there are a gazillion and one reasons why i ship these two so hard


Note: This is a Harry Potter tag I made up (with questions from many different tags), since I’m not satisfied with the ones I saw online.


1. Favourite book?

Without any hesitation, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Let me list some reasons why:

+ Things are dark, but Hogwarts is still there, unlike Deathly Hallows.

+ Lots of Slytherin stuff - Snape, Draco, Slughorn…

+ Contains my favourite chapter - Spinner’s End (so the Unbreakable Vow and all).

+ Dumbledore dies and mind you, I didn’t like this dude.

+ Lavender Brown comes into the picture and makes Granger pissed off ♥ 

+ All the Voldemort’s memories, especially THE ONE WITH THE GAUNTS THEY SHAMELESSLY OMITTED IN THE FILM.

+ Contains gazillions of my favourite quotes. 

So, yeah.

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2. Favourite film?

That’s harder than the book, but I dare say Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Even though it lacks a lot (as usual), I’m happy they included all the most awesome things, like the Quidditch World Cup and the Yule Ball. Even though Moody-aka-Crouch Jr isn’t explained at all in the end, it’s still awesome. The return of Voldemort is just stunning.  

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3. Favourite female character?

I’m torn between Narcissa and Bellatrix. Everyone talks about Evans, but I loved Narcissa’s motherly love. Firstly, she’s so desparate to protect Draco she goes to ask Snape for help, knowing Voldemort forbidden her to tell anyone, and she is ready to duel Bellatrix, even if it’s her own sister. And she risked her life once again, LYING RIGHT UNDER VOLDEMORT’S NON-EXISTENT NOSE to protect her son, and thanks to that Evans’ sacrifice made sense. That’s also under proof how much Voldemort understimated the power of love. 

Bellatrix, on the other hand, is (first of all) a great dueller. I’d like to be one, too in the wizarding world (Weasley killed her only because Bellatrix didn’t treat her seriously). Secondly, she is just cool, in all her darkness and madness. I think there is much more to her than most people see. She’s a symbol of obsession, symbol of what addiction can lead us to - death, in the very end.

So…Since they’re sisters, can I have both?

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4. Favourite male character?

Draco Malfoy, and let me explain myself.

I’m not another fangirl who just likes bad boys, there is much more to Draco’s character than that.

We meet Draco as a selfish boy who is spoiled by his parents and most people see him just like that throughout the series. But Draco is a symbol of something a lot of teenagers struggle with nowadays - he tries to prove himself to his father, his cruel father, who is dissapointed that his only son didn’t manage to befriend someone as famous as Harry Potter. And Draco’s mission of killing Dumbledore represents teenagers who think they’re oh-so-adult, while they aren’t, which he realises when the final moment comes. 

As a bonus, he’s a Slytherin, he’s blonde (I love blonde guys) and he doesn’t like Gryffindors (the enemy of my enemy is my friend), all in one. And he’s got the most of my favourite quotes.

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5. Favourite character in overall?

Draco, see my reasoning above xd

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6. Favourite animal (e.g. Hedwig, Buckbeak, Crookshanks)?

It’s hard, but I think I’ll choose Crookshanks. It chased Pettigrew, anyway, and there’s a theory it might have been Regulus Black.

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7. Favourite magical creature (e.g. Thestral, Hippogriff, Dementor, house-elf)?

The Bowtruckle WITHOUT DOUBTS! I want one!

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8. Favourite subject?

Defence Agains the Dark Arts. The only subject that has anything to do with the Dark Arts.

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9. Favourite teacher in overall?

Severus Snape, of course! He called Granger an insufferable know-it-all who she was, and why did only Snape have the guts to say it? And he spoke about his subject like about a lover. And turn to page 394.

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10. Favourite DADA teacher?

As much as I love Snape, I choose Lockhart. You wouldn’t need to do ANYTHING during those lessons, you’d just need to tell him you’re his fan and duh, passed.

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11. Favourite villain?

I like all villains except for Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle because they were stupid, Wormtail, because he was disgusting and Umbridge, because it’s Umbridge.

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12. Favourite quote?

There are gazillions, but let’s stay by these two:

“You know how I think they choose people for the Gryffidor team? It’s people they feel sorry for. See, there’s Potter, who’s got no parents, then there’s the Weasleys, who’ve got no money - you should be on the team, Longbottom, you’ve got no brains.” ~ Draco, Philosopher’s Stone

“They’d be waiting for the Chosen Captain - The Boy Who Scored - whatever they call you these days.” ~ Draco, Half-Blood Prince

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13. Favourite scene?

Either the Unbreakable Vow or the long conversation of Draco and Dumbledore. 

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14. Favourite scene/event/thing/character that wasn’t included in the films?


15. Your house?

Slytherin, as everyone has probably deducted by now. All the way. Took the Pottermore test four times after different peroids of time to be sure, always put in Slytherin. Also, I don’t get all my fellow Slytherins who try to defend us because of that ‘all Slytherins are bad’ stereotype. I love this opinion, they should fear us.

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16. Your Patronus?

A wolf, Pottermore gave me a fox though.

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17. Your wand?

Blackthorn, 10 inches, unicorn’s hair, stiff.

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18. Favourite spell?

Expecto Patronum, because it’s individual for everyone, and creates something beautiful.

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19. Death Eaters or Dumbledore’s Army?

Death Eaters, even if I can’t conjure a Patronus anymore! I’m becoming one for carnival *,*

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20. Favourite horcrux?

The Slytherin locket. I’d wear it.

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21. Favourite Hallow?

The Elder Wand, of course. I wouldn’t need an Invisibility Cloak with such a wand, it could make me invisible, and I don’t need to bring back anyone from the dead, they wouldn’t belong in our world anyways. I need power and powerful magic.

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22. Favourite snack/dish/drink?

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. They mean every flavour, and that’s awesome.

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23. Favourite potion?

Amortentia. It’s one of the most dangerous potions, and it’s individual, like the Patronus Charm. I wonder how it would smell for me. Besides, you could do a lot of mess with this potion. That’d be perfect. Be careful what you drink.

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24. Favourite canon couple?

Drapple! Jk, Tonks and Lupin. The best match in the series ever. At least they died together…

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25. Favourite non-canon couple?

Granger and Krum, I shipped that so hard and then Weasley came into the picture.

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26. Durmstrang or Beauxbatons?

Durmstrang of course, Grindelwald learnt there! I’m not into being a fairy princess, as Moody-Crouch said.

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27. Hogwarts or Ilvermorny?

Hogwarts, duh! No explanation needed!

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28. Least favourite character? 

Hermione Granger, without a second’s doubt. She irritaed me so much, especially in Prisoner of Azkaban, when she took that broomstick. Like NO. NO. NO. NO. It’s a huge no-no for me.

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29. Least favourite book? 

Even though I unconditionally love them all, I must say Prisoner of Azkaban. It gets like no Voldemort and everything is just WAH WAH SIRIUS BLACK IS GOING TO KILL YAH.

-I still love it tho-

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30. Least favourite film? 

Half-Blood Prince, because this is my friggin favourite book, and it lacked almost all of my favourite scenes, quotes and everything.

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31. Least favourite teacher? 

Is that even a question?

The toad, and everybody knows why.

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32. What would your job in the wizarding world be? 

I’d totally be an Obliviator. I mean, it’s such a cool job, because it’s not steady, and people won’t mess with you, because they know what a wave of your wand can do to your memories.

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33. List the houses starting with the one you are most sure to get into, finishing with the one you are least likely to be in. 

Slytherin > Ravenclaw = (?) Hufflepuff > Gryffindor

Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw are very close tho. I’d totally be a Hufflepuff if I weren’t this mean and cunning and if there weren’t a house like Slytherin…

My friends tho, not close friends, just like you know, random mates, think I should be a Ravenclaw because ‘I’m so smart’, but they don’t know my Slytherin side.

And I’m almost a total opposite of a Gryffindor, so yeah.

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34. Would you play Quidditch? If yes, which position? 

I’d totally play if I were good on a broom. If I weren’t, I wouldn’t try oh so hard to get on the team (doesn’t mean I wouldn’t play somewhere else).

I’d play Chaser, because I’m hopeless at keeping, too slow to be a Seeker and too lazy to ride holding a bat.

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35. Favourite extra-book? (e.g. Quidditch Through The Ages) 

Absolutely Tales of Beedle The Bart. As much as we all love the tale about the three brothers, I love the one about the fountain. A must-read.

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36. Favourite place? (could be anything: Hogsmeade, Grimmauld Place, Forbidden Forest, Diagon Alley etc.) 

Knockturn Alley? I’d totally like to visit Borgin and Burkes and all other shops with Dark Arts stuff. Imagine a Potion shop in there. Chills.

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37. Would you join the Triwizard Tournament? 

Yup. Why if Hogwarts got a Slytherin champion? That’d be awesome af.

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38. One character you would bring back from the dead? 

Lupin or Tonks, because thanks to bloody Potter another kid became an orphan. Good job, Potter. 

Or Snape *feels a lot*

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39. Your blood status? 

Pure-blood! I’m a Slytherin, after all! 

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40. Who would you want to go to the Yule Ball with? 

1. Someone from Slytherin. 2. Not Crabbe or Goyle. 

This means Draco, Blaise and Nott would be all alright, but I can’t hide I’d like the first option the most.

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41. What would you see in the Mirror of Erised? 

Myself and the person I hopelessly love, but they’re unavailable. (Kim Sunggyu why you so far away)

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42. What would be your Boggart? 

I’m not sure. I’m not scared of small spaces, any insects, any animals in overall, darkness, ghosts…I’m scared of things that happen unexpectedly, though, so I’m not sure…Or someone close to me dead.

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43. What would you feel if you smelled Amortentia? 

Well…I’m addicted to rain’s smell (London after rain is just AAAAAAAH), and to the smell you can feel in the mountains in an open field. Aah, I just imagined it…

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44. Favourite gift from the series? (e.g. Firebolt, the Weasley jumper, the Triwizard Tournament winnings) 


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45. Favourite Marauder? 

Wormtail was disgusting, Potter was a prat, Sirius and Lupin were quite cool. I’ll choose Sirius for his YOLO thingy. And his cool Animagus and loyalty to friends.

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46. Team Jily or team Snily? 

Neither. Evans didn’t deserve Snape, but on the other hand going away with Potter hurt him SO MUCH that I don’t ship that either.

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47. Any moments that made you cry?

1. Potter finding his mother’s letter in Grimmauld Place. My mother is the most important person in my life and I can relate

2. Narcissa begging Snape to help Draco


4. Snape’s death

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48. Favourite Harry Potter-related game? 

Harry Potter: Book of Potions! I enjoyed every bit of it.

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49. Is there a film you preferred to the book?

Only Muggles answer yes to this question.

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50. Favourite song from the OST?

Sirius’ Death from the Order of the Phoenix. The fight variation is life.

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51. Which character do you think you’d instantly become friends with?

Well, Draco isn’t a person you walk up to and say HEY, MY NAME IS ___, WANNA BE FRIENDS?, nor am I, so I dare say Blaise.

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52. Favourite Weasley?

I didn’t like their lot, since all of them liked Potter, but Charlie was cool enough. I mean, he worked with dragons!

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53. How did you start your journey with HP?

My best friends (a diehard Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor, funnily enough).

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54. Were you happy with the ending?

Yup, even though I’m not a big fan of Hinny.

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55.  How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

World. Everything around me turns around Harry Potter. From my clothes to free time to everything.

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