there are a lot of genuinely nice people who like it

I promise I will tell the story of what happened (at least all that I remember from it) within the next few days but I have to write it all out and fortunately for me it was a lot

Everyone there was amazing I can honestly say I had a genuine and memorable interaction with every single person on the team at some point, but I do just want to say that some people who really stuck out to me were:

Carli Lloyd - I know sometimes she seems a little off at times and may have come across as cocky in the past but my personal experience was that she genuinely went OUT of her way to make me feel included and special, taking extra time to talk to me and sign stuff (and fucking dedicating her hat trick to me WTAF) like she didn’t have to do that at all I would have been more than satisfied with an autograph or picture but she really really seemed genuine and was incredibly nice and welcoming

Whitney Engen - Whit was incredibly sweet and I got to have several conversations with her I could tell she was so genuinely excited to be there and even to see me on multiple occurrences. Actually when they were walking to the bus at the end of the game I was holding out an O'Hara jersey for her to sign and she was like “are you sure you want me to sign it?? last time I signed a hope solo jersey the girl started crying” and I was like “what?? Of course I want you to sign it, if it were up to me I would have an Engen jersey!” And she just got so happy and aghhhh I just love Whit

Tobin Heath - Tobin is soooooo nice holy shit. When I went to training she was the first one to meet me and she literally walked right up to me like “are you Allie” and talked to me about anything and everything for like a good 7 minutes! and every time I saw her after that she addressed me by name and came up to give me a hug and talk! like it was obvious everyone on the team could tell Kelley was my fav but even when I would get hyped and put all my attention on Kelley, Tobin (and others too but Tobin stood out) was always there just smiling and seeming genuinely happy to see me happy even if I wasn’t talking to her or anything. She’s just very very sweet and went out of her way so many times it was incredible

HAO - HAO is the coolest person ever. Like she is so genuine (I know I keep using this adjective but srsly) and it’s easy to tell from the moment you talk to her. She always addressed me by name, told me she hoped I feel better bc I was “an incredible chick” and just was awesome and super easy to talk to. Like I’ve always loved HAO but this really put the icing on the cake bc I know she’s been around forever and probably gets this all time but she really was just so authentic and warm

Ashlyn Harris - ash is probably one of the most gentle and caring people I’ve ever met. every. single. time. without fail when she saw me she would take the time to have a good conversation with me and stuff. even during gk warm ups when she was busy and far away she saw me and smiled and waved. the first time I talked to her and I told her she was so inspiring she turned it back on me and told me I was the one that was inspiring (like holy shit) and was just so complimentary and motivational and supportive it was incredible to have that experience. even the last time I talked to her when they were walking out towards the bus, she stopped and had about a minute long conversation with me about pushing through and how there’s gonna be good days and bad days and how you shouldn’t hide how you’re feeling and stuff and that she’s always there for me without me even prompting her in convo and gave me multiple hugs! she’s just such a great and inspiring human being I mean I knew this before but she really blew me away these past couple of days

Kelley fucking O'Hara - Kelley was everything I dreamed and a million times more. Yes she’s my favorite, but I think even that not being the case I would’ve walked away today feeling the same way. She went ABSOLUTELY out of her way to make me feel special and loved and supported and having a good time. I mean the first day she was so sweet talked to me foreverrrr and even made sure my family felt really welcome and stuff. she was so funny and easy to talk to you and you could she actually gave a shit about what I had to say. I mean holy crap she heard about me and was gonna make a trip to come surprise me at my house for christ’s sake! and she kept apologizing that it didn’t work out even though I didn’t even know anything about it! and like she was just incredible guys I could go on about it for days. (I’ll give more deets later) like coming up to me after the game and talking to me telling me that I was their good luck charm bc they won and all this other stuff that she didn’t have to say or do at all but she DID!!!! she’s just so smiley and loving like I have all these pics of her literally squishing me in hugs with a giant smile on her face I can’t put into words how amazing she was to me. like if anything my love for her after this experience grew a million times more.

Those are just a few who really really really really really stuck out to me but a lot of them really really really stuck out to me (Kling, Alex, Press, Kriegs, MewTwo, and more) like all of them were incredible I’ll explain more later I literally LOVE THE USWNT SO MUCH

And I just want to say US soccer as much as I dislike some of the ways they treat the women’s team and more of the corporate type stuff, the staff and all the people I met that repped them (both men’s and women’s) were incredible in so many ways. First of all this didn’t have to happen at all, but it did, and even then it could have been the minimum but they went OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure it was the maximum. I am just absolutely blown away by it all and am so grateful and inspired I can’t put it into words

And you guys!!! I have gotten so many amazing messages, a lot that I have yet to read and reply to bc this weekend has been such a whirlwind, but you guys have been so happy and excited for me and I really really appreciate it! I mean a bunch of people even came up to me during the game and told them my story inspired them like that’s amazing you guys are all perf and I love you. So I just wanted to say thank you for all the support from USWNT, US soccer and of course all of you guys, it means so so so so much to me :)

I’ll be posting more pics and details soon don’t worry! :-)

some dennor things we should discuss:

- nor being the one who get jealous so he’s extra clingy when he sees denmark getting a lot of attention (which he does because home boy is good looking)

- norway doesnt try to be the overprotective boyfriend but it irks him to watch people be nice to denmark with only the desire to get him into bed

- den never realizes it when someones being flirtatious like he understands the whole concept of flirting and what it looks like when people flirt but he genuinely believes people are being extra nice when in reality they’re just flirting with him

- nor being the big spoon

- den letting his facial hair grow out and nor totally digs it but denmark cant stand it so he shaves it ( nor is bitter about this so he’s Extra Pouty™)

- den is so shitty at getting himself dressed so whenever theres a special occasion norway always picks out his outfit because god forbid they go anywhere without being the hottest couple lbh

- anytime they’re sitting side by side like on a couch or on the bus or smthn, norway likes to rest his head on dens shoulder and it doesnt matter how long theyve been together, it always makes denmarks heart beat really fast

- nors favorite thing about denmark is his smile because its so wide and toothy and he loves the deep dimples at each end of his mouth and the way the corners of his eyes crinkle and it just makes nor so happy every time he smiles

- dens favorite thing about norway is his laugh. Whenever he finds something amusing norway usually snorts or smirks but there are times when he lets out a real laugh and he throws his head back and its so loud and genuine and hes gasping for air as tears roll down his pink cheeks and denmark cant help but laugh along with him because its so beautiful and his boyfriend is just so beautiful

- h e l p

every time i go back to the half press a vid it has gained a like 100k views. that’s good bc it’s a great video that i genuinely enjoyed so much and the guy deserves the attention. but if you check the comments there are a lot of people being very mean, people who were drawn there after it became a meme, who call pannenkoek2012 a waste of space and ableist slurs and such

this makes me very sad. why would you do that

he’s just a guy doing the thing he loves and being enthusiastic about it, and not only that: he’s passionate about sharing his discoveries and accomplishments and explaining them to others… he’s great at explaining, too! even if you’re not into extreme Super Mario 64 bug exploitation, why would you be so mean about something that obviously took a whole lot of dedication and also brings a person joy

tbh it almost makes me wish the vid hadn’t blown up. i can only hope the people leaving nice comments somehow get through to him

his other videos are also really fun btw, I recommend them especially the vid explaining the 255 coin thing and the mystery goomba series 

You know what, as doubtful as I am about Sm entertainment, I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and see how this whole NCT thing plays out because I’m genuinely interested in how they’ll keep this going and such…like sm obviously has A LOT of money so if all of this is really high production value and has a strong concept with nice people who are treated well, then I’ll be happy.

i got to my fp’s college and like we were going to lunch on campus and she’s like “here wait there’s a table with my friends” and im internally screaming cause i don’t really wanna socialize with people who are probably more important to her than me

anyway like one of them comes up to me and she’s like “you must be the infamous krissi. (fp) won’t shut up about you.” and she was genuinely nice but i was??? so embarrassed??? i kind of shyly smiled and started playing with my hair and scratching my wrists ugh i was so awkward.

and all throughout lunch i kept thinking about how she said that my fp would not shut up about me which means she talks about me a lot aaaa… aaaaaaa….

Do you expand upon the dynamic between Daniel and Jack this season? We see that each have received a bit of a promotion, but there’s still that tension between them.

Michele: Well, Daniel’s out here running a very green crew, where Thompson seems to have a little bit more of a hierarchy as he’s been doing it a big longer. I think there’s a nice tension between them, between two people who are trying to mark their territory a bit.

Tara: I think they genuinely like each other. The problem with Thompson is, he’s such an opportunist, and he so wants to succeed above all other things, that he sometimes makes bad choices. I think he’s not a bad guy, he just gets blinded by ambition. And it’s going to trip him up and put him actually at odds with Peggy and Sousa for a lot of the season. He’s going to have to make some choices where it’s like, are you still going to be that person or are you going to be true to who you really are? Which is not a bad person. He has a really interesting arc.


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so like, i know u know this and so does probably everyone who follows either me or u or us both *lol* but i'm still gonna say it and u can't stop me; when u die (u know, about 150 years from now, when we're done seeing the entire world) they're gonna have to call the cops to forcefully pick me up and drag me away from the little microphone and i will STILL clutch the lectern with the tips of my rheumatic, wrinkled fingers because i wouldn't be able to stop saying GENUINELY nice things about you


*whispers* also ilu a lot <3 <3 <3


Monthly art summary: January 2016

So whether I made progress in my drawing I don’t know, but I did realize a couple of things about myself and my art.  

So I’m no longer nervous about letting people see my sketchbook so I take that as a sign of I’m getting better. I started off with a slight art block, then I did a couple of studies. What I’ve learned this past month is that messy sketches can be fun today, iterative drawing studies are a good way to improve but take a lot of discipline to do (so I plan to work on that)

Speedpaints are super helpful and making your own are an even better help; it let’s you see your mistakes and get a better in understanding of your own style

Basically this month words of wisdom- You’re not a bad as you think you are. And there will be people who genuinely like your work

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Thanks for the posts about Holocaust Memorial Day, Jolteon. I feel like Tumblr doesn't pay enough attention to, or likes to erase Jewish issues. Not that it's anything new to our history but yeah, it's still nice to see when people remember and take the time to recognise our losses.

Let’s be brutally honest here, it’s unusual for a lot of goyim to even think about us unless it’s to use our suffering as hyperbole for whatever other political point that they want to make unless they’re antisemites.

What I will say, though, is that I’m very lucky that all the mods here genuinely do care about Jewish issues, and they’re massively supportive in every sense. 

I do thank all the goyim who care and mourn with us in their own way, though. That show of solidarity shouldn’t be taken for granted, and I think it’s important to appreciate them. It means a great deal.

For today: I lost family members, and it’s a difficult time. We ask ourselves how differently our lives might have been if they had lived, how that would have affected our own personal history. The might-have-beens and the grief of those that we never had the privilege to meet. The stories we’ll never know because sometimes, they’re just too painful to share. 

Sorry, I’m usually more articulate than this, but you know how I’m feeling.

May their memories be a blessing. 

- Jolteon

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its sweet that you want to help us love dean but when you say that you might come to dislike him, are you saying because of his personality or the things he does? genuinely I am curious because I cant imagine how anyone would come to dislike him. I hope that you stay for along time in this fandom!

Hmm yeah I guess there’s just something about his personality/ actions that bother me. Unlike other biases, I just can’t find a justification for it. Ex- he’s not really a bias but, in the case of bts’ rapmonster, he says a lot of shit. But that’s just his character and he’s just pretty blunt about things, usually. He’s the type of person who doesn’t really think before he talks, so people can always find fault in his words. And for people like Zico and chanyeol, I guess they’re typically nice and wonderful people, but there’s just something off about them, and it doesn’t sit well with me. So I guess it’s not like I dislike/hate the guys, there’s just something in my radar that goes off when I see them. Most of the time though, I adore them^^

Idk that’s just how I’ve been feeling about Dean for a while now, even my friends know about it, haha! I honestly thought I would be over him after seeing him in person but I’m still here! I’m still in love with Dean~^^ ❣❣❣
Hope this kind of clears it up^^;; I can’t really pinpoint what it is that bothers me, it’s just like my sixth sense kind of thing.

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Who are your tumblr crushes? :)

i think it’s too soon to tell because my blog is not more than a month old aaand I haven’t discovered a lot of people but here goes:

@brbcrawlingtokorea and @jonginssoo and @blondejongin because of all the good Kai stuff they post (especially the gif sets!) which are the main reason why Kai has already climbed to the second spot neck to neck with Yixing third spot on my bias list

@luderella i like her edits so much and I think she is genuinely nice too because she patiently answers questions like where to watch this or where did you get that gif etc 

@ohhsenshine because honestly her posts are the best! how she compiles and make gif sets like that is beyond me, thank you for always blessing my feed with reblog- worthy stuff

@fuckyeahexofics i mean they compile EXO fics, and I am a big fic reader and writer so it’s super nice that there is a site where everything is just organized in tags and you can look for whatever fic suits your mood

@damnitsehun THE BLOG THEME <3 and her edits too, and how you can just disappear in her page and scroll and scroll, i mean it’s super pretty and organized

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In an alternate universe, where Aria and Tevos are still amazing, but they don't have to hide, where would Aria take Tevos to impress her? What do you think their first date would be like, would Aria even date? That's a lot of questions, sorry....

I honestly like to think that Aria used to “conventionally” date up until her more high profile personas were born (where it became dangerous to be too close to her, publicly). I like the idea that she’s someone who sometimes genuinely enjoys traditional companionship, treats her partners decently and nicely, just up until the point where she finds it necessary to sacrifice parts of the relationship for things she finds supremely important, like administrating huge criminal empires. If Aria and Tevos didn’t have lives that would require them to stay secret, I think Aria going on a “conventional” date would entail impressing the people she likes with fancy ass expensive things in addition to her own flawless personality lmao. Five-star classy restaurant and hotel nonsense plus gifts that would’ve broken the bank if she weren’t wealthy. Showing off like this is probably more so done for ego and vanity than it is for the joy of someone else. Aria loves to be admired more than she likes to admire, I’d say… That’s not to say she can’t like someone a whole goddamn lot, just… Aria tends to love Aria first hahaha. Everything else comes second.

Shinya, post Sasayama’s death, has a narrow margin of people that he can enjoy the company of. He favors people who have a bit of backbone to them and aren’t afraid to bite back at him, but at the same instance, he does not like it when people get too sassy or pushy with him. He also likes kind people, but charitable people that are too nice to him make him uncomfortable, because he feels like they pity him or are trying too hard to get to him. Trying to get Shinya to like you is almost like limbo, but you can override a lot of this if you’re a genuine person. 

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You're a very close-minded person if you only listen to the opinions of people you agree with. Being open to different opinions than your own can teach you a lot about life and help you understand people better.

i know and i know that i should probably not think that way when i’m meeting new people but i guess that being around people who genuinely don’t want to understand you is just frustrating. i used to actually try having nice debates with these people but the way some of them just completly reject my opinion even when i try sugercoating it makes me so incridibly angry that i completly stopped trying. and i mean actual people who don’t have any facts to support their opinions and will not even listen. it’s not like i’m gonna do the exact same thing and completly shut down when people tell me that my opinion is wrong. i’m just not sharing my opinion anymore and i’m not gonna try proving people’s opinions wrong either.

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omg are you kiddin h me??? why is it that people decide to send negativity in every time you do something nice? you genuinely try to be sweet to your followers and people pay back anonymously with hate??!! if someone really has that much salt about you being sweet, they can just not follow, thanks. believe it or not, there are a ton of other people who can actually appreciate kindness.

thankyou so much this made me feel better. I’m not sure who they were, but I’m pretty sure they unfollowed me, which is fine.  I can see how they would think it was bias I guess, I mean there are several people I talk to a lot. However if I ever do anything like this I don’t want it to be bias and serve it’s purpose correctly. I don’t get much hate, I only ever get it when I try to do things like this somehow. ^^” I’m not sure if it makes me look “high and mighty,” I’m no where near famous. hmmm..

Val would be one of those people who send nice things on anon, because he’s not doing it to get recognition for being nice, he’s sending it because he genuinely wants someone to feel better about themselves and it doesn’t matter to him whether he gets credit for brightening someone’s day or not

And if a friend made a post about having a bad day you can guarantee he’d hit ask limit sending them nice anonymous things while calling them and making sure they’re okay

I'm feeling a lot of words right now.

on a lot of different topics. so here’s a snapshot of where my head is currently.
1) I’ve been developing some very ill-timed (and apparently reciprocated) feeling for someone from back home, who I’ve had a baby crush on since I was like 17. he’s good friends with an ex, which makes me feel a little weird. but he is the most genuinely kind and wonderful human, so fuck it. I think I deserve to talk to someone nice after all of the shit I’ve gone through over the last few months and years.
2) You gotta be fucking careful who you vent to, goddamn. I don’t know why I’m always so trusting of everyone, but live and learn, man.
3) like ten people at my job got fired today and it was a little frightening. I’m glad I wasn’t one of them, but good lord. they didn’t give them any notice or anything. fired them today and they won’t be back tomorrow.
4) I got a cat a few weeks ago because there are no dogs allowed in the apartment. my allergies were traaagic at first. but they’re starting to adjust, thank god, because I love him and I needed a tiny buddy.
5) Apparently someone started a rumor or concocted an outright lie that I cheated on one of my exes and I just found out about it, years later. he’s been under the impression the whole time that I did this. I know that stuff is all ancient history and whatnot, but I am so appalled I can’t get over it. I was cheated on by my first ever boyfriend, many times, and I would never do that to another person. ever. fuck.
I could keep going, but I won’t. you’re welcome.

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foeilyei 👀


my opinion on;

character in general: nessima is my sweet positive daughter and tbh i’ll personally come after anyone who calls morally good and genuinely happy and nice characters boring? characters don’t need a tragic backstory to be well-thought-out or good or whatever. there’s a bias against female/feminine characters that paints them as mary sues for having nice things and being skillful even though male characters who are actually the same way are glorified as heroes… just saying :^) anyway i love nessima damn turen wouldn’t exist without her so…
how they play them: like i said before u can’t fuck up ur own oc? so yeah

the mun: allison is great! we haven’t been pals for v long but you’re chill and easy to talk to, which is saying a lot bc i’m a goddamn potato when it comes to talking to people

do i;

follow them: yup!
rp with them: yes!
want to rp with them: of course :~)
ship their character with mine: if i ever go back to holden’s blog some gay shit might happen im just saying

what is my;

overall opinion: 11/10 would follow. i love female ocs and i love faeries and? the lore allison uses is v interesting and i’m looking forward to learning more about it the longer i write turen for her!

I’ve been thinking a lot about people and their intentions and whether or not they are “good” people. I was talking to my friends about how I think ***** is a nice person and seems genuine but then someone asked me “is she really though? she’s best friends with ______” and maybe that’s unfair but it’s also really true???? like what does it say about you if your closest friends or even people you are just friends with are unhealthy, bad people to be around??? like what does it say about you if you’re friends with someone who makes fun of self harm or goes out of their way to defend “all cops” and “all lives matter” ????? it’s so scary!!!! you need to be accountable not only for yourself but people you call your friends as well