there are a lot of wills in this show

The fact that Johnny didn’t know that there were a lot of people supporting him @ the PCA’s and still was willing to do it, to go there and to accept it for us the fans and the people who voted for him, who supported him, who trusted him, even though he did not know he would win (probably thought about it a million times but never once considered it), shows much of his character. He’s such an humble and nice person who is always grateful to those who care the most about him. He’s a selfless man. He himself said he felt the need to thank us and I believe that was the only reason he stood up there. Because of us. So thank you to you all because if it wasn’t for you he wouldn’t attend the Awards with such a big smile on his face.

A Real, Honest Thank You :)

I’m currently at 2792 followers- guys! That’s 8 away from my next hundred! I’m so touched and amazed that people are willing to follow me and I love the support you send my way and I just love all of you so, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

I made this account about 11 months ago and I can’t believe how much has happened since then! I know I haven’t been the best at consistently posting, but it really does mean a lot to see people continuing to show up in my notification. Just really, and I can’t say this enough, thank you, thank you, thank you :)

~Julia 💕

Things the moon signs do

Aries: offend people, close the door on others, text while driving

Taurus: listen more than they talk, smile rarely but genuinely, have a lot of habits

Gemini: pull leaves off of trees as they walk by, be delighted by small coincidences, play a TV show or movie in the background while they work on something

Cancer: keep score of when someone does something for them, text back immediately, get mad quickly but get over it more quickly

Leo: stare at people, start drama, ask people if they really like them

Virgo: observe the quirks of others, feel willed to do things for other people although they don’t want to, cry tears of joy

Libra: say “how are you though?”, cry at the slightest provocations, secretly want to talk about themselves

Scorpio: fall in love with their best friends, dislike the people who are close to someone they like, look after their friends but not themselves

Sagittarius: play it cool, come off as pretentious in spite of preferring less intellectual friends, have a false view of themselves

Capricorn: talk themselves out of things, become interested in groups/teams/bands, befriend their teachers

Aquarius: treat everyone like their best friend, value friends over partners, invite people to things without consulting the people they originally invited

Pisces: hang out with someone without doing anything with them, fall asleep while on the phone, convince themselves they don’t need the things they want

That said, I welcome with open arms anyone who is willing to explain to me how the show Steven

“this show is an ideological conflict that does not have true antagonists”

“every single living being has a unique and valuable experience. No one is truly expendable and thinking that is wrong.”

“remember the monster from the first episode? She was looking for her family and also she’s my friend now and I love her, are you ready to cry about her because you will cry a lot about her”

“these watermelons are people and have formed a society and families and they love each other”

“this mass grave gem abomination in the core of the planet is endangering everything I love, but, I don’t want to hurt it. I’ll talk to it instead and I’m sure we can reach some kind of understanding even if it’s not easy.”

“the first person we ever met from Homeworld was scary and angry, but ultimately, was hurt, isolated, and just wanted to go home.”

“someone seems to have already killed a Diamond and it emotionally destroyed everyone involved in a way they haven’t recovered from in the last 5,500 years.”

“every time someone says that someone else can’t/won’t/shouldn’t be saved they are framed as egregiously wrong and/or immediately contradicted for it”


is a show that’s going to end with killing the Diamonds.

Explain how this is not completely irreconcilable with the central themes of the show.

  • doesn’t trust everyone right away and takes a while to really warm up to someone but he’s always willing if he finds the relationship worth investing in
  • but once he does warm up to someone he would die for them tbh
  • like he will go out of his way to do something for someone if it means a lot to them and hes the type to be like “hey i saw this and it reminded me of you so i bought it for you ???”
  • also the type to roast you but makes sure they know he doesnt mean it
  • loves when his friends are really passionate about something like it puts a smile on his face when he sees hunk in the kitchen cooking ??
  • never really knows what to say when people come to him for emotional advice other than the “itll get better” generic stuff but he always wants to help

I’ve seen some people upset that Guzma isn’t the lovable goofball they imagined after the trailers, but I actually really like that his softer side exists mostly through implication. I feel like it’s much better storytelling than a guy who’s a complete jackass but can flip it off like a switch when that becomes plot inconvenient. Guzma feels like a very complete character in that sense.

Of course you don’t get a good look at his soft side; you’re his enemy for most of the game. But his grunts are willing to do anything to save him. But he raised an incredibly wimpy, delicate Pokemon. But even Hala thinks he’s still worth his time. But he gives you a treasure he’s held on to for at least a decade, something he even took when he ran away from home.

Show, not tell. I like it a lot.

hey guys after this episode we were suffering and then we had a thought: why not find other people who want to suffer with us? wouldn’t that be fun?? and then this happened!!


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Preference #1: Kissing

A/N: My preferences will be done by selecting three random characters from three different fandoms. In the parenthesis will be the show or movie they’re from. If they’re from multiple movies spanning a number of years, the one in the parenthesis is the time period they’ll be plucked from. Here we go:

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For the past 18 hours I have been struggling, with the realities of the election and what it means for me as a teacher. I was up most of the night, and cried my entire way to school this morning because I didn’t know how I was going to be able to look my students in the eye and teach them about our country and still fill them with hope for their future and that they all could be successful and do whatever they wanted with their lives if they were willing to work hard enough for it.

Because we now live in a country where 50% of our population has with their vote shown those very students that not ALL of them are valued, and neither is their education. But as I sat in the parking lot composing myself to enter my wonderful school I made a conscious decision that I would make it my mission over the next four years to show my students on a daily basis that I value and respect every single one of them. I value every single child regardless of their sex, race, religion, immigration status, economic status, or sexual orientation. The rest of society might be telling them otherwise but in my class they will know that they are not an “other” they will know that they are loved, respected and cared for without exception.

I’m sitting here getting emotional because ed is so huge and successful now, which is great. But I feel like I lost something in a way. Ed isn’t my best kept secret anymore. He doesn’t do small shows or open for people anymore. He sells out stadiums and wins grammys, gets a snapchat filter and is globally recognized. He deserves nothing less than this but I miss GA concerts and small shows. I miss feeling like the only one that knew who ed sheeran was. But that’s okay. Ed deserves every bit of success and fame he has. He’s worked harder than anyone else and I want nothing but the best for him. That being said, I’m willing to trade in my favorite little secret for ed to have his lifetime of success and happiness and to live his dream. Thank you for all you give us ed. Love you lots, I wish you a long and happy life xxx

I’ve just been caught up with Star vs. The Forces of Evil and I must say I really really like it. Together with Rick and Morty and Adventure Time, shows I obsess about but don’t really discuss on this blog.

It’s a show ripe with theory-fodder and it’s not as feels-y as SU is, but for those looking for a lot of mystery solving and easter eggs, akin to Gravity Falls, with the feel-good moments of SU, I would recommend SVTFOE.

Also, I really like its representation of POC and different genders, because a lot of it goes unquestioned, like, it’s never the focal point of the story but implicitly, the people you see all around have different ethnicities. Seeing that representation as a more realistic way of viewing a suburban community was refreshing as well.

I have a lot of thoughts about the show, especially the events leading up to the mid-season finale of the second season (the latest episode), so if anyone is willing to bounce ideas around with me, I’d be open to that as well.

Have a pleasant day :D

What to love about the signs

Aries: Super passionate and caring
Taurus: loyal until the end and always buys you cute shit
Gemini: Will call you everyday and make sure you’re doing okay
Cancer: Gets excited every time they see you
Leo: is willing to do any crazy shit with you
Virgo: Can have deep conversations with and sticks around through a lot of bull shit
Libra: Wants to travel the world with you and change the world.
Scorpio: Will watch movies with and drink loads of coffee with you and loves everyone with everything
Sagittarius: Makes good memories with you and shows you adventure
Capricorn: Takes care of you like a child and is always there no matter what
Aquarius: cheers you up and can make you laugh your ass off
Pisces: This is the person to go to if you are crying because they will hear you out

Jasper related things I want

•Jasper being cured of her corruption.
•Jasper living with the Watermelon Stevens so she can channel her frustrations.
•Steven and Amethyst taking Jasper to a zoo and showing her a Liger.
•Jasper loving ligers because they’re like cool looking fusions that kinda look like her with their strips and glorious manes.
•Jasper learning about human families in terms of “children being like a tiny fusion between two adult humans that co-exists with the bigger humans”.
•Jasper finding out about her Beta sisters on the Human Zoo, assuming she didn’t know they were there.
•Jasper learning to love her runty quartz sister.
•Jasper getting a chance to fuse with someone who is willing to do so and with lots of kindness or love.
•Jasper being happy.

But Ovesen adds that Skam’s real appeal goes beyond its current leads, no matter how telegenic and lovable they are. “The show is very willing to tackle ignorance among Norwegian teens – you see a lot of it and you also see the part where they get educated,” she says.

“And it educates the audience as well – for example there’s a lot of prejudice in this country when it comes to Muslims and I love that the show tackles that in the episodes [through the character of Sana, a smart, sharp Muslim girl]. It’s a very real issue and I hope featuring it helps educate Norwegian teens.


I think it was @cywscross who freaked everyone out by leaving Think it was for a similar reasons as why you’re considering leaving. 

From what I’ve seen the reviewers on tend to be a mixed bunch. You get a lot more reviews there than from AO3, but you also get a lot more assholes too. If it’s that much of a problem then you should definitely feel free to leave People who really like your work will be willing to follow it to another website (I know I would). And if you want to control your audience more you can set AO3 to only show your work to members - which may help. 

Plus I think just having tags on AO3 helps weed out a lot of bitching readers who get pissed on cuz the fic isn’t what they expected it to be. 

I dunno. Just, if you feel like is getting shitty then you should definitely have the option of leaving. And screw anyone who bitches about it afterward, 

KBTBB Costume Party Headcanons:

Happy Halloween!

•Pays for the whole thing!! He loves partying, so he’s willing to spend a lot of money on decor and such!

•He never decide between going as the classic king or dressing s p i c y (lol).

•Eisuke tries to get Mc to dress up as a queen each year. “…Not because I want you to match with me or anything.”

•He designs everyone’s costumes! Of course, he was payed by Eisuke lol. (An artist never works for free!)

•Ota decides to go as a werewolf.
He loves showing of his costume!! Ota takes a bunch of selfies and group pictures the whole night.

•He has the most fun coming up with costumes for Mc! Even if she has a specific request, it’s still fun to dress her up in other costumes. Ota usually goes for the cute or pretty route with designs, but he occasionally likes incorporating a bit of spice™ or horror.

•Clings onto Mc when horror stories are told

•He wants to dress up as a skeleton!! He’s willing to print out a bunch of x rays from Mc and Eisuke and create the ultimate™ skeleton!!

•,,,,They wouldn’t let him though. Ota makes him go as a prince!!
He’s still disappointed, but he made Mc smile, so he guess it was worth it.

•When they watch the horror movies, he mentions how a lot of the gore looks unrealistic. He mentions how they should reference proper anatomy.

•Baba has to drag Mamoru to the party! He insisted on just going as a cop. Everyone wouldn’t let him though. Instead, he decides to go as a pirate!

•Mamoru doesn’t get frightened at any of the movies or stories, but he has to admit, the party has been a lot more fun than he expected.

•He loves the Halloween desserts and treats!!!

•Everyone thinks Soryu would be reluctant to join, but he actually seemed pretty excited about the whole thing. He dressed up as a detective!!

•He picks out the horror-mystery movies. It’s the perfect combination for a Halloween night. He always predicts the antagonist correctly.

•Lets Mc hold onto him during the movies ;))
Either that, or he casually puts an arm around Mc ;;;))))

•He helps make some of the food, but Eisuke usually just orders most of it! Baba always insists on cooking more, though!

•Baba decides to go as the Phantom of the Opera! He’s pretty excited about his costume, and he thinks he looks pretty good in it. (On a side note, he enjoys suggesting costume ideas for Mc lol.)

•He’s the one who convinces/forces the less festive ones into coming to the party!

•Hikaru tells the best scary stories!! He’s the one who takes the league when telling them. He always manages to scare everyone, even the people who usually aren'r afraid of them.

•Everyone had a hard time discussing his costume!! They considered having the Mad Hatter for him, but?? He’s already been the Mad Hatter !!

•In the end, they decide just to go with an assassin. Though, Hikaru didn’t get out of wearing a costume! He had to go as the assassin class from Fire Emblem.

•Shuichi and Mc convinced him to go to the party! While he finds it a bit pointless, it does bring a few memories back to when he was a kid.

•He stays by Mc’s and Hikaru’s side the whole party. It’s mainly because the others can get a little wild when partying ;;;
Shuichi also feels the most comfortable with them!

•He enjoys spooking the others while they least expect it.

•Shuichi goes as a priest because he needs all of them to stop sinning™

•She’s super excited about the party! While partying with the bidders can get really wild, she’s just glad about the day off. It was a huge surprise to her, as Hikaru, one of the best workers, got a day off as well!

•It’s so hard for her to decide a costume! While Alice in Wonderland sounds appealing, she wanted to stray away from the theme today. She’s Alice every other day, after all.

•She decides to go as a goddess! And o h b o y
Everybody is stunned?? By her beauty??? She’s so p r e t t y,,,
i t takes a while for everyone to respond as they’re shocked??? o t a did such a good job

The Real Recording Studio

DESCRIPTION: Yoongi didn’t like other instructors teaching his trainees.

WARNINGS: Semi-public sex, fingering, oral, riding, male!dom, jealousy, studio sex, foul language


REQUEST: Hello there! Can I ask for Yoongi smut and you’re his Best Friend but caught him ‘pleasuring’ a.k.a masturbating in his studio and ask for your help to finish him? Yoongi being dominant tho. Thanks a lot!!

REQUEST: Hello, uhm… I would like to request a Yoongi smut scenario? Where you’re hanging out with another member all day long and he slowly gets jealous and shows you who you belong to at the end of the day? I really hope that makes sense omg 😳

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Kim Taehyung's ideal type
  • Someone not necessarily introverted and not extroverted  a mix of both
  • Will take care of him
  • Will put up with how stubborn he can be
  • Creative
  • Willing to trust him completely
  • Will let him deal with his emotions on his own but know when to step in and lend a hand
  • Won’t criticize him too much but knows how to without making him feel disrespected
  • Loves animals  and will have a dog
  • ! FAMILY ORIENTED ! They have to want a family ( probably a large one )
  • He would like if his s/o was also close with their parents like he is but would respect if they weren’t
  • but would also expect them to respect him being close and wanting to stay close with his parents
  • Has the same ideals and morals as him
  • Someone who loves skinship and isn’t afraid to be showed off a bit
  • Is willing to go on last minute dates that are a bit out of the ordinary
  • Honestly he seems very, picky isn’t the right word but, selective i guess
  • He is probably very cautious about who he love and let’s close to him so very few people know a lot about him ( He is a capricorn after all )
  • I can really see him marrying one of the first people he falls in love with
  • The relationship would be fast moving once it starts