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my college dorm packing list:

the school year’s winding down here, and I know a lot of you are about to start your first year of college. sometimes, this involves moving into a dorm, and there are so many dorm packing lists out there that tell you about so many “”necessities.”” this really easily gets overwhelming, so here’s the list of things that I have in my dorm right now that I really appreciate having!


  • two sets of sheets - make sure they’re the right size for the bed (often dorm beds are twin xl). i got two sets which included a pillow case, fitted sheet, and regular sheet. sometimes, the ‘college’ sets have pockets on the sides of the fitted sheets which can be super useful, esp if you decide to loft your bed!
  • pillows - when I was buying dorm stuff, i had the designer dorm room in mind (which is the goal for a lot of people when shopping, but it’s not super easy to attain. just stick to what works for u!). this, for me, involved pillows. i have 2 normal pillows (either i sleep on both or i alternate them out so no one of them gets too flat), and a smaller, soft decor pillow (i use this mostly to block up the space between the bed and the wall so my other pillows don’t fall off when i use them as a backrest haha), and a fourth, white fluffy square pillow (this one just looked cute, but i ended up using it as a desk chair cushion bc my chair didn’t come with one, it’s been a lifesaver!!)
  • comforter (tbh it’s always so hot in my dorm room that i hardly use this, and mostly just stick to the sheets haha, but it’s definitely important in winter)
  • extra blankets - just a couple lighter ones i use when i just wanna curl up or when i don’t need something as heavy as a comforter
  • foam mattress pad - !!!!! cannot stress this one enough. it makes my bed so comfortable. my dorm bed is now nicer than my home bed. i 100% recommend getting one of these (and make sure its the thick sheet of foam, not those weird cloth ones that make you feel weird when you touch it haha)


  • desk chair cushion (mentioned above) - wait until you see your room for this one, your desk chair might already have a cushion. if it doesn’t, get something to use as one. your butt will thank you, and it’ll make it so much easier to study. (also some people i know wanted to get their own desk chair - the rolly cushy kind - so if that’s what you want, go for it!)
  • desk lamp! - if you’re like me, you’ll stay up hours later than your roommate, and you need to be able to see. the kind i got was actually given away free from my uni, but it has usb ports and 3 different levels of intensity for the light itself, so it’s really nice!
  • cups/pen holders - stay organized. i brought a mug for this and ended up getting a few free cups at giveaways, and vases from flowers and things like that that I use to hold the pens on my desk.
  • misc desk organizers - to keep your study space put together and to keep all your stuff in a decent place (it’s so easy to lose things, even in such a small space)

closet/clothes storage:

  • hangers - i just got a couple packages (about 24 total i think?) which ended up being the perfect amount for me
  • sweater organizer shelves thing - these are everywhere at stores for dorm shopping. it’s basically a stack of box shelves. they also have drawers you can get for them, but i don’t have any of those. i just stuff my sweaters/cardigans/sweatshirts/extra sheets in there, it’s nice and saves a lot of closet space!

shower/hygiene supplies:

  • towels - i got 4 towels, just so i don’t have to do laundry as often. it ended up being a good amount for me. also a lot of people i know have washcloths, which wasn’t something i thought about but is a good idea if you use them!
  • shower caddy - a necessity! i use one of the bag ones, instead of the plastic ones, and i’ve heard a lot of people with the hard plastic ones wishing they had the mesh bag type (but obvs u do u)
  • dry shampoo - super useful for when you didn’t get a chance to shower and want to at least try to look a bit more cleaned up
  • laundry detergent - pretty straightforward. also hamper/laundry bag/dryer sheets/whatever else you need to get ur clothes clean (also stock up on quarters if you have to pay per load)


  • hobby supplies - i do a lot of crocheting/brush lettering/reading, whatever your hobbies are, you’ll wanna do them, so keep stuff in your room for it
  • wall calendar/white board calendar - useful for planning and remembering important dates (also i use this to keep up w what my roomie has going on bc we don’t talk about that sorta thing a whole lot but it’s nice to know when she’ll be back/out of the room/whatever)
  • whiteboard - i have a bigger wall mounted one, but i use it for assignment/meeting reminders and also as a study tool for before exams. plus it’s fun to doodle on when i really don’t feel like doing anything  haha
  • string lights - sure, they’re a classic dorm cute thing, but they’re also useful when you want just enough light to see, but not enough to keep your roommate up or be distracting. i use mine all the time, plus it makes the room feel more warm and homey!
  • i also have a 10 foot long phone charger which is my heart and soul i love it sm it’s so useful bc i plug it in under my bed in the corner and not only reaches up to my bed, but also over to my desk. 10/10 would recommend.

omgkatsudonplease  asked:

kaz. kaz has this been done before: top ten hottest publicity photos of yuuri?

10) An advertisement he did for a sports drink he sponsors which was basically a sweaty post-practice Yuuri gulping from a bottle while wearing a thin white shirt that had become very see through over the course of the photoshoot. Viktor has multiple copies of this saved onto all his electronic devices

9) In reference to an old ask about Yuuri sponsoring KitKat with the tag line being KitoKatsuki, Yuuri got the sponsorship just after his Olympic win. The picture of him on the packaging was one of him holding up his gold medal and smirking in a very smug, self-satisfied way and everyone universally agreed it was way more attractive than it had any right to be

8) A publicity photo of him with his and Viktor’s new puppy where he was dressed smart-casual and basically looking like the hot dad with the cute dog at the parent-teacher conference that all the single mums fight over at the school gates

7) The promotional photo of him in the ‘original’ Eros costume before he started the season in chapter 11 (for reference the costume looks like this)

6) A photo from a magazine that was following Yuuri through a day of training which was of him in the ballet studio doing a split with one leg on the floor and the other completely vertical by his head. It was the moment people realised just how crazily flexible Yuuri was and that was definitely a very popular revelation

5) A promotional photo for Yutopia with Yuuri looking like he was just out of the hot springs standing at the front of the building with his hair all wet and plastered to him and his face flushed with a towel round his shoulders and only some very loose clothing on. The general consensus was that the fact that photos weren’t allowed to be taken in the onsen itself was a national tragedy.

4) A promotional ad that both he and Viktor did promoting gender neutral clothing. Yuuri ended up in heels and red lipstick and no-one on the internet has ever recovered from it

3) A black and white photo that ended up plastered over shopping centres everywhere advertising the ‘Eros’ cologne. It looked exactly like you’d expect a cologne ad sponsored by an athlete to look and while Yuuri thought it was really embarrassing everyone else on the planet was thanking every deity they could think of that it existed.

2) A shot from the first shirtless photoshoot Yuuri ever did that I mentioned in a previous top ten. He did it with Viktor and the most famous photo of them ended up being one of Yuuri in the centre of the photo doing the classic ‘sultry eyes’ look at the camera with Viktor standing behind him with his arms wrapped around Yuuri’s chest and kissing his neck also looking directly at the camera but with a very obvious ‘back off’ look in his eyes. It ended up on a lot of people’s walls or under their pillows

1) A picture from a magazine spread about the two of them that Viktor convinced Yuuri to do. It was taken in their apartment and the photographer wanted a shot in their bedroom. Viktor kept teasing Yuuri about ‘showing the world his true eros’ and Yuuri ended up playfully wrestling Viktor onto the bed which changed its tone pretty fast and both of them completely forgot that the photographer was there. The final picture was of Yuuri straddling Viktor and pinning his arms above his head and smirking with both of them giving each other serious bedroom eyes. All the comments on the article when it was released were some form of ‘holy hell Viktor Nikiforov is a very lucky guy’ and ‘why the hell does Nikiforov even leave the house because if that were me I’d never even leave the bed’.

All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You

Title:  All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Summary:  Sam hitches a ride back to Palo Alto and meets a mysterious woman.

Characters:  Sam Winchester x female reader (?)

Word Count:  2415

Warnings:  nsfw, smut, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (both receiving), rough sex, angst

Author’s Notes:  Written for @chaos-and-the-calm67 80’s Writing Challenge. My song was “All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You” by Heart (x)(x). I started writing this a year ago after hearing the song on the radio and an image of Sam walking in the rain came to me. Bev’s challenge prompted me to finish it. There is no dialogue in this fic.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Zero Waste Tips

Whenever you go out, bring with you:

-a reusable water bottle filled with water (this prevents the purchase of plastic water bottles)

-an empty reusable coffee mug that can be filled during your travels, or a full reusable cup mug that you filled at home (prevents paper coffee cups and gives you a discount at many coffee shops, including Starbucks) 

-some kind of small cloth that can be used in place of napkins, tissues, and paper towels

-at least one reusable shopping bag (I have one I bring everywhere that folds up into a little square pouch) 

-a reusable container (useful if you eat out and have take home food) 

Strawberries » Mark Tuan

Pairing: Chef!Mark X Waitress!Reader

Summary: It was the restaurant's tenth year anniversary, you a waitress had been crushing on the chef in the kitchen who was also your best friend since high school. Mark, he was always so kind and nice to you, but when he catches you eating strawberries something is different about his energy. 

❝You’ve always been a slut haven’t you?❞

❝ Have your tits grown since last time? Fuck they’re so big.

❝ I can’t help it, you make me so horny.

❝ Open your legs princess, I’m hungry.

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Warnings: Dirty talk, kitchen sex, oral (receiving) Word Count: 

 Word Count: 2.8k

“C'mon spill the beans y/n. You know you want to.” Jackson said sending a wink your way as you poured his glass of wine to half way. You rolled your eyes, quickly glancing around the restaurant before turning back to the group. 

“A year and a half.” You answered sheepish, Youngjae began coughing, BamBam dropping his fork onto his plate while the rest stared at you in shock. 

“How? What? W–” Jackson was cut off when you heard a customer call out from another table. 

“Sorry boys, gotta go.” You said leaving the table and walking towards the other elderly lady as she gestured to her empty glass and you gladly poured some more in to her desired height. 

You glanced towards the double doors that led into the kitchen, watching as they would open and close every time someone would walk through them. You were so caught up you didn’t realise or hear the lady. 

“Excuse me! You’re spilling the wine everywhere!” She complained, you looked down to see the white table cloth slowly turning a red shade and the glass overflowing. 

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” You apologised, quickly running into the kitchen to grab paper towels and napkins to help clean up a bit. 

“Don’t worry y/n, I got it.” Jisoo said walking out and towards the table. You sighed and began to unbutton your white shirt with red wine stains on it. 

“Y/n? You okay?” You turned your head to your right to see Mark, the chef. Mark was friends with the guys you served out there before. You two had been friends a little longer though. 

“Yeah, I’m just a little messy.” You chuckled, pulling the shirt to close over your chest that was now all sticky. Mark walked over and took off his cooking jacket, handing it to you. He wore a white t-shirt underneath so it was okay. He went back to cooking while you quickly slid off to the fridge. 

Opening it and stepping inside, it was cold so you tried to hurry. Slipping off the shirt when you felt how sticky your skin was. Shit! You thought. He won’t see much of me. You thought before calling out. 

“Mark! Could you come here please?” A few seconds later you heard a small knock on the door and opened it a little just to stick your face through slightly. 

“Could you bring a wet rag please?” You asked as he hurried off to get one before handing it to you and watching your face disappear as you close the door and begin to wipe away the sticky parts over your stomach and breasts. 

You grabbed his chef jacket and slipped it on, doing it up the best you could before stepping out. His jacket was warm, like you were in a warm oven almost. 

“Better?” He asked as you nodded and placed your dirty white blouse in the clothes bin. A basket that you put dirty aprons and rags to be washed later on when closing time comes around. 

Speaking of closing time, you glanced at the clock then out he small window to see customers leaving and Jisoo thanking them for their stay at the front door. You sighed and sat down, not wanting to go out. 

“What’s wrong?” Mark asked walking over and sitting down next to you. Seeing your pouted lips and glossy eyes. 

“Why did you hire me? Was it because I didn’t have a job and needed one or because I was your friend?” You asked and he sighed, placing a hand on your shoulder that caused electricity to shoot through your arm to your toes. 

Your heart rate picking up quickly and thumping in your ears. The tips of the shell of your ears turning a bright red. 

“Neither. I hired you because I like you. You’re cool and handy and help out a lot.” He said and you almost puked at his answer. It was cringy and caused you to scoff at his answer. 

“Aish~its true. Wait here.” He said, walking out of the kitchen quickly. Your stomach began to growl and you couldn’t help but place your hand on it to feel the small vibrations of your stomach crying for food. You weren’t allowed to eat from the stock room or fridge but having something small wouldn’t hurt? 

You crept over to the fridge, eyes on Mark as he was talking to Jisoo by the front door. You ran inside and grabbed some strawberries, stepping out and quickly trying to eat then but enjoy them. You could see Mark start to make his way back towards the kitchen. No time to enjoy then, you quickly downed them before Mark came back. 

“Sorry I had to dismiss Jisoo–” Mark came in and saw you sitting, back up straight and an innocent look on your face while your hands sat in your lap. 

“What did you do?” Mark asked, walking over. Glaring slightly, wondering what you had done or what you were up to. You just shook your head and played innocent. 

“Nothing, I’ve just been waiting for you to come back.” You said smiling slightly, he was now right in front of you. He brought his hand up and grazed the back of his knuckle over your cheek lightly. Before his fingers danced along your lips. He pressed the tip of his finger to your mouth and dragged it along your lower lip. 

You were confused but when he brought his finger tip to his own lips and sucked on it, you knew you were busted. But the sight in front of you caused you to freeze and the only thing you could do was rub your thighs together. 

A throaty groan left his lips as he closed his eyes. Taking in the taste and recognising it instantly. 

“Strawberries? Hmm? That’s interesting. But you do know you’re in trouble right?” He asked and you nodded. Face now red and burning you could swear someone had just hit you across the face. But that wasn’t the case now. 

“I mean there is one way you could get out of this…” he said, and you weren’t sure if it was just you but you swore you saw his eyes darken slightly and his wicked smirk sent shivers down your spine. And then it hit you. 

“No.” You said sternly, you did not want to go back there. It was long ago and a stupid dare. It was your final year in high school, you all were gathered at Youngjae’s place and playing truth or dare when you got dared to sleep with Mark. 

You didn’t want to at first but you had always liked him and saw this as your only way of ever having a chance with him. If you couldn’t date him might as well fuck him. You two remained friends and you all swore you would never speak of it again. Until now at least. 

“What? C'mon y/n, I can tell you want to. You’ve been wanting to date me since high school.” He said and you furrowed your eye brows. 

“How did you–I’m going to fucking kill him.” You growled, Jackson couldn’t keep his mouth shut could he? 

“Why? Can’t you just control yourself until you get home or find some girl?” You asked and he chuckled, backing you up against the counter now as the tip of his nose dragged along the skin on your neck as his eyes flickered up to yours. 

“I can’t help it, you make me so horny.” Your knees went weak at that sentence. Your hands behind you to hold you up to make sure you actually don’t collapse. Why was he doing this? To be fair Mark had never been a player, he had never really had a girlfriend either. 

And maybe sleeping with him one last time could make him finally ask you out. 

“Do I now?” You asked as his face now was only millimetres from yours. His lips ghosting and constantly brushing over yours. As if asking you to kiss him. You lips began to ghost over his neck now, lightly peppering kisses along it. 

His bottom lip disappeared between his teeth as he sucked in a harsh breath and craved his neck back. His Adams apple bobbed as you kissed over it. Tongue slightly grazing over his skin to leave wet kisses. 

“Fuck, you never fail to turn me on.” He breathed, eyes closing as you both just stood there. Her hands now coming up to rest and press down on his shoulders to push herself up and continue kissing his skin. You pulled back and smirked, enjoying yourself and his reaction. 

“You’re think it’s funny to tease? Princess-” he suddenly picked you up and pinned you down to the cold metal counter. Your legs automatically wrapping around his waist as he hovered over you. 

“-I’m the fucking king of teasing.” And with that his lips connected with your neck. Kissing, sucking, nibbling in spots to try and create the desired purple circles. Your hands found his hair and began to thread your fingers through his locks, the tugging causing his to grown slightly against your skin. 

You found yourself bucking your hips into his and trying to create some friction. Thank god you finished your period a week ago. You continued to grind yourself against him. The thin material of your black suit pants able to move against the blue jeans he wore. 

The roughness of his material and his boner straining causing your pussy to throb and your arousal begin to soak through your panties. You began helping him undo the button and take off his kitchen jacket, discarding the material to the floor as his lips made their way down to suck at one of the ball of flesh. 

The red lace covering your hardened nipples now joining the jacket on the floor. His hands began to massage the skin, you couldn’t believe this all was still happening. 

“Have your tits grown since last time? Fuck they’re so big.” Your back began to arch as you craved for more of his touch. 

“Please just do something to me. Fuck me. Taste me. Touch me. Do something.” You whined, still grinding your hips into his. His fingers began to fumble with the dress pants button and the zipper. Your pants came off quickly to reveal your matching red underwear. 

He couldn’t help but chuckle as he noticed the wet patch. Fingers pressing against it, your underwear sticking to your wet lips. Fingers slowly moving up and down, along your slit and avoiding your clit. You began to whimper, bucking your hips as you basically begged for him to touch your bundle of nerves. 

You just wanted a release so badly, wanting to cum all over his fingers and tongue. Wanting to cum all over his cock. 

“Mark please…” you finally whined, your high and soft plea caused him to chuckle. Eyes scanning over your body as he watched how your body reacted with his simple touch. 

“What’s that princess?” He asked, placing a finger behind the shell of his ear and pushing it. Acting like he didn’t know what you said but he just wanted to be an ass.  

“Mark just please just touch me.” You practically begged like a four-year-old. 

“Like this?” He asked, fingers now grazing over your clit lightly, the feeling enough to cause your hips to rise and back to arch. 

“Y/n you don’t understand how hard it is for me not to fuck you so hard right now.” He growled, hand slipping underneath your panties and rubbing your clit in slow circles. 

“Don’t stop.” You moaned, hips continuously bucking into nothing as he sat there smirking. 

“You’re different from last time. You’re less vocal.” He said, fingers now gone and your panties pooling at your feet. 

“Lets change that.” He smirked, stepping back and watching you sit up on your elbows and look down at him as he began to get down on his knees. 

“Open your legs princess, I’m hungry.” Your knees were pried apart and his mouth immediately sucked on your clit. Your breath hitching as the sudden action happened. Your hands found his hair and tangled your fingers in it. 

Head now thrown back as loud moans left your mouth and the sounds of his lips sucking away at you echoing throughout the kitchen. 

“Fuck Mark!” You basically yelled when he began to nibble at your clit and slid two fingers into your dripping pussy. The feeling of yourself wrapped around his fingers while he thrusted them in and out of you. Trying to get you to cum. 

“You’ve always been a slut haven’t you?” If Mark said that sentence to you casually you would have back handed him but right now, him using dirty talk to edge you closer only build up the frustration in your stomach. 

You could feel yourself begin to clench around his fingers, your moans grew louder and you began to squirm as he tried to hold you down. 

“Y/n if you keep moving I’ll stop and leave you without an orgasm.” He warned, eyes dark and you could tell he wasn’t kidding around. Not even daring to challenge him to managed to keep your body from moving too much and continued to enjoy the feeling of his tongue and fingers on you. 

“I’m gonna cum, fuck make me cum Mark.” You whined, hips bucking into his mouth more as the last flick of his tongue on your clit was what sent you over the edge. His wet muscle pulling away while his fingers pumped in and out of you to ride out your high. 

Your heavy pants and sweaty forehead was not enough to tell Mark you were fucked out. You weren’t ready to get straight into fucking yet but he didn’t care. He quickly pushed down his own pants, his boxers along with them and thrusted himself in. 

No warning, no teasing, no nothing. Just hard and fast and before you knew it you were clutching onto his shoulders with your legs wrapped around his waist. Enjoying the angle and position but it wasn’t enough and Mark could tell. 

“Fuck, turn around and lean over the table.” He ordered, pulling out and getting off you. Quickly following his order you now mated your body against the cool metal table as he ran his tip through your folds before sliding back in and going back to his pace. 

“Fuck, keep doing that.” He said through gritted teeth with a clenched jaw, you weren’t sure what he meant but picked up on your constant clenching around him. 

“Nice and fucking tight, just like last time.” He hissed, throwing his head back as his high began to approach and you weren’t far behind. The familiar stinging feeling in your stomach growing with each thrust into your g-spot. Your legs began to shake as you got closer and closer to your orgasm. 

Your pussy beginning to pulse against his cock as you basically screamed at the feeling of how hard he was thrusting into you at this point. 

“Fuck, I’m gonna–” the choked groan he let out was what sent you over the edge, now riding out his and your high before both finally coming to a stop. You stood back up straight, legs slightly wobbly as he helped you sit on the cool table. 

All Mark could do was smirk at you, before placing the familiar red heart shaped fruit to your lips. 

“Open.” He demanded and you obliged happily, eyes never straying from his as he slid the piece between your lips and watched as you hit down into it. Taking it all except the part with the green on it. 

“So did you really have a thing for me in high school?” You knew this would come back to haunt you, hence why you were never going to tell the guys anything again. Especially Jackson when they cousins seem to keep their mouths shut. 

“I mean, yeah. Like you were always there for me and all and you were always my ideal type.” You said, looking down at the floor as you began to slowly get dressed. 

“So do you want to go out sometime?” He asked and you met his eyes, searching for the joke but there was none. 

“Define ‘go out.’” You said, adding the quotations with your fingers to high light the key words. He just chuckled and looked at the ground before looking back up and licking is lips. 

“Well, I don’t exactly have the money to take you to some fancy 5-Star restaurant but I’m sure my old red truck, some blankets in the back and the drive-in could do?” You couldn’t help but smile, you had some good memories in that truck. And you meant that in a very, non-sexual way with Mark. 

Most were good but there were still some bad ones but in the end they turned out alright. 

 "Pick me up at eight.“

English Teacher (Taehyung one-shot smut)

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A/N: Sorry it took so long! I will edit it later :) This is for anon

Summary: You’re BTS’s English teacher but one of your students has been giving you a little trouble. 

Word count: 3k ?

Genre: Smut

Pairing: You x Taehyung

Warnings: Smut, swearing, risk of getting caught, inappropriate behaviour ;)

You were absolutely certain your dress wasn’t this short when you left home this morning. You’re imagining things… it’s not your dress, it’s Taehyung. Being around him always left you feeling so… exposed.

It’s been 6 months since you started teaching the BTS members English and there’d been no problems, in fact, it was the best job you’ve ever had- especially compared to your last one. Okay… there might be one problem, but, it’s not really a problem… only a slight discomfort. No big deal or anything, definitely not something you spend any time thinking about.

You were attracted to Taehyung.

Okay, but who wasn’t? All of the boys are attractive. But, like, you were really really attracted to him.

Maybe it was because of his soft, dark hair and how good it looked against his sun-kissed skin. Or maybe it was his big eyes and how they glistened… maybe it was his tall, toned body or how hard he tried to improve his English. Or, it was how close he would sit next to you during your lessons, so much closer then any of the other members. Maybe it was how good he smelt or how your skin felt when his leg brushed against yours or when his big hand patted your knee out of excitement when he got one of your questions right. Maybe it was how dominant he was with the other members and you couldn’t stop thinking about him being dominant with you…

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Dear Diary...

Dean x Reader 

A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble, but suddenly I had written more than 1600 words, so one-shot it is. It’s mostly just fluff. I don’t know what’s happened to me lately. I just want poor Dean to be happy, I guess.

Prompt: “Dear Diary,…” requested by @skymoonandstardust

Forever Tag List:  @mrswhozeewhatsis @spnfangirl1965 @mangasia @daydreamingintheimpala @driverpicksthemuusic @sharkeeshark @mysoul4dean @amoreagron @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x  @aiaranradnay @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt  [Want to be added or removed? Let me know :)]    

“Hey, where’s your stuff to wash?”

“Uh… should be there on the bed,” Sam replied distractedly, eyes focused on his laptop. “Looks like there might not be a case after all…”

“You sure?”

“Pretty sure, yeah.”

Dean was dumping dirty clothes into a duffel bag as he replied, “Well, keep looking. We need a little more than pretty sure before we ditch town.” The shower in the bathroom was turned off just when he picked up a blue shirt from the bed and eyed it, lips pursing. “This looks clean,” he muttered, bringing it close to his nose. “And I was wrong,”-  he announced to no one, a disgusted nod to himself followed, “Lesson learned. Nothing’s clean here.” With this he grabbed every piece of clothing he could get eyes on and threw it into the bag. 

When his hands touched something solid, though, he stopped. “The hell is this?”

Sam who was currently rubbing his eyes, asked a “What?” And his brother just looked at him incredulously, some sort of notebook in his hands.

“A secret diary, Sam? Really? I thought you got over this phase.”

Sam’s bitch face showed up. It hadn’t in more than three hours. Record. “That’s not mine.”

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Shame-inducing depression mess everywhere; thought I’d start w the bathroom as it is the easiest to unfuck w most of the mess being from laundry to be done!!
Before - clothes basket MIA, dirty clothes/towels everywhere, makeup everywhere, 2 loads worth of washing lying around
After - habitat unfucked!! Washing half done; the rest in the basket. Sink clean. Things that can be put away have been put away
(What you don’t see in the before picture: the accumulation of stuff on/around the basin, the piles of clothes that have fallen into the tub, etc)

shoes off, goggles off (bodhi rook )

“He wasn’t just a body to you; it was him or nobody. You barely trusted people, let alone men into your life, and Bodhi had proven himself to be the exception. You couldn’t sleep anymore without him beside you. When he had off-planet trips it felt like gravity was off-center knowing he wasn’t in close proximity. When he was beside you it felt easier to exist. He was all soft, and you were rough edges. You had spent so long convinced that you had helped pull him out of his depression, that you hadn’t considered that maybe his love for you was just a dam, blocking off the flood of unsettling sadness inside of him. You needed him, and maybe he no longer cared if it was you–he just needed someone.”

You’ve been dating for over four years, and sometimes doubts leak through. 

(i.e be prepared for that hot triple threat of fluff/angst/smut)

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So this isn’t mine, it’s my sister’s. She works as a customer service rep at a bank and lets just say she gets some… interesting calls from time to time.

Somebody made a reservation at a hotel and the they charged her account and she tried to claim she didn’t stay there. She called the hotel with the client on the line and the manager said she did stay there and that he personally walked up to her room and told her to check out two hours past the checkout time. In the room, the girl was fixing her hair and there were towels and clothes and cigarette butts everywhere (so she was charged a smoking fee in addition to her room)

The girl tried to deny she was ever there and he manager said they remembered what she looked like and gave a general description of the girl. The girl then tried to lie about her appearance and my sister pulled up her ID, which proved that the girl calling was the one the manager saw.

So uh, needless to say my sisters job gets very frustrating at times.

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Michelle can you please write some canon smut related to the kitchen scene? Please please please?!?!

Author’s note: this is more of a post-episode scene, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! I couldn’t resist doing a little angst fix it either. :)

Also posted: / AO3


Emma shut the door behind her, momentarily leaning against it. The day started so…well, innocently is definitely not the right word, but happy? She’d been so happy, still was happy. But after what she’d seen Zelena give up, happiness wasn’t at the top of her list of emotions. Mostly, she was just tired.

Forcing herself to move, she pushed off the door and shrugged out of her coat, hanging it next to Killian’s. A small smile quirked at the corner of her lips; somehow just thinking about him could improve her mood. Speaking of her fiancé (and holy shit, how incredible was that to think about? She, Emma Swan, was getting married!), where was he?


He wasn’t in the kitchen. He wasn’t waiting for her on the couch. The lights going back toward the shed were all off. Maybe he was upstairs? Emma only paused long enough to unzip her boots, kicking them over by the door. No doubt her fastidious pirate would pick up after her later. She didn’t think of herself as an untidy person, but that was before she started living with Killian Jones. She didn’t know if it was his days in the Navy or what, but he was…aggressively neat. There had been a few bumps in the road the first week or so after he moved in; both she and Henry got a tad short with him. One day she came home to him scrubbing out their bathroom. He was literally on his knees scrubbing, whistling an old sea shanty and all she’d wanted was a hot bath and…she might have said some hurtful things. She wasn’t proud of it. The way he curled in on himself, blue eyes hurt and apologetic, broke her heart. He’d left without a word, brushing past her. He didn’t even get to the upstairs landing before she went after him, apologizing profusely.

Later, they found a much better use for the tub.

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Imagine Rowena and magic bath bombs...

To punish people, Rowena uses a bit of their hair, like a polyjuice potion, and traps people in a bath bomb. When you drop it in your tub, that person appears.

*drops a green bath bomb, turns around to put something on the corner, turns back around*

Dean Winchester is now in the tub, arms and legs hanging out of the side. Soaked in green water Dean starts looking around your bathroom. 

“What the? Where? SON OF A BITCH!”

*drops a red bath bomb, turns around to put something on the corner, turns back around*

Sam Winchester is now in the tub, legs going up the wall off the back of your shower, trying to pull himself out without smashing his face into the faucet.

*Distressed moose noises echo from the walls*

*drops a blue bath bomb, turns around to put something on the corner, turns back around*

Castiel is now in the tub, he immediately sits up, looking around the room. His head tilts slightly to the side as his eyes narrow, trying to place you. 

“I feel as though I am interrupting something right now.”

*drops a purple bath bomb, turns around to put something on the corner, turns back around*

Crowley is now in the tub, sitting up he carefully stands, trying to shake off the water without getting it everywhere. 

“Hello darling, so sorry to intrude. This is, well, incredibly awkward, for both of us. Have to run though, mother needs a visit.” *fingers snap*

*drops a black bath bomb, turns around to put something on the corner, turns back around*

Lucifer is now in the tub, slowly sitting up he takes in the black water, his soaking clothes, and then turns his attentions to you standing there in a towel, eyeing you up and down. 

“Well, this is…interesting. I just hope I’m not the only one who’s wet here.” 

*I bet you were expecting actual angst. ;) Also if you know the Vine compilation I’m talking about, I love you for that.*

When Matsukawa opens the front door at 3AM, he’s not really expecting for his former captain to be standing on the other side of it, soaking wet, looking like a drowned rat and a man who’s lost everything in the world.

His voice is so small when he whispers, “Matsun…” and Matsukawa doesn’t hesitate to pull him past the threshold, yelling for Takahiro to bring a towel as he does.

Oikawa’s face twists up, trying to pull back and already blindly reaching for the door handle. “Makki’s…? God, I’m s-sorry, I’ll leave—I just, sorry…!”

He doesn’t get far; Matsukawa’s already reaching to grip his bicep and tugging him back, headless to the water his friend drips everywhere as he drags him back towards the bedroom.

A sleepy Takahiro is in the hallway as they pass through, holding a towel and dressed in nothing but Matsukawa’s big t-shirt, blinking around confusedly. When he notices Oikawa, he finally wakes up enough to comprehend somethings wrong and follows behind the two as Matsukawa guides him towards his bathroom, nudging him in with the towel Takahiro’s brought. He quickly tells him he’ll bring spare clothes once Oikawa’s in the shower.

It doesn’t take long for him to finish and once they’ve got Oikawa all warmed up and into some comfy, dry clothes, they finally pull him into the bed with them, tucking him in the middle with lots of blankets to try to ease off some of that lingering chill. They wait several minutes with Hanamaki’s dragging his fingers through Oikawa’s damp hair before he asks, “Did something happen with Iwaizumi?”

Oikawa makes a soft noise, “…how’d you guess?”

Hanamaki shows his phone. “He texted me looking for you. He wanted to make sure you were safe.”

The former setter snorts at his words, sounding gloomy when he replies, “Figures Iwa-chan would…that’s just like him…”

His expression looks so dejected.

It’s Matsukawa who chances an ask of, “Did something happen between you two?”

It obvious the answer to the question, but neither one of them are quite expecting for Oikawa to simply hum and say, “Iwa-chan and I broke up.”

Hanamaki can’t stop the surprised noise that leaves his throat.

Oikawa’s laughter after is what’s even more concerning though. “That’s not really true…you actually have to be dating a person to say they broke up with you.”

Hanamaki and Matsukawa share a look over him and it’s Matsukawa who asks, “You and Iwaizumi weren’t together…?”

Oikawa shakes his head, “There was never an ‘us’. I know we told everyone that, but it was really just to get Auntie and Uncle off of Iwa-chan’s back.”

He makes a humorless laugh, “Poor Iwa-chan who’s never had a girlfriend, making his parents all worried they thought he was lonely. They kept trying to set him up with different girls because they wanted to make their precious son happy; their heart was in the right place I guess, but it started to get a little out of hand. Iwa-chan got a little fed up and ended up telling them he was already in a relationship, just to get them off his back you know? And of course he really wasn’t, and he kind of panicked when they asked who, so he decided to say it was me and…well, we’ve been ‘dating’ ever since then.”

Both men share another look over their friend’s head, “…and you decided to end it…?”

“No…” it’s very subtle, but his face briefly twists, “Iwa-chan was the one who said we should stop pretending…and he’s right, we shouldn’t have been lying to everyone in the first place…”

Oikawa pauses, voice catching, “B-but I was really happy to be his pretend boyfriend you know? Even though I knew it wouldn’t last. It’s really fucking wrong, but I like him so much…I didn’t think it would hurt that bad to pretend for a little while. I mean, it gave me a chance to ‘go out’ with him after years of accepting that us together would never be a thing.”

“Wait, so are you mad at him for it?” Matsukawa tries to discern the expression on his friend’s face.

“Not mad, I just—I really should have known better. It’s not Iwa-chan’s fault I have feelings for him. I don’t think he even realized until I opened my big, stupid mouth…”

Hanamaki sits up with a start, “You told him…?!”

Oikawa buries his face in the pillow with a groan, “I did and he didn’t even say anything…I just got so scared and I knew he was going to try and let me down gently because you know how soft he is…I just—I didn’t want to hear it. So I just kind of bolted? I was too afraid to go back to our place and, well now I’m here obviously…”

He lets out a groan, shaking his head,  “I really don’t want to talk about it anymore, okay? Can we just watch funny videos or something? If I think one more depressing thing I might actually cry…”

Matsukawa instantly reaches for his phone at that, pulling up his favorite Vine compilation of a dinosaur puppet and Oikawa scoots closer to watch it with him. Hanamaki makes a move to join them too, but is stopped when his phone vibrates against the table next to him. He reaches out for it and notices he had several new texts:

From Beef Tits *flex emoji*:

[please help me]

From Beef Tits *flex emoji*:

[I fucked things up with Oikawa bad]

From Beef Tits *flex emoji*:

[I made a stupid mess and got him involved]

From Beef Tits *flex emoji*:

[and he confessed and didn’t fucking answer]

From Beef Tits *flex emoji*:

[now he won’t answer me and I don’t know what to do…I just want to fix this]

From Beef Tits *flex emoji*:

[if you see him please tell him to come home]

From Beef Tits *flex emoji*:

[I want to make this right for us]

Hanamaki looks over to where his boyfriend and one of his best friends were giggling over the stupid puppet petting a dog and he just shakes his head with a sigh.

What an unnecessary mess, he thinks, fingers flying across the keyboard in response.

To Beef Tits *flex emoji*:

[he’ll be there tomorrow so u better have ur shit together]

To Beef Tits *flex emoji*:

[ur r also treating me and Issei to ramen for making us babysit tonight]

To Beef Tits *flex emoji*:

[congrats btw]

Iwaizumi’s ‘I’ll do my best, thank you both for everything’ is the only good thing to come out of this night. It’s why he doesn’t mind snuggling behind his former captain’s back and foregoing perfectly good cuddle time with his boyfriend just to comfort his friend.

He was pretty serious about that ramen though, Iwaizumi definitely owed them.

candy heart (new start)

pairing: marcus flint x oliver wood
wordcount: 2167
a/n: a belated valentine’s day ficlet for our fave quasi-romantic quidditch boyfriends // written for the @hprarepairnet and @slytherdornet be mine challenge!

The candles that are neatly arranged on their dining table are burning low when Marcus decides to nix dinner and stick it back in the oven with a tempus charm in a futile attempt to keep it warm.

Oliver’s late.

Which isn’t usually something that bothers him – practices run over, and coaches get overzealous, and because Marcus knows those exact situations, has been in them more often than not, he never minds.

Except today is Valentine’s Day, and just this morning, Oliver had left by pressing a kiss to his cheek and reminding him that their plans would begin promptly at seven. Now, it’s almost nine, and Marcus is left sitting there at their dining table like a fool, if there were anyone else in their flat to see. It doesn’t help that his nerves are already rattled, from what he’s planning.

He doesn’t do romance. Thinks the holiday is honestly just a way to get all the young witches and wizards to spend money in the dreary winter months, but this year, Marcus had gotten a couple bouquets delivered and had gone to pick out some of Oliver’s favorite chocolates, because Oliver loves all the clichés and Marcus isn’t one to deny him of that. It just seems appropriate.

Worry grips him momentarily at the thought that maybe Oliver’s gotten injured, except if it had been bad, Puddlemere’s coach would’ve gotten into contact with family, and Mrs. Wood always tries to keep Marcus in the loop when that happens.

He picks at the salad, very resolutely trying not to jump to conclusions, because Oliver wouldn’t do this on purpose. Marcus tries to assure himself – it’s probably an honest mistake.

Or he got distracted, the stupid fucking voice in his head says, by something – someone else?

“Shut up,” Marcus groans to no one, shoving his plate away. The roses look more and more pathetic the longer he stares at them, silk ribbon tying them together winking tauntingly under the candlelight. He can feel the box burning a hole in his pocket, and tosses it out on the table to join the flowers.

He relocates to the couch, because sitting and staring at the empty seat in front of him only makes him want to wallow in self-pity, and that’s never a good road to go down.

Marcus chews his lip. Oliver wouldn’t – would he?

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Film The World Before It Happens

Summary: Dan and Phil are in a rut. All they ever do is have loving, vanilla sex, and Dan is sick of it. He decides to take matters into his own hands. By seducing Phil.
Word Count: 1, 940
Warnings: praise kink, sub dan, teasing, making out, a tad bit of somnophilia, grinding, frottage, coming in pants
A/N: tfw you’ve had this prompt for over a month. I felt so guilty that I tried to make it really long. I really like this so I hope you do too?

Dan and Phil were in a rut. And not the fun type of rut that people wrote about in weird fanfiction where they were dogs or werewolves or something. No, they were in the type of rut where they were essentially an old married couple. An old married couple that didn’t have fun sex.

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Heat Wave in the UK

Tips for you:

- Drink water (sugary drinks no no) and lots of it.
- Suncream (everywhere your skin is exposed) and apply it every two hours.
- Shade, if possible.
- Run cold water over your wrists or a cold cloth on them will cool you down.
- Wear a sun hat if you have one (I know they don’t look cool but it might save your life).
- Wear loose clothing.

Tips for your pets:
- Provide extra water and change it regularly for cold water
- Provide shelter/shade
- Take caution if walking dogs on the pavement (they can get super hot and will burn their feet, test it with your hand/foot first)
- Cold damp towel to lie on
- Ice in water or to eat or cold foods they are allowed

The signs of heat exhaustion include:
- headache
- dizziness and confusion
- loss of appetite and feeling sick
- excessive sweating and pale clammy skin
- cramps in the arms, legs and stomach
- fast breathing or pulse
- temperature of 37C or above
- intense thirst
The symptoms are often the same in adults and children, although children may become floppy and sleepy.
Heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke if left untreated.
If suspected : Move to a cool area, remove excess clothing, drink lots of water, lie down and raise feet slightly, cool skin (sponge or spray) particularly armpits and neck.
If no improvement after 30 minutes, temp over 40c, confused, shortness of breath, dial 999!

Please please stay safe and be careful.
Share this (and add tips of you have any)


So, yesterday I cleaned the apartment, and I found that if I constantly clean the dishes/kitchen after I eat, the cleaning goes by much quicker. There are things that should be done every single day, things that can be done every couple of days, some once a week, some once every two weeks and so on. 

I do the dishes every day, take out the trash every couple of days, as soon as it’s filled (I used somewhat small trash bags, which is better because I don’t like accumulating trash). 

Once a week, I wash my clothes, vacuum and clean the bathrooms. 

Usually, I change the bed sheets and the bedding once every two or three weeks, and wash the towels I use once every two weeks too. 

Anyways… yesterday I did everything in like an hour and a half. And after that I finished a homework and was able to turn it in EARLY! Can you people believe that? I turned in a homework assignment a day earlier! 

I have been trying my best at not snacking junk food, and at walking everywhere I need to go that is within a reasonable distance; I have been feeling with a bit more energy, but with the flu, I lose my breath really quickly. I developed a terrible back pain, tho, I don’t know what caused it, but it’s really hard to rub one of those heat creams all on my own. I’ll take it easy with heavy things on my back for the days to come, hopefully it’ll get better soon. 

As far as feelings go, I have been trying my best to not think about it at all. I am constantly trying to find things to do so I can distract myself, because to be honest, I miss him too much. Way too much. It hurts me to not be able to talk to him the way we used to. So I distract myself, because I just don’t want to say “hi” anymore, either. It hurts too much. I either get ignored, or get responses that make sure to show he is not interested in what is going on with my life. 

I also feel alone, I have nowhere to go here, and no friends to hang out with. I’m meeting people from my masters, and I’m trying to make friends with them, but it’s really difficult. All I know is that I’m doing my best, but I just want to make sure you guys know this: I really really dislike some of the people there. We are a very small group of people, and I dislike at least half. I just don’t like people who are entitled, believe they know it all, and are not even willing to learn something from other disciplines.

The past two weeks have been ridiculously hard. Losing a friend, someone I love, has been the hardest thing ever. I feel numb. I know… I know he treated me badly, that’s why I hesitate so much about reaching out to him. But it doesn’t stop the pain.

I just hope I can get better, feel better, and get over him. 


A fic inspired by this post.

Note: Non-requested original story! I dedicate this to anyone that has lived below the poverty line. It fucking sucks.

You overheard a lady in a matching floral tracksuit on the bus. She was talking the ear off a young guy holding a skateboard. She said, “I just packed up my bag and moved cities. Didn’t know another soul there! Needed a change.” She seemed happy, which was more than you could say for yourself. You hated your job; being a receptionist was mind-numbing and the flashy shoes hurt your feet. All the friends you ever really liked had either moved to one of the bigger cities or had started families to occupy their time. Essentially, where you were you felt no sense of belonging or connection. As you listened to the lady, it dawned on you. You didn’t owe anything to that town. You didn’t owe anything to anyone. You could pick up your stuff and walk out the door and never come back. You could do it, and so, you did.

Your savings covered the deposit and monthly rent on a studio apartment. It was in the worst part of the city but the door had three locks. Besides, you had nothing of value for anyone to steal. If they broke in they’d be met with two rooms. The smaller was a bathroom with home brand toothpaste and shampoo, some makeup and a stack of three towels. The larger was the kitchen/lounge/bedroom, with no television and a mattress for a bed. The fridge and microwave came with the place and even if they could be stolen, they probably wouldn’t be worth the hassle. You took your laptop everywhere with you. All your clothes were op shopped. Anybody desperate enough to take anything you owned probably needed it more than you, you thought.

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Working for the Dauntless leader Eric Coulter // Chapter 5

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4

Tags: @jaihardy @tigpooh67 @captstefanbrandt @jaxteller9994 @pathybo @umlvk @beltz2016 @capitanostella (Let me know if you want to be tagged as well)

A/N: Sorry for all grammar mistakes in advance, I’ve written this chapter on my phone because my laptop broke. But I’ll still post more chapters when I have any ideas. Hope you like it :)

Things I need to do today: 

- Finish all the paperwork 

- Pick up the delivery from Erudite and bring it to his apartment 

- Clean his apartment 

 The list isn’t long as usual but I have to clean his place again which will take so much time. Anyway I’ll start now to finish early to help my friend. Doing the paperwork goes quicker than I thought. Just sorting out old papers and bring them to the trash. 

Next I take the train to Erudite. I look at my watch, it’s 11:45AM. The train should be here by any minute. Lights of the train brighten the dark tunnel. I run faster and grab the grasp to pull myself in the train. I sit close to the edge and dangle my legs. Leaving the Dauntless HQ I’m getting closer to Erudite. The buildings are so high they almost touch the clouds. I walk in the main building and find a woman who gives me a small packet.

On the way back the train becomes louder and full. Transfers and Dauntless born jump in. Most of them make it, but some don’t. I jump out of the train and see Eric, waiting on the roof. Right, the Choosing Ceremony was today and he needs to train those initiates. “I didn’t know your Choosing Ceremony was today.” he smirks “Have you done everything for today Y/N?” “Yes, just went to Erudite to get this” I show him the packet “but I still need to do the cleaning part.” “You know what, just bring the packet to my place and leave it on my bed. Meet me there at 8PM. Don’t be late Y/N.” Eric pulls me to him to give me a little kiss and then lets me jump off the roof.

I press the little packet close to my body and close my eyes. The feeling of falling relaxes me every time. I land on the net and bounce a little bit. When I get off the net I hear him yelling. “Alright, listen up. I’m Eric, one of your leaders.” based on his voice I can tell that he’s kinda annoyed today. 

To get into Eric’s place I just need to type in a code. 51893, his name in numbers. His bed is still messy, there are clothes on the floor and it smells like his aftershave or whatever he used. The bathroom floor is covered in towels and some spots are wet. I don’t remember leaving this apartment like this today. I place the packet on the left nightstand and start cleaning even though he told me to meet him here later.

First I fold and put his clothes on a chair, then I move to the bathroom and pick up all towels and throw them in the laundry bin. To get fresh air in this apartment I open all windows wide. It gets a bit cold in here but at least I get fresh air. Next I take a bucket with water and start scrubbing the floor again. After I’ve finished the bathroom I go on to his bed and living room. I stand up to get clean water but forget that it’s still wet everywhere. One wrong step and I fall on the hard floor.

I slowly open my eyes. All I see is a dark ceiling with some lightbulbs. There are several faces looking at me but I can’t really tell which face belongs to which person. I hear voices, a deep one, but also a soft voice. Can’t really tell what they say. My head is pounding. I close my eyes and fall asleep.

I wake up again. My head turns to the left and right. There’s Eric sitting in a chair next to me. He seems to be asleep, or maybe just tired. I take one of his hands and squeeze it. “Oh, sleeping beauty woke up” he squeezes my hand back and strokes the back of my hand with his thumb.

“Where am I? What happened? Please tell me!” I shout and try to climb out of this bed but Eric doesn’t let me. “Hey Y/N, stay here, you’re in the infirmary. I found you on the floor, in my bathroom but I couldn’t wake you up. So I brought you here.” Right, I slipped on the wet floor and the next thing I saw was nothing. “Have you been here the whole time?”

“Well, someone had to keep an eye of you.” he smirks and comes closer. “Shouldn’t you train the initiates and keep an eye on them as a leader?” “I should but I have my priorities.” he glances at me and almost smiles. “God, I’m starving. Do you think the cafeteria is still open?”

“I think it’s closed by now, it’s almost 10PM. But I’ll see what I can get you. Stay in bed until I come back okay, Y/N. Alright?” I just nod at him and smile. He places a kiss on my forehead and disappears behind the curtains.

to be continued…