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X-Files Fic: D’un Nouvel Oeil, Chapter Two

Chapter One is here.

“Is he handsome?” Maggie Scully asks, not looking up from the rolled-out dough she’s carefully fitting into a pie tin.  It would be an innocent enough question, Scully thinks, if her mother hadn’t asked it twice already.

Yes, Maman,” she sighs, exasperated, as she flutes the edges on an already-completed pie.  "Very tall, very dashing, very handsome, and if you don’t mind my saying, you are very obvious.“

"I’m only asking, Dana!” Maggie protests, but her smile gives her away.  "You work too hard, Darling.  You should enjoy yourself from time to time.  Have a little fun.“

"A little fun,” Scully says, eyebrow cocked.  "With a German officer.“

"He can’t help being German, and you said he’s not here voluntarily, didn’t you?”  Scully nods.  "And he came to your rescue, when the man threatening you was one of his own.  That shows bravery.“

"I didn’t need rescuing,” Scully grumbles.  "I was seconds away from dealing with the situation on my own.“

"Yes, I know that, Dana, but did he?”  Her mother sets aside the filled pie tin and reaches for another.  "In a situation like that, most men are going to assume that most women need their help.  How was he to know that you’re not most women?“  She kisses her daughter on the cheek and breaks off a chunk of dough from the massive hunk they’d spent the morning preparing.  "Now, remind me again.  Cherry is for… Allied soldiers?”  Scully nods.

“Cherry for soldiers, apple for Jews, and anything else… for everybody else.”

“Very poetic,” Maggie laughs.

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⚔ ✞ The Mortal Instruments (book series) ✞ ⚔

90 sentence starters from books one through six of The Mortal Instruments. send one for my muses reaction! Feel free to change anything that needs changing in order for it to make sense to have come from your muse.

It may look like a person and talk like a person and maybe even bleed like a person, but it’s a monster. ❞
I may be a killer, but I know what I am. Can you say the same? ❞
Unfortunately we’re all out of bitter revenge at the moment, so it’s either tea or nothing. ❞
The meek may inherit the earth, but at the moment it belongs to the conceited. Like me. ❞
If you were half as funny as you thought you were, you’d be twice as funny as you are. ❞
The most terrible things men do, they do in the name of love. ❞
I use my rapier wit to hide my inner pain. ❞
Is this when you start tearing strips off your T-shirt to bind up my wound? ❞
If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have just asked. It would have been a lot less painful. ❞
Next time you’re planning to injure yourself to get my attention, just remember that a little sweet talk works wonders. ❞
You could try not being charming all the time. It might be a relief for everyone. ❞
If you insist on disavowing that which is ugly about what you do, you will never learn from your mistakes. ❞
You know, most psychologists agree that hostility is really just sublimated sexual attraction. ❞
You tore my heart out years ago when you betrayed and deserted me. ❞
You’re skilled enough, but you could not kill me. You have always been softhearted. ❞
I’m pure at heart. It repels the dirt. ❞
You think charm is the same as honesty? I used to think so. I was wrong. ❞
I prefer to think that I’m a liar in a way that’s uniquely my own. ❞
Don’t bother feeding me some story about how you just happened to wander along after he spontaneously died. I know you did this. ❞
Look on the bright side, if they need a human sacrifice, you can always offer me. ❞
Desire is not always lessened by disgust. Nor can it be bestowed, like a favor, to those most deserving of it. ❞
I wish I could hate you. I want to hate you. I try to hate you. It would be so much easier if I did hate you. ❞
I admire your stubbornness. It’s so much like mine. ❞
You never got a chance to tell me the truth. I don’t trust you, I want you to know that, but I thought I’d give you the chance to tell me. ❞
We are meant for a higher purpose, you and I. The distractions of the world are just that, distractions. If we allow ourselves to be turned aside from our course by them, we are duly punished. ❞
I’ve heard the word ‘fear’, I simply choose to believe it doesn’t apply to me. ❞
I’d say it’s been nice meeting you, but, in fact, it hasn’t. It’s been quite awkward, and frankly, the next time I see you will be far too soon. ❞
I thought I’d lie on the floor and writhe in pain for a while. It relaxes me. ❞
I hope you know what I mean when I say I’m sorry you’re here, but I’m glad you’re with me. ❞
You disappear so completely into your head sometimes. I wish I could follow you. ❞
But isn’t that what love is? Ownership? 'I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,’ as the Song of Songs goes. ❞
Never believe the bad guy is dead until you see a body. That just leads to unhappiness and surprise ambushes. ❞
Every time you almost die, I almost die myself. ❞
You’re not going. If I have to tie you up and sit on you until this insane whim of yours passes, you are not going. ❞
You were just upset about being left behind, like a child, and you had a tantrum. And now we’re here. Lost. ❞
Go ahead and do whatever you want, regardless of who it hurts. You always do anyway, don’t you? ❞
You could at least pretend you were glad to see me. Even a little bit. ❞
I have a fetish for damsels in distress. My services are also available to gentlemen in distress. It’s an equal opportunity fetish. ❞
I know how you think you feel about me. You don’t, though. You just like me because I’m safe. There’s no risk. ❞ And then you never have to try to have a real relationship, because you can use me as an excuse. ❞
I felt like you were someone I’d always been waiting for. I saw you feel it too. Don’t tell me you didn’t. ❞
You think you only want me because you’re evil, not human. You just want something else you can hate yourself for. I won’t let you use me to prove to yourself how worthless you are. ❞
I’m tired of you only wanting me around when you need something. I’m tired of watching you be in love with someone else—someone, incidentally, who will never love you back. Not the way I do. ❞
Anyway, I just saved you from being burned to death, so I figure you’re not allowed to be mad. ❞
I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then. ❞
I always figure it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission in these sorts of situations. ❞
I want them to writhe and die on the ground. They deserve shame before they get oblivion. ❞
So now what? You’re going to kill me while I’m tied up? Does the thought of fighting me scare you that much?
You keep passing out on me. It’s extremely tedious. ❞
But I thought of you—I saw you there, clearly, as if you were standing in front of me, watching me, and I knew I wanted to live, wanted it more than I’d ever wanted anything, if only so that I could see your face one more time. ❞
I am a man, and men do not consume pink beverages. Get thee gone, woman, and bring me something brown. ❞
Oh, good. You’re starting to talk about yourself in the third person. That’s not a sign of impending megalomania or anything. ❞
Seems an odd time to start an insult contest, but if you insist, I could probably think up something good. ❞
It’s fascinating. You know all these words, and they’re all English, but when you string them together into sentences, they just don’t make any sense. ❞
You left me. You made a pet out of me, and then you left me. If love were food, I would have starved on the bones you gave me. ❞
You would do anything to save him, whatever it cost you, whatever you might owe to Hell or Heaven, would you not? ❞
Latent homosexual panic will do you in every time. ❞
You villains and your creepy eugenics programs are starting to bore me. ❞
Killing them is the most merciful thing you can do. ❞
I am a woman. I will use any weapon and all weapons to get what I want. ❞
I don’t know why I had to fall in love with someone who’s more stubborn than I am. ❞
God knows we’re all drawn toward what’s beautiful and broken. ❞
Watching me play Scrabble is enough to make most women swoon. Imagine if I actually put in some effort. ❞
Let me break it down for you. I’m young. I’m pretty. And I’m willing to burn the whole world to the ground to get what I want. ❞
You have ruthlessness in your bones and ice in your heart. Don’t tell me any differently. ❞
Viewing my naked chest has caused many women to seriously injure themselves stampeding to get to me. ❞
I was going to kill someone today. I just wasn’t sure who when I woke up this morning. I do love mornings, so full of possibilities. ❞
Goodness is not kindness, and there is nothing crueler than virtue. ❞
Weapons, when they break and are mended, can be stronger at the mended places. Perhaps hearts are the same. ❞
We are so much lovelier when we fall. ❞
You are mine. You have always been mine. When you were born, you were mine, though you did not know me. There are bonds that nothing can erase. ❞
Mercy is a condition of your agreement. ❞
The things you’ve done are too terrible to ever be forgiven, and you don’t even know they’re terrible. I will never forgive you. I will never love you. ❞
You lie when you tell me you’ll never love me. ❞
I’ve given you your chance to come willingly now. I’ve paid in blood and inconvenience to have you with me by your own choice. But I will take you unwilling, just the same. ❞
I only have two reactions to bad news - uncontrollable rage and then a sharp left turn into boiling self-hatred. ❞
This better be really juicy. And weird. Were bicycles involved in some kinky way? Vacuum cleaners? Umbrellas? ❞
The wishes of our hearts are weapons that can be used against us. ❞
I think they’ll probably put that on my gravestone. ‘He Was Heterosexual and Had Low Expectations.’ ❞
It was a little homoerotic, maybe, but I’m secure in my sexuality. ❞
You must love me. I never thought you’d admit anyone was prettier than you. ❞
I loved you recklessly from the moment I knew you. I never cared about the consequences. ❞
There are things we want, down under what we know, under even what we feel. There are things our souls want, and mine wants you. ❞
I can read your face like a very open, very pornographic book. I wish I couldn’t. ❞
It doesn’t matter if I hurt you because you belong to me. I can do what I want with you. ❞
I don’t want other people touching you or owning you or hurting you. I want you to be around, to admire me and to see what I’ve done, what I’ve accomplished. ❞
You have a dark heart in you, and it is a darkness we share. ❞
When I am all there is in your world, when I am all that is left, you will love me back. ❞
Hate me. Rejoice when I die. The last thing I would want now would be to bring you more grief. ❞
Ghosts are memories, and we carry them because those we love do not leave the world. ❞
We are all the pieces of what we remember. We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss. ❞

Criminal Minds Stories

After All This Time   First Case   Glitter

The Darkest of Nights   Breathe In, Breathe Out

To Love A Savior   Birthday Proposal   Gym Time

Assassinated Love   Baseball   Train Tracks

Tricks and Trades   Post Traumatic   Miscarriage

Asexuality   Whatever You Wish   Dog Whistle

Kisses in the Moonlight   Sleepless Nights   New Girl In Town

Send In The Clowns   Color-Blinded By The World

Shock and Awe (smut involved)   Two Genes In A Pod

The Girl That Knocks (A Maeve Imagine)   Don’t Lock Me Away

Rock-A-Bye Baby   Christmas Lights   Legal Guardian

Scream   Thanksgiving Dinner   Garcia’s Observant Sister

Broken Toes and Hair Cuts   The Bahamas (smut involved)

The Hobbitses   Mr. Macho Slut   Amelia

Arachnophobia   The Infamous Picture   Two Years Later

Used and Abused   Snores and Sneezes   Nipple Piercings (light smut involved)

Spencer’s First Case   Honey and Cinnamon (smut involved)

The Reid Experience   Years to Days (smut involved)

BAU to Bookstore   How Could You? (smut involved)   Ice Cubes

“Sick” Days   Behind the Couch   Loss and Life

Surprise Wedding   Invisible Intruder   Scars and Bars

Up From The Ashes   From Sleeplessness to Breakfast   Hospital Cuddles

“Beginner” (smut involved)   Color Me “Horror”-fied   Nerf War!

Gluten My Ass   Paris   Consensual Cuddling

Mountain-Time Blues   Know Your Worth   Birthday Surprise

Suicide Squad   Trichotillomania   Slap-Happy (smut involved)

Heaves and Hoes   Bicycle   Anniversary

I Love The Way (smut involved)   No Clue   The Can’ts and Can’s of Birth

First Family Dinner   Disaster Date

Late On-set Worry   Paperwork (smut involved)

A Decade Older   Spoils Of War   I Can’t Believe It (smut involved)

Panic Attack   Not Necessary

Loss Of Leg, Not Life   The Doctor Who Way

He Won’t Win   Vanilla (smut implied)   Human Radiator

A Hero’s Dive   AU Maeve   In Need

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Sister’s Turmoil   Christmas Mugs and Blankets Galore

New Traditions   Three’s Company, Too (smut involved)

Not As It Seems  “Sick”   Anxiety   Gotcha

Boob Job (smut involved)   When I Was Leaving   Really? (smut involved)

Sittin’ In A Tree   The Book (smut involved)

Bloodstained Heart   I Need Your Help   Disappointment

Just Do It (smut involved)  Snake Bites

Revolution   Alone (smut involved)   Jumping To Conclusions

From Day One   Goal Post   Wrong   Second Chances

Again   Favorite   Rooming With Reid

No Touching  Tantrum   Exercise (smut involved)   Belly Button Worries

Oops   Consultant   Old Lady Toddler   Mistake   The End

Dragon   Emergency   Surgery (smut involved)   Babies (smut involved)

Sofa Jet   Love For The Years   Coffee   Bads and Goods

Dermatillomania   Choice   Younger   Never Again   Cat vs. Dog

Anything   Chess Tournament   Cartoons   Faint

Trip   Life Knows No Time   Ambulance Adoption   Stockholm   Confusion

Reunited (imagine)   Only Kinda (imagine)   Anthrax (imagine)

Rocky Horror Flowers   Keep Away (smutty imagine)   Help

Didn’t See It Coming   Cancer Treatment   Slap   Mirage   Broken

French   Unintentional (smut involved)   Stepping In

Profiler No Profiling   Double-Take   Mafia   Prescription

Familial Loss   Twins   Apparently For You   Cerebral Palsy   Gifts

Mimic   ALS   Reciprocation   Dancing   Always Him   Depression

Cowbell, Cowbell   Amnesia   Again   Forgotten   Boats and Jealousy

Phase Shift (smut involved)   New Start   Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble

Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble

Reid Drabble   Garcia Drabble   Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble

Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble   Garcia Drabble   Reid Drabble

Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble

Obvious   Touch

anonymous asked:

imaginary friends AU? Maybe a few supernatural ones?

  • “I swear I’m a writer. All these detailed profiles on people are my imaginary friends that I fabricate in my head; it’s how I write such real sounding stories. Please don’t think that I’m some kind of weird stalker. This is so embarrassing.” AU
  • Character A grew up with a parent who was involved in the US Military, thus moved states every few years. Experiencing new schools doesn’t bother Character A much – they have their trusty imaginary friend, Character B, to keep them company – but life takes a twist turn when classmates start addressing Character B by Character A’s name and Character A find themselves in the position of the imaginary friend.
  • “I’m not ragging on your for having an imaginary friend, but you’re in college and you keep inviting ‘Olivia’ to the movies with us, and buying her a ticket, and paying for her uneaten meals…is this some kind of practical joke or are you being legit?” AU
  • After a freak accident involving a bicycle and a flock of geese, Character A wakes up in the hospital to find that their childhood, imaginary friend – who they stopped believing in ages ago – is their significant other. Everyone can see Character B, the ex-imaginary friend, and keeps telling Character A that the two of them have been dating for a long while now, but that doesn’t explain what happened to Character C, Character A’s real significant other before the accident.
  • Character A is a babysitter who is looking to earn money in their spare time and takes up a job watching Character B, a child who is a firm believer in imaginary friends. Lots of cute tea parties and games of pretend pirates ensues.
  • “I may or may not have based my D&D character off of my childhood imaginary friend who was a cyborg pirate wolfperson that could breathe fire. I mean at least it’s imaginative, right?” AU 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any ideas for cute/fluffy/funny AU's about a couple + maybe other people?

  • “Shoosh, we are going to that screening of the new Ghibli film and I am going to hold your hand while you cry in a theater full of children because yo, I love you and support you.” 
  • Power couple Characters B and C meet the asexual Character A at a PRIDE event. Through a series of events involving a stuffed bear, an accidentally stolen bicycle, and a Red Hot Chili Pepper (or other band) CD, the three of them exchange numbers as they begin the slow, awkward dance of polyamorous romance. 
  • After Character A moves away from their significant other, Character B, the two of them do their best to keep their long distance romance alive through Skype and social media.
  • “Hey we’ve been friends for a long while now, but I figured that I should formally come out to you, even though I’m 80% sure that you know I’m some shade of gay.” AU 
  • Character A is fantastic with kids and after seeing their neighbor from across the hall, Character B, struggling with taking care of their younger siblings, Character A offers to help out Character B, in exchange for them helping Character A out with a special art project they’ve been working on. 
  • “I can’t help but notice how nice your makeup looks today and, hey, don’t I follow you on tumblr?” AU

“Now who’s arguing?” said Simon.

“Don’t talk.” Alec gestured at him with an expression of vague disgust. “Every time I look at you, I keep remembering coming in here and seeing you draped all over my sister.”

Jace sat up. “I didn’t hear about this.”

“Oh, come on—” said Simon.

“Simon, you’re blushing,” observed Jace. “And you’re a vampire and almost never blush, so this better be really juicy. And weird. Were bicycles involved in some kinky way? Vacuum cleaners? Umbrellas?”

“Big umbrellas, or the little kind you get with drinks?” Alec asked.

“Does it matter—” Jace began, and then broke off as Clary came into the room with Isabelle, holding a small girl by the hand.

—  City of Heavenly Fire

anonymous asked:

“You run this cafe right across the street from my bicycle shop and we have a bit of a rivalry because I’m trying to make our community healthy while you’re shovelling really delicious-smelling cookies down their throats.” NozoEli AU

But the truth really is…

“You’re being ridiculous, as usual,” Umi shakes her head. Her hands are slick with chain oil, as they typically are, and yet she somehow manages to avoid leaving smears wherever she goes.

“I thought you had more respect for me than that,” Eli pouts. It’s a useless pout. Umi had grown to be more or less immune to it after two months working for her.

Off from the other side of the store, Rin decides to chime in by yelling. “Eli-chan really is being weird!”

“Rin! Pay attention to the customer you’re helping!”

Ahh, Umi feels more like the boss these days. Eli sighs and resumes watching that cafe across the street. The new one. Rin once brought back a box of their double chocolate chunk cookies with some squares of fudge tossed in.

From that moment on, Eli knew trouble had already crossed the horizon.

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BREAKING: Protesters Clash With Chicago Police After Release Of Officer Shooting Video
Demonstrators chanted "16 times" and "mic check," referring to the lack of audio accompanying the dash-cam video.
By Claudia Koerner

Crowds of protesters gathered in downtown Chicago Tuesday night following the release of a police dash-cam video showing the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

Protesters marched through the streets, some blocking intersections along the way.

At least one person was seen being taken into custody following a confrontation involving a bicycle officer.

As a police line blocked their progress, video captured protesters shouting at officers. “He could be your son too,” one woman said.

bravinto  asked:

matt and foggy as pairing or friends, #45

45. “Tell me a secret.”

“Truth or dare.”

Matt doesn’t hesitate. After last round’s dare – which involved a bicycle, confetti, and so much regret (and even more alcohol) – he knows that the only way to survive this drinking game is-


Matt’s sure it’s the safest option. He just assumes that Foggy will ask him the usual questions about his sexual history, and that will be that. But Foggy – as always – manages to surprise him.

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