there always seems to be 3 or so people that i don't know on my crushes

I just wanted to get this out of my head. We’re all going to feel like arseholes if his parents are dead or something.

It took 3 days. He remembers that.

The first day was for cleaning. Glass shards were swept up, plaster reapplied, broken furniture taken away and replaced. The blood stains were troublesome, soaked into the carpet and curtains. They scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed until they faded from sight if not memory. The marks on his body were not so easily removed, though the attempt was still made. Long sleeves to hide bruises, bandages on cuts, balm on a broken bottom lip. Careful instruction on what to say if anyone asked, if any one questioned, but no one did.

The second day was for conversations, but not ones he got to hear. They were hushed whispers behind closed doors, multiple phone calls to people whose names he didn’t know. Things were decided and checked and argued but not with him. He got pats on the head and smiles that didn’t seem quite right, spoken words of reassurance that sounded too much like lies to his ears. He hadn’t slept well that night, he knew they hadn’t either. He heard them in the dark and had known it was about him.

The third day was for change. Coming back to a place that was no longer meant to be home, finding packed boxes and bags, his life neatly folded and labeled and put to the side. The trip had been long and silent and he’d stared out the window. The lack of feeling inside himself had been crushing, all too likely to break ribs and tear him apart. He’d focused on breathing because all at once it had seemed more difficult than it ever had before.

On that day there had been no tears. They had told him how proud they were, how brave he was, how capable, how strong, how trusted, how independent, how smart, how much they were sure he was going to be okay. And as they had walked away and the door had been closed and he had been left there in a quiet that was suffocating in it’s completeness he had known that it was true. He was going to be okay. What other choice had he ever had?

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Hi!! Do u think that bughead will really be endgame?? I absolutely adore them but I saw an interview that u reblogged and it had to do with how Archie and Betty could end up together but bughead got SO much love and i don't like the idea of barchie and it tugs at me (personal issues).. I really hope that jughead and Betty will end up together but there is always that thought that the writers will change it and barchie will be endgame and honestly I'd cry if they do😂 what do you think?? 💕

Hello Nonnie! I think what you’re referring to is this RAS interview. This is the interview where he talks about how the identity of the killer slowly evolved in the writer’s room, they had shortlisted 3 people - Cliff, Hiram and Hal. These are his actual words - “As for would I ever change stuff based on fan response and things like that? The thing is always changing, do you know what I mean? The person who I thought killed Jason Blossom at the end of the season is not the person who ended up killing Jason Blossom at the end of the season”. And then in the same interview he says - “ I always thought Archie and Betty were endgame, but I don’t know, maybe not”. and “I kind of suspected that people would really respond to Jughead and Betty, but I didn’t know it was going to capture people’s imaginations the way it did”.

He also had this to say - “Originally, we were going to have it be the opposite, and it was going to be Jughead and Betty who went all the way, and Archie and Veronica who were sort of like, “We like each other, but let’s slow things down and really get to know each other before that happens.” But again, in the writing [room] things change. It’s a pretty big deal for Jughead and Betty—particularly for Jughead—when he says, “I love you.” That sort of is a huge moment for him, so even though it’s not a sexual consummation, it’s a huge step for Jughead. But yeah, we were like, “Wow, it seems like they’re going to have sex unless the serpents arrive and knock on the door!” So once again, we had an idea, but the writing in the story took us in another direction.”

And in this interview, he said- “I think that conversation with Betty in The Blue and Gold sort of speaks to that. In a way, it hearkens back to simpler times, when it was just Archie and Betty… it’s sort of this goodbye to that time, and now, she’s with Jughead and he’s with Veronica. There’s a little bit of nostalgia in that scene.  I think he does really have strong feelings for Veronica, and Betty obviously has strong feelings for Jughead — she loves him — but you know, there’s always something about your first crush, I think. There’s always a little part of your brain that imagines what could have been. I think that’s what that scene is about.”.

So you see what’s happening, Nonnie? Stuff keeps changing in the writers room based on fan reactions and other things that feel organic to the storyline. Archie and Betty getting together now - after Betty and Juggie have declared that they love each other - would be something totally off course for the story the way it’s going. RAS also said that the finale would have the pairings set in stone, and I think they made it pretty clear which couples are together. Archie is happy with Veronica for now and part of his storyline in Season 2 deals with the conflict between him and Hiram who it’s established doesn’t really like Archie. RAS has also said things are gonna change for Archie drastically in this next season because of what happened to Fred - his life is going to be more than just choosing between Music and Football or Betty and Veronica. (Not that he’s in a position to make any sort of choice in the latter case, since Betty has clearly chosen Juggie).

Here’s what I think - from what we heard early on from the cast - Kevin saying in the pilot that Archie and Betty would be endgame and KJ saying he was told the same thing - they may have thought that initially when they began writing the story, but as it evolved and they saw the incredible chemistry between Cole and Lili and how organically and seamlessly the story flowed when they put Betty and Juggie together, they changed their minds. Also, it’s so clear why they had the Bughead sex scene interrupted and Varchie go all the way - they know by now how much of a response Bughead is getting - from fans and from the media, and they have hit a potential gold mine with this pairing and they want to milk it for all it’s worth. They will save that sex scene for a more strategic time, perhaps the November sweeps as someone pointed out in response to another one of my posts.

Now I do not know what’s going to happen in future seasons, I’m sure even the writers and RAS have no idea at this point, right now their focus is Season 2 and the storyline for that has been clearly mapped out as far as the core four are concerned

  • Bughead are very much together in Season 2
  • There maybe a central conflict because of Juggie embracing his father’s Serpent legacy
  • Betty may struggle with pulling Juggie in from the dark side and battling her own darkness, but Juggie being with the serpents is very provocative for her
  • There’s also the story with her brother Chic and how his character may also subvert the comic canon of him being an FBI agent (he could be someone quite the opposite - hint, a Serpent?
  • Archie is going to set down on a path of revenge after what happened to Fred
  • Archie’s character is going to change in a fundamental way- it’s not the happy-go-lucky character of “Now I’m dating Valerie! Now I’m dating Veronica! Now I’m dating this girl! And now I have a crush on Betty! And now I’m playing football, and now I’m playing music!” All that stuff is sort of the end of innocence and the end of childhood for Archie, and it galvanizes him for season two.
  • He’s also going to have a storyline with Hiram and his disapproval of him playing into his relationship with Veronica.

So there’s plenty of stuff for them to deal with in Season 2. The route the future storyline will take will depend on the longevity of the show and how the characters evolve and most importantly - how the fans react. So it’s important that we keep showing our love and support for Bughead to the powers that be. Right now, our ship is in a beautiful place, no one expected we would get a double bonanza of them declaring their love for each other plus almost making love, did we?

It’s funny RAS keeps talking about how they love to subvert the tropes and canon and we’ve seen plenty of evidence of that as far as comic canon goes. But Bughead being compared to Romeo and Juliet could also lead to them subverting that canon, if you know what I mean? Romeo and Juliet getting their happily ever after? I’m so here for that, Nonnie!

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hey there! so my friend's username is dangerousteam (their blog is empty as they just use it to read fanfic and they don't wanna tell me the name of their main lmao) so i think they'd like viktor, yuri and yurio, the scenarios, the reader is stressed and frustrated with themselves bc of their add, lots of things are going on and even though they're very smart, they feel like they wont make it, even tho other people try to understand they can't fully do it. i guess it'd be nice with some angst

Of course I can do this! I personally struggle with ADHD and anxiety, so I totally understand where this request is coming from. This request is dedicated to @dangerousteam by their friend. If any of you are struggling with ADD, ADHD, or anything of the sort, you’re not alone; I understand and I’m here for all of you. Feel free to talk to me is you ever need anything from me, or just want someone to talk to :3 I hope you enjoy, and thank you for the request <3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • Viktor knows about your ADD and how you can struggle at times, and he always does his very best to help you through tough spots and make sure you feel alright
  • and he may not always get it and he’ll say “omg babe your amazing y are u sad” but honestly he’s crying his best and he loves you sm ;-;
  • Things are getting a bit much for you to handle, and you’re stressed and tired and getting to the end just seems impossible right now, and you reach a breaking point
  • Viktor comes home to find you at the kitchen table crying into your hands, and he drops everything to run over to you and crouches in front of your chair
  • “Baby? C’mon, look at me. I need you to tell me what’s wrong so I can make it better and so i can validate you and make you feel loved bc dammit you’re wonderful and i don’t deserve you
  • When you explain what’s wrong, he stands and takes a few steps back, and you know you’re in for a lecture
  • Viktor goes on and on about how amazing and smart you are, how much he loves you, how wonderful you make him feel, and how confident and strong he knows you can be; he accompanies his speech with a ton of Extra™ gestures and facial expressions, and it’s almost like he’s performing on a stage or something
  • When he finishes his rant, he pulls you out of your chair in a bone-crushing hug and plants kisses all over your face, your stress and worry fading with every touch of his lips to your skin

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • Having experienced mental illness himself, he can empathize with you and understand how your ADD is causing you to struggle
  • He’s the best at understanding where you’re coming from, and he knows exactly what you like and how to make you feel better
  • One day he comes home to a suspiciously quiet house, and he finds you in bed and looking like you’re about to cry
  • me as fuck tho lmao like “oops i can’t do this today i gotta stare at the wall for three hours” yeah adhd is wild y’all
  • He crawls under the covers with you and takes you into his arms, resting his head on top of yours while you start to cry
  • “(Y/N), I know it’s hard, but please don’t give up. You’re so smart and I’m proud of you for trying your best every day. It’s okay to cry, but please promise me you’ll get back up and keep trying once you’re ready. Please?”
  • omg what a sweetheart ;-; like babe you’re so supportive and loving and ugh fuck me up
  • Yuri will hold you and allow you to cry until you feel better, and he’s cheering for you and supporting you the second you get up and try again

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Yuri can have some problems sympathizing when it comes to your struggles with ADD, but he knows how to comfort you when the time comes
  • and he’s not trying to be mean ???? he just thinks you’re so smart and beautiful and special like wtf are you insecure for babe u good
  • He comes home one day to find you laying on the sofa and crying, and his protective mode engages automatically
  • He asks you what’s wrong, and you explain that your ADD is causing you some stress and anxiety; Yuri nods in understanding, but his face contorts to a look that looks like a mixture of hurt and anger
  • he’s not mad babe ugh he just wishes you could be happy and know how much you mean to him
  • Yuri somewhat forcefully pulls you up from the couch and holds your face in his hands; his hold on you is firm, but he’s careful to not hurt you
  • “Hey, knock it off. Quit crying, idiot. You’re smart, you’re strong, and you’re fucking okay. I get that you have ADD and it’s hard sometimes, but I’m not letting you quit. I love you too much to watch you give up.”
  • Yuri moves his hands from your face to your waist an he pulls you into a hug, and you let the last of your tears fall into the fabric of his shirt
  • He’ll hug you and hold you for as long as you need, then Yuri will sit down with you and help you get back on track with whatever is bothering you

So ok I know I’m in a really small boat here but I have a lot of OTP feelings happening right now so just ignore me while I rant about one of the most underrated Friendships/Ships in the ENTIRE LOK FANDOM OK HERE WE GO

One thing that pissed me off about the last two books (mostly book 4) in the LOK series was the lack of general character interaction like as friends between the crew. The one that I feel most deeply is the lack of Bosami. The friendship between them stared kind of simple which made it feel natural and relatable. Like you don't have to meet your soulmate/best friend in a wild chance accident (like hitting them with your motor bike or sneaking into a pro-bending match). They just knew each other.

We saw them both go through so much heartbreak and pain and through it all, they always seemed to constantly be ok with one another. Like Mako hurt Asami and Korra hurt Bolin. Mako hurt Bolin and Asami and Korra were at odds all through book 1. But through it all, Asami and Bolin had each other.


So to make things even more intense, like when Asami is facing the most difficult situation imaginable, fighting against her father, the only family she has left, when she is down and out, who comes to her rescue? wHO HAS HER BACK ALWAYS?!

You’rE GOTDAMN RIGHT ITS BOLIN! This is the moment I started shipping them. Not because they were the “side characters” and they didn’t have anyone, but because Bolin knows how much this is hurting Asami. He isn’t doing this to impress her or for any gain of his own really. He does this because he is disgusted at how Hiroshi treated his daughter (“You are a terrible father!!”) and he knows that Asami deserves better. He truly cares about her.

Afterwards, in book two, I was so grateful to see their friendship being explored again. SO GLAD that bryke didn’t fudge it up (yet).

Originally posted by katabatics

Bolin goes along with Asami to help promote her business. He genuinely just wants to help and dang son that’s just so sweet. And he does more than help! He pretty much solidifies the deal with Future Industries and thennnnn….

BOOM! ONE OF MY FAVE SCENE IN THE WHOLE SERIES TBH!! It’s so real! So innocent! So BEAUTIFUL!!!!! She is so thankful to have a friend like Bolin by her side and she isn’t afraid to show it. The way she leaps into the hug. The way she ruffles his hair. His goofy smile at her I JUSTTTTT !!!

And it doesn’t stop there! They go one to have some very heartfelt moments later on in Book 2. They confide in each other. They comfort each other. They TRUST EACH OTHER

Once again, when everything is falling apart around them, they have one another to lean on. AND THEY SUPPORT EACH OTHER! Asami goes to Bolin’s mover premier! Bolin is her Future Industries assistant! Neither outshines the other! They’re equals in their relationship and that is super important.

I mean lets not forget that he’s an idiot/dork and she’s always right next to him, ready to let the world know that “Yeah he’s an idiot, but he’s my idiot my god what did he do this time?”

IT THANKFULLY, DOESN’T STOP THERE!!!! There are some great Bosami moments in B3 too! Like how can we forget their reunion after being separated in the desert?

Look at how big his smile is How he ran to her so fast, he didn’t give her time to open her arms. He missed her so much, he grabbed her, arms and all, and LIFTED HER UP!! IM YELLIIINNNNN

Like ok imagine this: Bolin has liked every girl on the show so far. Korra, Eska, Ginger, Opal… My ideal OTP set up would have been he goes through all those relationships and ends up hurt every time. He wonders if he’ll ever find someone and finally, he just looks at Asami and knows. Like a “you’ve been there the whole time” type thing how fricken cUTE WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN THOUGH YOU GOTTA ADMIT

Bosami is literally that BR/OTP that will spend hours, competitively playing Mario Kart Pai Sho

How can you tell me that this friendship that grew so strongly from Book 1 until Book 3 just fizzled out in the final season? How could two people who care about each other so fricken much, who’ve ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR EACH OTHER have less than five minutes of conversation total in an entire season?

Bosami is underrated and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive Bryke for crushing their beautiful relationship

Pokemon characters described simply (based off the games)
  • White: angry ponytail and razor shorts who has to be the neutralizing force between Cheren and Bianca; prone to disappearing acts of at least 2+ years at a time
  • Black: generic BW interpretation of Red; follows White around and usually runs into her because he doesn't pay attention
  • Serena: French girl stereotype whose got the ponytail of White but no curl; all treble and no bass in that pony; the nagging mom friend who thinks she sees and knows all
  • Calem: cool boy stereotype who thinks hats are overrated as well as everyone around him; misplaced sense of arrogance and pride
  • Red: the original Pokemon master - should be feared but also questioned for his lack of suitable attire for staying up on Mt. Silver
  • Blue/Green: cocky v-neck asshole suppressing his sexuality under layers of insults towards Red
  • Leaf: shady hat, sweaters on her legs, and generally won't put up with everyone's shit; so done with Green in every way
  • Cheren: salty mom figure; learned his multiplication tables at age 3; has no idea what empathy is most of the time; be the very best like no one ever was
  • Bianca: actual, radiant bundle of sunshine; character development is A+; best friend of the year award; likes to help people; as a result, is attracted to lost causes
  • Lyra: lives to get under Silver's skin; tomboy fashion icon; hides under Lance's cape and causes trouble
  • Silver: angst but as a person; "it's not a phase, mom"; reluctant to admit that he is wrong; just needs a hug honestly
  • Ethan: the likeable kind of cocky; sometimes; "making my way downtown" *trips and falls and rolls down the hill*
  • Dawn: so done with everything; fashion is on point; poster child for selective listening, thanks to Barry; likes nature
  • Barry: GOTTA GO FAST; horseshoe hair; dresses like a prep but does not conduct himself like one; talks 24/7; supportive friend tho
  • Lucas: Professor Rowan's 5 senses in his old age; a lab assistant who got "lucky enough" to get promoted; smarty tardy
  • Shauna: indecisive silliness; kept inside most of her childhood but yearns for love, friendship, romance and basically a shoujo manga life; wants to do all the things
  • Tierno: would rather own a club than be a trainer; gotta party like it's 2012 up in here; always up for a good time; he has literally no other characterization
  • Trevor: pls do not fight; his hair is a protective helmet from bullies; read during recess always
  • Rosa: smiles all the time without even being aware; ditzy but could easily kill a man, probably by accident; trips over air; has a big dumb crush on like five people
  • Nate: just trying to live his life; never asked for any of this, but that weird hairstyle did; team plasma were like moths to a flame; sighing
  • Hugh: eats, sleeps and dreams revenge; best older brother you could ever ask for tho; gotta go fast; hair is a qwillfish; under the impression that those pants were a good choice
  • Lance: gay for Dragonite; wants to be Red; still pretty cool even if he's not; plays dungeons and dragons with the so-called Blackthorn Dragon Taming Clan; wears a cape because why the fuck not
  • Steven: powered by rocks and minerals alone; his name is a pun that he doesn't seem to acknowledge; pretty boy who went to private school; tuxedo mask; too much money; cries at Steven Universe episodes; wants to be a Crystal Gem
  • Cynthia: Too cool for school, but went anyway; every guys dreams girl; too bad she's gay; yeah, you heard me; fashion is on point; rocks that long ass fur-trimmed coat better than any model ever could; so strong omg
  • Iris: kawaii catgirl princess that tames dragons and is capable of mass destruction; protector of Bianca; eater of ice creams; runs a pastel anime blog in spare time
  • Ghetsis: should've died in the war of 1812; too bitter and mean for this world; 10/10 would get written up by child protective services; the deadly sin of wrath as an old, decaying man with green horns for hair
  • Colress: Internet fucking Explorer; morals? what morals; did it for the science; was never meant to escape the lab; idolizes Team Galactic fashion
  • N: green haired trash baby; daddy issues; only talks to his pets; needs therapy; won't pick the twigs out of his hair
  • Lysandre: *Thom Yorke voice* "but I'm a creep..."; throws away entire drawing if he gets one line a little bit wrong; trendsetter; suppressed angst and self-loathing
  • Cyrus: thousand yard stare; *marina diamandis voice* "teach me how to feel...real."; lost all faith in humanity
  • Archie: wants to wrestle Kyogre; don't look at me like that, you know I'm right; has a big gay crush on Maxie; was once a pirate, then decided it was time for a more "streamlined" *cough cough*-- SPANDEX-- approach; major muscle man
  • Maxie: skinny tadpole who hates water and acts like he hates Archie; that is a blatant lie; he's totes gay for that fish man; the only person to actually pay attention in earth science
  • Giovanni: *evil cackling*; closest thing to American gang evil that you can imagine; ???has a son that ???... what even is that relationship; Al Capone of Pokemon (idk who that is really but I think he was a mafia dude or something)

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Am I the only one who had a sort of 'harsher in hindsight' moment when Akira mentioned how his spirit would have been crushed if Aoi were kidnapped? Made his reaction to her coma seem a lot more harsher (and understandable) in hindsight. I almost don't want to think of what might have happened if Playmaker had lost that duel with Revolver. :/

*Same anon as before - just wanted to add that it also makes his overprotective ness towards his sister make a lot more sense.

Originally posted by somecreaturesdontdie

I had a similar moment, even a little further back.

In episodes 1-6 the general consensus was that, even if he did care for Aoi, Akira was going to be a morally corrupt character otherwise, possibly even the one spearheading SOL’s shady behavior. This was supported by his offputting way of approching Go in episode 3

And in that same episode, Rook, Knight and Bishiop discuss shutting Link Vrains down on order to do some maintenance, to make it safer for speed duels. And what does Akira say?

Bishop: The recent incident has put Link Vrains in chaos. 

Rook: Should we shut it down temporarily for maintenance? 

Knight: People are being reckless, and some have gotten hurt. 

Akira: Can I propose something? […] Shutting down Link Vrains is bad policy. If it’s shut down, the profit loss will be massive. 

This here is probably the most malicious thing Akira’s said to date. His bosses propose shutting down Link Vrains temporarily because people are getting hurt, and Akira’s response is to keep it open for the sake of profit. 

But we know now that the Chess Piece Bosses value and promote workers who are predictable. They never wanted to shut Link Vrains down; they wanted Akira to be the one to insist they keep it open. So that if anything happened, the blood would be on his hands. 

This isn’t to excuse what Akria said, human life should always be what’s most important. But we can bring this back around to episode 18. We find out that the Zaizen siblings were thrust into homelessness after their relatives stole their inheritance. To not only survive, but to eventually secure Aoi’s comfort and happiness, Akira worked as a hacker for the mob, breaking into what appears to be people’s bank accounts. 

I would argue this entire experience fostered an us-or-them mindset in Akira. If he had to choose between those people’s finances being stolen and money for Aoi, he’d choose money for Aoi. If he had to choose between the safety of reckless Link Vrains users and SOL’s wellbeing, he’d choose SOL. Because he loves Aoi, and needs his job with SOL to provide for her; those other people are strangers. 

What makes Akira interesting is that he’s not only willing to go after his enemies, he’s willing to step all over innocent people if it means protecting his allies. 

And I use the broad term “allies” because we know he’s eventually going to get them, but right now, his only real ally is his sister. Yes, he names Ema as one, but she’s liable to double-cross him. It’s all Aoi. Which it’s why, as you said, this past episode explained every ounce of his overprotectiveness. Yes, his attempts at empathizing with Playmaker (and by extension, Shoichi) were ill conceived at best, but I have no doubt that Akira would fall apart if any irreversible harm came to Aoi. 

And when I say “fall apart”, I mean that. For Akira, everything begins and ends with Aoi. The crux of his character is that if you were to remove Aoi from his life, there wouldn’t be much left of Akira. 

And this isn’t normal, even for the most protective and engaged of YGO brothers. If you took away Mokuba, Kaiba still had KaibaCorp. If you took away Reira, Reiji had the Leo Corporation and his crusade against Leo. Aside from Ruri, the other side of Shun’s vendetta against Academia was the genocide itself. Rua wanted to prove himself, and that was a goal that existed regardless his sister. Even Shoichi would still be engaged in helping Yusaku, if his brother was no longer a factor. 

But without Aoi, Akira, quite literally, has nothing. The only reason why he ever went to work for SOL was to provide for Aoi—and given his presence in the mother computer, getting fired would be the best case scenario for him now. His only “ally” is more than willing to double-cross him. He has no friends; the only other character in his age group (Shoichi) is seething mad at him. He has no goal that isn’t somehow linked to his sister. Even his deck strategy is based around their relationship (”the hell hound who guards the angel”). 

So with that in mind, it makes perfect sense that he would throw innocent people under the bus for her sake (whether it be in a direct or roundabout way). It makes sense that he flipped when she was in a coma, why he was more than willing to imprison and torture Playmaker based on some very faulty logic. It makes sense that the very thought of Aoi being kidnapped is enough to inspire sympathy for Playmaker (something that doesn’t seem to happen often for Akira). 

Which is why, in the end, I think both him and Aoi need to learn how to extract themselves from one another. And really, I think Aoi’s already on her way with the very existence of Blue Angel; but Akira hasn’t stared this process at all. 

Akira needs Aoi more than she needs him. 

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I always loved the idea of mom!reader in overwatch like she has her own kids who've all grown up sure and she's fighting for them to make the world safer but these young people? They're so vunrable? Where are their parents these kids need cuddles and kisses on the cheek? Whatda mean they don't have any? That's it your all adopted even you 76 yes I am aware your older then me and like they give back too cute drawings fussing when their new mom seems stressed family game nights and just aaaaaaa

Anonymous said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

I’m over here laughing because a friend of mine just messaged me about Soldier 76 and an s/o that was pretty much Deadpool. Like, can’t die, insane, etc. Then they sent this: “I have 8 holes in my body and only 3 of them are supposed to be there!“ 

Anonymous said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

oh oh, remember when you talked about momma reader? what about momma reader and dad 76? The ultimate parent/power couple! - lexnon

A/N: Why not all of them at once?! Divorced military mother who’s put herself up for experimentation and then oops you’ve got crazy mutated healing. Love all the Overwatch kids. 76 is definitely the dad. The kids love you very much, but oh my god you can be scary…


“Stay the fuck away from my kid!!” You snarled as you proceeded to beat the Talon soldier down with his own helmet. Your rifle had jammed and Hana was in trouble since her mech was busted and she was stuck behind enemy lines. As per usual, against everyone’s advice you had charged in gun blazing until it decided to quit like the stupid quitter it was.

But you were no punk bitch and improvised, wrenching a helmet off a nearby terrified soldier and crushed his head with it. That oughta learn ‘em.

Hana cowered in a corner nearby as you went to work. She loved you, but dear god you were a monster when you were mad. She could only imagine how many Talon freaks you had made shit their pants when you showed up on the field. When things were quiet again and you shucked the helmet, Hana thought it was a good idea to speak up about another pressing issue. “Um… Umma?” She called meekly as she stood and dusted herself off.

You grunted in response. “What?” You sounded angry, but you knew that D.Va would understand that it was mostly from your berserker adrenaline. “Are you alright? They didn’t touch you?”

“No, I’m fine,” Hana affirmed, but she pointed at you. “Are you—doesn’t that hurt?”

What? You blinked and looked down at your arm that felt kind of funny. Oh. “Yeah, I think this is what it looks like when it’s really broken.” It hung limply at your side, twisted in ways that was impossible unless it were well and truly fucked up. It did hurt, but you were so used to being in pain that you hadn’t actually paid any mind to it. “Right, since these guys are all dead, you think we should head back?”

Hana gave you a displeased look. “Umma…” She sounded upset.

“I know, I know.” You put your good arm around her shoulder and gently guided her out of the building. Surely the rest of the team weren’t far. “I shouldn’t be reckless.” You grinned, though it looked more like a feral snarl. “At least, not when you’re watching me, kid! Hah!”

It wasn’t long until you could hear the sounds of scratching and scraping of cement coming closer, like someone was skating. “Mom!” There was bright flash of green that zipped around you and Hana and the two of you were suddenly enveloped in a hug. “You got D.Va back—whoa your arm.” Lúcio visibly flinched and shrunk back. “Let me change my tunes—”

“S’not gonna work on me, you know that.” You gently pet Lúcio affectionately on the head. For some reason none of the current healing technology that Overwatch possessed was able to help you, but you supposed you couldn’t have everything; your mutated healing abilities made you pretty godlike already. All you needed was a little time and you’d be right as rain. “Hana might need some first aid, though. Can you look after her? I’m gonna look for your dad before he gets angry.”

Pretty sure he’s already angry, but alright.” Lúcio is sweet enough to give you a kiss on the cheek and Hana planted hers on the other side. “We’ll let everyone else know you’re okay and meet you at the rendezvous point.”

You didn’t want to play favourites, but Lúcio was definitely one of them. “You kids look after each other.” You return their kisses with your own on their foreheads and trudge off to where Soldier 76 was probably looking frantically for you. At some point during your solo mission to retrieve Hana your comms had been cut. You were speaking to your significant other at the time, so he had probably freaked out a little bit when your line suddenly went dead.


Speak of the devil. He marched right up to as you casually turned a corner. You managed to put on an affronted facade and gasped, raising a hand to your chest. “Watch your language, daddy. I thought we spoke about this.”

Soldier 76 paused for a moment, seemingly flustered with your pet name for him. You generally only used it in behind closed doors, but sometimes you liked to surprise him and used it to diffuse his temper. He hated how it worked every time. “What did you do to your arm?” Instead of continuing his planned rant, he changed the topic.

“Eh, usual.” You shrugged one shoulder since you couldn’t move the other. “At least it was just an arm this time.” You closed the gap between you and Soldier 76, looking up at him with a sly grin. “I saved Hana. Do I get a reward?” So you were hurt, but you’d take a little affection whenever you could.

You were sure there was an eye roll behind that visor. At the beginning of your relationship 76 would have marched away flustered, but he was used to it now. He pulled you closer with a hand at the small of your back. “You don’t think keeping the kids alive is reward enough?”

You felt the rumbling chuckle in his chest and you laughed. “Give me some sugar, you old geezer or I’ll beat you up.” There wasn’t any resistance as you tugged 76’s visor off tto reveal his face. There was the slightest hint of a blush on his cheeks, but it might have just been from the physical demands of the mission. You were willing to bet it wasn’t though.

“Charming.” He chided. Still, the soldier pressed a sweet kiss to your lips, but you knew he wouldn’t go any further than something chaste. You were injured and he hated seeing you injured no matter how much you reassured that you were practically impervious to permanent damage. “Let’s get you back to base and fix that arm of yours asap.”

You pouted for a moment, although the sly grin slowly made its way back. “Will you please reward me when I’m all healed up?”

This time Soldier 76 had no response, though you knew he would oblige.


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sizzy and prompt 11 :)

Heey <3 I think that is the first time I try writing sizzy, so please forgive me if this sucks. 

Sizzy: “Are you-are you flirting with me?”

Simon was never very fond of Biology class. Starting with the fact he sucked bad at Bio, it was also one of the few classes he didn’t have with neither Clary nor Maureen. And to make it even worse, the Wonder Siblings were with him in that class. Jace and Izzy Lightwood were the King and Queen of the school.

Smart, beautiful, amazing in every way, they ruled the corridors. And Izzy, in especial, ruled Simon’s heart.

It took him one look at her to completely forget his childhood crush on Clary. Isabelle Sophia Lightwood was the most impressive person Simon knew. The first thing people saw when she walked in the room was how gorgeous she was, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Izzy’s true valor was in her heart. She was the kindest person in the school, always attentive to other people’s needs. Izzy had founded the anti-bullying club and she patrolled the corridors fighting for the little guy or gal.

Sometimes, literally fighting. For a short girl, she was very scary too.

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nowacja  asked:

Okay, so about that playlist request thing, sorry it took me so long to send this ask and you really don't have to do this, guessing was a great fun anyway! But I've realised I'd love to read some April/Charlie friendship, like pre-canon era but you know, no pressure at all :3

(Sorry for the wait!)

Charlie felt out of place in Coal Hill. The problem with starting at sixth form was Quill being the  only person he knew and they weren’t on very good terms.

Charlie had tried talking to the other sixth formers but while he spoke the language (thanks to the TARDIS translation circuits) he was missing the social skills and pop culture of Earth. (There was someone but Charlie always felt like he was dying around Matteusz. According to google it was a sign of a crush, whatever that meant.)

He found Coal Hill’s library was the best place to go. Charlie understood libraries, Rhodia had been full of them, full of knowledge and culture. (It hurt too much to think about his home.) Google was helpful but books were universal.

“Excuse me?” Charlie almost dropped his book. “Sorry.” The girl who had spoken to him said. She was in his Physics class, usually quiet and almost always smiling.

“I’m okay.”

She hesitated a moment before sitting in the chair next to him. “You’re new, aren’t you?”

“I moved from Sheffield for sixth form,” Charlie told her. The Doctor had given them both a cover story. Charlie had wanted an opportunity to experience Earth’s education and he was enjoying it so far; loneliness aside. (Which wasn’t a big change from Rhodia.)

“Charlie, right? I see you around a lot. We have the same classes but I do music. But we have Physics and English. I take music for my last subject. What about you?”

He took a minute to process what she’d said. “Art?”

“So you like drawing?” She asked, leaning forward and smiling at him. It wasn’t a mocking smile, a nice change from the rest of the school.

“Yeah,” Charlie replied. He wasn’t sure how to react. The other students rarely spoke to him, asked him anything or even looked his way.

“Sorry, am I asking too many questions? You just looked a little lonely, which I get. I’m April, by the way.” It was a nice name, most human names were. (He knew what his favourite was and tried not to blush.)

“Yeah, lonely is accurate.”

“That’s why I came to talk to you,” April said, “and you’re reading my favourite book. I thought it was a sign from the universe.”

“Does the universe often send signs?” Charlie asked confused.

“I’d like to think so.” April brushed her hair back. “What was it like? Sheffield?”

Charlie panicked for a moment. The Doctor had said no one would ask about Sheffield. “Boring, I guess.”

“I guess London must be exciting then. Less rural, lots of lights at night.”

“I don’t really like the lights. I liked looking at the stars.” They were different stars, a whole different sky. Charlie still wanted to see them.

April laughed which made her look even happier. “You really are an art student.”

“I take art?”

“No,” April shook her head, “I meant you’re dreamy.” She blushed a little. “I mean dreamy like day dreaming.”

“Is that good?”

“Yeah, it is,” April reassured him. “My mum always says that day dreamers are the best people. But maybe she was just trying to make me feel better. That’s what parents are like.”

“I won’t know.” Charlie hadn’t been close to his parents. It wasn’t personal, it was politics. He still missed them because they were his parents.

“Complicated home life?” April asked. “I get it. How are you liking the book?”

Charlie looked down at the copy of ‘Eleanor and Park’ in front of him. “It’s wonderful.”

“I’ve read it like, five times. Best love story ever.”

“I hadn’t gotten to the love part yet.” Charlie looked down at the pretty cover. “I thought it was about their friendship.”

“Most relationships start with being friends first,” April answered.

Charlie pushed thoughts of Matteusz away. (He always seemed to be thinking of Matteusz. Charlie was yet to figure out why.) “I can’t wait to finish it.”

“I totally spoiled it for you, didn’t I? I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m going to finish it soon anyway.”

“You have to tell me what you thought after. I could talk about the ending forever. Me and Tanya had a heated debate about it.”

“I’m looking forward to it.” Charlie tried smiling at April, which was awkward because he was out of practice. “In the library?”


“Will we talk about it in the library? The ending?” Charlie clarified.

“Sure. Or I could text you about it?” April suggested.

Charlie nodded and pushed his phone towards her. She typed in her number and then copied his into her own contacts. Charlie smiled again at her; grateful to have made his first friend.

My Babies [Owen x Reader]

Request:  Hi :) could you do one that includes baby dinos, Reader and Owen doesnt matter the story you can pick something cute? Pretty Please

Warnings: None

Words: 1,413

Ever since you were younger you’ve had trouble sleeping. Whether it be from anxiety, stress, excitement or just plan trouble falling asleep. But you always had your pets to help relax you, you see you grew up always having a pet around. So you grew use to them helping you fall asleep and so now you end up going to the raptor paddock on nights you can’t sleep. Why? Because that’s where your babies would be. Your babies who would help you fall asleep on those hard nights. 

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Adrinette fake dating AU! :D

(this ficlet takes place in the scary sabine au) @caprette

France’s Sweetheart Finds a Sweetheart!

Marinette put down the gossip rag and raised her eyes to her mother’s, trying to communicate with a look alone just how unimpressed she was with all of this.

(Maybe throw in a hint of pleading, too. Sabine wouldn’t be swayed a centimeter, but making her displeasure known might make Marinette feel a little better.)

Sabine, oddly enough, just sighed. “Just until the spring debut, darling. Just until the spring debut.”

Marinette blinked, floored by the rare moment of sympathy, but her mother had moved on, already shouting at the photographers and lighting staff on the set.

Adrien took her place.

“So this is what a photo shoot looks like.”

Marinette was far too graceful and refined to snipe at people for simply speaking to her, but she was tempted. Oh, she was tempted.

“There are the cameras, there are the props, there’s the stage, and those are the lights,” Marinette said, flat and dry despite her best attempts. She’d rather attend society meetings every day for the next three months than do this. “Congratulations. You’ve been welcomed into the fold.”

Okay, maybe she wasn’t above sniping.

Adrien, damn him, was unaffected. Her new boyfriend (ugh) just grinned. “So we…”

“We put on clothes and pose,” Marinette sighed, tossing the gossip rag onto a nearby table. She jerked her head to indicate he should follow her, and then led him around the back to the dressing rooms, talking as they went. “Sometimes we even smile. Didn’t your father tell you all this?”

“My father doesn’t tell me anything,” Adrien said, droll. He grinned his impish charmer grin, hair as artlessly mussed as ever. “Thank god I have you, right?”

Marinette made a grudgingly agreeing sort of noise and walked faster.

The really terrible thing about all of this, Marinette reflected, was that she could see exactly how he had their entire class eating out of his palms, even with his awfully maintained hair. He was kind, silly, likable; a consummate flatterer who was all the better for the fact that he actually meant his compliments and a consummate prankster who was all the better for the fact that his jokes hurt no one.

Marinette, on the other hand, commanded an unwavering sort of distant respect, one that only occasionally got her invited to class events and none of the personal ones. She was the winner of the best-dressed award for what felt like nothing, sometimes.

They were night and day, white and black, and Marinette didn’t know what their parents were thinking, making them pull a publicity stunt like this. There was no way they could pull this off.

Well, there were worse people she could be forced to spend time with, she supposed. At least she hadn’t been told to date Chloe.

She showed Adrien to his dressing room and left him to the stylists, thinking deep thoughts about what she wanted for lunch and how many more times she could slip out of going shopping with Chloe before she had to face the music for the sake of Maman’s rep.

Her makeup was halfway done when she heard a screech and a clatter.

Leave my hair alone!

Rapid foot falls echoed through the studio, and Marinette looked up just in time to see Adrien fleeing across the open space, shirtless with his hands clutched over his head and a stylist in hot pursuit.

Marinette very nearly buried her half made-up face in her hands.

Her stylist patted her shoulder in laughing sympathy and said, “He seems like the… vigorous sort.”

Marinette heard lucky girl as clearly as if the woman had said it aloud, and absolutely did not moan in pained embarrassment.

She changed her mind; she would much rather have been told to date Chloe.

so it turns out that scruffy teenage boys are exactly what the public ordered, and marinette starts to develop a complex over his sudden overwhelming popularity.

very important backstory as to why adrien is only now being introduced to modeling in this au:

Hallie: blessssssss
Cap: “Sabine I want your daughter to model this new line she would be perfect”
Cap: “and I want your son to model some of my things”
Cap: “why?”
Cap: “to see the look on your face”

(aka, this is the continuation (prequel? au of an au?) of the marichat crush reversal!au snippet that only @mirthalia wanted #bless)

send me a ship and an au for a 3 sentence short fic

My opinion on the topic if Riven is an abusive boyfriend

As I promised, here is my point of view of the whole topic. That means that with this post I neither try to lower the worth/truth of your opinion nor do I attack you personally. Everyone has its own opinion and that should be respected. Most of the posts I have seen about this topic lately were full of disrespect and intolerance. So if you disagree with my opinion, you can write me, so we can discuss it like civilized people do :)

Before I start I want to say that I love both, Musa and Riven. I do like Musa more than Riven, but they are both one of my favorites. Also both of them have their flaws. Musa is too often ignored when it comes to topics like this. Also I want to state my general opinion right here, because there are always people out there who don’t like criticism and maybe just don’t want to read another opinion. That is totally fine. 

So I don’t think Riven is an abusive boyfriend. If you now want to continue reading, I go more in detail under the cut.

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aimaileafy  asked:

So far I've only read the first 11 volumes of Ao no Excorcist, but I really like the manga (PUMPED FOR THE NEW ANIME!!!). One question: please teach me how to like Yukio ;; I just love every character of the manga (they feel so natural and realistic!), but... I just somehow cant connect to Yukio??? I don't know what it is , so... I'm asking a fan of him!

Hello! wahh glad you’re giving this manga a chance! it’s one of my faves <3 I hope the new anime doesn’t change the characters nor the plot like the 2011 did. As for Yukio, I don’t think I can teach you how to love him… after all it’s all about tastes, maybe he’s just not the type of character you enjoy ^^ I can explain why I love him tho c: I’ll stick to the first 11 volumes ofc but still this will be pretty long:

For me, Yukio is the most interesting Ao no Exorcist character (besides Shima) because he’s just so imperfect, I love that aspect of this character!.

We start with a character who seems perfect, the perfect younger brother, a genious exorcist -the youngest ever to get a license- good at his job, has to uphold Father Shiro’s wishes of protecting Rin and even his spot as a teacher in the academy, it’s easy to think that he’s just too good, but the actual character has so many flaws the contrast is just great.

From the start, we saw some hints of Yukio’s actual personality, like when he blamed Rin for Father’s death and pointed his gun at him…now do I think Yukio meant it? the narrative makes you believe he probably doesn’t and yes I say probably because that’s the thing with Yukio, for a character deemed to be the serious and analytical one, he’s very vague, you can never be sure if he’s either pretending or means what he says, it’s almost like he’s always doing both. (The only person we’ve seen him opening up and being himself with is Shura, and dang do I thank he’s got her).

Up to that point, Yukio didn’t seem to have much concerns, at least to me his major ones were knowing if Mephisto was on their side or not and that his brother had to take the Exorcist exam in 6 months…but boy was I wrong…

Saburota Todou enters and fucks up with his mind like no one else could

(Chapter 16 I’m putting a photo of my volume because the scanlation has these panels different, the translation is: “come on, calm down…Why did it affect me this much?” refering to Todou’s words on how Yukio and him are so alike)

and yes, why did his words affect him so much? well he knows there’s some truth behind them, he’s a genious, he’s a good exorcist…yet he still wants more, he’s unsatisfied with how his life is right now and is longing for a greater power.

Later when they fight

The truth is you hate your brother right?

Kato sensei has showed us that Yukio is very jealous of Rin, but I don’t think many understand the grasp of it. Yukio’s life has been shaped around his brother: being able to see demons from the day he was born, he grew up as a “weak” child who cried at everything, who was bullied, who couldn’t say his dreams out loud until his brother told him it was ok to do so, he depended on Rin for everything…but that was not all, and I think the main difference Yukio sees between him and Rin is very well portrayed in these panels:

Again Yukio may be a good student, a good athlete, good exorcist and teacher but he doesn’t think he’s a good person…unlike Rin (look at his face when he sees how Rin doesn’t care if he gets the credit).

This is a kid who fears to show his insecurities to the rest, includying his brother, a kid who thinks his crush won’t like him anymore if he shows his true self, Rin may be half demon but he sure has an easier/better time enjoying his human emotions, while Yukio feels guilty for having them (jealousy, wrath, etc. this is why Shura tells him he’s dangerous) and of course, he can’t help  comparing himself to his brother “nii-san always does what I cannot” truth is Yukio, you also do a lot of stuff Rin can’t…

Rin’s life wasn’t any better than Yukios, we know he had gone through hardships as well and gave up on being a “good kid” because no one understood him but the thing with Rin is… he doesn’t harbor any hatred towards people nor himself, he’s basically a good selfless kid… and Yukio?

“I both hate and love my brother, but even even more than that… the one I really hate most of all is myself!!

He rationalized his feelings towards his brother and himself so sharply and it’s so sad, it’s true that he loves Rin dearly and is doing everything in his power to protect him, but Rin is oblivious to most of what Yukio knows and while this could all be solved by having Yukio opening up…how could he? remember how Rin lost all of his confidence after he lost control of himself? Yukio must believe he wouldn’t be able to deal with all the crap he does, specially the fact that now he probably has powers too.

It definitely wasn’t Shiro’s intention but in raising Rin oblivious to their world, he left Yukio alone.

Yukio doesn’t think he is a good person, even if everyone /includying us readers/ know he is, this is why he’s so good at lying and concealing his emotions, he doesn’t want people to see how actually “awful” he is, and dang is it taking a toll on him.

Anyone having to deal with this much crap would go insane, so I can’t help but admire Yukio for standing up and still doing his best to protect his brother, he’s just so human and imperfect.

(and I love how he doesn’t back up when he has to call Rin on his shit)

Really, could you blame the guy?

For me he’s just a fascinating and complex character… and well, despite it all Yukio is still a sweatheart and a doof

And I love him for that (but omg pls Kato sensei send this child help)

vimesbootstheory  asked:

what would you say to someone looking to be convinced into watching farscape? I think I've tried the first episode twice and I can't remember whether I even finished it, I couldn't get past the muppets, couldn't relate to that level of weird. plus romances, for me, are a perk rather than a clincher, and it seems like people mainly just talk about how great and realistic john/aeryn is. which is great, don't get me wrong, it's just not enough to get me over the muppet factor.

Well, for me, the Muppets are a bonus, not something to get over. ;-) And some of the prosthetics and creatures designed by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop are nothing short of breathtaking.

(That crustacean-looking thing is Pilot. He will make you cry, and you will wonder what has become of your life that you are capable of shedding actual tears over a giant crustacean Muppet.)

Farscape definitely has some cheesiness, especially in the first season, that a lot of 90s sci-fi shows had. And the first half of S1 is rather uneven. I think most people agree that the series really picks up at “A Human Reaction” in mid-S1 and gets better and better from there.

John Crichton is one of my all-time favorite characters because from the very first episode, he’s clearly totally in over his head, which is so realistic. I mean, if you got sucked through a wormhole to the other side of the universe and thrown onto a ship full of alien outlaws, wouldn’t you be floundering?

Even though on earth Crichton is an astronaut and a genius scientist, once he’s stuck on this spaceship–a living spaceship–all his expertise and knowledge are pretty useless. He’s constantly fucking up and doing and saying the wrong things. This is the HERO and everyone else is basically patting him on the head and rolling their eyes at him from the very first episode because he keeps thinking he knows what’s going on but he clearly does not. He gets better, and he learns, slowly and with lots of screwups along the way, but he’s like a living inverted trope and it’s amazing. Also, he’s a walking pop culture reference, and none of the aliens he lives with have a clue what he’s talking about half the time, and he doesn’t really care. Oh, and he apparently slowly loses his mind over the course of a season, and then spends most of the rest of the show pretty clearly suffering from PTSD but kicking ass anyway. Or at least holding Aeryn Sun’s flower for her while she kicks ass (◡‿◡✿)

John and Aeryn’s relationship is definitely wonderful, and Ben Browder and Claudia Black’s chemistry is delightful. (My tag for them is everyone’s OTP.) But there are so many fantastic relationships among the characters on the show: friendship and romance and love, enemies and reluctant allies, parent and child, family and found family. Plus politics and religion and sex and philosophy.

My favorite meta about the relationships on Farscape is from she-was-a-rose‘s tags on this gifset of John Crichton and Chiana, a young pansexual Nebari woman who is part of Moya’s crew:

#and you think this is the ship #because this kind of strong love between male and female characters #seems as if it should always be romantic #ohh honey let me EXPLAIN YOU A THING #FARSCAPE #TAKES ALL YOUR ROMANTIC NOTIONS #CRUSHES THEM #TURNS THEM INTO STARDUST #MIXES THAT DUST WITH LSD AND THE OUTER SPACE EQUIVALENT OF SPECIAL BROWNIES #AND FLINGS IT INTO NEW INSANE CONSTELLATIONS OF LOVE AND TRUST AND FRIENDSHIP #AND ALSO SEX #um #did i mention the sex? #whenever it happens i’m just like #SEX! *flings arms up in exasperation and drama* in SPACE!!!!! #farscape #like disney on acid #welcome to our universe #strap in #it’s gonna be a riiide (<3)

All the characters on Farscape are crazy complex, and enemies keep turning into allies, even the ones you think could NEVER be allies.

John and Aeryn’s relationship develops so realistically and believably–you know, for a relationship between a human and a Sebacean living on a Leviathan spaceship running from the law on the other side of the universe–and when they have problems there are real reasons for them, it’s not manufactured angst. And yes, it’s a romance, but it’s also a friendship, and a partnership, and learning to be more than you thought you could be. “You could be more” is a line John says to Aeryn in the first episode, and it’s a theme that echoes throughout the entire series, for Aeryn and John and everyone, really: breaking free from expectations and proscribed roles and finding out what you’re really made of, what you’re truly capable of.

SO MANY complex, layered female characters, good guys and bad guys alike.

INCLUDING THE LIVING SPACESHIP, whose name is Moya. You will love her, and she will break your heart.

(This photo isn’t even the half of it. There are at least three major female characters not in this photo, and another dozen secondary recurring characters, along with another couple dozen amazing one-shot characters. Farscape has SO MANY LADIES.)

Aliens who are ALIEN, who have non-human, non-Earthcentric values and motivations, who are mostly dismissive of a human from a planet called “Erp.”

There are definitely some moments when you have to be willing to overlook the cheesiness and the Muppets (we won’t talk about “Jeremiah Crichton” except to say, watch the DVD commentary if you can because the cast and crew know that episode was kind of awful and they spend the commentary hilariously breaking down all the reasons why it didn’t work), but if you can manage that, you’re rewarded with a smart, thoughtful, heart-breaking, trope-bending, goofy show full of amazing characters, in SPACE. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I hope this helps, Erin! Feel free to browse my watch Farscape tag for more reasons to watch this magnificent show.

anonymous asked:

a question you don't have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable, but the way you describe bpd, it sounds like i have it too? could you perhaps list a couple common things from it? if not that's cool as well, have a nice day *sends love and recognition*

Ah, I don’t mind it at all actually. I’m more than welcome to state some things that come with BPD, and with it I’m also gonna just… throw in my own experiences with it lmao. But yeah.
Anyway, here are the ones I’ve seen the most I guess?

1. 1(A) Fear of abandonment, be it real or perceived- This is a thing that is prevalent throughout most people with BPD, as far as I’m aware , and I myself have. It’s an overwhelming fear of abandonment, one that is so intense that it can lead to people with BPD becoming severely depressed or suicidal and thus they end up acting out/lashing out in general to try to not lose the one(s) they so desperately cling to (which is ironic, to say the least, because in the end that same lashing/acting out can be the very thing that CAUSES people to leave us). Or also there are those of us (which this one… is the one I experience most) which experience said fear, but regardless of how powerful the urge to lash out is, we kind of “internalize” it, aka we invert all the anger and impulsive desires to lash out at those we fear losing and instead lash out at ourselves or do nothing due to our fears of abandonment shutting us down.
It’s… frustrating to say. I know in my experience tho I deal with doing both (though lashing out tends to happen if I bottle it up for way too much or if I’m being WAY too overwhelmed by my fear to where i snap sorta).
1(B) Lack of Emotional Object Permanence- This mostly ties in to the fear of abandonment thing tbh, and I know for a fact I deal with it so yeah. So, to give an overview with Emotional Object Permanence, it’s accepting and being able to remember that, regardless if someone who you care about is present or not, that no matter what, the fact that they care about you, want you, etc still exists, and that their absence does not change that fact.
Now, WITHOUT that… basically, no matter HOW MUCH assurance we are given by the person/people we depend on or cling to, no matter how many times they show us they care… well, within minutes of them leaving us, be it that they tell you they have to go and thus stop talking to you for a while (or god forbid, they stop talking without explanation, etc). suddenly, all the care they gave to us is… “nonexistent” to US. We assume that they might not come back to us, that they actually hate us, that they don’t want us around, that we’re being abandoned, etc.
Also, it is BECAUSE of that lack of emotional object permanence that (in my experience, and maybe others) we seek out attention/validation a lot.
Because if we’re not being validated/cared for in that moment, we truly believe we’re insignifcant.
This same emotional object permanence also is the reason why people with BPD can end up thinking that we’re being abandoned if someone leaves us to spend time with someone else or is spending time with another, and also incites jealousy and clinginess. I know in my case it has… more often than not, even though I never outwardly say it myself bc, whoops, if I dare say something, I could be marked off as manipulative and shit. Which is distressing because we genuinely feel we’re being abandoned.
2. Extreme Emotional Instability- This seems to be another thing that occurs a LOT with BPD (and I myself experience… a lot). Basically, it is really… difficult to regulate our emotions, as well as the fact that our emotions can be all over the place preeetty often. One thing that differentiates Bipolar from BPD (or at least, from what I know? Because I remember that my psychologist at first thought I had Bipolar when I mentioned this, but when I told him the time periods it’d happen in, he said it wasn’t possible)… is, well. The time span in which said emotions shift. With BPD, they shift really rapidly. And by that I mean, well. You can experience several emotions (in high intensity) within a few days, hours, or minutes even.
By extreme emotions I do NOT just mean “oh I’m happy now I was sad”. I’m talking about euphoria, being overly excited or something, feeling like you’re on top of the world and feeling like you’re the best thing in existence, and suddenly, you’re crashing down, you feel really depressed and suicidal, you feel the weight of the world crushing you, you start shutting down, feeling like the worst thing in existence, etc. This also is a thing that ties in with fears of abandonment in term s that when not given love and care, you’ll suddenly shift to that… but it isn’t always because of that.
Not only that, those of us with BPD have been proven to feel emotions more intensely than people without BPD (which in my case definitely explains why I can sometimes react to something so fucking small or am overly sensitive to stuff, I guess.)
3. Chronic Feelings of Emptiness/Boredom- Just as we are able to feel intense emotions…we’re also capable of feeling nothingness. Emptiness. Sometimes, or at least in my experience, even while feeling something, deep down on the inside, the feeling of emptiness is still there. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like you’re in an upswing (in terms of mood) yet… its not genuine?
Also, onto boredom. It tends to be a result of said feelings of emptiness, more often than not I guess? To me it is. Anyway, in my case, even when I’m doing things I’d normally enjoy… well. On the inside I just feel like it isn’t as great as it used to be, etc. Sometimes that very boredom can just drive me to stop doing what I like altogether for a bit, or… worse, I can end up turning to impulsive behavior. Which is the next thing I’m going to discuss.
4. Impulsivity- By this, I don’t mean stuff like suicidal behavior/self harm. That has its own separate category. What I mean by this is behavior that is generally reckless and can be rather self-damaging, but isn’t exactly self harm all the time.
Impulses usually can be stuff like. Turning to Alcohol (which I’ve only been away from alcohol due to my emetophobia being overpowering) and Drug abuse (which, admittedly, at some point earlier this year I was about to start succumbing to that, me abusing codeine I was given, etc but I never did).
Also there’s stuff like excess or impulse spending (guilty here), binge eating (also guilty), sexual/promiscuous behavior (which, while in my case I didn’t turn to hooking up, I did for some time end up turning to being sexual and stuff online in terms of having a blog, posting nsfw shit of myself, satisfying others online w/ that shit, etc… which. To me might also have been due not only to BPD, but also because of my sexual abuse, but that’s a whole different topic), and reckless driving.
Other things that generally aren’t mentioned, yet still can count as impulses, would be wanting to start a fight with others or triggering oneself, taking on too many tasks than one can handle (although this happens more in my states of euphoria) stuff of that nature.
5. Self harm/Suicidal behavior and ideations- This is a thing I myself have and I’m sure a lot of others I’ve seen have this too. And it’s sad also to say that BPD, from what I know, has the highest suicide mortality rate out of any other mental disorder (though anyone can correct me on this). In my case, it tends to really be a multitude of reasons, and I’ve struggled w/ suicide and shit a lot. I’ve attempted it before, even, and this year has been a struggle to not do as much as before.
6. Identity Disturbance/Unstable self image- This is another big thing that people with BPD experience, which is a lack of sense of self, not knowing who one is, etc. This is a thing that also lasts endlessly, so to speak. As a result of lack of sense of self, a lot of those of us with BPD tend to cling to labels (which I know I do) or… well. We may end up developing mannerisms/mimicking people that are close to us or people that we idealize. It isn’t intentional, I can assure you that much. It happens subconsciously. Not only that, we also tend to change our identity pretty often, in a desperate search for ourselves I guess, or sometimes to fit in with others… or we may also change ourselves, interests, etc, simply so we may be accepted by those we care about/fear being abandoned by. It’s like we’re, in a sense, chameleons, changing ourselves as we see fit, depending on who we are around, feeling the need to change and mold ourselves into what others would like (or at least… I know I do that a lot.)
As for unstable self image, its similar to what I mentioned earlier, where I said sometimes we may feel like the best thing and like we deserve to be praised and worshipped… to feeling like we don’t deserve to exist or seeing ourselves as the worst thing ever.
7. Dissociation/Paranoia- Another big thing with BPD is dissociation… and Paranoia, which is actually something I only recently discovered due to my psychologist. With dissociation, well, it takes on different forms, which can be elaborated here in this link: [x-link-x]
As for paranoia, in my case it seems to manifest mostly in the sensation of being watched by people all the time, feeling like someone is out to get me, like people are out to see me fail, stuff of that nature. I’m not sure if others experience this though, but at least that’s a bit of an insight on what it’s like for me.
8. Splitting (i.e Idealization and Devaluation)- Probably the biggest thing I myself experience as well. Splitting is, so to speak, another word for black and white thinking, directed at others and oneself more or less.
Positive splitting would be Idealization, in which we literally put the people we care about or idealize on some sort of pedestal. We see them as perfect, overlook their flaws and sometimes ignore them by still seeing them as the best thing to us, stuff of that nature. Even if they’ve done something to hurt us, if we’re positively splitting then you can best bet that we’re going to ignore the harm they caused us. Which is a bad thing for us.
Negative splitting would be Devaluation, and just as you’d expect, it’s the complete opposite of idealization. We throw the person we’re devaluating under the bus, we hate them, we see everything wrong with them, we ignore anything good done to us, etc.  
The worst part about this is that we can end up cycling between the two in a relationship (be it friends, family, etc), which can cause problems, especially when in an abusive relationship to where you can’t see what they’re doing to you until its too late. (along with emotional instability also being a thing that blinds you, making you think you’re the one in the wrong in the relationship when it may very well be abusive).
9. Unstable relationships- This seems to be a thing that results from BPD, most notably the splitting aspect. It’s pretty self explanatory I think? But basically it’s a pattern of experiencing relationships intensely, as well as said relationships being turbulent.
10. Heightened Empathy or Lack of- Personally, I cycle between both. However, I have noted that with BPD there is a higher sense of empathy, feeling what others feel, etc. I’ve also seen cases where in some, it is stunted, though I mean. Again, BPD is… strange.
11. Intense, inappropriate anger- This ties back to the whole emotional instability thing AND can possibly tie back to the splitting thing, but it is without saying that with BPD comes extreme irritability and anger, sometimes over small things. Or, at least, I know in my case it has. Sometimes said anger can cause us to end up lashing out, or worse, it can cause us to picking fights with others, etc.
12. Need for attention/validation- This was… more or less, explained in the emotional object permanence thing, but just to reiterate- it seems to be a common thing among those with BPD to constantly feel the need to get attention from others, stuff of that sort. It’s conflicting in my case, though, due to both my social anxiety AND BPD constantly at ends with each other to where I want attention yet at the same time I don’t want any… but yeah.
13. Doubting you even have BPD - This is a big one I deal with even with the fact that I’ve been professionally diagnosed and it’s also the very reason I ask people NOT to reblog BPD specific posts, and it’s also a big one I see among others THAT are diagnosed . More often than not a lot of the times our BPD makes us feel like we aren’t truly even mentally ill, like we’re just faking things to manipulate others, that we’re actually pieces of shit, etc. This especially happens when we’re in an upswing and its also due to our emotional object permanence. To us, if we’re feeling happy, suddenly all other emotions we felt before (suicidal) probably never existed and we feel we just faked them when the truth is that we DID feel suicidal and worthless and all that. The only problem is that since its not in the moment, then obviously we’re not mentally ill, according to ourselves, and it just kinda. Yeah. Its really distressing as then we suddenly start to feel shitty.

I think that’s about the majority of the common ones???
Obvs with BPD there’s more that ties in with that but those are generally the ones I’ve known are common (as well as in general are mentioned in the DSM thing) and have gotten research over AND have experienced myself ;; It’s also important to note that with BPD, there are a number of comorbid illnesses that come with it so yeah (in my case my depression and social anxiety being comorbid with it). ;;

anonymous asked:

So I'm kind of the WORST KnB fan, as I'm really behind on the anime, and I'm not really reading the manga. I like the characters and plot, but I get a little bored with the games (that drag on way too long for me). So one relationship I don't quite understand, but I think is cute, is Akashi/Furi. I totally want to learn more about these two, and since I know you are a fan of the ship, do you have any information or resources on the appeal of this ship? Do they interact a lot later in the series?

Oh. My. God. 

Are you asking for a meta on AkaFuri?? 

How do I explain this in the light of it being positive? Hmmm~ Well. AkaFuri is pretty much a crack pairing (a really adorable crack pairing, but a crack pairing nonetheless).

(pardon me, this is gonna be spoiler-ish)

The moment in which this pairing was born, is documented in the manga (anime obviously will take a while for it to show up). But it’s the kind of birth that exploded like a volcano, to me anyways. Basically, the appeal on this ship is how you read the manga itself, AkaFuri is a minority on the popularity basis (it’s much more popular in Japanese KnB fandom, however). If you want to see how AkaFuri is appealing, we need to get a few things clear, we have to see how the characters are, personality-wise.

1. Akashi Seijuurou

Perfectionist. Natural born leader. Exceptional in ALL areas, Heir to a wealthy family. Has a split-personality issue - in which the other persona is pretty much a crazy dude (he’s the one with one discoloured eye). He’s had a rough childhood for having to live through the expectation as an heir to his family, which twisted him and caused his split personality issues in the first place.

2. Furihata Kouki

A generic anime background guy. He joins the basketball team cos he’s been told by his crush to “be no.1 at something” in order to get noticed. Gets overshadowed by the others’ awesomeness, yet he still works hard. He’s in the library committee with Kuroko, also known as ‘one of the First Years Trio’ other than Kaga+Kuro. He’s been outed for several games as a ‘secret weapon’ to reduce the pace of the game due to his completely normal way of playing (Seirin’s style is fast-paced offence games, sometimes it gets too much). Anyway, he’s very ordinary. Doesn’t get any spotlight whatsoever until S3.

This pretty much sums up their first meeting in a game:

At the game Seirin vs. Rakuzan. Btw, he tripped and fell down in front of Akashi, poor baby.

Reasons as to why he’s scared of Akashi:

1. He saw Akashi shanked a friggin’ scissor at Kagami that one time (he was there to accompany Kuroko).

2. He’s seen Akashi went on crazy mode with the Shuutoku vs. Rakuzan match, with his Emperor’s Eye ability.

3. Akashi’s massively intimidating, it’s been commented in-universe that them facing off is like a Lion vs. Chihuahua.

To summarise this: Dude is scared shitless of Akashi.

But the thing about Furihata, that while he’s scared shitless of Akashi, he doesn’t back the f*ck down. He seems unreliable, he looks weak, he’s not as good as the others - but one thing about Furihata, is that he doesn’t back down despite everything in his disadvantage, even against Akashi “Emperor’s Eye” Seijuurou. This is why I admire this character.

Also, he did the same in the match with Kaijou, against Kasamatsu.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of Furihata. He’s very relatable.

Anyway, about AkaFuri. 

It’s something of a classic thing, really. They are both very different from each other, very lopsided, but this is the exact reason why AkaFuri appeals to a lot of people (AkaFuri fans are a passionate bunch, believe me). Akashi is near flawless. Furihata is very much flawed, but has his own good points.

In my interpretation, because Akashi has always been expected to be ‘perfect’ (an unrealistic doctrine that runs in his family), when he sees someone like Furihata - a complete opposite of him, it’s very likely that he finds him really off, and in a way, becomes somewhat interested in him. 

Tbh, Furihata doesn’t really have much to go on, average looks, average basketball skills, average everything - but he has a strength in him that drives him to face off his opponents because it’s his ‘job’, even though he knows he can’t win. That’s his strength. And I do think it’s something Akashi doesn’t really understand (why Furihata refuses to back down, or why he fights so hard for his team), since he’s perfect at almost everything.

Furihata did score during the game, btw.

In my opinion, Furihata makes Akashi grounded. In a way, it humanises Akashi, who’s always been portrayed as perfect and ruthless (the Crazy Akashi, so far). And this is the main reason why I’m attracted to the AkaFuri ship. 

But, in the end of the day, AkaFuri as a ship is something more of a guilty pleasure than that of rationally canon; you either like it or dislike it, it depends on how you view them.

Phew, okay I hope I haven’t dragged on for too long? I do hope I shed a light to better understand this pairing.

pieces-of-some-mind  asked:

1/3 There is something I don't understand form all the post-ending episodes. So, they wanted Sasuke and Naruto to be apart. They wanted to show very clearly that they are not romantically involved, that each of them had their own family, they made NH and SS canon. They wanted to show how following Konoha's way was the right thing to do. How Sasuke was guilty for everything he did (whatever it was) but came back to the right path by obeying Konoha's oppressive system and working for them.

2/3 So, why not making all them look happy and satisfied with their life? Why is Naruto so sad even after having the family he ever dreamed of, after achieving his main goal in life (becoming Hokage). He is even taking pills, for god’s sake. Why is that Sasuke feels so sad and plain, like a living corpse? How come he looks so empty and devoid of life, when he has, supposedly, the woman he wanted and followed the path he’s chosen?

3/3 If Kishimoto and SP wanted this ending, why did they make it so it seems all the characters are miserable in it? Why not picture them feeling complete and content? Is it to keep us SNS fans interested in the series? What do you think?

Good question. 

(under the cut: heavy anti-ending, anti-SS, properly tagged as such)

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chaitea09  asked:

Coffee shop AU (6) for cullriven? If you don't mind >. <

In which Riven is a waitress during the lunch rush and everyone knows about her little crush on the regular at table 14. (Cullen x Lavellan, approx 1500 words, most under the cut. Riven Lavellan, of course, belongs to @chaitea09 <3)

“Order up! Riven!”

Riven started a little at the sound of her manager’s voice and glanced towards the kitchen, wiping her hands hurriedly on her apron as she traversed the café. Lunch rush. Always exhausting, always too many customers and not enough staff. That was just the way of things, it seemed. Some days Riven was sure they only kept her on as a waitress because she could effectively do the job of three people in the time it would take two. She always had been described as just a little too efficient.

Although it was odd that the manager had called her by name. Nyvera was closer, standing just beside the window, and doing nothing. Just chewing gum and leaning on the counter, inspecting her phone without even pretending to hide the fact. Why couldn’t she take the order?

The manager’s voice sounded again. “Riven! Come on now, before it gets up and walks away.”

“On it,” Riven mumbled as she reached the window. She scooped up a plate with two scones perched neatly side by side, separated by a dollop of whipped cream. Her stomach growled. She would honestly kill a man for a plate of scones right about now. “Which table?”

Her manager, Barry, who was also the café’s chef, nodded towards the back of the shop. However, despite them almost being concealed by a tangle of dark brows, there was an amused glint in his green eyes as he spoke. “Y’know… Blonde fella. Usual spot.”

Immediately, Riven felt her cheeks grow hot, and she nodded swiftly. Her manager chuckled again, shaking his head a little, then waved her off with a knowing look. Swallowing and reciting the menu in her head to steel her nerves, Riven turned and headed in the direction of table fourteen. It was a small booth, tucked away at the back corner of the café. It had a power point, which was perfect for charging a phone or laptop, and currently seated a blonde man, who was perfect for staring at lovingly from behind the cash register. As Riven approached, he perked up, smiling the way customers always did when their food finally arrived.

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b1uewi1dfire  asked:

All this renewed interest in TDL, and I just remembered something. You mentioned that Gerald was considered as a narrator for book 2. While I like Mae, I am disappointed about 1 thing: with Gerald no longer a POV except in that excellent short story, we never find out how he REALLY feels about Jaime. We can guess, we have Jaime's guess, we have Gerald's actions, but we don't know for sure. So, basically, well done. You've created a mystery to rival the ghost in Hamlet.


Which seems best to me maybe, as, well: a) maybe Gerald was totally crushing on Jamie back, because he was gay/bisexual/so into power that only the super powerful magicians did it for him, which means Jamie would really do it for him. b) maybe Gerald was entirely asexual (edited to add: and not interested in romace). c) maybe Gerald was straight, but fully capable of manipulating Jamie with knowledge of his crush. d) maybe Gerald was straight and never had any idea about the crush! 

He could’ve been any sexuality and had no idea about the crush, of course. And he could have been any sexual orientation and been manipulating Jamie for his own ends–I mean, we know he was manipulating Jamie, with or without knowledge of the crush, because he manipulated everyone. 

Gerald was very much the dark mirror of Alan (such nice boys, so well-spoken, they seem so trustw… OH NOOOOO) and it’s no accident we see them both engaging in manipulative romantic behaviour in book 2. (Gerald explicitly going off to hook up with Sin, plus Jamie’s crush on him, and Alan with Mae.) And Alan has to come clean about basic things, in the series: how he feels about people, what his priorities really are. Alan’s the one who stabs his own hand in book 3, to let the people he loves know that he loves them. Both of them are sketchy guys, but one of them is on a better path. Alan lets us know the truth, so it seems fitting that Gerald never does.

There’s also, I admit, the fact Gerald is a villain, so confirming his sexuality as anything but straight would be complicated. I could have done it, but there is a long-standing tradition of gay/bisexual villains whose sexuality is used as a signal of their villainy. But then, there is also a long-standing tradition of no representation for gay or bisexual people at all. Write good gay/bisexual characters, seems to be the solution there, but then, how does one qualify goodness, all well-written characters should be flawed, how far into morally gray can you bring people, wouldn’t it be great representation to write a complicated, interesting gay/bisexual villain? Maybe, if you have other LGBTQ characters, you don’t make a habit of it, and mostly your villains appear to be a) heterosexual b) no reader has any idea as they give no particular signs, being Intent on Villainy. I am open to the idea of writing a cool LGBTQ villain, but also aware I could get it very wrong.

Tricky stuff, my friends, tricky stuff! As ever, I do not believe I am always or even often right about these things, but I always want you guys to know I am thinking of them.

I will be merciful and clear up one bit of the mystery. I do think, in whichever way, Gerald did sincerely like Jamie.

But not enough.