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Alien Boyfriend 5

A did a commission for @captainpissoffkenway who wanted a buff alien(who they named Drux) and a girl with scars and stretch marks. I hope you guys enjoy!

   You feel a little out of place on the ship. You had used to be part of a research vessel. Now, you had been transferred to an active duty ship. They needed a cartographer of your experience and skill. Most of the crew onboard were either soldiers or warriors. You didn’t even feel like you could throw a punch properly. You weren’t as rough and tumble as them either. Everyday fights happened at least twenty feet away from you. You enjoyed that this ship had a bar, but the atmosphere there was sometimes too much.

   You did manage to make some friends on your team. Other science officers who you often had to chart with. They often invited you to join them during parties and games.

   “You get used to it,” one said. “I came on board some time ago after my husband was transferred. We’re both non-combat. He’s in science and I’m a xenolinguist, so it took us a really long time to get used to it.”

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postscript; part one

rating: teen

word count: 2k

Richie’s life is weird. He’s navigating life as a trans kid, he just fought an inter-dimensional, child-eating monster, and now he has a crush on his best friend. Luckily he has an older cousin who’s already been through all three.


September 22nd, 1989

Dear Mike,

Eddie said I shouldn’t start this letter with “hope your tits are out” but I think it will make you laugh so I’m starting with it anyways. Do you remember Eddie? I think you met him when you and Aunt Karen and Uncle Ted were here for July 4th last summer. Anyways, a clown tried to eat me and my friends a few weeks ago. Seriously.

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Charles Xavier x Reader Prompt

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Prompt: “You’re my nerd.”

Warning: smut! (I hope it’s ok i haven’t really done smut before!!!)

For: Anon


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“Y/n?” You hear your boyfriend Charles say as you rub your eyes.

“Hmmmmm?” You murmur, Charles chuckles.

“You fell asleep again darling,” he says shifting towards you on the couch, a stack of papers in his hand.

“Sorry, I just can’t stay awake for this new curriculum stuff.”

“That’s alright we can finish tomorrow,” he says tucking a piece of your h/c hair behind your ear.

“No no I can do this, where were we?”

“I was telling you about Hank’s proposal for the new science program. It’s really quite fascinating, he wants to add a technology unit featuring robotics and the workings of… Y/n? Y/n?”

“Sorry I’m awake now,” You said your eyes blinking open.

“We should do this tomorrow.”

“No no, you’re so excited about it,” You says forcing yourself awake.

“Yes but only because I’m nerdy about the curriculum, and you did not sign up for that,” He said and you laughed.

“I sure as hell did! You picked me up talking about the adjustments you were making to the English department.”

“Only because I knew you loved books,” he said smiling.

“So nosy,” you say teasingly “and besides you’re my nerd.” You say putting your hand around his neck.

“How’d I get so lucky?” He says chuckling.

“I guess I’m a sucker for nerds,” you shrug.

“Maybe because you are one too Professor Y/L/N,” Charles says teasingly and you laugh and press your forehead to his.

“You caught me,” you whisper and he kisses you deeply.

“How about we go to bed and we can cover the curriculum tomorrow?”

“Deal!” You say jumping off the couch and grabbing his chair.

“Besides then we can spend all day talking about it,” he says coyly shifting into his chair.

“You are incorrigible,” you respond laughing “but I’m not sure I’m that tired anymore.” You say as you flop into his lap. Charles smiles mischievously.

“I never said anything about going to sleep,” he says with a wink and kisses you deeply and roughly. You close your eyes and lean into him, grabbing the collar of his shirt. You can’t help but think this nerd is the sexiest man you have ever met. In fact, you might not even make it to the bedroom.

It seems he may have the same idea as he pulls your shirt over your head and kisses your chest. You gasp and melt into his touch. He unclips your bra and you undo his button down shirt, practically ripping it off him. His hands are undoing your pants and you fiddle with his belt. He pauses for a moment and smirks his eyes wandering your body. 

“Take them off for me darling,” and you smile and stand. You slowly slide your jeans off, and peel your underwear off making Charles smile and lick his lips.  You pull his pants off as well. His hands rest on your hips and pull you closer. You straddle him and he starts kissing your neck. You begin to ride him, he gasps before kissing your chest again. Your hands scratch at his back and pull at the tufts of your hair. You moan and feel the orgasm begin to rise. He tenses up and moans as the two of you climax. He squeezes your hips tighter and the two of you collapse. You rest your head on his shoulder, panting. He starts to laugh and you lift back up, smiling.

“What is it?”

“I think I should talk to you about curriculums more often.”

college!AU Taehyung
  • major: mechanical engineering 
  • minor: geophysics 
  • sports: he’s not in any on-campus sports teams, but he professionally skateboards 
  • clubs: engineers without borders, arts & crafts club 
  • taehyung got into engineering through building robots as a kid in high school and also once trying to strap extra engines onto his bike to see if it would go faster, basically he’s been into building things and science since forever so that’s why he’s perfect for mechanical engineering
  • he sorta despises all the math that goes into it, but he has a skill for drawing up plans and numbers is just a part of it that he has to battle through even though he basically died while taking multivariable calculus and kept crying into his textbook while jin and jimin patted him on the back and yoongi was just like “you shouldn’t have taken engineering if you don’t like math” and taehyung was like thE math sucKS but the cool stuff i GEt to build in lab is so FUN HYUNG 
  • but classes like designing informative devices, heat transfer, and his uttermost favorite: mechanical design lab are just where taehyung let’s his imaginative mind go to work
  • and whenever he like purposes an idea everyone is like “what? that will never work, scientifically it’s impossible!” but taehyung never takes ‘impossible’ for an answer and he just stays up for like four days straight doing the calculations and drawing up the plans and reading through books upon books and manuals upon manual until he finds a way to make his idea work
  • and then in lab everyone is just like hOLY shit he did it and taehyung, with like slightly messy hair and bags under his eyes and jittery hands from too much coffee is still so damn excited because i TOLD YOU i COULD DO IT 
  • and then he like crashes to sleep for three days straight and not even in his room in like namjoon’s room and namjoon is like this isn’t your dorm tae…..and taehyung sleep talking is like: if y=mx+b then that’ll be this much in kelvin temp and;…..basically a bunch of science and math nonsense 
  • his minor in geophysics is solely based on his obsession with volcanoes and magma and basically the physical phenomena of electricity and radioactivity and when he went abroad for engineers without borders he basically begged to get sent to Guatemala mostly because he wanted to do good work there but it’s also the home of Santa Maria one of the most active volcanoes in the world and he hAD to see it himself 
  • he’s basically a big, curious kid whose fascination with machines and science and the earth producing cool as hell phenomenon never went away and he hopes to like make a career out of it??
  • but also on the side he’s a pro-skater and competes in like local and even sometimes nationwide competitions and he’s cute he has like stickers that say ‘engineer 4 lyfe’ on his skateboard and like a sticker of an erupting volcano
  • and most people are like “oh you skate for fun?” and taehyung with like three hundred medals and awards behind his bed he’s like “yeah!!! i do it cuz it’s fun!!!”
  • and you actually meet because of taehyung’s skateboarding see you’re making your way to class with a huge stack of books and taehyung has his headphones in and he’s listening to a lecture on like thermodynamics and for a split second he doesn’t pay attention and you can’t really see where you’re going and basically a huge crash happens and ,,,, all your books are thrown into the air and taehyung like wobbles backwards and his board goes like out beneath his feet and you also fall backwards
  • and it’s just a MESS 
  • and honestly taehyung tries to rush to your aid because he’s a nice boy you know also he feels bad because your books are scattered just about everywhere and he’s like ?!??!?! are you ok??!?!?!?
  • and you’re fine thankfully you fell onto like the grassy part of the quad but taehyung slammed down onto the pavement park and you can see a slight cut on the side of his calf and you’re like !!! “you’re leg!!!” and he’s like my what?
  • and you like scramble to get your backpack off your shoulders and you pull out this little emergency first aid and you like fumble a bit with a bandage and taehyung is like “hey, hey it’s totally ok, hey listen to me-”
  • but you’re just like SHH and you disinfect the cut and put the bandage on and taehyung is like 
  • looking down on it and he’s like 
  • “did you just put a hello kitty bandage on me?”
  • and you’re like “listen.”
  • but taehyung like twists his leg this way and that and he’s like “you know, i like it!”
  • and for the first time you like focus on his face and ok what the heck he’s adorable with his hair all in his face and like a cute smile and you’re just like ,,,,,, he’s got such pretty and kind eyes,,
  • and he’s like dressed really haphazardly but it like works?? he’s got like cut off denim shorts with holes in them, old beat up vans, and this like boat necked white t-shirt with a flannel tied around his hips and a dingy old dad looking baseball cap turned backwards on his head
  • but like ok he just has the nicest vibe coming from him??/
  • and he even helps to like gather your books and then he like runs after his board and you see the volcano stickers and you’re like ??? what no way he’s a science major???
  • and you wish you could have asked but he looks at his phone and he’s like fRICK class started ten minutes ago see ya later hello kitty sticker person and he like skates away like nothing happened
  • and you’re standing there with your books like FIRSt of all hello kitty sticker person shouldn’t be as endearing as it seems coming from him,,,,but it is. It Is.
  • and that isn’t the last time you hear ‘hello kitty sticker person’
  • taehyung calls that from across the campus lunchroom where he sees you with your pile of books later on in the day and he like bounces over with his board under his arm and a tray of food in the other
  • and he just sits himself down across you, one leg up on the chair beside him as he shoves rice into his mouth messily and is like “sup?”
  • and you’re kinda like ,,,,,,,,,,ok i guess this is normal we don’t even know each other’s names but by the way taehyung presents himself you don’t really think he’s the type to care about the casualties of making friends, he’s just a people person
  • and you’re like “not much, i have to return these but the library doesn’t open back up till 3 so….”
  • taehyung like nods at you and he’s like “if you wanna kill some time, wanna come skate with me?” and you’re like hA i can’t skate also what am i gonna do with this leaning tower of books and he’s like “i can help you carry some, and i can teach you. my labs at like 4:30 so i got nothing to do either”
  • and you’re kind of flattered that he’s offering but you’re also like ,,,,, don’t overthink it he’s probably just looking for someone to like he says “kill time” with
  • so you’re like “you know i don’t know-” but taehyung’s like leaning over, stealing some meat from your own tray to pop into his mouth like you two have been bestfriends for 5000 years and he’s like “it’s like 1:30 now, we can drop your books off at my dorm and then i can teach you some basics. unless you gotta study or something?”
  • and for some reason you remember that isn’t he a science major and you’re like “shouldn’t you be studying? you’re a SCIENCE major” and he’s like “mechanical engineering” with a super proud smile as he like keeps chewing and shrugs and is like “that comes naturally to me” and you’re just looking at him like is this kid for real
  • and he’s just like “soooOOOo you gonna skate with me or not? it’ll be fun, i promise~”
  • and somehow you don’t know why maybe it’s his super duper cute face that you fall weak to you agree and taehyungs like COOL! grabs both your trays and kicks up his board into his free hand and he’s like grab your books c’mon
  • and you drop off your books in his dorm that he shares with this nice nursing major jimin who when he sees you is like “is taehyung taking you skating?” and you’re like “yeah! why?” and jimin just gives you a smile and winks @ taehyung and you’re like ???? and taehyung is like jimin shuttup or else ill throw this week old ham and cheese sandwich at you and jimin is like gtg 
  • and you’re kind of shy,,,to be in his dorm like you’ve known him for a collective 45 minutes but he’s so free and open and he’s like throw your books on my bed and you see that his walls are covered with like medals for skating competitions and like customized boards are up on his wall and his desk is a mess of textbooks, manuals, and like drawn up plans for these cool looking machines and like you have so much to ask him but taehyung’s like let’s go! as soon as your books are on the bed 
  • and you like follow him to this abandoned parking lot not far away from campus and you’re like “isn’t there a skate park somewhere around??” and taehyung’s like “yeah, but you’re a beginner what would you be doing in a skate park?” and you’re like “hey, i told you im not interested in-” but taehyung is like here’s a helmet put it on and you’re like when do you pick this up 
  • and he’s like everyone’s always so scared of skateboarding, but it’s fun you’re gonna love it i promise and it’ll be a good way to waste an hour and a half
  • and you don’t know how much you trust him but when he puts the board down in front of you and offers his hand out to hold you steady your heartbeat increases and you’re just like ,,,fine ill try
  • and you know he’s right, it is fun!! it’s scary but taehyung never lets your hand go and ten minutes in you’re both laughing like fools and taehyung is steadily helping you move across the parking lot and under the sun when you see him smile how it reflects in the light and how he’s so handsome 
  • like you can’t help but fall a little deeper and want to know so much more about him
  • that when time is up and he’s like let’s go get your books and im gonna start heading off to lab you don’t want him to leave and instinctively you grab a hold of his flannel before he turns and he’s like hm??/
  • and you’re just kinda like “can i see you again? taehyung, right?” and he gets this smile thats a little goofy but also a little hard to read and he’s like “i donT knoW can YOU~~~”  and you’re like akhfgf TaehyUNG and he’s like ofc you can here’s my number and he like gets a pen out of the back pocket of his shorts and scribbles the numbers down on the bookmark in one of your books and he’s like “see you later” and does like the thing skaters do the like two finger wave thing you know what im talking about 
  • and like the next time you two see each other its because you call him to maybe give you another skating lesson and he’s like sure where are you and you’re like “oh im doing laundry in the campus laundromat ill be done-” but he’s like “it’s fine ill come over now!”
  • and you’re like ‘oh ok- wait what?” but it’s too late. he’s already on his way
  • and when he gets to you you’re like !!! im not even done drying yet and he just climbs up to sit on one of the machines and takes like a candy bar out of his pocket and is like “it’s cool i can wait with you here and we can skate when you’re done, so what’s up?”
  • and you learn fast that taehyung isn’t one for dull conversations like it’s never a “the weathers nice” “i had a hard exam the other day” kind of topics he asks  the most intriguing, sometimes even personal questions and like if anyone else even tried to approach you with that kind of questions you’d freak out but with him….it feels safe
  • like he’ll hold onto your secrets forever so somehow over a period of time you and taehyung open up to each other like neither of you has to anyone before
  • and you learn that as much as he loves engineering he hates the way people associate him with laziness and some kind of unhealthy lifestyle because of the way he dresses and because he likes to skate and you tell him about all the shortcomings you’ve experienced with college too
  • and you become a frequent guest over at taehyung and jimins dorm because taehyung is always like “come over, come look at my new plans!!” and you don’t know half of the terms he’s using but you love seeing him get so excited about science
  • and one day you guys are out late at night because taehyung also enjoys making you go get snacks with him at like 4 am from the corner groceries off campus 
  • and taehyung is telling you about how radioactive decay works when he suddenly stops and is like “hey there’s something i don’t really know the answer to” and you’re like snorting over your ice-cream like “yeah, what is that?” and he just looks at you and he’s like
  • “i don’t know why the hell i always want to kiss you.”
  • and you’re like “oh that’s- what?” and you meet his eyes and taehyung lowers his own ice cream and is like “can i try it? once? i want to know, but if you say no…..”
  • and you’re like ok to hell with this ice-cream as you toss it to the side and wrap your arms around taehyungs neck and he’s like oh oh ok we are doing this and like
  • it’s the most ???? interesting???? first kiss you’ve had with anyone but it’s somehow still romantic with like the night breeze and taehyung’s soft touch against your cheek and like before he walks you home he shrugs off this big hoodie he has on and lets you have it for the night and oh my god you two cuties think about kissing each other even once you’re separated
  • like it’s so cute jimin wakes up to taehyung over pouring coffee into his cup because he got caught up thinking of your lips and ok it’s the beginning to something aDORABLE
  • so you and taehyung meet up at the parking lot for another skate lesson but this time taehyung is slightly more cautious about touching you or holding your waist and you’re like is something wrong??? and he’s like 
  • well he’s like “there’s this small local competition for skaters happening later tonight, do you want to come with me?” and you’re like oh sure!! and he’s like “it’s gonna be a lot of skaters so it might be awkward, but - it’d be nice if you cheered me on….” and you kinda blush because alksgjdfemfw but you’re like ofc ill come
  • taehyung picks you up at around like 7pm and the competition starts at like 9 so you guys take the train into the city and it’s cute taehyung like holds you close against him when the train gets crowded and you guys share like a quick snack and like once you get to the park where it’s being held everyone is like taehyung!!! and he’s so popular and everyones like fawning over him and trying to get his attention
  • and you’re not surprised taehyung is an amazing person it’s cool that he has so much recognition and like right before it’s his turn he like leans in and kisses you really fast and winks like “it’s for good luck!!” and ofc he ends up winning and everyones like taehyung let’s go get drinks and party but he’s like ahh maybe another time!! and like wraps his arm around you and is like “well, did i do well?” and you’re like “ you won!!!” and he’s like “YEAH but DId i LOOK cOOL?” and you’re like giggling like yes yes you did!!
  • and you look up to see taehyung like watching you and instead of the usual boyish charm and sunny smile, he’s got a more serious even kind of mysterious far off look in his eye and he leans in closer to you and is like placing his lips on your neck and you’re like taehyung…? but he just bites a little into your shoulder and you’re like oh! o ..h…
  • and taehyung is like we should get back to the dorm shouldn’t we? but you’re like there’s a little alley next to this park and the wall will suffice and he’s like are you su- but you’re back to kissing him
  • and taehyung like lifts your legs around his waist and just continues to let his mouth wander downwards
  • and if it wasn’t for the fact that you were on cloud nine with the feeling of his soft lips on you you would have been like taehyung we’re still technically in public but like no one is gonna see
  • and taehyung’s shirt can easily be unbuttoned it’s no big deal and you’re wearing something lite because it’s hot out so like 
  • you get my drift you know where im going 
  • and when taehyung notices you’re a little tired after he’s like ill piggyback you to the train and you’re like thanking him but he’s also like do you think i can piggyback you AND skate at the same time and you’re like taehyung pls don’t try to kill us both
  • but yeah you get to the dorms and you don’t want to let go of taehyung so you two just collapse in his bed together and it’s so soft
  • jimin wakes up in the morning to see you walking around the place in taehyung’s big ripped up shirt and taehyung is like asleep with very prominent marks on his neck and messy hair and jimin’s like
  • thank god i have an early morning shift at the hospital and he zooms out of there
  • but you and taehyung are like the most endearing couple he like skates from lab to your classes to meet up with you 
  • and you always make sure taehyung isn’t late to any of his math lectures even though you know he hates them and he makes you give him a shit ton of kisses before going inside so he can brave this horrible course
  • you get taehyung a custom board made that has like an engraving of Santa Maria on it and he gets so hype about it he won’t stop showing it off to EveryONe even jimin whose like ‘ive seen it a hundred times we dorm together’ and taehyung is like ‘look AT it ITS Great’
  • and anytime you hear someone say something about taehyung being in the engineering program you just talk really loud about how SMART and HANDSOME your BOYFRIEND TAEHYUNG A MECHANICAL ENGINEER MAJOR is and you’re not shy to be like his number one supporter 
  • taehyung picking you up into his arms and like skating you to one of your classes and you’re like kinda half screaming like taEHYuNG nO this i S DANgerous and you like hide your face in his shoulder and he’s like “don’t worry!!! my balance is gr8!!!”
  • took you to one of his arts & crafts club meetings so you two could make couple bracelets for each other and it was so cute everyone in the club was just like you two cuties look at you and you and taehyung just grew so red hehehe
  • also just imagine getting to wear all his big loose comfy clothes like what an a+ addition honestly WOO
  • kissing a sleepy taehyungs forehead when you come over and see him knocked out over one of his new plans for lab and you’re just so proud of him he’s so cute and hardworking !!!!

find namjoon’s ver (here), jimin’s ver (here)
find vixx college!au (here)
and please look forward to the rest of college!bts soon~ 

The Trouble With Witches

Summary: A witch hunt with the Winchesters has some nerdy twists along with an interesting spell.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester
Word Count: 3868
Warnings: Extreme nerdy stuff, canon SPN violence, a bit of naughty flirty talk, and bunnies (they need a warning, you’ll see why). 
A/N: This is for @percywinchester27‘s PJO Quotes Challenge! My quote was “We’ll have to work on your bunny phobia later.” and it’s highlighted in bold in the fic. Honestly, this is pretty much a borderline crack fic and had me laughing pretty hard. It has some Star Trek references in it, so if you don’t understand, please Google them. This was beta’d by the lovely and now very giggly @queen-of-deans-booty. Any feedback would be appreciated! Enjoy!

“Come on, we need to get moving, Thumper,” Dean grumbled from down the hall in the bunker.

You didn’t particularly like the nickname he gave you, but you were just naturally jumpy like a rabbit, so it stuck. Well, it mostly stuck after the first time he scared you and you punched him square in the nose before jumping around while you panicked. He always told you that the moment you punched him was the moment he fell in love with you. Such a romantic, that Dean Winchester.

Life hadn’t always been this peachy. The brothers took you in after your family was killed in a car accident. It turns out that your dad’s business partner had made a deal with a demon to have your father killed so he could take over the company. When his partner found out that the company was left to you in the will, the demon came after you next. Luckily, Sam and Dean were there and saved you before the demon was able to kill you.

So here you were, almost a year later and you were happy. You had Dean as your amazing boyfriend and Sam as your best friend, and you wouldn’t trade it for the world. You fell hard and fast for the green-eyed freckled Winchester, and who could blame you? He was basically pure sex appeal on bowlegs, but he was also the kindest man you’d ever met.

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Goodbye Part 2- Final

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Everything around Peter seems to remind him of your death

Warnings: Character death, blood, pain, crying, sad stuffs

A/N: Last part, I hope it didn’t suck

Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

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november 27, 1973

summary: five things that could’ve happened to samantha mulder

spoilers for little green men, ascension, and colony/end game. fourth in my series of fics i’m writing as i rewatch txf.


Samantha is abducted on November 27 and returned on December 24. Christmas Eve. Her father’s friend finds her in the woods (nightgown torn, hair loose and tangled, feet dirty) and drives her to the hospital. 

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Strangers to Friends to Lovers

Originally posted by happybirthdayjjk

SUMMARY: You were the new student to Rydell high. You knew one girl; Maradith, who showed you around. She also told you about the ‘bad boy’ albeit kinda weird and a total fuckboy. He sets his eyes on his next victim but ends up committing to a relationship, or will his fuckboy-ness ruin it for everyone?


Genre: fluff, smut


Note: props to you if you know the Grease reference. I know that’s not how you traditionally spell Meredith, but people spell names differently. Anyway I hope you enjoy!\

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A lot of my thinking is done laying in bed trying to sleep, and my most recent thought process I keep coming back to is about the once living museum exhibits and the power of the tablet.

So Ahk was a living human, was mummified so he still has mummified tissue and such on his body. This could make sense as to why he gets to come back as a full fledged (presumably working) human.

They’ve shown Ahk with drinks and food, so it’s a good bet to assume he can digest them, or at least have a stomach they go to? Even though his organs would of been put into different jars, the magic might be able to form organs and such details on it’s own. (And on this thought, Teddy seemed to be fully wax internally when he was cut in half, but the exhibits are shown/insinuated to eat/drink also (mostly thinking of the promos) so how does the magic work there? But as realistic as they all seem ad can feel, they’re still not real flesh, so they’re susceptible to fire melting them and etc. so they’d have to stay away from too warm food((also what happens to the matter that’s digested once they turn back? does it disappear like the matter that makes up Ahk’s fleshed out body?)) I know it’s just a movie with a catch of all “well, magic.” explanation but…)

I love all the different interpretations of whether or not the exhibits, previously been alive or not, bleed, or how their insides, or their skin, their senses, work when “living.” How much is purely magic itself and how much it’s the magic transforming them, giving them the biological science behind it all. Also, on a dirtier note, we all agree they have saliva, when they kiss it’s pretty much always gonna be described as wet and warm. But thinking primarily of the miniatures here, what about cum? Would they dry cum? Or do they produce that fluid as well as spit to lubricate their throats and mouths to help them talk? If they’re given the ability to eat and drink, do they have to use the bathroom? Thinking of that because if we’re talking sexual things between them, if they have sex then we’re talking possible intercourse and that’s connected to the way their insides are magically made up.

I have way too much free time on my hands to think way to hard about these things, excuse me. Feel free to ignore me lol.

With some of that logic, is that why the dino’s come back with just their bones? The magic holding the bones together like working joints in place of the plaster and such that keeps the fossils in it’s Dino shape when on display? It would make sense that because it’s just bones the magic doesn’t have anything else to work with when bringing it back to life. But if it can give organs and working insides to Ahk, and even the other exhibits, why not the Dino as well?

This gets me thinking of the theory of if Larry died the tablet could resurrect him just as well. Everything might vbe fine and dandy if they could get away with finding a place to hide and hold up his body in where it wouldn’t be fund, cause my goodness- just think of all the real life drama that could be investigated with that one. Why the museum was keeping some old night guards body buried would come up with one hell of a morbid mystery that would be hard to explain. 

Most logically he should be mummified. It’d be awfully horrific if one day Larry woke up from his dead sleep and parts of his body had bone peeking through because his body was rotting away and the magic didn’t work on what was becoming left of him like it did Ahk and worked more like how it did on the dinos. Best bet would be to just let Ahks parents help mummify him, if Larry could push past his religious givings for eternal living afterlife with Ahk. Maybe he would feel more comfortable with a modern taxidermy-ish sort of deal.

Besides, imagine hard it would be to keep his corpse from smelling as it rotted during the day. Even mummified I doubt he would smell like roses, or nothing but dust for that matter, for a long time. They would have to figure out some way of keeping the smell away and yet still have Larry easily able to come out of his hiding spot every night. And you couldn’t just place his spot anywhere, cause what happens if by some reason they want to do renovations or fixer uppers or a pipe burst or something and they have to go snoop around or moving and replacing things. Don’t want someone to whom you can’t easily explain the illegal corpse to accidentally coming across it. 

Then McPhee would eventually retire and/or pass away and he’d have to hope the new director was a good replacement to entrust the secrets too. Or at least get a night guard helper for Larry, cause even if they let Larry work (for free) as the eternal night guard, he’d probably still need help from someone o the outside and I doubt they could just put him on the roster forever as the spot being filled by him. State would get suspicious some time.

(I’m laughing at the thought of McPhee changing the night guard position every five to ten years to a new person with a suspiciously rhymey name. 

“According to my books you’re Barry Kaley now.” “What?”

“Have to change your name again, Here’s your new ID.” “Harry Nighty?? Really? Come on, that’s a horrible name. You have to be kidding.” McPhee starts walking away. “Come on! McPhee!” McPhee barely turns his head, keeps walking, grin badly hidden behind a stack of paperwork. “Hm? I’m sorry, I’m incredibly busy, I’ll see you next week.” Larry reluctantly clips on the new badge, not even worrying if Dexter will steal it.

“Ok, heads up, now you’re Carey Waylee. Congratulations.” “Ugh, fine, at least it’s better then Harry Nighty.”

McPhee snickers.

(I’m tired and that thought probably isn’t as funny as it is in my head rn lol)

Just Believe|Marvin the Magician x Reader

So I’ve actually done quite a few fics of the Septic Egos (as I like to call them xD) earlier this month so I oughta post them here ^^

Here’s one for the best magical boi~ Marvin~! Hope ya’ll enjoy :D

(Tagging @narutofoxlover @ego-protection-squad and @magic-marvin-protection-patrol because why not? xD )

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Midnight Valentine: Soulmate Soirée

Chapter II: Flavor of Love

Part 1

Alyn Crawford had a plan. Part of that plan involved him trying to be romantic for the first time in his life.

He entered his quarters quite certain that no one had seen him do so. He had arrived back in the palace a good whole day just to ensure that. It was not that he was hiding exactly, only that for now he would rather not deal with any unnecessary questions with the box he was holding in his hands.

It was a hard find, this particular present, and he did not want anyone nosing around about it. Not only was it months in the making, it was also particularly damn hard to make and he did not want it spoiled or gossiped before he was ready to give it.

Alyn had had to come up a whole lot of unnecessary excuses just so no one would be the wiser with his frequent trips out of the castle. He was lucky that with the constant influx of bureaucrats into Wysteria, border patrols never ran out of style. And he had made the most out of that. Then again, even official seals of assignment had never stopped the Princess from asking anyway.

“Border patrols, again?” She had asked him the third time. He had only casually mentioned it during their training and her initial response had been to almost ram a knight with the shield she had in her hands. “You’ve been on them so many times already! Did someone die and Alder is invading again?”

“Nobody died.” He had answered. “And it’s just for five days.”

Although, the assurance had been more for himself than for the princess. He was never fond of the times he was far away from her, and he knew with absolute certainty that he never would. But at least on these particular excursions, he was away with purpose. However, she did not need to know any of that.

She had sighed, sheathing her sword and pouting. “Fine. Can’t be helped. Part of your job after all.”

“Don’t miss me too much.” He had added, trying to lighten the mood.

She had stuck out her tongue. “Shouldn’t it be me saying that?” She had tried appearing unfazed. But he knew the way her lips always formed a thin line whenever she tried hiding how she was worried. And back then, her lips were as thin as they could be.

The important thing was that he was done, he thought, as he placed the box on his worktable. He no longer had to go away to the farthest reaches of Wysteria,  no longer have to see her worry over him or watch her turn away just before he rode his horse, and more importantly, he no longer had to ride for days on end before he could see her. Now, all it took was climbing few stairs and some turns and she would be before him, with her smile and her coyness and her teasing smirk.

Gods he missed her smirk.

No, that would be amiss. Alyn missed everything of her.

As he took out the special ribbons he had hiding in his closet and began wrapping the present, Alyn made a mental note of turning down any assignment in the foreseeable future that meant being away from the castle. He was not sure he could take being apart from her any more than he already had. Every fiber of his being ached to touch her the moment he had crossed the palace gates. It was almost as if it physically hurt him to be away for so long.

Though he did have to stop himself from addressing the need to see her immediately. Alyn knew he had to go about this right, his timing had to be perfect. He had to be romantic about it.

So instead of racing towards her chambers, as he always did whenever he got back from an assignment, Alyn had dragged his feet towards his quarters, reminding himself all the while that he had to be patient. Just as he had been patient with collecting everything he needed for her present.

Some things could not be hurried.

And this was one of those things.


It was almost daybreak when Alyn finally finished.

He took a few seconds to regard his handiwork. He nodded, satisfied, and gave himself a mental pat on the back. Not bad. Wrapping things in pretty bows was not his strongest suit but he did a pretty decent job.

He smiled to himself. He hoped she would like it.

Realizing the thought made him suddenly self-conscious and he coughed uneasily.


Alyn tucked the gift under his arm and then proceeded to head for her chambers. It was a good two hours before she had to wake up. The chance of seeing her first thing in the morning made him smile to himself again.

There would be a whole lot of teasing to be done.

However, as Alyn turned the corner into the hallway leading to her room, the first thing he noticed was the startling fact that his two best men were nowhere to be found.

Alyn frowned. He had given them specific instructions to not have her out of their sight whenever he was away. What in the gods’ holy names made them disobey that?

He braced himself as he pushed the door and stepped into her room, hoping that he would find all three of them inside playing cards or something more sinister. The bedroom was empty. As a matter of fact, it seemed to have been unoccupied for hours.

Alyn noticed that the covers to her bed were a mess. Books were strewn from there all the way to the sofa, her favorite inks were on the floor, paint was smeared messily on the ends of a curtain, and, as he took a good look around, her best hiking boots, which she usually propped just outside her bath, were nowhere to be seen.

For a moment, he stood there, at a loss for what to do next. And for a moment, panic bubbled inside him and he tried to calm down by reminding himself that the mess he was surrounded by was just what she usually left in her wake.

He began picking up the books she had left behind, unable to shake the uneasiness he felt. When he was done, he wondered if he should wait until she got back and surprise her then. But if she did not return until after the palace staff had woken up, then it would mean that all his efforts would  be in vain.

Two months down the drain.

His near impeccable wrapping gone to waste.

He did not want that.

So Alyn made his way to her second favorite place.

She could be studying something or perhaps preparing for another speech or soiree. Probably with Giles and - he hoped not - with Leo. But as Alyn poked his head into the library, he found it dark and empty.

Still, as he took a good look around to make sure she was not tucked away in some corner and dozing off, he caught the whiff of newly snuffed candles. An inspection of the fireplace, and the attendant books haphazardly stacked on an armchair across it, proved his guess that she had been there recently.

So where was she now?

Alyn sighed and crossed his arms, suddenly remembering how it had been very difficult to constantly have to look for her during her first year as the Princess. Although she had mellowed the past few years, she still sometimes tried to wander off, and it was still something he would rather do without.

She’s not scaling the walls again. Is she?

Alyn shook his head.

No. She promised she wouldn’t again ever.

He imagined her sitting on the armchair, hair loose and legs folded underneath her. He imagined her looking up at him and smiling. He imagined her teasing him at being such an idiot because the clues were right there and he should have seen them and -



If asked back then if Alyn would have fallen for the princess elect, he would have laughed and then said, “Who the hell falls in love with a wall-climbing hooligan?”

He was glad that he had not been asked. And he was glad that he had not given that answer.

If asked when it was that he thought he had fallen in love with the Princess, Alyn would not have laughed. As a matter of fact, Alyn would not have answered at all, being extremely private. But he would, if pestered enough, give you his first fondest memory of them together.

“When I outbaked her.”

When she was still a commoner and not yet the Princess Elect, she had a tutor most days and a confectioner on weekends, helping around in her neighbor’s bakeshop.  It was not a surprise to Alyn then that she knew a lot of things: from basic arithmetic and languages, to how to grow plants and clean a fish, guts and all.

What had been a surprise was that she almost did not know her way around a kitchen. She was a confectioner after all; surely it meant that she knew how to cook. But that was not the case.

“I decorated.” She had said.

She did know the basics though.  Except everything else seemed to dissolve into obscurity. Details, he remembered her telling him, which were unimportant.

“It’s all about the end product.” She had declared taking a bite out of the macaroon she had just made and then smiling at her success. “Cookbooks just get in the way.”

“Well, sometimes you can’t skip them.” Alyn had scoffed at her.

“They’re not the gods commandments, Alyn. Just guidelines. Besides, making sweets isn’t so simple. Otherwise everyone would just pop sugar cubes in their mouth. Where’s the fun in that?”

This, Alyn had found ridiculous. Cooking was definitely more of a science than art. And some desserts worked because they were tried and tested. But she had waved his teasing away with a determined smirk and the words, “I can outbake you.”

He had laughed, “That’s not even a real word.”

“Person who does a better chocolate cake gets the last say?”

Much to Alyn’s delight, and to her chagrin unfortunately, she had been unsuccessful in her attempt to ‘outbake’ him. Alyn’s cooking skills was one of his best kept secrets after all and she had been dumbfounded by it. She could do nothing but admit that his cake tasted better than hers.

That, and everyone else in the palace had taken better liking to his creation.

“I did outdesign you though.” She had said, unable to accept clear defeat, motioning to the perfect twirls of cream on her own cake. To which Alyn, and everyone else in the palace, could only agree.

Her specialty was confectionary after all.

She also still maintained that cooking was, first and foremost, an art.

Regardless, Alyn was glad he had taken her up on her challenge. And he was even happier that they had by some unspoken mutual agreement, in the years succeeding, would always try to outbake each other on that special day. That had been the thing where they found common ground. Just like him, she found cooking (or making sweets to be specific) as an outlet to relax. And it was as if they saw each other in a different light.

She no longer ran away from the sight of him, or tried to escape whenever he was the one assigned for guard duty. She no longer teased him endlessly with Leo, or purposefully avoid going to his general direction. She also was no longer much of a grouch when they rode together or when he taught her basic self-defense.

“Your areas of expertise are battlefields and kitchens. That’s ironic.” She had commented.

“Says the person who bakes but cannot fry a fish to save a life.” He had answered.

“Rude.” Then, she had been silent for a while. “I don’t really care much about any other kind of cooking to be honest. I will leave it in your capable hands. Although I want to try and make something that wasn’t Wysterian.”

“You’ll be needing cookbooks for that.”

“Or I can just wing it by tasting them.” She chewed on her lip.

“Your tongue has limits.”

“And yours doesn’t?”

Alyn had scoffed. “We can find out.”

She had started smiling a whole lot more too. She laughed more earnestly, was more enthusiastic even during simple tea parties, and somehow seemed more at ease in the castle than she had ever been.  There were even instances when she would voluntarily submit herself to his quarters, at times just to pester him because she felt bored or feed him something she had recently tried creating.

The only downside was that she always did shoo him away whenever she spent time in the kitchen, teasing him to be spying on her, or otherwise declaring him an outright enemy of the state.

“I have nothing to teach someone who doesn’t believe this is art.” She had said when he had tried to check up on her.

It had been nothing at first but as they days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to years, and as they became closer than Alyn could ever have imagined the first time he had seen her, it began to bother him more and more.

There was a glow in her that lit whenever she emerged from the kitchens, clothes still smelling of sugar and cream and vanilla, as if her very skin was sweetness and honey. She was radiant enough as she was but when she had something in her hands that she had made, she was positively beaming.

And Alyn, for all his quietness and privacy, wanted to be part of that.

End Part 1

Alyn Crawford by @cyikemen

MC @me (hi guys, theempresskaizer here)

The Intern (Part 2)

Bruce Banner x Reader

Part 1

Request: Could you write a fic where the reader has trouble concentrating, they procrastinate, and are trying to do their homework in the lab and Bruce helps them? Thank you! (Part 1) / Part 2 is the date.

Warnings: fluff

Word Count: 3476

A/N: I recently started a new job and I am in week two of a very exhausting 6 week training that has me working until midnight each day, so I haven’t had the chance to write like I’d like to, but I finally made a little free time and really just wanted to fill it with the Bruce fluff I desperately need right now. It’s 4am and my laptop is at 2% so I haven’t proofed/re-read this, so my apologizes if its shit. Hope you enjoy! As always, advice/comments/critiques are SO appreciated and cherished, and I’m always down for requests or prompts (when I can get to them after this training)!

Master List

You stood in the empty conference room with your palms on the podium steadying your breathing and calming your nerves. You teetered on your black heels and straightened out your dress; the dark purple fabric hugged your curves tightly but was conservative enough for a presentation. You closed your eyes as your fingers drummed on the stand and you told yourself that this would go by in a blink.

You heard the door click and opened your eyes to see Bruce walking in. Your heart fluttered as his eyes found you and he smiled. He heard your nervous sigh and came up beside you, his hand resting on the small of your back. “Hey, you’ve got this. Don’t be nervous. Just follow the powerpoint and talk about it the way you did last night, and you’ll floor them. I promise.” His voice was quiet and kind, and his thumb was running circles on your spine.

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A little fic about moving in together and happy endings and Captain Hook learning about Brazilian waxing. I blame @kliomuse for this because she just encourages my dirty musings over messenger. 

In the end it was easy.

“Move in with me.”

The sky didn’t fall, the world didn’t end and her hand didn’t tremble.

Her father had once said that life was made up of moments. He drives them to the hardware store in his truck to buy moving supplies, and offers to ferry the boxes from the Jolly to the house so they didn’t have to rent a U-haul. Emma could have used magic, but Hyde’s escaped and the Evil Queen is lurking around town like a walking, talking thorn in Regina’s side, so she’s holding off in case she needs it for battle. Instead, they fold boxes and buy packing tape and borrow day-old newspapers, in moments when things are quiet and Happy Endings start with new beginnings. There’s a shadow behind David’s eyes and her mother tells her about a story they’ve decided to leave untold, when they go on a coffee run to Grannys and leave Henry digging through a chest of God knows what and Killian and Belle sort books.

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Study Habits

Request: Can you do a teen!dean X teen!reader where the reader’s parents are out of town and she calls Dean over to help her study and things get heated(smut) – Anon

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: smut, surprisingly no swearing

Word Count: 1389

Sorry it’s quite short :/

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

It’s been a long day at school, homeworks upon homeworks are stacked in front of you and to top it all off, midterms are in a week. After the bell rang, you immediately stood up and basically ran to the parking lot to your car and go home. All you wanted to do was eat and rest before drowning yourself with school work.

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Monster Watch Chapter 1: You’re Not Alone (an Overwatch fic)

[widowtracily and pharmercy]

[warning; occasional use of 80s slang}


Angel Falls, Washington

A tall, athletic woman by the name of Fareeha Amari walked along a sidewalk on a brisk afternoon. She wore a blue flannel shirt, jeans, and a pair of combat boots. A knapsack was slung over her shoulder. Fareeha was feeling content. It was a nice, sunny day, a rarity in Angel Falls (and the entire state of Washington). She was going to visit someone very special to her.

After a brisk walk, she arrived at a somewhat unremarkable white house. She rang the doorbell and waited.

A woman opened the door. She looked slightly disheveled but still held herself with a confident posture. She was wearing a lab coat and scrubs. The lab coat bore a nametag reading ‘DOCTOR ANGELA ZIEGLER’.

Angela had had a very bad day. The hospital was short-staffed, as usual, so she had had to fill in for several other doctors as well as her own packed schedule. She felt like she wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Nevertheless, she was still able to muster up a weary smile for Fareeha.

“Hiya, Angie!” Fareeha greeted her.

“If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a million times,” Angela chided, “my name is An-ge-la.”

“Okay, Angie,” Fareeha said with a grin, “Can I come in?”

“Sure.” Angela sighed.

Fareeha walked inside. It concerned her to see how unkempt Angela’s house was. The floors looked like they hadn’t seen a vacuum cleaner in months. The dining room table was nearly covered in stacks of paperwork. She sighed and moved enough out of the way to clear two table spaces.

Angela walked up and asked her, “So, I assume you brought lunch?”

Fareeha smiled. “Well, ya know, I whipped something up quick.”

She set her knapsack on the ground, reached in, and pulled out a big tupperware with a stack of pancakes in it and a smaller one half-full of maple syrup.

Angela chuckled despite herself. Of course it was pancakes, Fareeha couldn’t cook anything else. Still, a kind gesture, and that fact warmed Angela’s heart.


Meanwhile, in a red-roofed house overlooking a lake, Emily was perusing her veritable wall of VHS tapes for something to watch. She couldn’t believe Amelie had never watched a movie all the way through before, a situation that she had to remedy. She skimmed over several sci-fi flicks, taped episodes of Doctor Who and Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Lena’s collection of action films before finding the horror section. After a while of looking at the labels and shaking her head, she found one of her favorites.

“Right, ladies, we’re watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. Great horror flick, you’ll love it, Amelie,” Emily said cheerfully, turning towards the couch where Lena and Amelie sat. (Well, Lena sat. Amelie sort of perched.)

Lena made a face. “A horror movie? Love, I don’t want to scare our guest.”

Amelie raised an eyebrow and interjected, “Scare? Pardonez-moi? I’ve seen worse things in life than some silly horror movie.”

Emily smiled brightly and went to put the tape in the VCR, almost tripping over a Stephen King book on her way.


That night, Fareeha lay awake in bed, unable to sleep. She got up and walked downstairs to make herself a cup of decaf to relax.

As she brewed her coffee, she looked out a sliding glass door and saw something strange going on in the woods nearby her house.

There were weird lights flashing in the forest. Bright yellow flashes and dark red ones seemed to wage war in between the trees.

Fareeha stared for a few seconds, mentally debating how to handle the situation, before running to the hall closet to get her coat and shoes. Whatever was going on, she was gonna find out, you betcha.

She ran out of her house and into the woods, heading towards the lights’ sources. She noticed that the red lights seemed to be waning.


Eventually, Fareeha reached the clearing that the lights seemed to originate from. She hid behind a tree and peeked around it, and saw the last thing she would expect to see.

In the clearing, four creatures stood. Three looked to Fareeha like… demons, or something along those lines. Whatever they were, they sent a chill down her spine just looking at them. They were apparently the originators of the red lights; they were hurling what appeared to be red energy at the fourth being. The fourth creature looked like a tall, beautiful, glowing woman with massive angelic wings. But Fareeha noticed something about her. That hair… that figure…

“Angie?” Fareeha whispered under her breath.

Her mind was blown. Angela Ziegler? Her friend and crush for just over a year? An angel? Fighting DEMONS?! Whatever was going on, it was… actually really cool, now that she came to think of it.


After a short while more of crossfire, the three demons, battered and handily defeated, seemed to teleport away. The angelic figure waited a few seconds, then sighed. She landed, and her light faded away, revealing the form of Dr. Angela Ziegler. Angela wavered a bit, then collapsed on the ground, shaking.

“ANGIE!” Fareeha shouted, sprinting towards her.

Angela turned, eyes open in an expression of pure horror. When she noticed that it was Fareeha, her mood shifted to total embarassment.

Fareeha ran up to her, grinning like a fool, and, trying to find the right words to say, blurted out, “You’re an angel!”

Angela blushed and stammered, “W-well, technically only a HALF-angel, but…”

“Yeah, and you’re an angel!” Fareeha continued, glowing with admiration.

“…oh. Oh! Thank you!” Angela blushed even redder and smiled faintly, relieved and flattered.

“So, uh… you wanna come on over to my place and explain to me what I just saw?” Fareeha asked, pointing over her shoulder in the direction of her home.

Angela sighed, hung her head, and said, “Ja, I guess I owe you that much.”


A little while later, Angela and Fareeha sat at a coffee table in Fareeha’s living room. Fareeha was brimming with questions, but Angela was tired, battered, and wanted to get this ordeal over with. Thus, she began her story while Fareeha eagerly listened.

“All right, starting from the basics. Monsters exist, all sorts of us. Most are basically people, not inclined towards some nebulous definition of good or evil. I’m not one of them. As a half-angel, I’m kinda built for good. My job is to protect this town from the forces of evil.”

She sighed, looked down dejectedly, and said, “It’s been my secondary job since I turned 18. No pay. No vacations. No days off. No backup. Every day, for the past nineteen years. And for some reason, either they’re getting stronger or I’m getting weaker. I just can’t handle it on my own anymore.”

Fareeha contemplated this information, fiddling with her hair. Angela sat across from her, tired and hunched over.

A light seemed to click on behind Fareeha’s eyes. A smile crept along her face. She had a brilliant idea.

“So your biggest problem here is having to go it alone, eh?” Fareeha asked Angela.


“…could I help?”

Angela looked at Fareeha like she had just gone insane. 

“Look, why don’tcha hear me out, Angie,” Fareeha said sympathetically. “You need help, and I’m happy to provide it.”


The next morning, Fareeha and Angela arrived at Lena and Emily’s home with a few sketch pages full of blueprints and ideas. Lena answered the door and Fareeha blurted out, “Lena, I need you to silver-plate my hockey stick!”

Lena was taken aback. Eyebrows raised, she cautiously said, “You need me to do what with your hockey what?”

Fareeha edged her way into the house, an almost manic glow in her eyes, as she said, “I need to fight demons. Demons hate silver. Makes sense that I’d need a silver weapon, eh?”

Fareeha turned a corner and found herself face to face with Amelie. Now keep in mind, Amelie is an eight-foot-tall blueish-purple woman, with two regular yellow-irised eyes and six little fully yellow ones, who has the lower body of a massive six-legged spider. The fact that one of her arms was in a sling and two of her legs were bandaged up did little to diminish her fearsome appearance.

Amelie’s eyes narrowed. She hissed at Fareeha and skitter-limped down the hallway in the opposite direction.

Fareeha stood there for about a second, then turned to Lena and asked her, “Who’s that hoser?”

Lena grinned, tilted her head, and looked at Fareeha, asking incredulously, “You just ran into a spider-woman and your first bloody question is ‘who’s that?’”

Fareeha responded, “My girlfriend is an angel and I’m asking you to silver-plate a hockey stick. The spider-lady is odd at best. So who is she?”

Lena smiled and responded, “Oh, Spidey there? That’s Amelie Lacroix. We saved her life, now she’s staying with us. She’s… really not good with people,” She raised an eyebrow. “Now what was that about demons?”


About an hour later, Angela and Fareeha had filled the three other women in on the details (Emily having coaxed Amelie into the living room).

“…so, are any of you in?” Fareeha finished.

“Oh, of course!” Lena cheerfully exclaimed. “Fighting demons? Protecting my town? Having an excuse to use all these weapons I stockpiled? Count. Me. In.”

“Well, if you’r going I’m going,” Emily said with a shrug. “I can handle myself, and I know a thing or two about strategy and the supernatural.”

“Oui, moi aussi,” Amelie said. “I’m good in a fight, I don’t know if any of you are, and I have little better to do.”

“Okay then, looks like we’re a team!” Fareeha said happily, glad that this had gone so well.

As the four began discussing how to go about fighting demons, Angela sat back and smiled wistfully. For the first time in nineteen years, she truly wasn’t alone.

Second draft! Thank you so much for reading!


Request: One where Frank has a serious crush on you:)

Frank’s POV

“C’mon Frankie! Just grow some balls and ask her out already!” Gerard groaned, interrupting me in the middle of my story about y/n. 

“So you don’t want to hear the end of the story?”

“Bro, this is the third story you’ve told me about her in a span of 10 minutes”

“Yeah, but-”

“Frankie, i’m telling you this because I love you, you can’t just sit here and obsess about y/n all day. It’s not good for you. You need to make a move”

“I’m trying aren’t I?”

“Waiting on her beck and call isn’t making a move, it just makes you seemed whipped”

“I am not whipped!” I yelled, jumping up from the couch. Gerard put his hands up and defensive.

“Woah woah okay, you’re not whipped” He chuckled. “But I am serious about this Frank, you need to just go for it soon”

“But…what if she dosen’t like me like that?”

“If she says yes, you can now be with the love of your life and ride away into the sunset. If she says no, your free and won’t sit here in misery” Gerard shrugged. He never really understood romance.

“Is it really that obvious?” I sighed in defeat.

“YES. Literally everyone knows” I ran my hands through my hair, trying to not feel embarrassed. 

“Okay…your right, i’m gonna do it”


“Hey Frankie!” I closed my locker and turned around, happy to see my bestfriend.

“Hi y/n” Frank smiled back, his face beet red. “What’s that?” He gestured to the stack of books I was holding.

“I have to do a stupid report on Friday and since I don’t know shit about the bone structure of a walrus, I had to pick up all of these books”

“I could do it for you!” Frank blurted out.

“No, Frankie you don’t-”

“No really! My, um, grandpa was a marine biologist, he knows all this shit”

“Your grandpa was a drummer” I corrected while handing over the books, knowing Frank wouldn’t back down.

“My other grandpa, smartass” Frank laughed, even more red than before. “So are you, uh doing anything after school today?” 

“Yeah, i’m going over to Brendon’s house today, why?”

“N-N-Nothing, I was just curious” He laughed “Well, I gotta go because I can’t be tardy for math again or I’ll get a detention or something okay bye” He rushed out, speed walking in the other direction. I groaned as I watched him leave, I knew Frank had a crush on me. He’s acted like this ever since we became friends last year, extremely bashful and jumpy. I just wished he could talk to me normally, crush or not.

Frank’s POV

I went straight to Gerard’s house after school. Taking the spare key from under the mat and barging in. Gerard was doing what he was always doing when I went downstairs, drawing. “Hey Frankie, come check this guy out, i’m gonna him Seance-”

“I fucked up!” I yelled in frustration, flopping face first into his bed.


“I fucked it up. I tried to ask y/n out today and I pussied out. Why do i always pussy out?! UGH” I groaned.

“Christ Frank, i’m calling her”

“What?! No no no don’t!” I jumped up and attempted to grab his phone from him.

“I’m gonna end this right now, trust me, you’ll think me later” He left the room as the phone started dialing. After 5 minutes of agony, he returned, humming a Bowie song. 

“What happened?! What did she say?!” I grabbed him by the collar of shirt.

“Find out for yourself, she’ll be here in 10 minutes” He smirked at me, plopping back down on his desk chair. 

“Oh my god, what did you tell her?!”

“Nothing! I just said it was an emergency and she needs to get here as soon as possible”

“God dammit, she was on a date! She’s gonna be so mad at me” I sighed and covered my face with my hands. It wasn’t long before I heard frantic knocking on the front door. 

“Look Frankie, it’s gonna be fine, okay? Trust me” Gerard patted my back as I sat up. I turned around to give him a reassuring smile and headed to the door. 


I’ve been in full panic ever since I got Gerard’s call. I sent Brendon another apology text and asked to reschedule as I knocked on the door. I was surprised and relieved when Frank answered the door. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug. “Oh my god Frankie you scared me” I breathed out. “What’s wrong? Is everything okay?”

“I need to talk to you” Frank said quietly, he looked like he was about to pass out. He stepped out onto the porch, shutting the door behind him. “i’m really really sorry that I ruined your date, but-”


“Yeah…your date? With Brendon?” Frank said slowly, obviously confused. I burst out laughing, holding my stomach. “What’s so funny?” Frank huffed.

“Frank, I wasn’t on a date with Brendon, he’s my tutor. I told you i’m having a hard time in science, so he’s been tutoring me” I said in between laughs. Frank smiled a little, looking relieved but horribly embarrassed all at once. “Now, what did you drag me all the way down here for?” 

“Okay…i’m just com right out and say it. I like you. Like, really really fucking like you. I’m not very good with flirting or asking people out so I never had the balls to ask. But, now I gotta be a man and just do it. So y/n, will you go on a date with me?” He rambled out, biting down on his lip ring.

“I would love too!”

“You would?!” Frank exclaimed, taking a few steps toward me. “I just really though you were gonna say no because were such good friends and then everything would be awkward and-” I pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, feeling how hot his face was. He placed the back of his palm on his cheek when I pulled away, his smile spread across his whole face.

“Saturday good?” I asked.

“Yeah, Saturdays terrific” I weaved my fingers through his hair, feeling the tension in the air die down. 

“See you tomorrow Frankie” I smiled and turned around, heading back to my car. His hand grabbed my arm, pulling me into his chest. Before I could say anything he pressed his lips onto me. I grinned, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him closer.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” I looked up to see a smirking Gerard Way, leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed. 

“Enjoying the show?” I sassed back. 

“Christ, Gee” Frank buried his face into my neck, failing at hiding his huge blush.

After Hours (1/1)

Summary: A glimpse into the far future of this ficlet.  Killian is a toxicologist working out of a university.  Emma is a lawyer.  It’s late on a Friday night when they find themselves getting up to no good.

Rated: M

Warnings: Language, (science) smut

Words: ~7k

Notes: This was originally meant to be a gift for all of the April birthdays that we have here on tumblr.  But considering that it’s now May, let’s just say that, if you like science-y modern AU with a side order of smut, then this story is from me to you.

Also on ff and ao3

Fourteen hours.

Emma gazes at the clock as she slouches in Killian’s office chair.  It’s high backed, leather, with the smooth sort of spin that she’s been just about making herself sick with for the past hour.  She spins, slowly, and takes a good look around his office.  Not that she hasn’t been in here before.  But in the later hours, when everything’s quiet, no students scuffling up and down the halls, no staff or faculty demanding his attention…there’s just something different about it.  Warmer, more comforting.  

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My Life in Parallels: a Riarkle Fanfic

This fanfic was requested by indulgent-s. It’s Riley and Farkle as if they were Cory and Topanga from 3x01 from BMW, with minor changes of course because I can’t keep everything the same.

Maya barged into Riley’s room, throwing her bag on the floor and running up to Riley’s bed. Pulling off the covers and shaking Riley’s ankles to wake her up, Maya plastered on a happy smile as she annoyed her best friend.

“Maya, stop,” Riley groaned, covering her eyes and curling up into a fetus position from the cold air that had swept over her.

With a mischievous smile, Maya let go of Riley’s ankles rounding to the side of the bed. “Okay, okay, I’ll stop,” she smirked. Instead, she jumped on Riley’s bed, landing with a thud on top of her best friend. “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” she yelled, sitting on top of Riley’s stomach with triumph.

“You’re the worst,” Riley grumbled, shoving Maya off of her and getting out of bed.

Maya smiled, moving to sit at the bay window, “Just doing my job, honey.”

Shooting Maya a smile, she couldn’t ever be mad at her, Riley walked into her closet to pick out her outfit for today. She was debating between a sweater and jeans and a cardigan with a dress when Maya called out from the other room.

“So, sweets,” Maya yelled. “What are you going to do about your Farkle situation?”

Her eyes widening, Riley threw on the dress and grabbed the cardigan before practically running out of her closet. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Riley blurted quickly. Inside her mind, she cursed herself for coming off too nervous, knowing instantly that Maya had read right through her words.

Innocently, Maya bat her eyes, “You know, he’s been away at Einstein Academy for, basically, every day of this summer and now, a month into the school year, he has returned. He could be a whole different person, by now,” she hinted.

Riley butted in to Maya’s speech, “He’s not going to be a different person, he’s Farkle. He’s my—” Riley cut off instantly. Her eyes growing larger and her cheeks turning, red.

“Penny in the air,” Maya smirked.

Riley situated herself next to Maya at the bay window, “Oh.” she breathed.

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