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I'm so glad Kirishima is getting so much spotlight, he really deserves it!!!! And it looks like hes gonna get more, since hes in the main group along with Deku, Uraraka and Tsuyu. I;m so hyped!!!

Honestly!!!!!!!!!!! That’s one interesting group tbh, Kirishima and Tsuyu’s interactions are always incredibly adorable to watch and seeing Kirishima interact for so long with pure and good people is gonna be hard on my heart (I mean, you know I’m 100% a bakusquad fan but they’re all at least in part assholes and Kiri fits with them just right, he can be just like Sero and Kaminari and I love it, but then his interactions with Amajiki have been so pure can you imagine an arc filled with that I’m already crying)

I just hope my other faves won’t completely disappear through this arc haha sigh

Anon said: So which Kacchan quote do you like best “Die your bacteria fucks, dieee!” or “BRING YOUR DAMN TRASH TO ME”?



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Sansa and Jon: Why?

So, yesterday I made a post, meta, what have you about Jon/Dany, and why I personally don’t think they’ll be together. Now, I’m doing Sansa and Jon.

It’s no secret that I’m a Jonsa shipper. As I said in my previous meta before season 6 came out, I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of Jon’s storyline. It had kinda flat-lined for me, for a little bit. Then Hardhome happened, and I grew interested again. 

Anyway. Before season 6 I didn’t even give Jon/Sansa a second thought. It was ridiculous. They had never spoken. They had no type of relationship (book and show.)

So, why these two? Well, let’s go over a couple of things. Jon and Sansa compliment each other rather well. Sansa is not a warrior, she’s not Ygritte, she’s no Val. But, in the books, it really dug into Jon’s wishes to what he wanted for his future. And it didn’t include fighting. It included having children that looked like his siblings. He lusts after Val, he does not love her. It’s as if he’s projecting what he wants onto her. But he knows he won’t get it. Sansa, in the books wants to return to Winterfell, as Jon does. She also wants to have children that look like her siblings. Weird? Not only that but their many parallels. Sansa started off as a lady, then a bastard. Jon started off a bastard, then a lord. Now a prince. 

Show wise: Their scenes in season 6 are not platonic. The way that they’re shot, the way that they’re acted, (mostly Kit). He looks at her a lot of the time, stares at her really. As if he’s trying to figure out who she is. Because guess what, they never had any kind of relationship with each other. They really don’t know how to act around the other. Like…hmmm…strangers I’d say. Anyway, the scenes. Let’s bullet the scenes here that questionable eye contact, physical contact happened….

1.) Meeting Jon again. (The hug was heart warming, just the point of the fact that two Starks had actually met again brought tears to my eyes.) But Jon, immediately recognizing her bunched up his hand, and moved back. As if he was hit with a force that shoved him backwards. He couldn’t believe it was her! Anyway, this scene itself doesn’t really (to me) have any romantic undertones. Moving on…

2.) After hug scene: Jon and Sansa are sitting in Castle black, sitting in front of a fire. Sansa’s sipping soup and Jon is staring at her. Like, he’s trying to figure her out. Since he has no relationship with Sansa, he doesn’t really know what to say. And he does stare at her, he definitely has a foreign emotions in his features that I can’t quite place in this scene. But then, after, they start to banter back and forth about Winterfell, and Sansa asks him to forgive her. He does, and they laugh. Then, she proceeds to ask for his ale, and he looks at her, in a humorous way. She drinks the ale, then chokes, and he laughs. That is a flirtatious action. See, a brotherly reaction would be…

“Ha. Knew you wouldn’t be able to drink it. This stuff’s terrible.” Or something like that. 

3.)Assembling the North scene: Now, this scene confuses me. 100% Jon stares at her a lot of this scene, but he doesn’t do it in a flirtatious way, he does it in a ‘learning her’ way. He’s trying to understand what she means, and what she wants. Then, when Davos is starting to put down her plans, he starts to get almost agitated, not at Sansa, but at Davos. He cuts in when Davos is done talking to her, telling him there’s more then three houses in the North, there’s two dozen more. Then the part where Sansa says that she has the Stark name. Jon looks at her, then Edd looks at him. Jon looked stunned at what she said. Ed looked at Jon in question. The whole scene is very confusing. I didn’t get it. 

4.)Cloak scene!: Jon approaches Sansa, asking her about her new dress. Now, I don’t know about you, but my husband told me  he NEVER notices what his sister is wearing. Sansa then proceeds to ask if he likes it, blushing slightly, smiling a little bit. Jon proceeds to stammer and say, “I like the wolf bit.” Lol, awkward, and definitely not a brotherly type of reaction. It was more flirting, but in a subtle way. 

Pause! Now, I just wanted to note that in every scene with Jon and Sansa, Sansa is always in the frame. Whether it be where Jon is talking to the Wildlings, where Sansa is present, or when they’re speaking to the houses. Sansa is always in frame with him. It could mean nothing, it could mean something. All I know is NOTHING ever means nothing. Let’s take a look at an example: In season 6, Cersei goes to talk to Lady Olenna, being rather…sweet and understanding with her. Well, at this time, we had no idea what her plan with the wildfire was. To us, Cersei was trying to get back in Olenna’s good graces, and giving her hope in having her grandchildren back. Cersei tries to talk her into staying. And she does this because she wanted her to be in the Sept of Baelor when it blew up. Killing Lady Olenna. 

A nothing scene is always something. 

5.)Wildling scene: There’s not much that happens here. But we do get to see the reactions of Sansa when Jon’s talking to the Wildling lords. She seems rather…okay with the Wildlings. She isn’t turning her nose up. And make note, Sansa is always standing behind Jon. When they’re talking to the wildlings, when they talk to Lyanna, and when they talk to Glover. She only talks when he gives her the “Oh shit, save me,” look. Such as the one he gave her when they met Lyanna. See..that’s another thing. With just a look, Jon can tell Sansa many things. They don’t need words. Which is awesome!

6.)Lyanna scene: They fed off each other’s silence. Jon knew when he needed to step in and Sansa knew when she needed to step in. It’s the unspoken thing they have with each other. It speaks volumes.

7.)Letter scene: Oh, I love this scene! I love it because Sansa really gets under Jon’s skin. And guess who else did that? Ygritte! She challenged him. And Sansa does that for Jon. She’s pushing him to gather more men, and the look of aggravation on his features says many things. One, he might strangle her. Two, oh seven give me strength. Lol, anyway. This scene showed that Sansa does push him, she pushes him to not give up, and to keep trying, keep looking. 

8.) Damnit, I forgot a scene. This one is the hand holding scene! Okay, so after the pink letter is read, Jon looks pretty downtrodden. Sansa pushes him to fight, reaching out and grabbing his hand. Now, this scene was panned in on. Which…if it was meant as a manipulative move on Sansa’s part, I don’t think they would have shown it. Then, when she grabs his fingers, he grabs hers as well, squeezing her fingers. I loved this part.

9.)Glover scene: Also not in order. Oops! Now, this one is important in many ways. One, I thinks it’s a little bit of a foreshadow about the ‘foreign whore’ thing Lord Glover said, in reference to Robb, and I think it could also apply to Jon, if he decided to randomly fall in love with Dany after two episodes. Anyway, they’re talking, and Sansa doesn’t step in until Glover is leaving. Well, he lays into her, letting her know that Robb fucked up. Well, if you watch closely, Jon turns his body towards Sansa and Glover as they’re talking. He’s stiff…he’s ready, just encase Glover wants to overstep his bounds. Jon was on alert, but  he was also paying attention to what Glover had said about Robb. Good! Hope he takes that to heart.

10.) Ramsay scene: Jons death glare. When Ramsay said he couldn’t wait to have Sansa back in his bed, Jon gave him a withering look. And they panned in on his features. To me, if it wasn’t meant to matter, they would have just expanded the scene to include Jon, and the people behind him. He also, at the beginning, offers a duel to Ramsay. Which, I guess could mean anything…?

11.) Tent scene: They argue, they yell at each other. And the candle lighting made me give it a side-eye. Yes, it’s true that Robb and Cat argued, but when they did, they were not in each others faces. They were sitting down, or standing up, yelling almost across the room at each other. Sansa and Jon closed the space in between them, and proceeded to argue…and PANT, might I add. Then, after the arguing, Jon promises to never let Ramsay touch her again. Also, not a brotherly vow. A brotherly vow would have been…

“I swear Sansa, I won’t let him hurt you again.” But no…the sentence was drug out, giving meaning behind every syllable Jon uttered, and the emotions in his eyes spoken volumes as well.

12.) Jon beating Ramsay: Jon goes crazy, unleashing the beast on Ramsay, beating him to death…then, Sansa’s there. Jon looks up, see’s her, and stops punching Ramsay. Now, we could say that he did this because Ramsay was Sansa’s to finish. But, I also think it’s because Jon did not want Sansa to see him that way. But, it also shows that Sansa brought him back from the darkness, with just her presence. Which…is what Cat did for Ned when he was strangling Littlefinger against the brothel. There is also that pause after they’re stopped. Ned is staring at Cat, Jon is staring at Sansa, then they look at their victims and let them go. 

13.) Forehead kiss!!!! it starts off with Sansa showing up, and Jon telling her she should have the Lord’s chambers. Which is a WEIRD thing for the siblings (cousins) to talk about. She proceeds to tell him he’s a Stark to her. And he smiles. Then, she apologizes to him about the KOTV. He stares ahead, then walks over to her, telling her they need to trust each other. Then, he proceeds to lean in and gently touch the side of her head, pulling her head forwards to place a gentle…yet long…kiss on her forehead. After he pulls back, he stares into her eyes for a good 3 seconds, then, stares at her lips before he comes back to himself and pulls away. Now, my thing is…Jon looks uncomfortable after this interaction, he’s walking away from her. And the only reason why he stops is because Sansa tells him Winter is here. After a little bit of flirting with their house words, Jon drops eye contact with her, turning away, and stiffly leaving. 

Ugh! Done! Anyway…I loved all of their scenes together, and some did definitely scream fishy. Or, that’s so not how a brother would kiss their sister. It would be weeeeeird.

Arya’s feelings towards this couple: It’s not secret that Arya and Jon are close…but me personally, I think Arya is going to meet her end…and I say this because if you look at the parallels between Arya and Lyanna, it’s really…eerie. To me these are the parallels…







Rickon- No answer to that one.

I definitely think history is repeating itself, it just won’t play out exactly how it did before. Anway, Arya’s storyline isn’t going to end with a marriage and children. To me, she’s going to die completing her list. Ever since Ned died, which was really when the series began, Arya has been going down a dark path. A path of vengeance…and justice, in her eyes. This path is going to be completed when she’s completed…when her list is completed. 

“Hates a good enough reason to keep going.” The hound says this to Arya in season 4?

Jon and Sansa would make a compelling couple. To me personally, something really big is going to happen to Bran, and he’s going to be called, or taken away from Winterfell. Maybe the new Knight King? That would explain the Benjen parallel, Benjen was a Knights watch man. He got lost beyond the wall. Which Bran did!

I think the last two standing will be Jon and Sansa. Like Ned and Cat were in rebuilding and restarting the Stark line basically. Not only that but the Ned and Cat parallels are constantly being shoved in our faces.

Example: Jon’s hair. Why did it need to be changed to look like Ned’s? Melisandre could have easily just taken his beard hair, as it showed during his resurrection. Why was that necessary?

Sansa is always being compared to Catelyn, not only in looks but in personality as well. Looks, willfulness, and definitely her hair, are Cat 2.0. Jon’s personality, looks, and his hair are Ned 2.0.

So…I am now done with my little meta/rant/example/break down thing…if you’d like to add anything…go ahead.

Okay, KH fandom, I’m here to talk about a thing.

A thing that’s bothered me for ten years, but that I mostly kept quiet about, but for some reason now feel the need to discuss:

People who say that Sora doesn’t care about Kairi in KHII, or that he cares about her less than Riku in that game, drive me insane.

I often wonder if we even played the same game.

The main argument is that Sora asks about Riku more, and I agree that that’s true.

But guys… it’s true because for the first half of the game, Sora knew that Kairi was safe on the islands and it was only Riku he needed to find. So of course he wasn’t looking for her in II exactly like how he was in the first game.

And even his looking for Riku is tied to Kairi. “Well, I’m gonna go look for Riku. Then he and I can go back to the islands together. Kairi’s there waiting for us.”

And there are so times that Sora thinks about Kairi even during the first half of the game, like when he’s blushing and thinking about hugging her when he sees Will and Elizabeth together.

Also, does no one remember his reaction to Kairi apparently being in Twilight Town?

“Oh! Sora! Do you know a girl named Kairi?”

“K… Kairi!? I sure do!”

This moment right here is the turning point. Once Sora learns that Kairi’s in danger, he doesn’t shut up about her or stop worrying/looking.

And sometimes he even puts her name before Riku’s when asking about her, or sometimes will talk about here without even mentioning Riku at all. 

Here are just a few examples of that:

Sora trying to comfort Hayner, Pence, and Olette’s guilt about the whole thing: “Hey, it’s not your fault. C’mon, cheer up! Like I can even say that… I gotta help Kairi!”

He even blames himself for her abduction:

Sora - “The King, Riku–and now I’ve lost Kairi again, too.”

Donald - “Don’t be sad!”

Goofy - “Donald’s right, you know! Why, you’re the key that connects everything!”

Sora - “So it’s all MY fault.”

He also does the Japanese dogezu position towards Saïx as he literally begs him to let her see her–and puts himself on a silver platter that way–which is such a big deal, that I can’t even-

But back to what I was saying above, about him talking about Kairi a lot after what Axel did to here, here are just some of those examples:

After Maleficent pushes the crew into the Realm of Darkness… Sora - “Kairi! Riku!” (And yes, he actually puts her name first there.) As Sora opens the gate in that place, knowing that he’ll be forced to leave it soon - “Not yet! I gotta look for Kairi!”

Upon entering The Castle That Never Was for the first time - “Kairi… We’re almost there.” And a bit after that: “Kairi! Where are you?”

Also, backtracking a little bit, but there are moments where Sora thinks about Kairi during this part of his journey that don’t even have to deal with her current situation–like when he imagines himself dancing with her in Halloween Town.

But back to The World That Never Was stuff:

Sora barges in on Saïx and demands, “Where’s Kairi?”

Kairi then appears on that one balcony and shouts out to him, and it’s the cutest thing ever. Sora’s completely distracted and forgets what he should be doing, and just smiles widely at her and excitably says her name: “Kairi!”… before being dog piled by Heartless, for not having kept his head in the game.

After that, Sora sees Kairi fighting alongside “Ansem” and is clearly concerned by it as he watches them. “What’s going on!?”

Sora fights Xigbar, who goes out purposefully confusing Sora, and Donald reminds Sora about Kai. Donald - “Sora! It’s Kairi!” Sora - “Kairi, we’re on our way!”

Next up is their reunion. Kairi tells him, “You and Riku never came home, so I came looking for you.”

And Sora is so completely undone by this–because he feels guilty that he promised he’d return to her with Riku, and hasn’t even after a year; guilty, that she had to come looking for him; guilty, that she got freakin’ kidnapped because of him–that he can’t even look at her. He just turns away and mutters a broken, “I’m sorry.”

But Kairi doesn’t care. And she never blamed him even once, so she just shoots across the room and embraces him–eager to see him–and Sora hesitantly hugs her back, because he honestly doesn’t think he deserves her easy forgiveness. And he thinks she deserves more and better than this crummy reunion, in an enemy’s lair: an enemy’s lair that she’d been held hostage at.

Oh, and Sora freakin’ thanks “Ansem”–who he hates, and makes a point of saying that thinking about all the things he did makes him “really mad”–for saving Kairi. “I’ve got to be grateful for that. Thanks.”

We then get the Sora, Riku, and Kairi reunion. And in a lot of ways, this is a moment between all three of them. Because it takes Kairi to show Sora that it’s even Riku. 

And after Sora’s collected himself from all the emotions he’s just been forced to feel, after having the weight of the world on his shoulders, it’s all three of them talking to each other:

Kairi - “Does that mean… you can’t change back?”

Riku - “This battle isn’t over. And until it is, I still need the power of darkness.”

Sora - “Then… let’s finish it. You’re still Riku, no matter what!” (Everyone, including Kairi, then nods at this.) “So how ‘bout it? Think we can handle one last rumble together? The King’s waiting!”

Donald - “Yeah! Let’s get going!”

Anyway, after that scene Sora seems to have finally gotten over his regret about the whole Kairi thing, and we get some really cute moments between them, such as:

(After the Luxord fight.) Kairi - “You okay?”

Sora - “Yeah! No worries. Let’s keep moving.”

Sora catching Kairi when Ansem’s Kingdom Hearts encoder is blowing up…

…Kairi aiding Sora as he’s trying to convince Riku “you got friends,,, like us!”

Kairi’s voice being what pulls Sora out of the illusion Xemnas puts him in of Memory’s Skyscraper, etc.

Sora promises Kairi that they’ll “be together every day” Sora - “Uhh… yeah!” (And the only reason he reacts that way is because he’s still freaking out about the whole Roxas thing, but he honestly means this and is joyful about the idea.)

Next, Kairi, Sora, and Riku are all ready to go home together… which makes the fact that they get separated here even sadder.

Kairi - “Hey, let’s go home!”

Sora - “Riku… C’mon.”

Riku - “Yeah.”

(The portal closes before Sora and Riku can get through it.) Kairi - “Sora! Riku!”

(The two of them then gasp at this, and if it wasn’t fish face at the time I imagine both Sora and Riku would be looking really sad.)

Anywho, Sora and Riku defeat Xemnas for the final time (LOL to that, says DDD) and are stranded at the Dark Margin. Since it doesn’t look like they have any way out of there, they begin thinking that maybe their best option would be to just “fade into darkness”, and that maybe it wouldn’t even be so bad. But it’s only knowing that Kairi’s safe that Sora even considers this.

Sora - “Yeah. The other side… The realm of light is safe now. Kairi, the King, and the others are there.”

Kairi’s letter to Sora washes up on the shore–and he loves reading it so much, that the sweetest and most meaningful smile appears on his face; and it leads him to being able to open the Door to Light, and getting Riku and himself the heck out of there.

Next, Sora and Riku are finally back at Destiny Islands. And the moment that he sees Kairi and hears her calling his name, Sora is running to her as fast as his feet can carry him. Tripping, and not even caring. (And tbh, I honestly think he probably would’ve kissed her here, if Donald and Goofy hadn’t ended up tackling him.) 

But even after he’s fallen, this is just a really adorable moment–as the two of them smile at each other, and Kairi gives Sora her hand and he finally gives her her lucky charm back (whilst she corrects him that he’s not “back”, he’s “home”).

In the credits, we then see Sora stumble upon Kairi having drawn herself giving him a paopu fruit on the cave drawing. And he just puts his hand over it, smiles like no other, and looks up to the sky.

This game ends with Kairi giving Sora the letter from the King, and him looking it over in a confused manner. And as Blank Points from BbS continues this instance (after Sora, Riku, and Kairi) have had time to think it all over,) we see Sora being heartbroken and guilty again that he’ll have to leave Kairi again (he once again can’t even look at her, after having promised her they’d spend every day together and all). 

But Kairi is a selfless human being, who sees Sora off with her best grin and lets him go–thus easing Sora’s burden about the whole thing.

But clearly Sora doesn’t care about Kairi in Kingdom Hearts II at all, guys. <_<

…Tbh, this isn’t a SoKai post that I’m making here. 

And it’s definitely not a “Sora cares about Kairi more, whatever that means” thing.

If anything, I think he values the both of them equally.

The only reason I made this lengthy post is because SO MANY PEOPLE WHO PLAY KHII somehow get an “LOL, do Sora and Riku even care about Kairi at all? It doesn’t feel like it to me” feeling from it.

And I, personally, will never understand that. And above is all of the reasons as to why that is.

But to each their own, I guess:)

On a side note, I rewatched ALL of these scenes just now, to make sure that I remembered them correctly and was wording the quotes right… and now I’m exhausted from it.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a nap.

Thought I’d make a quick iwaoi fic rec again bc I’ve been writing down some fics I’ve really enjoyed for the past weeks or so. So yeah, these are more a list of my recent favourites in no particular order.

several truths by sheelia

(one-shot / G)

Oikawa is very precious! Honestly the whole fic is, though.

Lip Gloss by bishounen_curious

(one-shot / G)

Genderfluid Oikawa! Testing out some nice new lip gloss with Iwa-chan :^)

Oikawa’s Seat by heartinatrophy

(one-shot / T)

This one was so funny though. Different first meeting fic! Poor Iwa-chan I guess? But it is really cute and fluffy. 

la lune by saintjoy

(one-shot / M)

I actually found this very sweet… Morning after and some nsfw talk. Iwa-chan fail at being heterosexual.

taxis by trashcannot

(one-shot / T)

Iwa-chan is a taxi driver and Oikawa is drunk. Cute and funny but some surprise sadness?? Very little tho bc Iwa-chan is there! 

if you wanna be by sungjoon

(one-shot / T)

For some reason I am super weak against College/University aus. Oikawa is a matchmaker and Iwa-chan needs some help. Also more Seijou members appears! And some Matsuhana :^)

Like Perennials by tothemoon

(one-shot / T)

This is the one I cried to..! ;-; It’s a time traveller au! With lots of pining! I’m not going to spoil anything but yeah. I cried like a baby at the ending hehe. If you’re looking for a long read I recommend this. It’s 35k words! 

The PDA jar by Poteto

(one-shot / T)

Still love fics like this so much(!). You can pretty much guess what it’s about from the title! Very fluffy and very funny!!! Also the rest of the Seijou team. Kindaichi is a pure innocent child ;u;

no room for pretend by sungjoon

(one-shot / T)

This isn’t one I have read recently, it’s a bit older! But I have been looking for this fic for so long ;-; Bless this writer tbh…! Iwa-chan has to pretend to be Oikawa’s boyfriend. Very very sweet and fluffy! And funny!

It’s 3am; I Must Be Lonely by vagrancing

(multi chapter / complete (but it’s the first part of an ongoing series I think?) / Not Rated (but definitely nsfw))

Iwa-chan is a tattoo artist and Oikawa, Kuroo and Bokuto stumbles in to his tattoo parlour. It is really funny, but super sweet and fluffy! It has what is probably the fluffiest sex scene I’ve ever read (and super sweet post-coital cuddling!)

Thank you to all the authors who share their wonderful work!!  And as always. I know there are much more fics out there that are super amazing too! This is just like my personal “recent iwaoi fanfics I really enjoyed” list.

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Do you think the little moments we had of Zuko and Katara together is way better than of Katara and Aang's time together, I certainly do, if you take out that one episode were Katara was really pissed at him lol it's all WAY better than all her scenes with Aang,I'm not hating but it can clearly be seen,how she talks to him compared to everyone else the list goes on,even years after the show is over Zutara is still the popular ship and the fanfics about them people are making are just incredible!

Yeah, I can definitely understand why people think that. Zuko and Katara are definitely more on an equal level than Aang and Katara. When Sokka playfully boos at Aang, she immediately gets defensive. She acts like she has to be protective of him. That behavior is not very indicative of flirtatiousness. But with Zuko, she feels more comfortable teasing him. This shows a level of comfort that she doesn’t have with Aang. She and Aang are friendly, of course, but not on an equal level. She relates to him in a maternal way.

Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 1

Happy New Year!

I was wondering if I should do something about the bonus audio commentary in the BD/DVD vol.1, and in the end after some thinking I decided to provide a translation for mostly the “new” information. In other words, this is a partial translation of the audio commentary. (Since they speak for almost 30 min, translating every single line would take ages and some things they say are either already talked about in one of the interviews posted/linked in my Tumblr account or are just random chatting, so not really worth the effort…) I think I was still able to cover quite a lot though.

By the way, the audio commentary is only available for episode 1 and it’s by Mitsurou Kubo and Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yuuri’s seiyuu). Episode 2 doesn’t have commentary.

Since the format is different from normal interview translations, you can find my comments too (mostly in brackets).

-Kubo says that in the beginning she was really anxious, because as this is an original anime not based on other existing works no one knows it at first, and you don’t know whether it will be successful or not. It also aired at night (2:20 AM) and, though it was available through a few online streaming services, there weren’t many TV channels broadcasting it. She also says that she checks the online response a lot, so much that she jokes “I’m probably doing more research than the staff responsible for advertising and marketing research”. She was glad to see that the series was very well received right from episode 1. Also, there was actually a preview screening of the first 3 episodes at a cinema before the official airing, and she praises the participants because they only wrote vague opinions on the net (like “it’s fantastic”) and didn’t write any spoilers.

-Regarding Yurio clicking his tongue in the scene where he finds Yuuri crying in the toilet after the Grand Prix Final: Kubo has only been to the recording of episode 1 (and I think maybe 12?), so she was there too, and she comments that when she heard Kouki Uchiyama (Yurio’s seiyuu) clicking his tongue she thought it sounded like a kiss and, since in that moment you only see their feet and not their faces, she was worried that some people might misunderstand what is happening. She actually told this to the sound director, though the seiyuu don’t know because she was in the booth with the sound staff, so seiyuu cannot hear what they are talking about. Of course they didn’t really change anything because there’s no way that scene could be mistaken, and she also acknowledges that she was worried for no reason.

-Announcer Morooka is voiced by Taihei Katou, a real Asahi TV announcer. They comment that they were surprised because, beside the commentary during the matches which of course is perfect, he was also very good at playing Morooka even when he speaks normally.

-The writing used for the episode titles is Kubo’s handwriting. Some text sound effects that are shown in a few instances (mainly comical, for example the audience going “kyaaaa” at Victor) are also Kubo’s handwriting.
She mentioned this in an interview too, but here again she says that she and director Yamamoto decided all the titles in a cafe near Tokyo Station after going location hunting somewhere. The main reason they used that amusing style for the titles is that they wanted something catchy that people would remember.

-Regarding the scene where Victor is walking to the arena in Yoyogi (for the World Championship), he winks and we see the audience going “KYAAAH” on him and people with their eyes turning into hearts: Kubo comments that she found it nice that the male cameramen in the audience too had hearts coming out of their eyes. Toyonaga comments that when they recorded the audience background noises someone actually pointed it out like “…oh, there are guys too”.

-Kubo herself is from Kyushu and that’s one of the reasons they set the story in Kyushu (she is from Nagasaki by the way). They chose Karatsu as model location because they thought the castle and general atmosphere would appeal to a foreign tourist. (I’m leaving out some things they said about why they chose Karatsu because she already talked more in detail about it in various interviews) Kubo says she was surprised because they used a few places as models but didn’t really write anywhere which ones they are, yet the day after episode 1 aired someone on the net had already identified the places complete with pictures.

-Ironically enough, when they visited the hot spring resort in Karatsu they couldn’t eat katsudon because the dining room was only open in the evening and they went there during the day. She says the reason they chose katsudon is that she knows of many foreigners who come to Japan and fall in love with katsudon. For example, she says that a friend told her of a French guy that totally loved katsudon, considered it healthy food and ate it all the time. The most shocking thing is that the guy actually lost 5 kgs with this, and both Kubo and Toyonaga are of course appalled because katsudon is very high-calorie food, and she comments “I wonder what he used to eat before if he could lose weight eating katsudon…”. (Totally personal comment: I’ve lived in Japan for many years and I almost never ate katsudon because I find it heavy on the stomach, as in I can barely finish a bowl… Though for some reason I’ve already eaten it twice last month)

-Kubo comments that the character who is drawn cuter than anyone else is Yuuri’s mother. She also says that she was glad Yuuko is popular too, despite being a married woman and not the heroine as the viewers may have thought when she first shows up. She is also happy that she receives lots of comments from people saying they don’t hate any characters. She reveals that actually she is unable to draw villains, as in even if she tries to they just end up being likable. She considers it somewhat of a weak point as a mangaka, but was glad to hear of people being able to watch YOI over and over again without feeling stressed because they don’t hate any characters.

-She extensively praises Toyonaga’s acting as Yuuri, for example the fact that when she heard him for the first time she believed the voice he uses for Yuuri was his natural voice, but actually Toyonaga was “creating” what he pictured would be fitting as Yuuri’s natural voice, so it’s something that requires a lot of effort and she was impressed by it. Toyonaga asks her if her impression of him has changed over the course of the series, and she replies that it hasn’t, and also that he was very good at conveying the way Yuuri “evolves” over time without making him sound like a completely different character. She also comments that other seiyuu, like Junichi Suwabe (Victor) and Kenshou Ono (Phichit) were also using voices they rarely use in other anime. She feels that all members of the cast really made a big effort to try to get as close as possible to the characters, in fact recordings for YOI always took a very long time.

-Regarding “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite”. Kubo wrote the lyrics and had them translated into Italian. She imagined the song as coming from a (fictional) Russian opera. She says she is glad that they didn’t disclose the lyrics early on, because as much as she likes that the series becomes a topic of discussion, she feared someone might misunderstand them as being directly connected to Victor and think that he has an incurable illness or is going to die. She says that actually she did see people worried that this might happen, even though she believes that anyone who has watched the whole series would probably comment “there’s no way something like that could happen!! (LOL)”. She says that they couldn’t possibly fit such a sub-story in only one cour in the first place, and that she doesn’t really like the idea of athletes being injured, let alone dying.

-Regarding the meaning of “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite”. It’s a love song, but it’s about a man who lost a person that was dear to him. The man, who now is alone, hears something in the distance, like the voice of someone crying, and even though he doesn’t know who this person is he sympathizes with them because he thinks maybe they were abandoned too. The song is about the man recovering from loneliness, though even if he says “let’s fight together” he actually doesn’t know whether the other person is alive or not. (By the way, she mentions the line “let’s fight together”, but as I wrote in the Spoon interview actually it doesn’t exist, because the line in the lyrics says “let’s leave together”) In the opera it then turns out that the person was wrongly thought dead and is in fact alive, and the story ends with a happy grand finale. (To be honest I don’t really get whether this person the man is “fighting/leaving together with” is the voice in the distance, and if the person “wrongly thought dead” is this one or the one that was dear to the man…? I’m pretty confident my translation is correct because I wrote down the full text for this part, as it was interesting, but the way she explains it is not really clear… If you know Japanese too, own the BD/DVD and have any ideas feel free to comment. I wish she would talk more in detail about this in some interview, lol)

-When the ED starts Toyonaga comments “and then after staring at Victor’s ass we have the ending (LOL)”, and Kubo very passionately comments about the onsen scenes. She says that it may look like they were just thrown in because they are nice but that actually it’s very difficult to animate them and it took a lot of work and the “latest technology”, so they are definitely not “randomly” there but they were created because they absolutely wanted to show them. She says “Who knows, someone might not be able to sleep if they don’t see this first! Someone having a hard time might find the strength to go on looking at Victor’s ass!”, and she mentions that she received a comment by a person who had an illness making it difficult for them to return to society, but that they were able to cheer up after watching YOI, and she was really happy about this. (EDIT: I see lots of response for Victor’s ass, but to be safe I would like to point out that with “being difficult to animate” she refers to all the scenes set in the onsen, not only his ass, LOL. I guess it’s because of the water/steam etc?)

-Toyonaga says that he has watched all episodes at least 5 times. (By the way, when they recorded this commentary episode 12 had not aired yet).

Initial Thoughts: 6x11 Tougher Than the Rest

Okay, so I’m going to attempt to keep this brief, because I’m tired.  (But we all know how “try to keep it brief” usually works out for me, so who knows, lol.?)

  1. Cliff’s notes?  I enjoyed the episode.  Of course I would have liked more CS, but I liked the scenes we got, and I really enjoyed the whole ensemble dynamic of this episode.  I thought the ep did a really good job of setting out the conflicts for this up-coming arc, and it’s whet my appetite for the rest of this season.  
  2. I’m not a huge fan of Gideon.  He’s definitely inherited the Stiltskin genes.  He’s all about rationalizing truly terrible decisions and convincing himself he’s going to “win” that way.  Seriously though, dude, your big plan is to kill the savior to become the savior yourself?  Really?  How in the world (in any world) does committing a very terrible and dark act like murder make you the lightest of people, the savior?  I think you need to seriously rethink your strategy.

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wontlasttwodays  asked:

You need a question? I've got one. So when Rick flips Michonne to the floor of the van, who's leading the thrusting hip alignment. In the gifs, it looks like Rick is pulling her into him from the lower back. However, before that, it's Michonne who plants her foot and starts to buck into him. So, I feel like she the more thirsty one in that sequence. What do you think?

Oh my gosh, I noticed how she planted her foot too, @wontlasttwodays! She was definitely as thirsty as Rick was, even more so because she didn’t even get her shirt all the way off. But then again, he couldn’t wait and started kissing her tummy! Why are they like this? LOL

Let me study the scene a few more times and get back to you with the scientific findings!

Thanks! :)

buffy-angel-and-co  asked:

What is your favorite episode for Buffy's character? And your favorite scene? :)

I feel like I’m going to disappoint with my predictability! Or perhaps not, if you agree!

My favorite scene is definitely the “Me.” scene. I never loved Buffy Summers more than I do in than scene. Realizing that you’ll always have yourself is a tough lesson. You often want to find someone or something to make you feel whole. And, while you need people in your life - friends - you are your own constant and you have to live with yourself always. You need to learn the power you have within you…and some sappy crap like that, LOL. 

So it’s a really powerful moment when Angelus is all “So that’s everything? No weapons, no friends, no hope. Take all that away and what’s left?” and Buffy confidently replies: 

CHILLS. I get chills every single time I watch that scene. 

As for my favorite episode… that could be Becoming, Graduation Day, Amends, etc… but I’ll pick Innocence. 

Buffy is an absolute badass in that episode. Angelus breaks her heart, but she doesn’t break. She cries, picks herself up and goes kick some demon ass. That episode has iconic moments like this:

And this:

So, really, I think it’s a wonderful Buffy Summers episode!

Thanks so much for the ask, lovely! 

anonymous asked:

I could not agree more with your Monsta x/strippers post. They are so overly sexualized and Wonho is constantly objectified by his fans. What I hate the most is when fans are like 'take it off take it off' as if they aren't human beings. Objectification is serious and could completely change how person feels about themselves (ex: the r&b singer D'Angelo stopped his career b/c fans constantly made him feel like a sex object and like his music meant nothing). Sorry I'm like venting in ur ask lol

No need to apologize! This topic is definitely a problem in the kpop scene and when it’s about Monsta X, you know imma be the first to get up and start making elongated speeches. I just wish we could do more to protect them from people that objectify them and treat them like sex objects but alas, they will always be around. I think most just don’t realize that it’s sexual harassment and it’s just down right gross shit. And sure, some may argue that the disgusting language they use are harmless but we all know that words are more powerful than we think. All we can hope for is that they grow up and come to their senses at one point. 

To be honest, I used to be so “meh” and indifferent about that stupid ass “won hoe” joke because I just thought it was a common playful and harmless joke in the fandom. But no. Now I am a true protector of Monsta X. It’s not cool and shouldn’t exist at all. It should be exterminated. People may argue that it’s just a cute nickname but they are in denial. The word “Hoe” has history and, linguistically, we all have a pretty clear feeling of what it is when we come across it. So to add that to Wonho’s name is just immature, ignorant, and downright rude. He is the purest soul to ever walk the planet and we do not deserve him. You’re not even supposed to pronounce the “Ho” in Wonho. And if you do, so fucking what??? “Ho” has a completely different meaning in Korean and in numerous other languages. So where the fuck did that joke even come from?

I’m just glad there are actual true Monbebe out there that know how to respect and love our boys as human beings. I really hope this annoying nuisance doesn’t affect Monsta X or prevent them from truly shining. And to Monbebe out there, don’t let it get you down, too! These people out there will just simply continue being unhappy and incomplete because they will never know how to truly appreciate Monsta X for more than their bodies. 

Thanks so much for sharing your opinion with me.

this yogscast playlist by @xephos reminded me of all of the sips and sjin songs that i’m really fond of, and i decided to make an alignment chart of my faves…

this isn’t a strict alignment chart, and is mostly a joke. (the order of the rows doesn’t correspond to "evil -> good” or whatever, just fyi). 
in the chart, “lawful” = sticking to canon, “chaotic” = more creative license taken. (i don’t doubt for a second that sips and sjin are the absolute definition of the word “chaotic.”)

the only criteria i made for the songs was that they were bangin’ tunes, and had to involve BOTH sips AND sjin (in the video, not in the singing), which is why classics like Mike Tyson by toastedtomatoes and Wolverine and YOYOYO by james dean death scene were ineligible…

feel free to tag yourself lol

also please support the skilled artist and band involved in the making of the songs mentioned: james dean death scene (jdds) and toastedtomatoes!

anonymous asked:

Maybe Wally is supposed to be protecting Iris and gets attacked by Savitar (and Iris gets taken?).

OMGGGGGGG I DIDN’T THINK OF THAT NOOOOOOOO. That would explain why Wally is so upset - aside from being in pain.

“Realizing how to use his powers because of Iris” OMG!!! I love that. Like when Iris touched his chest and he realized he had powers. Like when westallen kissed and he ran so fast that he ran back in time. Now we could have another one to add to our parallel gifsets. And more proof of Iris being his lightning rod/anchor

I need to see this scene now!

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anonymous asked:

This might sound completely cold because I love Rhys but I didn't even cry when he died? I just had a feeling he wouldn't stay dead because, rushed parts or not, I feel like there's no way Maas would kill him off without building up to it more, like it was clear he was drained but the death just sorta happened. No real build up. I did cry a little while Feyre was freaking out and begging the other high lords though, because I could definitely feel for her and her pain, but?

Yeah. I found that scene to be underwhelming also. I kinda wanted it to be longer and to see Feyre gutted and then trying to haul her away. But also, I’m TRASH for angst. So I don’t mind a scene that goes on for too many pages if it hurts me. LOL.

anonymous asked:

Cruella was my favorite QOD. Probably because she was the scariest and most powerful. I loved when she put Maleficent in her place by controlling her dragon form. You know she'd been waiting a long time to do that to the Dragon Bitch! LOL

I absolutely love Cruella. She was definitely my favorite villain. The way she just carries herself is hilarious and she’s truly batshit crazy. And her knocking out Mal, she’s just amazing and I love her.

Plus she brought a whole lot of funny wherever she showed up. Like that scene with her and Regina in the diner in Underbrooke.


Cruella is a fucking hoot. If the show were to ever go back to the Underworld, I’d love more of her.

anonymous asked:

3x21 was hilarious. I'm glad we had this episode before the last two, as they'll be extremely dark and probably sad. But at least we had some good laugh with Bart Allen, Julian and Cisco. The last two need to spend more time together, they're hilarious! What was your favorite part of the episode? I loved when Iris brought Barry's memory back by telling him the truth about his parents, and the tribunal scene was the best

My favorite scene from the episode was definitely the Barry and iris scene in Jitters where they were reliving his embarrassing photos and anime obsession lol. And it was super light and fun and that entire conversation made me cheese from beginning to end. Candice and Grant have such amazing chemistry that it didn’t even look like they were trying in that scene, in the best way. And I agree! The next two episodes are going to be angst filled, so it was nice getting a break from darkness for at least 42 minutes. 


“You know, I draw a bit too. Well of course, not as well as you.”

For ladybug_60mins (twitter) prompt 【ART CLASS】, have an outdoor drawing day with some Nathanette! Can’t decide between whether I should include a background or so here’s both versions :)

Some work progress and Nathanette thoughts and below the cut, contains some spoilers for those who haven’t watched Nathanael’s episode. 

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Why I Think Zuko’s Arc (And Zutara)  Is Better Without the Betrayal

As much as I like Zutara, it wasn’t the only reason I disliked the plot twist in the Book 2 finale. My biggest issues with the betrayal in Book 2 were:

1. It didn’t seem believable to me, from the characters’ perspectives. Zuko had no reason to trust his sister; Zuko was never portrayed as being stupid in Book 2. And it was ridiculous that he was capable of doing something after his spiritual transformation that he wasn’t even capable of before his spiritual transformation (betraying his uncle). That’s…not how spiritual development works in real life. And Azula had nothing to gain by allowing Zuko to come home and be the heir to the throne and this is never explained in canon.

2. It wasted good storytelling opportunities in favor of what I saw as unnecessary and unpalatable melodrama. Melodrama of the type that just didn’t exist in Books 1 and 2.

I’m going to speculate on my opinion of how I think Book 3 would have been improved without the betrayal in Book 2 and demonstrate how nothing would be negatively impacted without the betrayal.

The Awakening

Ever since I first saw this episode 9 years ago, it always perplexed me how different everything seemed in this episode compared to the later episodes. Zuko really didn’t seem like he wanted to go home or see his father at all. In fact, without the betrayal, there’s a sense of irony that’s quite…poetic. He’s forced back into his old life and, ironically, after obsessing over it for 3 years, all he does is miss his commoner life. All his relationships in the Fire Nation would contrast and mirror his Earth Kingdom relationships. It would be quite sad and would have been far more compelling in my opinion.

It also would have been an interesting parallel with Aang’s side. Aang’s side is also entering the Fire Nation with a sense of dread and foreboding. Aang is struggling with having to let go of attachments, not really understanding what it means, eventually reuniting and embracing his friends. Zuko’s side would be the opposite of that, by showing how he’s longing for his attachments, but is all alone.

The Awakening itself has both a literal and a figurative meaning. Aang is literally waking up from his coma, but Zuko is still in the beginning stages of his spiritual awakening. He says it himself while talking to Mai how much he’s changed. It’s interesting to see how he’s gone from being single-mindedly obsessed with capturing Aang, to seeing his new sadness at being celebrated as a “war hero”, for having helped “kill” Aang. Zuko had started to accept that Aang wasn’t so different from him after all. He released Appa and had decided to move on with his life. It’s a compelling dichotomy that foreshadows his eventual decision to join Aang as a comrade.

Let’s get to with his relationship with Mai. Zuko doesn’t seem at all interested in Mai in this episode. Her coldness seemed like it was a major turn off to him. I think it would have been really fascinating to see this dynamic expanded upon. I found Mai in Book 2 to be a really cool, badass character. After this episode, her personality felt completely different.  I think it would have been more interesting to see her keep her cold, sarcastic personality and see how she would have interacted with a very depressed Zuko. Far more interesting than what she was reduced to as Zuko’s girlfriend, where all her personality and independence was stripped from her. She would have been a mirror to Jin, who was very warm and sweet and was able to get Zuko to smile.

I mentioned this already, but I think this scene would have had far more impact emotionally if it had been about Zuko actually feeling protective of Aang and Katara, choosing not to reveal the Spirit Water. Azula serves as a mirror to Katara. Katara had been very kind and compassionate to Zuko, whereas Azula does nothing but lie, use and hurt him. During the final battle with Azula, it is very obvious that Zuko’s relationship with Katara is directly counter to Azula. Azula nearly kills him with lightning, and Katara heals him and saves his life. It would have foreshadowed his eventual friendship with her and been pretty cool.

Zuko’s relationship with Iroh would mirror quite nicely his relationship with Ozai. Ozai values Zuko only because he “killed” the Avatar. He may finally be “accepted” by his father, but it isn’t satisfying like the unconditional love his uncle had for him. A very lonely position to be in.

I also liked how Zuko and Katara’s relationships with their fathers mirrored each other. Katara lost her mother and felt abandoned by her father. But she realizes by the end how lucky she is to have such a loving father, even if he did have to go away for a while.

Zuko has no such luck. It’s obvious how much he misses his mother while he’s sitting by the turtleduck pond. Unfortunately, his father is not such a loving presence to turn to.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Azula had really no motive to want Zuko to come home so badly. He was the heir to the throne and she is a very ruthlessly ambitious person, who would have never let her brother come back out of the goodness of her heart. She would have let Zuko come back if she suspected the Avatar may have lived and she needed a scapegoat. This scene would have been so dramatic and awesome if it was the scene where Zuko finally realized the real reason he was allowed to come home. Because Azula needed him as a pawn. This episode would have been the perfect illustration of just how empty and cold all of his Fire Nation relationships are and set up a very compelling first half of the season where Zuko has to come to terms with his misery and finally choose to stand up for himself once and for all. “Never give up without a fight.”

The Headband

Recently I found out that The Headband replaced an episode that was going to be about Aang and Kuzon’s backstory. Now this really bummed me out. I’ll be honest that The Headband is definitely my least favorite episode in the series. It was the first time I felt like I was too old to be watching the show, because it just felt so juvenile (even though I was still in the target demographic at the time lol). And Zuko’s melodramatic scene with Iroh felt so stupid to me.

I would have gladly traded this episode for the Kuzon/Aang flashback. It would have done a great job developing Aang’s past, showing more of pre-war Fire Nation and foreshadowed Zuko and Aang’s friendship. I remember reading that Ehasz had plans to parallel Zuko and Kuzon, and demonstrate the theme that “Fire cannot exist without Air.” A huge wasted opportunity in my opinion and a monumental disappointment.

Zuko’s relationship with Mai should have remained negative, and Zuko should have tried to visit his uncle in prison, but it would have been more interesting if he were unable to see him. That would have made it more compelling and dramatic and increased his anger and misery.

The Beach

This episode really wouldn’t have been any different from Zuko’s perspective, without the betrayal. He’s obviously still lonely and miserable and unable to readjust to his old life or interact with his peers. He’s yearning for the old days when his family was happy, but those days are long gone. I think the ham-fisted shipping did this episode a disservice. I would have preferred the fight scene in the party to be more personal. Maybe Ruon-Jian mocking Zuko for being anti social and weird or something about his scar, instead of about Mai. Having him make out immediately after the sad scene, kind of ruined the tone as well. Zuko’s stay in the Fire nation should have emphasized his isolation and emptiness in order to prepare him mentally to join the Avatar.

The Avatar and The Firelord

This was a really good episode in my opinion, mostly. And has nothing to do with his betrayal. Zuko needed to learn the truth about the war in order to really understand the Fire Nation’s role in history. It was his ancestor that started the war, not the Avatar, like he had no doubt been indoctrinated to believe. He would have had to contemplate whether he really was capable of carrying on Sozin’s legacy after learning this truth. The only scene I didn’t like was the ending. I think the episode should have ended with Zuko learning the truth and ending it there.

The scene with Iroh kind of kills all the subtlety of the episode. I’ve always thought that Zuko’s scenes visiting Iroh in prison were kind of…goofy? It was just strange and awkward to see Iroh and Zuko have these weirdly unemotional conversations, with this melodramatic scene where Zuko learns Roku is his great grandfather. It just felt so cheesy and unnatural to me

I was not a fan of Zuko (or Ursa) being related to Roku, or at least the implication it sent. Up until Book 3, Zuko’s inner conflict and imbalance was about his desire to be loved, his sense of empathy and natural morality conflicting with his Fire Nation “duty” and indoctrination to equate honor with strength and ruthlessness. After this revelation, the story seemed to be implying that it’s simply “in his nature” to struggle with good and evil as a result of having one “evil” ancestor and one “good” ancestor. This is emphasized even more in the comics with all the nonsense about Zuko needing to be put down like a dog if he ever “goes bad”. As if one’s ancestors make someone so morally bipolar. Far more childish and simplistic (And conveniently doesn’t explain Azula’s lack of inner conflict despite having the same ancestors).

As we can see in his childhood and before he got his scar, Zuko’s natural disposition is to be kind and compassionate. It is not in his nature to be conflicted, that turmoil is a distortion of his true nature as much as the scar is a distortion of his face. His problems stem from abuse, not some kind of “inner darkness.” His entire arc is about learning to love the parts of himself that he was taught to be ashamed of. The gentle, loving sides. And to learn to love others. That’s what made it so fascinating and compelling. It wasn’t a generic good vs. evil. His inner imbalance represents the imbalance that the Fire Nation is in because of the war. There is no evil nation; just an imbalance that needs to be remedied.

One of the best things about Zuko in Book 2 was that his character was about how your parents or lineage don’t determine what kind of person you are or your destiny. Only your heart and your free will. A far more healthy message consistent with the show’s themes. Instead of emphasizing Zuko’s ancestors, I would have preferred the episode foreshadow the contrast of how, unlike the broken friendship of Roku and Sozin, which almost destroyed the world, Aang and Zuko’s future friendship would help save it.

Nightmares and Daydreams

Another episode of Zuko’s development that would have been basically unchanged without the betrayal. This episode is mostly demonstrating how much the modesty and humility he gained in the Earth Kingdom, now make him uncomfortable with all the praise and extravagance of the palace. It’s very difficult for him to adjust to his old life.

It would have eventually culminated in his ultimate and final moment of clarity. After the war meeting, being the “perfect prince” simply isn’t him. This is the last straw. He’s spent his whole life hating himself, being called soft and weak, and striving to gain approval. But at the expense of himself. Finally he realizes the meaning of his mother’s words, “Never forget who you are.”  His purpose of being in the Fire Nation is complete. He is ready to finally stand up for himself and his beliefs and take his destiny into his own hands.

The Eclipse

I feel this episode would have had so much more impact if Zuko hadn’t chosen to go back. It would have symbolized him finally being ready to stand up for himself once and for all, after an entire half of a season being passive and depressed and feeling defeated. He’s ready to fight and go back to the people who really care about him. “Never give up without a fight.”

It’s like Zuko said in Bitter Work: 

“You’ve always thrown everything you could at me! Well, I can take it, and now I can give it back!“

Confronting his father mirrors that, showing how he’s no longer going to let anyone victimize him anymore and his destiny is his choice and his alone. His father rejected him for being too soft and “weak”. Zuko is now able to see that his father is wrong, and is finally able to embrace his inner peace and kindness and not be ashamed of it.

The Western Air Temple

If that Aang/Kuzon episode had actually been made, this episode would have been waay more impactful. Instead of the awkwardness and lousy dialogue in this episode, we’d get a pretty moving scene showing how remarkable destiny is. We saw how much Aang wanted to be Zuko’s friend in The Blue Spirit. Now that wish is finally granted. It should have been so touching instead of just a throwaway line like it was. Without the betrayal, it allows for so much more emotional depth. Katara and Zuko’s friendship could have picked up where they left off from Ba Sing Se (avoiding more unnecessary melodrama), and Zuko’s decision to let Appa go would have been far more meaningful than it ultimately was.

The Firebending Masters  would be practically the same, so I won’t mention it.

The Boiling Rock Part 2

In The Awakening, Zuko and Katara’s relationships with their fathers was contrasted. In this episode, Zuko is able to help Katara and Sokka reuinte with their father. He is obviously very happy to help them restore the loving bond with their father that he doesn’t have with his own. It is a very nice scene that would have furthered their friendship and trust.

The Southern Raiders

I’ve mentioned this already, but I would have preferred a less preachy version of this episode. I resent when the story tells me what to think about a morally complex issue like this and it really didn’t do Katara, Aang, or Zuko’s characters any favors. Katara’s agency was diminshed by the implication she only spared Yon Rha for Aang. Aang was made to be far more moralistic than usual, and Zuko was uncharacteristically cold and vengeful, which was out of character. I’d have loved to see the original version of this episode, which I’m sure would have done a much better job respecting the audience’s intelligence.

Without the betrayal this episode serves two very compelling purposes. We know that Zuko and Katara both lost their mothers; This episode allowed Zuko to help her get closure and further their friendship and trust.

The other reason is that it allowed Zuko to see Katara’s darker side, something that is rarely seen by anyone else. Sokka and Aang both were very taken aback at Katara’s anger and hate; their more lighthearted natures made it difficult for them to know how to handle that side of Katara. But Zuko’s traumatic past allows him to better understand that side of her. She’s seen and forgiven his dark side, like when he called her a “filthy peasant” at the North Pole, used her mother’s necklace to hunt Aang, and captured her. This episode allows him to empathize with her, too and brings them to a place of mutual understanding.

The Old Masters

I think this episode also would have had so much more impact and emotion without the betrayal, and if this was the first time Zuko has seen his uncle since Ba Sing Se. Their reunion would have been so inspiring, Zuko truly having found his way to him on his own, making Iroh so proud after being afraid that he lost his way. His words about Zuko being “an idealist with a pure heart and unquestionable honor” would have been much more meaningful. It’s just a much more satisfying arc. The betrayal adds nothing but obnoxious melodrama, in my opinion.

Apparently Aaron Ehasz planned to have the ending, instead of Katara making out with Aang, a conversation between Zuko and Katara about how much the world has changed. A subtle bit of foreshadowing of their future together. He wanted to build on the trust and friendship they had into something more. I think it would have been a lot easier to write a subtle, believable and slow romance that way for Book 4. It would have been a very meaningful scene.

In Book 4, he also had plans for Katara to be Zuko’s confidante, offering him emotional support as he was torn between his duties as Fire Lord and searching for his mother. Yet another parallel between Zuko and Katara to build on their relationship. Just like how Zuko helped rescue Hakoda, Katara would have been there to help Zuko reunite with Ursa.

Why I like them
I like him because he got more interesting after the timskip! I at first, thought that Law the dangerously-mischevious type with how he played with the Marine’s head and their body-parts!! He seemed like a cool dude, but of course this was during the time Luffy was all-out-battle-mode! 

I didn’t really LIKE like Law until AFTER the timeskip and we met him again on Punk Hazard! Not only did he get BAJILLION TIMES HOTTER than before, but his mysterious demeanor and brooding face made him more of a ‘darkly-mischevious’ kind of guy who took himself too seriously. Of course, this was because he didn’t know what was happening to his crew (any captain would worry, even if he thought they were in a safe place), but also due to his past hardships. Although I do wonder, why is he so frowny all the time now?

Why I don’t
Hmmh…I don’t really have a reason to NOT like Law actually. Not yet anyway. I wish he had more interaction with the crew (not only for more sceentime, but I would love that) but also because despite knowing his past and that he’s the complimenting awkward grump to Luffy’s sunshine and rainbows, we don’t really know his personality. Habits. Likes. but hell AT LEAST WE KNOW HE HATES BREAD WHICH IS A CRIME THANK YOU I LOVE BREAD.

Favorite episode (scene if movie)
I definitely liked after he was kidnapped and chained up and Luffy had to rescue his sorry ass during Dressrosa (fuck what eps is that.) But FUCK the poor guy was unable to d anything and Luffy kept on swinging him around like a sack of potatoes! I love seeing badass characters become hilarious, it makes them more human and endears me to them. Maybe I just like funny guys.

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Favorite season/movie

DRESSROSA ARCH. NUFF SAID. CAN LAW PLEASE STAR AS LUFFY’S WANNABE-BOYFRIEND (because let’s face it Luffy ace as hell. LOL get it? Too soon? Sorry.) IN A MOVIE PLEASE?!

Favorite line
Now see…people always go for the dramatic one like “The weak don’t get to decide anything, not even how they die.” But my personal fave will always be this gem:

Favorite outfit

^^^NEED I SAY ANYTHING???!?!?! (yes dat me before I became Midori no Marimo-Cook-Musume)^^^

LawLu tied with LawKid actually.

LawSan and ZoLaw!!
LawSan: They were so in-sync, both being tacticians and they get along so well! Sanji didn’t even complain when Law said he hated bread and made onigiri just for him! (Although it’s interesting that Sanji defaults to Zoro’s favorite food when he doesn’t know what to make for someone who doesn’t like bread)

ZoLaw: Grumpy grumps who miss their partners gonna grumpy grump together like the grumps they are until they get them back.

Head Canon
Law loves Luffy to death (LOL) but Luffy is asexual so he can’t actually do anything to the innocent little guy and has to suffer in silence with wet dreams. he secretly calls Luffy his boyfriend when he’s only around his own crew.

Unpopular opinion
Law isn’t gay. Not one bit. Which is why his feelings for Luffy confuse him to the point of making him go internally nuts and why he always looks so damn DONE.

A wish
…can we just…I mean…can we just get…Law and Luffy being a sort of dynamic duo more? Please? Like…they don’t even have to confess or get married just…that’s it. Law’s gonna stick by Luffy even without official titles or even an actual romantic relationship. They’re that crazy duo where Luffy’s always dragging Law into shit and Law is screaming and flailing the entire time but hell if he doesn’t help Luffy.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
Law dying. That’s…that’d be the worst.

5 words to best describe them
Dark, Dorky, Deadly, Denial, Delicious

My nickname for them

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Ohhh, they considered doing a Scott/Allison/Derek love triangle in the first season. But they cut a Allison and Derek scene in the car in the pilot and decided that they wouldn't do it. Derek was also supposed to rescue Lydia in the pilot. Doesn't seem that Derek was set up as a villain who noone likes at all like many of us speculated.

Or that he definitely was?  Lol.  And when was Lydia in danger in the pilot?  But yeah, that kind of makes it more. 

Also saw this and wonder if it will cause trouble. 

“ Hoechlin would love Derek to be in a romantic comedy where no one dies. “Derek can funny too, it’s not just about Stiles.” -Hoech #OLH2017

Uggh, Scott stans are going to be monsters after this, ha. 

I’m too tired for this con. 

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Woahhh !!! TG : re chap 125 is like a sun shine thoroughout the darkness !!!! ^^ Ken and touka is finally canon !!! XD But pls tell me this will not some things bad when i want more sex scenes :D 'Cause Ishida-sensei was made it so beautiful so artistic .... I'm still afraid that sthings will threatening their relationship ahead :( 'cause the manga tag is tragedy already 😔😢😢😢

Lol, remember what you’re reading Anon, this is Tokyo Ghoul we’re talking about here. It definitely won’t be smooth sailing from this point onward ^_^