there are christmas songs playing on the radio

Halloween 2016

dutch gothic:

It’s Christmas. you put on the radio. you here a song about a boy murdering his father to avenge his animal companion. you happily sing along.

The rare natural phenomenon called ‘your favorite artist plays in Amsterdam’ occurs every 100 years. if you miss it once, you will never have another chance.

Youre going to your friends. Youre both excited and terrified, because youll have to take public transport on a sunday now.

It’s 4 am. the nightlife gathers at the Food Wall to sacrifice coins for Mystery Meat.

You bike somewhere in fall, in the morning. Theres slugs on the bike path. Theres slugs on your bike. Theres slugs in your dreams.

Once a year all children go out for a walk, the destination irrelevant. there are sweets and talks of football. they keep walking. they receive a medal.

You love telling your friends about your national snacks, kroketten. You are afraid of telling your friends just whats in them. You are afraid you will one day find out.

Its raining, you get your umbrella and go outside, its sunny.

You hear someone screaming out a song about drugs. You know this song. Your mom knows this song. Your grandma knows this song. Your guardian angel knows th

It’s been raining for six days straight. You don’t remember what the sun looks like.

It’s an autumn eveving, children are carrying lights around on the streets while chanting songs. You give them candy and hope they leave.

You live in the dutch outback. The smell of onions is overwhelming.

You want a game,it came out in japan a week ago, and today it launched in america. You pray it comes out in less than a year

You live belowe the sea, knowing evry day may be your last as you watch the dykes.

you turn on the tv, there is a commercial about cheese, people are naked, Doutzen Kroes smiles at you, there is only cheese, Old Amsterdam.

It is time for the annual family gathering. your aunt kisses your cheek, you have to kiss her back, she kisses your other cheek, you have to kiss her back, she kisses your other cheek, you have to kiss her back, she kisses your other cheek, you have to kiss her back, she kisses your other cheek, you have to kiss her bac

you live on land that was not there not too long ago. you’re living on fake land. it’s not supposed to be there. you’re not supposed to be there. why must we taunt mother nature like this. why do we challenge poseidon.

You hear a loud song about going fast. Youve known this song your entire life. You dont know why or by who it was made.

You cycle to school. you park your bicycle in the bicycle stands.  you look around and see only the bicycles. the bicycle parking place is bigger than your school.

You go to a foreign restaurant trying to escape from your own culture. you aske for the bill, a young girl brings it to you, smiling. there, next to the receit is the former queen, always watching. you cannot escape.

The school takes away the children, the parents wave as they go. at the end of the day the bus returns. the children are gone. the teacher cries.

It’s summer, you watch tv, people in funny clothes launch themselves into the water, they try to ring the bel. they never succeed.

You turn on the tv. There is a dutch movie on. People are naked. This is normal.

you don’t have a funny accent. your friend tells you you do. your friend has a funny accent. you tell your friend. they tell you they don’t have a funny accent, you do. you don’t have a funny accent, your friend does.

you make pancakes. you eat the pancakes for dinner. you eat more of those pancakes for breakfast the next morning. you bring the pancakes for lunch. you eat more leftover pancakes for dinner. you eat those leftovers for breakfast. you bring the pancakes for lu

People call your country Holland. You know this is not the right name but it’s been so long you don’t remember what it should be. The other 10 provinces have ceased to exist. There is only Holland now

Three women make a song about a foursome. every 6yo child knows the lyrics, they shaped a generation.

its 4 pm. you have a sudden MIGHTY urge to get a cup of soup. everybody gets a mighty urge to get cup of soup. 4 hours cup of soup.

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A big thank you to everyone in the @whateversexuals

- 18 #1 singles (17 self-penned). Most for a solo artist.

- #1 single every year of a decade (90s).

- Most cumulative weeks at #1 spending 79 weeks at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 chart.

- Most weeks at #1 on Billboard Airplay chart (94 weeks).

- Longest running #1 in Billboard history with One Sweet Day,16 weeks.

- 2 consecutive Song Of The Decade (One Sweet Day 90s, We Belong Together 00s).

- Longest running #1 in Brazil Hot 100 Airplay with I Want To Know What Love Is, 27 weeks (almost 7 months at #1).

- 7 consecutive albums certified 3x platinum or better.

- First female to have a single debut #1 on Hot 100 (Fantasy) (2nd artist after MJ).

- 3 #1 debuts on Billboard Hot 100 (most ever, Fantasy, One Sweet Day, Honey).

- First artist to have first 5 songs released reach #1 Hot 100.

- Only artist to have two separate streaks of 5 #1 hits in a row (VOL to Emotions) and (Fantasy to My All).

- Highest pop radio debut ever, #12 Dreamlover.

- Music Box is the best selling studio album by a female R&B artist.

- 3 of the top 5 best selling international albums in the US.

- Only female artist and 2nd overall artist to collect 9 consecutive triple platinum albums within the first decade.

- Daydream is the only album to have two singles be certified 2x platinum physically.

- Only female lead artist to hold the top two spots of the Billboard Hot 100.

- First and only solo recording artist to be simulatenously ranked #1 and #2 on the iTunes chart and hot digital songs chart.

- AIWFCIY only Christmas song to be certified 2x platinum digitally in the US.

- AIWFCIY record breaking of 10 consecutive weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Holiday Digital Chart.

- Most played song in radio history by a female artist (WBT).

- Artist Of The Decade (only female to receive this).

- Most World Music Awards for any artist.

- Best selling international album in Japan (#1s, over 3million sales).

- Only non-asian recording artist to have 4 albums sell in excess of 2M units in Japan.

- Only non-asian overall recording artist to have album sell 6M units in Asia.

- Only non-asian overall recording artist to have 4 albums selling in excess of 5M units across Asia.

- Best selling overall non asian recording artist in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

- Only female of her generation to reach 3 AOTY Grammy nominations (1991,1996, 2006).

As the Lights Fade

*trigger warnings apply, mention of death*

Christmas 1999

The holidays are quiet this year, simple. Everyone convenes in Hawkins at the Byers-Hopper house, and they say that it’s quainter there, a homier Christmas. But everyone knows it’s because Joyce can’t get far from the couch or her bed these days. Will has moved back to Hawkins and El and Mike are down most weekends so planning is easy.

The tree has been trimmed and the lights have been hung and Joyce has been tucked into the armchair. Christmas songs play on the radio while El and Will work on dinner in the kitchen and Hopper and Mike move chairs around. Andrew, Will’s boyfriend, sits on the couch and chats with Joyce.

Then comes a flurry of activity at the door and the room fills with sounds that only two toddlers (and one Steve) can produce. He waltzes in with a boy under each arm and they shriek with excitement. Jonathan and Nancy follow with luggage and smiles and cheeks flushed from the cold. It’s only been a month since Jonathan last saw his mother but he can see the change in her face, just as he does every time he visits. The sunken eyes, the gaunt face, a pale complexion barely offset by the colorful headscarf she wears. But he grits his teeth and kisses her cheek and tells her she’s beautiful. She hasn’t lost a bit of her personality and she scoffs while lightly smacking his shoulder. Her eyes sparkle.

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savage-cabbage-k3x8  asked:

Can I request MC and the group +V and Saeran celebrating a holiday?? ( preferably Christmas cuz December or Valentine cuz that's just bae)

I decided to do the Christmas one, seeing as it’s Christmas eve! Also just a note, I stuck with more western Christmas traditions for this one, as it’s what I’m used to, and I didn’t want to accidentally mess something up and come across as offensive by trying to write anything about Korean Christmas tradition. I hope this is okay anyway!


  • He loves Christmas a lot
  • Mainly because lolol always holds special events and he can get rare items, but that’s beside the point
  • He’s the sort of person that would start getting hyped about Christmas the moment November starts
  • There’s tinsel and glitter everywhere and he immediately brings out the ugly Christmas sweaters
  • Please stop him
  • He talks a lot about the gifts he wants to buy people
  • Goes into a lot of detail about exactly what he’s going to get for everyone
  • He probably accidentally tells a few people what he’s getting them in his excitement
  • But then it gets to a few days before Christmas
  • And he still hasn’t bought any of the stuff he said he would
  • He just sort of has to stop for a bit and accept the fact that okay he probably doesn’t have enough money to buy all the stuff he said he would
  • Good job Yoosung
  • Cue a panicked last minute shopping trip that basically involves him running headlong into as many shops as possible
  • He definitely buys MC the thing he promised though


  • Christmas with Jaehee is so nice and comfortable
  • She doesn’t really get too excited over it
  • So you mainly just spend the whole time sitting indoors watching movies together 
  • Lots of cuddling on the couch to keep warm 
  • Mostly involves warm sweaters, falling asleep together and cinnamon hot chocolate 
  • She’s really organised with presents too
  • If she’s going to buy something, she’s going to make sure to get it for you months in advance 
  • Buy her a set of nice teacups or some expensive coffee and she will love you forever 
  • The whole day would just be so cosy and nice, you wouldn’t need to go anywhere or do anything 
  • Just stay indoors and quietly sing along to zen’s musicals
  • You both just sort of disappear from the messenger for the entire day too 
  • Neither of you can be bothered to deal with rfa drama so you just decide to take a break and relax


  • He somehow manages to get even more romantic over Christmas
  • Constant hugs to keep you warm
  • He’s the sort of person that will lend you his jacket to keep you warm
  • “Zen you’re cold, have your jacket back” 
  • “No I’m fine!” 
  • “Zen you will get hypothermia, take the fucking jacket”
  • He’ll probably take you out somewhere on Christmas to just walk through the streets and enjoy the Christmas decorations that hang in everyone’s windows 
  • It’s even better if it snows because he’ll insist on keeping you warm by kissing you 
  • He’ll sing carols for you 
  • And if he performs anything over Christmas, you’re naturally getting a front row seat
  • He’s insufferable on the messenger
  • Sends so many photos of you opening your presents to the chatroom


  • He gets you a lot of presents 
  • A lot
  • You’re actually concerned about how much money he’s spent on you
  • You wake up to him bringing you pancakes, the usual strawberries substituted for Christmassy flavours like cinnamon 
  • The entire living room is covered in presents 
  • There’s a lot for Elizabeth, but the majority of them are for you 
  • “Jumin, how much money did you spend”
  • “Not enough”
  • Someone stop him please
  • It takes you the entire morning to open all the presents
  • One of them is a really fancy outfit that he insists that you change into 
  • He takes you to get a Christmas lunch in the fanciest restaurant he can find open on Christmas 
  • The whole day is basically just Jumin spending all his money on you 
  • You feel like your present for him is stupid in comparison, but he assures you that, because you got it for him, it’s worth more than anything he could possibly have bought


  • So it’s been confirmed by the Christmas event thing that Seven usually feels pretty down on Christmas 
  • However if you could talk him past that, then you’re in for a pretty wild ride
  • He goes all out 
  • There’s tinsel everywhere, Christmas songs playing all over the place, and so many fairy lights 
  • And you thought Yoosung was bad 
  • He thinks mistletoe is literally the best thing in existence 
  • It’s hanging in every doorway
  • There have been a few really awkward situations when you’ve been caught under the mistletoe with Saeran or Vanderwood 
  • He’s the king of ugly Christmas sweaters 
  • He gets one that lights up and he wears it constantly 
  • He’s surprisingly good at giving presents, he buys you something really personal that he made for you especially 
  • He takes you out for a ride in one of his cars on Christmas day 
  • You don’t really go anywhere, he just sort of drives you around, playing Christmas songs through the radio and occasionally pulling over so he can lean over to kiss you


  • He really loves Christmas
  • Everything smells so nice and the carols sound beautiful, and the colours and blurry lights he can still see look so calming 
  • He doesn’t really like going anywhere on Christmas 
  • He’d rather stay indoors and keep warm by the fireplace 
  • However if it snows he’d probably want to go outside 
  • He’ll take you to the nearest park and sit with you on a bench somewhere, and just watch the snow falling around you
  • He’d only let you go outside with him if he was 100% certain that you were dressed up warm enough 
  • He would mostly get you personal gifts, mainly art and photographs 
  • He probably gets cold during winter a lot so he always ends up wearing a huge pile of scarves and knitwear to keep warm 
  • He often gets pretty sad that he can’t see your face when you’re opening the presents he’s bought you
  • But if you reassure him, he should be fine


  • He’s never really had much experience with Christmas, so this is all completely knew to him 
  • “Why are you bringing a tree indoors, put it back”
  • “Stop putting lights everywhere it’s annoying”
  • “Why is there a plant hanging in the doorway and why is saeyoung telling me I need to kiss vanderwood” 
  • He’s so clueless and you’re not sure if you should find it adorable or really depressing 
  • He insists that he hates Christmas 
  • Constantly complains about everything 
  • The tinsel is too bright
  • The tree is dropping leaves everywhere 
  • The lights are too colourful 
  • But he’s not going to be able to deny the fact that he was smiling when he spotted you walking around singing jingle bells
  • Or that you saw him eat an entire advent calendar in one sitting
  • Or that he started getting really into the Christmas movies that were playing over the TV 
  • He buys you a present for Christmas even though he had no idea what to get you
  • He delivers it by throwing it at you from across the other side of the room 
  • How romantic
Forgotten Plans

Summary: In which you think Bucky has forgotten your plans on one of the most important days of the year - Christmas.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,112

A/N: @beccaanne814-blog  I’m not your Secret Santa, but, if there’s anyone who deserves a fic written in their honor, it’s you. So that’s what this is! Thanks to a little birdy, I know that you requested a Bucky fic with angst/fluff (I didn’t have a prompt, so I made one up). Merry belated Christmas, Beautiful Becca, I hope you enjoy this!

@avengerstories thank you for editing this and for being one of the loveliest people I know.

Originally posted by buckynsebimagines

There’s a football game playing on your television, but it’s nothing more than background noise. Something to occupy your racing mind and to distract you from the fact that Bucky is late. Forty-nine minutes late to be exact.

At that moment, the crowd roars and a player does a victory dance in the end zone, but your enthusiasm is nowhere to be found. It evaporated ten minutes ago when you resigned yourself to the painful truth - Bucky isn’t coming.  

At the back of your mind, there’s a small voice that says you have no one but yourself to blame for feeling this way. You’re the one who didn’t heed the warnings from the people around you. The ones who said that Bucky wasn’t worthy of your affection. He wasn’t stable. He didn’t trust himself, so why should you? Why should he be the one to hold your heart?

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Santa Baby 

A John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) fanfic

Warnings: This is SMUT. All of it. Daddy!kink, dirty talk, orgasm denial, just smut smut smut! There’s NO SPN Spoilers. 

WC: 1936. On AO3. 

Thanks to my Over 30 Sisters who gave me this idea, and as always my Twitter babes & writer girls. Tags under the cut! JDM smut shall be my Christmas gift to you! @winchester-writes tagging you too, this is an unplanned submission for the SPN Christmas song challenge if you’ll still have me! ♥︎ Enjoy! 

The steam from the hot water dampened my chest and neck as I leaned over the sink. The radio station in the background started to play a familiar tune, and I began to hum along. I swayed my hips back and forth as I started to sing,

Santa baby, just slip a sable under the tree for me

Been an awful good girl

Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight

I swayed back and forth as the song built, performing my own Christmas number at the kitchen sink. I didn’t notice John was in the room until he was behind me, his hard chest pressed against my back. I breathed in the scent of the soap bubbles mixing with his aftershave and the faint scent of whiskey. His work worn hands wrapped around my hips, swaying with me as he gently pushed my hair behind my ear and dropped his head to my exposed neck. Soft, fluffy fabric brushed across my skin as he gently nibbled, prompting a quiet moan from me as he kissed teasingly under my ear.

“What’re you think you’re doin’, John Winchester?”

“Mmmm…just enjoying the show.”

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Don’t need mistletoe to kiss you

I finally finished a gift for @delta-roseblr for @pjosecretsanta2016
It’s not as long and as good as I wanted it to be, but I’ve been working hard on it and although I write a lot, it’s the first fanfiction I’ve ever posted online! I hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas! <3

Don’t need mistletoe to kiss you 
Pairing: Solangelo
Words count: 2274

Someone opened the door.
The mid-light crept into the cabin, falling on the back of Nico’s head. His messy dark hair was sticking in a lot of different directions, giving away the fact that he was asleep just a second ago. He let out a tired groan, covering his head with a pillow as soon as he felt sunlight on his face. What time was it? Why was anyone bothering him so early in the morning?

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Christmas Modern AU

Author(s): Lil Lambie

Words: 1338

Warnings: Kissing

Request: (markimoo28) Hello! Im here to request a “ Merry Christmas to all and to all- wait not you, i dont like you.” for Alex. They start out as enemies but fall for each other in the end? or maybe a “ baby its cold outside” for alex please? Im in a Alex fluff mood XD

A/N: THANK YOU SO MUCH TO OUR READERS! These Christmas Specials wouldn’t be possible without you guys, otherwise we would just be two weird people writing Christmas fan fiction for no one to read. Thanks for making us feel less like weirdos lol. I think this is a good salute to the Christmas Specials, and it’s been a fun 12 days. I loved writing this one, and I hope you will love it as much I do. (P.S. Markimoo28, I hope this is similar to what you were looking for. I tried doing the “I don’t like you” and it really didn’t turn out. I hope you enjoy this one just as much as you would the other one. Merry Christmas!)

Alex was busy pointing out the oddities of classic 1940’s Christmas Songs. A smooth jazz voice played over the radio when Alex said, “Who roasts chestnuts on a roasting fire? Like why would you even want to eat chestnuts? We aren’t squirrels!”

He was bundled on the sofa in a heavy blue blanket. He shook his head at every word an iconic artist sang. He picked the songs a part. He was too distracted to notice you were leaving. You had just got off the phone with your parents; they never liked you staying out late. Let alone with Alexander Hamilton. Trouble followed him everywhere he walked.

You shoved your belongings angrily into your bag. You didn’t think about saying goodbye to Alex, you were too annoyed with your parents already. You had two moods with Alex. The first, you laughed at everything he said and you were comfortable. The other was you wanted to just straight up shoot him in the face.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Alex shout, followed by a thump on the wooden loft floor. He had gotten tangled in the blanket and fallen face first to the floor. His hand touched your ankle. You looked down at him, currently in your “other” mood. “Where are you going?” he asked, his hand wrapped around your ankle like a little child begging someone not to go.

He had that kind of look to him. He came across as childish but strong-headed at the same time.

You felt the blanket wrap around your leg, you began to slide across the floor away from the door, back to the sofa. You looked down and about laughed. Alex was dragging his stomach backwards across the floor, both his hands around your ankles. You would have laughed or smiled at this usually, if your father hadn’t just threatened to pull you out of school.

You were attending King’s College, and your dad didn’t want you staying at the college by yourself or being paired with a eccentric roommate. Your family house was only two blocks away from the college. You loved the college and you couldn’t ever imagine what it would feel like to leave. You felt so free here.

So you frowned.

Alex picked himself off the floor and stood up. You cracked a smile as he only came up to your chest. He was always the shortest in any friend group. The person who always stood in the front in school pictures and had to swallow his pride to ask someone to reach for something on the top shelf. Alex was full of only two things; caffeine and rage.

“Hey,” Alex said. “What’s wrong? Why are you leaving?”

“My dad.” you replied, shaking your head. You kept tears from falling. “He is threatening to pull me out of school, because he doesn’t want me to get into any trouble.”

“Education is important.” Alex said.

“Yeah,” you laughed half-heartedly, “I know. I love learning so much and every aspect about it. I wish I could move out entirely, that way my dad wouldn’t have control over me anymore. I just don’t have any place to stay.”

Alex was silent for a moment. Then he said, “You could move in with me.” he said it casually, as if you were two passing neighbors on the street.

“Alex.” you laughed. You shook your head. “That’s crazy. I mean, I don’t know. That would really change things between us.”

He smirked and fell back onto the sofa (he missed the sofa halfway down and landed on the floor, he then stood up and sat down). He patted the sofa suggestively and pulled the blanket from the floor.

“Who cares what your old man says? There is no way he can expect you to walk home in this weather.” Alex gestured to the window. A blizzard was raging on outside. “(Y/N), just stay the night. You don’t have to sleep with me,” he laughed and winked. “Unless you want to.”

You punched him in the arm. He laughed. You shook your head at him and let your head hang in defeat. You were torn. If you went home, you could possibly die in this blizzard. If you stayed, and slept with Alex, or even slept in the same vicinity as him, your father would kill you.

You frowned at the snowflakes painted on the windows.

The radio switched and a jazzy tune played. “Oh no.” you laughed.

You turned around to Alex on his knees singing, “But, baby it’s cold outside.” he took your hands in his and sang to you. You blushed. You shook your head.

“No.” you said. You threw his hands off yours and headed towards the door.

He ran from the sofa, bounding over the cushions and slid in his wool socks across the wooden floor, in front of the door.

“Alex.” you said, hopelessly. “Please. I’ve got to go away.”

“Hey, you gotta sing it.” he said in a sing-song voice.

You rolled your eyes and repeated it, following along with the song.

He pulled you away from the door, to the TV. A burning log on one of those long live streams appeared, he sang, “listen to the fireplace roar.”

You burst out laughing when he sang in a high-pitched voice. “Say, what’s in this drink?” he had ran from the TV to the kitchen. He had picked up a half empty Mountain Dew bottle and gave his best impression of a drunk man.

Alex continued his antics, you spun around watching him run around in every direction putting on a one man show of, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

He ran back to you for the last line. He looked at you longingly.

Oh baby it’s cooooold outside.” the two of you sang in unison.

The song faded and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer began to play. “You’re stealing my spotlight, Rudolph!” Alex said, yanking the radio plug out of the wall.

He turned back to you and smiled. He got down on his knees and held out his hands to you. You smiled and placed them in his. “I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice.” you stifled a laugh.

Alex sat back on the sofa and pulled you forward on top of him. You screamed as you fell onto his lap. He threw a blanket over you. You turned to face him. Your faces an inch away. “Your eyes are like starlight now.”

“I wish I knew how, to break this spell.” you stared into his blue eyes.

“Mind if I move in close?” Alex said in a soft non-singing voice. You nodded.

Alex rolled around you, throwing the blanket over the two of you. You were pressed into the sofa cushion, while he sat on top. You both laughed. You turned around to face him. “(Y/N),” he grinned. “It’s cold outside.” he said in a regular voice.

You and Alex shared a look that was filled with a thousand words of understanding and so many other feelings. You put your head on his chest and pulled the blanket around you. Alex reached for the remote and switched off the lights.

“Oh baby, it’s dark in here.” Alex laughed.

A moment away from his lips, you said. “I like it that way.” you took his head gently in your hands. His hands came from under the blanket and ran under your hair. The moment hadn’t passed yet. It was only preparatory. You stared at Alex in the darkness. “Screw it.” you muttered before kissing him.

He pulled away. You frowned at him. “I wish it was colder more often.”

You laughed, your smile returning, as your lips found their way home.

And the last time he played in London, I had to give up my ticket as I had a job in Eastern Europe. My wife called me from the concert, held her phone up and let me hear the entirety of Heroes. It cost around 40 quid to hear that one song.
—  Peter on the last time he heard David Bowie play live. (Christmas Radio Times )
Tastes Like Heaven

Written for Kari’s Christmas Quickie Challenge @thing-you-do-with-that-thing. I choose Dean x Reader with the song “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.” Hope you like this one! 

Word Count: 2040

Warnings: Language, smut, a little fluff and Dean eating pie (yeah, it really is a valid warning), oral sex (male and female receiving)

Aesthetic made the lovely and talented @thing-you-do-with-that-thing! Thank you so much! It is beyond perfect!

Dean Winchester had rescued you and your stranded car about six months ago. He owned the only auto shop in town and when you called for an emergency tow, color yourself happy, surprised and more than a little turned on, when this hunk and his dazzling green eyes showed up. You had been expecting a guy named Tiny who was anything but. But what you got was this, this, guy with a body built for manual labor and lips built for sin.

It was no surprise to you, when he told you that the repairs would take a little longer than he anticipated, that you were secretly glad. It gave you an excuse to stop by his shop every day to check on the progress and see him leaning over your hood, covered in sweat and grease.

One week later, your car was done and although you were relieved to have your ride back, you were disappointed that you wouldn’t be able to see Dean anymore. So you decided to do what you do best. Be bold and make the first move.

“Winchester Brothers?”

I would know that voice anywhere. “Dean? It’s Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

“Um-ah-hi Y/N. How’s your car running? Is everything okay?” He sounded nervous as fuck.

“Hi, Dean. It’s running great, purring like a kitten. I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?’

“Yes!” he yelled into the phone, a little excited. He paused, then answered, slightly more chill than before. “Um, yeah, sure, Y/N. I would like to have dinner with you tomorrow.”

“Great! You’ve got my info. See you at seven.” I blurted out.

“Seven sounds great, Y/N! See you tomorrow.” I hung up the phone and did a little dance.

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Story time

While I had this little hiatus something really weird happened.
I work in a lab and the other day one of the doctors came down to look at some blood spreads. Sometimes I like to join him because he looks at interesting patients I wouldn’t normally see.
While we were looking through the microscope a cover version of Dolly Partons Jolene started playing on the radio. The doctor who never talks if it isn’t to explain something medical started grinning and went: oh do you know this song? I was quite shocked which is probably why I stared at him for a few second and then said that I like the original version better. And he went: I saw this version from Pentatonix with Dolly Parton recently it’s so good have you seen it, do you know them? And I just went blank again like, Do I know it? Have I seen it? Do I know Pentatonix?!?!!! Hell yeah I have and god damn they’re absolutely amazing!
Mind you he’s not exactly young and I think he doesn’t even have kids! So all I could do was smile and nod. And then HE said to ME: It’s so nice to meet someone who knows Pentatonix and likes them, you don’t get that very often around here!
Like what?!
It was sooo weird
I think we’re friends now

[trigger warning: transmisogyny, slurs, abusive relationships, rape, child abuse]

i’ve seen a lot of articles that talk about the short lifespans of trans women lately.

most of them explain this with words like “poverty”, “racism”, “transmisogyny”, “comorbid mental illness”, and so on. they use statistics and cite research by experts. 

these sources are certainly valid, but to me, they feel so impersonal and abstract– because this happens to me every day.

let me explain this for you.

transmisogyny is going to the store, to work, to the doctor, to the movies, to the mall, and to restaurants as someone you are not. 

transmisogyny is having to do this every single day because you are exhausted and cannot explain who you are to every stranger you meet, because you cannot risk the violence and ridicule they might throw your way if they react poorly.

transmisogyny is watching those who are supposed to support you laugh so hard that they cry when you try on gender-affirming clothes in front of them.

transmisogyny is your mother misgendering you, over and over and over again, even when you are in tears. it’s her saying that she can call you whatever you want, because you are her child and she owns you.

transmisogyny is meeting someone on OKCupid or Tinder, having amazing conversation for two weeks, then that other person dropping you the instant you tell them you are trans.

transmisogyny is going on dates with a lesbian, falling half in love with her, crying with each other, sharing your deepest secrets with each other, planning future dates, and then having them suddenly dump you with little explanation, only to see them post something transphobic on their facebook weeks later.

transmisogyny is her blocking and ignoring you the second you express being hurt. it’s not ever knowing for sure what went wrong. it’s feeling like you were used for a fuck or two, like a sick experiment, then thrown away when they grew bored with you.

transmisogyny is getting out of a two year, soul-crushing relationship and realizing that all those times she was especially turned on and practically forced you to have sex? you were wearing a dress instead of your “boy” clothes. it’s realizing that she said your name during sex like you were a concept, like you were something else.

transmisogyny is sticking with jeans and a t-shirt for years after you come out because you don’t want to face the doubled street harassment of being an Asian woman.

transmisogyny is random Facebook and OKCupid messages from men who say they want to marry you, who ask you how big your dick is, or if you wanna meet them.

transmisogyny is you, on sale, as a Halloween costume.

transmisogyny is seeking counseling and help at a church and being told, “sorry, we don’t take people like you”.

transmisogyny is hearing a trans man talk about “transphobia” as he cites incidents of violence against trans women as proof that his life is dangerous.

transmisogyny is wanting to apply to a women’s college but being denied. it’s watching men take the space that should be yours. 

transmisogyny is getting kicked out by your roommate days before Christmas, and having nowhere to go because the Salvation Army is the only place available, and you’d have to stay in the men’s bunk.

transmisogyny is watching your boss jam to “dude looks like a lady” when it plays on the radio station at work. it’s knowing that he genuinely cares and works to properly gender you and treat you respectfully, but being too afraid to tell him that the song hurts you.

transmisogyny is not knowing if you are a dyke because your brother sexually abused you. it’s seeing movie after movie with cis men as trans women falling in love with men, never women. 

transmisogyny is never seeing a trans woman on the internet who isn’t also being referred to as a “shemale” or “tranny” at the same time.

transmisogyny is coming to terms with the childhood bullying from your Asian peers– their calling you “fatty” and “freak” and looking down on your poor kid clothes, and finally forgiving them…but realizing that you still couldn’t reconnect because they’d probably laugh at who you are now.

transmisogyny is seeing your other, better-passing trans woman friends deal with creepy messages online or harassment in public and thinking to yourself, “i wish i could pass so well that men publicly threaten to rape me”. 

transmisogyny is real.

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Holaaaa! i was wondering if you have any music headcanons??

I didn’t but I’ll make some for you! these are just off the top of my head but enjoy

  • daichi: listens to whatever really. whatever is on the radio or playing at the gym, he’ll listen to.
  • suga: melanie martinez, lorde, lana del rey, the likes
  • asahi: soft instrumentals please be kind to him
  • nishinoya: as loud as humanly possible, doesn’t really care what the song is as long as it’s playing loudly. he prefers japanese songs to western ones though but he is a fan of disney
  • tanaka: death metal, hard rock, andsappylovesongs
  • ennoshita: musicals and movie soundtracks
  • yamaguchi: has a music taste similar to suga’s except he’s also really into death metal. and ofc cHRISTMAS MUSIC (save tsukki)
  • hinata: preppy, upbeat pop songs
  • kageyama: the sound of volleyballs hitting the court is the only music he needs
  • tsukishima: musicals (aka hamilton and… legally blonde…) and youtube artists and whatever song he hears on TV that he likes, usually more into western music like twenty one pilots and p!atd (cuz he’s a hip kid)
  • bokuto: kpop
  • kuroo: obnoxious music. do not ask me what that means, there’s no way to describe it. he just has this way of finding the most obnoxious songs on the planet and playing them on repeat 5000 times while singing along until yaku drop kicks him and makes him stop.
  • lev: is a sweetheart and is excited about every song
  • akaashi: it’s britney bitch
  • kenma: idk whatever music his game is playing
  • tendou: currently blasting ‘what’s new pussycat’ on repeat 20 times with one (1) ‘it’s not unusual’ in the middle
  • ushijima: just learned how to use earbuds and youtube give him a second
  • shirabu: whatever song will drown out tendou’s obnoxious music
  • semi: trying to find out which device tendou’s music is coming from so he can s m a s h  i t

whatever you do dont think about lily evans and christmas traditions because it’ll get you thinking about the following

  • lily evans who got pUMPED ABOUT CHRISTMAS, like this kid would try and start decorating november 1st
  • and she and her family always had those cute things traditions
  • tuney and lilypad would bake and decorate DOZENS of baked good for the whole neighborhood with their mom
  • and every year they would spend at least an hour at the tree farm because “no dad we cant just pick a tree it has to be perfect” and they would inspect every tree until they would agree on the tree 
  • and the party, oh god the party, every year lilys mom would put on a party and the whole neighborhood would come to the evan’s 
  • and lily would spend like 3 days cleaning decorating the whole house with lights and shit 
  • and she would practice christmas songs on her violin before even halloween so she could have them perfect by the time the party™ would roll around
  • generally christmas was just a super dope time around the evans household
  • enter hogwarts
  • lily cant choose the tree or decorate the house or sew new stockings or practice her songs or bake the cookies while the radio plays christmas tunes play 
  • generally its kind of a bummer but this doesnt discourage lily evans christmas queen and after 3 years at howgarts shes got it down to a science
  • she has mama evans send her EVERY recipe and she and basically all the girls in her year make cookies in the kitchens with the house elves
  • and she charms all sorts of shit to play christmas songs in the gryffindor common room and lily just loves christmas okay?
  • Until 5th year when lilys mom dies at the beginning on november and lily just…
  • cant
  • and she doesnt go home for christmas that year
  • or the next
  • and she just stops altogther with the whole christmas thing and everyone is like ???
  • until finally she goes home during christmas no matter how much it hurts because it must hurt more for tuney who was there for all of it and felt like lily abandoned the family when they needed her most but we arent talking about that
  • lily and petunia have a tentative peace for christmas and they sorta try to do the things they used to do with their mom but it just sucked
  • tuney brings vernon home for boxing day and that gets lily and petunia talking about how excited they are to start families and have their own traditions 
  • lily evans finally getting to start those traditions with the marauders and then james and then harry!
  • james bringing over his traditions from his family and meshing them with lilys
  • lily promising herself that no matter what, christmas would always make harry feel safe and loved and happy
  • dont think about the boxes of christmas decorations waiting in the corner gathering dust
  • dont think the half strung up lights in the safe house because lily wanted it to be christmas when harry woke up 

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,787

Warnings: a little fluff, a little angst, and a little cliffhanger

Prompt: Playing in the snow with Sam and pulling him in by the scarf for a kiss is Sam’s favorite memory and he’s happy to think of it when things go a little sideways.

A/N: This is my entry for @jensen-jarpad ‘s Christmas Song Challenge. My song was “White Christmas.” Special thanks to @lipstickandwhiskey for coming up with the idea and letting me use it!

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Sam lay on his back, a fluffy coat around his body, bundled in a scarf and hat too. It was December 12, and the first time it had snowed in December; it had already dumped a good foot and a half that morning, and it was still snowing. Despite a long day at work, this was Sam’s surprise for her. He wanted to be with her on the first snow of the month, because he knew how much she loved the snow.

It was dark out, but neither of them cared. She had turned the porch light on to aid in seeing, the soft glow making everything that much more special. It reminded Sam of candlelight and as he lay with his body in the snow, he imagined sitting beside a fire with her, sipping hot cocoa to warm up as the snow fell outside.

“How long does it take you to make a snow angel?” She teased, standing right above him and looking down at him.

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clint + nat headcanons

both of them thinking they’re the first to say “I love you”, because nat would only say it when clint’s hearing aids were out and clint would only say it in languages she didn’t know

clint being stunned when he walks into his apartment after a mission to find that natasha has built what can only be described as an epic pillow fort. they spend the rest of the day playing video games and yelling at the tv

that one time clint and natasha burnt christmas dinner because they were too busy dancing to all the stupidly cheesy christmas songs on the radio and then laughing about it afterwards

clint and natasha fucking with everyone in avengers tower by pretending they are/aren’t dating. they end up getting about $600 each in bets

clint buying boxers with black widow spiders on them just to make her laugh. natasha retaliating by buying a shirt with “hawkeye’s hands aren’t just good with his bow and arrow” printed on it

natasha wearing said shirt around avengers towers and consequently making tony gag on his morning coffee

clint and natasha (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Fred x Reader : Insomnia

First Imagine! :D I’m trying to make this really fluffy and cute

Rain from the night sky is pounding heavily against the kitchen window of the burrow, in which you’re staying over christmas. You’re currently in the kitchen, doing the dishes, because you couldn’t sleep. You had a hard time climbing out of your bed, as a sleeping Fred would pull you back in, like a child grasping for its Teddy. You turned on the radio on a quiet volume. As it was christmas, 
radio stations would play a lot of bluesy songs. You were really tired, but you just couldn’t sleep. You already had light grey rings under your (e/c) eyes.

“(Y/N)? Why are you still up?” You turned your head to see Fred, tired and in pyjamas, just like you. “And why are you doing the dishes? Mom always uses that charm, remember?” 

“I couldn’t sleep. But why are you up?” you returned the question.

“I didn’t dream well and wanted to cuddle, but you were gone.” he pouted. You chuckled and before you had the chance to answer him, he walked over to you and hugged you from behind. He took your hands in his and wiped them dry with the towel, laying next to you. After he put one arm around your waist again, he started swinging his body with the music, turning up the volume with his free hand. He turned you around and you put his arms around him, leaning your head against his chest. 

“Thank you.” you simply said. Fred laid his chin on your head.

“For what?” 

“For this. This is what I needed right now.” you said. He chuckled and pressed a kiss on your hair.

“I love you, (Y/N).” he whispered.

“I love you too.” you told him under your breath. You stayed a while like this, hugging each other and swinging to the songs that obviously were a bit too loud. Molly Weasley came down the stairs and looked through the kitchen door, without you or Fred noticing her. She looked at you, smiling and almost shedding a tear, because she was so happy for her son. “This ma otp…” she whispered. You both looked into her direction, but she was gone, before you could see her.