there are far too many imperfections

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Re: "far far far from perfect" This is refreshing, because in a physical sense you are undeniably quite attractive. Unfortunately, for too many people perfection only means physical beauty. But looks eventually fade, and life (and relationships) must be built on more than that. I salute your sincerity and your modesty (signs of a true southern gentleman). For the sake of those who consider you to be perfect, would you mind sharing some of your imperfections, as you see them?

I can be selfish and self centered at times. Also I have a hard time appreciating what I have until I lose it. I don’t really like my body tbh, I’m too skinny. I get my feelings hurt very easily, and I can be manipulative, even when I’m not trying to be.

Not all Lucids want to end up looking like fancy frilly princesses. Some of them have spent their whole lives being told, whether or not it was in so many words, that they’re monstrous, hideous things - that they’re too big, too hairy, too ugly and frightening and imperfect. Some of them have learned to love themselves despite this. Some, however, have learned to take comfort in monstrosity. Monsters, after all, whatever else they are, are powerful.

(Originally I was hedging about whether the name “Minodora” was a little too on the nose. Then I realized I didn’t give a fuck.)

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If Nicole could irrevocably change ONE THING about herself, what would it be?


{/Just exactly what was this anon trying to gain from extracting this information from her? Nicole didn’t understand how or why they wanted to know. Granted, there were far too many things she wanted to change about herself. And they only wanted her to pick one. That was like asking the sky to only drop one snowflake. Still, as she ran through the list of every single thing she absolutely hated about herself in her head.

All her imperfections.

All of her insecurities.

Not one stood out more than the other. If she could get rid of one, that’d just leave focus on the others. It’d only draw attention to those things. Then she’d be up a creek without a paddle. It was absolutely ridiculous how much she just couldn’t stand about herself. How much she wished she could change everything. Would the anon accept everything as an answer? She counted as one person? But then again, they’re looking for an aspect.

A long moment of silence, and she’s wrecking her brain and trying to come up with an answer before it dawns on her.}

“–How much I ha’e myself. Tha’s all.”

My favorite type of artwork is Impressionistic. From far away, everything seems beautiful and flawless. From close up, there are many flaws and imperfections. I like to think of people this way too. It takes a lot of examination to see the flaws in people. But, once you see the flaws, you notice all of the hard work that went into making that person who they are. That is when you realize, they are not flaws. They are short brushstrokes of life that make up the big picture. Just like a painting.
—  Hope S. (me)

This world is full of too many beautiful things, and life is far too short to be anything but at peace. Be fully alive and full of joy, not because everything is good, but because you can see there is good in everything. Forgive those who aren’t sorry. Let go of hurt and anger. Be the best person you can be, and stop making excuses to be bitter. There is really no excuse. We’re all part of this world, and it’s mostly what we make it for one another. Though this world is imperfect, let’s make it a better one. ☺️✌️ Matthew 6:14-15 (NIV)

14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. 🙏✨