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Just my thoughts on Cartinelli (Peggy Carter and Angie Martinelli, for those of you unaware of the ship name) and why I still believe the Agent Carter writers could very we make it happen…

The first argument used against why Cartinelli can’t possibly be a thing, is due to the husband quote in The Winter Soldier: ’He saved over a thousand men, including the man who would…who would become my husband as it turned out.’ This was said by Peggy herself, shown at the Captain America Exhibit. Now, this could very easily be a lie. She could have easily lied about this ‘husband’, as a way of protection for who she was really partner’s with (a.k.a Angie). Peggy is/was the founder of S.H.I.E.L.D, that in itself is going to give her a lot of enemies, and I’m more than sure that Peggy would know that. So, why would she say in an interview she has a husband, and even give a little bit of information on him, when that would only make it easier for her enemies to track him down, and use 'him’ against her? Especially if she knew this interview would be publicly shown. 

Following the whole 'husband’ route, the mention of her children is used as an argument against children. Which, MAY I REMIND PEOPLE, is exceptionally rude/arrogant. You don’t have to be married, or be with a man, to have children. Pictures of her children were shown next to her hospital bed during The Winter Soldier, and guess what there were no photo’s of? A man. Or this 'husband’ that’s she’s spoken of. Notice how this 'husband’ is never SHOWN or GIVEN A NAME. Hmm, interesting. 

And another argument is the weak 'but bisexuality/homosexual relationships weren’t a thing in the 1940’s’ statement. May I remind people that bisexuality didn’t just pop up in thin air, it’s always been around. In fact,  if you disbelief me, here is a link that provides 'History Of Lesbianism in the US’, including the 1940’s, the time Agent Carter is set now. In addition, a quote from the novel 'Historical Dictionary of the 1940s’ - “the military did not view homosexuality among female recruits as a serious problem […] the shortage of female recruits and the need for them to perform in jobs previously held by men led the military to ignore the issue.” So, no. The fact that both Peggy Carter and Angie Martinelli are both women is not an effective counterargument against Cartinelli happening.

And with all that pessimism out the way, one of the strong reasons Cartinelli could happen: the structure of their dynamic linked to the narrative, and the conventions of romance linked to their scenes. I know many people are all for Peggy to be partnered with Sousa or Thompson, and say that they would make perfect sense, but I’d like to direct you to Cartinelli scenes. One of the major conventions of romance linked to their scenes is the music used for their scenes, which, let me tell you, is romantic af. Here’s an amazingly written post that explains the music in more detail, (credit to peggycartur) but a significant quote I’ll pick out from there is :'Someone To Watch Over Me by Helen Forrest; Peggy goes to the Automat and tells Angie that one of her coworkers died.’ The song 'Someone to Watch Over Me’ is LITERALLY THE ROMANCE SONG, plus Helen Forrest is widely known for her romantic songs. 

In terms of the camera angles (oh boy), here’s a very good example: when peggy walks into the diner and looks across at angie (credit to queercarters). honestly, that IS A ROM COM ANGLE CONVENTION. Having the 'hero’ of the pairing looking wistfully over to the other, about to apologise due to an argument (which, in itself, was a rom com trope - one of the partners not being able to reveal their 'other life’ to not endanger the other, therefore meaning they’re secretive and causes an argument between them, is a popular romantic narrative device- like, Spiderman,eg Peter Parker/Gwen).   

With all the conventional romance tropes used - girl love interest (angie) lives next door, hiding their secret life for protection (peggy hiding her spy life from angie), the only one who the 'hero’ can truly speak to (their talks at the diner), the only one to still trust her (in 1x06, when Angie is the only one to believe Peggy’s not an enemy, including the men [except Jarvis, but he’s an exception] - esp, Sousa and Thompson), and many more… and if you believe it to only be queerbaiting, then I’ll guide you over to this post (thanks to the lovely cosima-phdhaus), which nicely argues why it’s not. 

Plus, there’s a lot of evidence to show that both Hayley Atwell and Lyndsy Fonseca are 100% okay with Cartinelli. In fact, I’ve only ever seen them be very happy and optimistic about Cartinelli than any of the other ships (but that’s just from what I’ve seen.)

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*drops mic* *peggy picks it up and uses it as a weapon to any haters*