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Boyfriend Compilation
Boyfriend Compilation

A collection of every instance (to my knowledge) of Cecil calling Carlos his boyfriend. I still remember the way my heart skipped (and performed a number of other aerial activities) the first time I heard it all the way back in 2013 when Yellow Helicopters came out, and every mention since then has always carried that extra little spark that reminds me of how glad I am that this couple exists.

(I considered including the instances where it was a third party speaking, but ended up leaving that out because a lot of those were in rather negative contexts, especially Kevin’s with that strained positivity and undertone of disgust, we don’t need those bad vibes here.)

Can’t Remember to Forget You

Author: Emmy

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Based off of I Can’t Remember to Forget You by Shakira

You tried not to, but after a bottle of wine your fingers had a mind of their own as they dialed his number. You held your breath as you listened to the phone ring once, twice…


There was no question in his tone. You’d called him enough times for him to know your number by heart. You could feel your heart skip a beat at the sound of his voice, he always had that effect on you.

“Hey, I miss you. Where are you?”

There was silence on the other end.

“If you need a place to stay, Buck, you know you can always come here,” you reminded him.

The sound of him exhaling filled your ears before being replaced by his voice, “I told you, it’s too dangerous for me to come there. There are a lot of people after me now that I’m not working for…”

He trailed off and you let him. The end of that sentence was a familiar one.


“I just….I want to see you. Please come…” you asked, trying not to sound like you were begging.

“I told you to just move on, Y/N. It’d be better if we didn’t see each other anymore.”

He was right. You knew he was right. Half the government and Hydra was after him, not to mention Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. It would be safer if you just let him go but you couldn’t quite explain that to your heart when every time you closed your eyes you saw him.

“Yeah,” you breathed. “I guess I can’t seem to remember to forget you.”

There was a long pause and for a moment you thought he had hung up and you clenched your jaw a bit, holding back the moisture beginning to pool in your eyes.

“I’ll be there in an hour,” you heard him whisper before the dial tone echoed through the phone. You smiled to yourself and got up to unlock the front door. You couldn’t wait to see him.

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Not-So Secret Rendezvous|| Matt & Maryse

Matt had been alone in his apartment all day finding random shit to do. Since his divorce, it was difficult finding himself alone but he enjoyed the bachelor life all the same.

Soon enough, he found himself sitting on his couch when his phone buzzed. It was someone he had exchanged numbers with at the Hall of Fame once but never bothered texting until now.

Maryse…the French beauty that he desperately wanted to fuck as soon as he met her. He even thought about skipping the Hall of Fame and fucking her endlessly in the parking lot of the event…

But he chickened out and simply did not.

Now, here he was, in a very intense flirtatious conversation and after being given the green light, he practically stumbled out the door.

Matt didn’t remember if lights were green or red but he knew he had to get to Maryse before she realized how out of his league she was.

He soon pulled up to her addressed, fixed his hair in the mirror, then got out of his car racing toward the door.

He knocked steadily and licked his lips at the thought of his uneventful night becoming so exciting after a few texts.