there are far too many imperfections

So with each Gem Fusion, there has to be a certain level of love/affection or even friendship at the very least to make it work or make as many imperfections on the physical body as possible

lets take stevonnie. stevonnie is the most perfect fusion thus far tbh. two arms and two eyes. more perfect than garnet, and shes made out of love. so steven and connie must REALLY care for each other. now speaking of garnet…

garnet is a pretty good fusion. two arms but has 3 eyes. not bad. one of the best before stevonnie debuted. her love made fusion is still top tier. and shes strong too. 

Now for our new fusion, Rainbow Quartz. She is pearl and rose quartz fused, now we all know how pearl feels about rose and how rose feels about every living being, so their connection and bond should be pretty tight. she has two arms but four eyes! the first gem to be shown having four eyes! they care for each other, but not as much as garnet or stevonnie. rose is in love with greg, not pearl.

opal is next. she is right after rainbow quartz in perfection and cooperation in fusion. she has only two eyes but four arms. pearl and amethyst like each other, but they dont love each other. they tend to argue alot, so for opal being their fusion, is really extraordinary. 

next up is sugilite. a fusion with a fusion! thats alot right? which makes sense for her personality. shes very destructive. ruby is fury, and sapphire is patience. amethyst is a bit of chaos as well. 2 to 1 ratio makes this large woman. she has four arms and get this: FIVE EYES. now garnet and amethyst are indeed close, but again, they overpower sapphire and her calm trait, so her physical form is a bit wild.  the more gems to fuse, the more arms and eyes theyll have. and the bigger theyll be too by the looks of it thus far. which brings me to my next fusion

alexandrite! she has 6 arms and two mouths! thats a first. amethyst pearl ruby and sapphire? thats alot to reel in. while ruby and sapphire are already focusing on their fusion within this fusion, amethyst and pearl are trying to focus being fused along with another fusion. that was kind of confusing right? yeah it would make sense why their bonds are so out of place in alexandrite. they can focus enough to make her, but one distraction causes her to separate. they all love each other yes, but two gems are in love, and the other two are friends. so its all over the place

thats more than what i can say for malachite. lapis fused with jasper in order to trap her we all know this. but the thing that proves they were not meant to fuse is what garnet says when malachite is dragged under the sea: they are really bad for each other. meaning they dont even like each other! let alone love. four eyes and shes not even bipedal. shes a hexaped. like a creepy insect.. they fused for one purpose. to hurt the crystal gems. or so jasper thought anyway. this was done by two gems. and it looks awful. even a fusion done by 4 gems looked better than this, and thats because they all like each other. lapis HATES jasper. but malachite isnt as bad as the last one


FORCED FUSION. AN ATROCIOUS MONSTROSITY.  the act of forcing broken gems to fuse to create a fullmetal alchemist nostalgic nightmare. these gems had no choice. they were broken, and smashed together without consent. these gems, were in a way, raped. they were raped by evil experiments done by their ex homeworld. garnet was mortified by this, because she knows how grotesque this is.. this is by far the worst way to fuse. no love. no bond. no connection. just darkness. 

however, one last question remains: who is this? 

“As we ring in the new year, we look back at the highlights of 2015.  One person in particular we would like to make note of is Sergeant Harry Styles, and his return to the United States after being held as a prisoner of war for three years in Afghanistan.  He was captured after a raid on an Al Qaeda operations site in 2012 went awry, leaving him as the only surviving member of his unit. 

Sgt. Styles was seen publicly for the first time in May when he received both the Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart from President Obama. He has not been seen since the ceremony, but there are rumors spreading that he is currently working on an autobiography detailing his experiences overseas.”

A story about imperfect pirouettes with the perfect partner, never-ending grey’s anatomy marathons, far too many tequila shots, and confronting the past no matter how hard you try to hide from it.

Grey Street, Coming 2016.

The trouble with “making plans” and “having goals” is that we all have far too many things we want to do “when we’re older” or “in a couple years,” and far too little time in our lifespans. Time is in such a limited quantity, and “tomorrow” is not guaranteed. We all want to travel the world, discover new parts of ourselves, acquire new talents, and meet new and exciting people.
The trouble with “making plans” and “having goals” is that when we look into the future, no matter our age, we see ourselves happy and loved by a perfectly imperfect individual who we will meet in some perfectly imperfect circumstance. That we need another person by our sides to complete ourselves, to finish all of the plans we started, and meet all of the goals we made. We believe that we will run into a stranger in the middle of the street, in a local coffee shop, playing on stage at the local bar, but the truth of the matter is, the only thing you can count on in the future is that you will still be you, and you are the only person you can count on.

the future (via gwegg)

In this social media era where many of us self-edit our lives to present the most beautiful picture to the world - whether it’s via staged and filtered instagram photos or witty status updates, it’s easy to become intoxicated with a version of ourselves that isn’t real or true. Some of us are more intimately familiar with who we present to the world, than who we actually are. And why wouldn’t we be? We’re in a world where outrageously high standards of beauty and accomplishment are glorified. All else is deemed inferior. But the thing is, the person that many of us hide - the flawed, unsure and complicated self. The self that is bent (or even broken) is beautiful too. The self we hide has something meaningful to contribute to the world. And this self, riddled with all its imperfections is far more interesting and divine, than the version we often present. Love who you are and where you’re at, however muddled that person and place is. Christiana Mbakwe

You say you do not matter. You feel
you are inadequate and irrelevant compared to the rest of
the world. One would think that hate comes from the harsh
words they speak of you but no; the thoughts inside
your head is enough: a constant hum and never ending cycle of ‘if only’ and 'could have been that kind’. Sometimes your heart aches, and you want
the ground to give in for you to disappear because you couldn't 
face truth staring back. You are flawed and you know they 
are too but it’s they are more beautiful,
more talented, more special; you could just can’t help but stare
back in silence. Not even the many  stars in the sky could bring the smile long 
long gone from your lips, neither could they some way to bring you the comfort for they seem so far away, and you might think somehow you are an imperfection, but in this life the most beautiful of things often are.