago.
Number of followers: Exactly 4578 in this exact moment (close to the the 5K special, folks).
What do I post about: Mostly a girl and her god nowadays, but I am gonna keep adding other stuff too.
Do I get asks on a regular basis: I suppose so, yes.
Aesthetic: Honestly I couldn’t describe this even if I wanted to, it’s expansive yet specific.
Favourite band/artist: Far too many to choose from, it really depends on mood. I don’t even really have a favorite genre.
Fictional characters I’d date: Really not sure (again), I don’t consider dating fictional characters often.
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

I suppose anyone who want to do this is tagged, have fun!

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any fics that address the Lamia thing? (Is that too vague?) Love your blog hope you are having a great weekend!

Not to vague at all. Coda fics for 4x08 Lamia is actually very popular. And by popular, I mean, there are sooooooooooo many. Most are Gern fics where the knights apologize to Merlin. Here’s just a few.

This one is my favorite, with a bit of a twist on the Lamia episode:

Too Far by Emachinescat

Word Count: 10,476 / Rating: Teens and Up

Summary: AU tag to ‘Lamia’. How far is too far? Looking at the bloody, battered form on the cold, stone floor, with Lamia’s green eyes focused hungrily upon the weary men, the knights realized that this time, they might have crossed the line. Enchanted or not, they’ve gone too far. 4x08

Here’s a few others based on the events of the episode:

Aftermath by still-lycoris

Word Count: 1,944 / Rating: Teens and Up

Summary: The knights each come to speak to Merlin after the events of  Lamia.“ SPOILERS for that episode.

Not Just a Servant by RealtaCuardach

Word Count: 3,836 / Rating: General

Summary: The knights have no idea what happened during the Lamia’s enchantment - but they know it must be something terrible. They know because of the words Merlin isn’t saying.

Knights & Servants by anon

Word Count: ~3,000 / Rating: N/A

Summary: N/A. Arthur finds out about what happened to Merlin when the knights were under Lamia’s enchantment and is not pleased.

Knights and Merlin by anon

Word Count: N/A / Rating: N/A

Summary: N/A. Arthur notices Merlin isn’t actually normally around the knights after the events with the Lamia and tries to get to the bottom of it.


tumblr’s follower count was doing a thing there for a while

I can’t thank you guys enough for all this!! It’s been nearly 4 crazy months here, and already so many cool things have happened! I’d say so far my favorites were the winter ball with @dailykiraqueen and @poorlydrawnjolyne and then the fleshbud event with… umm let’s see here… @marinebiologistjotaro @diosconventionaladventure @regularlyscheduledjolynemom @dailyyoungmrskujo @badlydrawnkidkakyoin and all you peeps on the good side and somewhere in between! Honestly, there’s too many people to tag for this wild event that suddenly happened, so I’ll just leave it at that. XD

Thank you guys so much for all these awesome events and interactions!! I’m looking forward to a lot more! >:3c

It’s been far too long my darlings. I figured that I would come off hiatus with a bang and finally finish Plague. You’ve been left on tenterhooks too long. It was surprisingly difficult to write this because I wanted to get it right and just couldn’t figure out how to do it. Hopefully some extra feel-sy music will help - play this during the final scene in Loki’s room to destroy your heart. :D So many people enjoyed this story that I don’t have space to tag them all here so I will do so at the end. In the mean time, enjoy! 

Plague (Part 9)

Part 8

Loki’s eyes fluttered apart and revealed a shadowed ceiling. He didn’t remember falling asleep but his entire memory seemed to have merged. Images of blood and fire stained his eyelids; he daren’t close them again.
“I hope you are feeling rested,” said a warm voice. Shifting slightly, he felt the gentle touch of a sheet covering his body. A pillow comforted his head from beneath, a head that felt irritatingly heavy when he tried to lift it. How long had he been asleep?

“When did I-”
“The journey back.” Thor smiled. “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you so exhausted – your eyes were wavering for most of the flight, though their focus never shifted. You spent the entire flight by her side.”

“How is she?” Loki asked with sudden fervour. He turned to Thor and saw him, really saw him, in the dim bedside light. Thor’s face was hollow and pale, weighted with lines of worry.
“She is stable, for now.” He said, looking solemn, contradictory to the words that filled his brother’s heart with hope. “A lot of blood was lost and that has left her condition critical.”
“But she is alive?”
“Yes, Loki. For now (Y/n) is alive.”

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Okay, this is bugging me.

I’ve seen far too many amazing Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V posts on this website, like beautiful fanart, amazing theories, and incredible dedication to this show and its characters,

yet the posts achieve only a few dozen notes, maybe a little over 100.

I want to see how many Arc-V fans there really are here. I know there has to be more than this. This show can’t be so popular but have such a small fanbase on fandom central ™. SO PLEASE. REBLOG THIS IF YOU ARE A FAN OF YU-GI-OH ARC-V. GET THIS POST A LOT OF NOTES. I WANT TO SEE THAT ARC-V ISN’T AS SMALL AS IT SEEMS!

Harrie Tag

Rules: you must answer the questions ‘til the end and then tag another 10 harrie blogs to do the same! you can use videos/links/gifs/photos to answer the questions.

I was tagged by: @revolutionaryharry@harrysparadox and @muggleharry. Thank you!

I tag:  @raconteurstyles, @lowestyles, @cupcakelirry and @bakehrry because 10 is too many and i don’t know who’s already done this (please ignore this if you have)

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Asagao Elementary School: Normal Boots Club!

I teach a couple of elementary schools out here so I thought it’d be cute to suit everyone up in Japanese-style school outfits and bags. Also splashed out 30 yen on a scan instead of phone pictures lol
Beardless everyone is hilarious, sorry guys

So much @peanutbuttergamer salt @didyouknowshaning is done with it
Had fun drawing @projared too! Shiny cutie!

anonymous asked:

I don't allow it to make me think the world itself will act as a cushion. It might sound ludicrous that someone would, but unfortunately I know far too many people who think that way. Who think that the way things are here, particularly with tagging and the like, will be mirrored in the outside world. It's unsettling, actually. (part 3; end)

Thank you.

In my case it is offensive because it is asking me to not be me. To be some other life form, because what I am at my core is offensive to someone’s delicate nature.

That is specieist. No. I shall not. Thank you.

Part Of That World

(TJLC edition)

I just can’t see how a show that makes such gay pilots be straight.

Look at this ship
Isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think our
Fandom is complete?
Wouldn’t you think we’re the fans
The fans who have

Look at this tag
Meta retold.
How many AUs
Can one fandom hold?
Looking around here you’d think
“Sure, they’ve got everything.”

We’ve got fanfics and edits aplenty
We’ve got screencaps and gif sets
You want homoerotic subtext?
We’ve got plenty!

But who cares?
No big deal.
I want more.

I wanna be
Where the johnlock is
I wanna see
Wanna see them dancing

Clubbing along in the,
What’s it called again?
Oh, gay bar scene

When they’re apart
They don’t get too far
Love is required for running
Living together in
Where’s that again?
Baker Street.

Up where they walk
Up where they run
Up where they kiss all day in the sun
Canon and free
Wish I could be
Part of that world

What would I give
If I could live
Out of this hell?
What would I pay
To spend a day
Free from pining?

Betcha canon
Johnlock understands
Bet they don’t misread signals
No more pining
Sick of hiding,
Holding hands

And I’m ready to know what Mofftiss knows
Ask ‘em my questions
And get some answers
Why this hell and why does it
What’s the word? Burn?

When’s it their turn?
Wouldn’t I love
Love to see them openly in love?
at 221b
Wish I could be
Part of that world

No prizes for guessing how many times I opened this, almost started typing, then decided to choose a different picture. It was far too many though. I’ve been awake for about 30 hours now so I have no excuse why I’ve not introduced myself yet. Hi, I’m Max. I spend my entire life looking for cool new places to eat, learning about cool new fashion trends, and running after a 3 year old that I’ll introduce next time I get ambitious. My gh is beggarxking and I’ll get around to logging in very very soon I promise.

How It Began

For @honestly-not-a-robot and @joyofcreaticn

It was dark, and storming out. Michael hated the rain. He hated it with a passion. And so here he was, holed up in his friend’s house, breathing far too quickly. He still wasn’t sure how he managed to make friends with… another version of himself? A weird one, too. But… They were nice to him.

Not many people were nice to him.

He had declined an offer of popcorn- apparently the only edible food in the house even though Mike seemed to strongly disapprove of eating it- and had instead requested his purple, stinky friends join him on the couch.

Michael took a deep breath, and began to talk, “…It started when I w-was a kid. After Daphne died. Father… went nuts. He didn’t seem to notice me or Henry anymore… Except he… he really wanted me in particular to fear the animatronics. So he built nightmares to torment me at night. It… It worked, I think. I’m terrified of animatronics. More so after what… what happened.”

He rubbed the thick exposed scars on his forehead, “Henry became mean after he fell in with the wrong sort. He tormented me. On my eleventh birthday he… he shoved me into Fredbear’s mouth… The animatronic was in show mode- couldn’t stop moving. His mouth closed on my head. I don’t remember much of that day. Just… pain. Lots of pain. It was raining that day.”

Michael wrapped his arms around his knees, “And now Father is sending me down there, to the Auditorium and Baby and the Funtimes and Ballora… and I’m terrified, Mike. Completely terrified. I just know something is going to happen again. Something I can’t survive. Something I shouldn’t survive. And somehow, I feel like it won’t kill me. Again.”

Match Maker Tag - Taeyxing

Tagged by my girl @taeyxing


01. ship the person who tagged you

02. answer questions

03. write down the groups you would like to get shipped with

04. tag as many blogs as you want

People I ship you with: (I’m tellin you rn I only really know EXO as far as personality wise, hobby wise, etc. So these ships will probably be inaccurate af, but I will try for you c:)

BTS: Jimin. A good dancer and overall everything. From what I’ve heard he’s sexy and has nice thighs? (I am really trying my best here) Anyways he seems like he’s not too hyper all the time and can be serious. But also he can joke around pretty easily. 

EXO: Xiumin! Okay I don’t remember who I shipped you with before, but now it’s Xiumin. So don’t be fussed about it lmao. He’s not tall like you want, but whatever. He matches you in other ways. For example he knows when to have a good time and be loud and when to be more reserved. He really knows how to put his maknaes in place when they are being too extra so I doubt he’d have a problem putting you in place. He really loves music and doesn’t mind jamming as far as I’ve seen on fancams. And obvi he loves sports and outdoor activites since him and jongdae went on a bike ride for their honeymoon. So he’d enjoy a chill date in park like that. He isn’t too scared of anything, and seems to face challenges or fears head on if he does have any. But he was the first person in EXO to go shirtless so I mean… in the bedroom I feel he would be more dominant but could be submissive, too. How the fuck am I really suppose to know that? 

MAMAOO: Hwasa. Since you both have curves, I feel you could understand some struggles with that. Cause you know haters, but really both of you are beautiful so. But you’d constantly be lifting each other up and gaining confidence from each other. Also have sass sessions with each other, just bantering back and forth (all in good fun).

SOLO ARTIST: You want me to say Yixing ;))), but umm idk tbh

IRON: I’m sorry idk them? ;-;

QUESTIONS ABOUT ME (lol I literally just copied what I put from the zyxzj chat)

what is your chinese zodiac/animal:


what is your sun sign:

♐️  Sagittarius ♐️

what is your height:

5'6″ ft/172 cm

what kind of body shape do you have:

Curvy Pear

describe your fashion type:

comfortable, sometimes more edgy and sometimes more preppy, most of the time just a tshirt and shorts.

what are your hobbies:

playing video games, editing gifs, going on walks, biking, soccer

describe your personality:

kind, funny, sassy, friendly, playful 

what do you like and dislike:

likes: nice, caring, and funny people, all kinds of babies, animals, French language, Chinese variety shows, Kdramas, nature, photo-taking, protection squads 

dislikes: meanness or rudeness, low hygiene, watermelon, school, haters

what kind of height do you prefer:

Same height or taller than me

what kind of position do you prefer:

??? ill play any position in soccer, but i like Midfielder the best. (I ain’t tellin y’all that 😜)

do you prefer innocent or sexy:

More innocent but sexiness is also good of course

what are some turn ons:

straight teeth, nice eyes, dimples, nice and caring personality, T h i g h s, soccer players, musicians

what are some turn offs:

cockiness, rudeness, mean people

what kind of fear would it be okay for them to have:

Any kind because it is human to have a fear or any kind of emotion

what would be an ideal date for you:

hmmmm bike riding to a cute little park to play/chill at and a nice lunch at hole in the wall restaurants.

PLEASE SHIP ME WITH EXO (ot12), Monsta X, Gfriend, Solo Artist

Anything relaxing like walking along a beach or something (haha Zitao 😭), talking about feelings, just lowkey and calming. but im also up for anything adventurous too.

I tag: @this-is-entertainment @holyxingsdick @amaxing-daes @babydae04 @thekaitomyxing @soofflay


Fandom: JJBA

Pairing: Caejose (but with solo!Joseph)

Warnings/Tags: Crossdressing, NSFW, humor, camboy, AU, college, drabble, lazy editing

Summary: Class clown, and a bit of a cam whore, Joseph Joestar does anything for his fans.

A/N: Back at it again with the Caejose. Pfft. Sorry if there are tons of mistakes in here. My eyes are burning like a bitch. Anyway, a little thing for the OTP. Some people asked for Speedwagon. But his heart is too pure. I CANNOT, lol. Having to write articles about camgirl stuff still comes in handy to this day, lmao. 

It started out as a joke.

A tacky dress. Some gaudy makeup. Far too many shots of tequila. They had recorded him. Singing and dancing, his lopsided breasts—oranges he’d borrowed out of the downstairs refrigerator—shifting beneath polyester fabric. Always eager for more laughs, he had posted the evidence online. It went viral.

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I know these have been put up, but I want to have them here so I’m putting them up too. XD HQ Haikyuu!! pages. (Click to enlarge) I guess everyone knows already that S3 will be aired this coming fall, so October, and (spoilers for anime only watchers) Karasuno will face off against Ushijima’s Shiratorizawa for a place at the Spring Nationals.

Although I don’t think the match will take one whole season, even though it has the most number of chapters devoted to a match in the manga so far, (more spoilers for anime only watchers) if we add in the Nekoma-Fukurodani match, it might just hit one season. So depending on how long the Nekoma-Nohebi match is, and if we’ll see the Itachiyama-Fukurodani match, and other manga events, there is a reasonable chance it might still be two seasons long. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m sure there will be some sort of interlude, including more training before the Spring High, so that will be a good place to end S3.

And as for reasons why I wanted to put this up… Yaku looks really good in that pose for the Nekoma spread. XD

Source: Public raws

I was tagged by @parkersrevenge

Relationship status: lol

Favourite colour: blue - the darker the better

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, always

Last song I listened to: White and Nerdy

Last movie I watched: Fried Green Tomatoes

Top 3 TV shows: currently it’s Elementary, Black Sails, and the Musketeers

Top 3 characters: ahhh there’s too many, okay umm Idgie Threadgoode, Athos, and Stephen Maturin

Top 3 ships: Sumhowe (it counts), Aubrey/Maturin, and Raffles/Bunny

Books I’m currently reading: oh boy, here we go. Herman Melville, W.H. Auden: The Life of a Poet, Collected Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe, The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel, The Vile Village, Leaves of Grass, Three Saints and a Sinner, The Far Side of the World, Nelson, and a collection of poetry by Henry Longfellow.

I’ll be boring and tag anyone who wants to participate

Tag tag tag tag tag :D

I was tagged by @steampouda , whoop whoop another tag

Rules: answer all questions (that you can), add one question of your own and then tag as many people as there are questions (same as @steampouda, Im also just gonna tag a few, sorry, there are too many on here )

I’ll tag @notthecarlilefromtwilight , @1stlieutenant-riza-hawkeye, @heartandstride, @aviragooutoflesbos, @redflamel, @angua-von-uberwald @story-flower If you want to do this :D

  1. coke or pepsi: uhm water please, I hate sweet pop
  2. disney or dreamworks: How could I decide?! See, I love the quirky dreamworks style but seeing as they still have to give me a good female protagonist i’ll have to go with Disney (and especially Mulan)
  3. coffee or tea: coffee AND tea, jeez, why not both?! 
  4. books or movies: Ok , well see here, movies adapted from books usually suck but I love me some good cinematography and I currently own about 200 DVDs (I’m not kidding) and regularly spend my money on movie theatre tickets, but then I read almost always at least 3 different books at once. Ugh fine I chose movies.. no books… bovies!
  5. windows or mac: windows
  6. dc or marvel: team marvel!!! have you guys SEEN LOGAN??!! fdjkfdhsaj soo good
  7. x-box or playstation: uhm don’t own either but playstation, i really wanna get one
  8. dragon age or mass effect: don’t really have an opinion
  9. night owl or early riser: night owl trying to become an early bird
  10. Cards or chess: …board games, but in this case cards, I’m not a strategic thinker
  11. chocolate or vanilla: chocolate <3
  12. vans or converse: uhm I own 2 pairs of converse and no vans so I have to say converse
  13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: who?
  14. fluff or angst: fluff, I just hate reading angst
  15. beach or forest: forest by the beach (see, I’m good at wiggeling out of things haha
  16. dogs or cats: I’m severly allergic against both so turtles, especially greek turtles, testudo hermanni boettgeri :)
  17. clear skies or rain: clear skies all the way
  18. cooking or eating out: cooking, unless I’m lazy
  19. spicy food or mild food: depends, I like spicy food if its done right, like not peppery spice but like ginger etc spice. So don’t just put hot sauce on stuff but actually season it spicy
  20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: halloween is not so big where I live so really solstice/yule/christmas, when the whole family comes together :)
  21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: I’m always cold so being a little too hot but balance things out a bit. Because I mean if you can make the a little too cold feeling go away by putting on more clothing, ok, then I’ll chose that, but in case it’s something that never goes away, I’d rather be a little too hot all the time
  22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be: lol, I just dreamed about being an OC marvel mutant that could influence the feelings of people nearby and that shit is pretty powerful, so I’ll chose that. closely followed by being able to fly, I mean, who doesn’t want that right?
  23. animation or live action: animation (by the way, I’m still really freaking out about how bad they can make the fullmetal alchemist live action… anyone still as worried as I am?)
  24. paragon or renegade: what?
  25. baths or showers: baths <3
  26. team cap or team ironman: team iron man! c’mon, he has spidey <333
  27. fantasy or sci-fi: BOTH IS GOOD, I hate deciding! also, as a lit major let me tell you the boundaries are pretty fuzzy, so I probably can get away with this :D
  28. do you have three or four favorite quotes, if so what are they:      1:  Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one (Terry Pratchett)                                                                                                 2: A heart’s a heavy burden (Howl’s Moving Castle)                                3: Oooh! All right, that’s it! Dishonor! Dishonor on your whole family! (Make a note of this:) dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow, dis…(Mulan)                                                                                              4:Udo: Hallo Kinder, ich bins der Udo. Das schreib ich mal eben an die Tafel, so.Kinder :äh, hä?! Kind 1: Da steht gar nicht Udo! Udo: Boah weißt du wie egal mir das ist, ich bin doch nicht euer Deutschlehrer! Ich lehre hier das grausamste Fach an der gesamten Schule, ja?! Kind1: Mathe? Kind 2: Sport? Udo: HAUSWIRTSCHAFTSLEHRE!!! *ziiing* *grillenzirpen* Udo: Was is? Kind1: hust Udo: Boah, das ist ein ernst zu nehmendes Fach, ja?!! Das is voll wichtig! (by the one and only coldmirror, Harry Potter und der Plastikpokal <3)
  30. harry potter or percy jackson: Harry Potter all the way
  31. when you feel accomplished: I don’t know, when I’ve done something for my BA thesis paper?! I guess…
  32. star wars or star trek: star wars <3333
  33. paperback books or hardback books: hardback look nicer but I need books with me when I travel and since I move a lot, I have come to prefer paperbacks
  34. to live in a world without literature or without music? ???!!! 
  35. who was the last person to make you laugh? my boyfriend <3
  36. sour or sweet candy: neither, I like all things chocolate though.
  37. do you believe in aliens? I think its pretty cocky to assume we are the only lifeform out there, the universe is huge, man
  38. dawn or dusk dusk :)
  39. piercings or tattoos tattoos, I want one soooo bad, but I dont have money
  40. girls? HOT????? damn yes we are <3
  41. snow or fog fog, because I’m sooo sick of winter at this point
  42. do you sleep facing the wall or the room? I move sooo much in my sleep, I face everywhere
  43. TRC or AFTG: what does this stand for? 
  44. horror or drama: uhm, I recently got into horror, so for today I’ll say horror
  45. ocarina of time or majora’s mask? never played :( but I want to start getting into games more :)
  46. would you rather live in an area of more nature or city? City, i’ve grown up in one and lived in a rural area for a year and hated it :D but I still like to have nature close to the city
  47. what’s your addiction right now? gilmore girls, just got into it :D also, cosplay as a big convention is coming up :D
  48. what languages can you speak? German, English and Polish
  49. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? I honestly like living in Germany, we have good healthcare and the government isn’t so bad, but I think Sweden is cool, if it wasn’t for the long winters :D
  50. sun or moon? moon :)
  51. potato bread or banana bread? banana bread!
  52. are horses good? yeah, I’m allergic but I especially LOOOOVE iceland ponys :D, I used to horseback ride until my allergies got to a point where I couldn’t see anymore after a lesson so my mom made me stop
  53. Edward Elric or Alphonse Elric? dammit @steampouda, why did you have to make it so hard :D ok, well, I’m gonna go with Alphonse but never make a mother choose between her children 

Logan or Deadpool?