there are billions of women on this planet

How to be a nice guy, not a "nice guy"

Growing up shy with only brothers, I was never confident approaching women I was interested in, and I think I was in my mid-twenties before I was finally the one to make the first move. The upshot of this is it gave me the chance to form some fantastic friendships with women in school, and college.

I saw first hand the kinds of horrible attitudes men held towards my friends, and since becoming addicted to the many many online dating blogs on Tumblr I’ve seen this to the Nth degree. As someone who found it hard simply saying ‘hi’ to a woman I liked, this behaviour baffled me. If someone else had that confidence to walk up to (or now message) a woman, and start a conversation with her, why would he go out of his way to fuck it up?

1) Fedoras/Trillbys: First of all Trillbys ARE NOT fedoras. Second, this is what PUAs call “peacocking”, making yourself flashy somehow to stand out from the crowd.
A- This doesn’t work if you’re all fucking doing it, at least try and be original.
B- If your personality doesn’t stand out, then go work on that instead.

2) Negging: Another PUA tactic, though I suspect it’s as old as dating itself. This involves giving backhanded compliments, or small insults followed by compliments. The aim is supposedly to make the woman either extra grateful for the compliment after the insult, or desperate to prove you wrong.
A- What the actual living fuck? On a basic level it’s nonsensical. “There’s a woman I like…I know! I’ll insult her.” If that seems like a good thought process to you, then you’re a fucking idiot.
B- Tricking someone into talking to you/being interested in you is pathetic because again you’re just proving that you have a shitty personality that can’t stand it’s ground.
C- This kind of behaviour is a trait of psychologically and abusive relationships. To the defence “I’m a nice guy, I just wanted her to talk to me.”, women talk to people every single fucking day without the need for them to insult them first.

3) Rejection: Here’s a scenario.
Bro 1 - “Hey dude, you wanna go to the game today?”
Bro 2 - “Thanks for asking, but sorry dude, not interested in Basketball.
Bro 1 - "You fucking piece of shit! How dare you reject me?! I hope you get raped! I never even wanted to go to the game with you anyway! You’re fat lol.”
Manbabies can try and mansplain this away all they want, and they do; “If you’d just given me a chance I wouldn’t have acted that way, I’m actually a really nice guy.” “Sorry, I was drunk when I sent that.” “Sorry, my friend got my phone, lol.” However, if you’ve never or would never react this way to a man rejecting your request for something, drunk or not, then you are behaving this way simply because a WOMAN did it. Right there is your problem.
Bro - “Hey, do you wanna get dinner or drinks sometime?”
Mysterious Alien Creature (aka; woman) - “Hey thanks, but I’m not really interested.”
Bro - “Np, have a good one.”
A - You haven’t burned any bridges. Is she just out of a relationship? Is she dealing with stuff in her personal life? If that’s the case, when she’s not, you’re still a contender, instead of a piece of garbage.
B - You treated someone like a human fucking being.

4) The FRIENDZONE: All in Caps because that’s how some guys seem to view it. I guarantee you this phrase was coined by a guy who is the most horrible piece of shit on the planet. As I mentioned earlier, I had a much easier time making woman friends than meeting girlfriends. There was one who I had a huge crush on and nothing ever happened, and I know for a fact there was one who liked me and nothing ever happened. And guess what? We stayed friends.
A - If you enter a friendship with the sole aim on getting something out of it for you, then you’re a terrible friend.
B - If a male friend chose to go to a basketball game with someone who likes basketball instead of you, would you complain about the friendzone?
C - If a woman was your friend for years, and then you found out it was only because she wanted your kidney, how’d you feel? Betrayed, hurt, knowing that person never liked you as a friend?
Let’s rename the friendzone the neverwasafriendtobeginwithzone.

5) Girls only date Assholes: What? What?! What the fuckitty fuck fuck? I’ve dated horrible people, my friends have all dated horrible people. Women do not have a monopoly on bad choices.
A - EVERYBODY dates assholes at some point. If a friend is, try to help them see that instead of assuming they like it.
B - As a general rule, assholes date assholes. If you’re not an asshole, if you’re a self-proclaimed nice guy, then why would you wanna be with a woman who’s an asshole? Oh right, because you only care about her body.
C - I have friends whose boyfriends/husbands are nicer than I am and it pisses me off.

6) “Compliments”: I hope you noticed the inverted commas there. From catcalling, to pet names, to street & online harassment, again this is something that I can’t wrap my head around. You see a woman you like, you have two options.
i - Find a reason to initiate contact. Online, look in the profile for common interests. IRL, whatever she’s doing at that moment.
ii - Shout a generic compliment a 5year old could come up with.
Which one seems more likely to you? I once started a two-year relationship initially based on a mutual love of nothing more than a brand of chips.
A - Unsolicited compliments are…wait for it…UNSOLICITED. If no one asked you for it, don’t give it.
B - “Learn to take a compliment.” Next guy I hear say this in a bar I’m gonna send every male friend over one after the other to 'compliment’ him.
C - If you catcall, I’m gonna get six huge construction workers to come to your neighbourhood and shout 'compliments’ at you every time you walk down the street and see how you like it.

In conclusion…because this has gone on Waaaaay longer than I’d originally intended, let me leave you with a couple of rules of thumb.

1 - As difficult as it may be for some men to realise, women are not a part of some alien species. You don’t need to trick them, you don’t need to manipulate them. Respect breeds respect, talk to women as human fucking beings.
2 - There are over 6billion people on the planet. Attraction is a complicated phenomenon that the physical and social sciences are NOWHERE near explaining. Not every one of the 3 ½ or so billion women on the planet are going to be attracted to you. Accept it and move on.
3 - Nice guys don’t finish last, only “Nice guys” do.

This has been a public service announcement. Out.

i really hate that “black Jewish trans woman” or anything like that is treated as a joke, an absurdity. Right-wingers toss it out as the impossible snowflake identity; i’ve seen at least half a dozen people suggesting it as someone trying to win points for being oppressed. And i’ve seen jackass centrist “liberals” doing the same thing, making jokes where they act like being associated in any way with a black Jewish trans woman would be some poetic justice for their opponents.

why the fuck are humans like this. Why do we act like this is such an impossibility when there are over 7.4 billion humans alive on this planet, when you look at the numbers of people worldwide that are of African ancestry, or are Jewish, or are transgender… when you think about that there must be at least thousands of transgender Jews in the world if there are over a million transgender people in the USA alone, that there must be tens of thousands transgender women of color worldwide, that there are numerous distinct populations of both hereditary and converted Jews of African ancestry… why the fuck do people act like it’s absurd that those circles might form a Venn diagram with at least a couple hundred living people in the center?

“A Plastic Ocean” + some plastic free tips & tricks

Summer is nearing an end and the month of August really brings the heat. I am sure many of you are enjoying your time outside, but with the sun beating down and the sweat dripping, you are doing your best to stay hydrated. The convenience of the modern world is tempting and I am fairly certain that at least a portion your daily hydration comes from a plastic bottle. Whether it be bottled water, iced tea, or gatorade, they all come packed in plastic. My dad said recently, “I think plastic has got to be on the list of ‘top five WORST things humanity has ever invented.” I can’t help but agree.
Earlier this year, whiled cooped up inside my New York City dorm room during one of two blizzards, I watched a documentary called “A Plastic Ocean,” on, you guessed it, Netflix. Circling back to what I said earlier (about consuming a percentage, however small, of our daily hydration from a plastic container), “A Plastic Ocean” forces you to confront the reality that our planet is becoming more plastic than plant. And it plants a seed in your mind, encouraging you to acknowledge all of the possible places that your plastic container might end up: Inside the stomach of a fish, bird, or whale, washed up on the beaches of communities that lack the means to ‘dispose’ of such waste, in a landfill, or at the bottom of the ocean. The reality is, you cannot simply “throw away” plastic. There is no away- just somewhere else. More than half of the plastic produced is NOT recycled. There are countless plastic bags floating around in the wind all over the world, micro-plastics dominate the oceans, and common items like bottles and tooth-brushes are collecting in landfills and on ocean floors.
Plastic (more importantly, our dependency on it) is a BIG problem— one that requires a little bit of effort, some out-the-box thinking, and new life-style choices. Which is why I have decided to supplement this film feature post with a few simple tips / ideas to help you reduce your plastic consumption: 

  1.  Carry your own re-useable utensils: Buying a set of re-usable, bamboo utensils was one of the best purchasing decisions I have ever made. The set I bought came with a fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks all neatly wrapped in two cloth napkins/towels ( ). Although I do recommend buying one of these bamboo sets, it’s not entirely necessary. A small hand-towel, a rubber band, and a few utensils from your kitchen would do just fine as well. I prefer the bamboo because it is much lighter than your typical silverware. 
  2. Invest in some re-usable straws: I recommend glass or stainless steel. I just recently found a set of stainless steel straws on Amazon that comes with two different sizes & a cleaning utensil. Having a set at home is nice, plus it would be easy to throw an extra straw into your utensil kit! I carry mine with me everywhere I go. You might not think you use plastic utensils and straws very often, or even think they have that great of an impact on the planet, but trust me, they do. The plastic straw you are sipping from right now could be the death of another sea turtle next week ( ). So use your own straw with your next iced latte and your own spoon for your next summer-time snow cone. 
  3. Bring your own bags to the grocery store or market: I know you have heard this one before, so I am going to take it one step further. The grocery store isn’t the only place you can #byob (bring your own bag), the drug store, the mall, the gas station, restaurants, the list goes on!! I always keep one of those fold-up re-useable bags in my purse or backpack, but make sure to grab extra bags when I go to the farmer’s market or the grocery store. 
  4. Shop in bulk! : The bulk bins are the missed gem of nearly every grocery store. I buy all of my nuts, most seeds, dried fruit and grains from the bulk bins at my local Whole Foods or Sprouts. I fill up my own drawstring bags with nuts and use Stasher bags for small items like chia seeds or oats. (
  5. Keep a re-useable water-bottle & coffee cup handy: I never leave the house without a full bottle of water. I am fortunate to have several different bottles that are each suited for different occasions, but brands like Swell, Happy Human Life, and Hydro Flask all offer a variety of high-quality insulated bottles that are perfect for water, tea, coffee, smoothies, or whatever you desire! 
  6. Buy less packaged foods: Think about all of the packed food you buy. How many of them are wrapped in plastic?? Pretty much all of them right? Every jar of peanut butter, bag of popcorn, cup of yogurt, granola bar, box of cereal, bag of trail mix, carton of milk or eggs, and package of meat all come in some form of packaging, most of which contain plastic. Carving out a little bit of time each week to prepare your own food will save YOU a lot of unnecessary sugar, salt, and calories and will save the planet a lot of waste! I am not trying to push a zero waste lifestyle onto anyone because, lets be honest, taking a huge leap like that is likely to fail. Start small by buying whole fruits and vegetables instead of the pre-washed and cut ones that come in plastic tubs. Buy nut butters that come in glass jars instead of plastic. Make your own trail mix by utilizing the bulk bins. Just cutting out animal products in general will not only drastically cut down on the amount of packaging you consume but will also save you lots of mullah at the checkout. 
  7. (this one’s for the ladies) Use cardboard tampons: Periods, ew - touchy subject, but very important. There are more women on the planet than men (GRL PWR) and most of those women menstruate once a month. Ladies, think about how many tampons you go through in a single period … now multiply that by the billions of women on this planet. That’s a lot of little plastic tubes finding their way into landfills across the globe. Cardboard tampons, unlike plastic, decompose MUCH faster.
  8. Rethink your toothbrush: Most plastic has a life span that reaches far beyond the humans that used it. Most people replace their toothbrush every few months. But once you toss that little plastic stick into the waste basket it ends up laying in a landfill or floating through the oceans for years after only being used for a few months. Luckily, just like tampons, there is a more environmentally friendly alternative: bamboo or wooden toothbrushes. Returning nature to nature. What a concept ;) ( )
  9. Make conscious purchases: Adopting this rule will help you adapt to all of the others as well. Next time you make a purchase think first: could I make this myself? Is there a plastic free alternative? Do I have my reusable containers and / or bags with me? Do I really need a straw? Just asking yourself these simple questions will help you to become more aware of the amount of waste, particularly plastic waste, that you as an individual contribute to the world. In doing so, you will then hopefully be motivate to reduce your impact. 
  10. Make your own food : I kind of already covered this one in number 6, but making your own food wildly helps to reduce the amount of waste you produce. For example, I make my own dairy free milks by purchasing nuts and seeds from the bulk section of my local Whole Foods or Sprouts grocery stores. I also bring my own reusable bags to fill at the bulk bins. I blend up the nuts or seeds in my @vitamix blender and keep the milk in glass jugs that I purchased from @amazon. [ let me know if you guys want me to post a tutorial on how to make your own milk :) ]

I am in no way an expert on zero-waste. I am just starting out on the journey myself. I simply wanted to share some tips and methods that I have discovered so far. Give them a try and let me know what you think! Feedback is greatly appreciated. :)
The road to a greater world is one that we must all walk down together!

The 145 feature documentaries that are in contention for the Best Documentary Oscar:

“The Abolitionists”
“Abortion: Stories Women Tell”
“All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone”
“Almost Holy”
“Amanda Knox”
“Among the Believers”
“Anne Frank Then and Now”
“The Anthropologist”
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“The Ataxian”
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“Author: The JT Leroy Story”
“The Bad Kids”
“Be Here Now (The Andy Whitfield Story)”
“The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years”
“A Beautiful Planet”
“Beauty Bites Beast”
“Becoming Mike Nichols”
“Before the Flood”
“Behind Bayonets and Barbed Wire”
“Behind the Cove – The Quiet Japanese Speak Out!”
“Best and Most Beautiful Things” 
“The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits”
“Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened”
“A Billion Lives”
“Black Women in Medicine”
“Blood on the Mountain”
“Boy 23: The Forgotten Boys of Brazil”
“The Brainwashing of My Dad”
“Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds”
“By Sidney Lumet”
“The C Word”
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“Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War”
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“Underfire: The Untold Story of Pfc. Tony Vaccaro”
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“Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe”
“Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience”
“We Are X”
“When Two Worlds Collide”
“The Witness”
“Zero Days”

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What with you and biological sex? Like Jesus we have 7 billion peeps on the planet reproduction shouldn't matter. Dicks exist and some women have dicks and u just gotta accept that.


Number The Stars

People keep telling me,
“The world is a small place.”
I’ve never been one to think twice whenever I hear so,
But it’s not like I believe every word they say either.
And so I find myself,
Running, running, running.

Running, running, running;
I run, I run, I run
Away from all the chatter,
The words running in my mind;
And I look up.

I look up,
And stop for a moment,
I stretch my arm out,
And reach for something to hold,
But when I spread out my palm,
I see nothing.

I see nothing;
I keep looking up,
And I fall between the cracks,
Wondering if there’s someone out there,
Looking back at me,
And asking themselves the same question?

The same question?
I know nothing with any certainty,
And I certainly know nothing;
But this I do know,
That everytime I look at the stars,
I don’t just see them as bright lights
Hanging in an empty space;
But rather,
I see them as holes in the sky
Shining through.

Shining through,
As possibilities in an impossibility;
For it is only when you gaze into infinity,
Into the Unknown,
That you realize,
The Earth-
Is a tiny blue dot,
And you-
Are an even tinier dot,
Lost in a swimming pool.

Lost in a swimming pool,
Of infinitely colored dots and lines;
And only in the darkest moments of your life,
Do you really start to feel the weight of gravity;
But life is too short.

Life, is too short for you
To say,
That you are afraid of the dark,
To think,
That the darkness is a bad thing;
To believe,
That monsters hide in the dark;
To feel,

For it is only in the darkest nights,
That the brightest stars shine.
But then again,
Who ever told you the night was as black as ink?
It is a perfect shade of royal indigo,
And it is sparkling,
Don’t let go.

Don’t let go,
Because even though we may be in the gutter,
Mr. Oscar Wilde,
We sure as hell, are looking up.

Looking up
At the same stars,
But seeing different things;
And if only the whole world
Could just stop,
Get together,
Count to twelve.

Count to twelve,
And just look up at the stars each night;
I bet the world would’ve turned out a whole lot differently;
We’d turn out differently;
You’d turn out differently;
I’d turn out differently,
Never be the same.

But things are never ever the same,
Are they?
And sometimes,
We end up forgetting who we really are.
“But are we human for gazing at the stars?
Or do we gaze at them because we’re human?”

Because some things are better left unexplained;
Maybe at the end of it all,
That’s what life is?
Just a wink of an eye?

Just the wink of an eye,
In the grand scheme of the universe,
Every face is another tale;
Every day, another page;
Every step, another word.

Another spoken word;
And all men and women are merely players-
Cameos, sipping coffee in a corner;
Or as my friend Zoya once described:
“Merely the salt in a cup of tea,
Forgotten orange traffic lights,
And blue moons.”

Blue moons in
Every moment,
Every touch,
Every breath,

Seven billion lifelines,
Simultaneously drawn,
Like my friend Snigdha’s chalk lines:
“Marks left,
Here and there,
There and here,
On the blank canvas of a lonely planet;
Amongst seven billion other lonely planets.

And amongst seven billion other lonely planets,
An intricate entanglement of chaos.

The world begins and ends in stars.

The night sky has always amazed me; and I for one, believe in the power of stargazing. For it is only when I look up to the stars that I truly feel my own smallness and insignificance- I am simply one living organism on a tiny planet, and the Universe is one humongous ball of collisions and chaos; all of which are beyond my human understanding. But I’ve learnt, that the answer isn’t always something you find in a book of solutions. Maybe, the answer lies somewhere in asking the right questions. Just maybe?

This piece is inspired by a night I spent, camping in the woods last winter. It was probably 1:00 AM in the morning, and surprisingly not that cold. No breeze through the trees, not even the slightest hint of crickets chirping in the background. The whole world was asleep, dissipating into a dream and I was wide awake, laying underneath a blanket of stars.

Credits to Zoya Chadha & Snigdha Shahi

Photo Credits: Daniel Challam

Daniel Challam

B.A. (Honours) Economics, 2nd Year

Felt like sharing this again because it always hits me hard

“Why Society Still Needs Feminism

Because to men, a key is a device to open something. For women, it’s a weapon we hold between our fingers when we’re walking alone at night.

Because the biggest insult for a guy is to be called a “pussy,” a “little bitch” or a “girl.” From here on out, being called a “pussy” is an effing badge of honour.

Because last month, my politics professor asked the class if women should have equal representation in the Supreme Court, and only three out of 42 people raised their hands.

Because rape jokes are still a thing.

Because despite being equally broke college kids, guys are still expected to pay for dates, drinks and flowers.

Because as a legit student group,
Campus Fellowship does not allow women to lead anything involving men. Look, I know Eve was dumb about the whole apple and snake thing, but I think we can agree having a vagina does not directly impact your ability to lead a
college organization.

Because it’s assumed that if you are nice to a girl, she owes you sex — therefore, if she turns you down, she’s a bitch who’s put you in the “friend zone.” Sorry, bro, women are not machines you put kindness coins into until sex falls out.

Because only 29 percent of American women identify as feminist, and in the words of author Caitlin Moran, “What part of ‘liberation for women’ is not for you? Is it freedom to vote? The right not to be owned by the man you marry? The campaign for equal pay? Did all that good shit get on your nerves? Or were you just drunk at the time
of the survey?”

Because when people hear the term feminist, they honestly think of women burning bras. Dude, have you ever bought a bra? No one would burn them because they’re freaking

Because Rush Limbaugh.

Because we now have a record number of women in the Senate … which is a measly 20 out of 100. Congrats, USA, we’ve gone up to 78th place for women’s political representation, still below China, Rwanda and Iraq.

Because recently I had a discussion with a couple of well-meaning Drake University guys, and they literally could not fathom how catcalling a woman walking down University Avenue is creepy and sexist.
Could. Not. Fathom.

Because on average, the tenured male professors at Drake make more than the tenured female professors.
Because more people on campus complain about chalked statistics regarding sexual assault than complain about the existence of sexual assault. Priorities? Have them.

Because 138 House Republicans voted against the Violence Against Women Act. All 138 felt it shouldn’t provide support for Native women, LGBT people or immigrant women. I’m kind of confused by this, because I thought LGBT people and women of color were also human beings.
Weird, right?

Because a girl was roofied last semester at a local campus bar, and I heard someone say they think she should have been more careful. Being drugged is her fault, not the fault of the person who put drugs in her drink?

Because Chris Brown beat Rihanna so badly she was hospitalized, yet he still has fans and bestselling songs and a tattoo of an abused woman on his neck.

Because out of 7 billion people on the planet, more than 1 billion women will be raped or beaten in their lifetimes. Women and girls have their clitorises cut out, acid thrown on them and broken bottles shoved up them as an act of war. Every second of every day. Every corner of the Earth.

Because the other day, another friend of mine told me she was raped, and I can no longer count on both my hands the number of friends who have told me they’ve been sexually assaulted. Words can’t express how scared I am that I’m getting used to this.

Because a brief survey of reality will tell you that we do not live in a world that values all people equally and that sucks in real, very scary ways.

Because you know we live in a sexist world when an awesome thing with the name “feminism” has a weird connotation.

Because if I have kids someday, I want my son to be able to have emotions and play dress up, and I want my daughter to climb trees and care more about what’s in her head than what’s on it.

Because I don’t want her to carry keys between her fingers at night to
protect herself.

Because feminism is for everybody, and this is your official invitation.”

Caitlin O’Donnell, Drake University (via tintedgray)

30 days of spn women:

(4) Favorite non-human character

(11) Favorite quote by a female character

Westerners, I swear. The sheer arrogance. You think you’re the only ones on earth? You pillage and you butcher in your God’s name. But you’re not the only religion, and he’s not the only god. And now you think you can just rip the planet apart? You’re wrong. There are billions of us. An we were here first. If anyone gets to end this world, it’s me.

(16) Character you most want to reappear


Cast Out

TITLE: Cast Out


AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki as a fallen angel


NOTES/WARNINGS: Mentions of blood and broken bones. Tiny kissing. (Also haven’t done this in a while so I almost forgot how, sorry!)


I bent over slightly to combat the rain falling heavily, starting the five-minute walk from my college to my apartment nearby. When I reached my fourth-floor place, there was a man on the ground outside my door. He was wearing a black leather outfit highlighted by gold armoring and green accents. His hair was long and black. His skin was pale. And his eyes… oh his eyes.

They were pale blue—like ice—but glimmering with green.

He was handsome—there was no denying that. He was lying on his side, facing me. His eyes lifted until he looked me in the face. “Help me,” he whispered, voice raspy.

Then he said my name in a breathy sigh.

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Hello! Love your meta and I have a question about ASiB. At the end, when Sherlock says "the woman" and then reapeats the expression in a slightly different voice, emphasizing it "THE Woman". I've been thinking about that scene, but I cannot grasp the meaning of it. If he is not attracted to Irene, why saying it like that? I'm really interested in your thoughts on that scene. Thanks.

Hello, and thank you!

I’m sure you know this, but in case anyone doesn’t, it’s important to point out: while BBC Irene professionally called herself The Woman, in canon she appeared in one story and had no such title. That came from Watson in A Scandal in Bohemia:

To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name. In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex.

This is the reason many recreations of Sherlock use Irene as his love interest. However, canon Sherlock never shows romantic interest in Irene, only the utmost respect for her intelligence.

So that’s one reason BBC Sherlock says it that way in the end. The woman. The woman that eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex.

The only woman that matters. Because clearly none of the other billions of women on the planet could be so clever.

Does that piss you off? Yeah, me too.

Here’s the thing: Sherlock Holmes is a misogynist. In canon, in the BBC version, and in most versions. He doesn’t care much for women, and they have to do a whole, whole lot to earn his respect. Like outwit him. Or demonstrate unconditional loyalty by helping him pull off an elaborate and dangerous fake suicide. Or fool him for a year and then shoot him in the chest.

Does that make the stories and the show misogynist? Not necessarily.

In fact, it can be quite the opposite. Think of all the films and shows that explore racism, sexism, and homophobia by featuring racist, sexist, and homophobic characters. And after all, while the cast is predominately male, we’ve got a pretty good number of interesting, varied, three-dimensional female characters.

Is BBC Sherlock “exploring misogyny?” Eh…I wouldn’t exactly say that’s its mission statement. Although TJLC certainly falls into the category of calling out misogyny. But my point is, I wouldn’t call the show misogynist.

Protagonists have to be flawed for us to engage with them. Perfect heroes are boring. One of Sherlock’s flaws is that he’s a misogynist. It’s kind of a big fucking flaw.

If he constantly treated women like shit and it completely served as a comedic tool and he never learned or grew from it, then yeah, I’d have a big problem with this show. Instead, it’s almost the opposite. Sherlock keeps getting screwed over by how much he underestimates women. It’s getting kind of funny, to be honest.

Irene one-upped him from the start. Yes, in the end he saved her. That was iffy. Let’s see if he learned anything from the initial defeat.

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Princess and the Froglamy

Dedicated to forevergingeratheart because you deserve a birthday fic even if it’s over a week late. Hannah I love you and *kisses*

Thanks to keywordlydia for making it readable ;)


She’d been through a lot with this idiot, but this was… Really fucking bonkers.

Staring down at the slimy - okay, mucusy, she’d seen the Disney movie - creature on her desk, she resisted the urge to ignore its calls. Maybe she was still sleeping. Could people start hallucinating after watching too many fantasy movies? Or was it the lack of sleep because of all the damn studying for finals she’d done? (Thank God that was over)

Either way, definitely a hallucination.

“Clarke,” the thing croaked and she just about hit the roof.

This was just not medically possible. One second she’d been looking over applications for grad school, and the next she was being accosted by a fucking talking frog. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the damn thing claimed he was her best friend.

Yes, Bellamy was stupid enough to attempt to pull a prank on her, but would he go this far? Doubtful. Seriously doubtful.

“Bellamy?” she called out into the room, pointedly not staring at the animal. “You can come out now. You’ve had your fun. I have better things to do than cleaning up fucking mucus from my desk.”

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Yahoo! Inc.’s Messenger has for almost 18 years been the default communication tool for the men and women who each day move billions of dollars’ worth of crude oil and petroleum products around the planet. From Singapore to Rotterdam, daily deals are pitched, contracts negotiated and global price benchmarks assessed on the chat service, with its deep-purple color scheme punctuated by Yahoo’s trademark exclamation point and dead-eyed yellow smiley emoticon.

anonymous asked:

Should the United Federation of Planets abandon the Prime Directive and beam down to teach primitive humanoid cultures stuff like how to fix painful bad teeth, correct obstetric fistulas, teach them enough about meteorology for them to reconsider "sacrificing a goat will bring rain" type beliefs, etc?

The Prime Directive is the most staggering atrocity - in sheer scope - ever to have been perpetrated by an advanced civilization.

In its name, genocides and mass enslavements are committed, planets are wrenched out of orbit into their suns or torn apart by supervolcanoes with millions or billions of innocents aboard, and literally uncounted numbers of men, women, and children fall prey to all manner of poverty, scarcity, illness, violence, disaster, and opportunity cost with every second that ticks by. Meanwhile, prosperous neighbors, concealing themselves like shy gods, leaving the little cousins to their deadly growth and winnowing, cheat themselves out of all the culture and insight and genius that they insist on abandoning to their noninterference policy.


Isabella’s ship is named Prometheus. Plenty of people name their ships after ancient deities; hers is one of eight Prometheuses registered within the Federation, one of which is even - ironically - a Starfleet science vessel.

She means it a bit more literally.

What she does is illegal. (Officially, she is a surveyor; submitting her reports about the topography of planets and moons and the density and composition of asteroid fields is how she justifies her presence any which where she may turn up.) What she does would put her in prison on a deserted moon for life if she were ever found.

What she does is put the equations that lead to warp breakthrough on the desks of pre-warp scientists whose histories - scraped from primitive data nets - suggest that they might not be above plagiarism, and she conservatively estimates that she’s saved twenty-one billion individuals from premature deaths (based on typical technological progressions, population demographics, her personal definition of “premature” as adjusted for the mortality of all discovered species, and the results of ensuing First Contact with affected civilizations) and billions more from living lives of ordinary length that simply happened to be impoverished by ignorance of the contents of the sky. These individuals were of nine species from six planets.

Occasionally she re-runs her estimation program and just stares at the numbers. When she is in danger of thinking too much about that deserted moon that she could fall into at any time. When she wonders if she really has any reason to think she is that much better than the Federation policymakers.

(The answer is: Yes. Yes she does. This reason comes in the form of an extremely large number that her computer will recalculate for her on command.)

-Warp by @luminousalicorn

I am not sure I fully endorse the protagonist’s logic there - I do think there’s something to the observation “in real life, when we go into countries to do democracy-building, we end up causing horrible senseless civil wars that kill millions of people” and if the Federation has similar experience with going into uncontacted planets to do civilization-building then maybe they’ve decided that even though there are policies better than “hands off the primitive planets” they don’t trust themselves to reliably apply those.

On the other hand, there are so many senseless deaths in the world. And if we develop interstellar travel and find out that there are aliens who watched the Black Plague and the colonization of the Americas and the world wars and the Holocaust and every car accident and every case of cancer or depression and went “well, I mean, who are we to say we could do better?” I would be pretty pissed off at those aliens. We are, in fact, allowed to say “we could do better”. Interfering with other societies has to happen with caution and humility, sure, but it’s not humility to say ‘well idk if my actions would be better than the Holocaust”, it’s moral cowardice.

And it sounds an awful lot like the Copenhagen Interpretation of Ethics - the idea that the Federation is responsible for anyone harmed or killed by early Federation intervention and attendant bad things, but is not responsible for the billions of people who die needlessly while they watch from above. I am not a fan of the tendency to look at bad things and calculate whether anyone can blame you for them, rather than whether you can do anything about them. 

On Trump and Clinton Being 'Just as Bad' as One Another

Tomorrow is election day in the US, so I wanted to chat about the rhetoric that Clinton is ‘just as bad’ as Trump, and therefore the best option is to vote for neither.

I should preface this with a few statements -

First, I never, ever in my life wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton. I didn’t vote for her in the primaries. There are a number of very legitimate issues from her political career to be upset about. Second, this isn’t for any hardcore Trump fans - I don’t think I have any following me on social media, and don’t think a single thing I say could change their minds, so I don’t intend to try.

This is about the men and women, usually left-leaning, who enthusiastically agree that Trump is a jerk of the highest order but refuse on principle to vote for Hillary Clinton, opting instead for a third party or not to vote at all. This is usually backed up by statements like 'the system is broken,’ 'it doesn’t matter,’ they’re 'equally bad,’ we 'need a revolution,’ it 'won’t effect me either way,’ yada yada.

The main problem I see with this is that it often comes from people who, yeah, won’t get hugely effected either way by the outcome of the election. And, well, if that’s the case, good for you? Except we live in the US with 300 million other people.  We live on this planet with 7 billion other people. Please think about everyone else.

Clinton and Trump disagree almost entirely when it comes to both domestic and foreign policy, as well as issues related to the societal problems and prejudices we’re facing in our country.  There are millions of people, especially women and minorities both domestically and worldwide, who will suffer unjustly and immeasurably under a Trump presidency even if you will not, if he and Clinton fulfill even half of their campaign promises.

Trump wants to specifically target civilian family members of the enemy in the Middle East, which would be a war crime against the Geneva Convention, and even if it wasn’t, the idea of trying to blow up non-combatant women and children would still be objectively horrifying. Trump wanted to ban an entire group of religious people from the country. Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women. Trump wants to block abortion rights for women. He blames crime on immigrants and incites violence against them at his rallies, and against minorities, and promotes unconstitutional programs like stop-and-frisk. He has threatened to curtail the free press for insulting him. He said that climate change was a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese. He has threatened literal, actual war in response to a rude goddamn hand gesture. He has said ridiculous things about gun rights, and complimented Putin and North Korea - both of whom have long histories of horrific human rights abuses. He has officially been endorsed by the KKK. Trump has said and implied so many racist and sexist things that I cannot list them here, and the problem is not that he is 'crude’ or 'mean’ - the crudeness of his speech has never, contrary to popular belief, been the problem. The problem is that words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, some very scary damn warning signs about what a man like Trump would do if he became the president of the United States.

….And while I completely understand the urge to vote with your conscience and choose someone from a third party, the very sad fact is that with our current political system, that person will not win. (Not to mention that Clinton is aguably more left-wing when it comes to things like right to choose, climate change, gun restrictions, and minimum wage than certain third-party candidates.)

A rehaul of our system, so that third-party candidates do have the ability to win, is absolutely worth working toward; I believe in that political revolution that many people want so much; I hate and despise the idea of voting for the lesser of two evils. People say that 'now is not the time’ for a protest vote, because this election is too close, and the values at stake too important. And I completely understand why this could be infuriating to hear - because when is the time? When has there ever been an election where it seems that the outcome won’t effect millions?

I hear all of those frustrations, and damn it, I agree with most of them. But a protest vote for the sake of the voter’s conscience is not truly worth the suffering of millions of people. It is ultimately ineffective, except for the possible side effect of helping Donald Trump become president.

This election isn’t - sadly - about who we like more, nor should it be. It’s about who will positively or negatively effect the country, the world, and the people living in it.

Please, please, please vote on November 8th.