there are also some good ones of pretty much everyone else

I learned so much reading your messages yesterday (and today). Momo wanted to get outside while I sat and scrolled. I learned that most of us share a love for animals. That you’re new mothers and expecting mothers. That you’re worried about the state of the world. That you’re upset about injustices. But also that you’re taking care of yourselves. That you’re taking time for yourselves. I laughed out loud and even cried a bit because you shared some pretty heartfelt stuff.
A friend reminded me recently about the taking care of yourself thing. I’ve been learning about and working on this for the past many months. Because if we don’t take care of ourselves, how will we take care of everyone else? It really begins with you.
My biggest struggles have been letting go of bad habits and starting good ones. I guess the whole idea is to replace the bad ones with the good ones. Kind of like replacing that slipper your dog is chewing on with a bone or a ball.
Taking care also means to disconnect, to go for another walk. Write, read, rest, and rally. We need your strength to fight for equality, to not normalize hate. Talk to a stranger and listen to their perspective no matter how different it is. Start a project, join a project, join a march, and raise your voice. I’m there with ya every step of the way.

I kind of feel guilty for not going home for break to see my family but it was just easier to stay here. I love the quiet so much. It makes for good dance parties around the common room, that is for sure. I also got some wonderful sketching in the past couple days. Though, I am more excited for Monday. Mama said she’s sending me some new art supplies. I really do need a new sketch book. Overall, I would say this has been a pretty good holiday for it being my first one away from home. I hope everyone else is having an amazing break and that you are all spending it responsibly and staying out of trouble. 


Since everyone else is doing it, here’s some of my guys.

I’m assuming these are upcoming cash shop emotes, new emotes were mentioned as something that will be available. Since anyone can acquire Omnibits just from playing, without actually buying anything, it makes sense that there would be some cheaper items that can be bought right away with just a short amount of play time spent acquiring said Omnibits. Emotes seem like a good way to get people to try the Omnibit thing without investing much in it. And hey, new emotes for people like me. :P

I’m not actually sure if the first one of Requies is actually different. It’s a little different, but not as dramatically different as the other races’ alternate ground sit. Also I wish the Mechari were grinning like pretty much everyone else does in their lounge poses.