there are a few more scenes and it was tough to just choose some

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You are the first and only writer I have read for this fandom. I love your work so much, I've re read all your Arrow stories twice (even the Firefly one even though I've never watched it). Do you have any favorite Olicity fics to recommend to keep me from going crazy my first hiatus? (I binged the first 4 seasons last year)

This is awesome!! Thank you! I’m super honored. And do I have recs? Oh yes, I have recs. 

First rec isn’t actually a fic, it’s a resource… @theolicitylibrary. If you want recs, they’ve got ‘em. If you want a specific trope or rating or genre, they’ve got that, too. Have a hankering for a fic where Oliver and Felicity are business rivals? There’s a link for that. Where she’s the vigilante instead? There’s a link for that, too. Where one of them is a werewolf? Yup. They’re an amazing resource and you can lose days (and weeks and months) going through lists of alpha/omega tropes and rockstar AUs and friends-to-lovers fics. 

But more specifically… how about I rec some authors, too? I haven’t been reading much lately - I spend all my time writing - so I’m more comfortable reccing authors I know are amazing and whose works I’m looking forward to catching up on. They’re all consistently excellent. This is by no means an all inclusive list.

@dust2dust34 - My co-writer for FiCoN and personal fav (though I admit to no small amount of bias). If you want smut and you want details and mining a scene for feelings, Bre is your girl. She has plenty of oneshots to choose from as well as some multichapter fics.  

@machawicket - Look, I can’t overstate Danielle’s skills as a writer. My husband doesn’t even read my fic but he likes hers. Her writing is funny, sweet, sexy and heartbreaking in turn but it’ll never leave you unsatisfied. She’s a master. 

@anthfan - Nikki is one of those writers that’s so good she makes you forget you’re reading a story, because it’s just something you’re living. It’s an experience. Her characterization is spot-on and her plots are super engaging. She writes both one-shots and longer stories. They’re all worth your time.

@hannasus - Susannah’s writing is the perfect balance of detailed exposition and tight narrative that lets you feel like you’ve experienced the whole setting in just a few lines. Add to that fully in-character characterization and interesting plots that keep you reading and you really can’t go wrong. I recommend reading her Something Like Fate series ASAP as she’s adapted it into the basis for an original novel (which she’s publishing later this year) and it may not be up on AO3 a whole lot longer. 

@rosietwiggs - I can always tell Rosie’s work in just a few lines. Her narrative voice is so very distinctive and so gripping that it pulls me in effortlessly. I don’t believe she’s writing for Arrow anymore, but even her unfinished works are worth a read. I especially recommend The New Normal, Lengths and How The Mighty Fall In Love.

@supersillyanddorky06 - I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard around about Matty’s writing because she’s right at the core of the Olicity fandom’s best known fanfics. With good reason. She’s prolific, plotty, smutty and evocative. If you have a weakness for Bratva!Oliver, I’d start here. 

@jsevick - I first met Jaimie after reading her Jurassic Park AU (really!) and being both delighted and amazed that she could make it work. I’m extremely lucky to have had her help as my beta pretty much ever since. If you like my writing, she’s a big part of it (along with @alizziebyanyothername). While she hasn’t posted in a while, her stories are just fun and if you like Gilmore Girls, her Arrow AU for Gilmore Girls is a treat!

@realityisoverrated-fic - I have no idea how you would feel about Smoaking Billionaires, Anon (I personally love it), but I’ve got to very highly recommend her Infinite Love series. At 110 parts and counting, it deals extensively with Oliver, Felicity and Tommy’s family longterm, including their kids. It’s alternately hot, sweet, and heartbreaking. But, most of all, it’s just well-written and interesting. If you’re willing to read them as a triad, I cannot recommend this strongly enough.

@geneeste - I would pay for more of Caught a Long Wind. Quite literally. But, that aside, Genie is a top notch writer. Whether her one-shots, WiPs or brilliant, ongoing epic co-written work with @machawicket, everything she writes should be devoured. 

@juliesioux - Julie uses the setting in a story as another character. There’s so much life to the world she puts her characters in that it practically breathes. Above that, she doesn’t shy away from hard topics. She will rush in head-first and dig deep to explore what her characters are going through. When you read her work, take her warnings seriously, but if you’re looking for a rich story to read that challenges you, she’s the perfect option to turn to.

@thatmasquedgirl - One of the most prolific Olicity fic authors (with 110 fics, including the absolute opus Technical Assistance). She’s consistently excellent, creative and she gives us as a fandom a whole lot to read. You can probably spent a huge chunk of hiatus happily buried in her work.

@entersomethingcleverhere - As a rule, I do not read first person stories. Not even when they’re published books sitting on shelves at my bookstore. I will break that rule for her writing. I like it that much. It’s heartfelt, moving, well-paced, and the connections between her characters are both real and evolving as you go. 

@arrow-through-my-writers-block - Shelby is… well, she’s just fun! She’s a solid writer who never disappoints. She’s got quite a few one-shots and a few ongoing multi-chapters. She’s probably best known for Starstruck, but all of her work is worth reading.  

@wagamiller - I just really love wagamiller’s work. Like a lot. There are very few authors I have on alert, but wagamiller is. Stories that make me laugh out loud are few and far between, but the 35B series surely did (as did @machawicket‘s Unbearable Hotness of Being, btw). Strong, sharp, witty writing that will leave you with a grin on your face.

@callistawolf - When I think of Callie’s work, I think of the fanfic version of sitting down with some hot cocoa and curling up with a warm blanket to watch a Hallmark Christmas special. She’s consistently excellent about finishing her work, which is lovely, and you can pretty much always count on a feel-good romantic ending. 

@hopedreamlovepray - Writing one-shots that stick with your reader is hard. Keeping a story to 1-2k and still being impactful is even harder. She absolutely manages it every time. Hope27 (as she’s known on AO3, so you can find her) has something like a hundred Olicity fics. These are, in my opinion, absolutely perfect if you want to lose yourself in a story on the train to work or during your lunch hour. 

@dettiot - Mel has a lot of great stories (like really great). My favorite is probably the “ink in my pen ran dry” series, but that’s a really tough call. Core Curriculum is super hot. The Felicity Stark series (crossover with Avengers-verse) is brilliant and fun and made me giddy while reading it. Beauty in the Breakdown is excellent. Jerry the EA series features one of the best takes on a relative OC I’ve read in fics. Love is Red made me squeal like a teenager with excitement (I’m not ashamed; it was warranted). And Two Men, Same Name (written with @melsanfo) is one of those that I am absolutely dying for the time to catch up on. While I’m at it, let’s rec Mel Sanfo, too. Her Masquerade is another novel-length fic absolutely worth a read. You really can’t go wrong with either of these ladies. 

@ash818 - Ash is freaking awesome. So, here’s the thing. Her Legacy series is mind-blowingly good. I have to admit, I’ve only read The Man Under The Hood in the series (this is intentional, for a reason you’ll see in a moment, but you need to read all of her work ASAP, okay? You do). This series… you’ve got future, married Olicity with teenage children as they continue their mission. There’s action, plot, heartbreak, angst, love, everything you could want. It’s in first person from their son’s perspective which is something I would probably never have clicked on in the first place had it not come highly recommended, but good lord is it amazing. All of her characters have life. All of them have depth. Her OCs are fully formed and vital to the story without overshadowing characters you already know. I haven’t read the later stories because after I decided to continue on with FiCoN verse, I didn’t want to inadvertently shade my views on Olicity’s growing family and continuing mission with anything she did in her series. If anything I do happens to run parallel to her work, I want to know beyond any doubt that it’s 100% coincidence. But her stories are something I’m absolutely itching to get to read… eventually. Her writing is excellent.  

@tinaday3w - I’m tempted to say “JUST READ IT” but that’s probably not enough… But really, just read it. No one does slow burn like Tina. Victorian era AU with pirate!Oliver? Yes, please. Hello. I’ll take two.

@emmilynestill - She’s just so good. And sooooo hot. I don’t know if you know this, Anon, but writing a good sex scene is hard. You don’t want your reader pulled out of the scene by wondering if a position is actually possible or when underwear came off (or if it did) or how gravity isn’t making them collapse. Like… smut is difficult. But it reads so effortlessly with Emmilyne’s writing. And, beyond that, she weaves it in beautifully with plot that keeps you wondering what’s next and emotion that builds and grows in an organic way. Orgasms and organic feelings. Honestly, what else could anyone really want?

@ruwithmeguys - Jess will gut you and leave you asking her to do it again. Indecent Proposal… just… read the warnings and be ready and read it with a lot of time on your hands and probably in chunks because ouch. But still… read it.

@academyofshipping - Sarah has this dry sense of humor that comes out in her fics that’s as clever as it is fun. Fluffy, funny, smart, cute and rich with feeling, Sarah’s writing is consistently strong. 

@someonesaidcake - Felice is fantastic for completed, multichapter AU fics. She has quite a few and I’m pretty sure every single one included smut at some point (if that’s your thing) as well as plot. 

And… I’ve spent like an hour and a half on this which was a lovely diversion for my day. I know I’m forgetting amazing people but I have to stop here. When in doubt, take the title of a fic you like, google that name in quotes along with “rec list” and find someone’s list where that story was included, then explore the others. Or, check the bookmarks on AO3 of an author you like, that’s a great place to mine for fics, too. And, again, I can’t rec @theolicitylibrary enough. That said… happy reading, Anon! We’ll get through this hiatus together… through fic and sheer force of will. ;-)

Endless Summer: Book 2 News

Inside Choices is a behind-the-scenes blog from the Pixelberry team. Got any suggestions for future blog posts? Let us know!

Back in December, Endless Summer kicked off alongside LoveHacks and The Haunting of Braidwood Manor. It began as a fun tropical island adventure, then transformed into a deepening mystery, complete with a final puzzle that you all worked together as a community to figure out.

The journey continues in Endless Summer: Book 2, which will come out around mid-summer (about July for those of us in the US!). It’s been fun hearing from everyone about how excited they are for Book 2, and I promise you, it’s gonna be epic. To tell you more about the upcoming book, here’s the Endless Summer book lead!

First off, what’s Endless Summer: Book 2 going to be about? No spoilers, please!

Endless 2 picks up right where we left off. Some of your friends have been kidnapped, and the island’s mysteries are only getting deeper. But as our misfit heroes search for the dark truth behind La Huerta, they’re going to uncover some dark truths about each other… and themselves.

When Endless Summer: Book 1 came out, it was a departure from the previous Choices books in both art and narrative style. Do you have anything new and different planned for Book 2?

We’ve actually got quite a few fun, new gameplay ideas and features that we’re putting into Endless 2. Without spoiling too much, let’s just say that all the relationships you built up in Book 1 are going to matter way more in Book 2.

What are you most excited for readers to encounter in Book 2?

I have to say, I’m most eager to see how our fans react to our biggest plot twists yet, especially the ones we have in store for the end of this book.

From where I sit, I’m always overhearing bits and pieces about the next Endless Summer book, whether it’s some wild plot twist or new character art. What’s your favorite part of creating Endless Summer?

Endless Summer has had a lot of freedom to explore what’s possible in a Choices storyline. My favorite experience has been using Endless to invent new, meaningful ways for players to determine their character’s choices and see their decisions unfold, in both expected and unexpected ways. Book 2 takes that mission statement even further, and I can’t wait to see what our fans choose to do in their adventure.

If you had to be trapped on a mysterious tropical island with one of the Endless Summer crew, who would it be?

Maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve gotta say Raj. Nobody would be better at making me laugh through tough times, and besides… I think he’s a lot smarter than he lets on.

Interesting choice! To everyone reading, thanks for your patience as the Endless Summer team works hard on the next book. Keep an eye out for Book 2 around July!


Kenny the ISFP-T


These will be my own interpretations of each of the main four. Since these are gonna take a while I may as well separate them into individual posts by character. Besides they’re easier on people’s dashes this way.

Kenny… I fully expect this to be a tough one.

Introverted – “ I often prefer doing things alone or with one or two people I feel comfortable with. I take time to reflect so that I have a clear idea of what I’ll be doing when I decide to act. Ideas are almost solid things for me.”

Well this one’s easy. Kenny’s very clearly an introvert. He talks to only a handful of people and only chooses a few moments to do so, other times simply taking in information or satiating his own boredom. But socializing? Not one of his hobbies. There’s even some times where he’s silent even when people directly talk to him.

 His reactions are mostly internal, making external reactions seem very minimal.

Another thing I noticed, on the topic of that ^ Kenny doesn’t really talk to his parents. It’s more like they tell each other things and then that’s the end of it. 

There are only a handful of scenes I’ve seen where Kenny talks to his parents and they’re all short and to the point. The only exception is when he’s dressed as Mysterion. That’s actually an interesting thing to note. I could totally see Kenny using this as a way to talk to his family completely unfiltered.

The fact that Kenny doesn’t talk to his family much actually makes the depiction of his friendships even more heartwarming, since with the four boys he definitely comes out of his shell, showing a little snippet of every side of him to them.

But even then, he’s still pretty reserved. There’s very few times when Kenny will do something like go on a long winded speech or go out of his way to start a conversation. That’s got nothing to do with a comfort zone. That’s just the way Kenny is. He’s not shy, especially with his filthy mouth. He just doesn’t talk much.

Sensing – “Paying attention to physical reality, what I see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. I’m concerned with what is actual, present, current, and real. I notice facts and I remember details that are important to me.“

When I took the test I got the result of INTJ, but that was a little while ago, and looking at Kenny with the info I’m reading about the MBTI, the way he makes decisions is definitely in a Sensing approach, not an Intuitive approach.

Kenny is very much about the reality of every situation. He observes things in a very “that’s the way it is” manner, constantly weighing his options over whether or not it’s worth taking action as opposed to letting it happen. Most of the time he doesn’t interfere with most things, probably from a fear of dying if things escalate too quickly, which, they tend to do. And that of course is because of his repeated experience of dying at the drop of a hat. 

But that’s when things are already in motion. On the flip side, when nothing is happening and he is asked to do something, he often doesn’t object. Especially if it’s for the sake of an activity for his friends,

or for the sake of money.

But despite all the watching and thinking he does, he really doesn’t bother with philosophical or morally dubious questions. It’s an easy task for Kenny to accept things the way they are without much hesitation, and he can’t really be bothered with the question why. 

That’s probably how he ended up being Cartman’s best friend. A loyal friend who doesn’t ask questions makes for a good partner in crime.

Feeling –  “I believe I can make the best decisions by weighing what people care about and the points-of-view of persons involved in a situation. I am concerned with values and what is the best for the people involved. I like to do whatever will establish or maintain harmony. In my relationships, I appear caring, warm, and tactful.”

Probably the biggest misconception in the fandom is how Kenny handles relationships. Sure he talks a lot about how he wants to fuck tons of bitches to his friends and is incredibly crude about it, but that’s not how he treats his girlfriends.

Despite his frustrations with them and the fact that he actually does want to get laid with them, he treats them very sweetly and never directs any anger towards the particular girl he’s with. 

And even when it looks like he’s not going to get what he wants he still sticks around with them, even though he’s not happy with the outcome. He’ll go along with it for them. 

The fact that he changed his entire lifestyle for Tammy with no hope of a reward was a very drastic decision, but considering it was his first real life girlfriend it was probably a nice change to his usual domestic setting.

At a first glance this may not seem like a drastic decision considering it’s just settling into a dreary life, but it really is one. Kenny was consistently exposed to completely different stimulants before he went along with Tammy’s weird ring philosophy. Huffing paint, drawing tits, playing bloody video games, looking at playboys… For him to live a very opposite life, even when Tammy wasn’t around to catch him doing something different is very much an extreme. And it’s very rare for him to do.

Usually consistent in his everyday but subtly delinquent life, Kenny’s decision making rarely leads him to jumping into action. When it does, it’s purely emotion driven.

And most of the time incredibly reckless.

Those decisions aren’t logic driven. There may be logic behind it, but that isn’t what makes them happen. He feels the emotion, for maybe a few seconds he may rationalizes, but then he just does it.

Perceiving - “I use my perceiving function (whether it is Sensing or Intuition) in my outer life. Others see me staying open to new experiences and information. I like to stay open to respond to whatever happens. I appear to be loose and casual. I like to keep plans to a minimum. I work in bursts of energy.”

Kenny doesn’t give a fuck. 

I mean he does, but he certainly doesn’t think it’s worth worrying over. Kenny goes with the flow. STDs? Fuck it let’s roll the dice. Girlfriend not giving you a blowjob? Fuck it, watch some Grey’s Anatomy. Peruvian Flute Band stealing your thunder? Fuck it let’s dance.

He’s very fond of not being stressed and he definitely doesn’t like to brood. Slowing down to Kenny is the worst and he’d always rather being doing something than sitting down and moping about something not going his way.

Kenny just goes wherever life takes him, constantly being entertained by what he sees and just going with it as best he can.

Kenny isn’t negative or bored unless he’s absolutely forced to be. He’ll look for any kind of stimulant to avoid boredom and negativity. And considering he’s poor and lives in an abusive household, sometimes these wacky adventures his best friend and friend group drag him on aren’t around enough. Sometimes he needs a little substitute.

Kenny isn’t picky. He’s flexible and willing to try anything.

Overall Kenny is definitely a rare type of character. The quiet kid who will roll with anything you throw at him. An incredibly loyal friend who talks about doing the filthiest things but is also a sweetheart to women, and also a little bit of a druggie. But somehow, it all ties together. Character goals.

That’s my character analysis on Kenny. Next up is Cartman… oh boy, that’s gonna be fun.

Stan the ESFP-T
Kyle the INFJ-A

some gifs I made myself, the others you can find at @south-park-gifs

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I’m torn! I liked the episode but I also feel really anxious about it. Why Oliver doesn't trust her anymore? He admitted that he and Diggle had let her fall deeper and that maybe she didn't feel like she belonged this season and yet he doesn't back her play. Help me understand this please because I don't want to think like this about him. I wanted to enjoy episode 20 but this is upsetting.

Don’t come to tumblr/twitter much because of my job but I love Arrow, though I’ve only been watching it for a year. There are some I’ve been following that were really vocal about 5.19: they’ve basically been saying Oliver isn’t good enough for Felicity now and are angry at him for not trusting/backing her like she has him. Is it them who don’t understand or me? I thought it showed Oliver afraid. No mistrusting. And Felicity asking for equality. I saw a reply you gave once but I don’t know anyone who does them like that.

I wasn’t going to answer these initially because I feel they’ve been answered so fully by the names just below this but… I HAVE AN ABUNDANCE OF OLICITY FEELS THAT CANNOT BE DENIED.

I needed to vent them! Overuse of gifs ahoy!

OK, first? Q2 Anon: I can give you the names of a few people who answer questions FAR better than I ever could if you’d like?

There’s @jbuffyangel (who did her usual amazing review of the episode which should answer all of your questions/worries) @callistawolf and @louiseblue1

There are others that I’m sure you’ll find if you explore a bit ;)

There isn’t really much I can say past what hasn’t already been said by the 3 above.

But I need to clarify (even though you can’t answer) something Anon 1. You liked the episode?

JUST liked?

Well I just about had a mini coronary. Honey, I don’t think you were seeing it properly. Episode 19 was like a piece fanfiction come to life. It was an episode to grin hard about and watch whilst gripping the edge of your seat. Something to feel deep in your chest the next day.

Everything in it – EVERY SINGLE SCENE – was a moment I’ve been waiting on pins to see.

And I mean, purely from the point of view of a fan: how could you not adore the return of the looks and the talking:

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True, I DO think they made us wait a tad too long (kill me now – @scu11y22 knows especially, after episode 9 how close I came to having a full on shit-fit – but just a shit-fit, not a loss of hope) for this but I also believe that they wanted the whole Prometheus Vs Oliver = Oliver’s lowest moment score to occur prior to any progression that could be made between Oliver and Felicity…

It’s because they want them - their steps back to each other - to be part and parcel with Prometheus’s defeat.

And Prometheus is representative of Oliver’s demons. Of his darkness and his pain. 

Originally posted by mogirl97

Something he can no longer run from like he has been doing for years. What he needs to face and defeat, to strive beyond.

It’s all so that the penultimate moment, episode 20, can mean so much more and have triple the affect it would have had without this.

Oliver can’t defeat Prometheus with his current mind-set. He can’t even stand against him: Prometheus has broken a vital piece of Oliver’s soul: his hope.

Think about it: Olicity closing the gap between them - healing that breach - each and reuniting possibly leading to the defeat of Prometheus. And what’s necessary for the defeat of Prometheus? For Oliver to step forwards into a light of his own making. A mission of his own choosing.

How much more epic can you get?

But you (Anon 1) (Anon 2, you’re fine girl/boy;)) were referring more to the deceptive lack of trust in this episode, correct?

That supposed absence of trust, the very thing that put a pause on this whole relationship? It’s an Oliver Queen smokescreen. Possibly subconscious on his part, at least initially. A not-so-flimsy cover up for Oliver’s real problem. A problem they’re going to bring about, in GREAT and uncompromising detail, in episode 20.

But let’s get into specifics.

It’s what we’ve been waiting for. And all of it, everything, was good. Everything coming will be better.

I think a problem a lot of people might also be having at the moment is the sudden rise of emotional intensity in the show.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Yes, I know: random. But.

Arrow has always been intense but it increases with each season: the actors are pushed into doing scenes and playing roles they’ve never done before, into bending rules and breaking past boundaries. Season 5 has been exemplary in this. But there’s been an upswing from episode 16, especially in regards to OTA and Olicity, that wasn’t as present earlier on. It’s been very welcome, but also, a bit of a shock.

They’ve had to wait you see: there’s been too much story to tell first. We got a lot of Olicity before anything else in season 4 so they needed to be true to their other stories first but you all know the other reasons as well. Lord know’s I’ve gone on about them too.

So now, everything feels powerful. Penetrating. Worrying? The script was so forceful in Dangerous Liasons, so intense: every scene featuring Oliver and Felicity was a scene that left a mark on the audience. People are feeling the heat - the kind of heat exhibited in 3.20 - and it’s such a burn that it people might consider it an omen.

Don’t feel anxious about it: not at all. It’s about facing the truth. About Oliver and Felicity facing each other. About facing themselves…

And they found themselves in each other once upon a time.

Originally posted by curvygeekyfangirl

That still holds true. There was no way in hell that they were going to get to the root of each of their issues without them coming back to each other.


There’s no one he trusts, respects and admires more than Felicity Smoak.

But being honest with her - telling her about his 5.17 revelation (something he had to understand himself first) about his reasoning behind why he’s done what he’s done over the years - is something he thinks will make her fall out of love with him.

But it also might save her from becoming him.

This has absolutely nothing to do with trust.

For the first time, Felicity is the one he and Dig have to worry about… and like big tough Alpha males, it throws them completely out of whack.

Originally posted by emilybuttrickards

It’s not about a lack of trust or a deliberate choice not to be there for her when she has been there for him every single time he needed someone.

He can’t possibly be ok with her behaving like him because she’s more. She’s better. She’s the example he measures all other acts of goodness and evil against. No other woman (or man) has come close.

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And that’s just some of the examples and only the women.

But there’s been a lack of understanding between these two for the past year (A year… Christ, it’s been more than a year) and they need to hack it out but they wouldn’t be able to without a stimulus.

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Boom baby!

Now, Felicity TELLING Oliver that he doesn’t trust her was soooooo deeply satisfying, not because I agree with her. I don’t. She’s wrong. But I only know that because I’m the observer.

I loved it because she was finally being honest about how he’s made her feel. And how he’s made her feel isn’t just like she isn’t trusted:

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It’s lonely. Alone.

Originally posted by felicitysmoakq

She’s felt like she can’t go to him and ask for the assistance she needed, the help she wanted. The kind of love she deserves. Honestly, I’m pretty sure she didn’t want his help either. Not at this stage. She wanted to rely on herself. To decide for herself. To make the choices he and Dig have always made for her. To be their equal.

What she wanted was for him to say:

“I don’t like it. I don’t want you to do it. You’re asking me to stand back and watch you sell yourself because of a problem I caused. I don’t want it. It’ll hurt too much… but I’m going to. I’m going to because I trust you. You already know I love you. And now I’m going to prove what that actually means to me. I’m going to place all my trust in you because I believe. In. You.


Wonderful, right?

But this is from the point of view of a woman who doesn’t fully understand Oliver Queen, through no fault of her own. She’s the closest any woman has ever come to truly knowing him: she DOES know him the best of everyone, even Thea…

And that is something he - subconsciously - can’t allow. He can’t have Felicity - the person he loves the most - close to his darkest demon. Can’t have her touched.

If she’d been ready at the time of their break up, maybe she would have seen something else and NOT a man who simply doesn’t trust her the way she craves to be trusted, the way she’d trusted him and still does trust him. Even after everything.

But she couldn’t help missing that because Oliver is emotionally stunted and very unaware of how his father’s promise and his survivor’s guilt have deepened that chasm inside him.

Oliver is also a man of his word.

Originally posted by andjustforthismoment

“We can protect her.”

He made a promise to himself and Dig and he was vehement in that promise.

It was a declaration of intent: I want her in this but not at the cost of what makes her… her.

Do you think that ever goes away for someone like Oliver? And do you think he ever forgets about that promise? No. It just grows stronger. It was crucial to him; especially right at the beginning of it all.

And for Felicity Smoak it is an absolute - a requisite - STRONGER than his need to protect Thea.

He grew to accept at the end of season 3 - after choosing for her for most of the season - that Thea’s life was her own, that her actions were her own, her body was her own to throw it onto fire if she wanted to.

He’d hate it… but he’d get it.

He can’t do that with Felicity because she’s his cornerstone.

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Even after they broke up, even months later with this distance between them, she’s still the person who balances his world, who gives him structure.

Originally posted by lucyyh

When she first joined the team, she enabled his night work in a way he didn’t think possible and she was as safe as he could make her. Behind her computers. In HIS Foundry. Perfect.

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She was where he could keep an eye on her and control how deep into the life she was. In fact she only ever touched close to danger when she was in the field, which was few and far between for this exact reason.

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Even when she opted – even when it was her choice – Oliver (and by extension Dig) only agreed when they could control the danger level.

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But even then, things can still go wrong.

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The problem is that Felicity has always been just as ‘in deep’ as the boys.

But she’s their precious gem: their lucky charm. Their lighthouse, their way home. The heart of the team.

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What happens when a lighthouse goes dark?

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The way home – your eyes – vanishes.

You loose sight of reality.

It was taken for granted, Felicity’s natural light. Her faith. He thought if he left it alone, it was stay exactly as it was…

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The light on Oliver’s path – as pitiful and as small, as narrow and filled with thorns and without forks and choices as that way has become – was, in his head, taken fully away in episode 19. He was left asunder and confused.

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Adrift. Lost at sea…. he’s already lost at sea.

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He was lost at sea for years until he chose to stay away from Starling (I prefer the name Starling City to Star City btw).

After his return, she became his anchor. Slowly.

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Moment by moment.

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Until she became irreplaceable.

And he didn’t realise just how deep that went… until he broke her heart. Until she left him. Alone.

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They’re as alone as each other. Even when they’re with others. Even in a crowd. Even as they reached out to others, romantically or otherwise and it didn’t heal them.

Case in point: look at where they are right now. He thinks he’s a sociopathic serial killer and she’s willing to destroy her life to bring down the man who made him feel that way.

She is doing for Oliver what Oliver did for Thea in season 3.

All she’s asking is for him to let her.

But he can’t.

He promised Dig he’d protect her. Just her. 

Not Laurel or Thea or Sara or anyone else, not even Dig… Felicity was the one whom he’d never have twisted. The one neither of them could or would sacrifice. IRREPLACEABLE.

Most importantly, he can’t have her become him. He’s been protecting her from that since day 1: he can’t fathom its possibility.

Oliver has paid a lot of prices, sacrificed so much of himself. And he’s lost things and people.

Her soul is the one price too high to pay.

Yet Oliver feels like everything he has touched, every person who’s into contact with him, has suffered because of him.

And now? …He feels what’s she doing with helix, how she’s behaving is because of him. A darkness that never comes out created by him. To Oliver, he has created this path of a deepening darkness for the woman he loves. Now he has to put up with what she’s been putting up with for years. And he doesn’t like it.

Drink it is:

Like a husband who’s argued with his wife, had his words royally and correctly thrown back at him and in the dog house. Big time!

What Oliver doesn’t realise is that light can alter over time. It can grow warmer or more distinct. Stronger. Can shift and shine a new way. A better way. A softer way. Some lights can draw weaker ones out and strengthen them.

Has anyone noticed the increased use of both purple and green this year on Arrow? Oliver’s and Felicity’s colours. 

Not a coincidence.

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When he sees her for who she really is, when he finds out how her view of him – in walking in his shoes – has changed, has grown, when he discovers that his confession doesn’t have the affect on her he thought it would, when she actually gives him a new and brighter understanding of herself… he’ll see her light for what it is. For the beauty in it. And he’ll love her all the more for it.

I think he’s going to tell her – when their air is ruining out, whilst he’s hurt and she’s defenceless – his painful truth and he’ll be waiting for the worse case scenario reaction from her.

And… I feel like he’s going to be given the shock of his life. Or something to that affect. (Am I just desperate?)

Whatever happens, it’ll make him view her as an equal in every sense of the term – he thought he already did, but there was still that last layer of bubble wrap for him/her to pop.

And in walking in her shoes – in trying to move on, in watching her make the hard choices and being powerless to stop her, in being on the other side of the fence and being the one who doesn’t get listened to – his understanding and already super high regard for her will shoot past the stratosphere.

Like Wendy said:

“She’s been through something now, and she sees him in a different light — and he also sees her in a different light. There’s a lot more mutual understanding, and even though I think it’s hard to top the mutual respect they already have for each other, that goes up as well.”

Won’t be surprised if they leave the bunker shooting each other awed, heart-eyed looks and thinking ‘wow’.

Remember the song?

I am so sorry that I bothered you
Now I know why you have to hide
I didn’t know what you were going through
All I could see was my own sign

I will just fade away
I will let you be here
I won’t say a word until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me

They just tell me what you’re in there for
How could I know you did not say?
But now I know what I am living for
Tomorrow will be just another day

I will close my eyes
And I hear a quiet peep
I will wait in the shadows until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, oh

Ah, sweet youth will all too quickly end
And we will never be this free
So all I ask is that we look again
Before we grow too old to see

I will fall alone
My elm was sweet and envy
Still I will be crying until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, ah

Understanding. Readiness. Love. Trust. Heart.

I’ll be waiting for you. Until you come to me.

It’s a mutual thing (though I do think this refers to Felicity more than Oliver).

And then it’ll be almost as easy as falling, his new ideal. I think she’ll give him a new point of view. Or, at the very least, a way to see it differently.

Very soon they’ll be ready for each other. The right fit.

A hero for a hero.

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She has to open the door but he needs to make her want to first. Strip each other down to the core.

And, come 5.22 (?) he needs step on through it all on his own.

They’re going to fall in sync.

And by 5.23 we’re finally going to breathe that breath of sweet relief.

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-credit to twdzone


A few spoilers for next week.
Richard-Daryl fight scene begins after the first credits and we see Khary Peyton and later other credits appear as the scene runs. Richard and Daryl are out in The Kingdom away from the rest of the people.

Daryl has a backpack and crossbow plus Richard has gear as well. They are waiting for a group of Saviours to come by and are planning to set a trap.

Richard tells Daryl his plan to get Ezekiel to go to war against The Saviours. He has set a trap of his own- for Carol!

Richard “They’re all going to be angry. I left a trail from here to the weapons cache I planted to the cabin of someone Ezekiel cares about”

Daryl “Who’s that?”

Richard “It’s just some loner he met Sometimes he brings food her way.”

Daryl “Why don’t they live in the The Kingdom?”

Richard “I don’t know. She lives out there, she’ll die out there.”

Daryl “It’s a woman?”

Richard “What does that matter? She’s got more balls than you or me. She’s going to die either way.

When the Saviours come and find their buddies dead, if they know their elbow from their asshole,(camera moves in on Daryl’s face) and can follow an obvious spoor, they’re going to go from the weapons cache to the cabin, and they’re going to attack this woman.”

Daryl interrupts “What’s her name?” (music starts to build, swelling louder)

Richard “Maybe they kill her, maybe they don’t. But it’s going to show Ezekiel what he needs to do.”

Daryl “NAME, what is it?” (camera pulls in tight on Daryl’s face)

Richard “She’s tough, maybe she’ll live.”
(music building)

Daryl “Say her damn name!”
(music drops) Richard (exhales and looks away from Daryl, then back at him) “Carol.

I hoped you didn’t know her. But I didn’t think you’d care. ‘Cause you KNOW what needs to happen.”

Daryl “No” (Daryl walks past Richard, picks up his backpack and crossbow and starts walking away)

Richard “Maybe she’ll live. This is how this could happen. This is how we get rid of The Saviours. How we all can have a future. She’s living out there on her own, just waiting to die.”

Daryl “NO!” (his voice is rough and loud)

Richard “If we don’t do anything, a lot more people are going to die. (now yelling) People who want to LIVE!”

Daryl “(turns back to face Richard, his voice low and menacing) "You stay the hell away from
Carol, you hear me?”

They hear the approaching Saviours,
Richard peeks around the corner “It's 


Richard “Look we can wait for things to go bad and lose people. Or we can do the hard thing and choose our fate for ourselves.”

Daryl “No”

Richard “Sorry” (and turns away from Daryl)
The music swells as Daryl tackles Richard and the fight from the promo happens.

Daryl gets in a lot of face punches as two Saviours vehicles pass by along the road behind which they are hiding.

Richard throws Daryl off and manages to grab his weapon while Daryl scrambles for his crossbow. The two square off against each other.

Richard “ There will be more. Or these will ride back this way later. We’ll have another chance. But we’re running out of time. If you and your people want to move against The Saviours, you need to do it soon and you need The Kingdom.

What we have to do requires sacrifice one way or another. Guys like us have already lost so much.”

Daryl “You don’t know me.”

Richard “ I know, that Carol, living on her own like that, she might as well be dead right now.”

Daryl “She gets hurt, she dies, if she catches a fever, if she gets taken out by a walker, she gets hit by lightning, anything, if anything happens to her, I’ll kill you.” - this for carol

Richard “I would die for The Kingdom”

Daryl “Why don’t you”

Carol- Ezekiel and Knights

Carol comes out on the front porch of the creepy house, standing hands on hips. Ezekiel, Daniel (Daniel Newman) Dana, Jerry and a young Knight are standing in her front yard.

Carol “I told Richard no more visits.”

Ezekiel “ I am aware. Your desire is solitude. That’s what I’ve ordered to be facilitated. My men are here clearing the wasted. The dead are quite inconsiderate when it comes to those wanting to be alone…”

Ezekiel points out that Carol is the one who opened the door. She says they tripped the tripwires (she placed around the house)

Daniel says he thought he caught it in time and the young Knight says she “hid them well , lady” Dana tells him not to call Carol “lady”, so he calls her “ma'am” then “ms” then “mrs” so Dana tells him he can shut up now to which he says “Copy”.

Carol says “Bye Your Majesty”, but Jerry pulls out a big pan of cobbler and hands it to her, saying Kevin said she’d like it in case she opened the door.

Carol takes the cobbler, tells them to “Go!”, then goes into the house, closes the door and picks up her book to read. Almost immediaely is a knock on the door.

When Carol opens the door, Daryl is standing there with his crossbow slung on his back.

Carol is silent for a moment as her face changes expression several times, and she takes some deep breaths before stepping forward and hugging Daryl. They hug tightly from both angles, faces visible.

Daryl breaks the hug “Jesus took us to The Kingdom. Morgan said you’d just left. I was out here and saw you.
(in a different tone of voice) "Why’d you go?”

Carol “(whispers) I had to…”
Night Caryl scene
A fire is lit in the fireplace and Carol is watching some pots there while the food cooks.

Carol “ I couldn’t lose anyone. I couldn’t lose any of hem. I couldn’t lose you. (she turns and looks at Daryl as she says the last one)

” I couldn’t kill them. I could. I would. If they hurt any of our people, any more of them, that’s what I would do. And there wouldn’t be anything left of me after that.
The Saviours, did they come?“

Daryl "Yeah”

Carol “Did anyone get hurt? Is everybody OK? Did The Saviours, (her teary voice breaks here) she takes a breath, "Is everybody back home OK?”
(long, silent pause as music comes up again)

Carol “Daryl?”

Daryl “They came, we got them all. We made a deal with the rest of them like Ezekiel. Everyone’s alright. Everyone’s alright”
(a second time)

Carol is relieved.

Daryl “Are we gonna eat ? Do I have to be a King or something to get food around here?” - He is jealous 😍

Carol “Shut up (softly)

Scene shifts to Daryl sitting at the head of the candlelit table as Carol brings over the food and sets it down. She puts 2 ladlesful into Daryl’s bowl and watches him eat. (his table manners have improved since his dinner with Aaron and Eric)

Daryl "Ezekiel, is he OK?” - He is jealous

Carol “Yeah, I think he is”

When Daryl leaves, the door opens, he walks out into the night, stops, turns around and sees
Carol. He walks back to her and hugs her for a long moment.

Daryl “Watch out for yourself, alright?” he asks her and he leaves.

Carol stands on the porch watching, then goes in and closes the door.
More to post, will try to come back soon

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Fearlessly Day 2

We’re back for day 2 of Fearlessly’s SPOTLIGHT. Happy reading. 

Day 2: Recs!

It was really hard choosing the stories I wanted to recommend because all the fic in my catalogue are special to me for different reasons. And, I would like all of my stories to be read, so coming up with a list of only five was tough. Anyway, without further ado and in no particular order:

1. Anywhere You Want to Take Me - Series

I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) single out any particular story from this dom!Kurt / sub!Blaine series, so I am recommending the whole lot of them. Currently, there are ten instalments with many more to come. The thing I like most about this series is the dynamic between Kurt and Blaine. They are in an established relationship, very much equals, irrevocably in love, and really enjoy their playroom.


Inspiration has come from all the wonderful dom/sub fanfiction I have read. D/s is a favourite trope of mine, so naturally I wanted to try my hand at writing it, and found that I enjoy it very much.


Kurt arrived in the loud and still very crowded club to find Blaine lying on top of the bar shirtless, with an array of women and men surrounding him. He had a wedge of lime in his mouth and a trail of salt from his navel to the low-rise waist of his pants. A pretty blonde was just about to lick the salt off when Kurt squeezed her shoulder and dragged her off of him. “Party’s over! Shoo!”

The crowd scattered reluctantly. Kurt’s eyes darkened as he looked down at the mess that was his husband. His chest was wet with saliva and alcohol. His curls were dishevelled and decorated with confetti, which would have been cute under different circumstances, his eyes were shiny and glazed over, and his pants had wet blotches from spilled alcohol… — taken from the sixth instalment, You and Me .

 2. The Road Not Taken

 his neighbours!Klaine story was written in response to a prompt in the Glee Prompt Meme and in correlation with Five Years of Klaine. What I like most about this story is the fact that neither Kurt nor Blaine is perfect. They make mistakes, but at the same time, won’t settle for less than what they really want – which is, each other.

Inspiration: Inspiration came from bird_in_a_cage’s fabulous prompt:

“Kurt moves into the apartment across from Blaine’s, and they are both immediately intrigued by each other. Trouble is Blaine got engaged just the week before Kurt’s arrival.”

I would also like to point out that she offered a “bonus for wall-sex scene”. Who was I to deny that?


It took a while for Blaine’s brain to register that Kurt was talking to him because, Holy Mother of God, was the man in front of him a sight to behold. The sheen of sweat that covered his pale skin made him look even more radiant. The white tee shirt he wore was a little grimy from the boxes, but that added to the appeal. And that throat … that milky throat, which moments ago was on full display working as it swallowed water, made Blaine forget all about the fact that he was an engaged man because all he wanted to do in that moment was push Kurt into the wall and fuck him senseless.

3. Our Life

 This was the very first daddies!Klaine fic that I wrote, so that alone makes it special to me. What I like most about it is that it follows Kurt and Blaine through their ups and downs, starting from when their first child is born to when their children leave the nest and become young adults themselves. Another reason I like this one is because it is the first fic where I involved other Glee characters and ships as supporting storylines. It was a fun one to write and I’ve often thought about creating a series of one-shots to compliment it.

Inspiration: After watching “Dreams Come True” and seeing that Klaine remained loving husbands, had successful careers, and were about to become parents, I knew I had to write my version of the events that followed, because even though we got so much Klaine in the series finale, there was so much that was missing.


Kurt, Blaine, and Zavier stood in their living room and watched as Dalton and Jeremy descended the stairs. Kurt already had tears in his eyes and, when he saw the couple all dressed up, he couldn’t stop them from falling. Blaine, who was equally emotional, put his arms around Kurt’s shoulders as he saw the boys in their graduation suits. They were both perfectly tailored – of course; Kurt had made sure they were. Their suits were black with crisp white shirts. Jeremy’s was accented with a plum coloured tie and kerchief. Dalton had chosen a deep cherry colour.

“You guys look so handsome,” Kurt whispered. “Come. I need to get a picture.” Dalton and Jeremy clasped hands and stood at the foot of the stairs. By now, they knew the drill. Kurt liked to get multiple pictures from every angle possible. They posed and smiled while Zavier, in true Zavier fashion, photo bombed them at every opportunity he got.

4. My Greatest Joy

I chose this story to share with you because it was a pretty difficult one for me to write. I am proud that I was able to finish it. Also, it ticks a lot of different boxes – there’s a big dose of “romangst” - heavy on the angst, as well as hurt / comfort, daddies!Klaine, and a few kick-ass supporting characters, including Auntie Tina and none other than Lord Tubbington.

Inspiration: I’m not sure any particular thing or person inspired this story. I think it was just my desire to write a dose of (fictional) reality and some angst.


They sat beside each other in silence, but with their hands clasped together. It had been a long time since they held hands. Blaine really couldn’t remember the last time. He had always loved the feeling it gave him – of love … of friendship … of belonging. The physical union was a symbol of them belonging to each other. It reminded him of a time when they had been best friends. They laughed. They kissed. They made love … they were in love.

And then it all changed. He knew that the hand holding wouldn’t last. Once the doctors told them that Bea would be okay and Kurt felt safe again, he would take his hand away and that would be it. Blaine knew, but right now his husband’s hand was clutched in his and he wasn’t going to let it go until Kurt forced him to. He squeezed it just a little tighter and caressed his thumb over Kurt’s knuckles…

5. Let Me Hold Your Hand

This fic is one of my favourites of mine. It is heavy on the Blangst, hurt/comfort, and has a nice dose of the biggest Klaine shipper of them all, Burt Hummel. It is also the first fic in which I used / wrote flashbacks.

Inspiration: This story idea stemmed after I re-watched “A Wedding” and wondering what would have happened if Kurt had said no? What if he hadn’t agreed to spontaneously marry Blaine? That was the seed of the story and it just grew from there.


Kurt knew those eyes by heart. He knew when they were happy or excited or sad or in pain – but he had never seen them like this. He saw pain but also something so much worse - devastation.

Blaine cried unabashedly. His voice was pleading and hysterical, “Kurt, this is it. Everything… we’ve worked so hard for… ends right now. Is that really what you want?”

His hazel irises searched for any signs of recant from Kurt. When Kurt remained silent, he added with a sob, “Because… I love you… so much - but if you walk away from me now… know that it will be for the last time.”

Blaine struggled to stay upright. He could barely breathe but forced himself to continue. “Because my heart will not survive this time; I will never be able to love again – not you, not anyone.”       


Did you miss Jamie and Sam on MorgenMagazin on 30.3.17? No problem. We have the two acoustics and interview right here and we’ve translated the interview just for you.

Interviewer: He is successful as a model and actor, we can see him here beside Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd, a vampire in the Twilight Saga or as a shadowhunter in The Mortal Instruments. Jamie Campbell Bower is with us, welcome and good morning.

Jamie: Thank you very much.

Interviewer: One of your talents we haven’t mentioned yet, we have already heard some, you are a musician. You sing and play guitar in Counterfeit. We call it punk rock but you presented it a bit softer a moment ago. Why did you choose punk?

Jamie: Umm, it was never really a decision that I made to go and make a punk band. I never set out to like try and be any specific genre. I guess, I sort of grew up, I’m 28 now, and for like the last portion of my younger life I was very happy and floating around I think. And then as I got older I became sort of a little bit more disillusioned I think with life. Umm and therefore this anger just came out of me and I guess it ended up being described as punk music now I s'pose but that’s cool I’m down with that. That’s fine.

Interviewer: We want to hear and see it so here is a little clip. It’s definitely punk rock from Counterfeit. Tour has started, you played yesterday in Hamburg. How was it?

Jamie: Yeah we started three days ago in Hamburg, it was great. Yeah yeah yeah it’s been good thus far. Yeah we had a night off last night which has been really nice, so I’m rested as I can get which is good. But it’s been crazy, wherever we play it always goes a bit nuts. Our shows are what I’d call reactive, um, so we’ll just react to however the audience are as much as we can. We give back whatever we get.

Interviewer: You are from London where the punk rock scene started. It’s a real export hit. The Germans love the punk rock scene. Can you feel that during your shows? Today you are playing in Berlin, it will probably be massive.

Jamie: Yeah, I think for us like playing anywhere in Germany is always such an honour, I mean the kids here seem to just instantly be into rock n roll music in whatever shape or form, there’s no front to it, they’re very much accepting of everything you’re doing and yeah I think it transfers for sure, I mean in terms of a London punk scene now, there isn’t really a London punk scene now it’s very much like a very isolated small pocket of it.

Interviewer: Jamie, we know you as an actor, we have just seen a few clips. You played in Harry Potter. How can we understand that? It’s the typical question to a musician who is an actor at the same time. What is your second job?

Jamie: What’s my second job, I can’t choose, I can’t choose, they’re both my life. I love them both. I’ve been playing music since I was about 15. Both of my parents work in the music industry so I’ve just grown up around it. Um, it just happened that the acting took off first. Yeah I’m trying to juggle the both of them at the moment which is tough but it’s cool. I’m having a good time doing it. I’m stressed. For sure.

Interviewer: You don’t look like it. A question for the fans? When can we see you in a movie again?

Jamie: Um, I’ve just finished shooting a television show, comes out in June, it’s called ‘Will’. We made it for TNT but it’s coming out over here as well. Um, so that’s about a young William Shakespeare, I play Christopher Marlowe so that’s out in June.

Interviewer: Can you use the different skills in your other job, the musical talent in acting and the other way around? The acting talent as a punk rock singer on stage? What do you do? What can you take from the one job to the other?

Jamie: Erm, I don’t think there’s much of a transfer in terms of what I do in acting to music. Erm, I think that music allows me to be a lot more free than my performance as an actor. Since I started this band I’ve sort of shed a lot of those anxieties and my fears and I think that that gave me the opportunity to on camera, to do the same thing, you know to feel free and to not have any worries. So, that kinda. There’s not much to cross over for me to be honest, they’re two completely different like, skills.

Interviewer: Great that you are here from Counterfeit. You are running the band with your brother and a few other people. Jamie Campbell Bower. Get ready, thank you.

Jamie: Thank you so much.

Norman Jayden always draws the shortest straw in Heavy Rain

Aka Heavy Rain is a dick to Norman Jayden

I know that I’m about five years too late to the party and that the Heavy Rain fandom seems pretty much dead by now, but I just need to get off my chest how badly Norman Jayden is treated in this game, more so than the other three playable characters imo and why.

Spoilers, obv.

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Yurio's Mysterious Past – Yuri on Ice Meta/Analysis

I’ve been thinking about Yurio for a while and his mysterious past. Mostly about how he’s changed over the years. We first see him looking like a vulnerable little child in his flashback in Episode 3.

So how does he change from this child…

To the Russian Punk…

and then to this beautiful and strong skater


  • Yurio is a next generation skater.
  • His grandpa raised him in Moscow for a time.
  • At 10 years old, Yurio moved his home rink from Moscow to St. Petersburg.
  • He’s been the main provider for his family since his days in the rookie division.
  • Yurio won his past 3 junior championships.

So as you can see, there are some gaps in the timeline, which leave room for questions. The beginning of this speculation will all be about filling in the gaps and then how he grows throughout the show.

QUESTION #1: Why did Yurio move to St. Petersburg?
Well, the most obvious answer would be to train under Viktor’s coach, Yakov. The anime leads us to believe that Yurio admires and looks up to Viktor. At this time, Viktor would have been 22 and since he’s won 5 consecutive GPF that would have been during that time.

Once Yurio arrives there, he participates in Yakov’s summer camp (where Otabek also is). I do think this was a “make it or break it” moment for Yurio. Reflecting on it, Yurio tells Otabek, “I was desperate. I decided I wouldn’t complain until I was good enough.” Something happened in his family, something tore them apart. Possibly this is also when Yurio became the main provider for his family. He either needed to make money by skating, or do something else that could bring money.

What really sells me on the pain Yurio encountered is this line:

I think this speaks deeply to the pain Yurio has gone through. Soldiers aren’t just strong. They go through hardship after hardship, they’ve experienced pain, and seen things far beyond their wildest nightmares. The eyes of a soldier. Yurio is pleased to be described that way. Finally someone noticed how much he’s been through.

But he gets this look like: “Me? Am I really worthy of being called that?” And then he seems to lose himself to memories.

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Last time I suggested a series of read-throughs once you finish the first draft to give you an overview of things that you need to focus on when you go in for the rewriting and editing. Sometimes, you have an entire scene whose essence is generally right, but maybe the order or the wording or the focus isn’t quite right. Even worse, you try to take a stick and scissors to it and it’s not doing anything, just staring at you with that bad prose. Here’s a technique I’ve found helpful, and hopefully you will too.

Step One: Change the font size to the smallest you can still bear to read, change the margins to 0.5 all the way around, and hit print on just that section. These changes will help you save paper, always a plus.

Step Two: Grab anywhere from 3-5 different colors of highlighters or markers. Designate the colors to the following plot arcs:

  • main plot
  • subplot
  • main character development

If you have more than one subplot, use a different color for each; same goes for if you have more than one main character. Be very discerning about who constitutes a main character and who is really a secondary with a large role acting as a subplot for the book. Try to whittle it down to those 3-5 colors. Less is preferable to more. What you’re going to do is break the story down into its most basic components. Write yourself a key/legend for the colors so you don’t get lost. For my piece that’s pictured, blue identifies the main plot, pink the subplot, and orange signifies character development for my main character. Transitional sentences that don’t have anything to do with anything except to facilitate scene or topic changes I left uncolored.

Step Three: Highlight each sentence according to its function in the story. Often times, whole paragraphs will be all one color, but every now and then, there will be a multicolored paragraph, or a color change halfway through. Be sure to color accordingly. Don’t get lazy and assume.

Step Four: Cut the story into pieces according to color.

Sometimes you’ll be left with one sentence awkwardly hanging out on its own slip, like that pink one right above the blue section in my piece. Try to keep things all in connected pieces of paper. If one paragraph goes onto the top of the next page and it’s the same color, tape them to make them one slip. You can see that a little bit with the blue paragraph.

Step Five: Switch things up! Move the pieces of your scene-puzzle around, keeping in mind that you’re trying to streamline this prose and also see what things simply don’t fit. By highlighting, you should be able to better see what things feel out of place or sections that might come off as choppy. Try moving things in a way that attempts to put related story lines together. Obviously not all the sections of each line need to be together, but the more you can connect things that go with each other, the smoother your scene will flow. Of course, there may also be sections you choose to remove because they no longer go in this scene. That’s okay. Set those aside and keep fiddling. Transition sentence can always be rewritten to fit the new flow, so don’t worry too much if right now the rearranged pieces don’t entirely fit. Sentence beginnings can be altered to fit with their new place, and sections you decide to remove from this scene can be fit into other places in you novel if you think they’re still necessary.

Step Six: Implement the changes into your digital copy, changing transitions and the little details to fit. This may include changing actions or setting to fit with your new order. My scene started out with my character on a rooftop, then she hopped into the street and had a conversation, then went up the street to observe something, hopped back on the rooftops to have another conversation, hopped back down into the streets to witness something else. In the new scene, she observes something, has her conversation in the street, witnesses something, then gets up on the roof and has her conversation. Those little changes about where she is had to be made, but it takes only a few word changes to clarify those.

Here’s a tip: Be very discerning and tough on your prose. When you are deciding if a slip needs to be kept or not, consider if there’s a better way to incorporate the information. If there is, chuck that slip. This technique allows you see if the focus of the scene is on what matters and not on something else.

Here’s what my piece started out looking like:

Here’s how it ended up:

(side note: the large white chunk at the top of the second column should be colored entirely blue, however I knew I needed to simply rewrite that whole section, so I left it uncolored.) Yes, some pieces stayed the same, and I didn’t get rid of a lot (the slips set aside at the bottom are ones that were removed), but what I was able to do was refocus on what mattered, remove excess fat, and recognize where things didn’t flow. Look at the first column of the top picture! What a mess! In the end, the scene smoothed out, and I felt a lot better about the whole section. When I first learned this technique I thought it was ridiculous and that it would never help, but if you’re really, truly stuck on a scene and can’t figure out what’s wrong with it, try this out.

(still need help? not sure how this would ever help you? my ask box is always open.)

“Caged Hearts” ch.5

Hey people, guess what? I am not dead! Sorry for the LONG wait, school intership and tests killed me without any mercy… but ehy, I’m back now and stronger than before (I guess?). In the next days I will post the third chapter of “The Forbidden Fruit”, don’t worry about it. Enjoy this chapter!

This AU belong to @king-branch, credits to them.

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chicago typewriter ep 15

tears, tears…
tears everywhere ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

the drama’s been giving us bits of the 1930s life of our trio since the start and that showed a great contrast to their present life. but for episode 15, they finally gave us a full-blown story of their youth in 1930s ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ a youth full of sadness, sacrifice, friendship, and love.. love for each other and for the country. it’s so so so heartbreaking i had to pause a lot of times to stop myself from crying :-( (i still cant control my tears rn fml)

here are some of my fave scenes in this episode:

1. hwiyoung crying while holding soo yeon’s photo + reminiscing their moments

FMLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL this scene hurts so fucking much oh my god asjflsjfsl hwiyoung was concealing his emotions right from the start so it wouldnt be a hindrance as a leader of joseon alliance youth ( thumbs up for being so tough, leader-nim!!) but i literally died when he finally broke down his walls and showed us his fragile side ㅠ he suffered so much for everyone 😭😭 gotta love yoo ah in’s acting here.. he brought out the best of this character 😭

2. yul confessing he’s the leader and seeing soo yeon/anastasia suffering

go kyung pyo’s acting is so daebak ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ yul’s character is so daebak ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ in this scene i realized how much yul and hwiyoung differs.. yul lets his emotions rule his decisions while hwiyoung doesn’t let his emotions control him, he gotta stay tough and focus for their organization. yul let out his emotions til the very end, sacrificing their plans just to save the woman he loves :-( i wanted to smack him so he could get into his senses.. like WHY CANT U THINK FIRST BEFORE MAKING DECISIONS!!! some of yall mightve rolled their eyes in this cliche scene of choosing the person he loves but this!!!!!!! was a powerful scene!!!!! it showcased a whole lot more about yul’s character that overshadowed that of hwiyoung’s (also got me thinking that maybe the reason why he wasnt reincarnated bc he chose soo hyun over joseon omg) and also the scene where he told hwiyoung that he’ll give up soo yeon in the next life so he should let him save her in this time made me cry buckets ㅠㅠ i need to see more of yul’s life/character

3. soo yeon’s “eye acting” + scene with madame sofia

oh my god literally all praises for im soo jung!!!!!! the scenes where shes telling yul to hold on, to not say hwiyoung’s name, was brilliant! ㅠㅠㅠ she swayed the scenes with her acting.. ahhhhh i couldnt get over it. heo young min also said he could see everything in soo yeon’s.. he was right bc im soo jung facial expression made it so convincing im asjfkslfjslfjaljdlsAHDIWLALAL
- also that emo scene when madame sofia said that ofc she would chose her son over joseon who hasnt done anything for her. omg that line’s one of my fave ever. it was full of emotions i had to pause for like a few minutes hahaha and when soo yeon said she treated her like a mother and she wouldnt forgive her ever….. i feel so sad like imagine how her mom (in the present life) felt when she left soo yeon bc of this tragedy :(( they need have a major get together in the last episode or else im gonna kms

4. hwiyoung confessing to soo yeon + soo yeon’s “don’t go” + goblin comparison

-EVERYTHING IN THIS SCENE FUCKED ME UP SO BAD I HAD TO PAUSE AGAIN TO DIGEST WHATS HAPPENING. this is one of the saddest confession ever…. the writer really loves torturing the audience oh my god.. imho this is even sadder than goblin’s letting go scene.. why???? because in goblin, atleast kim shin and eun tak had enough time to show their love for each other.. or had moments together before they separated. but here, OH MY GOD THEY SPENT ALL THEIR YOUTH FIGHTING FOR THEIR COUNTRY, PUTTING ASIDE THEIR FEELINGS, TO THE POINT THAT HWI YOUNG COULDNT DO ANYTHING TO SAVE SOO YEON BC JOSEON ALWAYS FUCKING COMES FIRST. HE COULDNT EVEN TOUCH SOO YEON’S HAND FOR THE LAST TIME *CRIES* AND ONE OF THEM DIED WHILE ONE LIVING IN MISERY.


in goblin, euntak’s memory vanished when kim shin disappeared, but she still felt constant pain and she didnt know why. but here imagine soo yeon living after the tragedy, knowing the love of her life died protecting joseon, not having any assurance of meeting him again, continue living with the memories deeply buried in her heart and mind ㅠㅠㅠ i couldn’t even imagine her life alone without her beloved friends ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ this is the saddest of all the saddest shit i dont want to feel again ever

5. heo young min’s villian acts
- yo raise your hands up if ya think kwak si yang did a fantastic job being the villian!!!! in 1930s or in the present life, hes such an effective villian to the point that everyone hated him and also pitied him. i love love loveeeeeeeeeeeee him as heo young min tho i hated his antics lmao honestly one of my fave villians rn (still nam goong min in #1 spot haha)

6. hwiyoung’s death

- well, save the best for the last right????? i admire how hwiyoung sticked to his principles til the every end.. and love his lines here omGGGGG (kudos to the writer ilysm 😭) no more words to describe this scene *insert millions of crying emojis*

7. se joo + jeon seol’s hugging scene

- in the 1930s, hwiyoung died while yul saved soo yeon. hwiyoung gave up soo yeon for joseon 😭😭 in their present lives, yul saved se joo and se joo finally saved jeon seol ㅠㅠㅠㅠ i died again when se joo told jeon seol that for this time, he finally saved her omg *insert tears* the power of their friendship is no joke… ㅠㅠㅠ

ok so this went so long omg those fave scenes are basically all of the important scenes in this episode hahaha im sorry but i just need to let it out since none of my friends irl are watching this drama yet 😭 anyways, still lots of things we need to see in the finale! it bothers me that the stalker’s sister got out…. im thinking thats she cooking something badass lmao.

do yall think we’ll shed more tears in the last episode?

p.s the ost automatically plays in my head when i see/read stuff related to chicago typewriter omg ajdkaldhalfbwl

p.p.s my fingers are so tired after typing this sorry for grammatical errors 😂 im so hypedddddddsd i didnt double check
Arrow's Juliana Harkavy Talks 'Iconic' Canary Gig, Possible Black Siren Brawl

When The CW’s Arrow resumes Season 5, it will be all hands on deck as Oliver & Co. set out to find Adrian Chase aka Prometheus, who brutally bested his WITSEC detail upon realizing his jig as a mild-mannered D.A. was up. 

Now among Team Arrow’s hodgepodge of assets is Dinah Drake, who slowly but surely has assumed the role of Black Canary (about a year, in real time, after Laurel Lance’s tragic death). 

TVLine spoke with newcomer Juliana Harkavy about whipping herself into crimefighting shape, the secret to the Canary Cry, Dinah’s dynamic with her teammates and the prospect of a showdown with her predecessor’s devious doppelganger. 

TVLINE | When did your journey to Arrow begin? And what did it involve? 

It began in October, and it was a really quick process. It was basically an audition on Tuesday, the callback was Wednesday, and at 4am Friday I had a car pick me up to take me to Vancouver. I had just moved back to L.A., so it was all sort of a whirlwind when it all did happen. 

TVLINE | Did they tell you that your character ultimately would be inheriting the mantle of Black Canary? Which is kind of a big deal. 

After I booked it, they sort of told me everything that the role entailed. I had no idea that it was this big or this iconic or this epic, so it was very exciting when I found out. I had no idea going in. 

TVLINE | Caity Lotz of course brought dance and some martial arts skills to the role, and Katie Cassidy was no stranger to the gym during her run. Do you bring anything innately physical to the table? 

Well, I was always an athlete; my grandfather and my dad are basketball players, and I played sports my whole life. I have done dancing as well. Not really much martial arts, but I felt confident in the gym. And when I got here, they instantly started to teach me all the techniques and put me with trainers…. But I did feel confident, physically, going in. 

TVLINE | Had you ever thrown a punch in your life? Smacked somebody? 

No. [Laughs] I joke but I’m sort of serious: I’ve always wanted to get into a fight. I know that sounds horrible, but I always had the desire to see what it’s like. There’s something that seems so fulfilling about punching somebody. It’s good that I got this role, so I don’t end up hurting anyone for real. [Laughs] 

TVLINE | How has your fitness regimen changed since joining Arrow? I cruised your Instagram, and you seem to have a healthy perspective on the whole thing, how it’s not about being “skinny” but “strong.” 

That’s exactly right. One of the things that happened after I got this job and learned I’d be training and learning bo staff, is they said, “We don’t want you to be skinny. We don’t want you to lose weight and restrict food.” Bam, our stunt coordinator [James Bamford], has been my biggest supporter when it comes to that. He said, “I would almost rather you have no neck because you’re so muscular than come to me and be unhealthy because you’re trying to be skinny. Superheroes have muscle, they’re strong. You don’t have to worry about a number on a scale.” From that moment on, it wasn’t stressful, it wasn’t like I have to work out because I have look a certain way. It was because I want to be strong, I want to be a superhero, to be able to stand up there with these big guys. It’s been probably the most healthy I’ve felt, because mentally I feel healthier as well going into it. 

TVLINE | I liked one photo you shared, showing off your new lats

Thanks! I’m working on it. It’s just so fun to wake up in the morning and have new muscles on your body. It does make you feel like a bigger, better version of yourself. 

TVLINE | Now a couple of months into your run, how would you describe Dinah’s relationship with Oliver, with Diggle? 

I think that these are the people she’s allowed herself to get closest to in a very long time. This is the first group that she’s allowed herself to be vulnerable with. Oliver was the one who sought her out and let her in, so her connection to him in particular is a special one. She has a particular fondness for Oliver — not in a romantic way, but as a partner. And with Diggle, he’s the second in command, and that appeals to Dinah. She likes to sort of team up and go on runs with him. He’s a competent fighter and so is she. 

TVLINE | It’s kind of like whereas Oliver brought Dinah in, Diggle has been the one who got her settled in and showed her how to be a team member. 

Exactly. That’s such a good way to put it. It’s a really nice dynamic, and it does make it feel like a big family where we’re all working together and helping each other. 

TVLINE | Well speaking of “family,” I almost feel like Dinah is a smart-ass big sister to Rene and Curtis. 

[Laughs] For sure. I think Dinah is sort of used to being “one of the boys,” so she’s not afraid to tease them or play with them a bit and mock them. That’s definitely part of her character. 

TVLINE | Burning question: On set, are you actually screaming when doing the Canary Cry, or just popping open your mouth? 

That’s a good question. In the shot that you’re talking about (below), I was definitely just mouthing it. A silent scream. But when we’re fighting and it already has that energy behind it, I will scream. You have to pick and choose your screams so you don’t blow your voice out. 

TVLINE | I think it was Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Chloe Bennet who said that it’s almost ridiculous to watch the filming of such scenes without the effects, where Daisy is just jutting her open palm at someone, looking angry. 

It is! But one cool thing that they do on set is “blow people back.” So, nothing will come out of my mouth, but they’ll launch these dudes back like 15, 20 feet, which is really exciting. It does sort of feel like your really doing it in the moment. 

TVLINE | Can we talk about the impracticality of Dinah’s wallet chain? I know it makes her look tough, but in close-quarters combat I’m just grabbing that and yanking her around. [Laughs] You know, at a certain point it just gets annoying when you’re fighting dudes all day and you keep losing your wallet, misplacing your license. She’s over it. She’s a very practical, smart girl. 

TVLINE | Whats the team’s next move against Adrian Chase? He just whacked the WITSEC guys and is now in the wind…. 

They’re on it. They’re on it. He’s in the wind, but something tells me that Team Arrow will find a way. They want to get him, and I hope that they do. 

TVLINE | There’s been talk that the next episode (airing Wednesday, April 26) could just as well be titled, “Team Arrow vs. Team Felicity.” Talk about that a bit. How does that conflict manifest itself? 

Felicity has a lot of really good ideas, and I think that she might want to exercise them — regardless of what the team thinks. Felicity is always helping out, she’s always doing what the team wants and she’s always a team player, but sometimes we have differences in opinion. She’s extremely intelligent, so… 

TVLINE | Is this about Team Arrow and Felicity and the Helix kids having different ideas about how to get Adrian?

It does involve all of that, yeah. But it’s more than that. Helix is definitely involved in Felicity’s approach to how she thinks we can best catch Adrian Chase. 

TVLINE | In photos, Helix is all uniformed up, Felicity herself has on a fetch cap…. Will there be a physical skirmish, or more a war of minds? 

It’s going to be a bit of everything, because we have the whole physical aspect, where we’re obviously going to be fighting, while Helix is more into mental games. It’s going to be interesting. There are a lot of layers to the conflict. 

TVLINE | And what can you tell me about the season finale? I heard Marc [Guggenheim] say it doesn’t even take place in Star City.

It does not. And it is epic. It is so much bigger than I thought, than I imagined it would be. It’s just amazing. When I read it, it almost felt like doing a film. It’s really exciting. 

TVLINE | Does Dinah get to bust out any new moves? Are there any “firsts” for you as an actress over these last few episodes? 

Yeah, there actually are! She’s coming into her own. She’s getting stronger, she’s getting better. 

TVLINE | Katie Cassidy Arrow Season 6 Katie Cassidy Siren of course is due back by season’s end, and will be a regular for Season 6. Safe to say we’re fated for a Black Canary/Black Siren face-off at some point? 

I actually don’t know if a face-off is in store, but that would be epic! 

TVLINE | Lastly, how do you feel your reception from the fans has been? They can be a pretty particular bunch, and yet I actually feel like they’re OK with you — which often can be the highest praise. 

They are, they really are. They’ve been incredibly welcoming and accepting…. I didn’t know what to expect after I found out what this job was, because it was bigger than I realized. The fact that they have been so gracious has been a blessing, because this goes back a long time, this story and these characters. They’ve been wonderful.


Still looking around my recovered files and found some things to show… Giving some actual content to the fandom, who are you and what have you done with Ibijus???

Just three short things! First, the shortest. (also the one that was a lot funnier when I thought of it, like, 3AM)


Frankenstein lost sight of the kid for a few minutes when he finally saw M-21 in front of a pet shop, gazing at some rabbits in display.

“Don’t tell me you want a pet, now…”

“Ah, that’s not it.”

A light blush covered M-21’s face.

“I’m suddenly feeling a little hungry…”

Frankenstein was a little surprise at himself for not laughing.

“There’s a coffee shop down the street. No eating pets for you.”

[Under the cut: PUPPIES, where Tao shouldn’t think too hard while having a concussion; TEARFUL, where M-21 cries and everyone kind of wants to cry too.]

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As my brother walked through our kitchen on Friday, December 23rd, I stopped him on his way to the basement.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to speak. I was still in shock.

“Hey, so, uh,” my voice quivering and weak, the way it sounds when I’m trying to choke words out without breaking into tears, “I just got an email… The FDA just officially approved the first-ever treatment for SMA?”

The words came out more as a question than a statement, like I was asking him to validate that I was correct.

He answered quietly, “What do you mean?” His girlfriend, Laura, had entered the room, and both of them now looked at me with wide expressions of excited confusion.

Again, I tried to compose myself for another sentence. My emotions were banging themselves crazy behind my eyelids. “There’s a… cure, or not a cure, like a treatment, but it apparently, like…”

Nope. Tears. Sorry, Andrew. I tried hard.

“…it apparently really slows the disease, and in the clinical studies kids gained tons of muscle back.”

Silence as the weight of it landed on top of us.

Laura spoke first and captured what we were all thinking: “Oh my god, that’s incredible!”

Andrew spoke next and masterfully brought the moment back into proportion: “Okay, so you can pee yourself then tonight, right?” We laughed and cried, and for a few minutes I explained what little more I knew about the drug. My parents came home from work and the whole scene replayed itself. The house swelled with a bright exuberance and happy laughter throughout the night.

That was about two weeks ago. I held off on immediately posting too much about the development so that I could tell the rest of my family in person. Over and over, the news was received with shock, jubilation, and tears.

But as I’ve now had some time to contemplate the new SMA treatment—a drug called Spinraza made by Biogen—I think it’s important to delve into a few details that get lost in the initial euphoria. (To be clear: this is not an attempt to rain on parades. I’m so excited, but I also want to be honest with all of you.)

The announcement of a treatment for my disease is potentially the biggest event in my life. If it works, and it works well, it could drastically alter the course of my future. With the progressive nature of my disease, I’ve lived my whole life looking to the future with uncertainty, and I’ve developed all sorts of coping mechanisms—both mental and practical—to deal with the fact that I’m always getting weaker. It has been such an all-encompassing part of my existence, that the thought of potentially ~not~ needing to worry as much down the road is beyond my ability to describe right now. It ~could~ be the most beautiful and perfect gift I ever receive.

So I’m sure you can imagine the natural progression of that thought: If it ends up ~not~ working, or I am not able to receive it for whatever reason (and there are many, which I’ll get to), there exists the potential for it to be extremely crushing.

I guess it really depends on how I approach it, and this is what I’ve been stressing to my family to keep our minds in the right place: as of right now, nothing has changed; I love life and I’ve always expected to truck through the progression of my disease for years and years to come.

My girlfriend put it more eloquently: “Either way, our life will be perfect.”

As I explained this to my family, a few of them were perplexed as to why on earth I’d ever not receive the treatment, now that one existed. It’s tough to explain these reasons, mostly because there are still so many unknown variables, but I’ll do my best to summarize here.

First, and maybe foremost, the drug has not yet been approved for coverage by my insurance. The drug is a spinal injection that I’ll need to receive every four months for the rest of my life. A couple days ago, it was announced that the price of EACH injection would be $125,000 (about $375,000 per year). If my insurance decides to cover the drug, great! But if not, I’m going to need to marry a few aging billionaires and hope I get lucky in their wills. My parents’ insurance only covers me until I turn 26, and that presents an entirely new fire swamp of death to wade through.

Next is that I don’t know if the treatment will work for me. Spinraza is not a miracle cure; even in its most successful cases, recipients are making modest gains of strength. Don’t get me wrong—with a disease like mine, any sort of improvement could be life-changing. For instance, if I could get even the tiniest bit of strength back in my jaw and throat, and halt the wasting in that area, I’d be able to eat and speak with ease. I’d give so much to have that ability back. But after 24 years of the disease taking its toll on my muscles, I don’t know if the drug will let me regain what was lost. A majority of the clinical testing was done on young children with SMA—infants and kids who have not yet experienced years of the effects of the disease. For that age group, the treatment is doing amazing things, and it still reduces me to complete awe that this is now a reality. So many lives will be positively impacted. But for someone my age, there just really isn’t much information available yet.

This begs the question, how do you get more information, Mr. Stupid Uninformed Shane?

In about two weeks, I have an appointment with my SMA doctor. My hope is that together with her, and the support programs being launched by Biogen, I’ll be able to begin this journey and get the answers I need.

I feel like I’m sitting in my van at the beginning of a long road trip. I’ve just typed my destination into the GPS and it’s displaying a few routes for me to choose from. The journey that lies ahead is full of options—there will be stretches of open road and smooth sailing, and there will be backups and traffic jams. Some routes require tolls. The cool part, the part I keep coming back to, is that no matter which route I end up taking, I’ll eventually arrive where I want to be. All I can really do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

No love - Jungkook

Summary : What will happen to that girl, that one person out of more than 7 billion that he chose to work off all the anger he had inside of him toward the Human kind during all these years. He will certainly torture the poor thing, play with her mind, play with her feelings, and in the end end, he’ll kill her, like he always do.Because he’s a demon, and that’s what demons do, bad things.

Genre : Demon!au, angst, [mention of murders]

Word count : 2584

I apologize for every grammar or spelling mistake, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language ♥

It’s been a year. A whole entire year that he spent tracking his prey, his next victim. He followed her all the time, when she was going to college, when she was going on dates with stupid humans, when she was shopping, or when she was home alone he was there somewhere.

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I’m really enjoying that Kara doesn’t fight to keep this boy. I mean, yeah, sure, she’s banking on the fact of tradition and honor. But Rhea has recently just reminded her that the queen doesn’t have a heart. So she knows that its quite possible that Rhea could renege on the deal (like Lillian) and quite possible she needs a back-up plan (like for Lillian) and that she would have a high chance of using it (again: Lillian). And yet she does not ask for any other way or try to find any other back-up plan.

I mean, come on, Kara has already lost enough. She lost her family, her whole world, and recently found and lost Astra too. She also, a few weeks back, nearly lost Alex. So don’t tell me that she wouldn’t fight harder to both keep the people she loves and the planet that houses her family protected. That she wouldn’t be trying to come up with another back-up plan because their failsafe–aside from the moral dilemma Kara should be having at that moment–puts someone she supposedly loves at risk. But no, she completely banks on the fact that Rhea will honor this duel even if she was given evidence beforehand that Rhea doesn’t give a damn. For a romance they’ve been setting up for a whole season, she doesn’t seem to try hard enough.

And when she pushes that button? Her words are: “I’m so sorry.” And we know she means that she’s sorry that she couldn’t keep him, sorry that she can’t choose him over Earth. That this is about doing the right thing. But she’s never even voiced that “I don’t want to lose you.” There is none of that. I never felt the “I don’t want to lose somebody I love again”. I don’t know if its just me being dense or the acting direction or the script itself, but the only time I really felt Kara’s real struggle at losing him as someone she actually loves, and not just as an idea or as “I want to have everything” moment is when he’s getting into the pod (Melissa killed that scene, nice, though I ended up cackling because of that wave: “bye bitch” it screamed). Again, it just feels like she didn’t fight as hard. Last episode she really did fight hard. She even agreed to work with Lillian, someone she despises (for multiple reasons), to save Lena and Mon-El, and yet now we’re just going to have her rely on a duel and not even try to come up with another back-up plan?

When they bring up the device at the DEO? Kara isn’t looking at him like she’s afraid of losing him. She’s looking at him as if she’s worried about how he’s feeling. And her assurance feels less like “I’m not going to lose you because I’m going to defeat her” and more like “I’m going to win so you don’t have to worry about leaving”. Is there a difference? Yeah, because the “I’m not going to lose you” is about Kara’s struggle with losing someone she loves. The other one is about Monel’s feelings of leaving Earth & Kara. When we have that whole speech about wanting everything? Kara doesn’t label him anything except “mon-el” and the whole speech makes it seem more like an idea she wants instead of liking him for him. Even her talk with Cat Grant, Alex and Kal after everything makes it seem like again, its an abstract thing that she desires, not the boy himself–the fact that most everyone she’s close to is paired up (conveniently forgetting that there are two people who she canonically loves/has loved [not going to believe in CWs retcon] that are also single and alone at the moment, unless James is actually in a relationship with Winn and this was confirmation of that) highlights another reason I’d have believed in: she’s lonely. Most of this season has isolated her and this boy was the one thing she couldn’t get rid of, always following her around. It made her feel less lonely.

She doesn’t fight as hard maybe because she’s in love with an idea. She’s not in love with him. She thinks she is, but the fact that she doesn’t fight as hard? Pretty telling.

And I’m living.

Add that to the fact that I can never actually recall anything specific to Mon-El that Kara likes.

For example, here’s a bit of what Kara sees in James: “He’s the most caring, committed, passionate man I’ve ever known.”

or hell we have some for Cat: “Ms. Grant is tough but she’s amazing. Not only at her job but as a person, she’s pretty badass.”

also, Lena: “And you are too good and too smart” “What she did was brave”

or even Lucy: “She’s gorgeous, she’s smart, smells nice. Hell, I wanna date her.”

Seriously, everyone else had more things going specifically meant for them than he did. What about “you make me happy”? Well, it was canonically stated that James also made her happy. She also smiles a lot with the others. Plus it’s not something specific to him that she finds admirable or attractive. The best we get is “you’ve proven me wrong” and that’s… such a low bar to set. Not admirable, not attractive. Just… blah.

So yeah, Kara not really fighting that hard for him when it all came down? never actually pertaining to anything specifically about him? Always doing it in an abstract manner?

So good.

Makes it seem like more of a huge infatuation with the idea of him.

Meanwhile, she was really in love with James in season 1.

Also enjoying? No one else seems to care about Mon-El. They care about Kara. But no one else really cares about Mon-El.