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*brings chaser back to life* Chaser whats in the fridge?

The dinner is quite alive tonight


leave fluffy paps alone!

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Replying some quick asks ;w; since i still have the box flooded! Almost getting to all!


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I have a feeling Gillian broke what ever was going on with them because David carried on sleeping with other girls. Maybe she wanted something more than he could give, and now she's moved on. I always remember that tweet, Becky with the bad hair. That's a Beyoncé song about the girl Jay'z cheated with. Maybe she was insinuating the same thing? Now all this stuff with PM is a show to say, look I can move on?

I strongly disagree with that feeling!!!!

I do not understand the need to make DD into the villain in all of this mess made by GA (and everything else) and most important, I do not understand the need to make him into Hank. DD is not Hank, it was a role he played. What has he done wrong, since he is constantly being blamed for being the cause of GA’s mistakes and bad behavior? For the last few years the man has behaved exemplarily, been there for his children, for Tea, supported feminist purposes, shown a personal part of himself, which in every way shows a man who rests in himself. In addition, whenever he has been with GA, he has shown care, respect and supported her. In reality, we do not know anything about what happens, but all this is GA’s responsibility and her who must be responsible ultimately. It’s her mistakes and her who can be blamed, nobody else (Partly PM, but in my eyes that man is completely indifferent and non existent to me)

Finally, I do not understand why all tweets from GA must be interpreted and analyzed down to the smallest detail. GA does not send hidden messages to us through her tweets (Or more correctly through her PR people’s tweets on her social media)  She is “completely” indifferent to us. We are the ones who “buy” the work she does through cinema tickets, merchandise, ratings, support her charity stuff and so on. We are not her friends and in principle, mean nothing to her!