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1D Hiatus: Day 434

* Louis and Niall arrive in London, meet fans at the airport

* Unseen picture of Harry and Kendall Jenner at Kendall’s birthday party last year comes out

* Louis posts a picture on Instagram

It’s Feb 19th, 2017.

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hey, i was wondering if you could answer an mbti question of mine? i'm torn between thinking i'm an intp and an istp, and while i've seen all the more technical differences for the two i was wondering if you could clarify further? if not that's fine, i just really love your insight into the topic and i adore you posts on it <3

First of all thank you! :)

Okay, so the ISTP and INTP share many similarities, dominant Ti will always be analyzing, and both types with probably spend a lot of time ‘in their head’, and they will both be excellent problem solvers when applying their logic. They are usually precise and don’t like to speak without reason. You probably already know this, so onto what makes ^ these aspects work for each type. 

The INTP uses Ne as the auxiliary function, this means that they live in a primarily theoretical world. They will often sift through many ideas before settling on the optimal one, or might even find difficulty in coming to a solution, leading to procrastination. It’s more about coming to a solution in their head rather than how practical the application of the solution will be. 

The ISTP uses Se as the auxiliary function, generally meaning that they are better implementers, and whilst they are excellent theoretical thinkers when necessary, they prefer to seek tangible results for their objectives. They typically have a goal (Ni), find the most logically efficient way to complete it (Ti) and then undergo whatever process necessary to achieve that goal (Se). 

Both types might become impatient when attempting to explain themselves because they often leave details unsaid, partially because they don’t enjoy communication a whole lot, but also because they assume the listener has made certain leaps in understanding that they probably haven’t. 

One way to tell them apart…an INTP will never say ‘Go, go, go, go, go! Get it done!” when brainstorming. That’s the role of the ISTP. Haha. 

ISTP’s are open to physical challenges more often than the INTP, however, this doesn’t mean that they are going to want to exhibit their Se as much as a dominant type. Sure, ISTP’s might enjoy typical Se related activities- sport, hiking, aesthetic designs. But they are more likely to want something to stimulate their Ti and Ni to pair with it. ISTP’s for that reason make fantastic engineers and designers. Their is a system that they get to unravel by being creative. 

Now, when it comes to outward traits… INTP’s are more sentimental than ISTP’s and prefer variety in their outfits, and this is commonly reflected in the way they present themselves. ISTP’s are more likely to stick to a certain shade or style of outfit, simply because they value physical appearance more than INTP’s. The INTP might wear the same outfit a lot, but it’s probably not going to be extremely stylish. Partially because they don’t care, and partially because their Ne might wanna have some fun. Basically, they aren’t as stylish as their Se driven counterparts. ISTP’s also really love black…haha.

Now overall, they are loving and caring. Both of them. Of course they won’t say that, but they are. Inferior Fe wants you to be happy and it cares about you, it just doesn’t know how to say it. If you find yourself thinking, ‘oh man, i i wish someone would give that guy a hug..’ but you would never in a million years do it yourself, that’s an indicator of inferior Fe (or ya know…anxiety).

Examples of INTP’s: Jesse Eisenberg or David Mitchell 

Examples of ISTP’s: Anna Kendrick or Daniel Craig

More Than Friends - Fanart

My incredibly talented artist friend Rick gave me permission to post his version of M/ark and J/ack’s first kiss from More Than Friends, Chapter 7. He sent me the following message to include:

“Hey everyone! So this is one of what will hopefully be many more pieces of fan art of @songsforfelurian story More Than Friends. It’s one of my favourite stories to read and I got some inspiration to do some drawings and decided to send it off and I’m honored that they really liked it! I’ve got a bunch of sketches of other scenes planned out already. This one is the chapter with the first kiss, one of my favourite scenes. I really hope you like it!”

This is beyond incredible, I’m speechless, humbled, and totally emotional. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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oh liya what should i do i'm already looking forward to your varia zine (should you ever decide to do it) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I NEED HELP

ah I´d love to TvT but I think my next zine will be a food/recipe zine first! (fun story! since many requested recipes from the food I cook and post on twitter, I once posted the recipe for cauliflower soup and a friend said she´d like to have a cookbook drawn by me and BAM that idea was so appealing!! i love drawing food *o*)

So… I hit 3000 followers just recently… and I have to say I’m flabbergasted. This blog has barely been online for a year and already so many followers! >.<
I am so grateful to you all and for all your patience. I know I’m active for some time and then not. However, I can promise you I will never delete this blog, or disappear from it - even if it takes me a month or several I will always post my graphics here. :3
Here’s to a future full of fun and happiness!


Why I Love Black People, Reason #8,372.

So last night, some poor intern at Yahoo probably lost their job with this tweet.

Learn to proofread, Beth!  Anyway, Black Twitter was not bout to just let that slide and the GOLD going down in the #NiggerNavy hashtag has me crying.  Now, I know some of my white friends/readers are slightly uncomfortable reading that hashtag, and that just means you were raised right.  But Black America has enacted a brief – very brief – reprieve where you can read and even chuckle about the n-word without collapsing into a puddle of guilt.  Note, this reprieve is not extended to speaking or typing, so I bet not see none of y’all’s handles on Twitter trynna participate.  I already know Buzzfeed is probably finding one of their many Black folks to compile a list and blur out the i-g-g in each tweet so they can post it and catch those clicks real quick.

And tell your Trumpublican cousins to stay out of our hashtag with their whining about how racist it is that we can say it and they can’t.

Edit:  I don’t check for Buzzfeed so I was wrong.  I mean, yes, they already made a post, but they didn’t blur anything.

What do you want to be in your next life?
  • What do you want to be in your next life?

- Hey, what do you want to be in your next life?

- Uh… what about you?

- In my next life, I want to be me, and meet you again.

- Stupid.’’


countdown to series four // day 14 - favourite otp

Okay, so Iโ€™m sure that most of you have already noticed that Yuri on Ice used Sara and Michele Crispino as foils to Yuuri and Victorโ€™s relationship in order to show the contrast between their relationships, but Iโ€™m not sure whether you guys noticed just how many similaritiesย their relationships have, and they go as far as the actual lines the characters say.

So hereโ€™s a post presenting all of their similarities, which make all of their differences stand out all the more. Take it as a sort of compare and contrast activity.

This is gonna get long with all the screenshots I use so let me tease this with the cutest (imo) scene comparison

I shall see you below the cut!

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