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Sway - George Weasley Imagine

A/N: more requests! I don’t know why but when I got this I pictured it like a scene from The Wedding Date and this song! :)

Anonymous said: Hiya! I was wondering if you could do a george/twins one shot imagine thing, where the reader is a short girl in gryffindor, who’s best friends with the twins even though she’s a year below them? But George and y/n get into a massive argument and end up shouting etc. and really insulting and hurting eachother? And they’re both really stubborn so they both continue being really nasty and dismissive toward eachother, until eventually Fred gets so sick of it and tries to get them to make up? 

Here it goes!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter!

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“Uh-oh” both twins said looking at each other.

“What have you guys done now?” Ginny asked looking suspiciously at her brothers.


“We would never!”

“I am deeply offended that you would think that your dear ol’ brothers would-“

“George and Fred Weasley!” (Y/N) said standing at the bottom of the stairs from the girls’ dorms with bright hot pink hair. Ginny ran as quickly as she could. She knew this wasn’t going to end well.

“Well, hello, there (Y/N)” Fred said smiling innocently. “Trying a new look, I see-“

“Knock it off, Fred!” (Y/N) said glaring at him as she walked closer to them. “What the bloody hell did you two do to my hair?” she asked getting more furious with every word.

She had known the Weasley twins ever since she started Hogwarts. They were a year ahead of her, but they were still her best friends and they loved her like their little sister. And like their little sister, she was often the Guinea Pig in their new inventions for their shop. She supported them more than anyone, but she would rather not be an experiment to them anytime they wanted.

“How can you just assume that we did this?” George said pretending to be offended.

“Oh, I don’t know” (Y/N) said sarcastically. “Call it a hunch!”

“Come on, (Y/N), it doesn’t look that bad” Fred said trying not to laugh.

“Yes, once we know how to turn it back, imagine how many people will pay for it” George said excited.

“WHAT!?” (Y/N) snapped walking over to them. “You don’t know how to take this off?!”

“W-well, it’s a bit more complicated than we originally thought” Fred said starting to get a little nervous. The short girl was pretty scary when she was mad.

“My hair is pink” she said between clenched teeth. “IT’S PINK!”

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The art for the piece was done expertly by @panda-capuccino, for which I am ever grateful and glad to get a commission from when I can!

This is of the Throne series. 


  • 1: Chair.

I believe it would be best that I stated clearly the beginning of this recollection is likely the least reliable.  It has been some twenty-six odd years (Light, but where did they go?) since I was a girl of twelve winters, but it was that moment that seemed more important to me.  Yes, many things of great value did occur prior to my twelfth year, but they were all summarized by a single thing.

A chair.
A dusty old chair that sat unoccupied and unwanted.

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Remus Lupin x Reader: Moonlight Sonata

Request: Can I request a Remus X Reader with starters 31 and 24 where they’re really close friends and she knows he’s a werewolf but he doesn’t know she knows so she keeps trying to hint to him that she does to see how long until he confesses.

24- “I love you today, and I’ll love you tomorrow and every day after that.”

31- “Help me understand.”

Notes: It was slightly weird to write this because I ship Remus x Dora so much so sometimes I imagine it’s her I’m writing about idk. In this one shot the reader is in Gryffindor just to make things easier when it comes to sharing classes, supporting the same Quidditch team and etc. Hope you enjoy  Requests are open, send them in!  


“Hello Remus!”

“Good morning, Y/N.”

You smiled broadly at him and he returned a polite smile, although it seemed quite strained. In the last few months of your 6th year you developed quite the crush on him while you spent hours together studying in the library, although many times you just flirted with each other shyly. That way you had noticed little things about him that you didn’t know before: he doodles weird runes on his notebook when he’s bored, he cracks his knuckles before an exam, or the fact that he’s a werewolf. You had found it out quite soon after meeting him–you were really proud about that– but he had never told you himself. You supposed that Lily and the other Marauders knew, but you had never brought yourself to ask them. And anyway, you were sure that they wouldn’t tell you the truth. You had tried to let him know that you knew, but he never caught the hints.

Shaking your head you sat down in front of him at the Gryffindor table. The charmed ceiling showed a cloudless blue sky that morning at the Hogwarts castle. He was looking rather pale, making the scars on his face stand out. You knew the full moon was coming in a couple of days, which made him feel under the weather. His eyes then went back to today’s issue of The Daily Prophet. You smiled faltered, but soon enough you recovered and tried to make him talk a little bit more with you.

“Are you excited for tomorrow’s match? Gryffindor against Slytherin. We are going to kick their asses! If snakes have butts, which I don’t know…” You finished in mutter. His lips twitched upwards, but his eyes stayed focused on the newspaper, not answering your question. Your brow furrowed, and tried with a new approach.

“Professor Adler said today some of us may manage to cast a corporeal Patronus! Isn’t it great? Although they say it is very difficult and that only very versatile witches and wizards manage to cast it. Personally, I think-”

“No offense, Y/N, but would you mind being quiet? I’m not that interested.” He snapped at you, and you stared at him indignantly. You had read that the full moon made him less patient and way more sharp-tongued if he couldn’t sleep through the days before and after –and he couldn’t, because he wouldn’t miss a class, and he wouldn’t want to bring any more attention to himself–. Therefore, you weren’t surprised at his harsh answer, but still, you didn’t want him to talk to you like that when you only wanted to cheer him up.

“What happen Lupin, are you in that time of the month again?” His eyes widened in fear at your words, and you smiled innocently at him, acting like you thought he was embarrassed instead of frightened. You laughed lightly, and added. “C’mon Remus, cheer up! I know that you don’t menstruate. Unless you have something to confess?” You batted your eyelashes ingeniously at him, and he gave a shaky laugh, glancing nervously at you.

“Of course not, Y/N. I’ve nothing to say.”

You smiled weirdly at him, but said nothing. Did he really have so little trust in you? You weren’t part of the Marauders, but you were really close and you shared your fair amount of time with him. You’d consider him a best friend –even if you wish he was more than that–. You shared presents on Christmas and your respective birthdays; he brought you your homework that time you ended up in the Hospital Wing after a disastrous Herbology class; you even met up last summer to buy your books together in the Diagon Alley, as you both thought that it was dangerous for a non Dark Wizard to walk alone nowadays. Did he really think that you would push him away if you knew what he was? Did he think that you’d tell everyone? Or did he thought –which was quite offensive– that you were so stupid that you wouldn’t notice all the obvious hints about his lycanthropy?

“Well Remus, I have to pick up a book from the dormitory, so I’ll be leaving now. I shall see you later in class.”

“See you, Y/N.”

You grabbed two toasts from a plate and drank a full glass of pumpkin juice in a gulp, and in a quick pace, you left the Great Hall, thinking about how blind could he be not to see that you knew, and how, probably, that was because he didn’t want you to know. And that was a terribly saddening thought.


“Do you like wolves?”


“I said ‘Do you like wolves’?”

“Why do you say that?”

He looked at you horrified –a sight you were getting used to by now– and you only shrugged your shoulders absent-mindedly.

“Your Patronus took the form of a wolf. That’s why I’m asking.”

You raised an eyebrow and looked at him like it was the most obvious thing. A sigh of relief left his lips, and you had to use all your willpower not to roll your eyes at him. Could he be more obvious?

“No, I don’t like wolves actually. Do you like hares?”

“I suppose. I was lucky with my Patronus, I like it. Hares are really cute. They’re fluffy. They have a really healthy diet. And one character from one of my favourite muggle books, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, is a hare. The March Hare is its name.”

He laughed, and you smiled happily at the sound, which you didn’t get to hear often. Either if it was because of his lycanthropy or because of the war, it just seemed like there weren’t many reasons to laugh.

“My mum is muggle, Y/N. I know about Alice in Wonderland. I love that book too. I still read it even if I’m not a child anymore.”

“I do so, too! I never grow tired of it. And by the way, I like wolves, they’re really beautiful animals.”

The smile slowly disappeared from his face, and he looked warily at me, being cautious with his words, like he always was when the conversation dangerously approached the werewolf topic.

“They’re dangerous. Their only purpose is to hunt their preys, without a limit. That’s the only thing they are useful for.”

“I disagree. They have a great endurance, and a fantastic sense of smell and hearing.”

“Which only helps them catch their prey faster.”

“They’re highly intelligent. They are really loyal. If they find a mate, they’ll stay with them for life. They have a close bond with the other wolves, and they’d sacrifice for each other if it’s necessary. That doesn’t seem like a villain to me. I’ll prove to you that there are good wolves.”

He looked rather uncomfortable, like he didn’t want to be having this conversation –which he probably didn’t– and he was looking at you funnily, so you said the only thing you were sure would make him forget momentarily this conversation.

“Hey Remus, I have some chocolate on my bag, would you like some?”


You walked firmly through the 4th floor Hospital tower corridor, straight to the Hospital Wing. You were carrying a book under your arm: The history of Rome. You had made up your mind: You would walk to Remus, and pressure him until he confessed. And then you would tell him that you don’t care and that you like him and you wanted to go on a date with him. That’s right!

You kept walking determined, but your determination crashed against something. Someone.

“Good morning, L/N.”

You looked up to see the grey eyes and wavy black hair of Sirius Black, looking at you from the door to the Hospital Wing where he was standing. On the other side of the door was James Potter, with his messy dark hair and brown eyes, smiling happily at you. He waved his hand, making you smile at him.

“Hello James. Sirius.”

You went to walk around them to enter the Hospital Wing, but they moved in front of you at the same time.

“Would you let me in?”

They looked at each other, then back at you and answered. “No.”

“Why not?”

They looked at each other again, and Sirius nudged James in the ribs, urging him to say something.

“Eh… Crabbe seems to have caught something. Could be Spattergroit or… Madam Pomfrey is taking care of it by now. It’s really contagious. You shouldn’t go in.”

“He can’t look any worse than he usually does.”

You tried to go inside, but they stepped in your way again. You sighed, closed your eyes, and counted to ten. When you reopened you looked at your watch, you’d have to get going to your next class soon –and so would they–.

“No need to worry guys, I’m vaccinated.”

They crossed glances again, looking confused.


“That sounds worse than Spattergroit.”

“Is it deadly? Are you going to die, Y/N?!”

In their confusion you managed to sneak in between them and enter the Hospital Wing, listening two last screams of “You can’t go in, L/N” and “You’re going to give that vaccinething to the other patients! Be a little bit more considerate, Y/N!”

You rested against the door, which you have locked, trying to avoid any future interruptions, and looked around. Madam Pomfrey didn’t seem to be around. There were only two beds occupied. One from a 1st year student –probably from a flying class went wrong– and the other occupied by a 7th year pale and skinny Gryffindor, with bandages on the arms and probably –though you couldn’t see them– in his torso too.

You approached his bed and sat on one side, leaving your bag on the floor and the book on the nightstand.

“What are you doing here, Y/N?”

You jumped on your seat and looked sheepishly at Remus, who seemed ready to scold you.

“Oh, I went to the library early in the morning and while I was walking by to get to the Great Hall I saw the Hospital Wing and I thought ‘I could visit my good friend Remus!’ so here I am.”

“That’s really nice of you, but the library and the Great Hall are on the 1st floor and the Hospital Wing on the 4th, how did you get here by just walking by?”

He quirked up an eyebrow seemingly bemused, but you ignored him, and you picked up The history of Rome at showed it to him, smiling widely. He raised an eyebrow suspiciously, and you opened it on the first chapter: Founding of Rome.

“I’d like to sleep, Y/N. I’m really tired.”

“But I really want to read it to you Remus! And I had a hard time finding it. It’s muggle, so I had to dig deep in the library, you know?”

“I appreciate the effort. Really. But right now I’m not in the best position to listen to a long story of the founding of a city.”

You sighed dramatically, and closed the book resting it in your lap.

“Well, then I’ll summarize: the founder of Rome, Romulus, and his brother Remus were suckled by a she-wolf. If it wasn’t for a wolf Rome, a rather beautiful city wouldn’t exist. It is true that Romulus killed Remus because of some disagreements, but that is a minor detail…”

Lupin’s chuckle interrupted your rambling, and you looked at him questioningly. He rose slightly, resting on his elbows, and you quickly hurried to help him, putting a pillow under his back and head. He rested on then with a sigh and looked at you with his green eyes, making you self conscious of your thoughts, like he could read them. You didn’t see them for long, because he closed his eyes and grimaced. You thought he was in some sort of pain until he spoke.

“For how long have you known?

“Known what?”

“You know.”

“I don’t know what you think I know.”

“I know that you know, Y/N”

“What is what you know that I know? Hang on, I’ve lost track of this conversation.”

You pitied him. You wanted to get him out of his pain. You would, but you wanted him to confess first. You wanted him to tell you. To show that sort of trust on you. You knew that if he didn’t trust you he’d never tell you, so if he did tell you it would mean the world to you. And you wanted him to assume that he was a werewolf. And that that was more than fine with you.

“I’m –he looked around, making sure no one was listening, but the kid was sound asleep, and Madam Pomfrey hadn’t returned– a werewolf, which you already knew.”

“I knew.”

His lips twitched slightly, but a sour expression crossed his face soon enough and he stared at you anxious, like he was expecting –which he probably was– for you to run away and shout it from the rooftops.

“I’m not scared, Remus. I still like you.”

You were surprised at how incredibly easy it was to confess your feelings after making sure that he knew that you knew he was a werewolf, and that you didn’t care.

“I don’t think you understand what being a werewolf means.”

“Then help me understand!”

You looked at him with pleading eyes, and he looked away. You waited to see what he would do, and when his gaze returned to you he spoke with a shaky voice.

“I’m dangerous. I could bite you and turn you into one, and that’s the last thing I want for you. And if somebody finds out that you’re in a relationship with a werewolf society would hate you and forget about you. You can’t imagine it, Y/N”

“So does that mean that you want to be on a relationship with me?”

“Is that the only thing you’ve heard? For Merlin’s beard, Y/N!”

“Remus, you are only dangerous once a month, I’m not stupid enough to be around a werewolf those nights.” He gave you a funny look, but you decided to ignore it for now. “And if society doesn’t want anything with me because I love a werewolf, then I don’t want anything with this society.”

He sighed, but a soft smile had appeared on his face. He grabbed your hand and pushed you towards the bed, inviting you to lie next to him .You were surprised at his strength, thinking the full moon would have weakened him. Your head hit the pillow, and you lay on your side. Not wanting him to get hurt, you simply lay your right hand over his chest, near his heart, beating at a steady pace.

“You said you love me.”

“I know.”

He chuckled and grabbed your hand with his own, taking it to his lips and kissing it softly.  You sighed and closed your eyes, still feeling his hands interlaced with yours. It was all going so smoothly, like it was meant to be like this.


“Yes, Y/N?”

“For how long have you known that I knew what you are?”

He laughed, and you looked at him a little bit annoyed, but when you saw his face the anger disappeared. The sight of a happy Remus Lupin made you incredibly contented.

“Remember when we went to Flourish and Blotts last summer? I realized how you purposefully tried to drag me as far away as possible from the ‘Dark Creatures’ shelf. That was really considerate of you.”

“Since then?! Why didn’t you tell me something?”

You looked at him utterly shocked. All this time he had known and had told you nothing about it, but had allowed you to slip hints at him and he had been acting like he was afraid you’d find out. You were quite outraged at his lying all this time.

“I suppose that it was nice having someone who obviously loved me without needing to have the awkward werewolf conversation. Your shameless flirting was funny –don’t look at me like that, Y/N, it was– but when you began openly letting me know that you knew about my lycanthropy a few days ago I got so scared… I suppose the fear of people that I love leaving me is always there.”

You looked at him, facing a heart-wrenching image: a couple of tears had slipped from his eyes, which he quickly removed with his hand. Until now, you had imagined the physical pain the transformations made him go through, but you hadn’t really thought that much of how emotionally draining it must be for him living with this curse.

“That’s fine, Remus. I love you today, and I’ll love you tomorrow and every day after that.”

“I love you too, Y/N. It feels like I always have.”

You rose from bed and placed your lips on his. They were slightly cold against yours, but they quickly warmed at the friction. You separated, and you moved your eyes away from him, giving him a little bit of privacy, and you heard him sniff, and probably wipe away another couple of tears. The grip he had on your hand tightened to let you know he was thankful.

“You know, Remus?”


“For if you didn’t catch my Romulus and Remus reference, I had prepared to wait for you at the Common Room and welcome you with Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata playing in the background.”  

His warm laughter filled the room, and for you, that was a sound more beautiful any composer could ever create.

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on the gaming video? I've seen so many viewers angry about the biffle comment and the Janice story. I thought it was a joke but people are saying it was too #nohomo or whatever

Wait really? I know people get worked up when they use “best friends” but the bffl thing in this video as well? What did people expect? The game asked them “does the character live with their best friend" and they said yes. Because that’s true. Wtf like were they meant to go ”actually, if you want to be specific… we're also lovers. Get it together akinator. #fakefan" I mean what. How were they supposed to answer that question differently? 

I don’t get why people are so put off by them saying they’re “bffs” in general. I mean…they are? That has always been the way they’ve presented themselves to us. Unless they want to reveal a different side to their relationship, what term would you like them to use? “Best friends” is pretty standard and most people are also best friends with their partner so it’s not technically lying if they were to actually be together. It’s just omission. Which they have every right to do imo.

And I actually thought that whole part was really cute in the video? “I mean I kind of hate you.” “Me and Janice down the shop have been getting pretty close. She’s great.” People got that they were joking, right? I figure it’s probably an inside joke about someone that works at a shop they go to or just Phil saying a random name on the spot. He was just trying to tease Dan. I didn’t read into it as anything other than that. I thought it was cute, playful banter between them and it was nice to see jealous!dan make a return. The comment he wrote on the video was adorable as well: ‘um EXCUSE ME who is this ‘JANICE’?!‘ Damn, Janice better re-locate to a dfferent store if she knows what’s good for her. Dan don’t play when it comes to Phil.

lol I don’t know, if people took it too seriously, then I’m sorry? I don’t see any reason to be upset but if someone would like to explain their feelings then I’d be curious to hear. I really enjoyed the video. Sucks that some didn’t feel the same.

Other parts I enjoyed below:

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