there are a lot of flaws that come with this edit tbh

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how could ryuji be the best if hes constantly making lewd comments about women

*cracks knuckles* WE GON’ LEARN TODAY SON

To begin, I think there’s inherently a weird flaw in Ryuji’s writing (or perhaps a localization/translation issue) in that the very thing you mention doesn’t make sense for his personality. I’ll admit I love that boy more than anything so I’m a bit quick to defend him, but also if I take myself outside of that for a sec, it genuinely doesn’t line up. I don’t know if Ryuji started out as like, Pervy Bro and they were like “oh we can’t make him a straight up dick” or if he started off an empathetic, loyal character and they were like “oh but we need someone to be the horny teenage boy” (I’m inclined to think the latter). Either way, Ryuji is very protective and responsive to the girls on the team. Let’s take a look at what I think of as True Ryuji (tru-uji if you will hahahaha i hate myself too it’s ok), and just fyi SPOILERS. I haven’t finished the game yet so not full game spoilers but just-before-5th-palace-spoilers.

When Ann walks into the metaverse, his priority is her safety, not some dumb “oh this GIRL is gonna SLOW US DOWN” shit–which, if Ryuji is Typical Bro, would’ve been his reaction. He’s also extremely motivated by the mistreatment of girls, especially Ann, by Kamoshida. Also the physical abuse, of course, but his first insult tends to be calling Kamoshida a pervert and gross and whatnot which leads me to think he has a bigger problem with Kamoshida’s sexual abuse than his physical (WHICH IS SAYING SOMETHING seeing as how Ryuji was a victim of the physical abuse). Ryuji is beyond impressed with Makoto and her persona’s awakening, arguably the most out of the entire team, and in full, active, vocal support of it–not to mention he literally jumps into traffic to stop a car so we can hurry and save Makoto. He is the first to run to Futaba when she falls down AND when Ann is pushing Futaba’s boundaries during the closet scene, Ryuji is very insistent that Ann should not continue. In the end we get the info we’re looking for and Futaba comes out applause all around good job Ann etc etc etc but Ryuji’s sensitivity to Futaba and her feelings was like….so refreshing to me?? Esp as someone with anxiety?? That was so touching idc if i sound like a cheeseball I KNOW IT’S A VIDEO GAME but my boy was so pure. THENNN when Haru is getting harassed, Ryuji is first to arrive (shoutout to track team and long legs) and immediately takes up a defensive position. He demands that her fiance leave her alone because she’s our friend–which, at this point in time, is basically a lie. He also is first to run to her when she falls and immediately agrees to having her rest, offering our attic as the resting place without asking (knowing there’s no problem with it) and even tho he’s been beefin’ with Morgana he puts Haru before that and works with Morgana to get Haru to safety.

And that’s just the phantom thieves girls!!! There’s so many other instances where he’s A GOOD BOY (the old lady at the station *tear*, willingly provoking the Shadows so we can escape even tho it means certain death, unashamed to share vulnerable or traditionally-considered-”weak” emotions) that I could literally go on forever. 

His obsession with girls and making comments about their bodies is like, def not ok, but in The Real World my guess is that it’s because the writers had trouble deciding what kind of person he was gonna be and tried to fit both in and tbh for me I just can’t buy it. I could buy some of it, like checking out Ann or something, but then in Hawaii when he’s talking about how the girls there are “massive” I was like ????? Ryuji would never go THAT far. In a headcanon-y space, I would say that Ryuji’s dad is obviously The Ultimate Piece of Shit and 1) didn’t give Ryuji a good idea of what a man is so 2) Ryuji no longer has a male presence in his life and thus nothing else to go off of, which means 3) in an effort to be Masculine and Become a Man during his coming-of-age age (lol), he’s just copying what he thinks is how he’s supposed to act. I also think that Ryuji’s mom is a sweet, kind lady who wouldn’t hesitate to bitch slap her son if she heard him talk about girls that way and she’s raised him to be respectful so that also contradicts his behavior. It’s not genuinely who he is–he’s so quick to tell guys to back off the girls at the beach even tho he literally just went to do the same thing–it’s just who he thinks he’s supposed to be. And we all know Ryuji struggles with self-esteem and not putting himself down, so like, he doesn’t have the ability to outright reject that notion (yet). He so often wants to be someone other than himself that he adopts this persona (haha didn’t mean to do that) thinking it’s just the way of the world. 

None of the above makes his behavior excusable AT ALL, like more than once I literally said “dude chill out” to my screen ok, but I think in game-verse it can be explained and outside of the game it can also be explained. I contend that he is still pure and good and right and the goddamn sunshine incarnate, but dude’s got flaws and some things he has to work out (and I fully believe Ann threatens and then casually DOES call his mom to tell on him one day [much to his protests and FOR REALs and ARE YOU KIDDING MEs and ANN I’M SO SORRY I PROMISE I WON’T SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT AGAIN JUST DON’T TELL MY MOM] and Ryuji gets a Second Awakening when he gets home that night and never makes a lewd comment again)

((also he’s probably bi and doesn’t know how to face that yet so he’s overcompensating FIGHT ME ON THIS))

*EDIT* @defciggy pointed out the duality doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive which is something I normally try to be cognizant of bc ppl are gray areas but I got a lil carried away lol so I just want to retract a little bit and say the writing isn’t necessarily flawed/mistaken/poor but that the good in him is bigger than the bad

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ive been reading a lot of meta here and i just wanted your opinion about this (lol i just really like your opinions and blog SO): what do /you/ think about grantaire? like, i love him, but hes also SUCH an asshole (imho, from reading LM.. and a lot of meta) and a lot of fandom kinda glosses over that? like idk. it feels like a lot of the time people will ignore r's canon flaws or( and this is what really annoys me) ise his alcoholism/depression to absolve him of his flaws? which is just +

(p2) really unhealthy and weird imo. but what do you think? how true to r’s character do you think modern interpretations/fandom is, and like.. i didnt really get into this but it kinda ties in- how true do you think fandom is about /enjolras’s/ character? (which I have a Lot of opinions about but this is already two asks lol) anyway, sorry for the thought dump!

hi! wow this is a really interesting question. (sorry for the late-ish response, it’s finals times) 

i’m sure other people could be waaaayy more eloquent on the matter, but generally speaking my opinion of fanon grantaire (and i recognize i’ve internalized a lot of these traits) is similar in some ways, and then so different in other ways. 

fanon grantaire is way more … likable. he’s a lot more sympathetic? compelling? none of those are the words i’m looking for but english escapes me a little rn. 

canon grantaire is an asshole. he’s an asshole. he harasses the waitresses, the way he speaks about women is kinda gross at times, he’s constantly ranting (fanon doesn’t get this quite right because:) he’s super obnoxious and not in a ‘haha ok grantaire’ but in a ‘you’re ruining the whole night someone please shut him up or change the subject anything’. he’s so rude!!! he’s genuinely, genuinely, an asshole. like. a dick. 

canon grantaire’s relationship with enjolras is so unhealthy,  and usually in modern aus it gets toned down or if it’s addressed it’s either really good, or it’s completely brushed off (and usually enjolras’ fault) i wrote a little bit about my opinions on that here actually, but that was very much just within fandom, and my issues with the way exr is often written) edit: i linked to the wrong one, this is the ramble i meant to link to. 

tbh…… fanon grantaire is watered down, and i understand why.

especially with blagden’s characterization (he didn’t have a lot to work with and he did a lot, on the exr relationship but he didn’t have room to work on the other stuff, etc) being so #relatable#unrequiredlove – fandom sees this tragic, queer, depressed/mentally ill man who doesn’t believe anything but he believes in this other man who is the literal sun and who doesn’t love him back

which… isn’t wrong. but it becomes a flat archetype onto which sad/depressed, queer fans can project their own experiences, feelings, etc on to him. I know i’ve done it in the past. that’s where the idea of (financially) poor grantaire comes from; in canon grantaire is very well off, if not wealthy. but it’s relatable to fans who want or do see themselves in this depressed queer character in love with someone unattainable – but who (in fanon) ends up with this person.

but that also means that grantaire can’t be too obnoxious, or too unlikable (because then it’s harder to villainize enjolras justify them getting together if grantaire is genuinely unlikable) and his obnoxious ramblings will actually strengthen the amis’ arguments or whatever fanon does because we want to like grantaire because we see ourselves in grantaire 

i don’t really blame fandom for this – a lot of it hasn’t read the brick, and while grantaire is arguably our best fleshed out amis, he’s just not as compelling/sustainable for the exr fandom that wants to write the fluffy or even angsty fics

yeah i completely agree: fanon uses grantaire’s mental illnesses as a sort of way to be like “but he’s sad!!!!!!! it’s not his fault it’s a coping mechanism to be a total dick and harass the object of his ‘affections’!!!” (a dramatization). but sometimes I see it and i’m just…. grossed out. I talked a lot about that in the link up above because it really bothers me, as someone with a lot of mental health problems, and who spent an entire abusive relationship afraid i was being the manipulative or shitty one. like, people with mental illness need to take responsibility for how we act, and… for some reason it’s okay that grantaire is passive aggressive and/or deliberately aggressive because it’s how he copes or w/e idk idgi

In regards to enjolras……. i really don’t get fanon enjolras a lot of the time. most of this stems from fanon’s need to make everything just so extreme (one example is either enjolras can cook elaborate meals or he burns water. why not… just having a normal level of proficiency….) 

the thing that bugs me most though about enjolras’ characterization is how cold/unemptathetic a lot of people make him? like, the only thing he cares about is The Cause and like, combeferre and courfeyrac (even sometimes only really combeferre?), when that is just so inherently wrong

Enjolras is driven by love for his friends and for the common people, that’s the whole reason!! like, he enjoys his friends’ company, even grantaire’s when they’re not needing to get shit done and grantaire is being a shit. he’s willing to sacrifice the advantage they have with Javert as prisoner in order to save Prouvaire’s life (and when Prouvaire is executed, his grief is so powerful) and how he told the fathers to leave the barricade (remember, they didn’t have that many people to begin with) because he would not want them to grow up orphans or with single mothers unable to support themselves. hell, even his frustration with grantaire i read as his empathy and an understanding that while Grantaire may not believe in their cause, enjolras still didn’t consider him a completely lost cause (there’s also some stuff about the trust between the amis/grantaire bc of legal reasons but like. still.)  

i mean, at the barricade enjolras literally says “Love, the future is thine,” the future means progress for him (remember the 19th century is great but the  20th century will be happy? the future = progress = love for enjolras). anyway, 

enjolras loves people, so i kind of hate the fanon enjolras that is just. cold, only about the cause. there’s been a resurgence of headcanons and stuff that go against that mischaracterization but… i still see it more than anything else. 

also (also this is discussed in the link) I think enjolras’ character gets sidelined in favor of whatever way will show grantaire in the most favorable or sympathetic light? like, if grantaire is being obnoxious, enjolras is will respond/yell at him but it’s framed as being enjolras’ fault and the other amis will yell at him or whatever like…. ok. sure.

idk i don’t even know if this answered all your questions on my opinions. but this is getting so long lol…… you said you had some opinions on enjolras’ character??? please share!! i love to discuss this stuff

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Hi there! i've been reading through your analysis of acotar and i love it tbh it made me laugh 😂 😂 (calling Tamlin "tom" is genius 😂 ) buuut i think some of the time, your complaints are about her writing style. I mean it's definitely ok to not like a writing style, but i don't think you can consider it a technical flaw? im sorry im not here to be rude or start an argument (you can ignore this if you want) but basically my question is do you think that its just personally not liking 1/2

the writing or do you think its genuinely bad writing (aside from the em dashes lmao)?? Have a lovely day!

I don’t mind at all, anon! 

Obviously when it comes to prose, a lot of it is subjective, because often it comes down to an author’s individual style and how much readers like that style. However I do think SJM’s prose is, by and large, bad. A few reasons:

  • Flagrant abuse of em-dashes and ellipses. Everyone knows this one, lol.
  • Similarly, I find the constant use of fragments very annoying. It just makes me think of all the bad fanfic I’ve read over the years. It feels very amateurish.
  • Redundancy. I forget what it was exactly, but there’s one point where she describes a character’s voice or something being “full of wrath and rage”. Wrath and rage mean EXACTLY the same thing. It’s as if she’d written “his voice was full of rage and rage”. The fact that this wasn’t edited out is concerning because this shit is basic.
  • Overuse of random words. Everyone is hissing and growling and snarling all the time. Everything is molten. 
  • Over-wrought imagery. Feyre rhapsodises about how Tom served her life instead of death when he gave her a plate of meat and gravy. Save the deep shit for the actual important parts, otherwise it just comes off as trying too hard.
  • Related to the above, purple prose. For anyone who doesn’t know, purple prose refers to prose that is overly complicated/flowery in an attempt to sound deep or smart.
  • Run-on sentences, comma splices, etc.

Hope that answers your question, anon :)

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Hi im a little n00b over here and I don't understand the theory of jin being dead?? Could you explain?


Also, I’m not saying that this is 100% a correct theory. I can see some flaws, and I can also see some supporting for other theories, such as a rumoured ‘Peter Pan’ theory and ‘Alternate Universe’ theory that I really wanna get around to reading because maybe it won’t hurt me as much as this theory does 

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1/? Favorite Cersei Lannister moments.

So my three favorite ladies in Game of Thrones are Catelyn, Sansa, and Cersei. All of these ladies receive a lot of hate within the fandom, but the one I’m choosing to focus on today is Cersei. I’m going to preface this with I do not excuse a lot of her actions and I do hold her accountable for them, but that doesn’t make me hate her because the fact of the matter is she’s a well written character.

Let me just start off with the fact that Cersei’s main trope is one that we see in male characters a lot. The powerless individual seeking power and doing bad things with it in order to maintain it once it’s finally gained.  This usually is seen in the nerdy guy(s) and the example I can most readily think of would be the Trio (Jonathan, Warren, and Andrew) in Buffy season 6. However, with Cersei her lack of power isn’t rooted in being nerdy, it’s rooted in the fact she is a woman. I think the fact she grew up with a twin brother definitely heightened this acute awareness she has of her level of power. While Jaime was being taught how to fight with swords, she was being taught how to courtesy. She listened to all the words of wisdom her father bestowed upon Jaime and wanted to actualize those lessons for herself.

However, this is Westeros. Cersei could never be a knight or be a lord or even rule. So her whole life she wanted the things that Jaime could have, yet was constantly denied them which made her thirst for power of her own. The thing is, she never really achieves as much. When it comes down to it, she’ll never have any real agency over herself when it comes to her father which I believe just makes her more desperate for power. But for a while when she was younger, it was all fine. First she believed she would wed Rhaegar and be queen, but then she didn’t. That was all fine and well though because she would be marrying the new king and she would be queen of the seven kingdoms. She would finally have that sense of power she always craved, right? Wrong.

Much like Sansa, I think younger Cersei had it in her mind that her marriage to Robert would be everything she always dreamed of just as Sansa does with Joffrey. Given, just as many hate on Sansa, but that is a whole other can of worms. The point is, Cersei actually goes into this marriage expecting something amazing and in return ends up with an abusive drunken oaf who is still “in love with” (using quotes because Ned makes it clear in the books Robert hardly knew Lyanna outside her beauty which is creepy and obsessive) a dead women. For a time, Cersei believes they can still have love, but finally accepts that she will never have that. So instead, here she is the queen, but she has no real influence. Her husband could not care about her opinions so she’s back to where she’s always been—a fiery woman stuck playing the part of proper Westerosi lady.

The mistreatment delivered by Robert likely only heightens this desire Cersei has for power. Here we have a prideful women who has always believed gaining power is the most important thing in life because of the lessons her father bestowed and here she is again, essentially still powerless and in a marriage she hates. So of course being the determined women she is, Cersei is going to do whatever it takes to gain that power.  So Robert’s death is arranged and she thinks she finally has a chance of just that. With her son on the throne and Ned Stark named a traitor she should be all powerful as Queen Regent. Except she isn’t because Joffrey doesn’t listen to her. (Ex: Cersei wanted Ned Stark to take the black and Joffrey has him killed… though theoretically the knight should have been following Cersei’s orders. Another instance of power she believes is hers being taken from her.)

Now as for the children not being Robert’s, I believe that’s a great victory for her. Her relationship with Jaime is the one thing she has full control of over in her life and that was a win against Robert for her. Now a lot of people call her a bitch in her relationship with Jaime, but I think they’re missing a big part of who Cersei is. Cersei is too prideful to admit how much she missed Jaime or to give up her position as Queen Regent to wed him as he wishes she would. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him and in expecting as much from her in the first place is a fundamental misunderstanding of who she is on Jaime’s behalf. I think they both see each other as this mirror of themselves that often times they do actually forget that they’re different people. It is why Cersei is angry instead of being able to actually comfort him about his hand. Not that this is right, but it’s Cersei.

On top of this, upon Jaime’s return her father has already decided to marry her off to Loras Tyrell. Here she is the Queen Regent and she still has no agency of herself. That’s psychologically damaging which will show more as the seasons/books progress.

She also gets a lot of hate for her treatment of Tyrion, but it’s how she’s seen her father treat him and she admittedly has never trusted him because of the whole valanquor thing. That is furthered when he ships her daughter off.

Basically, Cersei is a very flawed character who does some terrible things, but her motivations and desires are clear and make sense given the life she’s led.  Through her children and Jaime we see she’s still capable of love, but that doesn’t take away from her faults and I think it’s really great that it doesn’t take away from her faults. She’s an antagonist. She exists to cause trouble for the protagonists in this game of thrones. However, she has clear motivations that make it easy to empathize with where she’s coming from which makes her a fantastic character and I love her despite all the bad she does. And really in this series bad is pretty relative. No one is without faults which is actually probably one of my favorite things in the series.