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the truth we both know (1/3)

emily au (season 9)

set in the same universe as the unspeakable fear of things and the follow-up christmas ficlets, although it is not necessary to have read those to read this. this is basically just… season 9 but emily’s there. warnings for some events of the episodes existence and nothing important happened today part i

i already have this entire story drafted so it should be up within a couple of days! (i’m posting it segments cause it long.)

The pain washes over her in waves, Mulder and Monica’s voices blurring with the faces of strangers. Mulder’s hand is wrapped around her ankle, fingers leaving warm lines on her sweaty skin as he stands in front of them protectively, one hand over the butt of his gun. Clutched protectively to her chest, their son wails incessantly.

I’m not going to let you take him, she tries to say. This seems fairly obvious - the people will have to go through Mulder and Monica to get to them, but there are many of the strangers and three of them protecting the baby, and she is so wracked with pain that she won’t be much protection. She hates this weakness, inability to be a mother. She thinks, helplessly, of their daughter, far away with her mother. She wants to be back at home - in their apartment, the sunny space that she and Mulder and Emily picked out together, that is entirely theirs, where nothing bad has ever happened and the baby’s room is ready and she has her gun drawn and can protect them all. Here, she is helpless and exposed in this tiny, dirty house.

Their son cries, and the strangers begin to retreat. Mulder squeezes her ankle, and rounds the bed to sit beside her gently. She winces a little at the motion of the mattress but sags gratefully against him. “They’re leaving,” Mulder whispers. “You’re both safe, Scully.” He presses a kiss to her head.

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