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Huntress- Part 14: Pick A Side

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E13 so warning: SPOILERS

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“Please…just hear me out…” Mary begs, her eyes were stern.

You raised an eyebrow at her, not saying anything.

“What they’re doing…what we’re doing it’s better. The British Men Of Letters are…well, loo I’m not blind to who they are and what they’ve done.” She looked at you when she said that.
“When?” Your Dad asked, clenching his jaw.
“When….when did you start working with them?”
“Before the lakehouse…It wasn’t Wally who gave me the case, it was them.” Mary looked down.
“Cas nearly died!” Uncle Dean shouted at her.
“I know…”
“Another Hunter died.” Dad added.
“I know. I was the one who burned his body, who told his wife… I see him die every night.”

“I’m playing three decades of catch-up here.” Mary argued, turning the subject back to herself.
“We’re not!” Uncle Dean snapped. “We’re your sons, you have a granddaughter for Gods sake!” 

“I’m not just a Mom. And you are not a child.” Mary spoke through gritted teeth.
“I never was.” Uncle Dean changed his tone back to a quieter and calmer voice.

“You’ve made your choice, Mary.” You looked up when he used her real name “The doors there.” 

With that Uncle Dean stepped out of the room, no doubt to his own.

You stood up with your Dad, both watching as he turned the corner.

“Sam…” Mary whispered.

“You should go.”


Dad turned to leave, but stopped to see your response, hovering in the doorway.

You gulped, not sure what to say. You didn’t trust them at all. Hell, you lived with them, you were raised among them and you still didn’t know half of what goes on. But you didn’t hate them. 
They weren’t fair, kind or honest, but they were good at what they did.

“Please, you know more than any of us about the British Men Of Letters. Am I doing the right thing?” She asked, begging for someone to assure her.

Uncle Dean crept back, standing behind Dad to see what you’d say.

You avoided everyone’s gaze “The way they see it,” You spoke slowly and quietly “If you’re working with em, then you trust em. So you can’t turn back now. Don’t mess up. Cause I ain’t gonna be there to clean the stab wound in your back.”

“I’m fed up of this whole peace maker crap!” Uncle Dean’s voice made you slow down as you headed towards the main room. “You’re always playing the middle, for once just pick a side!” 
He stormed out, almost walking into you. “You’re quiet when you move, anyone ever tell you that?” 
You found it hard to know whether or not he was joking, but smiled awkwardly none the less. “I’m outta here.” Uncle Dean mumbled, walking away.

“He seems happy.” You sarcastically noticed, walking in on your Dad. Dad placed his phone screen-down on the table, cleared his throat and smiled at you. “Hey, Y/N. You okay?” 
“Mmhmm. What’re you doing?” You nodded towards his phone.
“I’m not texting anyone!”
“You know, it works better if I accuse you first.” You smirked.

Dad looked down, sighing. “Mom.”


“I was texting Mom. She uh,” He picked his phone up and showed you the screen “She wants to meet. Say’s it’s urgent.”

“Yeah, I got that.” You hold your screen up tom showing the exact same text.

He frowned, nodding slowly. “Okay…should we go?”

You sighed “I guess.”

Dad pulled the car up, stopping in front of some sort of giant gate where Mary stood the other side. It looked a lot like one of their old temporary base camps they had scattered around the counties back in England.

You got out, sending her a suspicious frown. Mary smiled shyly “Thank you for coming.”
“What’s so urgent?” Dad asked, not buying any niceness.
“Look, Sam, Y/N…I messed up. But this. This is so much bigger than we are. We’ve got a real shot here.”
“Don’t you think I know that.” You snapped.
“Y/N, I don’t know what kind of history you have with them. But they’re not the same people you grew up with. They want to help.”
“I know. I’m not stupid.” You hissed.
“Just….imagine a world without monsters of demons-” Mary began but you finished it for her. “-or any of those little buggers that go bump in the night. Of a world where no one has to die because of the supernatural. A new world. A better world.” 

“How do you know what he said?” Mary asked.
You rolled your eyes “Because he says the same bloody thing every time.”

She nodded slowly before retreating to place her hand on the lock. The gate clicked open and she stepped aside “Let me show you.”
As you walked through the camp, you wondered if your hand would still unlock the gate. Maybe it would…maybe it wouldn’t…would it even matter?

A little reluctant to show your face, you stayed close to Dad. He noticed you were more clingy than usual, but didn’t say anything.
“Look.” Mary held her hand out to the series of monitors, endless screens showing all sorts of things. This was nothing compared to what was at the Chapter House. “You do realise I’ve seen all this before.”You grumbled.
“I guess it’s me showing you what you walked away from.” Mary answered back- to your surprise.

“Sam Winchester.” Micks voice made you look away, “And Y/N Winchester-Brooks.” He smiled, clearly happy to see that you both showed up. You noticed he’d used both surnames.
“Hows the American hunting life been treating you?” He asked you, clearly wanting to separate you from your Dad.
“It’s different.” You shrugged.
Very different.” Mick agreed.
“That does’t make it bad.” You added. In fact, you preferred the way American Hunting worked, it was more fun if nothing else.

“You’re just in time for the briefing. Remember how we exterminated all the vampires in the Uk and Ireland?” Mick looked at you again.
“Guess what we’re gonna do.” He chuckled, leading the way.

You looked at Dad, as if waiting for him to say you could go on after him. Mary went on, Dad looked at you. You shrugged, “Your call.”
Sighing, he put an arm gently on your back and you headed over.

The room wasn’t particularly large, but it had a long table running through the center with some computer screens at the front. Each of which had a map on it, numbers and symbols ran along the sides.

Mary sat down,but you and Dad remained standing.

“Everyone, we’ve got a few new faces.” Mick declared.

“This is Pierce, an American Hunter. This is Sam Winchester, Mary’s son. And you all know Brooks…Y/N.”

Serena and Alton looked at you, both with unreadable expressions. “Back already, are we?” Alton questioned.
You scowled at him “Still a wimp, are we?”
“Am not.” He stood proudly, you took one stride forward towards him. Immediately he retreated a little.
“Are to.”

“We are not children.” Mick sighed “So shut up the pair of ya.” 

“In the mid western region we mapped out every single location of each of the vampires,” Serena gestured towards the screen “Over a period of a few months, we’ve managed to eliminate all but,” She pressed a button and the numbers began to disappear before you all “11.”

“Wait, what?” Dad questioned, tilting his head.

“There’s a sort of underground chain of Vampires, with one a the very top-”

“The Alpha.” Dad filled in, nodding slowly.

“Exactly. We plan to eliminate every last bloodsucker in the entire country. Eventually, America will be vampire-less.” Mick explained.

As the briefing continued going into more and more details you couldn’t care less about you couldn’t help but let your mind wander. You thought you’d finally escaped the dull life that was being part of the Men Of Letters, as a kid there was no freedom. You did whatever they told you to do. You’d finally gotten out and here you were being dragged in again…of all people to be the one to take you back, it was your own family.

You weren’t against the British Men Of Letters, but you would be lying if you said you didn’t hold some sort of grudge against them. Technically, they killed your Mum….and your sister. But, technically they didn’t. There were two different perspectives and at this point you didn’t know which was worse.

Too busy staring off into space to notice the briefing was over, Mick broke you form your thoughts. “So, what do you think of our little operation?” He asked, clearly directing the question at your Dad.
“Serena and Alton are smart…Pierce is…well…pierce.”  Dad sighed, no doubt thinking a lot more than speaking.
“Y/N…Anything?” Mick raised an eyebrow. You were amazed he actually wanted to know what you thought. 
You shrugged “There’s not much to say. It worked in England…so why can’t it work over hear?”

Mick nodded “I’m glad you’re as confident in it as I am.”
You stuttered, lost for words in a response. You weren’t expecting him to say that, let alone twist your words. He chuckled before leaving you be.

“You okay?” Dad asked, looking down at you.
“Sure…let’s go with that.” 
He scoffed “Y/N, I’m serious. If you don’t want to be here-”

“Guys!” A worried cry interrupted him, reluctantly dragging your attentions away. Everyone huddled around the screen, watching curiously. Vampires spread out on screen, beginning to surround the buildings.

“We need to go on lockdown.” You broke the silence. Everyone sprung into action. Mary grabbed a walkie-talkie and ordered “Stand down. Do not engage.” as you ducked out of the room to go and check that the doors were all sealed up. You twisted the handles, waiting for a red light and steamed hiss to sound before moving on to the next. 

After checking and double checking that they were all as secure as they could be, you raced back into the room, twisting round corners and heading straight for where the noise was. Inside, your Dad was leaning forward, holding a vampire by his neck.
“How did they even find us?!” Mick questioned.
“Calm down, you’re panicking.” You shushed him, getting a knife and laying it on the table.
“He told us. Our Father.” The Vampire laughed. You frowned, glancing at Dad. 
“The Alpha.” Dad declared.
Before the Vampire could say anything else Mary swung at it with her blade in a scything motion, cleaning cutting through the neck. It fell to the floor, making Alton grimace. 

It amazed you how many people had never been trained or accustomed to field-work.

“Where’s the avd?” You asked.
“In the armory. Along with most of our weapons.”
“If we put it through the vents it should take them all out.” Mary suggested, following your train of thought.
“Exactly, let’s go get it.” 

“Will it kill him…will it kill the Alpha?” Mick asked. “Not wanting to be the bearer of bad news, but he does seem to be a big issue for us.”

“It’ll weaken him,” Dad piped up “But he won’t die from it.”

You watched Mick’s face as it turned to realisation. Him and Mary shared a look that said they were both thinking the same thing. You frowned.
“Where is it?” Mary asked.

After a few minutes of confused waiting Mick appears back and places down some sort of case. He unhooked the clips and opened it up, swerving it round on the table slightly to both you and your Dad could see it. “What is it?” You asked curiously, racking your brain to try and think of if you’d ever seen it before.
“The colt.” Dad answered bluntly, lifting it up in his hands delicately. His face was of amazement as he held it out in front of himself like he couldn’t quite believe it was tangible and there in front of him. “There are only five things in existence it can’t kill.” 
“Geez.” You mumbled, noticing the empty barrel “Too bad it’s out of ammo.” You noted before asking “Can we make some?”

“Yeah actually we can.” Dad nodded, as if struggling to get rid of a reoccurring thought. Unable to stop it he asked “Where did you get this?”

“I stole it.” Mary admitted.

“From Ramiel…that’s what he meant when he asked.” You realised aloud.

Mary nodded “Yes…I-” But she stopped herself, maybe she knew that there was no getting out of this. You couldn’t help but feel betrayed. Cas nearly died, Ramiel offered to leave if someone owned up and yet she didn’t? You couldn’t have done that if it was you….

“Okay, uh….here’s how.” Dad began writing down on a piece of paper the instructions on how to make bullets. He thrusted it into Micks hands before picking up one of the weapons laid out on the table.
“Where’s the armory?” 

“I’ll show you.” Mary decided. You grabbed a blade and followed on, Pierce did the same, calling out “I’ve got your back.”
You sighed, but didn’t question it.

Sprinting through the corridors, you came to halt, waiting in anticipation as your Dad reaches for the handle. The light changed from red to green before the door swung open. Immediately, two vampires were clawing at the open space desperately trying to get inside. Dad slammed the door back as far as it would go, holding them back. “Go!” He shouted “I’ve got em!”

Mary and Pierce nodded, racing off to go the back way. You steadied yourself, gripping the blade in your hand before looking at your Dad. “Open it.” You nodded.

He hesitated, but leaped forward trustingly, allowing the pair of bloodsuckers access. You ducked at their oncoming attack, parrying to the right then slicing through their neck. You felt the individual parts of the inside, the vessels, muscles and bones each broken by the blade as it cut through. The head fell to the floor, shortly followed by the body. You then ducked as another came straight for you. Thankfully, Dad had found his feet by then and had your back. He kicked the vampire away from you, allowing both of you time to adjust. Dad then stepped in front of you and sliced the head off.

Heavily breathing, he patted your shoulder lightly before nodding to himself “Okay, lets go.”

You both raced towards the armory, still highly aware how time was slipping away. “Dad!” You called, almost running into Mary’s collapsed body.
You knelt down next to her, holding her up a little.
“Y/N?” He turned the corner, lowering his knife at the sight. “Mom!”

“Y/N…?…Sam…?” Mary groaned, her eyes blinking awake.

“What happened?” You asked, glancing behind yourself in case of another unexpected attack. “Pierce…he…we should go.” Mary heaved herself up onto her feet, staring at the floor You followed her eye-line, falling upon the broken up avd. “Shit.” You cursed “What do we do now?”
“One problem at a time.” Dad nodded, making sure he kept calm for your sake “We deal with the Alpha first.”
“Mick’s making some bullets, we just have to tr-” Dad stopped himself.
“Trust him?” You offered, hoping your dislike for the phrase was evident in your expression.
“Yeah. Let’s go with that.” He offered a tight smile.

You crept into the room where the Alpha vampire was talking proudly. Serena was on the floor, dead eyes staring up at the ceiling, speckles of blood reflecting the light. You winced a little at the sight, you’d always liked Serena. She had guts. 
Dad held the Colt up, making himself and thus you and Mary known to the Alpha.

“Sam Winchester.” He chuckled. His voice was deep and disconcerting. He had a large black trench coat over his casual-smart dress sense. His skin was dark, his eyes darker and his hands had long red nails where he could drain his victims. You grimaced at the sight, having never seen an Alpha of a species before. Maybe he liked keeping himself to himself. Who could blame him?

“You know there are only five things in existence that thing can’t kill, I’m one of them.” He declared. You watched, was that true? Surely Dad would have known…
“If that were true I’d already be dead.” Dad countered. You only hoped he was right.

“I have many many children,” The Alpha continued, pretending to ignore your Dad “What’s one or two here and there.”

“Exactly.” Dad agreed, You watched, hoping your Fathers ability to manipulate was as promising as it sounded.
“Let my daughter, my Mom and myself go. Then things can go back to the way they should be. Cops and Robbers, Hunters and Vampires a fair fight!” 
Dad sounded so confident in his lie you almost believed it to. 
“And the Brits?” 
“Have them.” Dad snarled.

“You bastard!” Mick had obviously caught on and “attacked” your Dad.
You watched, impressed how smoothly it went. As Mick launched himself at your Father, his hand moved so Dad took hold of the bullet. Dad twisted his body, loading the gun away from the Alpha’s line of sight and threw Mick off.
He then turned back and aimed the gun once more.

The Alpha chuckled- oblivious. “You and I both know that gun isn’t loaded Sam.”

Dad smirked “Isn’t it?”

The Alpha twitched, as if going back in time and realising what had just happened. “No…” He mumbled, still coming to terms with his possible end. His eyes widened, and, as if coming to terms with his end his whole stance relaxed: “Clever. Clever boy.” He smiled.

A shot rang out through the halls: perfect aim. Straight through the alphas forehead. His body shook when waves of electricity surged through his body, jolting him to death. He collapsed- dead.

“Back later, huh?” Dean rolled his eyes at his brother.
“Getting a drink, huh?” Sam remarked, holding back a chuckle.

“When I thought something might have happened to you, I came running…nothing else really matters…” Uncle Dean turned to face his Mother. “Mom….it’s not your job to make me lunch or kiss me goodnight and I get that.” Dean turned to look at his Mum “We’re adults. And you can make your own choices or your own decisions. I don’t have to like em. I guess I’ve just gotta get used to that. Okay?”

“Yeah.” Mary smiled, proud of her boys.

The clanging of chains, made the three Winchesters turn around to see Mr Ketch as he hauled Pierce away. “Where are you taking him?” Sam asked.

“We have a way of dealing with Hunters who go rogue, they aren’t pleasant. Are they Y/N?” 
You glanced up at the sound of your name, having only just arrived at the scene. You were busy putting some weapons back in the armory.
“Eh?” You scrunched up your face.
“The way in which we treat our rebellious Hunters. ie, your Mother.” Mr K said before leaving. You scowled at him even though he wasn’t looking. ‘Great’ You thought ‘that’s another awkward topic to bring up later.’

You walked over to your family, purposely avoiding their confused faces. “We going or what?” You asked, looking up,

“Uh, one moment.” Dad put a finger up and made his way over to Mick. You watched, turning back round to Uncle Dean and Mary. “Pie?” You asked Uncle Dean, making him grin and hopefully forget about awkward questions in the process.
Nodding, his eyes lit up “Pie.” 

“What happened to Y/N’s Mom and sister?” Sam asked, looking Mick directly in the eye. He kept his voice low, aware you could hear if they spoke any louder.
Mick whistled “That’s a biggie. Pick one.”
“Her Mom.”
“Rebecca? Like Ketch said, she went rogue.”
“Why? How?”
“Look, it’s not my place to say what happened to Becky,” Sam noted the use of “Becky” but didn’t say anything “Ask Y/N.”
“Okay…and Max? Her twin sister right?”
“So she told you, huh?” Mick raised an eyebrow “Y/N’s had it rough. But she’s a toughie.”
“What happened to my Daughter?” Sam asked sternly. The fact that Sam reminded Mick how Max was in fact his daughter changed something slightly in Mick’s mind. “If you’re so bleeding curious why don’t you ask your other one?!” Mick snapped, making Y/N turn to look. Thankfully, she didn’t watch for long before going back to whatever conversation she was having.

“I’m just trying to make sure that you didn’t…kill her for no good reason…either of them.” Sam was struggling to talk about it. This was technically his family. Even if it never felt like it.
“They didn’t.”
They?” Sam echoed.
“Well I didn’t do it, did I?” Mick sighed.
“If I ask Y/N, she won’t tell me that you straight out killed her? There had to be a reason.”
“There was. For both cases. A perfectly good reason. Sam. Ask her.”

Sam thought about it for a while, running through the ideas in his head. Weighing ups and downs on imaginary scales before settling with his conclusion. He took in a deep breath and said it before he could stop himself.

“I’m in.” Sam nodded slowly.
“Sorry?” Mick frowned, surprised to hear it after such a conversation.
“Tonight was bad, don’t get me wrong. But the Alpha Vampire is dead. You’re changing the world and I wanna be a part of it.”
“And your brother?”
“Give me some time…” Sam paused, watching as Y/N laughed with her Uncle. He felt a shimmer of guilt try and surface. “Aren’t you gonna ask about Y/N?” 

Part 15- Ramsey


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"I know you better than you know yourself"




u busy?



Kind of

I’m heading to a Party :/



You didn’t tell me about that


Yes i did

it’s that birthday party thing we were supposed to go together

but you can’t go because of stupid exams :(


oh yeah yeah


This guy that lives beside me won’t shut up and he’s starting to drive me crazy, i need to study

Can i please come over? :)


But i won’t be there :/


Doesn’t matter

I just need to be somewhere quiet



you have a key so, it’s okay

I’ll try to be there around 2 or something


Alright! Thank you baby, i love you!


Love you too

The moment he said yes to me staying at his place while he was away, the moment I grabbed the bag sitting beside me along with my keys and left the apartment. The music next door was way too loud, my head started to hurt, and there was no way of making him shut up so the best solution was leave. Finally, I was somewhere quiet where I could study at least a little.

I get to his place and the first thing I notice is that his car is not there, he really was leaving for the party, I was kinda expecting to find him getting ready for it. But it doesn’t matter, at least it was quiet and cozy.  I got in and immediately his dog, Petunia comes running to me and barking when she sees the big bag hanging by my side like she does every time I come over. I scratch her head and walk over to his room, leaving my stuff there and changing into some comfortable clothes I can wear for the rest of the night.

Time passes. By midnight I was already done with all of the notes I need to go over and was bored enough after messing with his piano for almost an hour, so I crash on the sofa with Petunia following me every step I take. I watch one movie that then turns into two movies, and by the time I am done. It’s already 2:30 in the morning and Luke is still not home.

“Where do you think your dad is?” I ask the sleeping dog on my lap, who is quietly snoring while I caress her fur. “Should I call him?”  

I grab my phone and look at the screen, seeing 0 messages or missed calls on my feed. He would call me telling me he’s late, or maybe he’s just being extremely impunctual, which I didn’t mind at all, I just needed to know if he was okay. I go to my contacts and on his number, but right before I could do something, a loud car horn sounds outside the house. I get up from the sofa and walk to the front door, looking through the eye of the door, there was a car parked at the garage, I knew that car. It was Luke’s, but why doesn’t he just come inside.

I step outside and when I did, Michael comes out of Luke’s car, waving a hand at me and making me a gesture to come over. I approach to him, being slightly concerned about why is he driving my boyfriend’s car.

“Hello (Y/n)” he says smiling at me

“Uh-Hi” I say a bit uncomfortable “Why are you driving Luke’s car?”

He chuckles softly and walks to the other side of the car “I think this is yours” he says opening the door “C'mon big boy, you’re home”

I hear a confused groan and a whine “Michael I told you, I want to go to the ice cream- oh look! That’s my girlfriend! Let me introduce you guys, come inside, let’s grab a drink”

Michael laughs and helps him get out of the car since he could barely stand on his own “I’m good” he says “We already know each other, but thanks, buddy”

“No” Luke shakes his head “you come inside, (Y/n) makes the best-” he says but he stops on his feet, leaning on his side and letting all out. Vomiting right by his own car wheel.

“Oh, I was waiting for that” Michael comments, holding on his friend so he didn’t fall on his side.

I gasp and walk over to him, this was crazy, one of the few times I have seen look so drunk that he could barely keep himself standing, I didn’t quite know how to feel about it either because one of the things I wasn’t very good at is to take care of drunk people, especially when Luke was the one drunk, he couldn’t even handle the flu without acting like he is dying, when he was hungover it’s so much worst.

“Oh my god” I say when I was close enough to them “What the-? How did this happen?”

“Well” Michael starts explaining, passing Luke over to my side “Calum kind of challenged him and he went with it”

“Oh babe” I sigh, holding on Luke so he didn’t fall over.

“You smell nice” he mumbles and hides his face in my neck.

“What did he do?” I ask him

“Well, the challenge was to drink over a line of shots and then drink this giant beer, by the way, he won” Michael mentions “but if it makes you feel better, I’m pretty sure Calum looks a lot worst than this”

“Geez” I say trying to handle all of his weight “Thank you for driving him here” I say with a little smile.

“It’s okay” he nods

“You can take the car and drive yourself home” I offer, I was pretty sure Luke wouldn’t mind anyway.

“Oh no, It’s fine Crystal is picking me up, she’s taking Calum home” he smiles “we had to part ways in this since Calum doesn’t have a car and well…”

“Yeah, I get it” I chuckle “Wanna come inside while you wait?” I offer. “There’s ice cream if you want”

“I want ice cream” Luke whines in my ear

“No, It’s Okay” he says to me, shaking his head and walking back a little “I’ll wait over here, I’ll probably take this time to have a smoke, she won’t take that long”

I nod and smile “well, if you need anything just knock the door” I say starting to walk back to the house, dragging Luke with me

“Goodnight!” I say

“Goodnight Michael! I love you!” Luke yells, stumbling in his feet as he walks to his own house.  

He stumbles inside almost falling on the carpet as he gets distracted with his dog barking at him and running around to get his attention, he falls on his knees and caresses Petunia’s fur as he mumbles some none-sense words at her.

“Babeeeee” he calls me leaning his head on the dog “can we have ice cream now?”

I roll my eyes, leaning to take him by the arm and pushing him to stand him up and trying my hardest effort to walk him to the bedroom.

“You just puked your guts out, you’re not getting any ice cream” I shook my head.

“But I want ice cream” he pouts “please”

Not listening to anything that he was rambling about while pushing in the bedroom. I push him all the way up to the bathroom where he whines for no reason and pouts at me.

“You’re going to shower” I say, being very clear to him. He turns around and looks at me with an eyebrow raised “What?” I asked.

“First ice cream, then shower” he suggests and tries to walk away.

I put both of my hands on his chest and laugh. There is no way this was going to happen. “Em, no” I say not letting him walk away “first Shower, then you wash your filthy mouth, then maybe ice cream and you go to sleep”

He huffs, looking like a preteen about to have a rebel moment. “Why can’t I do that after I eat ice cream? Babe, pleaseeee” he whines blowing his breath at me making me turn away, he smelled like hard whiskey and wine.

“Robert you look like you’re about to pass out” I scoff still shaking my head “if you eat right now you will go straight to sleep without even cleaning up”

“That’s not-” he starts

“Literally” I interrupt him “I know you better than you know yourself” I say decisively “you know that damn well”

He rolls his eyes and looks down at me “maybe that’s true..” he mumbles.

“Then why don’t you shower, and when you come back I’ll have a nice bowl of ice cream for you, yeah?” I suggest.

He seems to think about it for a second, before deciding that it was not worth to keep fighting it, he knew I was right, so he turns around and puts his hand in the shower, turning the water on.

“You win.. mom” he jokes taking his shirt off

I smile to him and turn around “see you in a couple of minutes then”  

I walk out of the bathroom and feel some kind of relief when I hear that Luke is actually having a shower, after the mess he made of himself at that party, he is finally listening to me and cleaning up without giving too much of a fight. I walk up to the kitchen and pull out of the freezer the large tub of his favorite ice cream along with the tub of ice cream I bought for myself which was, in fact, my favorite ice cream.

I scoop him a large cup of ice cream and swirl his cup with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Hopefully, he will think this is good enough to stop his whining, Luke has always been a whiny drunk. I hear the water being turned off by the time I finish. I make a cup of ice cream for myself, and when I’m done with everything I take the cups and go to the bedroom where I suppose my boyfriends in.

Pushing the door open with my shoulder, I enter the room and the first thing I notice is Luke’s large body spread all over the bed with half of his body out of it, face down, hair wet, shirtless and with his shorts barely pushed all the way up to his hips, I could clearly see half of his ass showing under those basketball shorts. He was snoring, summoned in a hell of a deep sleep, I could already imagine how strong his hangover was going to be, he was (and is) so drunk, it was just… unbelievable.

I sigh and leave the two cups on the nightstand and walk over to him. I do my best to lift his overly large body and first thing, I push his shorts all the way up, to them move to the bed and dragging him up by his arms, trying to put him on his side of the bed.

“What you doing?” He mumbles being annoyed, sounding like he had hours of sleep and I just woke him.

“I’m accommodating you” I chuckle softly dragging him up a little more before he sat up by himself and crawled to his side of the bed “you were almost falling off the bed” I mumbled, putting the covers over his lap.

He frowns rubbing his eye softly “no I wasn’t” he mumbles

“Yes you were” I quickly say, Caressing his wet hair “I brought you a sundae if you still want ice cream so bad”  

“Mmm” he says closing both of his eyes “with cookie dough ice cream?” He asks softly, sounding like a little kid.

“And chocolate” I smile “want it babe?”

He thinks about it, yawning a couple of times and finally opening his eyes to look directly at me “I mean, I feel like crap but if you actually made me a Sundae, then sure” he says dragging his words when talking. He was for sure still drunk.

I smile and turn to my side, grabbing the cup and passing it to him. He smiles and leans to kiss my cheek. I sit beside him grabbing my own cup and sitting right beside him on the bed.

“This is delicious” he says with his mouth full “have I told you I love you yet?”

I chuckle taking a spoonful of ice cream “no” I smile.

“I love you” he says looking at me in the eye. I smile and kiss his forehead while he keeps eating his ice cream “I love you too” I say “How was the party?” I ask him.

He hums still digging on his ice cream and takes one bite before talking “it was great, the bar was good and they had drinking games everywhere, also this gigantic photo booth and game room, it was so fun babe, so so so so fun” he explains with his mouth full.

“That’s cool” I mumble “sorry I couldn’t go with you” i pout.

He chuckles “it’s fine, look how I ended up” he says rubbing on his face. “Thanks for taking care of me” he says “you’re the best”

I smile and kiss his cheek “Luke, I will always take care of you”