there are clean benches

you can thank @iloveyouhaz for this one

The one where Harry fucks Y/N  in a fitting room while she’s wearing his jersey.


Harry’s cock is throbbing in his pants.

Y/N has been modeling clothes for him for about fifteen minutes now, and with every short skirt and tightly fitted dress came torturous teasing. Whether it be through innocent batting of eyelashes and cheeky smiles when he has to readjust himself again, or ‘accidentally’ dropping something on floor and having to bend down to pick it up, giving him a full view of her ass. Least to say, he was damn glad they were at a boutique whose owners’ were kind enough to leave them to their own room for dressing up, in their case down, to give them some privacy from the customers milling about.

His cock was straining against his boxers and jeans with every passing minute. After the final outfit Y/N poses for him, he knows that he cannot hold on any longer, and certainly not until they get home. The more time passed, the tighter the dresses were becoming and shorter were the skirts, he needed to have her. Now. As she sways her hips and walks away from him, Harry wastes no time jumping out of the leathery sofa to slip into the small dressing room with her.

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Kaider Headcanon: Everything remotely scary/difficult, Cinder must deal with, at least for the first little while. Kai is terrible and can't cook for himself, can't kill a roach, can't do his own laundry, so on and so forth. When they hang out on the Rampion though, she essentially forces him to act for himself because "I'm not your mother, I'm your girlfriend."

I dunno… Just because Kai is royal doesn’t mean he isn’t self sufficient. When he was on the Rampion, he made a point of making himself useful by offering to cook and do the laundry. Plus, Kai seems like the type of prince who would have visited the kitchens and made friends with the gardener, etc. 

If anything, I think Kai would be more like…

  • “You know, Cinder. You don’t have to squish that spider.” 
    • Cinder would make a big show of looking around before saying, “We’re on a spaceship, Kai. I can’t just open the door and let it outside.”
      • Kai would spend the next 30 minutes looking for a jar to keep the spider in until they could set it free. Cress would help.
  • “Cinder, you can’t just dump all of your clothes into the washer like that. First you have to sort them by color, then by cycle type, then by–” 
    • “Clean is clean, Kai.”
    • “Not true. Plus, you’ll be sorry when all of your whites come out pink because of a rogue red sock.”
    • “I don’t have any red so–”
    • “Here, let me do it.”
      • And it’s a good thing he does, because Cinder might not have any red socks, but Scarlet does and Cinder would have been forced to wear pink tank-tops for the rest of their trip if Kai hadn’t caught it.
  • And of course, Cinder would be confused, then horrified, then slightly amused when she walks into the engine room to see Kai bent over her tools. “Kai, what are you doing?”
    • “Cleaning your tool box.” Kai would step aside so that Cinder can see that he had dumped the contents out on the work bench and began cleaning each tool and lining them up by size. He might not know exactly what they do, but he sure knows how to lay them down in a straight line going from biggest to smallest. Cinder would, of course, be baffled by this, but also touched. Plus, the pleased grin on Kai’s face would be much too kissable for Cinder to resist. 
The Sweet Heist (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Prompt #12  (“Hi. Can you pretend to be my husband for two minutes, please?”)

Spencer was walking towards his favorite coffee shop. A nice day off could only get better with a tall cup of his favorite caffeinated beverage.

He considered today to be a fairly normal day for him. That is until a young woman, you, ran into him.

You looked panicked and he instantly flew into FBI mode.

“Are you alright?” he asked, looking around for what might have you so nervous.

You looked up at him, then your face lit up.

“Hi. Can you pretend to be my husband for two minutes, please?” you asked quickly.

Spencer looked at you confused, but found himself nodding his consent.

You quickly looped your arm through his and dragged him into a bakery. Spencer looked around to try and assess if there was a threat.

“Here he is.” you grinned and gestured to him with you free hand.

The older woman behind the counter smiled, “So you are Y/N’s husband to be. Mr….”

“Spencer Reid.” he introduced himself, waving instead of shaking her hand. Germs. No thanks.

“Mr. Reid. So glad to hear about your upcoming nuptials. Here are your free cake samples.” she handed him a rather large cake box, “I cannot wait to hear back from you. Congratulations.”

Spencer nodded, “Yes. Uh… Th-thank you!”

“We should get going, honey.” his kidnapper smiled sweetly, “We have lunch with my parents.”

“Oh. Right. We should get going.” he nodded to the woman behind the counter and followed you out the door, carrying the cake box.

Once you were safely outside, you turned to face him, “Thank you so much. My friend had this stupid idea, but when I showed up-” you started rambling, but he cut you off.

“Did I just help you get free cake?” Spencer asked, looking down at the box he was holding.

You nodded, “Yeah. Thanks for that. Let me buy you a coffee?”

Spencer looked at you, then the cake box in his hand. Weirder things can happen.

“Sure, I was walking to the cafe a few blocks down.” he agreed, “Maybe you could fill me in on what just happened?”

You laughed and looped your arm through his again, walking down the street.

“So, your name is Spencer Reid?” you asked after a few minutes of silence.

“Dr. Spencer Reid. And you?” he opened the door to the cafe for you.

“Just Y/N L/N.”

After ordering your coffees to go and finding a bench at the park across the street, you came clean.

“So, my friend told me that if you called that bakery to tell them you were getting married, they would give you free samples. She said that she lied once to get free cake. She said it would be no problem. So, I decided to try it. Well, when I got there, the woman said that I needed my fiance to be with me when I picked it up. I panicked and told her he was right outside. Then I found you.” you shrugged.

Spencer threw his head back and laughed, “Who would try that, then encourage it?”

You shook your head, embarrassed, “That is the last time I listen to Penny.”

“Penny?” Spencer asked, a curious look in his eye.

“My friend, Penelope. It was her idea.” you sipped your coffee.

“Garcia?” Spencer raised an eyebrow, the odds were incredible.

“Yeah. How did you know that?” you looked at him shocked.

“I work with her at the BAU!” he exclaimed.

That sent both of you into fit of laughter. Life could be hilarious at times. When you both calmed down, you looked over at him.

“Well, I was supposed to share this with Penny, but would you like to come over instead?” your cheeks flushed.

“Of course. I should probably have a say in what cake we serve at our wedding.” He grinned teasingly.

And four years later, it was red velvet.

Glitch in Time

An Antisepticeye story based on the characters of @justwritingscibbles in this fic. (Including a very brief mention of Taylor.)

Originally posted by lum1natrix

Y/N shrieked as she jumped backwards, dodging the slashing knife at eye height, her cup of tea splashing down her shirt.
“Anti! What the hell!” she grumbled, looking at her saturated top. “That’s not funny!”
“Sure it is!” Anti cackled, flipping the knife in his hand, “you’re not hurt, are you?”
“No, the tea’s cold,” Y/N admitted, “but that doesn’t make it funny. I swear, you’ll be the death of me one day.”
“C'mon Sugar. Lighten up. We’re only playing.”
“No! I’m not playing. Just leave me alone for a bit, it’s been a really bad day.” Anti’s knife vanished. His eyes glinted with green light.
“I know I can make it better,” he offered, eyebrows waggling, “and I bet I can get you to… Play.” He darted forward, slipping past Y/N with a cheeky slap on her behind. She swung at him with the heavy textbook on her other hand.
“Hey!” Y/N yelled as Anti slipped away, darting into a lamp by the kitchen. Y/N chased after him, dropping the empty cup and snatching at the blur leaping between appliances.
“Can’t catch me!” Anti mocked, just out of reach.
“I’m going to strangle you!” Y/N growled.
“That’s my girl,” he chuckled, leaving the kitchen appliances and slipping into a hallway lamp, then into the bedroom. There weren’t as many electronics to hide in here, so he hid in the alarm clock by the bed, the digital screen flashing ‘HE:HE’ instead of numbers.
“Told you I could make you play,” Anti laughed, his voice echoing through the room.
“Oh, go to hell!” Y/N screeched, slamming her textbook down hard upon the clock.

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Characters: Bones x Reader

Request: none, but it was inspired by @bkwrm523‘s post about back pain and migraines… and i’m stressed so that too

A/N: I feel like I haven’t written bones in forever and I was missing my grumpy doctor <3. No grump here, tho, just gratuitous fluff and some smut 

Warnings: light smut, fluff, lil bit o angst?, jerk spock in the beginning

Words: 2960

tags: @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl

The sound of glass shattering makes you jump and turn around in alarm.  A few feet behind you one of your rookie techs is standing near a lab bench behind you, staring in shock at the broken glass at her feet.  In an instant you know what it is; the mini habitat you’d constructed in the lab to mimic the conditions of the last planet the Enterprise had visited.  Your team, led by you and overseen by Commander Spock himself, had been tasked with studying the various flora and fauna the team had retrieved from the surface of the planet.  This particular terrarium had contained the beginnings of a fruit bearing bush, one that the commander had been particularly interested in for its healing properties.  The only sample had been in that tank.  Which was in pieces, on the hard floor of your lab.  

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Summer haze - Stan x Reader - part 1

Hope this is good enough haha

Enjoy <3

Originally posted by noirkisses


The sun was almost blinding and the weather was perfect for what was going on, July 4th. You and your boyfriend Stan were sat in the park watching the 7 year olds running around laughing. Even with everything evil running through this town you two somehow managed to get some downtime from searching for Georgie.

Sure, you loved hanging out with the losers to pieces but moments alone with Stan was everything to you. Just talking to him, joking around and him telling you about what amazing bird he saw the other day was amazing.

With head in his lap you almost drifted of to sleep from the for once peaceful setting until you saw a oh too familiar car pull up into the parking lot, Henry Bowers’s. Suddenly you were sat straight and watching the bullies’ every move.

“Wh-what is it?” Stanley asked before seeing the four boys walking towards the two of you.

Run” you said quietly as you made eye contact with Patrick. The second after you said that you both bolted towards your bikes. You had parked them against one of the benches a little further into the park wich you regretted now since the older boys had more time to catch up.Stan reached his bike before you reached yours and when you where up it was off and away, to as far away as you could get. You felt a hand trying to grip onto your shirt

“Don’t think you’re safe yet you fucking flamer. When we get our hands on you and your little bitch you two will eat shit!” Henry shouted and soon after that you heard the squeaking of rubber and asfalt and already knew that this was going to end badly.

You and Stan pedaled like crazy down along the pavement. He was a little faster than you but every once in a while he would look backwards to check if you were okay.But when you heard the sound of wheels close behind you you sped up even more if that was even possible. You felt something grab your polo shirt but this time it held tight and didn’t let go. As you let out a yelp your bike disappeared from underneath and now your feet weren’t even touching he ground.

“STAN!” as the scream let your lips he looked back at you and never have you seen him look so angry, worried and scared at the same time. You looked to your left and there the one and only Henry Bowers was sat with the smile of a sadist as he just watched you struggle.

“Enjoy your trip downwards you loser.” He said with a smirk on his face and then he just let go. The first thing to hit the ground were your hands and not soon after your knees and side was down on the ground as well. Once again you screamed for your boyfriend, the tears were starting to build in your eyes both from the shock and the pain that rushed throughout your entire body.

The car just continued forward and slowly you felt the hot tears roll down your cheek. Before you knew it Stan was by your side helping you up. As soon as you were up on your feet and had brushed down your bloodied skirt you flung your arms around Stan and started sobbing. He just held you close and snuggled his head into the crook of your neck and started rubbing your back to sooth your sobs.

“Are you okay? Can you feel your hands? God I wished we had Eddie here with his fricking second fanny pack” he said as he walked you over to the edge of the park. You didn’t really walk though it was more like a limp, the tears had started to settle and your breathing was back to normal though so you let Stan take a look at your wounds.

“This is all my fault, I should have waited for you. If I just stopped or, or, or… ” Stan muttered under his breath and folded the inside of his shirt to clean of your knees and hands which had gotten badly scraped in the fall.

“Stan” he stopped to straighten you and now he looked into your eyes “This is all Henry’s fault, he’s the one who thought it was a good idea to come after us and I was the slow one who gave him the opportunity to get me. You are my knight in shining armor who turned around to save me, none of this is on you okay? I love you.” you said gently while caressing his cheek and looking into his eyes with your red puffy ones.

“I love you too Y/N” he said and leaned down to kiss you on the lips, it was very sweet and pure and just for that instance you had forgotten what happened just minutes before. But your little moment was soon interrupted by a very familiar voice.

“DUDE, we’re in public” Richie said before looking at your knees and leg. But when Richie went somewhere you were bound to see at least some of the other losers with him and sure enough, the rest of the club was now standing in slight shock over your cuts that traced down your figure.

Eddie was the first one to say something.

“This is why we need my second fanny pack Y/N, sit down over there on that bench you need to get these cleaned up RIGHT NOW”

Suddenly you heard wheels against the road again and you all whipped your head around to see the Bowers gang once again.

“So the whole pack is here, ready for round two you little shits?”


Part two is in progress!


Pairing: Priestly x Reader

Word Count: 1200

Warnings: Swearing I think

Prompt: Priestly and Y/N close up and clean up the sandwich shop after being short staffed. They break the silence by playing a game of truth or truth, ending with some feelings being expressed.

Originally posted by kendaspntwd

You smiled at Piper, taking the cleaning product from her hand. “Go home,” you encouraged, knowing Noah and Julia were there waiting for her. She wasn’t typically one to work late, but Jen called in sick and Tish was- well being Tish. That left you, Piper, Trucker and Priestly.

“Yeah, you too, Trucker,” Priestly said, motioning for Trucker to hand over the spray bottle and rag. “I think Y/N/N and I can handle it.”

Trucker gave Priestly a look, as if he really didn’t believe Pries could hold down the fort.

“Don’t worry,” you assured, noticing that look, “I’ll be here too.”

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Original #11: I Know What Happened To Mike O’ Brien

Length: Long


I’m a midnight listener. There are many of us around the world, but as far as I’m aware of, I’m the only one on my campus.  During the day, I’m your ordinary college student. But at night, more specifically during the hours of midnight to 2am, I’m the school’s midnight listener. What I do is simple. I listen.

During those hours, students come into my “office” – an old storage room in the top floor of my dormitory. They sit infront of a large black curtain that separates me and the student. That way, they can’t see me, and neither can I see them. That’s why students like to come to me instead of the school counsellors. They enjoy the anonymity, the privacy of being able to speak their mind about their worries and troubles without judgment or repercussions. So they lock the door, sit infront of the curtain, and then they speak. What they say is entirely up to them. Most of my sessions revolve around people talking about their family, relationship, and academic problems. Some speak about their mental illnesses and how they’re coping. Some tell me secrets they’re too ashamed to speak publicly of.

I’ve been running my sessions for a while now. I’ve heard from many different people. Usually I listen, and then I forget. It’s my coping technique for not empathising too strongly. However, there have been a couple of instances that particularly piqued my interest. This is one of them.

This is the story of Mike O’Brien, a senior in my college.

A month ago, Mike vanished. At first, nobody batted an eyelid. This was college after all and people were bound to go AWOL for a while. But when all calls and messages to Mike went unanswered, people started panicking. The school was notified, who called Mike’s parents, who called the police. Statements were taken and posters were printed. Search parties were organised, but none were successful.

A week later, the police received an anonymous phone call about Mike’s return to his dormitory. The caller was unable to provide any concrete proof. The call was subsequently treated as a prank, and was ignored. That same night, at around 4AM, the police received a second call about Mike. This time, it was from the school’s residence office. The student living next to Mike’s room had called up the office and complained about loud and repeated thumping noises coming from Mike’s room. Half an hour later, the office sent someone up with a key, and Mike’s body was subsequently discovered. He was hanging from the makeshift pull-up bar in his room.

According to the office staff, Mike’s body was swaying from the rope, even though there was no breeze in the room. His feet made loud, steady thumping noises as they hit against the wall. The swaying promptly stopped right after Mike was discovered.

A review of the CCTV footage showed Mike stumbling back to his room. His body movements were consistent with that of a drunk. Nothing was amiss, except the fact that Mike was walking with a pronounced limp. Mike never had a limp at any point in his life. The coroners were unable to explain this, however. Mike’s death was subsequently ruled as a suicide, although his one-week disappearance remained unexplained.

Now up until this point, I’d no personal interest at all in Mike’s case. It was shocking, sure, but I didn’t know the guy personally. So I didn’t care. But that all changed the night Ryan came to speak with me.

It was a couple of nights after Mike’s body was found. I’d just settled down in my office when I heard the door squeak open. I couldn’t see the door from my seat, but could make out a shadow drifting across the room before plopping loudly onto the chair across the curtain.

“Midnight listener here. How may I address you?” I called out.

Silence, and then an uncertain chuckle.

“You don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want to,” I continued.

The silence continued, before a reply: “Ryan, I guess.”

“Hey, Ryan. Whenever you’re ready.”

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fic: don’t come morning, don’t come light.

or the pillow fort ficlet no one asked for (except these people):

@lovatic4life23 @kadenatho @signurture @im-nora-ephron-bitch

fic to be paired with this song.

“What if the airline calls?” Adena asks, the smirk Kat knew all too well touching her lips.

Kat turns over the newly stolen phone in her hands, before switching it off. “The only reason they’d be calling is to move your flight closer, and that’s just not happening.”

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Two Hearts

Summary: A sleepless pyrokinetic steals his heart before dawn. He’s pretty sure that he’s got a shot at happiness this time.

Word Count: 782

A/N: I may or may not have listened to Sweet Creature while writing this. (This is also one of the longest things I’ve ever written and I’m actually proud of it) AND I reached 517 followers so thank you everyone!

He turns a page from The Great Gatsby, a book that Sam has suggested awhile back because It’s a damn classic and he’s “way to old to miss it” apparently. With Bucky wide awake, it’s hard to ignore the sound of light footsteps coming from the dark hallway.

There’s light coming from the end of the living room and he doesn’t expect to see Y/N knowing that he’s usually the only one who’s awake at this time of the night— so he decides that he doesn’t want to spend the evening alone. Y/N’s eyes are laid on the skyscrapers, the colors of red, green and yellow flashing below her. The shuffling from behind distracts her, seeing Bucky walk his way to the terrace carrying a bottle of water in one hand.

“Do you mind?” He asks, pointing to the empty space beside her.

“No, not at all. Go ahead.” Her voice is soft, hair tied to a loose ponytail with the wind blowing right through it. She hugs her knees to her chest and he hands her the drink. Y/N stares at it for awhile before he chuckles and asks her if she’d want to take a sip, she politely rejects his offer and Bucky nods his head.

“I’ve never seen you out here before.” Y/N gives him a confused look. “In the middle of the night, I mean.”

She lets out a long sigh. “The sleeping pills hasn’t been working for me lately.”

The two barely had a conversation from the moment Bruce brought Y/N to the compound. It never bothered him as nothing but a few “good mornings” were spoken. However, with Y/N by his side, there are a lot of unanswered questions in his mind. She fascinated him and he loved it.

“What is it that you do? What brought you here?” Y/N was taken aback. She never openly talked about her childhood apart from the first time she met Bruce because for some reason, he just knew. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.“ 

“It’s not that, it's—” She pauses, frowning to herself as the memories start to fill her brain once more. “My dad. He treated me as an experiment rather than his own daughter.”

“It didn’t work out at first.” She continues. “I almost burned the whole lab down.” A small flame appears on the tip of her finger, smoke beginning to fill the air. Y/N hasn’t fully accepted that part of her yet but she’s getting there.

“There’s nothing great about it, to be honest.” 

Bucky shrugs his shoulders as silence consume them. ”I think it’s pretty cool.“ He states, she looks away for awhile and smiles. Like, really smiles with her eyes brightening up. “Thank you.” Her voice no higher than a whisper.

“Tell me about yourself, James.” Bucky scrunches his nose at the use of his first name, a laugh escaping Y/N’s lips as she crosses her arms. “Well, what do you want to know?” He mimics her actions with a smirk planting on his face.

The rest of the night is filled with laughter, the whirring and honking of cars in the city, ten minutes turn into an hour and suddenly, it’s three in the morning with Y/N fast asleep on his shoulder. Bucky glances down on her with tight lips.

She keeps him relaxed in ways he doesn’t know.

He carries Y/N to her room, aware of her uneasy position on the wooden bench. Bucky makes a mental note to clean up the shattered ashtray first thing tomorrow, accidentally breaking it while attempting to place his arms around her. 

Morning comes with Nat, Clint, and Sam having a chat at the dining table. “You and Y/N, Barnes?” Sam asks when he walks in the room, pouring a splash of milk in his coffee at the same time. Bucky’s eyes widen, almost dropping the paper bag filled with shards of glass in his hands. “What?” He stutters.

“Y’all woke me up from my damn sleep last night.”

Clint’s mouth opens in shock and Nat wriggles her eyebrows. “Doing what?” She hums.

“Don’t start, Natalia.”

“You fallin’ for the dame, Buck?”

Bucky groans when Steve joins in. “We were just talking.”

His best friend gives him a pat on the back, desperately trying to hold back a smile. “You didn’t answer my question.”

After what happened last night amidst two hearts, he’s pretty sure that he’s got a shot at happiness this time.



Childhood - ||Jack Maynard Imagine||

Requested? Yes – ‘can you do a really sad imagine with jack where like youre like hanging with his entire family or something and like this sort of makes you sad because you were never like close with family or something like that’

[[this was lowkey triggering lol but I really hope u enjoy thiss and to the anon who requested, I hope everything is okay at home and you can always drop by if you wanna talk, id be more than willing to listen to ANYONES problems bc ily <3]]

It was Christmas Eve. You were with Jack and his entire family- Conor, Anna and their mum and dad. The house was decorated with little trinkets, glittering ornaments and glowing Christmas lights. Everything was so lit up and beautiful, just as was the family. As you all sat at the dining table eating dinner, Jack and Conor laughed as their father made yet another ‘dad joke’, Anna giggling as well as shaking her head.

“Are you enjoying yourself, sweet heart?” Mrs. Maynard asked a genuine smile on her face.

You nodded enthusiastically. “Very much so. Thank you for letting me spend Christmas with y—”

“I think we should be thanking you!” The Maynard father said loudly. “I would much rather 2 daughters.” He laughed. You blushed at this, feeling grateful to be included in such a family. They were always so kind and welcoming to you, since day one.

Everyone continued on with their banter, laughing and joking around with one another. After a while, they all began cleaning up the table, washing dishes and wiping down benches. As soon as dinner was finished, Jack led you to the living room where the whole family sat.

“When we were younger, we all came to the living room after Christmas Eve dinner and tried to stay up to catch a glimpse of ‘Santa’, of course we were all passed out by the time 10pm hit, but it sort of became this weird ritual we do every Christmas Eve.” Jack smiled, reminiscing on his tender childhood memories.

You smiled as well, but couldn’t help feel a little sad, envious even, for the lack of a good childhood you had. Jack noticed you slowly zone out as he gently called your name, snapping you out of your wondering state.

“Everything alright, Y/N?” Jack asked; his eyebrows stitching together as he seemed concerned. You nodded back, giving him a small smile as you sat down on the couch in-between Conor and Jack.

Jack’s mother looked especially excited and ecstatic. “Y/n”, she said in a chirpy voice, you looked up at her as she smiled towards you, “guess what I have for you?” She didn’t give you much time to guess as she moved to the side and showed you a stocking with your name on it hanging from the fireplace. “Your own stocking!”

Your smile grew larger as you teared up slightly; you held it in as you didn’t want to look like a crazy lady for crying over a stocking. But it meant more to you than anyone realised, Christmas was never celebrated in your household, nothing was ever celebrated, not your birthday or Easter or any occasion. So this meant more than anyone knew.

“Thank you so much. I’m honestly really gr—”

“Oh hush, Y/N. You’re a part of this family now. Speaking of family, I have some old videos of the kids including Jack, how about we watch them?”

Jack groaned jokingly as Conor nodded with enthusiasm. “Watch Y/N, you’ll see how I was a natural born star and how Jack was a natural born lard.” You giggled as old family films were turned on.

Films after films of Jack and his siblings at a very young age opening up Christmas gifts, going to beaches, visiting other people and just being a loving and close family in general.

You laughed from time to time, a smile of your face caused by the silly things they all did as a family. They all seemed like such precious and amazing memories to have, and with every laugh that was brought out from you, another thought of your missing childhood was brought up.

You were on the verge of tears, it seemed pathetic but you couldn’t help it. Lifting yourself up, you excused yourself. “I have to use the bathroom, I’ll be back.” You said in a soft voice, Jack watched you with fretful eyes as you walked away, holding in sobs.

As you reached the bedroom you and Jack were staying in, you finally let the tears fall. Keeping your weeps as quiet as possible, you grabbed a few tissues as you wiped the ever-running tears. You kept telling yourself it was stupid, it was pitiful to be crying over such matters. But a broken family was something that affected you since day one and you couldn’t just forget about it.

As your tears continued to run down your cheeks, the door opened and in walked in Jack. “Y/N?” He said, his voice as soft as a bird’s feather as you kept your back facing him.

You tried to clear your voice and answer him; “yes?” however the cries were still evident in your voice.

He walked over, sitting down beside you and he made sure you were facing him. “Tell me what’s wrong. Is it something I said? Something Conor said? I mean Conor does talk an awful lot without thinking.”

You giggled through your sniffles at Jack’s little mockery. “It’s no one’s fault. It’s just watching all those family clips and your parents treating me like their own brought back some memories.”

“Well they can’t be good memories if you’re sat here crying on your own, Y/N. So speak up, let it all out baby.” Jack spoke in a reassuring tone, holding your hand and rubbing circles for comfort.

“I’ve never really told you…but growing up my family weren’t much of a family. It was always dull, always dark and sad. My parents weren’t very good ones, they neglected us all. Every day, upon leaving the house for school they’d be yelling, and when I’d come back, they were still yelling. We were never close. I hated Christmas breaks or Easter breaks because I’d hear people talk about how their mum and aunty argued over a piece of chocolate or how their uncle got so drunk that he fell on a cake. They’d complain about these things, complain that they never got to taste the cake, but I could only wish I had a funny, drunk uncle or that my aunty and mum would argue over something as silly as food. On these breaks where family would get together and laugh over anything and everything; my family would be in the house, ignoring each other or yelling at one another. It was never sweet, never comforting. It was never a family. I missed out on a happy childhood or a happy family.” Your face was a mess by this point, tears rolling down your cheeks continuously and your makeup now a running mess.

Jack stared at you with wide eyes as he teared up. He grabbed you and pulled you into a tight hug, holding you for as long as he could. “Y/N, I’m so sorry baby. I’m so sorry for the shit you’ve been put through. I’m sorry your family never gave you the childhood you deserved. But fuck them; you have a new family now. A better family. My mum and dad always tell me they’d rather you be their daughter than I be their son.” Jack chuckled as you gave a small smile, “you’re a part of my family now, so we can start making sweet family memories from now on.”

You smiled largely at Jack, nodding in treaty as you hugged him tighter. “Thank you so much Jack.”

“I love you, Y/N. Don’t you dare forget that. Now how about we get back to our family, yeah?” You agreed as you both made your way back to the living, being greeted with laughter and cheering.

Girl Code || Part 2

(part one) 


y/n likes harry. so does y/f/n. so who’s going to be the first one to break the girl code? 


“You don’t have feelings for him, Y/N. You don’t! It’s as simple as that.” You mumbled to yourself, furiously wiping away at the leather benches before turning to clean the weight plates. 

It was currently 8 in the morning - an hour before you were supposed to come in for work, but you figured you’d come in early. Mainly because you were stressing out a little, and working always helped keep your mind off of things. There was just something about that musty, sweaty gym smell that made you forget a lot of things. 

“He’s just a friendly person.” You shrugged to yourself, letting out a grunt as you set one of the plates back into position with a heavy clank. “I’m also a friendly person. So we’ll be friendly to each other.” 

Who came up with this dumb girl code, anyway? Why couldn’t you break it? This wasn’t fair. What Y/F/N was doing wasn’t fair whatsoever. It was completely disrespectful to call dibs on another human being, and frankly, she was just being immature about the whole situation. So what if you liked Harry? Of course, you hated when Y/F/N was upset with you. You would never admit it, but sometimes you felt like your friendship with her was more of a one way friendship. You’d give, she’d take.. You’d give again, she’d take again.. You dealt with it fine, but for once in your life, maybe you’d stand up for yourself! Maybe you would even go as far as to admit your feelings for Harry to him! Or.. Or maybe that was a bad idea. That was probably a bad idea. You hopped up onto one of the treadmills, wiping over the dashboard a couple times as you got lost in your thoughts. 

“G’morning, Y/N.” You practically jumped ten feet into the air when you heard Harry’s voice, making you turn around quickly with an overly-happy smile on your face. 

“Harry! Why are you.. Why are you here so early? You don’t usually appear till the late afternoon.” You swallowed thickly, watching as he stepped up onto the treadmill next to yours. “Not that I’m judging. I mean, you can totally come here whenever you want, cos the gym opens at 6:30 and goes until 10:30-” 

“You’re cute, yeh know tha’?” Harry chuckled slightly, pressing his finger against the start button before his treadmill began to whir underneath him. You cleared your throat, a nervous smile seemingly glued on your face. It was only then that you realized you were basically staring at Harry as he ran. 

“I’ll make a smoothie for you when you’re done. It’ll give you a boost for the rest of the day.” You chirped, stepping off the treadmill before letting out a breath. At least now you could distract yourself with making a smoothie instead of gawking at Harry. 

“With extra-” 

“-Bananas. I got it.” You smiled, Harry laughing lightly before nodding and thanking you. 

“Why do I have to clean up the men’s locker room? The task board clearly has Niall’s name pinned under that job.” You grumbled, letting out a huff as Y/F/N handed you the mop. One good thing about working with Y/F/N was that you were guaranteed a work buddy - The downside was that she was basically your boss and could tell you to do whatever she didn’t want to do. 

“All you have to do is mop up a little. And restock the towels. It’s really not that hard once you think about it.” Y/F/N hummed, helping herself to one of the granola bars stacked neatly on the display counter. 

“But I already cleaned the women’s locker room this morn-” 

“Y/N, what does this tag say?” Y/F/N munched on her bar as she pointed to her name tag. 

“It says Y/F/N.” You stated dumbly, raising an eyebrow. 

“I mean what does it say above my name?” 


“Case closed.” 

Case closed.” You mimicked Y/F/N as you dunked the mop in the bucket of soapy water before sloshing it around on the ground. You didn’t know why this couldn’t wait - You weren’t even supposed to be in here, this was a men’s locker room! And you were clearly not a man! You wheeled the bucket over to the corner before bending down to pick up the stack of towels, heading towards the designated shelf. 

“Pretty sure you’re not supposed to be in here, love.” You swallowed thickly as you saw Harry walking towards you, a towel hanging low on his hips as droplets of water cascaded down his bare body. Lord have mercy. “I won’t tell anyone only cos I like you.” 

“Well, thank you very much.” And then, it happened. Right when you thought everything was going to be alright, it happened. It was like slow motion when you felt a foot fly out from under you, the towels flying up in the air before you were hurdling forward. And the next thing you knew? 

“I’m not complaining.” Your cheeks were most definitely hotter than the sun once you realized you were straddling Harry, his hands placed on your hips. 

“I am.. so sorry!” You squeaked out, trying to get up only to have your foot slip against the wet tiles. Harry let out a puff when your palm dug into his chest during your attempt to get up, a huge smile breaking out on his face. 

“S’alright, Y/N. We’re all a little klutzy sometimes.” He giggled, looking around at the many towels that was strewn around you. There was a moment of silence before a voice appeared from behind you. 

“Y/N - Can I talk to you for a second?” Uh-oh.

This City Never Sleeps (When We’re Dancing)

Word Count: 5043

Pairing: Eventual Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Warnings: Mentions of blood and light cursing.

Summary: Part Four of This City Never Sleeps. Just as you’re coming to terms with your feelings for Peter, everything falls apart.

Tags: @seargantbcky@darlin-you-bitch@emily-ily2@rosep16@comics-and-stuff@t4rt-deco@octopishisahybridanimal@slythergirlimagines​  @philipshaaayyyy @catwoman2502@minimalistxx @sophiatomlinson23@johnsonxstilinski @raindancer2004 @vanessly@newyorkrebel @letstrysomefanfic @half-superhero @mermaid-princess-wannabe @mmmaff @spideysensesparker @ttholland

“Did you take Peter’s suit away?!”

You stormed into the workshop, where Tony was working on something or another. He had been spending a lot more time at the penthouse during the limbo between moving the Avengers from the Tower to the new facility upstate.

“Yes, I did.” Tony said plainly, not looking up from his work.

“How could you do that?” you asked angrily. “Peter loves being Spider-Man more than anything! He’s found his calling- you can’t just take that away from him!”

“I can, and I did.” Tony replied, finally meeting your eyes.

“That’s not fair!” you shouted. “Peter doesn’t deserve–”

“People almost died today,” Tony cut you off. You could tell he was starting to lose his patience. “Peter almost died today. He’s been throwing himself recklessly into danger, and I can’t have that on my conscience.”

You put your hands on your hips and took a deep breath. Getting in a fight with Tony wasn’t going to help the situation. You needed to be the supportive link between him and Peter. And honestly, you could see where Tony was coming from. After Rhodey getting injured and all the fighting between the Avengers, he was just trying to protect someone else he cared about. Too many people had already been hurt.

“Look,” Tony said. “I know you kids like to think you can save the world, but the adults can’t do it either, so we have to keep you guys safe for as long as we can.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been struggling with my nb identity for a while now, and I love your nb!alex fics, I was wondering if you would be willing to write an nb!kara one? I feel like Kara would be really likely to be nb just because I don't feel like gender would have been such a big thing on krypton? So maybe like her trying to adjust to the rigid gender roles of earth, and her friends helping her navigate it? Love you mom!

Kara likes being Alex’s sister.

Likes it, because it makes Kara feel more connected to this loud, strange planet that seems impossible to understand.

Likes it, because it makes Kara feel at least a little less lonely, even knowing that Krypton is now nothing more than ash and dust, that the people left there – family, friends – are nothing more than debris and whatever memories Kara can scavenge.

Likes it, because it makes Kara feel like family.

But the Kryptonian can’t understand the extra expectations – beyond love, beyond devotion, beyond care – that seem to come with that label.

With sister.

Kara doesn’t understand why Jeremiah is the only one to lead the blessings, the offerings to an Earth version of Rao, every Friday night; doesn’t understand why Alex, Maggie, and Lena are the only girls in the advanced science classes, why they get made fun of for it; why Lucy gets ridiculed for wanting to join the military like her father.

Kara doesn’t understand the extra expectations, the odd contradictions, the double standards, the degredation, that seem, on earth, to come with girl.

With sister.

Kara doesn’t understand why that word, that term, that box, seems so… limiting. Seems to not quite… fit.

Not quite fit everything Kara feels inside. Everything Kara… is.

It doesn’t fit Alex, either; Alex in her science classes and with her girlfriend that people also, oddly, seem to find unusual, or even wrong.

But somehow, the way girl doesn’t quite fit Alex and the way girl doesn’t quite fit Kara feels… different.

Because Alex seems to like it. Seems to like being a girl in science, being a girl with a girlfriend, no matter what other people say. Or sometimes, even because of what people say.

Being a girl makes Alex proud.

But Kara?

Kara just can’t seem to make the word fit, the label fit, the box fit.

It doesn’t sit right. It doesn’t feel right.

But on Earth?

It seems like there’s no other option, because man? Jeremiah, James, Winn, Kal-el?

Those don’t feel like they fit Kara, either.

Maggie notices first.

Of course Maggie notices first.

Maggie notices when she’s over for Shabbat dinner – she’s always over for Shabbat dinner – and Kara shifts uncomfortably as Jeremiah makes kiddush, makes the blessing, pours the wine, breaks the challah.

Maggie notices Kara’s eyes sink in confusion, sink in conflict. 

Maggie notices the twitch behind Kara’s eyes when Eliza tells Jeremiah what a great job Kara’s been doing at school, she this and she that and isn’t she progressing so beautifully, Alex?

“Hey, Kid Danvers, come here,” Maggie takes Kara aside after they eat, after they bench, after they clean up the dishes with a grumbling Alex.

“Yeah Maggie?” Kara asks, brow furrowed and glasses adjusting.

“Can I ask you something personal? I mean, you don’t have to say yes just because I’m dating your sister, I – “

“You can ask whatever you want, Maggie.”

Maggie nods and bites her lip and glances over to where Alex is laughing, is leaning into Jeremiah’s chest, is accepting his teasing about her being in loooovvvvve.

She smiles faintly and she turns her attention back to this new little kid in their lives; this new little kid who seems more like a little kid than anyone Maggie’s ever met, and yet somehow seems older than anyone Maggie’s ever met.

She supposes that’s what happens when you’re stranded on an unfamiliar planet after yours is destroys.

“Did you guys have… gender? On Krypton?”

“Like… boys and girls?” Kara asks, heart starting to race, wondering desperately where this is going, what thoughts are in Maggie’s tilted head, slightly furrowed brow.


“Well… yes. I told you about my mother and father – “ Kara’s eyes flood with tears like they still do at nearly every mention of home, of family. “– and that’s… gender, right?”

Maggie nods and thanks Eliza as she passes by for a wonderful dinner. Eliza smiles, thrilled that Kara is making another friend. Even if that other friend is older, is Alex’s… girlfriend.

“Yeah. Yeah, but was it… was it different?”

Kara stiffens. “Why are you asking?”

Maggie shrugs, deliberately casual. “You seem a little uncomfortable. With all the she pronouns and all the… all that. And I don’t know if you know this, but that’s okay. If it doesn’t feel like it fits you.”

Kara blinks. Maggie continues.

“One of the kids in your grade is a friend of mine. Everyone thinks he’s a girl, but they’re wrong. He’s a boy, and he’s thinking about telling everyone soon. And that’s okay.”

Kara splutters. “But I’m not a boy, I don’t – “

Maggie holds up her hands in surrender and shakes her head. “I wasn’t done, Kid Danvers.”

“You’re a kid, too.”

“But you’re a littler kid.”

They take a break from their serious conversation to stick their tongues out at each other, and they both giggle.

“It’s okay if you don’t fit either boy or girl, too. Like, you know. If you feel like, in between. Or more like a girl some days, and more like a boy others, or both at the same time, or like… like all kinds of possibilities. That’s okay. You know people can use pronouns that aren’t he or she, right? Did you… did you have anything like… like they or something in… in your languages?”

Kara doesn’t answer, eyes wide and full of unshed tears. 

“I can have people use they instead of she?”

Maggie smiles and nods. “You learned the word binary yet?”

Kara squints, thinks. Nods, always eager to know things. “The smallest unit of data in Earth computer technology.”

Maggie stifles a laugh. “Yeah! Yeah, you’re right, Kid Danvers. But also, it means – “

“Two! Something that has two things, two parts. Like bisexual! Like Lena.”

Kara beams and Maggie smirks. “Exactly. But you can have people who aren’t on that binary, too. For gender. People who might be, maybe, like you, Kara. Or maybe not. And that’s okay, too. But I just wanted you to know. Just in case.”

“A nonbinary person, then?” Kara says it seriously, then exhales out a giggle. “A person who doesn’t use Earth-based data storage systems. Like… like me!”

Maggie lets herself laugh this time, and she hasn’t seen Kara smile that big since Alex introduced them both to the wonders of s’mores roasted over an open fire on the beach.

“Can you… can you maybe try they pronouns for me? To see if they fit better than… than binary ones?”

Maggie smiles as Alex comes over to sprawl out dramatically on her lap.

“I’m so fulllll,” she sighs, and Maggie leans down to kiss her lips shyly, happily.

“You got it, Kara,” she says, and Kara beams.

“Kara’s got what?” Alex asks, and Maggie glances up at them with a quirked eyebrow.

“I’ll tell you in the morning,” Kara tells their sister with a smile, testing everything Maggie had said out in their mind and deciding that, so far, it seems to fit perfectly. 

Handjob While With the Guys- Taehyung and Jungkook

Part of Handjob while with the guys

Part I, Part II, Part III

Pretty self explanatory on the warning

Credit to gif owner


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My friend and I were talking in the office about how the girls bathrooms here are so nice like all of them are super clean and either have a couch or a bench, presumably for breastfeeding. But then there’s the one in the UC that when you go in there’s like a lobby with couches and chairs and it’s carpeted and decorated and then you go through another door to get to the stalls.

And so we were talking about this in front of 2 of our guy friends and the conversation that went down was precisely;

Guy 1: What the fuck you get a couch and decorations? We don’t get any of that!

Guy 2: Yeah what the heck???

Me: Listen if there was a couch in the boys bathroom you and I both know that it will get peed on

Guy 1: Alright yeah fair.

Guy 2: Oh yeah there’d be so much pee and like poop shoved under the cushions…

Guy 1: Oh yeah it’d be a poop couch real fast

Girl: God that’s disgusting

Guy 1: Listen boys are weird it would happen… Like the bathroom for us is already just going in and peeing on a wall. They wouldn’t trust us with a couch.

Maltese Madness

A/N: So I finally finished this little story! (I use the word little loosely, because it’s longer than most I’ve written!) It’s about Barba and a maltese puppy!
This was inspired by and is dedicated to @larkistin, whose artwork fits perfectly. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, I would have finished this sooner, had a not been distracted by a certain maltesers man.
Thanks @minidodds for checking it, dunno what I’d do without you!

It had been a long, arduous day for the counselor. Nothing he couldn’t handle, but there were days when the depravity of mankind left our illustrious ADA wondering where the beauty in the world was hidden.  With the summer solstice rapidly approaching, it was still light out when Rafael walked down the steps of the courthouse.

His first thought was to grab one final cup of coffee before heading home, but a small voice in his head spoke up.

Remember what the doctor said? Low levels of vitamin D! ‘Spend more time outside’, that was his advice.

Rafael had been forced to attend his annual health check up by his mother, after successfully avoiding it for the past five years. The doctor had pronounced that the only thing wrong with him was a significant deficiency in vitamin D and he had been strongly encouraged to spend more time outdoors.

Eyes had most certainly rolled, but his doctor had been totally unaffected by Rafael’s apparent witty repartee. Spend more time outdoors, the doctor called, as Rafael hastily left his office. Now his voice echoed through Rafael’s mind.

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anonymous asked:

can you do a HCs of Yuri K, Yurio, Victor and Phichit where their s/o got in car accident but they can't sEE THEM BC THEYRE IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES AHHHHH (thank yoU)

More angst, huh? Well, I secretly enjoy causing my followers pain, so I guess this works out, then. This was super interesting to write and I really like how it came out. This won’t really have a happy ending, just to let you know; it’s angst, after all. I hope you enjoy! Thank you for the request :3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • Viktor is constantly abroad because of his skating career, so it’s not unusual for you to be left alone at home while he’s away
  • You’re used to being alone and nothing bad ever really happens while Viktor is away, so when Viktor gets the call, it’s a shell shock all around
  • honestly if he got that phone call he’d probably laugh at first and ask if it were some kind of prank
  • As soon as he realized that yes, this was a real hospital, and yes, you were actually in a car accident, he tells the person on the phone that he consents to any and all care you need, no matter the cost
  • He makes sure you get the nicest room the hospital—large with a lot of windows—because he needs to make sure you’re comfortable while you wait for him to arrive; no price is too high for his baby
  • Viktor also requests that a bunch of flowers, balloons, and stuffed animals are sent to the room so you know you’re not alone and that he’s coming for you
  • omg mr. extra™ strikes again even in the midst of tragedy ugh theres no stopping this lovely man i s2g
  • He gets on his knees and begs Yakov to allow him to leave the skating camp early; Yakov refuses, of course, because the skaters at the camp were promises Viktor Nikiforov, and dammit they’re going to get him
  • Viktor only offers him a smile and a chipper goodbye before going to pack his things to get on the earliest flight home available
  • and Yakov is gonna be furious but this is vitya we’re talking about; he should have expected this from him
  • Viktor covers himself with a blanket on the plane, softly crying into the fabric while he hopes with all of his heart that you’re doing okay; he makes a vow to himself to protect you and make sure nothing like this ever happens again

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • Yuri always feels guilty when he leaves you home while he travels for skating, but you manage to get through it
  • Being the worrywart he is, Yuri has a sixth sense when it comes to you and your safety and wellbeing, but his feelings usually betray him when he senses something
  • This time, though, his gut feeling rings true when he gets a call from a hospital back home, informing him that you were in a terrible car accident
  • can you imagine how devastated he’s be ???? with his anxiety already terrible from being in the midst of competition are already bad and ugh the poor baby ;-;
  • Thankfully, he’s already skated his short program, and he’s able to leave the rink to get back to his hotel room, where he turns off the lights and sits in the dark
  • Yuri sits on the floor, crying into his knees with sobs that wrack his entire body while he mumbles to himself about how sorry he is that he isn’t there for you and how he blames himself for what’s happened
  • omg but baby it wasn’t your fault ;-; ugh this angst is too much I’m sorry y’all
  • He keeps his phone near and waits for word from you; he’s so anxious to hear from you that he jumps out of his skin and scrambles to reach his phone every time it lights up from a notification
  • His mom calls him to see how he’s doing in competition, and he tells her about what happened to you, and she’s just as heartbroken as he is; she consoles him and assures him that he can see you tomorrow after he’s finished with completion
  • omg leave it to mama katsuki to make everything better ugh i love that woman ;-;
  • Yuri goes to bed with a shivering body, silently swearing to you that he’ll come to be with you the second his free program is over tomorrow

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Distance doesn’t really bother Yuri, as long as he knows he’ll be able to see you again soon; it’s always been manageable with phone calls and social media
  • Yuri is at a skating camp in Japan with he Russian Skate Squad™ and Yuuri when he gets the call from the hospital at home, telling him you’ve been in an accident
  • “Hold the fuck up. A car accident? (Y/N) was in a car accident? You’re full of shit. You’re lying to me. Assholes, who the fuck is this?”
  • Yuri feels sad after the person on the phone tells him this isn’t a joke, but it only lasts momentarily before every cell in his body is seething with rage
  • He storms out of the rink without warning or permission, not bothering to put his blade guards on or take of his skates
  • Yuri barges into a supply closet that he used to warm up before his face-off with Japanese Yuuri and slams the door behind him
  • He grabs a can of the cleaning spray they use inside of the rental skates and throws it as hard as he can at the wall, satisfied with the loud noise it makes on impact
  • and at this point he’s practically sobbing but he can’t feel it because his blood is boiling :( what an angry sad kitten ;-;
  • Yuri grabs anything and everything he can get his hands on, smashing them into the ground and the walls, screaming and yelling about how angry he is at the person who did this to you while tears stream down his cheeks
  • Yuuko finds him and begs him to calm down and to stop destroying her shit before bringing him to the locker room to calm down so she can clean the closet before they talk
  • Yuri sits on a bench in the locker room, hoping you’re safe and the person who caused the accident will suffer because of what they’ve done to his love

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • Phichit is back home in Thailand after his skating season for a short break before going back to Detroit when tragedy makes it’s way into his life
  • and he’s constantly texting you and sending you snapchats so like ???? the one second you don’t answer it’s already a red flag off for him
  • He receives a call from the hospital in Detroit, letting him know they have you in their care after a brutal car accident, and he doesn’t take it well at all
  • Phichit gets on the FaceTime app as fast as humanly possible, trying to reach you and see that beautiful face of yours
  • As soon as he realizes that you won’t be picking up any time soon, he goes to his camera roll, snapchat memories, and Instagram feed to look at any and all photos of you he has in his possession
  • and he’d start crying at the sight of your beautiful, healthy face because he suddenly misses you so much ;-; he just needs to know if you’re okay and it’s killing him :((((((
  • Unable to stand looking at simple photos, he goes to your contact and calls you over and over, biting his nails while he waits for the ringer to go to voicemail
  • Phichit listens to your voicemail greeting again and again, reveling in the sound of your voice and imagining that its actually you speaking into his ears
  • He leaves voicemails after every call, asking you how you’re doing, if you miss him, and he tells you how much he loves and misses you, and how he can’t wait to see you
  • and of course on every message he’s choked up and sobbing the entire time and ugh it’s so heartbreaking to think about ;-;
  • Phichit tells his family that his break will be ending a few days early—he needs to get back to Detroit to see you—before crawling in bed and clutching his phone to his chest, wishing to hear from you soon