there are africas within africa

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You contradicted yourself.You say Africa is not a country but then act as if you speak for all of Africa.Why did you say Egypt and the rest of North Africa is still Africa when it clearly says in your about section that Africa is not a country.If North Africa wants to be the Middle East then who the hell are you to say it's not. Last I checked, there is no King or Queen of Africa.

I’m the North African admin, you moron, we don’t want to “be the Middle East” lmfao. We are African countries, Arabization doesn’t change that.

Egypt and other North African countries are in Africa. Africa is a continent. They are individual countries within Africa. They are in Africa. They are not countries called Africa.

Why is this such a difficult concept for you to grasp

Other than maybe skin tone and ancestry, Africans and Black Americans don’t have much in common. Even skin tone might not be a unifying trait, since Africa has A LOT of varied looks. Neighboring countries and even tribes can even have distinctly different physical traits. Somebody from Senegal definitely does not look like someone from Sudan or Ethiopia.

Take for example, food. African food is vastly different from Black American food. The picture is not anything you’d see in Black American culture, and many ingredients aren’t even found in the United States. 

Black American ancestors may have been taken to America by force, but since then, Black Americans have evolved a culture of their own that’s very different from the thousands of African cultures in Africa (Africa is not a continent. Cultures can vary even within the same country.)

And don’t forget that Black people can be born in the Carribean, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Many identify with the cultures they were brought up in wherever they were born rather than African culture.

My Africa is colourful:

My Africa is colourful

ancient meaning lies within those colours all the way back from our ancestors

My Africa is powerful, it keeps the animals alive and embraces nature’s living

It keeps me happy knowing that i’m with my brothers and sisters

My Africa keeps me warm during the winters

And puts me to sleep with a soft whisper

My Africa will always be POWERFUL

My Africa will always be COLOURFUL

- Joha Kanyamneza