there are far too many imperfections

Early Mornings

You can imagine as whoever you want, but I’m writing this from his perspective. Hope you enjoy! xx

Early mornings were his favorite time of the day. He loved waking up before you. It gave him time to just admire you without you teasing him or without him getting embarrassed by his friends.

Early mornings were when he could lay beside you and take in all of your features. Your far-from-perfect hair, the bags under your eyes from too many late nights on Tumblr, your chapped lips. He was close enough to smell your morning breath. But it didn’t matter, because you were still the most beautiful person in the world to him.

Early morning was when he realized that he loved you for the first time. Sure you weren’t perfect, but you were perfect to him and that was all he cared about. He loved your little imperfections that made you who you were, and he loved you.

Early mornings were the only quiet time you two really got together, just laying there with your bodies intertwined and the sound of your breathing filling the air. It was these quiet moments when he realized that he didn’t need to have a conversation with you to fill the times, because no matter what, he would be content in your presence.

Early mornings were when he realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. He laid next to you and imagined himself holding you in his arms, your little prince or primcess snuggled in between you two from a bad dream. He could see you walking down the aisle, beaming at him, and his heart swelled with happiness. He knew you were the one.

Early mornings were what you two spent arguing over whose turn it was to get the baby, but he would always go after a quick kiss and the puply dog eyes. He didn’t mind it anyways, your little girl had him wrapped around his finger already.

Early mornings were when you two reminisced about when your daughter was still a little girl. 18 years when by fast and he would be lying if he said it didn’t make him want to cry at the thought of her leaving for college, but you were already doing that and he had to be strong as he held you in his arms.

Early mornings is when he would lay in his empty bed and think about his life with you. All the kisses and cuddles shared, and the fights and tears that had to happen. And as he would look over at the picture of you on your wedding day, tears forming in his eyes, he smiled at all of the early morning memories he made with you.