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I honestly didn't think I was ever going to find another reactions blog that included Mass Effect characters ever again. Mass Effect companions react to Shepard pulling a prank on them every once in a while.

That was my thoughts as well, that’s partly why I made this blog! - Mod Jade

Garrus: honestly it kind of scared him at first, not that the turian would ever admit that. Pranking isn’t really a cultural thing with turians, so when Shepard first pulled a prank on him, he thought it was some kind of punishment for doing something wrong. Once Shepard explained the concept to him however, he was actually pleased to be on the Commander’s list of friends, even if he didn’t start really retaliating until ME2. If Romanced; same initial reaction, only when he begins to retaliate, he and Shepard tend to up the ante every prank until things get totally out of hand. But it brings them closer together and they laugh about it afterwards.

Ashley: she was not impressed to be pranked by her Commander. Seriously, the great Commander Shepard? This immature? But she does have a lot of sisters, so she sees the fun in it, and usually joins in with the Commander’s pranks on the crew members, even pulls a few on Shepard in revenge. If Romanced; “if you wanted me in bed, you could have asked instead of dousing me with water Shepard!” Ash is always on the look-out for pranks, and Shepard has to be extra-sneaky in order to catch her off guard.

Kaidan: he’s pretty upset by it when it first happens, at BAaT the only pranks ever pulled on him were cruel, not in the spirit of play. Shepard will stop if he asks them to, otherwise he won’t say anything to the Commander about the pranks they pull, just to disappoint them as they wait for a reaction. If Romanced; Shepard loves him, so it couldn’t possibly mean to upset him, he knows that. He starts to see the fun in pranks, and pulls a few of his own against Shepard, but they’re really bad and he gets found it almost immediately. Shepard trains him in the art of pranks, and soon they’re both pranking their squadmates like there’s no tomorrow.

Wrex: Wrex’s first reaction, like with anything, was to see it as a challenge to catch the other off guard. Who the better warrior was depended on how many succesful pranks one pulled, and Wrex was determined to be the winner. It made life on the Normandy a little more chaotic as Wrex vowed to prove himself the best prankster on the ship. 

Liara: like Garrus, she was frightened by the first incident, as she didn’t know enough about humans to know it was just a bit of fun and thought Shepard was angry with her. Shepard explained to her that humans did that among friends, and again the asari misunderstood the concept of pranks and when trying to reciprocate her pranks were a little…wrong. Like putting a dead mouse in Shepard’s desk, and tossing all of Kaidan’s boots out the airlock. Shepard had to sit her down and teach her how good-natured pranks should be. If Romanced; Aprils’ Fools Day is Liara’s favourite human holiday. It’s an annual tradition that she and Shepard pull elaborate and escalating pranks on each other throughout the day, no matter where they are. Liara once sent a package of sticky glitter to Shepard from Thessia, and couldn’t stop laughing when Shepard got her on the vid, covered in glitter even after three weeks. 

Tali: she was angry at first, thinking the act was out of cruelty, and angrily confronted Shepard about their prank. Once she understood the concept though, she didn’t mind so much. She never attempted any pranks of her own. Well, none that you can prove anyway. Tali has an excellent way of getting others to do her bidding for her, leaving a very paranoid Shepard. If Romanced; she thinks it’s sweet, Shepard’s sharing their sense of humour with her and they know they’re close enough that Tali understands that, so she never minds the pranks, even if they scare her sometimes. She still retains her habit of getting others to prank Shepard back in retaliation, especially EDI.

Zaeed: hates it. forever and always. Shepard would be wise to never make an attempt to prank Zaeed again. Not if they value their life. And their favourite rifle.

Legion: seriously doesn’t get it. the idea of doing semi-bad things to people you like confuses him, organics are so weird. Not many pranks successfully work on him anyway, his processors usually alert him to any abnormalities there may be in the AI Core and he’s quick to remove them. 

Grunt: like Wrex he sees it as a challenge. a personal one. Grunt’s too big to go skulking around the Normandy without being noticied, so he saves his pranks for shore leave. they’re usually pretty crazy too, and he usually ends up in lockup for a few hours with Shepard and whoever else he decided to pull pranks on. Grunt loves them, they’re really fun and it’s like a bonding exercise with his krantt for him, it makes him feel like he belongs somewhere for the first time since he left his tank. 

Jack: oh-ho-ho no. you want to dance Shepard? then let’s dance. Jack at first is extremely pissed, she feels disrespected and threatened, and no matter what Shepard tells her she’ll still resent it. Doesn’t stop her from dishing it back though. Shepard and Jack’s pranks are usually on the violent and often dangerous side, and funnily enough it causes them to grow closer. Jack thinks it’s fun, the more dangerous the outcome the better, and appreciates how Shepard can take as much as they dish it out. If Romanced; the pranks take a more…sexual turn. And Jack has a few tricks up her sleeve to gain the upper hand in that regard. Honestly the amount of times Shepard’s clothes have gone ‘missing’ when they go for a shower, or Jack’s wardrobe is replaced with frilly under garments and baby pink dresses is ridiculous.    

Miranda: she honestly hates the idea and thinks it’s so immature, not to mention time-wasting. They’ve got a job to do! Even though she hates the stupid childish behaviour, you better believe she’ll retaliate for her pride if nothing else. If Romanced; the back-and-forth pranks are like a dance of dominance, just which one of us is the best Shepard? who’s more intelligent, quick-witted, creative, and secretive? they turn it into a competition, and they’re especially competitive when they turn their pranks on their squadmates instead of each other.  

Jacob: he’s served in the Alliance, and he’s seen coping mechanisms like this before. Shepard is annoyed with his reaction to their pranks being to suggest they have a talk with Kelly. Shepard quickly loses interest in pranking Jacob, but every now and then Jacob will prank Shepard in little ways; like putting super-glue on their coffee cup, and Shepard will never suspect him. He’ll just be chuckling in the background as they go crazy over finding out who pranked them. If Romanced; he’s caught in the act once, and Shepard realizes Jacob’s actually more into pranking than they believed. In fact his sense of humour is almost on par with theirs, why don’t they show it more often? Jacob usually only pranks Shepard when they’re alone, like in their cabin, he doesn’t make it a public spectacle. But Shepard can’t resist embarrassing Jacob in front of the whole ship.

Kasumi: she loves it, thinks it’s good fun. she never gets caught setting up pranks of her own, and the mystery pranks are always blamed on Shepard by the rest of the crew. Shepard and Kasumi love to mess with each other, replacing their weapon’s ammo with shells of salt, their shampoo with shaving cream, switching the labels on similar-looking foods, etc. the crew usually stay out of the way when those two are on a pranking spree.

Thane: he finds it amusing, he used to play little tricks on Irrikah sometimes, and it’s nice to have something to genuinely smile at. the fact that he’s always so stoic when pranking Shepard back makes it difficult to be caught at it, and honestly just makes it funnier for Shepard. If Romanced; it reminds him of happier times, and it hurts just a little, especially when he lapses into solipsism, but he appreciates the little distractions from the gloomier things in his mind. He appreciates Shepard’s humour too, and is always so smug when a prank against Shepard goes just right. 

Samara: she doesn’t necessarily understand the pranks or their purpose. most of time they don’t affect her, but she makes sure to react accordingly so Shepard is happily satisfied with their work. she finds it cute, it makes her think of her daughters when they were young. so she always indulges Shepard to make them happy.

EDI: “I don’t ‘like’ things the way organics do, but I enjoy the complexity of the challenge that these pranks present. it is…fun.” EDI is eager to learn more about humour and organics- especially human humour at that. EDI really likes to try and set up her own pranks, that are usually so cringeworthy Shepard loves them. Joker often joins in her pranks or gives her new ideas. He regrets that when she becomes EDI’s next prank victim.

James: James can’t get enough of the pranks to be honest, things like that is what makes the Alliance great. But it’s what makes the Normandy crew especially great. He loves to feel that comradeship between the crew members, but he thinks it’s totally awesome to see that level of casualness in his Commander. He’ll always prank them back, they usually involve covering Shepard in various types of substances that are very hard to wash off. Shepard’s involve stealing all his shirts and whistling when he walks around the ship shirtless looking for them.

Javik: primitive bullshit. no thanks.

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Long time no talk, everyone! It’s time for  BackOff update :)

Changes to Jacob’s romance are now finished. The overhaul actually ended up being a lot more than I bargained for. Around 200 hours of work between research, edits, and testing. The good news is that now there’s at least something of a romance for Jacob, the interactions with him feel markedly different for LI/friend Sheps, and I learned a lot more about editing camera and animations for dialogue. That last detail is an especially great thing, since it will come in handy as work continues on Thane’s romance scene.

The screenshot above shows a restored line of dialogue that went unused in the game. It’s now used only in the romance version of the conversation. For full details/spoilers on Jacob’s changes in BackOff read on:

  • General Changes — Lots of fixed typos and dropped words from subtitles, amended dialogue wheel text, and adjusted camera shots. I’ve also attempted to fix some of his characterization and word choice, making it more consistent with ME2.
  • On Citadel, Kasumi’s Comment — Like in ME2, Kasumi will only mention her feelings for Jacob if he isn’t being romanced.
  • Gellix, Entering the Facility — Minor adjustments for Jacob/Shep/Brynn’s dialogue. Removal of the bugged line where Jacob greets Garrus/Liara/Tali and they are missing from the camera shot.
  • Gellix, Jacob Main Convo — Tons of changes. Slighty altered opening for friend versus LI. Removal of dialogue about the Normandy being Shepard’s “life.” Jacob now is simply committed to protecting the scientists as more of a moral choice and because he’s found a new “home” with them. His desire for a family is lessened a bit and is more present for friendShep. FemShep now has the ability to breakup with Jacob or pursue the relationship in a less… icky manner. Rekindle option will not be available if Shepard is already in a relationship with Liara/Sam/Kaidan. Unused dialogue pertaining to Liara/Kaidan has been restored. Jacob and Brynn are now only involved for friendSheps OR if FemShep has chosen to breakup with Jacob on her own terms. FemShep still has the ability to call Jacob a “bastard,” but unlike the vanilla game, this will have consequences. Aeia-related dialogue will work correctly for those who set the proper bools manually in gibbed. So far, I haven’t been able to figure out a way to get the bools to set properly in game. Still working on it, though.
  • Gellix, Brynn Main Convo — Some small adjustments here. For the most part the convo now plays out the same way for LI & friend Shep.
  • Gellix, Evacuation and Shuttle Convos — These will now play out differently for LI-Jacob, depending on how Shepard handled the breakup. In the vanilla game there was no difference. A bug with repetitive recruitment dialogue for Jacob on the shuttle has been fixed.
  • Jacob’s Email to Shepard — There will now be two versions of this message, friend and romance. The friend version will be very close to vanilla. Some small adjustments to wording. The LI version will provide a better transition between the end of ME2 and events on Gellix, also providing a bridge to the meeting at Huerta. “Bastard Jacob” will NOT send FemShep an email altering her to his presence in Huerta, because… why would he?
  • Jacob’s Email to Brynn — Only present for friendShep’s or amicable break up.
  • Cabin Photo — Present for Shep’s who try to rekindle Jacob’s romance.
  • No Lock in — I just want to be clear about this. There still is no legit “romance” for Jacob, so there is no lock-in. Thus, I’m not locking out other LIs. Due to the other changes in BackOff other LIs will not flirt excessively, and it will be up to FemShep to pursue someone else.
  • Cockpit, Joker’s comment after Gellix — Only takes place if Shep has locked in a new romance before Gellix, and Jacob revealed he’s with Brynn.
  • Citadel, Aethyta-Liara Dialogue — Fixed for Jacob and all other LIs.
  • Citadel, Jacob’s Huerta Convo — This convo was basically identical for all Shepards regardless of romance history; there was a single line difference. Because of that, though, it felt weird for all Sheps. There are many awkward moments in the conversation that feel wrong if Shepard is only a friend. I’ve adjusted this so now these awkward moments only happen for a Shep who is still trying to rekindle with Jacob. The opening and closing has been changed and varies with romance status, and some unused dialogue was restored. Jacob will now only announce the pregnancy if Shepard chose the right convo branch on Gellix OR if s/he reads the proper SB Terminal message.
  • London, Holocall — I’d like to do more with this but there are still some technical issues. I did amend the “Yes sir!” for all Sheps to a “Will do” that works regardless of Shep’s gender.
  • Citadel DLC — Not finished yet. The casino convo will be altered for romancers. Party dialogue about Brynn/baby will only happen for friend Shep, assuming Jacob made the announcement in Huerta.

That’s it! Like I said, it’s a lot of changes.

Update on ThaneMOD content coming soon :)