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You are Mine

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: fluff, smut

Word Count: 1.5k

A/N: This is written for Lau’s Summer Escape Challenge @dancingalone21. I selected the destination Sydney, Australia. I had no idea what I was going to do for this challenge until I sat down to write it tonight. Even then, at times, I had no idea what I was doing until it slowly evolved. I haven’t written smut in over a month, so I apologize for this. I hope you guys enjoy it. I threw in a little special line from one of my current obsessions. Some of you will catch it. I hope it makes you smile.

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When Kass Morgan gave the right to make The 100 a tv show, do you think she could've put certain stipulations down? Like that certain characters shouldn't die, etc? I always wondered if she asked for Bellarke to become a thing. It sounds ridiculous but it's always been so clear that they're building up Bellarke while at the same time JR and the cast would say they didn't see them as romantic, etc? So I'd wonder if maybe they didn't necessarily want Bellarke but had to make it happen. thoughts?

I guess I thought that because if I were an author, and I gave a company the right to make a tv show out of my characters, I wouldn’t want them to change certain things that were dear to me. So if I really loved a couple in my book, I’d make sure the tv show wouldn’t change that that status and make them end up with other people. And it’s clear KM loves Bellarke. But at the same time it sounds ridiculous that she’d put Bellarke down in her contract as something that had to happen. Thoughts?

They way I heard it, I don’t have the evidence to back this up, but I saw it and it was good enough for me way back when, is that this was not Kass Morgan’s intellectual property to start with. She was HIRED to write the YA novel, and JR was hired to write the pilot. The two stories were written from the same basic set up and starting plot, and the same main characters, and were allowed to go in their divergent directions. The 100 the tv show is not an adaptation of The 100, the novel. They are both original stories based on the same premise. 

The original premise, however, included Bellarke as a the main couple. 

JR had the freedom to follow Bellarke as the center romance if he wanted. Or to dump Bellarke as the romance. Or, if he so desired, to delay the center romance of Bellarke so that he could focus on the action and politics and adventure and non-romantic relationships and also on building a truly epic, slow burn romance that makes the whole story better.

You can say, like many have, that JR chose to dump the central romance of Bellarke and make it platonic, but then you’re going to have to take into account all the clearly non-platonic music, visual cues, fades, dialogue, eye contact, cinematography, plot, and script to screen.

“Take into account” does not mean, “ignore and pretend it’s not there” the way so much of the fandom does. Or calling people delusional, heteronormative lesophobes for seeing the canon evidence and pointing it out, which is just an attempt to discredit the ideas without ever actually addressing them.

If JR didn’t want Bellarke to happen, then he wouldn’t be telling the story from the pilot. And we wouldn’t have the visual journey of Bellarke hand holding. And we wouldn’t have the fades and the bellarke theme. 

If he was being forced to tell Bellarke and he didn’t want to, he would have made them romantic a long time ago, and then had them break up and move on from it, becoming awesomely platonic and saving the world that way.

Instead he hinted at it, at held it away. Camouflaged it. Smoke and mirrored it. Hint. Switch the story. Hint. Show a different romance. Hint. Run away. Prestidigitation. 

I don’t know how many ways I can say this. 

This isn’t someone NOT telling a romance story. This is what a romance story looks like. This is a highly committed romance story with  three years of investment into a developing romantic connection. This is not an accident. Putting them into a shot with their faces inches apart as they stare intensely into each other’s eyes before darting down to glance at lips is not a “whoops!” If they didn’t want them staring at lips, they wouldn’t be showing it. Staring at lips is a visual cue that kissing is on someone’s mind. Bellamy feeding Clarke that chip and us sitting there rewinding a million times trying to decide if Bellamy touched her lip or not is not us reading into something that isn’t there. JR had them FILM THAT SCENE DOZENS OF TIMES. Eliza joked about it. She had to spit the chip out again and again to do reshoots. Do you know how expensive it is to film things? They spent thousands of dollars on that chip feeding/lip brushing scene to make us focus on it and question it and obsess over it and wonder. 

YES. These moments are subjective and we can say they mean romance or platonic, but the very fact that the show is spending all this money on putting in scenes that force us to question if something is platonic or romantic IS TELLING A STORY WHERE ROMANCE IS ALWAYS ONE OF THE OPTIONS. ALWAYS. Will they? Won’t they? That is the essence of a romance story.

That is how you tell a romance that hooks the audience. 

We’re hooked. 

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Thanks for defending adults in fandoms! I've been in fandom life since i was 15 and was obsessed with Lord of the Rings. I interacted with plenty of adults in that fandom at the time. Now I've entered my 30s and see these teens complaining about adults in the fandoms and accusing them of the most bizarre things and I wonder if they expect to just magically stop liking films and shows and books once they hit 25 or so.

This really shouldn’t be something to be thanked for, but you’re welcome anyway! I’m just so baffled that this is even a discussion we need to have. I don’t want to discredit young content creators because they’re also amazing but realistically speaking… That fan favorite fic everyone’s gushing about? It was written by an adult, possibly a published author. That fanart with thousands of notes? Adult. The fanzine or doujin everyone wants to buy? Almost certainly created by an adult. The fan fest that provides countless content every year? Organized and maintained by, yes, an adult!
I don’t know what people are on that they think adult fans don’t deserve a space in fandom, but do they even consider what it’d be like without those adults with educational/vocational bg for content creation, money to support creators and connections to create and sell fan creations? I’m 21, and tumblr teens are dead wrong if they think i’m gonna disappear once i’m 25. I’ve been here for years and i’m here to stay. ✌🏻


5SOS AUPART TWO - Calum as a ghost who doesn't really care about boundaries. (gif credit - for some reason the links disappeared and i don’t know where they are, if the gifs are yours let me know so i can give you credit) | (PART ONE)

“You can come in if you want.” You suggested to Brent pointing over your shoulder.

Brent was this guy from your school that you’d met in your first week. He was pretty nice and from what you’d heard he was fairly popular. You hadn’t really spent a lot of time with him but you’d been paired up on a project for history so you’d been working on the project at your place every couple of days after school.

You weren’t supposed to work on it this afternoon but he’d forgotten his notebook the last time he was over so he’d driven you home so he could pick it up. You’d given him the notebook but you weren’t exactly in a position to be turning down friends and he seemed like a cool enough guy which is why you’d invited him in.

“Yeah that sounds cool.” He shot you a smile as he walked past you into the hallway.

You dropped your bag and and lead him towards the stairs but both of you stopped dead in your tracks when you noticed Calum sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV.

Calum looked up and noticed the two of you standing there. He looked between both of you before cocking an eyebrow at you.

Your eyes went wide and for a few moments you really didn’t know what to say to either of them.

“Uh, Calum this is Brent, we go to school together.” You managed to get out after clearing your throat. “And Brent this is Calum, he’s my…cousin.”

“Your cousin?” They both asked at the same time.

You smiled at Brent and glared at Calum because, truth be told, you kind of liked Brent and Calum would totally find a way to mess this up for you.

“Yeah, my cousin, but he was just leaving.” You tried to be subtle about telling Calum to get out but you weren’t really convincing.

“Right. I’m her cousin, and I’m going. We just need to talk for like two seconds.” Calum sent Brent a smile that was obviously fake and took hold of your arm before pulling you into the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” He whispered, looking over your shoulder at the doorway to make sure Brent hadn’t followed. 

“I’m being a regular teenager and hanging out with someone who isn’t a ghost.” You whispered back, your tone twice as harsh.

Calum rolled his eyes. “I don’t like him, I’m getting a bad vibe.”

“Nope, ‘bad vibes’ is not a good enough reason for me to kick a really cute guy out of my house.”

“Our house.” Calum interjected which made you want to punch him in the face.

My house.” You glared at him. “So just go do whatever is is you do when you’re not annoying me and leave us alone, okay?”

Calum sighed and walked out of the kitchen and towards the front door. “Bye kids; have fun, be safe.” He called out before he opened and closed the front door.

“Your cousin seems…interesting?” Brent said to you with a small laugh as your cheeks flushed a light pink colour.

About ten minutes later the two of you were up in your room, sitting on your bed and watching a movie.

Instead of focusing on the film, which you’d already seen about a thousand times, you were stuck with your own thoughts. You had spent more time wondering if Brent was going to try and make a move than you had actually watching the movie.

Sure enough after another five minutes or so he placed his hand on your thigh. His eyes stayed glued on the screen and he did it so casually that you almost forgot that this wasn’t a regular thing. Butterflies (or what was more likely a mix of nerves and excitement) began to bubble in your stomach as his thumb ran over your skin lightly.

Fast forward another ten minutes and the movie had been completely forgotten about and the two of you were making out. You still weren’t entirely sure how it had all happened but you weren’t about to question it.

You hadn’t hooked up with a lot of guys in your old town, but you’d been with enough to know that Brent knew what he was doing. His lips moved effortlessly against yours and whenever his hands came into contact with your skin it was like electricity was coursing through your veins.

Your breath hitched in your throat and your heart picked up speed when when he moved so that you were lying back on your bed and he was hovering over you.

His lips moved to your neck while one of his fingers hooked under the waistband of your jeans. Immediately you tried to pull back but because you were lying back on the bed there wasn’t really anywhere for you to go.

“Brent.” You mumbled, trying to get his attention. “Brent, stop.”

Either he didn’t hear you or he just didn’t care because he started trying to unzip your jeans. You pushed on his chest, calling his name a few more times but he still didn’t stop; instead he just pinned both of your hands above your head. He bit down on your neck hard enough to leave a mark and you were almost in tears by the time his fingers started toying with the waistband of your underwear.

Suddenly he was ripped away from you and through the tears in your eyes you saw him get hurled across the room before he hit your bedroom wall with a thud. You looked around the room and even though you knew it had to be Calum you couldn’t see anything.

You fought to settle your breathing as Brent was thrown quite forcibly out of the room. You didn’t know what to do, and you were pretty sure you were in shock, but you wiped away your tears before you ran out of your room to try and figure out what was going on.

It took you a few moments to process the scene in front of you.

It was fairly obvious that Calum had either thrown or pushed Brent down the stairs. Calum had made himself visible again and Brent looked absolutely terrified as the aforementioned boy had him pinned down and was currently beating the shit out of him.

“Calum.” You called out without even realising.

At the sound of your voice he looked up at you and it was enough of a distraction for Brent to crawl out from underneath him and scramble away. His heavy footsteps faded and you heard the front door slam shut but you couldn’t tear your gaze away from Calum.

The last glimpse you caught of Brent showed that he was already beginning to bruise and there was quite a bit of blood covering his face. He’d been holding his wrist close to his chest which you assumed meant it was broken or sprained or something like that. Not that you really cared.

You walked down the stairs and brushed past Calum as you made your way into the kitchen. You got your self a glass of water and ran a hand through your hair before you looked up to see Calum standing across from you on the other side of the counter.

“What the hell was that Calum?” You didn’t know what you were planning to say but that hadn’t been it. Despite that, you couldn’t stop the words from tumbling out of your mouth. “You could have killed him.”

Calum clenched his teeth and you saw the muscle in his jaw twitch. “I don’t care, he was going to hurt you and I wasn’t going to let that happen.”

“What was I supposed to do if you had killed him Calum?” You realised that you had no real reason to be angry at him but you that didn’t stop you. “Was I supposed to call the police and say the ghost that lives in my house just killed a guy? Or was I supposed to just dig a hole and bury him in the backyard?”

Calum looked a little taken a back and you fully expected him to yell back at you. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think about it, what would happen after never occurred to me. I was just trying to protect you.”

“I can take care of myself.” You muttered quietly, not looking at him. “I just want some time to myself right now, I’m going to go to my room.”


It had taken you a solid hour to clean up all the damage Calum had done to your room. After that you’d sat by yourself and practically started a wall for god knows how long. The whole time Calum had respected your wishes and he hadn’t bothered you, and you still weren’t sure if you were happy about it or not.

You eventually got up and decided to hop into the shower and that was when you really fell apart. It was hard to tell what were tears and what was water, but your throat and chest still ached all the same. You stood, unmoving, under the water until it started to run cold and even then you had some trouble coordinating your limbs.

When you’d wrapped yourself in your towel you turned to face the mirror and what you saw made you cringe. Your eyes were blank, and even though your hair was out it did nothing to cover the purple mark on your neck. You let out another sob and before you knew it you were breaking down all over again.

You didn’t hear the bathroom door open which was why you jumped when you felt Calum pull you into his chest and wrap his arms around you. It took a few moments before you were able to relax into his embrace but when you did he rested his chin on the top of your head and began to rub soft circles on your back.

“You were in there for a while. I was starting to get worried.” He said as a way of breaking the silence.

You nodded your head softly and sniffled a little more, your tears starting to slow down again.

“Aren’t you going to say ‘I told you so’?” Your voice was muffled by his shirt but you didn’t want to pull away.

“God no.” You expected him to push you back a bit so he could look at you, but instead he just hugged you tighter. “I didn’t want to be right.”

“I’m sorry for yelling at you.”  And you truly were, it hadn’t taken you long to figure out that you were just transferring your fear and anger onto whoever was closest.

“It’s fine, I get it.” He pulled away and looked down at you before reaching out and lightly running his fingertips across the bruise on your neck. “I’m sorry I didn’t get there earlier.”

“It was my fault, I should’ve known something was up - ”

“No.” Calum cut you off and brought his hands up to cup your cheeks and make you look at him. “Don’t you dare think that what he tried to do to you was your fault.”

“Thank you.” You whispered.

He brushed his thumbs across your cheeks, collecting the tears that hadn’t dried yet. “You don’t have to thank me. I’m always going to look after you, I’m never going to let anyone hurt you. I promise.”

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Hey I saw your post about the pitifully limited range of asian actors in fancasts and shamefully have to admit that your post about spans my knowledge, and was wondering if you could share a few of your faves? It would be awesome to learn of a few new actors to check out. If not that's totally cool! Thank you! <3

There are so many wonderful Asian actors, and the thing is that Asia in general has an incredibly robust film/tv industry which produces thousands of projects every year. My faves are definitely biased to Chinese celebrities because of my own exposure, but here are some of my personal faves for your consideration:

Xiaolu Li (33) 李小璐 an award winning Chinese actress who you might recognise as one of the antagonists (Pop Girl) fighting Chris Evans in the 2009 film Push. 

Vicki Zhao (40) 赵薇, a A-List film star, director, and pop artist who has starred in over a dozen box office hits and is one of the most famous women in China. She was the star of the latest Chinese adaptation of Mulan. And you might have seen her in Red Cliff or Shaolin Soccer, that film with the ridiculous dough making scene.

Bonus because this is absolutely my aesthetic:

Wallace Chung (41) 钟汉良, aka THE male lead in Chinese television, one of the industry’s highest paid actors who has the rare gift of both good looks and incredible acting talent. His following is enormous, and has played one half of one of the most significant slash pairings in Chinese fandom history (pictured below).

Li Bing Bing (43) 李冰冰, NOT to be confused with Fan Bing Bing, another notable Chinese actress (don’t do it). She is a hugely successful and has had important roles in a number of Hollywood productions, you might know her as the crazy white haired lady in Forbidden Kingdom, or the only person who got anything done in Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Abe Hiroshi (51)  阿部 寛

A Japanese actor who has starred a series of cult hit tv shows and multi-genre films. You may have seen him in Godzilla: 2000. Thermae Romae is something I firmly believe everyone should experience at least once in their lives, starring a Japanese man playing an Ancient Rome who visits modern day Japan in a curious incidence of… yellowashing?