there are already to man gingers on the team

Disney, I get you’re going for more multiracial representation… but you don’t take that representation away from a group already marginalized in media.

Racebending Wasabi-no-Ginger into a black man was wrong.

You don’t take a character from minority that’s already underrepresented in media and give it to ANOTHER underrepresented minority. That’s foolish and totally defeats the purpose of minority representation.

That’s no better than when Shyamalan made black earth benders in his garbage ATLA movie. No. You don’t do that.

And there’s no reason Honey Lemon should look exactly like Rapunzel. No reason at all. Aiko is blonde but that’s where the similarities end.

C'mon nah.

I REALLY hope that her look is fixed by the time the movie is released because that’s simply not right.

Big Hero 6 is a fully Japanese superhero team and an opportunity for more diverse representation for Asians in genres that are sorely lacking their presence.

Don’t take that away from them. They deserve better than that.

You think you’re taking one step forward but you’re actually taking two steps back.