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Unbelievable Carrying Capacity of Steve in Minecraft

I’ve seen MatPat of Youtube look into just how much Steve can carry, and many others have done so as well, but I feel with the Shulker Boxes, another look should be taken at this concept.

Each player in Minecraft has an inventory space of 36 slots, plus an additional four slots for armor and one for the shield.  I originally calculated this all with the mass of armor and the Shulker Boxes included, but due to the sheer size disparity by the end, it proved inconsequential by many degrees to include even Steve’s own body mass (which at a volume of 0.296 cubic meters, would be about 291.7kg, given standard human density; all muscle).

Anyway, enough side tracking.  Obviously, the block of choice to put in the Shulker Boxes is gold.  At a density of 19300 kg per cubic meter, this is going to stack up quickly.  Each Shulker Box contains 3 rows and 9 columns, and you can hold 64 blocks of gold per slot.  Going further, you can hold one Shulker Box per inventory slot, totalling 36 slots.  That’s a lot of numbers, I know, so I’ll skip to how much gold that is.

That’s 1200614400 kg of gold.  1.2 million metric tonnes of gold.  To give you a mental image of this, a sphere made of this much gold would have a radius of 24.58 meters, which would have a diameter taking up about half a football field.

So am I done here?  1.2 million metric tonnes of gold, casually toted around by a man who knocks down trees with his bare hands.  That’s pretty impressive, but then you get into the physics and it only goes crazy from here.

Steve’s entire inventory may as well be in his pocket, as it causes no physical change on his person when he collects a new item.  That said, the added 1.2 million metric tonnes of gold into his inventory would vastly increase his density.  At 0.296 cubic meters (about 5 times that of the average human mind you), 1.2 million metric tonnes would give him a density around 4.05 billion kg/m^3.  This is over 4 times as dense as a white dwarf star.

At this density, were Steve not strong enough to resist it, he would collapse into a ball from his own gravitational pull, which at his chest would be around 392.451 newtons, which is about 40 times stronger than Earth’s gravity.  Once collapsed into a ball maintaining his original volume, standing on the surface of Spheroid-Steve one would experience around 29.548 newtons of gravitational force, or around 3 times the gravitational pull of the Earth.

In short, Steve isn’t just so strong he can compress diamonds into a block and then break them apart at his leisure.  No, Steve, and by extension Alex, is so strong that they can resist the mind-bendingly insane forces of gravity that would normally act upon them with how much they carry.

Feel free to point out potential errors by messaging me directly (don’t clutter the post).

anonymous asked:

Do you only answer anonymous questions?

out of the three thousand, seven hundred and seventeen messages currently in my ask box, 95% of them are anon. 
and while i’m at it, 70% of them are repeat questions, or questions i’ve made dedicated videos about. 
AND because I rarely answer my questions with less than a full paragraph, 
I mostly only answer, 
1. Questions relevant to my current self
2. Questions i haven’t answered *recently* or have not made a dedicated video about
*I will answer some repeat questions sometimes, usually with some sort of “I’ve answered this before on here BUT”
3. and I can’t answer very personal questions or questions I don’t have experence with. 

like, the number one question I can’t answer is 
“How do I mix black and grey tattoos with color?”
I don’t know, my tattoos are all color
“How do I mix tattoos styles together into one piece?”
idk, my tattoos are all traditional
and the ask right below this is 
“Where do you work,”
and like, i’ll just probably skip stuff like that. 

in any given day i get about seventy messages, and a lot of them are very emotionally taxing, and although I am grateful that people can turn to me and i can lend advice based on my personal life,
some things I just can’t answer.

and normally, a lot of my content comes from questions, so I do tend to answer a lot of questions on my youtube channel, so it’s worth checking my two weekly question based shows to look for your specific questions.
Tattoo Talk Tuesday, and Five Fact Friday.

I have started blocking messages similar to this one, pretty regularly now, 
so if you’ve criticised the way I answer questions, or left me a message like, 
i may have blocked your IP and now your unprivated account doesn’t have access to sending me messages. 

but either way, here’s my paypal link, don’t hesitate to buy me a coffee sometime.

Boyfriend Compilation
Boyfriend Compilation

A collection of every instance (to my knowledge) of Cecil calling Carlos his boyfriend. I still remember the way my heart skipped (and performed a number of other aerial activities) the first time I heard it all the way back in 2013 when Yellow Helicopters came out, and every mention since then has always carried that extra little spark that reminds me of how glad I am that this couple exists.

(I considered including the instances where it was a third party speaking, but ended up leaving that out because a lot of those were in rather negative contexts, especially Kevin’s with that strained positivity and undertone of disgust, we don’t need those bad vibes here.)

Jar of Hearts || Youngbin and Inseong

Group: Sf9

Member: ex!youngin and bf!Inseong

Genre: Angst/Fluff

request: Can I have an imagine with YoungBin when we date for a year then I go away for a year then come back and walk in on him kissing another girl (he moved on because I wasn’t there). I move on (with Inseong my bff in SF9) and he tries to take me back after breaking up with the girl. Could you make it angsty? Thank youuu 😘😘❤️❤️

A/n: Here you go I changed it a bit and cut a lot around so It wont be long. Youngbin is my bias I couldn’t imagine him being so assholey so I need some Youngbin love asap. 

Originally posted by princechani

Remembering that scene was still heartbreaking in itself. Coming home you missed Youngbin more than the world itself. You could recall your smile on your face as you skipped down the hallway. Punching in the number to his house to finally get in the house. Finally, getting to see him after a year of separation.

You squeezed your eyes when you thought about Youngbin sitting there a girl laid across his lap his hands around her waist as one running across her hip.

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Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Roman Reigns/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Ohhhhhhhh @tox-ambrose and I are terrible people who spend most of our days musing about huge buff dudes being super awkward and shy around their crushes. A little change of pace for Thirst Party Saturday, but hopefully enjoyable all the same! Tagging @hardcorewwetrash for the Thirsty Crew!

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Divination Services

[Ask box link]

I need to raise money to cover the travel costs (~500$) to get to my school everyday, so in lieu of that, these are the services I’m offering:


Divination using a 78 pack of cards. Currently only using the Shadowscapes deck.

  • [EDIT] These are now $1 per card because these types of readings are too draining to be free.
  • However, if you would like to donate after I’ve done your reading as a thank you or something of the sort, I wont turn that down.


  • General readings or specific questions are both welcome. Please, no health questions.
  • I wont be answering any “does [insert name here] love me/does [insert name here] care about me/ what does [insert name here] feel for me” UNLESS YOU'RE OFF ANON AND EVEN THEN IT WILL BE A CASE BY CASE BASIS.


Divination using a deck of playing cards.

  • 1 to 3 cards are free/donation based. If you donate any amount, I will get to your reading first. Free readings get second priority but I will get to them.
  • Spreads larger than 3 cards are ranged $1-5. Rarely will it exceed 5$, and it will usually be around $2-3.


  • General readings or specific questions are both welcome. Please, no health questions.
  • I will usually answer in 1 to 2 cards. This changes on a reading-to-reading basis.


Form of divination using the shuffling of songs and their lyrics to help answer questions.

  • Until I get some more practice, these are always free as well.
  • However, if you would like to donate after I’ve done your reading as a thank you or something of the sort, I wont turn that down.


  • I wont be answering any “does [insert name here] love me/does [insert name here] care about me/ what does [insert name here] feel for me” UNLESS YOU’RE OFF ANON AND EVEN THEN IT WILL BE A CASE BY CASE BASIS.
  • Don’t forget to add the number of skips you want.


A weight on a string used to divine “yes/no” answers to questions. I will be using my amethyst necklace for this.

  • [EDIT] These are 50¢ per question, since I get a lot of pendulum questions, and I don’t want to make these too expensive.
  • However, if you want to donate more, thats great and I seriously appreciate it.
  • If I’m wrong, Ill will give you a refund (:


  • Yes/no questions only.
  • I have the right to turn down a reading if I feel uncomfortable answering the question.
  • I wont be answering any “does [insert name here] love me/does [insert name here] care about me/ what does [insert name here] feel for me” UNLESS YOU’RE OFF ANON AND EVEN THEN IT WILL BE A CASE BY CASE BASIS.

Astragalomancy (Dice)

Divination using dice.

  • These are always free for now since I have had little practice in this area.
  • Like I’ve recited above, donations received after a reading has been done as a sort of ‘thank you’ will never be turned down.


  • ???????
fighting fires (in the bedroom of our tears)

no slap-happy chorus in that one song that took us to dance; just a kind of melancholy ode about how everything ends (we were young and dumb, took that for the truth – stayed sad for a number of years after that…)

eventually we grew up – it felt like we had skipped a lot of time – you stopped wearing leather jackets and i shaved off my beard and kept my chin clean

you moved to canada and stayed there, adopted a cat or two (i was never good with remembering numbers) and i stayed in this small town, counting rain clouds and my scars

sometimes things chance, sometimes subsequent years remain exactly the same – but one thing’s for sure, that song that took us dancing was a well-said lie because i’m still fighting fires in my chest and you’re still haunting me silly

in the bedroom of our tears….

Can’t Remember to Forget You

Author: Emmy

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Based off of I Can’t Remember to Forget You by Shakira

You tried not to, but after a bottle of wine your fingers had a mind of their own as they dialed his number. You held your breath as you listened to the phone ring once, twice…


There was no question in his tone. You’d called him enough times for him to know your number by heart. You could feel your heart skip a beat at the sound of his voice, he always had that effect on you.

“Hey, I miss you. Where are you?”

There was silence on the other end.

“If you need a place to stay, Buck, you know you can always come here,” you reminded him.

The sound of him exhaling filled your ears before being replaced by his voice, “I told you, it’s too dangerous for me to come there. There are a lot of people after me now that I’m not working for…”

He trailed off and you let him. The end of that sentence was a familiar one.


“I just….I want to see you. Please come…” you asked, trying not to sound like you were begging.

“I told you to just move on, Y/N. It’d be better if we didn’t see each other anymore.”

He was right. You knew he was right. Half the government and Hydra was after him, not to mention Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. It would be safer if you just let him go but you couldn’t quite explain that to your heart when every time you closed your eyes you saw him.

“Yeah,” you breathed. “I guess I can’t seem to remember to forget you.”

There was a long pause and for a moment you thought he had hung up and you clenched your jaw a bit, holding back the moisture beginning to pool in your eyes.

“I’ll be there in an hour,” you heard him whisper before the dial tone echoed through the phone. You smiled to yourself and got up to unlock the front door. You couldn’t wait to see him.


So, I got tagged…to do a thing…and normally I don’t really do those sort of things because I don’t have the time…but the questions looked pretty good and then I was like, ‘well, hey, I could DRAW my answers.’ So…yep. Here’s the result of that little brainstorm. I skipped some questions (hence the weird numbering) so, yep. Enjoy. Or don’t. That’s cool too.

So, this is my first real progress picture that I’m posting on here and I’m excited and nervous at the same time! This is really special to me, because I’ve lost this weight in a healthy way - by changing my lifestyle completely. As someone who has struggled a lot with disordered eating habits in the past, I’m very proud of that :)
I’m 177cm (5'9") tall and my highest weight was almost 80kg (176lbs) in January. By April I weighed 73kg (160lbs) and this morning my scale showed 67kg (147lbs).
You might have noticed that the weight difference between the two pictures isn’t huge. Thats because while I was losing fat, I also gained muscle by exercising! I also had a long plateau where I didn’t lose any weight at all. But I still kept going, and two weeks ago I purchased Crush60 (which helped me finally break my plateau!) and I can’t wait to get a lot stronger, because I’m in no way at the end of my journey!

In short; here’s what I do:
- eat lots of healthy, wholesome foods
- also eat chocolate and ice cream once in a while
- drink lots of water
- exercise (weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, walking, running)
- get enough sleep
- take care of myself
- love myself at any weight :)

What I don’t do:
- starve myself
- skip meals
- go on some kind of diet
- take any weight loss supplements
- exercise non stop
- lose weight because I hate myself

I just wanted to post this here because I’m very proud of my progress; and because it shows that weight loss is possible without starving, suffering, or self hatred. 🌸

michael andrews ; time travel // eliza lumley ; how to disappear completely // florence + the machine ; breath of life // the gundersen family ; helplessly hoping // odeonquartet ; tenebrae // feist ; 1234 // the zombies ; she’s not there // chvrches ; night sky // sia ; numb // ludovico einaudi ; ritornare


anonymous asked:

why do you (and anyone else rly) ship imasugi what happens to them i need to know i cant wait till the scans are released

do you really want to know how my heart broke because of imasugi because it p much hurts but it’s also very beautiful (and it’s canon)

but im not really good with words so it may not be very understandable but here you go (and my translations are very rough so don’t trust them)

(spoilers ahead i guess)

(and very long post and heavy images ahead)

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Emergency Room V

Previously on Emergency Room

“There we go!” Molly cheered, standing in the bleachers and clapping while number eight caught the ball. “Good job, buddy!” 

“Hard to believe when I met you, you hadn’t seen a single game,” Emma shook her head while clapping until her fiancé sat down beside her sheepishly. 

“I’ve clearly been corrupted by you two.” 

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What I’m working on

We need to talk.  About little black boxes.

You’ve seen them, I’m sure. They’re absolutely everywhere. Many of them are harmless. A little bit of censorship, to keep certain things from eyes that don’t need to know. Sometimes, it’s done out of respect for the departed. Some idiots do it to block out cusswords, as if we’re all 12 years old, tittering at an offhand ‘fuck.’

But then there are the important ones, the big ones.  Have you ever wondered why people would black box the number for an SCP, which has had bad interactions with the one you’re working on? Doesn’t make a lot of sense, most of the time.

It’s because of the ones we call, imaginatively, Black Box SCPs. Skips so powerful, so dangerous, we don’t dare give them a number. Creatures and things and people that cannot be contained, cannot be held. Ideas it would be suicide to try and hold. Instead, we give them names, and letters, and keep them out of the normal system, so no one can look them up. It’s all legit paperwork, from here on out

They do not appear in any electronic file. We have expunged any records of them, wherever they may be found. The names of each are known but to a handful. And yet, rumors of them persist, despite everything we do. In stories, in urban legends, and hell, one of them even has a song.

But I’m here to read you in on the ones you’ll be dealing with. Listen up. This is the only time you’ll hear this. Pay attention. Yes, you can take notes, but they don’t leave this room.

Colouring tutorial

So, I was asked to show how I colour my gifs and thought I’d put together a little tutorial.

I will be going from this:

to this:

I’m using Photoshop CS6 Extended and will be using the timeline animation to make my gif. But if you use the frame animation that works just as well. Just make sure you’re standing on the first frame when you add the layers.

I put the full tutorial under a read more because it got a bit lengthy. I hope you like it! (p.s. this colouring works on a lot of different shows and movies)

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Request for an Anon :)

Hi, hello everyone. My first request. This is so exciting :)

(y/n)=your name (f/n)=friend’s name (c/n)= crush’s name

“Can you write an imagine about a girl meeting a boy on the school elevator and they both have injuries and then she starts to like him and has a friend ask for his number for her and he gives her the wrong one because hes afraid of what his friends think and then a few months later he finally does something instead of listening to his friends”

I hope you like it dear Anon and everyone else too :) It’s quite long, 6 pages from Word ;)


-Love, Sarah

I glanced at my watch and sighed. It read 9:02. I should start making my way to the elevator if I don’t want to be late. The elevator was only available for injured students, janitors and teachers. I’d broken my leg two weeks ago and the principal had given me a little white card that gave me access to the elevators in the school.

I strapped my backpack on and grabbed my crutches that were leaning on the wall. I placed them under my arms and started walking towards the elevator. There, I slid my card in the little opening and the doors opened in front of me. With the card in between my teeth I quickly entered the elevator. I slid the card back into my pocket and huffed before resting my head on the wall; I needed a few seconds to catch my breath.

‘’Time to go.’’ I mumbled to myself. I reached for the panel with all the level numbers but my eyes caught something at the last minute. A boy in crutches was trying to walk as fast as possible to the elevator. Seeing as the doors were starting to close and the boy looked out of breath, I pressed the button to keep the doors open.

When he saw the doors open again he smiled widely and slowed his pace. He finally got inside the elevator and I pressed the button to close the doors.

‘’Thanks.’’ He flashed me a smile, even though he still seemed out of breath.

‘’No problem, pretty hard to use crutches when you’re in a rush.’’

Nodding, he let out a small laugh and dropped his bag on the floor. ‘’Yeah.’’ His smile dropped and he frowned at me. While he stared at me I took my time to look at him more carefully. He was really cute. He had green eyes and brown hair styled in a quiff. And a great smile.

‘’Aren’t you the girl who broke her leg during that soccer game?’’

‘’That’s me.’’ I nodded and smiled shyly. ‘’How did you break your leg?’’

‘’Skateboarding, though life.’’ He sighed dramatically and rolled his eyes.

‘’Haha, I’m sure it is.’’

‘’What level are you getting out at?’’ He asked as he approached the panel.

‘’Level 5.’’

‘’Same here.’’ He turned to me and grinned before pressing the number five.

‘’So, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around school, are you new?’’ I asked, trying to make conversation.

‘’Nope, I used to skip a lot. But since I broke my leg my parents have been more attentive to what I do.’’

‘’So, you’re a badass, huh?’’ I laughed, raising an eyebrow at him.

‘’As bad as I can be with crutches. I don’t mind though, I got to meet a pretty girl on the elevator.’’ He winked at me and I giggled quietly.

‘’Thanks.’’ I said, feeling my cheeks heat up. I glanced up at the wall and noticed we were on level 4. We’d be parting ways soon and I wanted to keep talking to him.

‘’Do you… Would you wanna exchange numbers. I dunno… I mean, if you want to. I could show you some cool soccer tricks… When we’re out of our crutches, I mean…’’ My cheeks were burning, God this was so embarrassing.

‘’Sure.’’ He said, surprising me.

With a shaky hand I reached for my phone in my back pocket and unlocked it before handing it to him.

‘’I’m (c/n), by the way.’’ He said as he handed me my phone back.

‘’I’m (y/n). Guess I’ll see you around.’’

‘’Yeah call me.’’ He smiled at me one last time before leaving the elevator and turning the corner. With a content sigh, I left as well and made my way to my class.

*Later that week*

‘’Are you sure I should call him?’’ I asked (f/n).

‘’Yes!’’ She nudged my side and I glared playfully at her.

‘’Alright, close the door.’’ She obliged and sprung from the bed to close my bedroom’s door.

‘’Do itttt!’’ She giggled excitedly.

‘’Okay, okay. Calm down woman.’’ I pressed the call button and brought the phone to my ear while shushing (f/n) who was still giggling from next to me.

‘’Hello, thank you for calling Double Pizza, what would you like order?’’

‘’What is it?’’ (f/n) hissed from next to me.

‘’Sorry, wrong number.’’ I said before hanging up.


‘’It was Double Pizza.’’ I said sadly.

‘’That jerk!’’ She gasped before pulling me into a hug.

‘’I knew it was too beautiful to be true.’’ I mumbled as tears welled up in my eyes.


*A few months later*

With my soccer ball in hands and earphones in my ears, I started walking towards the park. I was finally out of my cast and I’d missed playing soccer a lot. I couldn’t wait to play again.

I arrived at the park and immediately dashed towards to the soccer field. I breathed in the fresh air and sighed happily. With only a month left to school, I was more than ready to leave for soccer camp.

Music was blasting in my ears and the sun was shining down on me. This day was perfect. I was juggling the ball on my knees and foot but I kicked too hard and sent the ball flying towards a group of guys on their skateboards.

‘’Damn it.’’ I groaned to myself and started jogging over to them.

One of the guys picked up my ball and turned around. I froze when our eyes met. I’d recognize these green eyes anywhere. After the Double Pizza incident a few months before, I’d been so embarrassed I’d avoided him at all costs. I’d succeeded until today.

I am so not ready to face him.

‘’Is that the girl?’’ I heard one of the guys ask, who I guessed to be (c/n)’s friend.

I snapped out of my thoughts and took my earphones off before putting my music on pause. I stood there as I watched (c/n) make his way over to me with my soccer ball in his hands. He was out of his cast as well, and he still looked great.

‘’Here.’’ He handed me my ball back and that was it. My heart flipped around in my chest. To say I was disappointed was an understatement, I thought he would apologize and say more than a word. I was mad as well, because seriously, who does that? Double Pizza?

 He turned around and took a few steps before he froze. He turned back to me and ignored the shouts of his friends. He stopped in front of me once again but he couldn’t meet my eyes.

‘’(y/n), hi.’’

‘’I gotta go.’’ I blurted out before turning around.

‘’No wait!’’ He yelled before grabbing my arm.

‘’What do you want?’’ I asked, feeling a bit angry.

‘’I-I’m sorry.’’

‘’Whatever.’’ I said trying to leave again.

‘’No, (y/n). Listen to me, please.’’ He ran a hand through his hair. It had grown a little bit since the last time I’d seen him and his eyes were still as beautiful as the first time I’d seen them.

‘’You have a minute.’’ I agreed reluctantly.

He took a deep breath and pulled me closer to him, causing me to drop my ball on the ground.

‘’I was-I was afraid of what my friends would say-‘’

‘’And you gave me the wrong number.’’ I finished with my arms crossed over my chest.

‘’I didn’t mean to,’’ He sighed. ‘’I panicked, you were so pretty and-‘’ He blushed and kicked the ground with his foot. ‘’I wasn’t thinking.’’

‘’Obviously.’’ I rolled my eyes at his raised eyebrows.

‘’Would you be willing to give me a second chance. I promise I’ll make it up to you. I’m still up for you to show me those soccer tricks.’’

He remembered…

I bit my lip and avoided his gaze. This was nerve-racking. ‘’I don’t know.’’

‘’Please, (y/n). I swear on my favourite skateboard I’ll be a good friend… Or more, if-if that’s what you want.’’ He grabbed my hand and gave me a small smile.

‘’Your favourite skateboard, I’m guessing you’re pretty serious.’’ I remarked with a small laugh.

‘’I am. Dead serious.’’

I nodded and his eyes widened in shock. ‘’Alright.’’

‘’Thank you!’’ He picked me up and spun me around. I clutched his shoulders, laughing loudly until he set me back down on the ground.

‘’Thank you, so much.’’ He repeated with a grin.

‘’You better not mess up this time.’’ I warned him, with a smile.

‘’I won’t.’’ Before I knew it his lips were on mine, and although it was short, I knew it was the best kiss I’d ever gotten.

He pulled back with a huge grin across his lips and rested his forehead on mine.

‘’How about those soccer tricks then?’’

 The End

Cute no? :D

I hope you liked it Anon! I wasn’t sure which person you wanted so I went with first, hope that’s okay. I hope that’s what you wanted! :)

Hope everyone enjoyed, have a nice Saturday! And don’t forget to send requests (telling me which person you want) :)

-Love, Sarah

Heechul's Interview with Women's Central - PART 2
  • I have been curious from just now, how do the members get along?
  • Heechul: The bands in the past are formed by people who have the same interest but idol groups are kids who don't know each other being put together. It doesn't matter if we have the same interest, there will definitely be conflicts within the group. The question is how to resolve the conflicts. We must have some conflicts first before we can develop a relationship. SJ has more members so even if there are quarrels, at most they will fight to solve the problem. If 2 members of a 5-6 members group fight, the other kids will not know what to do. But if 2 members of our group fight, the rest, 9-10 of us, will continue to play. Though it might be awkward at first, they will make up as we play.
  • What kind of fights?
  • Heechul: I heard that there isn't a a group that fights like us. We said in broadcasts too that there were direct quarrels.. we talked about slapping each other too. Doing so (fighting) reduces misunderstandings. After our relationship gets deeper, quarrel will lessen.
  • Never fought over money before?
  • Heechul: The amount of money we get for each member is the same so we never fight over money. We just take our own portion. But like I did War of Words alone, the pay from that will go to me. The pay from concerts is unconditionally 1/n (divided equally).
  • When was SJ the most popular?
  • Heechul: 2009 during Sorry Sorry. At that time we consecutively got number 1 on the charts in Taiwan. After that for the next 3 years, our albums got number 1 in Taiwan too.
  • You must have made a lot of money.
  • Heechul: I spent a lot of it away. Because I bought a weird piece of land and got cheated.
  • So your asset is 50million? 100million?
  • Heechul: Aye~! Let's skip this question. If you keep doing this I will go to a rival company and tell them everything that I didn't say here. And I will tell them everything I said in Women's Central is not true! I am done for if I reveal that here or talk about money.
  • Hahaha, ok I know.. But the money you make also have ups and downs?
  • Heechul: Of course, I make more when we release albums or have concerts but I don't get anything during enlistment. Actually SJ was at its peak when I was doing military service.
  • Why did you got to the army at the best moment to make money?
  • Heechul: Because I was impatient. People around me advised me to go later but I still went in like that. I hated it that I had to go to the Army office every time I go for overseas shows, so I thought I might as well enlist. Even the company can't stop me. I went into public service because of my injury from an accident. I went in quietly and came out quietly.
  • How is the life of public service?
  • Heechul: Others might read/study a lot in these 2 years and received certifications, but for me, I only think about not being in other people's sight and to not create troubles. Because I don't want to attract attention, I wore simple clothes and took the subway to and from work.
  • Even so, I think many people found out?
  • Heechul: Even those elders who don't know that I am a SJ member will look at me. Because I am handsome. (laughs) The funny thing is, those people who saw me when I am working were quiet. "Omo, Heechul ssi, hi," just like that, ended. But when it is time to knock off, if 2 or 3 people recognize me, they will go like "Oh Kim Heechul! Kim Heechul!" Those people whom I bumped into when I am going to work are sometimes the same as those peopl I bumped into when I knock off. But they are quiet when they are going to work and they will ask to take photos together when they knock off, it was a total change. Those who go to restaurants or pubs alone will not be involved with scandals. Those who hangout with women will create scandals.
  • Looks like many fan went to look for you at Sungdong Office.
  • Heechul: It was like this at first. But my thinking was 'I am a public soldier now, I am not a celebrity during enlistment' so I told those fans who came "It cause inconvenience for me if you come like this. Don't come anymore" And they really stopped coming. My fans are obedient and look after me well.
  • I heard that fans are obedient because you are scary.
  • Heechul: Because they know my temper (laughs). But that was all in the past, I have changed a lot.
  • Looks like you felt a lot of emotions during public service.
  • Heechul: Loving my job, thankful for the present, thoughts like this. In the past, I will have bad mood if someone asked me for my autograph in a restaurant, I will not eat and just leave while nagging. Nobody likes to be interrupted during meals. No manners (laughs). But while working in the district, many people asked for photos and autographs and I gave them. My way of thinking has changed a lot. To me it isn't something that is tiring, but to others, it is something that will become a precious memory. I reflected a lot on my past.
  • Men becomes more matured when they come back from the army.
  • Heechul: Aiya~ but it will be uninteresting if a celebrity becomes matured. I want to be immature in an appropriate way. I can't get into trouble. I want to live as happily as I can within the laws of Korea.
  • I mean something like this.
  • Even the way one looks at women changes after the army.
  • Heechul: The way I look at women is the same from before to now. I like those who are elegant and pretty. Because my character is like a blade so it is best if I find a woman who is like a sheath. She can slowly guide me, age doesn't matter.
  • Looks doesn't matter?
  • Heechul: I don't look at face and height. But I look at the figure, I like girls with nice legs.
  • Looks like you have met a lot of women.
  • Heechul: Not a lot, but just right. I don't always have a girlfriend. My longest relationship was 5 months. Actually I am the kind who doesn't like to meet women. Up to middle school, I only played computer games. I only know about the female characters in games. I have no feelings for real-life women. To be honest, the female characters in games are prettier. But I have a little more feeling of wanting to get in a relationship after 30 years old. If I were to get into a relationship, I want to date with a normal girl. Holding hands on the street, doing things like how normal couples do.
  • But then everyone can still recognize you.
  • Heechul: Of course there will be some sacrifice. Even so, compared to both being celebrities, the attention from the media will still be smaller if she is a normal person. Recently my fans have been telling me to stop playing games and get married. Told me not to slip into the game characters and prefers me to meet a real girl instead. I am thankful to my fans, I have brought a lot of troublesome matters to them. When I took photos with women, or when I talk about women in broadcasts, no matter how cool my fans are, there are still possibilities that they dislike it. However they have been very understanding, I am really thankful.
  • Didn't you have any special impressions of any fans?
  • Heechul: Hahahaha... but those fans that I remember have already gotten married. I even sent them flowers. The relationship with my fans is even higher than of working colleagues and family. No matter what happens, we will still move forward hand in hand. Actually I can't talk well and I have a short temper too but fans have been taking care of this immature oppa, I am really thankful.
  • You like kids a lot? Recently in Superman Returns, you took good care of the kids.
  • Heechul: In the past I used formal language with the kids, I didn't know what to do. But those kids who were born recently are really cute. I am also very curious how pretty a kid who looks like me will be. So I told my mum I want to quickly have a child but I don't want to get married. Mum said I am crazy. Marriage is really a very far away topic. I am not familiar with dating, how can I be responsible to a woman? I am not confident yet. I would rather co-habitat first and if both of us get along then we get married, it doesn't sound too bad like this.
  • You are very honest, but no matter what, you do have thoughts to get married.
  • Heechul: Because I am immature, I can't date a girl for a long time. I didn't do well too but I want to get married. After dating, it there are thoughts of getting married, we will get married naturally.
  • How will you treat a woman?
  • Heechul: I will just do whatever I want, that's why I didn't have a relationship for a long time. I never lie or say empty words. On my girlfriend's birthday I even told her 'We are not married, why do I need to give a gift?' Just like this, I hurt the girl's feelings. I won't get married instantly, we must date and then get married naturally. But I seem to spoil it too early. I think maybe expressions are important. When the girl makes me a lunchbox, even if it's tasteless, maybe I have to tell a white lie ans say it's delicious.
  • You are the kind that can express love.
  • Heechul: I am the kind that can look after someone from the back. There was once when I fell sick, my girlfriend brought me a lunchbox. While eating I was thinking 'my girlfriend traveled so far for me, this isn't good'. So from then on I never tell her when I was sick. I don't want her to be worried for me. When my girlfriend is sick, I will let her rest, I will leave the medicines at her doorstep and leave. I was afraid that if I asked her to come out to get the medicine, she will feel burdened. I hate the idea of male chauvinist.
  • That is quite manly. Then how would you like girls to express themselves?
  • Heechul: In the past, I hate it when others try to restrict me. I don't like it when company or parents try to restrict me but it's different with a girlfriend. Calling each other in the morning to chat, calling each other when going out, it's really interesting. I felt restricted when I first did that, isn't there a song 'Sweet Restrictions', I like that kind...
  • Have you prepared surprises for girls before?
  • Heechul: On the 100th day anniversary with my girlfriend, I booked a restaurant, put up some balloons and smoke, play some music in the background, a surprise like this. I had a bad fight with her the day before, so I rented the restaurant in the last minute. I was quite lost and didn't know what to do so I just curled up and didn't dare to look at my girlfriend's eyes. It was my first time doing such a thing since I was born. I want to tell my guy friends, the effect of a project like this can only last for a week. In the end it's still better to treat her well consistently.
  • Even if it was rented in the last minute, a surprise like this is not bad.
  • Heechul: Hong Seok-cheon hyung was the one who came up with this idea. And that was his shop. If I am dating, it will be good to date a normal girl. Walking on the streets, hand in hand, I want to do stuff like what other normal dating couples do.
  • When did you first start dating a girl?
  • Heechul: When I was 22 and was still a trainee. She was older than me. We broke up after seeing each other for 2 weeks. We went to DVD room to watch Lion King. When I am reading manga or playing games, I really hate to have people walking around me or touching me. There was a sad scene and I was going to cry but my girlfriend kept caressing me, so I turned my face away, after that we broke up.
  • It's a little unbelievable, sounds like an idol's answer.
  • Heechul: It's true! Hyung, I was too childish at that time.
  • You prefer games and movies to girlfriends?
  • Heechul: There was once I broke up with a celebrity girlfriend over computer games. "Oppa, do you like games or do you like me?" I replied "I like both." "What? Oppa, how can you say this?", "It doesn't mean you like me" and then she got angry and wanted a break up so we broke up.
  • Are you still playing games?
  • Heechul: Of course, recently I am playing LOL with Lee Minho of The Heirs. We can't meet up so we just went back to our respective homes. After schedules, I connect my computer, Minho is often there. We will open the chatroom and chat there while playing.
  • You have said before that it's better to invest in game characters because they won't leave you unless you delete the game.
  • Heechul: I said this in a broadcast before. Although i got 'bashed' by many females, I have also given hope to many people who likes to stay in. When I was doing the radio broadcast, my female fans decreased and male fans increased. There was once when Girl's Days came over as guests for Valentine's Day special and they said that they will make chocolates in the past for their boyfriends and the boyfriends loved it. So I told them "They are all lying. I told them boys prefer gas vouchers or gift vouchers over chocolates. I really got scolded by many female listeners but the male listeners cheer for me.
  • You will go to any game broadcasts?
  • Heechul: I have been to Gamenet League of Legend broadcast, I am Carry, before. I did some commentation and also played the game. Although I did the commenting for 4 hours, it was really fun. I was afraid that the TV station might be worried of my fees so I didn't go get the money. During meal gathering, I also paid for the bill. Actually I really want to be On Gamenet MC. But there are many circumstances which I can't anticipate so I didn't do it. Next time if there is a chance, I must try it.
  • The company doesn't object this? Super Junior's Kim Heechul hosting a game show.
  • Heechul: The words I hate most is 'Why did you appear in such a show?' or 'Why did you meet such a low class person?' We work together so where does all this grading come from? In this world I hate talks about 'classes' the most. 'You have lowered your class,' then I will say 'So what? no matter where I am, who I am with, I am still Kim Heechul.' If I can, I really want to do everything that I want to do.
  • How do you manage your human network?
  • Heechul: I don't manage it. I just hangout with people who gets along with me. A lot of celebrities hide things from each other and cares about 'classes' so it's hard to get close, but I am not like this. I am honest and I don't like to lie. Those close to me includes Ma Dongsuk, Cho SeHo, Son Dambi, Taeyeon, Park shinhye etc. Regardless of gender, we are drinking buddies. I will meet with good actors, good singers and good comedians, none of those around me cares about 'classes'.
  • Looks like everything you do is 4 dimensional and you have your own way of thinking.
  • Heechul: One of the reason why I live in the dorm is because I love to play. When I drink too much in a banquet or gathering... in occasions like these, there will definitely be women. When I drank too much, women will come over and do aegyo and say 'Can't we drink more in Oppa's house?' If I am living alone, there might be more cases like this, so living in a dorm really suits me.
  • Are you telling me that there are women who will tell men that they want to drink in their homes?
  • Heechul: There are really a lot, hyung you have never encounter this?
  • This is the difference between an idol and a middle age man. In my life, when I was young and still single, I have never heard of 'let's go drink more in your home' before.
  • For Kim Heechul, phrases like 'the world of 4 dimensions' and 'full of confidence' have been following you.
  • Heechul: Because it is the truth. To be honest, during my debut period, anyone around me will feel annoyed and burdened by me. But being a DJ, meeting many people, it has taught me how to judge situations. My bipolar may have impacted negatively on some broadcasts. After knowing this, I will work harder towards a more positive direction, seems like my personality has changed too. I also have more feelings after finishing my military service and coming back
  • What do you think your charm is?
  • Heechul: The sense of surprise. To be able to see something unexpected, isn't that interesting? When I just debuted, some say I look like Japanese. But then they found out that I grew up in Gangwon-do, a man who looks like a girl but has a frank character and can drink well, many people like the sense of surprise like this.
  • Which one do you like best between singing, variety, acting, DJ and MC?
  • Heechul: I feel happiest to be a singer. Especially when I hear the explosive screams from the fans during concerts. This sense of excitement can only be felt on stage together with fans. So no matter where I go, I will say that I am a Super Junior and a singer.
  • When will Super Junior comeback?
  • Heechul: This year we will have a new album as well as a world tour. And it is Super Junior's 10th anniversary. We are often energetic, this time we will be able to do very well too. I wish that Super Junior will always be happy. This is a battle concerning how far we can move forward. When I was little, I thought that it is most important to be handsome and charming but from some point onwards, I felt that this is all useless.
  • To Kim Heechul, Super Junior is...
  • Heechul: In the beginning when there were 13 members in the group, people asked what do we have left after dividing it (profits) between 13 people. A lot of talks like this. But the truth is, our existence cannot be bought with money. When we go to TV stations, or anywhere else, we will be proud. Super Junior is not a job for me, it is a harbour where I can rest. Other than the members, who can accept me when I throw a tantrum when I am in a bad mood? Anyone can accept me when I make noises in a good mood. I become more careful when I get more popular but I don't have to be like this with the members. Sometimes I go naked and I don't close the door when I shower, just open the door and go in. I think it's good to have a relationship like this. The members' existence is now something I cannot be without in my life.
  • Lastly tell us your plans.
  • Heechul: I am thankful to be able to get into the company despite always creating troubles in school. My parents are also happy with my current success. I feel proud when my parents are happy to see me on variety shows. When I am tired, I often think about what I will be if I am not a celebrity. I am not someone will plan far into the future. I am someone who plans for the future like what I am planning now for tomorrow to do my best.
  • source.loveheenim
  • trans.Luv_Opera

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The point of university is to open doors for you, not close them! (Actual advice below the cut) 

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