there are days when


Remember when John’s love for Sherlock  was compared to be equal as John’s love for Mary 

Remember when Sherlock’s love for John was compared to be equal as Mary’s love for John by both Mary and Sherlock 

Its almost like Mary loves John platonically 


Barbara Gordon icons from art by Christian Wildgoose 

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off and on for a week or two now I’ve been going through my posts tagged #amedot, starting at the very end (side note: at the time I had 258 pages of posts tagged amedot….that’s 2,580 posts) and dumping some of my faves back into my queue (though sometimes posts can’t be reblogged???)

which means at some point my queued posts are going to start being mostly old amedot art, so, uh….that’s something to look forward to?

but I did realize the irony that if I keep this up I’ll add dozens more pages of posts into my tag that are all repeats. oh well. 

in any case, it’s interesting (and sometimes depressing) to watch artists get popular over time and then disappear, or remember when we freaked out about new episodes before they aired (like when we all thought Too Short to Ride was gonna lead to them fusing)

seeing my own posts in which I cry over this ship is wild because ahahaha my feelings haven’t changed at all?? this ship is still the one closest to my heart and the one I really really hope becomes canon…

Thoughts: Two princes, out on adventure. 

Urikin packs carefully, over-zealously in regards to food (just in case!). Makes sure he has clean clothes for a week and doesn’t have to wear the same nonsense over and over. A handful of coin in case his food spoils, although there shouldn’t be anyone to trade with where he’s going. Lovingly says goodbye to everyone and promises to be careful on the sea.

Meanwhile Baelica throws all of his underwear and like an extra pair of pants into his bag along with his lute and shawm. Packs lunch for the first day, since he’s already had breakfast and there’s a tavern he can go to for dinner and more supplies, probably. Mentions his journey to the fam a few times in the days prior then just a note on his bedroom door once he leaves. 

you know what people should really consider?

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The worst trick a childhood anxiety disorder pulls is, you spend your early years being applauded for being so much more mature than your peers, because you aren’t disruptive, you don’t want any kind of attention, you don’t express yourself, you keep yourself to yourself - this makes you a pleasure to have in class, etc etc - and you start to believe it’s virtue. But you’re actually way behind your peers in normal social development, and who knows if you can ever catch up.