there are definitely more scenes like this lol


“What about the Hunt?”

“They hunt the wicked and the unwary, don’t they? There must be more wicked than us out tonight.“

🎉🎉🎉It’s done, it’s done🎉🎉🎉

This piece has been a labor of love. Ever since we read @robininthelabyrinth‘s fic Changling Mine, we knew the scene we wanted to portray. Definitely the largest and most complicated work we’ve ever done, but all those details were worth it!

I also…can’t decide…on what version I like better. So have all three <3

I know some people were interested in prints when we were posting WIP’s of this, and there will be some in our store and at ECCC, we just need to figure out what sizes first O.O;;

After reading Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 1 by @toraonice I couldn’t stop laughing and after rewatching that particular scene I find it even more funny. 

I’m talking about this part:

Honestly, it never seemed like they kissed to me, not even after rewatching it so many times LOL This is why I find Kubo’s commentary funny. Why in the world would someone think they kissed. I would say because of this:

Look at Yurio’s lips LOL! We all know how much the creators of Yoi love to play with accentuating the character’s lips when it’s in focus for one reason or another XD

For example: 

Then they add this:

They were definitely playing a bit with this scene, that’s why I’ve seen a few fan arts about the two of them actually kissing. 

BONUS lips shot 

NOTE: NO, I don’t believe they kissed nor am I trying to prove/imply they kissed. I just found her commentary funny LMAO, is all. 

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Do you think the little moments we had of Zuko and Katara together is way better than of Katara and Aang's time together, I certainly do, if you take out that one episode were Katara was really pissed at him lol it's all WAY better than all her scenes with Aang,I'm not hating but it can clearly be seen,how she talks to him compared to everyone else the list goes on,even years after the show is over Zutara is still the popular ship and the fanfics about them people are making are just incredible!

Yeah, I can definitely understand why people think that. Zuko and Katara are definitely more on an equal level than Aang and Katara. When Sokka playfully boos at Aang, she immediately gets defensive. She acts like she has to be protective of him. That behavior is not very indicative of flirtatiousness. But with Zuko, she feels more comfortable teasing him. This shows a level of comfort that she doesn’t have with Aang. She and Aang are friendly, of course, but not on an equal level. She relates to him in a maternal way.

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Yay!!! Well since you've seen Nijiiro Days? I was just going to ask if you remember that scene in ep 7 when yukirin wanted Tsuyopon to kiss her but he was to embarrassed to do it in front of ppl?? Idk when I saw that it made me think of sasusaku, can't you see someone like that happening to them ???😍😊

Lol, I can definitely see something like that happening. Yukiko and Tsuyoshi’s relationship shares several similarities with the one that Sasuke and Sakura now share in terms of the relationship dynamics. Yukiko and Sakura are far more openly affectionate while Sasuke and Tsuyoshi are much more reserved.

Tsuyoshi also reminds me of Sasuke in more ways than one! They both have this rather stoic personality, but prove how much they care for those dear to them through their actions. I actually never realised exactly how similar the two of them were until you made me think about it, lol. I mean just look at them, even their hairstyles are almost exactly the same!

And the way they act towards their partner is almost identical as well! They’re both reserved, but have a heart of gold. I guess it’s not a coincidence that they’re both my favourite characters from their respective series’ ^_^

xsilver-muse  asked:

So I saw your theory about Shiro being stuck in the astral plane and seriously, how you pick up on such small things honestly amazes me? I never even noticed the red and blue stars, but I think that definitely has to be more than just a coincidence. ;D Keep the theories up and coming, I really enjoyed reading them! <33

Thank you LOL, yeah I was watching the scene again (before I posted) and I saw all of these random red stars and I’m just like: “Why are they even there?” Then I saw the blue star, literally the only blue star and lazer beams shot out of my eyes realising that this could possibly mean something very important LOOL :,D

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OK SO I WAS WATCHING THE EXTENDED VERSION OF THE EPISODE 8 PROMO, and after cole says "subscribe for more videos" (or something like that) there is a clip of bloody fingers/where nails were dug into the skin. I was super surprised and was thinking that this could be betty because when ever she's stressed she digs her nails into her fingers!!!! Watch it and tell me what you think please!!!!

Yes, I see what you’re talking about! 

And that’s definitely what it looks like. That whole ending section seems to be flashes from previous episodes, but unless I just can’t remember this scene, it looks like we haven’t seen this happen in the show yet. But correct me if I’m wrong, I forget these things sometimes lol! So if we haven’t, that means we might get to see more of the Betty we saw at cheerleading tryouts and the scene with Chuck at the pool. And both of those instances were triggered by something to do with Polly. So whether it’s in episode 8, or an episode down the line it should be interesting to see what caused this to happen and if anyone catches her doing this, how they will react. I just want them to explore this side of Betty more, because it gives a depth to her character that I think is really interesting. Then again, we haven’t seen this side of her lately and I’d like to think that this has something to do with Jughead (just my opinion/wishful thinking lol) so that makes me kind of nervous if those are her hands. Guess we’ll see what happens!

I don’t know, let me know what you guys think!

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do you think the deleted scene from 7x12 will be in the DVD for season 7?

Well, I think we’re all definitely hoping for that haha. I mean personally I think it’s more likely that they could decide to just include an extended version of the episode with the love scene on the DVD release, since most of the other episodes this season have been extended even when they had no reason to be. I suppose they could just put it on there as a deleted scene on its own, but I’m having trouble picturing what they would label it as. It would be kind of funny if it was just titled “richonne deleted sex scene” or something lol. But yeah as long as we get to see it, I’m cool with whatever way they choose to release it.

Mystic Messenger x Yona of the Dawn

While rewatching Akatsuki no Yona I started imagining if the Mysme characters were in this show

Had too much fun with these… WIP sketches might finish later??

Zen would def be Jaeha, shameless flirt and womanizer with a soft side (even tho looks wise he is really similar to Gija)

The more I look at Hak the more I laugh because he keeps looking more and more like Jumin to me from the messy hair and gruff exterior to the possessive jealous kittens they really are

There’s one scene with Hak and Yona where Hak is like:

and I was like: ^^^^^JUMIN IT U

and for lols, an MC-fied version

Yoosung looks most like Yun hehe bishoujo little uke boys but personality wise I think he’s most similar to Gija…young, really hot-blooded but innocent and gullible at the same time

Jaehee strikes me as both Captian Gigan and Yun? She’s the sensible one who tries to keep all the other boys in line LOL.

Seven & V… that’ll be a surprise for next time!

thoughts on the Liam romance path

While there is no denying that it was absolutely cute and I cherished every small second of it, I just get the feeling that it’s out of order? like there is not fluid line of flirting, and then suddenly ur on his couch making out and you get moved to scene where they act like basically nothing happened.

And then you go on this “date” where he tells you a few lines and that’s it.

The final scene is very cute and fun, (which I think fitted Liam perfectly) but there isn’t no definitive “I love you” or anything

Like the whole romance seemed similar to a fling or just two people enjoying eachothers company cause why not, we have known eachother the longest. lol.

It’s just a little disappointing and compared to the PB or Cora scenes…It just sucks:/

If you guys know more about it, or maybe even I missed something let me know but as of rn, I’m bummed

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Cruella was my favorite QOD. Probably because she was the scariest and most powerful. I loved when she put Maleficent in her place by controlling her dragon form. You know she'd been waiting a long time to do that to the Dragon Bitch! LOL

I absolutely love Cruella. She was definitely my favorite villain. The way she just carries herself is hilarious and she’s truly batshit crazy. And her knocking out Mal, she’s just amazing and I love her.

Plus she brought a whole lot of funny wherever she showed up. Like that scene with her and Regina in the diner in Underbrooke.


Cruella is a fucking hoot. If the show were to ever go back to the Underworld, I’d love more of her.

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Love your review!!! I seriously envy your ability to put it all into words because I definitely struggle with that! This dialogue was my ASTRID: You’re different than you were. You have to accept that. QUINN: I keep hoping I’m not, but I know I am.

Thanks so much, it means a lot! Those reviews are a labor of love. They really have turned out to be a lot more work than I expected LOL. I like writing, but it doesn’t come easy.

And OMG I’m so with you on that dialogue. It broke my heart to see Quinn defeated 😢

(Plus he looked really hot in that scene)

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Aaron does actually look like he has sobered up somewhat though cos Danny's sublime drug acting isn't there... (And I shouldn't miss it but this bloody show is messing with my head. Lol)

Yeah, he definitely seems to be off them for that scene (Danny’s flawless as always) which is what makes it much tougher to swallow. It was always going to be this way, the drugs change your personality in a much more significant way to alcohol and even other drugs and what he did wasn’t even that bad… yes, he was dismissive and hurtful but he’s done it tons before and Rob has always risen to it, understood and fought back to get through to Aaron. Knowing someone is under the influence of drugs gives an awareness of them behaving differently. It doesn’t excuse or change how hurtful stuff is but this was the first time he’s done it and Rob didn’t attempt to ask why and how it was so bad, didn’t listen, and took some pretty mild words as a break up? Really poor writing and development. Made what Rob did seem entirely worse beyond belief.

I went on a vanilla Tinder date with this younger, super rich, banker turned high end real estate agent the other night. 

Dude was super nice and had a handsome face, but is/was a straight wreck. He’s had 3 DUI’s, used to be big in the clubbing/drug scene, has been in rehab twice, doesn’t drink now because he doesn’t think he can control himself….omg lol. Typical LA spoiled rich kid hot mess of a life. 

Did I mention really rich though….and he took me to a restaurant that was even more expensive than where SD’s/POTs have taken me. 

I feel like I could get some really cool experiences/trips/meals out of this guy, but not cash unfortunately :( I suppose I can date him while SD hunting, because I really did have a lot of fun with him. Definitely not boyfriend material though. 

Why does everyone have so much fucking baggage. Jesus.

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Loving your thoughts on Civil War but I just wondered if you had any more to say about Clint. I really felt with this movie that even though the Russos did a fantastic job depicting him, they are totally constrained now because of Whedon's stupid Little House on the Prairie fuck up. Like there is nowhere left for his character to go and the wasted potential really bugs me. (Also we got half a minute of Clint/Nat scenes, which was also disappointing.) What do think? Thanks!

Oh man. I don’t really know how to answer this except by maybe posting gifs of all of Clint’s moments. The filmmakers are definitely constrained now post-Farmgate, but I love that Clint is given both some ‘lol wut’ canon!Clinty moments (’I knew I shoulda stretched’) and also a powerful confrontation scene with Tony, which together gives him more three-dimensionality than ever before in the MCU.

Also, ‘You were pulling your punches.’ I WILL SHIP CLINTASHA IN HELL

tutorial: coloring youtube/music videos

hey guys, so i’ve been asked to make a tutorial showing how to color youtube/music/low quality(who are we kidding, right?) videos

it’s definitely not all that different from coloring “regular” videos (like movies, tv shows and such)

keep in mind that every video/scene is different and the quality isn’t usually the best, even when you download 1080p videos 

so i’ll be showing how to go from this:

to this:

Keep reading

Yamazaki Sousuke of Free!

I would LOVE to see Sousuke interact more with Iwatobi’s team – especially with Nagisa and Haru!  ^_^

Originally posted by johnzocallaghan

I loved that whole Sougisa scene – it was the sweetest thing ever.  I totally broTP ship Sougisa so hardcore, lol!  (Similar to the Sousuke/Gou ship, I can see Sousuke warming up to Nagisa as a younger-sibling type figure, ^_^)

Originally posted by detectiveoceanwaves

I would also really like to see Souharu develop their now-somewhat fragile mutual respect for each other further – preferably without Rin constantly having to be the middle man between the two of them.  I definitely consider them friends now (even if it is a little uneasy, lol…), and I think they do have the potential to become good friends.  Whether as broTP or as a casual ship, I can definitely enjoy any future potential interactions between these two!

And of course – this one, haha:

Originally posted by tearbender

Originally posted by sayuri-01

Awww… is Sousuke finally starting to thaw out with Rin’s old friends?  <3

While these two have barely interacted at all outside of this ova episode, I have seen enough really awesome Soumako fan art to make me at least somewhat ship these two, lol…  It’s the only Sousuke ship that I can get behind, other than Souharu.

Sousuke was never in any way, shape, or form an easy character for me to like/warm up to in the entire series all the way up until the ova.  But the OVA has improved my opinions of him considerably.  His interactions with Iwatobi in this episode were so sweet, and I’d like to see more of this side of him!  ^_^

lol my quick review of batman vs. superman (no major spoilers)

OKAY so i just watched batman vs superman…… and….i love batman, superman, wonder woman and dc comics but….

it wasn’t worth the hype. like there are some great scenes and brilliantly realized moments but a lot of the movie is a fucking mess idk i just :—( i do applaud ben affleck’s attempt to make batman a darker more weary hero, but there are plot holes that just didn’t do his character justice. not to mention that batman is supposed to be clever, calculated and smart but idk they didn’t really fully give him the characteristics batman is supposed to have. henry cavill has some screen appeal but imo his superman in the movie comes off as a pretty apathetic hero. there could have also been more to his character for sure. jesse eisenberg’s lex luthor lacks the charisma of a villain and his version of the character just makes no sense. i like jesse eisenberg as an actor & all (and also slightly biased bc he’s from my town LOL) but his lex luthor was wtf…. and a lot of the movie is so cluttered, and overstuffed and just poorly put together 

gal gadot’s wonder woman however is one thing that livens up the movie (tao okamoto also looked so pretty haha), although ultimately it’s swallowed up by the mess of some bad cgi as well as the of the rest of the movie

the blame for the bad movie and overall disconnect really is behind the camera, and overall i think the film failed to deliver for me. i could honestly go on about so many other aspects the movie is lacking on for me personally but eh whatever. if u know the comics/animated versions and have knowledge on the actual characters then the film will probs disappoint. but i think if u don’t have too high of an expectation going in, it can be enjoyable tho. i mean i did like some scenes and aspects of the movie so i don’t completely hate it, but i can’t say i thought it was great.

edit: it’s not bc the movie is “darker” that i don’t really like it, i’m all for it if the execution is actually good

An Essay on After The Storm

After the storm (5x01) is seriously possibly my favorite episode. Even just for the Beckett/Bracken scene alone. Stana showed every emotion, anger, fear, confusion, and heartbreak. That perfectly rolling tear? And her trademark angry forehead vein = A+. When will your faves do amazing teardrop and vein acting? And Jack Coleman, goddamn he was so good. Captured that perfect smarmy politician bullshit (when he randomly goes into his monologue about that most definitely non-existent Lamar Doakes I crack the fuck up) - perfect psychopathic acting.

Other Fave Moments

1. The reappearance of Lone Vengence Girl! Her “Anything for you” was adorable.

2. Esposito apparently thinking they should have played scrabble and drank tea at night four years ago lmao.

3. Love the wordless scene when Kate leaves and Castle’s asleep. She gets her gun, looks at her mother, (they did a good job picking that actress, she looks more like Stana than Terri lol) and then looks at sleeping Castle.

4. Obviously I love the pistol whip. Also love that they actually remembered to give him that scar later on lol. Ahem.

5. Love that Kate got to physically scar him and it broke my heart thinking about her own scars. I’m not a violent person, but it’s TV and that mf deserved it

6. Then when the guys get to the kitchen and see Kbex with her gun out, and then they watch Bracken take a bloody walk of shame lmao.

7. And of course Detective Beckett is back. Love “until then, I’ll get it for others.” Sob. And Caskett’s little smiles at each other. Perfect. 

Ugh I just LOVE it.